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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/24/12


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Andrew: Melanie...Melanie! Please wake up. I didn't mean for this to happen. Please. Don't leave me.

Chad: So there's nothing new on Melanie? You guys have no idea--

Bo: We're going to question Gabi again.

Chad: That's it? That's your plan?

Hope: Well, maybe there's something more that she remembers about this Andrew guy. Besides, Chad, we think it's really best you're not there at this time.

Chad: What are you talking about? EJ? Excuse me.

Chad: What the hell's going on here?

Cop: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, who are you?

EJ: Hey, he's my brother. It's all right. Leave him alone.

Chad: I've been so worried about Melanie, I haven't even... are you in handcuffs? Are you under arrest?

[Typing on keyboard]

Will: Crap.

Sonny: Let me guess. You didn't find the surveillance footage on the city website?

Will: I've literally tried everything. It's like it just was never there.

Sonny: All right. Where should I get the coffee?

Will: In the kitchen. Mary's probably there by now.

Sonny: All right. Let's just hope I don't see the ghost of Stefano on my way to the kitchen.

[Doorbell rings]

Will: [Chuckles] How did you get in here?

Sami: I rang the doorbell and Sonny let me in. More importantly, what are you two doing here?

Will: What do you want, Mom?

Sami: I found out that you had a letter from Alice Horton saying that Stefano isn't EJ's father. How could you not tell me that?

Kate: Oh! You and Carrie are leaving town, aren't you?

Austin: Yeah.

Kate: Oh, God...[Sighs] When?

Austin: Today.

Kate: Today.

Austin: Yeah.

Kate: Wow. So my son invites me to breakfast. And, you know, you know the first thing I think? I think how lucky am I to have my kids all around me.

Austin: Well, I left Billy and Lucas messages, but...

Kate: Okay.

Austin: I wanted to tell my mom in person.

Kate: I guess I'm lucky, huh? Honey, what happened?

Austin: If I don't get my wife out of Salem as soon as possible...I could lose her forever.

Rafe: Yeah, I just picked out my tickets. I'm on my merry way. Yeah, well let's hope we find some leads to nail DiMera's killer. Yeah, you're right Spence. It's a great lead, and I owe ya. Okay.

Carrie: Hi.

Rafe: Hi.

Carrie: You goin' some place?

Rafe: Yeah. I thought you'd be halfway to Switzerland by now. What are you doing here?

Carrie: Looking for you.

Will: Why are you ticked off at me for keeping secrets?

Sami: Look, at this point, I don't know why anybody does anything anymore.

Will: Gee, I wonder what that's like. Oh, yeah, maybe you sleeping with EJ, and then trying to keep Rafe from finding out about it.

Sami: Don't talk to me like that.

Will: [Laughs] Look, I'm not a little kid anymore.

Sami: Then stop acting like one.

Will: Okay. I'm sorry. I'm just upset.

Sami: [Sighs]

Will: Dad took the letter to the police. It's a--it's a letter from my great-grandma, all right? It's not a DNA test.

Sami: I understand that. But you have to understand that Lucas saw it as an opportunity to get you out from under EJ's thumb.

Will: I don't need my absentee father to protect me from EJ.

Sami: He's trying to do what he thought was best. He is trying to help you. And you think you have this situation entirely in your control? You think you're in the driver's seat here? With a man, a mobster, who is willing to pull a gun on the guy that he thought of as a father?

Will: He didn't do it.

Sami: How can you be so sure? This is a guy that you thought of as a horrible human being for a very long time. Now, what's happened to you?

EJ: So is there any word on Melanie?

Chad: Nah. The cops are all over it. But, uh, thanks for your help. I was up all night looking for her. Nobody knows where the lunatic took her. I'm going crazy here.

EJ: I'm sure you are. You love her.

Chad: Look, I appreciate the concern. But what's going on with the handcuffs? What's going on?

EJ: Would you afford me a moment or two alone with my brother, please?

Cop: Yeah.

Chad: Thank you.

Cop: Sure.

Chad: Well, nothing sticks to a DiMera. You think the cops have figured that out by now?

EJ: This is serious, Chad. They're charging me with murder.

Chad: Murder? Do they think you've killed--

EJ: Stefano. Yes, they do.

Andrew: Melanie. Melanie!

Melanie: [Groaning] What happened?

Andrew: Thank god! You're alive.

Melanie: All this stuff started falling on me.

Andrew: Shh. Shh. Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right.

Melanie: You came back for me.

Andrew: I would do anything for you. Anything at all.

Bo: Oh, hey Gabi. Thanks for coming down.

Gabi: Yeah. I thought Chad was gonna be here.

Hope: He had something to take care of.

Bo: Why don't you have a seat? We have a few questions for you.

Gabi: Okay.

Hope: Forensics picked up another set of prints on the note we found in the basement where Melanie was being held. They're your prints.

Bo: And we'd like an explanation.

Carrie: The desk sergeant said that I might be able to find you here. I had to find you again, because you mean too much to me.

Rafe: All right, Carrie. Listen, you don't have to say that--

Carrie: Yes. Yes, I do. Because I think that you are the best person that I have ever known.

Rafe: Stop. Just stop.

Carrie: You have these set of rules that, unlike most people, you actually live by them. And knowing you has changed me forever. And because of you, I feel like I know what real friendship and real love is supposed to be.

Andrew: Are you sure you're all right?

Melanie: Yeah. My head hurts. Unh...I'm okay.

Andrew: Thank--thank God.

Melanie: Are you crying?

Andrew: I thought you were dead.

Melanie: You really do care about me.

Andrew: I keep telling you... the only reason I had you tied up was because I was afraid you would leave me. Ah, you're bleeding.

Melanie: Oh... oh...[Chuckles] Thank you for taking care of me.

Andrew: All I wanna do is take care of you.

Melanie: No one's ever said that to me before. My boyfriend or my ex-husband. I haven't even seen your face.

Andrew: I did that on purpose.

Melanie: That's silly. You saved my life. I should at least know what you look like.

Andrew: I'm not much to look at.

Melanie: Come on.

Andrew: I--

Melanie: Hey. Heh! I think you're very handsome.

Will: You know...I've been working for EJ for a while now, right? So I think that I understand him.

Sami: Oh! Oh, Will, you have no idea how many times I have said that to myself.

Will: Okay, look, can we find some common ground, please? At least no matter what you say about EJ, at least he loves Johnny and Sydney.

Sami: He loved them so much, that he decided that I should never get to see them again.

Will: Well, that's after you shot him in the head.

Sami: Because he made me think that Sydney was dead.

Will: You didn't even want him to know that Sydney was his daughter?

Sami: Okay, you know what? Obviously, this is not getting us anywhere. You think I'm responsible for every bad thing that's happened?

Will: No. I think you're both at fault. But really, I think Stefano is at fault. I've been around here, and I've seen the ways that he belittles him. I've seen the way he undermines him, and the subtle ways that he reminds him that he's never gonna be good enough.

Sami: So you feel sorry for him?

Will: Well, let's just say that I can relate.

Sami: How do you figure?

Will: Well, for example, dad stole the letter from my backpack. And he took it straight to the police. And when I confronted him about it, he treated me like a child. He didn't think I knew what I was doing. He didn't think I would handle it right.

Sami: Will, he--he was doing what he thought was best.

Will: But what? I'm so dumb--I'm so dumb that I've been suckered by EJ?

Sami: No, you're not dumb. You''re young.

Will: [Laughs] Look. EJ can't use me, because I choose to be here. Right? I believe in his innocence. And right now, he needs my help, because the whole town, thanks to dad, thinks that he murdered Stefano.

Sami: And you didn't think about it at least a little?

Will: No! No. All he ever wanted to do was make Stefano proud of him.

Sami: He wanted the empire. I mean, he wants the power.

Will: No. He's smart enough to make his own empire. He never would've shot Stefano, Mom. I mean, no matter all the terrible things that Stefano has done to him, for some reason, he still loves him.

Chad: So they're saying that you killed our father? That's insane. The jury's never gonna buy that.

EJ: Chad, there are certain things that you do not know.

Chad: Look, I admit, okay, I admit that until Lexie was sick, that I wasn't exactly a regular visitor at the mansion.

EJ: Chad, last year, my Father and I, we weren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

Chad: So what? Look, fathers and sons don't always get along. You know what? They should put me up on the witness stand. Because when I found out that Stefano was my father, I had asked myself, "how do I fit in this family?" Stefano already had everything he wanted in a son.

EJ: That's not exactly true.

Chad: Well, what proof do they have? What's the proof?

EJ: Most of it is circumstantial, Chad. But they're not taking it lightly.

Chad: And you'll blow it up, right?

EJ: Yeah, I'll blow it up.

Chad: What's so funny? What is it?

EJ: You haven't asked me if I did it. You're the only person in this town who actually believes me.

Chad: Okay. Well, you know what? Losing our father and Lexie, I-I saw the way you looked. And you didn't fake that. You've never hurt him, let alone kill him. I mean, for God's sake, he's our father.

EJ: That's not exactly true.

Chad: What are you talking about?

EJ: There are...some things that you do not know. I would've told you earlier, but, uh...

Chad: What is it?

EJ: There was... Chad, certain evidence has come to light. Evidence that suggests that, uh, Stefano is not my father.

Will: I don't wanna argue with you about this.

Sami: What are you doing?

Will: Just looking at some surveillance footage on the city's website.

Sami: Oh, the footage that shows the guy taking EJ's gloves out of the dumpster?

Will: Yeah. Well, it's gone now.

Sami: What? What are you talking about?

Will: Somebody hacked into the site. Somebody deleted it.

Sami: Can you find out who did it?

Will: I'm trying to. Am I crazy? Doesn't this prove that someone's setting him up? And without this footage...

Sami: Yeah, it's a life sentence.

Will: What's on the flash drive?

Sami: The footage you're looking for.

Will: Are you serious? Why do you have that?

Sami: Well, we were looking at it. And I just decided that I should download it. That I should have it on a flash drive.

Will: Plug it in! Plug it in! Oh, my gosh... yeah! Yes! Ok!

Sami: Not so fast.

Will: Okay, Mom. Hey! Hey, hey! What are you gonna do with that? Please, don't be like dad. You can't take that to the police.

Sami: Because you know that there's footage that shows EJ throwing those gloves in the dumpster.

Will: Yeah.

Sami: Gloves that have gunshot residue on them!

Will: Yeah. Look, the best shot that we have of clearing EJ is to find out whoever dug those gloves out of the trash.

Sami: What are you gonna do with this? You know you can't just edit EJ out of them, right?

Will: I know. I gotta try something though, Mom. I believe that EJ's innocent. I know EJ's innocent. That proves that someone's setting him up. Even if you don't believe EJ, please, can you just... can you believe me? For this once, please, I need your help.

Sami: [Sighs]

Will: Okay, Mom... hey! Where are you going?

Melanie: You were so brave to come back for me. You could've died down here.

Andrew: I won't let anything else happen to you.

Melanie: Okay, but there's still a gas leak, and this place could still collapse, so we've gotta get out of here. Ow!

Andrew: What's wrong?

Melanie: I'M...I'm just really sick to my stomach, and dizzy. I think I have a concussion. Look, do you care about me at all?

Andrew: Yeah, of course--

Melanie: Then you have to take me to a hospital.

Gabi: Look, I am sorry, but after Andrew put that cloth over my face, I really--I just don't remember anything.

Bo: But there was obviously a period of time when you were conscious and moving around the room handling that note. I'd like to know everything you did between the time you woke up, and the time that we found you.

Gabi: Um...okay. Well, um, I mean, maybe I wasn't on the floor the whole time. Maybe I got up on the bed. And that's when I touched the note--you know what? That's...yeah. That... that's it. That's what happened. I was, I was on the floor, and then I got up to the bed. And I...that's when I passed out.

Hope: I think we should take a break. Um, I'll get you some coffee? Okay?

Bo: She knows more than she's telling us.

Hope: Absolutely she does.

Chad: So you're not his son. How do you--how do you know?

EJ: There was a letter from someone. Someone reliable. This person learned from my mother when...I was very young.

Chad: How long have you known?

EJ: Uh...I found out about the same time that Lexie became ill, and, uh, Stefano had known for some time before that.

Chad: Do the cops know?

EJ: Yeah.

Chad: So I'm guessing that's--[Sniffles] They think you killed Stefano?

EJ: That's one of the reasons.

Chad: Uh...I don't care. You're still my brother. So anything you need, okay? Just let me know. Why are you laughing? What's so funny?

EJ: Because when I listen to you, I can hear... I can hear your father. What are you doing here? Go on. Go and look for your girl. Come on.

Hope: Chad? Excuse me. I need you in the other room.

EJ: Go. It's all right. [Exhales]

[Door opens]

EJ: I'm not saying anything without my lawyer.

Sami: You don't need a lawyer.

Austin: Carrie and I, we were... were everything to each other. And this time back in Salem, I don't know what happened. It's like we just both suddenly went nuts. We're gonna go back to Switzerland. And we are going to find what we used to be. But I refuse to drag her onto that plane. She's gotta choose it. She's gotta choose me and our marriage.

Kate: I thought you told me that it was her idea.

Austin: It was her idea. But she could change her mind. She's been doing a whole lot of that lately.

Kate: My God. So what you're actually saying to me is that you're going to be getting on that plane whether she does or not.

Austin: If she decides to stay here for him, what am I gonna do? You think I could stand here and watch that?

Kate: Honey...she's pregnant with your child.

Austin: Ma, there isn't anybody who's more aware of that than I am.

Kate: God, I could just... I could throw a rock at her.

Austin: Hey, hey, hey... listen to me. No funny business. You promise me?

Kate: Yeah. Yes, I promise you.

Austin: Okay. And I want you to know that your son is gonna be just fine.

Kate: I know you're going to be fine.

Austin: [Sighs] I'm gonna miss my mom.


Kate: Come here. I love you.

Austin: I love you.

Kate: You have brought me nothing but joy in my life. Do you know that? I think that's why it's so painful when you leave me.

Austin: I love you.

Kate: I love you, too.

Rafe: So you're standing here telling me how--how great I am. And yet, you're still leaving today with Austin.

Carrie: If only I'd met you first.

Rafe: But you didn't. And now you have a baby to think about.

Carrie: It's not just the baby, and the way I feel about Austin. It's also you, and how you feel--

Rafe: Shh. I get it. All right? I do. Oh, Carrie... good-bye, okay?

Carrie: Ohh.

Bo: Don't do or say anything stupid.

Sami: I'll try.

Bo: Yeah.

EJ: Hey. I didn't think I'd see you again after last night.

Sami: [Chuckles] Me neither.

EJ: So, what made you change your mind?

Melanie: Aah! I need to go to a hospital.

Andrew: Shh.

Melanie: No, if I'm hemorrhaging, I'm gonna die. Do you understand?

Andrew: No, no, no. I won't let you die.

Melanie: I need a doctor. You're not a doctor.

Andrew: It's gonna be okay. Look, just let me think. Just let me think... we need a car.

Melanie: A car?

Andrew: Yeah. We need a car. I'm gonna find a rental place. There's one about a block from me. Okay. Okay, I'm just gonna go.

Melanie: You're gonna go?

Andrew: I'm gonna go and check on it.

Melanie: Oh, good! Oh, good, you're gonna let us go.

Bo: Okay, Gabriella. Let's go over this one time. You said you passed out on the bed, right?

Gabi: Right.

Bo: But when you woke up, you were on the floor, or on a bed?

Gabi: It was the floor.

Hope: Wait a sec. You said you might've fallen onto the bed?

Gabi: Look, I don't-- oh, my God. Okay, I don't know. I really don't know. I was--I was really scared, okay? This guy, he'd been stalking me for weeks. Andrew, he left a headless doll outside of my door. You remember that?

Chad: Yeah, I do.

Gabi: Okay, and he left me a note that said that he was gonna get me.

Chad: Okay, hold. What are you guys doing to her?

Bo: We're doing our job, Chad.

Chad: Look, she was drugged. She doesn't remember anything.

Hope: Gabi says it was possible she was in and out of consciousness. Isn't that right? So maybe there's information she can't retrieve from her subconscious mind.

Bo: There is a technique we can use.

Gabi: What--what technique?

Hope: Hypnosis.

Sami: I just spent some time with Will, arguing with him about you.

EJ: Oh, I see.

Sami: No, I don't think that you do. I can't imagine that you have any idea how it feels to know that my son was blackmailed into working for you. And now he has this ridiculous impression that you are this misunderstood, underappreciated martyr. How did you do that?

EJ: Look, I didn't manipulate his impression of me. And frankly, Samantha, I don't really care how he feels about me.

Sami: The worst part is, I think it all changed when he read that letter saying you're not Stefano's son.

EJ: Look, I didn't want him to find the letter.

Sami: Well, that much I believe. I gave you lots of opportunities to tell me the truth about what was going on with you and Stefano, and you didn't. You lied to me. In fact, your whole defense to me about how you couldn't have possibly shot Stefano was the fact that you couldn't kill your own father.

EJ: Do you think I like talking about that, Samantha? Do you think I like the fact that everybody in this town who hated my family is absolutely loving this? They're all speculating about how I'm gonna act now that I'm...nothing.

Sami: Is that really what you think? That you're...nothing?

EJ: Samantha, what else is there to think? It's true.

Sami: You know, um, Will is your biggest fan right now. He, um...he said he relates to you.

EJ: How?

Sami: He's decided that Lucas and I don't trust him, that we don't believe in him.

EJ: Well, in all fairness, Samantha, you haven't since he started working for me.

Sami: And he said Stefano was the same way towards you. Of course, that's not true.

EJ: Look, the last few months, my father and I were arguing a lot, and he tried to undermine every single thing that I did.

Sami: Did he show that letter to you?

EJ: No, I found it in the house. Why?

Sami: Right.

EJ: I'm sorry. I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. It doesn't change anything.

Sami: This is Stefano we're talking about. He could've tortured you with that letter. He could've...revealed it publicly and humiliated you. But he didn't.

EJ: So?

Sami: So I want you to stop playing on my kid's sympathies. And, EJ, you're not nothing. And Stefano did love you. And he never stopped.

Gabi: Look, I, honestly, I would do anything to help Melanie, but--but being hypnotized? I mean, I don't know. That kind of scares me.

Hope: Oh, Gabi. Doctor Marlena Evans has been a dear friend of ours for years.

Bo: You know her, right?

Gabi: Of course, yes. She's Will's grandmother.

Hope: And a trained expert in hypnosis. Honey, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Chad: Come on, Gabi, what do you think here?

Bo: It's possible she could see you today.

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: I don't...she's... she's probably really busy...

Bo: When she learns this could help Melanie, she'll make time.

Melanie: Oh... oh, thank you so much. Oh! [Sighs]

Andrew: No girl has ever hugged me like that before.

Melanie: Oh! Well, you just wait until you get me out of here. [Chuckles]

Andrew: Okay. Okay. I better go check on the car.

Melanie: Good.

Andrew: Will you be all right?

Melanie: Yeah. I'm fine. Just go, just go.

Andrew: Okay. No, I can't...I can't. I can't stand the idea of leaving you alone down here.

EJ: Well, I'm sure you'll be extremely happy to know that I can't be a bad influence on William if I'm in prison.

Sami: You know, he worked all night for you. He was trying to find that surveillance footage from the city's web site.

EJ: Okay, well, I wanted him to get that to my lawyer.

Sami: Yeah, he told me that someone had hacked into the web site.

EJ: What?

Sami: Yeah, and he said that the clip that shows that somebody dug your gloves out of the dumpster, he said it's gone.

[Objects clattering]

Rafe: I should go.

Carrie: Okay, but I have one more thing to say. And you might not like it, okay?

Rafe: Okay.

Carrie: I know how furious you are with Sami. I also know that she still loves you.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Whatever. It doesn't matter. It took me a long time to get over Sami, but I did. And I'm glad I did.

Carrie: Sami's the one person who can make me laugh when I'm furious with her.

Rafe: I've been there.

Carrie: Sami gets under people's skin. And whether you wanna face it or not, I think that she's still under yours.

Rafe: Well, like hell she is.

Carrie: I rest my case.

Rafe: Oh, really?

Carrie: [Laughs] I just care about you so much, that I want you to be happy. Please...just think about what I said.

Rafe: Carrie--

Roman: What the hell's goin' on?

Sami: Oh, no. Everything's fine.

Roman: Yeah, I can see that. Sami, out.

Sami: Oh. Sorry. Let me just fix this. You know how I'm so klutzy. And then, I just have one more thing to say to him, and then I'll be out.

Roman: Fine.

[Door closes]

EJ: Samantha, listen to me-- hey! If that footage was removed from the site, and if that footage could've helped me case, then that proves that somebody is out to get me.

Sami: Luckily for you, I thought of that already. And I have been doing something to help you.

EJ: What do you-- what's that?

Sami: I downloaded the entire video to my flash drive while we were watching it.

EJ: [Laughs] You're sure it's all there?

Sami: Oh, yeah. Will and I watched it earlier. It's all here.

EJ: You... something is finally going my way!

Melanie: Look, I really need some help, so you have to go, okay, and come back for me. Just come back for me.

Andrew: Stupid idiot for not taking you some place safe!

Melanie: It's okay, it's okay. No, just go, okay? Just go.

Andrew: You're not tricking me, are you?

Melanie: No. Please go. Hurry!

EJ: Mwah! Last night, you said you would never believe another word I said. Do you believe it now? Do you believe I'm innocent?

Sami: What do you want me to do with the flash drive?

[Door opens]

EJ: I think the most appropriate thing to do would be for you to give that to my lawyer.

Sami: Uh, great.

EJ: Samantha...listen, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you're on my side, whatever the reasons.

Melanie: Oh... [Heavy breathing]

[Cell phone ringing]

Chad: Number's restricted. This is Chad.

Melanie: Oh, my God, Chad?

[Typing on keyboard]

Will: There has got to be a program that lets me identify who hacked the website!

Sonny: I don't see why it's just such a big deal to you.

Will: Sonny, EJ is counting on me.

Sonny: He's counting on you? Are you kidding me? He has enough money that he could hire an entire law firm to defend him. Why does he need you?

Will: Well, I wanna be the one who clears him.

Sonny: I don't understand, though--why?

Will: I don't know why, Sonny, I just...I just do.

Sonny: All right, well, good luck with that, because whoever hacked that web site, they knew what they were doing.

Will: Thanks.

[Typing on keyboard]

[Handcuffs tightening]

EJ: I don't suppose it would be of any interest to you to know that I am innocent. Didn't think so.

Austin: [Exhales]

Carrie: Heh! I hear Switzerland's beautiful this time of year.

Austin: You know, it's funny you should say that, because... I hear the same thing.

Carrie: [Laughs]

Austin: Are you sure that you wanna do this?

Carrie: Only if it's with you.

Austin: Well, then I guess you're in luck.

Carrie: [Laughs] Come here. Hey...we've got a plane to catch!

Austin: Yeah, we do, don't we?

Carrie: Yes, we do. What do you have?

Austin: I got this. We're off.

Carrie: Okay. Hey, hey, come here. I love you...okay?

Austin: I love you.

Carrie: Ooh! Bye, pub!

Austin: See ya, pub.

Carrie's voice: Sami gets under people's skin. And whether you wanna face it or not, I think that she's still under yours.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Under my skin. Yeah, right.

Sami: Yeah. So I just have to stop by Lori's office, and then I'll be there. Yes, we'll talk about everything when I get into the office. Okay, bye.

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