Days Transcript Thursday 7/26/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/26/12


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Brady: What the hell was that? Are you okay?

Chad: Yeah. Do you think--do you think the guy who's got Melanie set off the blast?

Brady: Why the hell would he do that?

Chad: Because he's crazy, Brady. Because who knows what he'd do if he feels cornered. Look, do you--do you think Melanie was at the--the ground zero during the blasting?

Brady: No, listen, listen. These tunnels go on for miles, man, okay? Uh, she was probably just as far away as we were during the blast. Gabi said she called the cops. They're probably coming down--

Chad: Yeah, well where'd she go? Where'd they go, huh? Look, there's dozens of gas pockets down here. One more goes off, nobody's getting out of here alive, Brady.

Gabi: [Grunts] Come on, Melanie. Have to get you away from this lunatic.

Melanie: Ow. Oh. Gabi, what are you doing here?

Gabi: Ow!

Andrew: Hey, Gabi. Long time, no see.

Victor: For God's sake, don't stand on ceremony here, Daniel. Help yourself.

Daniel: No, no, I--it's tempting, I just--but I-I tell myself I'm gonna act like I'm on call, you know? Just make sure I'm--I'm in control, until, uh--until--

Victor: Daniel, she's gonna be fine. They're gonna find her, and she's gonna be fine.

Daniel: I know, but just, the longer this goes on, you know, the harder it is for th--

Victor: We have to keep the faith.

Daniel: Okay, right.

Victor: You sure about that drink?

Daniel: No, no, no, I'm sure. So, so, uh, what--what is it that you want to talk to me about?

Victor: Well, I just wanted to see if there was anything I could do. I mean, I could, uh, post a reward, hire some more search teams...

Daniel: Wouldn't it be great if just writing a check could bring her back.

Victor: That's what I do best. And I really do want to help.

Daniel: I know you do, and I appreciate that, so you know what? I will, uh--I'll check with Roman and see if he thinks that's okay. If it'll help. Um, I'll keep you posted on Melanie.

Victor: Daniel, there's something else we need to talk about.

Daniel: What's that?

Victor: Nicole. Good God, man, what the hell are you thinking?

Maggie: Nicole? Is that you? Is it about Melanie? Have you heard anything?

Nicole: I'm sorry, Maggie. I haven't.

Maggie: Huh. [Voice catches] Of course not. I'm just grasping for straws. I've just been so rattled, ever since I went to the police station yesterday. You know, I hate it--I hate it when someone tells me that there's nothing that I can do.

Nicole: [Chuckles] I think Daniel inherited that from you. Melanie too.

Maggie: Maybe they did. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so preoccupied. I didn't even ask you in, but--

Nicole: What are we doing here? The truth is, Maggie, I don't know.

Maggie: Excuse me?

Nicole: I've been summoned. By Victor.

Maggie: Oh. Oh, dear. I'm afraid this is my fault.

Will: Did you hear, like, a-- or feel a--a rumble just now? Because I'm at the Town Square, and I feel like something just happened underneath me.

Roman: Yeah, we're on it. Is that what you called about?

Will: Uh, no, actually. Um, I was--I was hoping to get an important message to EJ about his bail.

Roman: You can start celebrating. Your good buddy EJ is going home.

Will: You're kidding me! What, uh--mom found someone to-- to--to--with that kind of money?

Roman: She did better. Why don't you ask her to explain? I sure as hell will.

Sami: Thank you, Officer.

EJ: You posted my bail? How did you manage to do that?

Sami: What do you care? I did it, okay?

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Sami: You're free.

EJ: Countess Wilhelmina. Right. How did you finagle somebody into letting you use that as collateral?

Sami: Doesn't matter. It was worth it.

Roman: I just got off the phone with your son, Sami. I had no answers for him, so... please explain. Why did you post bail for this guy?

Sami: Easy. Just doing what my dad always taught me-- the right thing.

Roman: Well, really, huh? Okay, uh, do me a favor here, will you please? And please elaborate. How do you see bailing this jerk out of jail as doing the right thing?

Sami: Because I think you bringing him in for murder, for a crime he didn't commit, is the wrong thing, Dad. He is being framed.

Roman: A lot of people I've arrested have said the very same thing.

Sami: Well, I know, but this time he's telling the truth.

Roman: And you know that how? 'Cause he told you?

EJ: Roman, I--

Roman: What, you're gonna b-- shut up. I'm talking to my daughter. Sami, how did he do this? How did he manipulate you into coming to his defense? This is the man who brought you and your family enough grief for six lifetimes.

Sami: Dad, I know what he has done, okay? He's not manipulating me. For the first time in a long time, I know I am doing what's right.

EJ: Roman, could you do me a quick favor and grab me my clothes and bring me whatever paperwork it is I need to sign, and I will be right out of your hair.

Roman: What happened to your head, Sami?

Sami: Oh. Oh! You know how klutzy I am, Daddy. I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk.

Roman: Well you might put that on your to-do list, Mr. Mayor.

Sami: Dad, he's been let out on bail, right? I took care of all the paperwork, he's free to go?

Roman: Yeah, I got no choice. I got no choice. But there is a stipulation. I hope you like jewelry, EJ, because this ankle bracelet is gonna tell us where you are 24 hours a day, until we can get you right back here where you belong.

Chad: Come on, Gabi, answer your phone, damn it!

Brady: Chad, it's gonna be a miracle if you get a signal this far below ground.

Chad: We're wasting time. Melanie! Melanie, hello!

Brady: Melanie!

Gabi: Run.

Melanie: I can't.

Gabi: Run, come on!

Andrew: Come on, Gabi. You just got here. Stick around for a while, and catch up.

Melanie: How does he know your name?

Andrew: That is an excellent question, Melanie. Now, do you want to tell her, or should I?

Gabi: I'll be glad to tell her. This--this is the creep who's been after me.

Andrew: [Laughs]

Melanie: Oh, my God.

Gabi: This is the guy who's been stalking me for weeks now, okay? The one that left that headless doll outside my door, the one that left that stupid dead rat in my salad that almost scared me half to death. You know that day? I'm so glad that you and Chad were there, because that night that he tackled me, he would have taken me instead of you. And Chad was the one that put it all together.

Andrew: [Laughs] What a guy.

Gabi: We were so scared. I am so glad that you are all right. And you. You did a terrible thing, but you know what? It's not too late for you to get away.

Melanie: Gabi.

Gabi: No, look, it's okay if he just lets us go free. I called the cops, okay? Come on. And they're coming, for you and Melanie. It's okay, just--just let us go one way, and you go the other way. No one has to get hurt, please.

Roman: Yeah, I want the fire department and utilities on it, ASAP. Yeah, find out the source of the tremor around the Town Square. Get back to me. Okay. You're too late. Your friend EJ is already gone.

Will: Wha--my mom wouldn't pick up her phone.

Roman: Will, let me ask you something, okay? How is it that you and your mom, who have been at each other's throats over every damn thing the last few months, how is it that all of a sudden both of you are so rah-rah about EJ and his lame ass story about being set up?

Will: Can you please just tell me where he went?

Roman: You mean where they went. Meaning your mom and the guy who ruined her marriage to Rafe. That guy being EJ, who pretty much has destroyed everything and everybody he's come in contact with.

[Cell phone ringing]

Roman: Yeah, Commissioner Brady. Speak up, I can't hear you. Yeah, I will check that out. Who is this? Hello. Hello! Conway, get in here! Will, you got to go. Something's come up.

Will: Is it about EJ?

Roman: Go.

Conway: What's up?

Roman: Just got a very interesting phone call from somebody who wouldn't give their name. It's about DiMera. And it's big.

EJ: [Sighs] Again, Samantha, listen, I really can't thank you enough for bailing me out.

Sami: I don't know why you're so surprised. I know, I know--I have to tell you what happened.

EJ: You need to change that. What do you mean?

Sami: It's not what I told my dad. I was mugged.

EJ: You were what? Why didn't you say so?

Sami: Well, because I didn't want my dad to know that--all they were after was the flash drive. And they got it, EJ. I'm so sorry.

EJ: Wha--okay. Samantha, that's it. You can't be involved in this anymore, I'm sorry.

Sami: What?

EJ: No.

Sami: You sound like Lucas.

EJ: I don't care. I'm being serious. You have no idea! Next time it could be a lot more serious than a mugging. I'm sorry, that's it. You need to leave. Samantha, you need to leave, now.

[Door opens]

Maggie: [Sighs]

Nicole: Thank you.

Maggie: In my own defense-- um... I haven't been my best these days. I mean, just now when I...was at the hospital, they very gently told me that I...that I wasn't helping. Sometimes I just find myself staring off into space.

Nicole: I see Daniel doing that too.

Maggie: Daniel. Well, as I said, I think that this all might be my fault.

Nicole: I don't...understand.

Maggie: When I got back from the police station, I was upset. And Victor, he didn't, uh--he doesn't like to show it, but he--he was beside himself too. And he just kept barking questions at me.

Nicole: And you--you told him that I was with Daniel.

Maggie: Driving home in the car. I mean, I-I told myself, "this is the last thing that Victor needs to know." And then ten minutes later, I hear it. It--it's coming out of my mouth. I'm so sorry.

Nicole: No, Maggie. God, don't be sorry. I know what it's like when Victor's barking orders at you. I mean, did he--did he-- he took it well, right? I mean, he's happy Daniel had a friend to help him through this, right?

Maggie: No. He--he wasn't, but--

Nicole: But what?

Maggie: I think that I'm happy.

Daniel: Don't go there, Victor. Don't even think about going there.

Victor: I have to go there, because you're not thinking at all. Look, Daniel, I know you're distraught. I know not knowing what's going on with Melanie makes you crazy.

Daniel: Okay, which is none of your business, Victor. None of your damn business.

Victor: But, Nicole? I mean, she makes Medea look like the tooth fairy.

Daniel: Okay, okay. This is your priority? Melanie is missing, and you want to talk about this?

Victor: Because I know you're vulnerable. Look, Nic--Nicole is knocked up, she's broke, and she's desperate. She's gonna use the fact that you're screwed up to--to--to--

Daniel: To what, Victor?

Victor: Sex is currency to that woman. She gets you into bed, then you're beholden to her. Look, I wouldn't be bringing any of this up at all if I didn't know you were crazy right now.

Daniel: Because of Melanie. Okay, look, let me restate this. None of it is your business, but to get you back off--to totally back off--I was sleeping with Nicole before that creep took Melanie. And I was absolutely and completely compos mentis when it happened.

Chad: [Breathing heavily] [Coughs]

Brady: Oh, damn Chad, I think we've been--we've already been through here. We've been--this is exactly where Gabi said she thought she aw Melanie and the stalker. I think we should go back that--

Chad: Who are you kidding, Brady? Look, we're in a rat's maze. We have no clue where we are, much less where Melanie is. Look, I-I can't stand being this close to her and not knowing whether she's hurt or--or worse.

Brady: Listen, listen, we'll find her, man. We'll find her, all right?

Chad: Yeah, is that before or after the gas in here explodes again?

Melanie: Looks, it's fine, I'll just tell them that I never saw your--

Andrew: That you never saw my face. [Laughs] Oh, sorry, cupcake. No can do. And you. I do not appreciate what you're doing. Hanging me out to dry.

Gabi: I'm not.

Andrew: Liar! See, now, if the cops were really down here, they wouldn't have sent you ahead on your own.

Gabi: Don't you get it? It's over!

Andrew: For you. See, I don't care what happens to me, because I'm a lunatic! Be careful about this one. Keep your distance. She's not your friend. You think she's here to rescue you, [Singsong] But she's not.

Melanie: What is he talking about?

Roman: I don't care that he's the mayor. I don't give a damn if he's the King of England. You don't let that DiMera jet take off with him on it. that's an order. All right. The airport confirms the jet is being fueled as we speak. That son of a bitch thinks he's going to Uruguay. Leave it to EJ to know that country's record is pretty spotty when it comes to extradition. Well, all right, Officer. We got a plane to keep on the ground.

Conway: Ankle monitor says he's still at home.

Roman: Probably still packing. All right, we go to his house, we get him there.

EJ: I knew it. I should have sent you packing from the start.

Sami: Oh, you didn't have to send me packing. I sent myself packing, EJ.

EJ: But then you came back, Samantha.

Sami: Well, because it was the wrong thing to do. I shouldn't have left just because I was mad at you for lying to me, for keeping me in the dark about Stefano.

EJ: I didn't tell anybody! Well, the--the only person I told was my sister, and that's because I could trust her. Look, if it ever got out that I was not Stefano's son--if the police found out, they would connect me to his death. That's exactly what they did.

Sami: Well, you can't blame them, right? When I found out you were lying to me, it made me wonder if maybe you were lying to me about shooting him too.

EJ: I recognize it doesn't look very good, and I can understand why even Lucas thinks I'm guilty, but--

Sami: Yes, well, I made it clear that I don't agree with that.

EJ: Really? You stood up for me.

Sami: Yes. Because I know you are being set up. I mean, believe me, I know quite clearly right now that you have been set up.

EJ: You know that somebody is going to incredible lengths to put me up for my father's murder... okay? That's why you can't stay here. It's risky. If you're with me, that makes you a target.

Sami: I'm not scared.

EJ: Samantha--

Sami: EJ. You're not gonna be able to solve this by yourself. If you have any chance of proving that you have been set up, you need help. You're stuck with me.

Victor: You don't seem to understand. Sleeping with Nicole is incontrovertible proof of insanity.

Daniel: Okay, you know that whole "backing off" thing I was talking about? You're not doing it.

Victor: Damn it, you're like a son to me.

Daniel: Wha--did you tell Philip who he can and cannot sleep with?

Victor: I tried to. He wouldn't listen to me either. Look how well that turned out.

Daniel: Yeah, well, you know what, you're one to talk. Because I was here when you married Vivian. Along with Kate, and Nicole, and Carly, they were looking on--

Victor: So I'm speaking from experience. Look, when you--when you first started going with Jennifer, after Kate and after Chelsea and after Chloe, and-- I thought, "thank God. Thank God he's finally found the right woman."

Daniel: Yeah, well it's too bad Jennifer didn't agree.

Victor: But Nicole? I mean, Chloe was stupid, vapid, a bottomless pit of need, but Nicole? I mean, she's--

Nicole: A harlot? Hi, Victor. You wanted to see me?

Daniel: You called Nicole here?

Victor: I didn't want to do anything behind anybody's back.

Maggie: Except mine.

Victor: I was protecting you. You were upset. You were emotional.

Maggie: It's funny how you always want to protect me whenever I disagree with you.

Victor: Oh, you don't disagree with me. When you came home after seeing them, you were shaking.

Maggie: I was shaking because someone had just told me there was nothing I could do to get my granddaughter back. And you knew exactly what you were gonna do the second I told you that. It just slipped out, Daniel. I didn't intend to tell him anything.

Daniel: I know. I know.

Maggie: But you--you knew you were gonna interfere. And you knew I was gonna hate it, but no, you just put it underground and you just acted like it didn't register. Waiting for me to leave the house! Daniel, I am so sorry.

Victor: Well, I'm not sorry. Somebody's got to take control of this disaster, and that somebody's gonna be me. I forbid you to have anything more to do with th--that--that--

Daniel: You'd better choose that next word very, very carefully. Do you have a rolling pin?

Victor: I don't have to choose a word. She's already provided one.

Daniel: Hey, Victor. I know that you're upset about Melanie. And I know that when you can't control things, when you feel vulnerable, you get--

Maggie: Idiotic? Overbearing? Interfering?

Daniel: All of the above. So I'm gonna tell you something, and you'd better listen carefully. Nicole has been a great friend to me through all of this. She gets the kind of pain I'm in. She gets how alone I feel. And I don't know how she does it, but she makes it a little easier to get through, to keep the faith.

Victor: Well, I don't know how she does it either. But she manages it over and over again. Gets people who should know better to trust her. Well, I am not a stupid man--

Maggie: Says you.

Victor: And I ended up married to her. And she ended up trying to kill me.

Maggie: Huh, well, you know what? I'm beginning to understand how that could happen.

Victor: But she hasn't changed. Not one iota. Believe me.

Daniel: Well, if you're asking me to choose between you and Nicole, I will.

[Cell phone ringing]

Daniel: Jonas.

Maggie: Roman?

Daniel: Yeah, what do you know?

Maggie: Is it Roman? Has something happened?

Nicole: Well, I guess I'll just...slip out the back. As usual, Victor, it was nice seeing you.

Victor: Before you go, a word. Let's suppose that Daniel's right. You have changed. Seen the light. Turned over a new leaf. Crossed the Rubicon. You and Daniel are as happy as you could possibly be together.

Nicole: That's right.

Victor: What are you gonna do when that baby finally pops out and EJ DiMera comes over after it? Daniel is gonna end up in the middle of that whole mess.

Nicole: No, he's not. Because EJ is not the father of my baby. Rafe is.

Melanie: Why is he acting like he knows you?

Gabi: Because this lunatic has been stalking me for weeks. By now, I-I know how his sick mind works.

Andrew: Come on, Gabi. You can do better than that.

[Distant rattling]

Andrew: What was that?

Melanie: What?

Gabi: I told you. It's the police.

Andrew: Yeah, and my real name is Brad Pitt. Well, either way, I'm gonna go check out the neighborhood.

Gabi: Yeah, good. You should, go right ahead. And then you're gonna let us go.


Gabi: Right? What are you doing? What are you doing! Andrew!


Melanie: Are you--you can't leave us here.

Andrew: Now, don't worry. I will be back really soon. I'm just gonna make sure that we're the only ones here, okay? I won't be gone long. Ah. You will not be needing this.

Melanie: And what if there's another explosion?

Andrew: That would be a real bummer.

[Electricity buzzing, crackling]

Melanie: Oh, God. It's only a matter of time before the gas builds up.

Gabi: You can't give up now, Mel. We're gonna get out of this.

Melanie: Yeah. Right. You don't know that. [Sighs] You don't even know why we're down here.

Sami: You have that look on your face. The same one Johnny has when he doesn't get his way.

EJ: Samantha, this is not about staying up late. This is about keeping you safe.

Sami: And I appreciate that. But I'm not changing my mind.

EJ: Look, I've been on my own now long enough. I lost my father and my sister in the same week. I mean, Chad is a nice enough chap, but he's not my brother. I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with Nicole, and now she wants nothing to do with me. Even if-- even if she's carrying my kid.

Sami: EJ, it's Rafe's. You're not alone. You have a family. You have Johnny, you have Sydney.

EJ: And they're wonderful. They are. They mean the world to me, but-- sometimes I just wish that I had someone who I could talk to. Somebody who understood me. Who make me feel that I wasn't alone, because I am, you know, completely alone. If it...weren't for you. I don't deserve you, you know that?


Will: EJ?

EJ: Yeah.

Will: Hey. Don't do it. Don't get on the plane.

Daniel: All right, thank you for keeping me in the loop. All right. It's, uh, nothing new. You okay?

Maggie: [Cries] This isn't about me. It's about you and Melanie.

Daniel: The hell it isn't. Melanie loved you long before I even knew she was my kid. Hey, you have saved her life so many times, and you know what? You know what, she is always the first to say that. She is. 'Cause you are the best thing that's ever happened to my daughter.

Maggie: Well, it went both ways. Oh, God, Daniel! If anything ever happens to her--

Daniel: Mm-mm. No, it's not. Hey, it's not.

Maggie: No! You're right, it's not. It's not. It--it's gonna be just fine.

Daniel: Yes.

Maggie: And she's coming back. She's coming back home.

Daniel: That's right, she is coming back. 'Cause we are her family. We are her family. Come on.

Maggie: [Sobs]

Victor: Let me get this straight. You get a divorce from EJ. Before the ink is dry, you're jumping in the sack with Salem's own Dudley do-right. You end up getting pregnant by him. Before the second trimester is over, you're making whoopee with Daniel. Fruit flies have longer relationships than you do, Nicole.

Nicole: I never took biology.

Victor: Oh, but you're so good at it. You know, the last few months you've changed even my expectations of you. Daniel's right, absolutely right. You have changed. Only, not in the direction that he thinks.

Maggie: Victor? That's enough.

Nicole: The phone call?

Daniel: No, nothing new. Um, let's get out of here. I could use some air.

Nicole: Okay, sure. Um, I'm sorry.

Daniel: Oh, I know. Give him hell, Maggie.

Maggie: Yeah, I will.

Victor: I did what I thought was right. I'm not sorry.

Maggie: You will be. Trust me.

Brady: That's good, that's good, the utility workers are here. That means the cops are probably already down there. Are you try--trying Gabi again?

Chad: Yeah, I mean, I don't know what else to do. Like, I mean, if those were her footprints, we definitely lost the trail, so--

Brady: Madison, that's--my God, she's texted me like 20 times.

Chad: Yeah, well, she's probably wondering where her groom is. You better call her.

Brady: All right.

Chad: It's ringing! It's ringing.

[Cell phone ringing]

Gabi: Look, my brother and every other cop in Salem told Chad to just back off, to leave the police to do the search for you, but he wouldn't listen.

Melanie: I had dreams that he was gonna come find me.

Gabi: Well, he's the one that found your bracelet.

Melanie: I called him--I just didn't think he could hear me.

Gabi: Look, Chad is not gonna give up until he finds you. We just have to figure out a way to get out of here, okay? Before that crazy Andrew comes back.

[Electricity crackling, popping]

Both: [Gasp]

Gabi: My God, that thing is like a ticking time bomb. [Pop, pop] Ooh!

Melanie: Oh.

Andrew: Your boyfriend called. Chad is probably wondering where you are.

Gabi: He's not my boyfriend.

Andrew: I'm just curious, Gabi. If you had, had the phone when he called, what would you have told him? The truth?

Will: Somebody called my grandfather and said that you were gonna take the DiMera jet, and you were gonna leave the country tonight.

EJ: Oh, come on, William. As much as I may loathe my situation, I'm not that foolish.

Will: So you're--okay, so you're--you're not planning--

EJ: No, I'm not planning on doing anything. And I can't believe your grandfather would take an anonymous phone call so seriously.

Sami: No, it's really easy to disprove, right? EJ's here, not packed, and the jet's in the hangar at the airport.

Will: But wait, wait, wait. That's what I'm telling you guys, though. The--my grandpa called the airport, and--and confirmed it. The--the jet has been fueled up, the flight plan has been filed, and it's sitting on the runway for you to get on it so it can take off.

EJ: Wow. They really thought of everything.

Will: So the cops think that you're jumping bail and you're gonna flee the country.

EJ: You know, Samantha, whoever set me up, whoever put those gloves in my apartment, they're behind this as well.

Sami: Yeah--no, they are making you look guiltier than hell.

Will: Okay, okay. The police are on their way right now, and they're gonna take you back into custody. I'm sure they're gonna be here any minute.

Sami: All right, you can't let that happen. EJ, you go into jail and you are never gonna prove your innocence.

EJ: I may not have a choice.

Sami: Look, this guy, he has been one step ahead of us every step of the way. We have to do something. We can't keep reacting. We have to figure out who this person is.

Will: I mean--exactly. If you're in--if you're in jail, the investigation is closed. The cops are not gonna help you.

Sami: Look, EJ, you have to run.

[Creaking, rattling]

Chad: I don't get what happened to Gabi's phone. It was ringing like the call was going through, and all of a sudden it just died.

Brady: You don't think it means that she was found by that guy, do you? Is that what you're thinking?

Chad: Well, I hope not. I hope not. [Distant voices] Wait a second, do you hear that? [Distant voices] I can barely make it out, but it sounds like voices.

Gabi: What? What would I have told Chad? Well, okay, let me see. I would have told Chad that I'm trapped down here with a raving lunatic and to come get me fast!

Andrew: There is that word again! Somehow I doubt that is what you would have said, because the last thing that you want is Chad coming down here.

Gabi: You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Melanie: Okay, stop it! Whatever game you're playing with Gabi, you just stop it! Now, stop! If that lights up, we die. Do you understand that? So if you have something to say, say it to her now so we can get out of here! [Sighs]

Roman: All right, the DiMera jet's on lockdown. Where's EJ?

Conway: According to this, he's still at the house.

Roman: Okay. Let's go.

EJ: You want me to run.

Sami: It's the only way.

EJ: Samantha, what about this? Look. I'm not gonna get 10 feet.

Will: You--you know what? You could, though, if--if I hack into the police server and disable the GPS.

Sami: You can do that?

Will: Yeah, I could--I could work my way through it.

Sami: Well, then, do it.

EJ: But--

Will: Okay.

EJ: No--wha--wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. J-just stop this insanity for a second.

Sami: No, no, no, EJ--

EJ: No, no, no, Samantha--

Sami: Think about this for a second. Insanity would be just hanging around, waiting for this guy who's trying to frame you to make his next move. You are EJ DiMera, for God's sake! You are the person who has done anything and said anything and manipulated anyone to get what you want, or to save your butt, or whatever the situation calls for. So do it now. The only way you're gonna help yourself, prove you're innocent, is if you are not in jail. EJ... EJ, you are not alone, okay? We are going to help you.

EJ: Why are you doing this?

Sami: I believe in you. EJ, we have to go.

EJ: We? No. No, no, no, no.

Sami: Yes. I'm gonna go with you, and then I will come back. I will blend in and pretend like I have no idea where you are.

EJ: No.

Sami: Will?

Will: I'm working on it.

Sami: All right. EJ?

EJ: Fine!

Sami: All right, let's go. Good luck. Okay.

EJ: It won't come undone. I'm trying. [Grunts]

Daniel: I'm sorry about all that. You okay?

Nicole: Um-- come on, Daniel, you know me. I could give a flying Wallenda about Victor and what he thinks about me, but I'm just sorry that you have to go through this now.

Daniel: Well, you know I don't have to make excuses for Victor, but, um, you know, he is as torn up about this as I am. So maybe, um--I don't know, maybe we can forget about all this.

Nicole: I think that's a good idea. I just don't think Victor will be able to.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Maggie: I know all this is just Victor being Victor. But if you keep this up, you're gonna lose Daniel. I mean, you think that you can talk to him like that and order him around like that? You don't know my son very well.

Victor: I just don't want to see him get hurt. I mean, Nicole is doing what she always does, getting her hooks into some man.

Maggie: Victor, stop it. Just stop it. I know you think you're looking out for Daniel, but you're not. It's just making it worse. For him, and for me. The fact that you could do this, when Melanie is out there, somewhere, with th--that--that person.

Victor: You're right, Maggie. You're absolutely right. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Maggie: I can't. I can't stand it. Someone has--has got to find her. They just have to.

Chad: Yes, I'm sure I hear voices.

Brady: No, no, no, I hear them too.

[Distant voices]

Chad: Brady, come--come on. Brady, let's go, let's go.

Brady: Chad, hold on a second. I-I think they're coming from over this way. I swear to God.

Chad: Damn echoes. I can't tell. Look, I gotta--gotta find Melanie. I gotta find--I gotta find Melanie, Brady, come on. Come on.


Melanie: Oh.

Andrew: Now, you are right, Melanie. It is time to put an end to all the game-playing. You want the truth and I, for one, think you deserve it. It's time to put the cards on the table.

[Pop, pop]

Andrew: All the cards.

[Pounding on door]

Roman: Salem P.D.! EJ, we know you're in there! EJ, again, we know you're in there.

Sami: EJ, we have got to go.

EJ: The police are almost here--they're gonna find me because of this thing.

Sami: He got it!

EJ: It's off. Okay.

Roman: Where is he, Will?

EJ: This is your last chance. Are you sure you want to come with me? Samantha?

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