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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/13/12


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Bo: Who are you contacting?

Chad: I'm giving Cameron and Abigail an update on Melanie, okay? If we have to start from square one and look for her, I wanna start right now.

Bo: Good man. You've emailed her friends, you're getting the word out there.

Daniel: There's got to be... something else we can do.

Bo: We need more information before we can start a hard target search.

Daniel: She is not a hard target--she is my daughter.

Bo: All right, man.

Daniel: Okay, Bo, I know-- look, you're a father.

Bo: Take it easy.

Daniel: Okay, okay. No--

Hope: Hey.

Chad: Hey, did you find anything?

Hope: All her personal items still seem to be there. You know, things she would use every day--makeup, medicines, toothbrush. I also checked out Daniel's storage unit, and there was luggage there with her name on it. Inside her carry-on... I found this. It's hers and it's current.

Bo: Well, she obviously didn't wanna leave the country.

Chad: She's not the one who wrote the email, is she?

Andrew: No, see... I this goes. Not you. I thought I made that clear.

Gabi: Andrew, please, just--

Andrew: No. No, I like Melanie's company.

Gabi: Her company?

Andrew: Yeah. See, she's not going anywhere. And if you think... think you can change my mind on that... well, you better think again.

EJ: Samantha, if I do go to prison... I don't want you to bring the kids in to see me. I don't want them to see me in that condition.

Sami: Well, then, I hope to God you don't end up in prison. What?

EJ: You know, in a strange way, you sort of kind of maybe sounded like you're being a tiny bit supportive.

Sami: I just don't have a choice.

EJ: I think you know I didn't kill my father. Samantha, I think you know that I'm innocent. Come here. Thank you.

Lucas: You have got to be kidding me.

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: You--you support this guy--really?

Sami: I can explain. No, I just--

Lucas: Did he con you into thinking he didn't kill Stefano?

EJ: Nobody's conning anybody, Lucas.

Lucas: He is a liar. He's a crook and he's a killer. There's no way in hell I'm gonna let him make you think otherwise.

Sami: I know--I know everything that he is, okay? I can explain.

Lucas: I don't wanna hear it! I don't wanna hear you explain it. I don't wanna hear you defend him. He will say and do anything to get you on his side. But it's not gonna work this time. From now on, stay away from my family. From now on... you don't exist around here any more, you understand me?

Rafe: Why is the judge taking so long to sign our warrant?

Roman: Well, could be because EJ's the mayor... or a DiMera.

Rafe: His Honor better come through.

Roman: Yeah, that warrant-- could be big. Could give us the break we're looking for.

Spencer: I wouldn't be so sure about that. EJ's smart. Why would he hold onto evidence tying him to his father's murder?

Roman: My guess would be a combination of ego and arrogance. I mean, he did have those bullets Nicole found, same caliber used to kill Stefano. Maybe he just thinks his apartment is beyond our reach.

Rafe: Yeah, EJ also thought he was gonna pass a polygraph test...and didn't. Maybe his mistakes are finally catching up to him.

Roman: Let's hope so.

[Phone rings]

Rafe: Yeah. Hernandez. Yes, your Honor. Did we get our warrant?

Chad: Still can't believe it. All this time, Melanie wasn't in Europe with her mom, so somebody took her.

Daniel: I just hope that-- I mean, who...would take Melanie? Who in the hell... would kidnap my daughter? And why.

[Gabi on phone]

Gabi: What? She tried to escape? What's gonna happen to us if she escapes?

Andrew: Stop...nagging me about letting Melanie go.

Gabi: But the police, Andrew.

Andrew: No, uh-uh. I'm in control now, and I say that Melanie stays with me.

Gabi: Okay, please just let her go before the police finds out and finds her and then arrests you.

Andrew: Me? Me? No. Not me. Not by my lonesome.

[Gabi on phone]

Gabi: Fine. Keep Melanie out of the way for now. And don't let her get away again.

Gabi: Shut that thing off, please!

Andrew: I'm just trying to refresh your memory. Hey, what do you think that Chad is gonna say when he finds out that you, uh, you were in on the whole thing?

Gabi: No! No! I did not plan on kidnapping Melanie.

Andrew: Yeah, but you didn't exactly run to Chad and tell him that she was here when you found out, did you? Hmm? What was that? I didn't quite hear you.

Gabi: Fine! Okay, I didn't tell him, but it was wrong not to.

Andrew: Yeah. Right, wrong-- [Scoffs] Whatever. All I'm saying is that you're the reason that she's tied up in there right now.

Gabi: Andrew, you're making all of this seem like it's my fault, and it's not.

Andrew: No one's blaming you. I'm just saying it is what it is and that you're a part of it.

Gabi: Andrew, can you just please hear what I'm saying? Just listen to me, okay? Right now, the police could already have information about Melanie, okay? Melanie's dad and Chad, they've been there at the station. They're gonna be talking about it. We're gonna get caught.

Andrew: No. No, you are, because you won't shut up, so I'm just gonna go ahead and send these recordings to the cops.

Gabi: What are you doing? Please stop!

Daniel: If we don't hear something soon, I will tear this town apart until I find my daughter.

Chad: You and me both.

Hope: Guys.

Daniel: What? What is it? Is that a map?

Chad: Did you guys find out where Melanie's last email came from?

Bo: We're close.

Hope: We know the cell tower was here in Salem.

Bo: With a little more information, we'll be able to focus a search on the area where the email was sent.

Daniel: Finally.

Bo: We'll go door to door with Melanie's picture, ask anybody, everybody if they've seen her.

Hope: We need a photo of Melanie to make up flyers.

Chad: Actually, I got a perfect one for you right here.

Hope: Perfect.

Bo: All right, send it to this email. I'll take it from there.

Chad: Done. You should have it.

Bo: Okay.

Daniel: Melanie.

Chad: Oh, my God, this cup is defective.

Melanie: Is it defective, or are you just a really hot, klutzy supermodel?

Chad: Ah.

Melanie: It's okay, 'cause I'm a klutz too.

Chad: What, you? Come on, now.

Melanie: I know, I know. Gimme a kiss, you big klutz.

Chad: Mm, come here.

Melanie: Where?

Chad: Over here. Come on, sit down.

Melanie: Why?

Chad: Come on! I have something for you.

Melanie: What did I do?

Chad: Uh, nothing, we're just uh, celebrating, uh, the most wonderful woman on the planet.

Melanie: Oh, but what about Princess Kate?

Chad: Uh, William doesn't know what he's missing.

Melanie: Well, thank you very much. Oh, my gosh! This is so beautiful.

Chad: You really like it?

Melanie: I do, yeah. Put it on.

Chad: There we go.

Melanie: It's complicated.

Chad: I know. There's no instructions.

Melanie: I love it so much. And I love you too. Come here. Thank you.

Chad: Hold on, hold on. That smile--I wanna take a picture of you.

Melanie: My smile? No, I don't want you to take--

Chad: No, no, I'm serious. Look at me, look at me. [Both laughing] You look amazing. Incredible.

Melanie: I love you.

Chad: I love you too.

[Melanie crying]

Gabi: Ha! Who's in charge now, huh? And I'm gonna make sure that all of these recordings never get to the police. I'm deleting them.

Andrew: Ha ha!

Gabi: What's so funny? What are you laughing at?

Andrew: [Cackling]

EJ: You're ordering me to stay away from your family.

Lucas: Yeah, that's right, I am.

EJ: Really?

Lucas: Really, really. Believe it.

EJ: Lucas, Samantha is the mother of my children. So I'm not quite clear as to how staying away from your family is feasible, given that my son Johnny and my daughter Sydney live here and I live across the hall.

Lucas: Yeah, you do. So why don't you use that door right now? Go through it.

EJ: My children live here. I will come here whenever I wish.

Lucas: No, you won't, because I won't allow it.

EJ: You hear that? He won't allow it.

Sami: You know what? We're gonna stop... doing this whole thing. Um, EJ came here because he was concerned about Johnny and Sydney. He is worried about them hearing rumors about, you know, their father murdering his grandfather and everything. And I--you know, I just-- he's worried about Allie too.

Lucas: You know what I don't care what you were talking about. It doesn't matter to me. I am protecting my family. You understand that?  My family! Sami, Will, and Allie. That's my family. And in order to do that, I'm gonna keep them as far away from you as possible.

EJ: Let me ask you this, Lucas. Do you really think that you can keep me away from Samantha?

Melanie: [Giggles] How did you get the whole Town Square?

Chad: Mm. Well, I applied to the mayor's office for a permit to shoot a movie here.

Melanie: A movie?

Chad: Yeah, for film class.

Melanie: Oh. Well, tell me about it.

Chad: Uh, well, there's, uh, there's this guy, you see.

Melanie: Is he tall? Very handsome, brown hair.

Chad: I haven't cast him yet.

Melanie: Oh.

Chad: Anyway, he, um, he goes through life screwing up one thing after another. I mean, he doesn't mean it. He just, uh--it always turns out that way. He even ends up with his girlfriend's best friend.

Melanie: [Gasp] No. Does she fall in love with him?

Chad: Have you seen this?

Melanie: No. Sorry. Tell me more.

Chad: Okay. Well, the guy and the girl, he, uh, falls in love with--they, um, they finally get together.

Melanie: Right. And she realizes that he's the one that she's been hoping would come.

Chad: And everything in the guy's life starts to go right. At least, that's the way it seems.

Melanie: How does it end?

Chad: It doesn't end. It just goes on and on.

Gabi: What are you laughing at? What is so funny?

Andrew: Ha! You are! You're hilarious if you think that the only copies of the recordings are on that phone.

Gabi: Oh, my God. Did you make copies?

Andrew: Of course, I did! I'm not an idiot.

Gabi: Okay, no, this is not happening right now.

[Phone ringing]

Gabi: No!

Andrew: Ah.

Gabi: Hey, Chad, what's going on?

Chad: Has anyone you've talked to seen or heard from Melanie?

Gabi: No, no, I'm sorry to say that no, they haven't.

Chad: Okay, I need you to come to the police station as soon as you can, okay? I'm still here with Melanie's dad.

Gabi: What's going on? Are they looking for Melanie?

Chad: Uh, look, I'll tell you the latest when you get here, okay?

Gabi: Okay, yeah, I'm on my way. Chad wants me to meet him at the police station. What if it's a trap? What if they're on to us, Andrew?

Andrew: Well, you just have to go and find out.

Gabi: Are you setting me up?

Andrew: Well, you better hurry, Chad's waiting.

Gabi: What are you doing? Are you sending them the recordings? No, please tell me you're not.

Andrew: Nope, just backing it the cloud.

Gabi: Wait, you said you already did that.

Andrew: I was bluffing.

Gabi: I hate you.

Andrew: I hear that a lot. Hey, don't jaywalk. You don't wanna get arrested.

Rafe: I respect your decision, your Honor. Yes, I will let my colleagues know.

Spencer: Well?

Roman: We get the warrant or not?

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: All right. Good. Let's go.

Sami: You know what, that is enough! When you came in, you walked in on the tail end of a conversation EJ and I were having about our children, okay, and just protecting them. That's what he was concerned about.

Lucas: Yeah, and then you agreed to back EJ, the man who killed his children's grandfather, really?

EJ: No, I did not.

Lucas: Oh, right, you didn't. Innocent until proven guilty. I get it, but you will be. Just a matter of time.

Sami: Stop, okay, just stop.

Lucas: It is a matter of time before they find the proof that he pulled that trigger, and then he's going down, Sami. Stay away from my family! Stay away from the people I love! Man, the only thing that follows you is misery, and we've had enough to last a lifetime. No, thank you!

EJ: Go to hell. You love your family. I love my family, okay? I love my children, Lucas. I love--

Lucas: You love who? Who, EJ? Who do you love?

Melanie: So, I mean, you have to have some idea what happens to this couple.

Chad: Mm, I haven't nailed that down yet.

Melanie: You better get on that.

Chad: Well, they shot Casablanca without knowing whether Ingrid Bergman ended up with Humphrey Bogart or Paul Henreid.

Melanie: Oh. Okay. Well, you have to have some idea.

Chad: Well, I know what the guy wants. Even though they got off to a rocky start. But he knows she's the one.

Melanie: So the ball's kinda in the girl's court then.

Chad: Yeah, pretty much.

Melanie: Uh, well, I don't know anything about this character of yours, but if she's like me, she knows they belong together.

Chad: Well... here's looking at you, kid.

Melanie: No.

Chad: That's all right, I tried.

Melanie: Come here. [Screaming]

Bo: Okay, thanks. All right, I got it. This is the location of the cell phone tower that picked up Melanie's last email. According to the carrier, this area right in here is where she would've been during that time.

Hope: This really helps focus our primary search area.

Daniel: That's great, let's go.

Bo: So what I need you guys to do is flag the houses and apartments where Melanie's friends live.

Hope: And any place you can think she'd go to hang out-- any place at all--just put it down.

Daniel: Okay, you guys.

Bo: Anywhere in this area.

Roman: Bo, Hope.

Hope: Hey. Roman.

Roman: Uh, we got the warrant to search EJ's apartment.

Hope: Hey, that's great news.

Bo: Oh, good. With any luck, we'll get the evidence we need to put EJ away.

Rafe: Yeah, keep your fingers crossed.

Roman: Just wanted to let you know.

Bo: Okay, thanks, man.

Rafe: Daniel... listen, uh... I want you to know when Johnny went missing, we thought the worst, but... we got him home safe, so... keep the faith.

Daniel: Yeah, you know, I'm trying, man.

Roman: Daniel. All of our man power will be focused on finding Melanie and who's ever behind her disappearance.

Daniel: Thank you, Roman, thank you.

Roman: All right.

Hope: Good luck with the search, guys.

Rafe: Thanks. You too.

Bo: I got a feeling this is gonna be our lucky day.

Lucas: Oh, this is gonna be good. We're dying to hear this. Who do you love, EJ?

EJ: I love-- I loved... my father very much. And I loved my sister.

Lucas: What you call love I call trouble for the rest of us. I don't believe a damn thing that comes out of your mouth.

EJ: That's one of your many failings, isn't it?

Lucas: You know, every mess you step in, you seem to use to your advantage, just like you did with Will, right?

EJ: Again, really?

Sami: Lucas, maybe this isn't the right time.

Lucas: Sami, please.

EJ: Let me tell you something about this. Your for me... because your son wants to work for me.

Lucas: Well, that's just too bad, isn't it? 'Cause you're gonna fire him.

EJ: Really? And why would I do that?

Lucas: Because if you don't fire him... going to jail for murder will seem like a cakewalk compared to what I'm gonna do to you.

Andrew: Hey. I made a decision... about whether or not I'm gonna let you go. And, um... I'm not. We're gonna be together. Forever. Shh, shh.

Chad: Guys, I invited Gabi to, uh, join us considering she's a friend of Melanie's. Thought she could help.

Gabi: I just--I hope I can help.

Chad: Yeah, well, I mean, it looks like Melanie's probably here in Salem.

Hope: We're set to start searching for her.

Bo: And the scum who took her.

Gabi: That's, uh...big news.

Chad: Okay, where do we start?

Daniel: Okay, we can team up if you want.

Bo: You guys don't start anywhere.

Hope: No, this is a police search. You both need to stay here.

Chad: What?

Daniel: No way in hell is that happening.

EJ: Okay, um... just what would it be that you plan on doing to me, Lucas?

Lucas: Just pray you don't have to find out.

EJ: Wow. This really is, uh, my month for empty threats. First of all, I have you. And then I have the police, and then I have all these disgruntled voters.

Lucas: Well, you deserve it. Liars and lowlifes always do.

EJ: Lucas, family means as much to me as it does to you. And I'm not going anywhere.

Lucas: Stay away from Sami, Allie, and Will.

EJ: Or what?

Lucas: Don't push me.

Sami: Okay, you know what, I've had it. I have had it! I'm sick of you both talking about me like I'm not even in the room.

EJ: Samantha, please.

Lucas: Yeah, it has nothing to do with you, okay?

Sami: Actually, it does. You're telling him to stay away from me and you're saying you won't stay away from me. Guess what, people, I am their mother. I am in charge of what is best for my children.

Roman: Okay.

Rafe: He's not home. We'll have the element of surprise on our side.

Roman: All right, it's 4:30. July 13th. Commissioner Brady, Officer Hernandez, Special Agent Spencer are about to execute a no-knock search warrant at the secondary residence of Salem Mayor EJ DiMera.

Rafe: It's unlocked. That's weird. Salem PD! Looks like we got the place to ourselves. All right, have at it.

Melanie: Ouch, ow. Thanks.

Andrew: Keep quiet and eat.

Melanie: You seem angry.

Andrew: What did I just say?

Melanie: I just thought you'd want someone to talk to. Chad.

Chad: Hey.

[Melanie crying]

Chad: I love you, Melanie. Just hold on. Be strong for us... as long as it takes for me to find you.

Melanie: I'm trying.

Chad: You're doing great.

Melanie: I know, but I'm scared.

Chad: I know. You're alone in this hell. Just be patient. I'm coming for you, okay? I promise.

Melanie: Okay.

Andrew: Who are you talking to?

Daniel: No, no. We are going to help you search for Melanie.

Chad: You can't stop us.

Hope: We know you wanna help.

Bo: We can't let you.

Daniel: What am I supposed to do, just sit here and read a magazine while you people search for my daughter? No freaking way.

Chad: Look, I love Melanie, okay? Look, she wouldn't be missing right now if we hadn't had that fight. I'm gonna go look for her!

Bo: I understand how you feel.

Hope: You can't be part of the investigation, you can't.

Chad: Any word?

Gabi: Uh, no. Uh, I was just talking to work. They said to take as much time as I needed to help look for Melanie.

Chad: That's great. Okay, listen. Look. I need you to call Rafe, okay, and have him let Daniel and me be part of the search, okay?

Bo: Gabi, you can't do that.

Hope: No, no. Not only is it not safe, you could get in the way.

Chad: We're two more pairs of eyes and ears. How could that not help?

Hope: Because you could hinder the investigation.

Bo: You might alert the kidnapper that we're on to him.

Hope: Chad, I know this is really hard. I know how hard this is. But it's really best for Melanie that you wait here.

Daniel: Okay, I hear you. Chad and I, we're gonna wait here while you search for Melanie. We'll do that, but there's gotta be something we can do.

Hope: Okay, just keep checking with family and friends--see if they've heard anything at all.

Chad: Yeah, that's great, sure.

Gabi: I'm gonna go home, too, and I'm gonna pull up all the lists for all the classes I've taken and I'm gonna email them and let them know to just be on the lookout for Melanie. Okay?

Bo: Okay, thanks, Gabi.

Hope: Thanks, Gabi. Listen, we'll keep you posted, okay, we'll keep you posted.

Bo: Hang in there, guys.

Hope: Positive thoughts.

Chad: Look, I don't know about you, but I don't really care about what they say. So I'm gonna go look for Melanie myself.

Daniel: Oh, the hell you are.

Spencer: If there's evidence DiMera killed his father, this is our one chance to find it.

Sami: Both of you just stop it, okay? You're acting like we're some sort of prize. I am not a prize. I mean--

Lucas: I know exactly what you mean.

Sami: Okay, what I'm saying is I decide who the children see and do not see. I decide who I see and do not see.

Lucas: Well, you decided a long time ago that EJ was bad news, right? That's why you got full custody.

EJ: She got full custody, Lucas, because I gave her full custody.

Lucas: Yeah, because you know you suck as a parent, that's why.

EJ: Mm. Well, this is coming from the father who went halfway around the world--

Sami: Okay, stop attacking each other, all right? I don't want anyone to get hurt here. Most importantly I don't want... our children getting hurt.

Lucas: That's right, exactly. That's why you didn't want him to be a part of their lives, right? Don't back down now, Sami. Don't let him change the way you feel. You know what, this is the last time. It's the last time I'm gonna say it. Leave now, and don't ever come back.

Chad: Look, I can't stay here when I should be out looking for Melanie, okay?

Daniel: I hear you, Chad. I do. But if we join that search, we're gonna be putting Melanie in more danger.

Chad: Not if we find her, okay? Especially if we know where to look.

Daniel: Okay, Chad, she is my God knows I wanna be out there tearing this town apart so I can bring her back. But we need to listen to them and just stay put.

Chad: Okay. Okay, fine. All right. But they better find Melanie soon.

Daniel: All right, look. Just take a few deep breaths. I'm gonna call Carly, see if there's anybody she knows that I can get in touch with. You just keep calling your friends, all right?

Chad: All right.

Daniel: It's all good, just stay here. Stay here.

Gabi: Andrew? Andrew? Andr--what? Andrew? Oh, my God. Andrew! The police--they're on their way. Andrew? Andrew, you have to let Melanie go! Andrew? Andrew. Andrew? Andrew? Andrew, you here? Andrew. Andrew? Oh, my God. They're gone.

Daniel: All right, Chad, I-- damn it!

Chad: EJ, let's chat. Listen, um... Melanie's missing, okay, and I know the cops will--would hate that I'm getting you involved. But I don't really know what else to do, okay? I'm desperate, and-- and I'm hoping that there's something that you can do to help me find her, okay? Call me as soon as you get this. Okay, thanks.

Gabi: "I've still got Melanie. I'm gonna keep her someplace where no one will ever find her"? Oh, my God, Melanie. What have I done?

Roman: [Sighs] Damn. Nothing so far.

Spencer: Maybe we missed something. What?

Roman: What do you got? Gloves. That's a hell of a place to keep gloves, wouldn't you say?

Rafe: Yeah.

Spencer: I'll be damned.

Rafe: Pay dirt.

Roman: All right, hold those up.

Sami: So, um, just as a reminder, this is his place, and I don't want him to throw me out of it, and he is my boss. And I don't want him to fire me.

Lucas: I told you about that.

EJ: Actually, I could fire you too, Lucas.

Lucas: Then do it, man. Get it over with, I don't care!

Sami: Lucas, stop it.

EJ: Maybe I will. More importantly, as Samantha's guest, I have every right to be here until she says otherwise. And if I'm not mistaken, you have yet to ask me to leave.

Lucas: Go ahead, Sami, ask him to leave. Tell him, come on.

EJ: It's okay, actually I was um, just about to get going. Not because you asked me to, Lucas. Because I actually have some work to do.

Lucas: Good. Do it.

EJ: Oh, um, sweetheart, I'll be back in a little bit to check on the kids, okay?

Sami: What was that about?

Lucas: This!

Bo: All ri--okay, thanks, Doc. We'll keep an eye out for him.

Hope: Don't tell me.

Bo: Chad bolted.

Sami: Oh, no, you did not.

Lucas: Yeah, I just did.

Sami: You caught me off guard.

Lucas: Well, next time, be ready for it.

Sami: No, no, no! We are gonna talk. We are talking.

Lucas: I hate it! I hate it when you say that!

Sami: You can't just boss me around. Lucas, you can't come in here and just tell me what to do.

Lucas: I didn't tell you what to do. I told EJ to stay away from you. That's all I said.

Sami: I know what you meant, Lucas, and I know you were telling me to steer clear of EJ.

Lucas: I am not going to apologize for protecting my family. I love you, I love Allie, and I love Will. And after what I just walked in on, I'll be damned if I'm ever gonna let anybody, especially EJ, come between us again.

EJ: What the bloody hell are you doing here?

Roman: We are executing a warrant to search the premises for evidence in the murder of Stefano DiMera.

EJ: I don't care about your warrant. The bunch of you, get out!

Rafe: Yeah, what, are you gonna call the cops?

EJ: Where did you get those gloves from?

Rafe: Oh.

Daniel: Hey.

Hope: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Any word on Melanie?

Hope: Not yet.

Bo: You gotta be patient, man.

Daniel: Okay, what about Chad, what about him?

Bo: No, nothing.

Hope: We told our guys to keep an eye out for him.

Daniel: Stubborn kid. I swear, if he put my daughter in more danger--

Gabi: Okay, what am I gonna do? Okay, I'm just gonna tell him that I don't know anything. Which is true, I don't know anything. Oh, my God! Oh, my God, it's Chad! Oh, my God. Okay, what are you gonna do?

Chad: Hello? Anybody home?

Gabi: Melanie's bracelet!

Chad: Hello? Anybody there? Hello?

Gabi: Oh, I'm going to jail!

Chad: Melanie's bracelet. Melanie! Melanie, hello! Hello, Melanie!

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