Days Transcript Monday 7/16/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/16/12


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Roman: [Groans] Damn. Nothing so far.

Spencer: Maybe we missed something. What? What are you doing? Gloves? That's a hell of a place to keep gloves, wouldn't you say? Well, I'll be damned.

Rafe: Pay dirt.

Roman: All right, hold those up.

Sami: No, you did not.

Lucas: Yeah, I just did.

Sami: You caught me off guard.

Lucas: Well, next time, be ready for it.

Sami: No, no, no. We are going to talk. We are talking.

Lucas: I hate it. I hate it when you say that.

Sami: You can't just boss me around. Lucas, you can't come in here and just tell me what to do.

Lucas: I didn't tell you what to do. I told EJ to stay away from you. That's all I said.

Sami: I know what you meant, Lucas, and I know you were telling me to steer clear of EJ.

Lucas: I am not going to apologize for protecting my family. I love you, I love Allie, and I love Will. And after what I just walked in on, I'll be damned if I'm ever going to let anybody, especially EJ, come between us again.

Kate: I know I put it in here.

Ian: What's that?

Kate: The fall sales summary. I have to get them to shipping so they can coordinate dates. Oh. Here it is. I'll be right back.

Ian: Oh, would you mind asking Shannon to bring me in my tea.

Kate: She's not here. I forgot to tell you, she left early to pick up her son at day care.

Ian: Ah, never mind.

Kate: No, no, no. I'll bring it to you when I get back.

Ian: Thank you, my love.

Bo: All right, thanks. Damn it. They've examined every frame of the surveillance tapes.

Hope: Nothing?

Bo: No, nothing. The door-to-door, it may turn up something.

Hope: I sure hope you're right.

Bo: Yeah, me too.

Nicole: Hey, there. Hey, I've been trying to track you down all day. What do you say we grab a couple of those yummy spring rolls from that Vietnamese truck around the corner?

Daniel: No, not now, okay?

Nicole: God, what have I done now?

Gabi: Andrew? Andrew? Andrew? Andrew, you here? Andrew? Andrew? Oh, my God. They're gone. "I've still got Melanie. I'm going to keep her someplace where no one will ever find her." Oh, my God, Melanie. What have I done?

Lucas: You know, EJ can take his fat wallet and his delusions of power, and he can go straight to hell.

Sami: I'm really sorry for what you walked in on.

Lucas: I'm not blaming you, Sami. I'm not blaming you, but I'm not going to let EJ pull the crap he's been pulling since day one with you and my kids. You belong to me, and that's the last thing I want, is EJ--

Sami: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What did you just say?

Lucas: You know what I mean.

Sami: No. No, actually, I don't know what you mean, because, Lucas, I don't belong to anyone.

EJ: What the bloody hell are you doing here?

Roman: We are executing a warrant to search the premises for evidence in the murder of Stefano DiMera.

EJ: I don't care about your warrant. The bunch of you, get out.

Rafe: Yeah, or what? You gonna call the cops?

EJ: Where did you get those gloves from?

Rafe: Oh.

Gabi: Oh, God, okay. What am I going to do? Okay, I'm just going to tell them that I don't know anything. Which is true, I don't know anything.

[Knocking on door]

Gabi: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's Chad. Oh, my God. Okay. Okay, what do I do?

Chad: Hello? Is anybody home?

Gabi: Oh, Melanie's bracelet.

Chad: Hello, anybody there? Hello?

Gabi: Oh, I'm going to jail.

Chad: Melanie's bracelet. Melanie! Melanie, hello, hello! Melanie! [Forcing doorknob] [Grunts] Melanie? Hello, Mel--Melanie, are you here? Hello, Melanie? Melanie? Hello? Are you here, Melanie? Hello? Hello? Melanie? Hello?

EJ: Where the hell did those gloves come from?

Rafe: They look familiar? Well, they should, since we found them here in your apartment.

EJ: That's impossible.

Nicole: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hmm?

Nicole: Look, if I've done something to screw things up between us, please tell me, and I-I promise I won't make an embarrassing public scene.

Daniel: Look, Nic, Nic. This isn't about you.

Nicole: What? I thought everything was about me.

Bo: Hey, Doc.

Hope: Daniel.

Bo: Any word from Chad?

Daniel: Uh, no.

Nicole: Word about what?

Hope: Melanie.

Nicole: What about her?

Daniel: Well, she's missing. We thought she was in Europe visiting her mother. It turns out no one's heard from her in weeks.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Daniel, tell me what I can do.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Brady.

Chad: It's me, Chad.

Bo: Hey, man. Where the hell are you?

Chad: Listen, look, I-I found Melanie's bracelet.

Bo: Where?

Hope: Chad?

Chad: Inside a house on East Adams. I saw it through a window, so I got myself inside. Look, she's not here. Nobody else is here either.

Bo: Are you in that house?

Chad: Yeah.

Bo: Well, get the hell out of there now.

Chad: But I just--I got--

Bo: You're contaminating a crime scene and you could be in danger. What's the address?

Chad: Uh, um... it's--it's 309. 309 East Adams. It's between third and fourth, okay?

Bo: Okay, I'm on my way.

Daniel: What--what are you--

Bo: Chad said he found Melanie's bracelet in a house on the east side.

Hope: Let's go. We'll call as soon as we know anything.

Daniel: No, no, we're going with you--I'll be there.

Bo: Okay, as long as you stay out of our way. Come on.

Daniel: Fine, you got it. You got it. Come--come on.

Sami: I "belong" to you? Lucas, are you serious?

Lucas: It was a figure of speech.

Sami: Yeah, from two centuries ago.

Lucas: So what? I meant it, you know, plural.

Sami: What?

Lucas: You and me and the kids--our kids. That's what I meant.

Sami: Yeah. Yes, they are our kids, right? I am their mother. And you were in Hong Kong. You trusted me to make decisions I thought was best for them, right? Will and which Driver's Ed class he should take, or whether Allie should take swimming or hockey or...

Lucas: Of course.

Sami: Or what to make them for lunch.

Lucas: Of course.

Sami: So I'm still that same woman. And you still trust me to know what is best for my family, right?

Lucas: Our family, and nobody ever said you weren't capable of that.

Sami: You did.

Lucas: No, I didn't, I-- what would happen if I took everything you said literally, huh? Where would we--where would we be right now?

Sami: Okay, we're not talking about me and my big mouth.

Lucas: So I'm not allowed to say anything stupid every now and then?

Sami: That's your apology? That's supposed to make me feel better?

Lucas: Don't you think I've known long enough to know that you're nobody's property? Come on, give me a break. What I was doing was protecting you and protecting our children. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I got a little upset by that.

Sami: You were more than upset. Lucas, you hate EJ.

Lucas: Damn right. Damn right I hate EJ. And so do you, right? Sami, you are not only the mother of my children, but you're the woman I love. And I'm not going to let EJ come between us again. I won't do it. I'll do whatever I have to do.

Sami: But I am the mother of his children too.

Lucas: Meaning?

Sami: It's just a statement of fact.

Lucas: And what? What are you doing? Are you trying to tell me that EJ matters to you as much as I do?

Sami: [Sighs]

Spencer: How is it impossible?

Rafe: The gloves were here. We found them. Easy.

Roman: So what do you think about that, EJ?

EJ: Why don't you show me where you found these gloves?

Roman: No, no. It doesn't work that way. You don't tell us what to do. Works the other way around.

EJ: You don't get to come here into my house, wave some gloves in front of me, and accuse me of something outrageous.

Spencer: No one's accusing you of anything.

Roman: We came in with a no-knock search warrant, so we do have a right to be here.

EJ: Yeah? But not to plant evidence in my house that you guys are intending on using against me.

Roman: You know what, EJ? I had a feeling you might say that.

Spencer: Which is why we videotaped everything we've done in here since we came through that door.

Roman: Wanted to make sure everything was admissible. Just in case, it's all by the book.

EJ: Really? Does this book of yours include a chapter on personal vendettas? Because you've been hectoring me ever since you've found my father's body.

Roman: You know what, EJ? As much as I dislike you, this has nothing to do with personal agenda. We have just been following the evidence trail, and so far, all the little bread crumbs have led us right to you.

Sami: I guess it just is important to say that EJ's always going to be a part of my life.

Lucas: Our life.

Sami: And I have to find a way to get along with him for the sake of the kids.

Lucas: And that's what you were doing in his arms? You were trying to get along with him?

Sami: He's upset about his children. He loves them. He was just thanking me f--

Lucas: It's always about the children though, isn't it, Sami? Do--do you really think I'm an idiot when it comes to this?

Sami: No. No, I don't think you're an idiot. I will explain it again if you want me to.

Lucas: I do, I need you to. Thank you, that would help.

Sami: Lucas, he might go to prison.

Lucas: Because he killed his father.

Sami: Or he's being railroaded.

Lucas: By your dad and Rafe, people you trust. Really?

Sami: Either way, he's upset because he wants to make sure his children know that he loves them.

Lucas: This is the same guy who's blackmailing our son.

Sami: I haven't forgotten that.

Lucas: Look, I'm sorry. I just can't buy it. I can't buy this whole routine that he's not a bad guy because he loves his kids. I just can't do that. You're fooling yourself. You're delusional--again.

Sami: I don't know what to say. I-I just feel like I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lucas: Why? After everything he's done to you and to us? Sami, I get it, I get it. I know that we just got back together and you-- you've got a lot of exes in your life that you're going to have to deal with. You have Rafe and EJ and me.

Sami: Well, it's different with you.

Lucas: Well, it damn well better be different with me, because I'm willing to do anything to make this work this time. Anything, Sami, but if, and only if, you can look me in the eye and tell me you want the exact same thing.

EJ: I suppose when you don't actually have any concrete evidence, you have to go the extra mile to dot your "I"s and cross your "T"s.

Roman: Oh, EJ, we've got plenty of evidence. Adding to it by the hour.

Spencer: You're either guilty of your father's murder or, well, the man upstairs really doesn't like you.

Roman: Yeah, things aren't looking good for you right now, EJ. Your fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

Spencer: No convincing alibi for the time frame of your father's shooting.

Roman: Polygraph test you volunteered to take and failed.

Spencer: And of course, you have motive, given the fact that you were first in line to inherit your father's empire before he disinherited you, which he had planned.

Roman: And then we find gloves in your apartment which you made a good effort to hide.

EJ: Hide? Okay, where did I hide these gloves, gentlemen? Show me.

Roman: No, again. You know what? Again, when questions are to be asked, we do that, not you.

EJ: This is a blatantly transparent attempt to frame me for something you know I didn't do!

Rafe: Nobody's trying to frame you, EJ. But you are right. Most of the evidence we do have against you is circumstantial. But I saw you when you saw these gloves, and you were... well, shaken, which isn't easy to do. But of course, that's because you know we got you.

Kate: Your tea, Mr. McAllister. What are you looking at?

Ian: Something obviously you felt you had no need to share with me.

Kate: You were snooping in my briefcase?

Ian: No, I was looking for copies of the manufacturing projections, and lo and behold, I came across a copy of Stefano's will and other papers relating to his estate. Just how long were you intending to keep that from me?

Bo: Chad.

Chad: What took you so long?

Bo: Hey, man, just take it easy.

Hope: Tell us what happened.

Chad: Okay.

Hope: Step by step.

Chad: Look, I-I was knocking on doors in the neighborhood, using that map you guys made, and--and I came across this window right here, and I saw it right through the window. Her bracelet was on the floor.

Bo: So you decided to bust the door in?

Daniel: Hey, you found her-- let me see, let me see.

Hope: No, no, no. Don't--don't touch it. Here, here.

Bo: Put it in the evidence bag first.

Hope: Here you go.

Daniel: This is it. She--she never took this off.

Bo: You sure it's not one that looks like hers?

Chad: I'm sure it's hers, okay?

Bo: All right, how much of the house did you get through before you called me?

Chad: Just the first floor, all the bedrooms. Like, there's no sign of anyone in there.

Bo: Did you go into a basement?

Chad: Basement? I didn't even think about the basement.

Hope: Chad!

Bo: Take it easy.

Both: Don't touch anything!

Bo: Chad! Get back.

Chad: Melanie?

Bo: Chad, hold on, man.

Chad: Melanie, are you in there?

Bo: I don't want you touching--get your hands off of that--

Kate: I didn't think it was such a big deal. I didn't think you were interested in--in his estate.

Ian: Really?

Kate: No. We both knew that I'm not getting a nickel from Stefano's will. I mean, really, is that a surprise?

Ian: Actually, I'm more disappointed than I am surprised. I see us as more than a romantic couple. You see, I see us as a partnership, as a team, in and out of the bedroom.

Kate: So do I.

Ian: You see, what happens to you affects me... and vice versa. In which case, it's better that we have no secrets. So now would be a good time.

Kate: For what?

Ian: To share anything else you're keeping from me.

[Pounding on door]

Chad: Melanie, Melanie? Please, God, Melanie. Are you in there?

Bo: Chad, you're contaminating the scene!

Chad: Come on, get me in there!

Hope: Back off, all right?

Daniel: If she's in there and she's answering...

Hope: Just hold on a second.

Chad: Let me see.

Bo: Chad, hold on, hold on. Okay, Chad, let me look. Get out of my way.

Hope: Just back up, all right?

Chad: All right.

Hope: Let Bo do his job.

Bo: We got a small bed in here. There's rope and a piece of rag.

Daniel: Like a gag.

Bo: Yeah.

Chad: Look, I've got to get in there! Come on, let me get in there!

Bo: Would you stop it? Back off, man!

Daniel: Okay, that's enough! This is not helping!

Bo: If you don't want to spend the rest of the day in the back of my cruiser!

Daniel: This is not helping. Sit down.

Sami: Okay, listen to me. You have to understand how much I care about you and how happy I am that you're giving me-- that you're giving us another chance.

Lucas: Then why are you doing this? Why are you always sticking up for EJ?

Sami: I'm not! I-I don't know. I don't know.

Lucas: You don't know? You know, Sami, I got a funny feeling that you're going to be the one to ruin our chances this time. You're going to be the one to mess it up.

Sami: What?

Lucas: We both know you've always been your worst enemy.

Sami: And it's up to you to save me?

Lucas: Well, yeah, maybe it is.

Sami: Damn it, Lucas, I can do this, okay?

Lucas: Sami, just shut up. Just shut up and kiss me, all right?

EJ: Watch it, Commissioner! I'll have you replaced within a week!

Roman: Go for it, man! Go for it!

Sami: That's my dad...and EJ.

EJ: You know as well as I do those gloves were not in my apartment when I left.

Roman: The gunshot residue test will prove whether they were worn by you and whether or not they held a fired pistol.

Sami: Dad?

Roman: Sami, get back to your apartment.

Spencer: Don't touch a thing, either of you.

Rafe: Sami, you should not be in here. Neither you, Lucas.

Sami: Wait a second. What is going on? We heard yelling. We wanted to find out what was happening.

Roman: EJ is having a bad day.

Spencer: We found a pair of gloves that we believe may be connected to Stefano DiMera's shooting. We're taking them in for testing.

Sami: I don't get it.

EJ: Your father and his crack troupe of investigators here are so desperate to nail somebody for my father's murder that they've taken to planting evidence.

Sami: Gloves? Is that what you said?

EJ: No, no, no. They have nothing credible to use against me, so they've decided that they're going to manufacture something.

Lucas: Like anyone has to dig deep to get dirt on you, you phony son of a--

Sami: All right, Lucas.

Lucas: What, what? It might be a bad day for him, but it's a red letter day for me. The sooner he goes to jail, the better. You'll be safe, the children will be safe. And they won't have to grow up next door to someone who--who most likely killed his own father.

EJ: Let me tell you something, Lucas. I'm none too thrilled about my children having to spend time with someone who both confessed to and went to prison for trying to murder their father.

Kate: I mean, you could see for yourself that there wasn't anything in those papers that pertained to me.

Ian: Well, lawyers draw up those documents, and lawyers are fallible--even Stefano's lawyers. If you like, I don't mind looking through them and seeing if you're entitled to something.

Kate: No, it's not necessary. I knew Stefano very well. He knew me very well. And trust me, he would not leave any loopholes that I would even consider slipping through.

Ian: If you say so. Anyway, I don't see why you'd want anything from that miserable old bastard, especially after the way he treated you so disrespectfully. And also, now that you have me in your life.

Lucas: I really wish you had died back then.

Sami: Lucas.

EJ: Do you really want to revisit that rather unpleasant occasion, Lucas? You want to talk about the shooting that almost cost me my life?

Sami: Stop it, all right? Just stop.

Lucas: You know, man, you can go straight to hell.

Sami: No!

Roman: Lucas, Lucas!

Lucas: Go to hell!

Roman: Lucas! All right, you two, we've got everything we need.

Lucas: I'm not done with you.

Roman: Sami--no, yes, you are.

Sami: Come on.

Roman: And you stay here. You stay where we can find you in case we need you.

Spencer: We should have the test results back on the gloves by the end of the day.

[Door closes]

Daniel: Why aren't we going in there?

Bo: We were able to enter the house legally because we thought your daughter was in here and in danger.

Chad: Oh, she still is! Come on!

Daniel: Stop.

Bo: Now there's a possibility she was moved. So we need a search warrant in order to search the rest of the house, so I need the three of you outside.

Hope: We need to do this right. You don't want the person who did this to go free, do you? I'll keep an eye on it. You go. Daniel, Nicole.

Nicole: Come with me. You need some fresh air.

Roman: Lucas, listen to me. Do not go near EJ again, all right? You stay away from him. You understand that?

Lucas: So you believe he shot his father too?

Spencer: This is police business. You and Commissioner Brady's daughter shouldn't be involved.

Lucas: What do you want us to do? He lives across the hall. They have kids together. Come on.

Roman: All right, we need you two to come down to the station with us. Cool off a little bit.

Sami: Dad, I can't do that. I have work I have to handle. I'll be fine here by myself.

Lucas: By yourself?

Sami: Lucas, yes. I think you should go with my dad, you know, like he said. Cool off or whatever. What? I'll be fine.

Roman: Lucas, let's go.

Lucas: Yeah, if it'll help put EJ away, put him where he belongs, I'll do it.

Roman: All right.

[Elevator bell dings]

Roman: Wow.

[Door closes]

[Knocking on door]

Sami: It's just me.

Kate: By the way, do you know why Madison isn't here this afternoon?

Ian: Hmm. She has a meeting with the designer out of New York, doesn't she?

Kate: Nope, I handled that. She wanted to accompany Brady to rehab.

Ian: I see.

Kate: Surprised?

Ian: No, the only thing surprising is she has such a low tolerance for the emotional frailty of others. It's one of the few qualities that she and I shared. The same holds true for you though, doesn't it, my love?

EJ: What do you want, Samantha?

Sami: Are those your gloves? And were you wearing them when Stefano was killed?

Lucas: Can I grab some coffee? Maybe make some business calls?

Roman: Sure, be my guest. As far as the coffee goes, I'd be a little careful. Not too good. Stay in the building.

Lucas: Yes, sir.

Rafe: Are the gloves at the lab?

Spencer: They promised to put a rush on the GSR test.

Roman: Okay, Agent Spencer, let me ask you something. If the gloves test positive for residue, will you then agree we've got enough to charge EJ with his father's murder?

Spencer: Let's just get the results back first, shall we? Then we'll go from there.

Chad: [Sighs]

Hope: You need to do what Bo said. Wait outside with Daniel and Nicole until he gets back.

Chad: I'm--I'm sorry, Hope. I just can't do that, okay? This is the closest I've been to Melanie since she disappeared. I can't leave here until I know if there's something in that room that can help us find her. If someone kidnapped her and held her prisoner, why haven't they asked for a ransom? This is bad, isn't it? This is--this is really bad. That means they didn't do it for money. It means there's some psycho out there who wanted to get to her for some other reason. And--and why did they leave, huh? Huh? What if he's scared and he's tired, and he started torturing her--I mean, what is he going do with her then? What is he going to do?

Hope: Don't even go there, okay?

Chad: Too much time has passed--what if she's--

Hope: Stop, stop. You cannot allow yourself to think that way. We have no reason to believe we won't find Melanie and bring her home safely. We don't. I know, I know this is hard. You need to think positively.

Chad: [Screams]

Hope: Chad!

Daniel: I'm her father. I should have known something was wrong.

Nicole: How?

Daniel: I should have double-checked with Carly when I heard she took off for Europe, because I knew--I knew that it was just too far out of the blue. But see, Melanie, she's very-- she's very impulsive. And I should have worried when I didn't hear from her. But I just thought she was, you know, having such a great time, she didn't want to hear from her old man. But I swear--I swear to God, if something happens to her--

Nicole: No, no, no, no. No, no, no. You're going to be--you're going to be fine. You're going to be okay, all right? And if you're looking for someone to tell you that everything's going to be fine and rosy, I can't do that for you. And I'm sure it is. And I hope to God that she's found safe and sound. But I can't--I can't tell you that--I can't tell you that everything's going to be fine, because I don't even know. I don't even know that for sure.

Daniel: Your honesty is deeply appreciated, because it's exactly how I feel and how I think.

Nicole: You want to know what else I think?

Daniel: Hmm?

Nicole: I'm feeling a lot of hope here, Daniel, because Melanie is a survivor, and it takes one to know one.

Nicole: Daniel. I want you to know, how ever long it takes to find Melanie, whatever happens, I'm here... if you want me to be. You know, when I found out I was pregnant with EJ's baby, you let me kick and scream and rant and rave, and you hardly told me to shut up, even though you probably wanted to. But I know you didn't want me to be scared or alone, and I don't want you to be alone now. So you can say anything to me, because I've probably said worse. That's something, right?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, that's something. Thank you for being here. For being you.

Chad: Look, Melanie's not like any other girl I've ever met. I've been going crazy for weeks thinking I lost her, wondering what I would ever do without her. And--and now, how could I-- how could I have been so stupid? How could I not have known that there was something really wrong here?

Hope: This isn't your fault. You cannot blame yourself.

Chad: Yeah, well, I do, okay?

Hope: We'll find her. We will.

Chad: And what if we don't? What if it's too late? 'Cause I'm telling you right now, if anyone lays a finger on her, if they hurt her in any way, they'll wish they'd never been born.

Kate: Yes. Seriously? No, no, thank you. Thank you very much for giving me a heads up. Oh, my God. My contact--the contact at the police department--they just told me that EJ flunked a polygraph test about Stefano's death.

Ian: Really?

Kate: And that wasn't all. I guess Roman and his men just came back from searching his apartment.

Ian: And what would they expect to find there?

Spencer: I know we're all under pressure to solve DiMera's murder, but we're not going to do anything in haste. We've already arrested one suspect and had to release him.

Roman: Yeah, we know that. You don't have to remind us.

Spencer: I'm just saying we have to make sure we have enough solid evidence that'll hold up under scrutiny.

Roman: [Sighs] Damn it. What the hell else do we have to do to put EJ behind bars?

Spencer: What's your take, Hernandez?

Rafe: I'm gonna go light a fire under the lab techs.

EJ: So... [Clears throat] I take it you've changed your mind. Now you don't believe me.

Sami: I know you'd do anything to protect your relationship with Johnny and Sydney, but I don't get what the deal is with the gloves.

EJ: If the police can prove that they are mine, and they test positive for gunpowder residue... [Sighs] They will have one more circumstantial piece of evidence against me.

Sami: Are they yours and will they test positive?

EJ: That would--that would be a yes on both counts.

Sami: [Sighs] Oh, my God.

Daniel: You should go home and rest.

Nicole: I'm not going anywhere.

Bo: Hey.

Daniel: What? Did you get the warrant?

Bo: Yeah, I did.

Nicole: What is that?

Bo: It's a little friend of mine that's going to help me with that door down in the-- where the hell is Chad?

Daniel: Downstairs with Hope.

Bo: Ah, son of a-- okay, we're good to go.

Chad: Wait, what is that? Is that a battering ram? Come on, let me help you. Give it to me.

Bo: Just stay out of the way, man.

Hope: Don't argue with him.


Bo: [Grunts] Hey, come on.

Chad: Gabi, my God! What happened?

Hope: Gabi.

EJ: The gloves are mine... and I did. I fired a gun while I was wearing them.

Sami: Oh, my God.

EJ: I did not kill my father, Samantha. I swear to you. I swear to you on Johnny and Sydney's lives.

Rafe: All right.

Roman: So you got the results?

Rafe: The gloves we found at EJ's tested positive for gunshot residue.

Roman: All right. Good.

Kate: I'm just surprised that EJ is the prime suspect in his father's murder, that's all.

Ian: Why? I mean, he's certainly got the most to gain financially from Stefano's demise.

Kate: You don't like him very much, do you?

Ian: EJ? I don't care about him one way or the other. The person I do care about most in the world is standing right in front of me.

Kate: Sorry, I have to take these down to the art department. I'll be back.

[Door closes]

Sami: Okay, so there are a lot of things that I don't understand right now, but let's start with the gloves. EJ, you are smarter than that. How come you didn't just get rid of them?

EJ: Because I did, all right? I did get rid of them.

Sami: Then how did they show up back here in your apartment?

EJ: Somebody must've found them, come in here, and put them here.

Ian: [Content sigh]

Sami: [Sighs]

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