Days Transcript Wednesday 7/11/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/11/12


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Will: For the last time, E.J. is not going to drag me down with him. Seriously... we have an understanding.

Lucas: Oh, you have an understanding. So I should be okay with everything then, right?

Will: I am confident that he is not going to use my past actions against me again.

Lucas: You can't trust EJ. Don't you understand that-- that he'll never change? You may think he can change, but he can't. It's a matter of time before he stabs you in the back and makes you take a rap for one of his crimes.

Will: Not this time, Dad.

Lucas: Why do you sound so sure? I mean, is there something you're not telling me?

Gabi: Hey, you.

Chad: Hey.

Gabi: What you doing?

Chad: [Scoffs] Well, I am looking at Melanie's Facebook page. You know, she hasn't made any posts in--in weeks? It's like she dropped off the face of the planet.

Gabi: Well, that's not true. You know where she's at.

Chad: Yeah, supposedly she's in Europe. But I'm telling you, Gabi, okay? Something's not right here. This isn't like her.

Gabi: What are you doing?

Chad: Calling her mom.

Gabi: Wait. No, Chad, you could--no, that's not a good idea. I mean, she doesn't even want to talk to you.

Chad: Yeah, okay, I know that, all right? But I'll take my chances. Look, I just need someone to tell me that she's okay. Voice mail. Perfect. Dr. Manning, hi. Uh, this is Chad DiMera. Listen, I'm so sorry to leave you this--this message. Um, look, I really need to speak to Melanie. And I know she probably doesn't want to talk to me, but could you please just--just ask her to call me, even if it's just for a couple minutes? Okay, bye. I'm gonna get some coffee. You want anything?

Gabi: Yeah, sure. Thanks.

[Cell phone ringing]

Andrew: Hello?

Gabi: Thank God you answered.

Andrew: [Scoffs] Well, you sound upset.

Gabi: Well, yes. You know, I'm falling apart, no thanks to you.

Andrew: Why? What did I do?

Gabi: Oh, well, you kidnapped Melanie, and you have her in your basement.

Andrew: [Chuckles] Okay. Would you relax? Melanie is fine.

Gabi: You should have asked me before taking her.

Andrew: And what would you have said? No, right?

Gabi: Right.

Andrew: Okay. So then where would you be, besides on the sidelines?

Gabi: When are you going to let her go?

Andrew: [Sniffs] I don't know. When you get Chad to fall in love with you... we'll both get what we want.

Marlena: This is nice.

John: Mm, yes, it is.

Marlena: Home, quiet, together... and just reading.

John: Yeah. Doesn't get much better than this, does it?

Marlena: Mm-mm. No emergencies, no tragedies, no trauma... just normal life.

John: Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's pretty sweet without having Stefano DiMera in it, isn't it?

[Book thuds]

Marlena: Mm.

Lucas: You know what? Let me ask you a question. How can you be so sure that EJ won't turn on you?

Will: You know, I have learned a lot from you. And one of those things is that, um, knowledge is power. And that is exactly how I know that things are going to change around here.

EJ: Look, William... whatever it is that you're so desperate to spit out, I suggest you just get on with it.

[Papers rustling]

Will: I know the truth. I found what you've been hiding. I know that Stefano is not your father. You are not a DiMera. You're just going to have to trust me.

Lucas: Well, trust and EJ don't go hand in hand, do they?

Will: You know what? I've gotten to know him pretty well. Um, actually, I probably know him better than anybody.

Lucas: No, you know what he wants you to know. That's about it.

Will: Hmm, not this time.

Lucas: Really? He tried to blackmail you a couple months ago, and now you guys are best friends? You guys are pals now?

Will: Well, things are different ever since he bailed me out of jail.

Lucas: So he could blackmail you again. That's convenient.

Will: [Laughs] Yeah, but you know what? I'm not his slave, okay? I mean, I am pulling a great salary.

Lucas: All right, fine. You're pulling a great salary. You got all your perks back. That's terrific. I'm happy for you. But if you look at him the wrong way, he can take all those things away from you. You know that.

Will: No. That's not going to happen.

Lucas: Really?

Will: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: How can you be so sure?

Will: Um... look, EJ, uh, and I-- like I said, we have a new understanding. And I think he finally sees that I'm someone that he needs to respect.

EJ: I'm sorry, Samantha, but you have to watch what you say to me in public.

Sami: Why?

EJ: Because I'm the mayor. You can't just go around accusing me of murder whenever you feel like it. What if somebody had overheard you?

Sami: There are a lot of people out there, EJ, who think you did it.

EJ: Really? Is that what you think?

Sami: You just admitted to me that you failed the lie detector test.

EJ: I am innocent.

Sami: And I should believe you why?

EJ: Because it's the truth.

Sami: That's-- okay. Okay.

EJ: Okay.

Sami: Fine, yes. Yes, you didn't do it-- whatever. I have my own problems to worry about, like the fact that my son is working for a murderer.

EJ: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second.

Sami: Oh, let go of me.

EJ: Look... I did not kill my father, Samantha. And I need you to believe that.

Sami: Okay, you didn't murder Stefano-- fine, whatever.

EJ: Hey, listen. You don't get to be blasé about this, Samantha, okay? Listen, I am innocent.

Sami: Oh, yeah. Now you're starting to protest too much.

EJ: Really? You don't believe me?

Sami: You failed a lie detector test, EJ.

EJ: Oh, come on, Samantha. Those things are inadmissible in a court of law for a reason. Look, they are not accurate.

Sami: Lucky for you.

EJ: You know me, all right? You know how I feel about family. You know how I feel about my family. And you really think that I would kill my own father?

Sami: I do know you, EJ, and right now I wish I didn't, because--

EJ: Because?

Sami: Because when I look into your eyes, I know you're lying to me.

Lucas: Look, maybe you don't want to hear this, but if EJ is being nice to you, it's probably because he has an ulterior motive of some kind.

Will: Look, he's not who you think he is, Dad.

Lucas: What does that mean? "He's not who you think he"-- what does that mean? At least realize, understand that I have a concern here.

Will: I do, Dad. I do. But EJ--when he lost his dad and when he lost his sister, I think that he changed. He's not the same person.

Lucas: What you're seeing is grief. And you know what? That's going to fade, and then he'll just turn out to be the same exact person he's always been.

Will: I didn't.

Lucas: What do you mean you didn't?

Will: Well, when Grace died, I changed... permanently.

Lucas: What are you telling me--that you understand how he feels? Is that it?

Will: Um...

Lucas: William, I thought you were smarter than this. I really did.

Will: [Laughs]

Lucas: You think that guy's your friend? You're wrong, man. He can't be trusted, and you know that.

Will: Look, I don't want to fight with you about this. Please.

Lucas: Don't you think I have a right to be concerned here? Don't you think I'm scared of what might happen to you?

Will: [Sighs] Look, I'm-- can you just not worry?

[Cell phone ringing]

Will: I got to go.

Lucas: You got to go where? Where do you got to go? Oh, you're not going to tell me where you're going? Is that it?

Will: I--it's my-- it's my job, Dad. I can't.

Lucas: It's your job, so it has to do with EJ.

Will: Yes. Look, I don't-- I don't know how many times I have to say this, but, please, don't worry. And can you just trust me, please? I can handle EJ, all right?

[Door closes]

EJ: O-okay... let's just say, for argument's sake, that I was going to kill somebody, okay?

Sami: [Scoffs]

EJ: Wouldn't you think that I would do everything possible to make sure that it didn't trace its way back to me? Wouldn't you think that I would take every precaution to be able to protect myself?

Sami: I don't know, EJ. Obviously, I am not capable of committing the perfect murder. I've tried.

EJ: Samantha, I'm not going to leave my father to bleed out in the study. I'm not going to leave gun smoke in the air for the police to be able to find. I mean, come on... it's amateurish. It's--it's ugly.

Sami: That's why they went after Will?

EJ: You're really not listening to a word that I'm saying, are you?

Sami: Oh, I am listening, EJ, loud and clear. But every word you say makes me believe that you murdered Stefano even more.

[Door unlocks]

[Door closes]

Andrew: I learned my lesson-- no more hot drinks for you. I brought you iced tea this time.

Melanie: Thanks. I hope you're not still mad about that.

Andrew: Yeah, well, um... I told you I, uh--I don't want you to think of me as your enemy. You know, we could even be friends, okay?

Gabi: Hey, look... I know that you're thinking about Melanie all the time. I get that. I do. But you need to give yourself a little break. I mean, you're really tense all the time.

Chad: My girlfriend's missing, Gabi. What am I supposed to be?

Gabi: No, she's not missing, Chad, okay? And--and this obsession thing-- it's not healthy...

Chad: [Sighs]

Gabi: Especially with everything that you've--that you're going through right now.

Chad: Yeah, yeah. Okay, you're right.

Gabi: Look, I think that you need to do something for yourself--something fun. I mean, you have been there for me so much-- you know, letting me move into your apartment because the stupid, creepy stalker and--and taking care of me-- it means so much. I'd really like to do something to return that favor. And I'm not going to take no for an answer. And I don't know if you know this about me, but I can be pretty stubborn when I want to be.

Chad: [Scoffs] Yeah, I remember. Fine. What do you have in mind?

Gabi: A surprise. Come on. Come on.

Chad: [Sighs]

John: Ah.

Marlena: [Clears throat] [Chuckles] That feels so good.

John: [Inhales sharply]

Marlena: Do you know how lucky we are?

John: Oh, I count my blessings every day... like this little piggy went to the market, and this little piggy stayed home.

Marlena: Don't--not that one. [Laughs]

John: And this little piggy went, "wee, wee, wee"--

Marlena: [Laughs] I'm serious. I'm serious.

John: I'm serious.

Marlena: I am-- [Laughs] I just mean I was thinking about Abe losing Lexie, having to make a whole life without her now. It's devastating.

John: Kind of makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

Marlena: Makes me stop and feel grateful... for you... for this time... for being together. I just--oh, I just love you so much.

John: I love you, sweetheart. You and the kids... you are my life-- always have been, always will be.

Marlena: I feel the same way.

[Doorbell rings]

John: Ah. To be continued, honey.

Marlena: Huh? Honey, oh, my gosh. It's your turn. Go get 'em. [Laughs]

John: Got to take out that doorbell. Oh, Lucas, hi.

Lucas: Hi. Uh, I hope this isn't a bad time for you guys.

Marlena: Please, come on in.

Lucas: All right, thanks. I'm sorry, I probably should've called before coming over like this, but, um, I really didn't know where else to go.

John: What's going on?

Marlena: Is Sami okay?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, Sami's fine. It's Will. It's Will I'm worried about.

Marlena: Why? What's happened?

Lucas: He's in trouble. He's in trouble, and he can't even see it.

EJ: [Chuckles] T-there really is absolutely no way to get through to you, is there?

Sami: Oh, no, EJ. You got through to me. You definitely got through to me. You proved my point--what I've thought about you all along.

EJ: You're believing exactly what you want to believe.

Sami: EJ, you just spelled out for me how you could commit the perfect murder-- kill Stefano and get away with it.

EJ: What I was doing, Samantha--and it's really hard for me to believe that you missed this--is I was making a point!

Sami: The point that you think you are untouchable.

EJ: Okay... if I killed my father, why would I do it in such a-a sloppy way? It's not in my nature.

Sami: Maybe you didn't plan it. Maybe it just happened.

EJ: What?

Sami: Well, you admitted to me how mad you were at him, how many horrible things he had been doing to you lately. Maybe you were upset... justifiably. I mean, he--he did all that to take Nicole away from you, and then Nicole turns up pregnant with Rafe's baby.

EJ: Oh, I see. You're on board with that now, are you?

Sami: Well, there was a paternity test.

EJ: Okay. Well, we'll see when the baby's born, eh?

Sami: I'll see. You'll be in prison.

EJ: [Scoffs] It's like talking to a brick wall.

Sami: I don't know. It actually all starts to make sense to me, EJ. You're mad at your dad, right? And he's saying all those horrible things to you, making you feel like, you know, that you don't deserve to have the DiMera name or whatever. And there's a lot of pressure, right? So much pressure that you just snap, and you shoot him. And that's why it's sloppy.

EJ: Mm-hmm. So let me just get this straight. One minute I'm planning the perfect murder, and the next minute I'm just shooting him out of the blue. Is that right? Is that right?

Sami: Well...

EJ: Well, well, what? Maybe. Or maybe it's neither one of those, Samantha. Why don't you just face the fact that nothing would make you happier than to see me go to prison for the rest of my life.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Gabi: We are going to have so much fun. The bike trails by the lake are awesome. Are you ready?

Chad: Um, I don't know if I want to--

Gabi: No, no, no, no, no, no. You can't back out. No, it's not allowed. Plus, we already paid for the food.

Chad: Look, I just don't feel right trying to have fun, you know, when Melanie's--

Gabi: Melanie's fine. You need this. You know that. Look, what would your sister say? I mean, she'd want you to take care of yourself. Just-- look, just give me one hour... just one hour for you to be in the moment.

Chad: Fine. One hour.

Gabi: All right. Can I have a smile at least?

Chad: Oh, now you're pushing it, okay?

Gabi: Admit it--having fun isn't so bad.

Chad: Come on, let's go.

Melanie: So you were right.

Andrew: What?

Melanie: Just--we-- um, we have the same taste in music.

Andrew: Yeah, well, I told you.

Melanie: Yeah. Have you ever actually seen Tin Can Claudio live?

Andrew: No, I don't really get to a lot of concerts.

Melanie: Why?

Andrew: Uh... it's hard to find people to go with. They're not very much fun to go by yourself.

Melanie: Right. Sorry.

Andrew: It's not your fault.

Melanie: Well, maybe when they're in town, we can go together.

Andrew: [Laughing] Yeah, okay. Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Melanie: Why not?

Andrew: Because you hate me.

Melanie: I don't hate you.

Marlena: I'll admit--I was surprised when he said he was moving out.

Lucas: I understand. I mean, I know you couldn't talk him out of it.

John: Well, she tried. But his mind was pretty made up.

Lucas: No, I get it. He doesn't listen to me, and he doesn't listen to Sami. It's this job. This job is having a crazy effect on him.

Marlena: What kind of effect, specifically?

John: Oh, thanks.

Lucas: Well, he started in with how EJ has changed-- you know, how he's become this totally different person now. But we all know EJ hasn't changed. Will--Will is the one who's changed here.

Marlena: And you think it's EJ's influence?

Lucas: Yeah. I know it is. The kid is in over his head, and--and I can't get through to him.

Marlena: Sounds more like Sami every day.

Lucas: Tell me about it. He actually thinks that no matter what happens that EJ's going to look out for him or something or protect him even.

John: I can tell you right now, DiMera’s only look out for themselves. Everyone else is expendable.

Lucas: Right, well, he's convinced he's immune to that. Thinks he can handle EJ somehow.

Marlena: Did he say that?

Lucas: Yeah, he said that. He said that exact thing that-- "oh, don't worry about it, Dad. I can handle EJ." I mean, it's like a game to him. It's like it's a whole game, and he thinks he's got the upper hand in it.

John: You know, even if that's somehow true, it's not going to last.

Marlena: What can we do, sweetie? Tell us how to help.

Lucas: Well, I don't know. I mean-- I know he respects you. I mean, he told you first when he came out. You were the first person he told, you know, that he was gay. But maybe you can get through to him in a way that Sami and I can't.

Marlena: Well, I'll try.

Lucas: And there's also something you can do, John.

John: Yeah? What's that?

Lucas: I know that you've had a long and--and terrible history with the DiMeras.

John: Yeah, it's true.

Lucas: And I know it's asking a lot of you to relive that. But we're talking about my son here. And his association with EJ-- it could not only ruin his life, but one wrong step, and it could get him killed. [Sighs]

EJ: Everything that I've done for you--everything-- and you want me to be guilty.

Sami: That is not true, and you know it.

EJ: Really? Rafe left you, William turned his back on you, Kate almost threw your ass in jail for stealing from her, and who was the person who was there for you? Who? Please?

Sami: You were.

EJ: Thank you. I was, okay? I was there emotionally for you. I put a roof over your head.

Sami: Oh, you did that for the kids.

EJ: Same difference, Samantha, same difference. I let you run my company. And now when I need a little bit of help, what do you do? You run to the back, you light a torch, and you come here to burn me at the stake.

Sami: What?

EJ: Well, thank you. That's a fantastic way to repay the kindness and the generosity that I extended to you.

Sami: That is not true! I have stood by you. I-I have been standing by you this whole time. In fact, I look foolish for standing by you because you won't give me one good reason to believe you. All I'm asking for is one reason, and all you can do is sit here and lie to me.

EJ: Samantha, you know me, so you know I would not kill my father. Please, look, when something happens to you, you expect everybody to jump to your defense. And when you don't get it, you rally against the entire world. When the tables are turned, you run, okay?

Sami: That is ri--

EJ: Look at--take William. Take William. William's arrested. Did you run to his defense? No, no, you did not. What did you do? You assumed the worst. That's what you did, Samantha. It's little wonder the boy despises you.

Sami: You don't know what you're talking about. You don't have any idea what you're talking about, and I am not gonna stand here and listen to it for one more second. I want you to get out.

EJ: You are so self-absorbed. You have absolutely no way of really knowing the people that you claim you love.

Sami: Get out of my place.

EJ: It's little wonder that you're going to be alone for the rest of your life.

Will: [Chuckles] Yeah, he's kind of right.

Gabi: [Groans]

Chad: You okay?

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: All right, over here, over here. Come on, sit down. Take a seat. Take a seat.

Gabi: [Groans]

Chad: [Groans] Whoo.

Gabi: I'm so embarrassed.

Chad: Why? What are you talking about? What are you embarrassed about?

Gabi: I'm--I mean, hit a tree. I went off the road in front of everybody. Oh.

Chad: Uh, look, you also have peanut butter in your hair-- just a little.

Gabi: What?

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: Oh, oh. Okay, I bet now you think this is funny.

Chad: No, no, no, no, no, no. Look, listen. You took a pretty hard fall, and I was actually concerned for you for a minute there. I mean, that was a pretty big tree you rolled your bike into.

Gabi: You're making fun of me now? It's not funny. I'm injured. You're supposed to be helping me.

Chad: I know. You're right. Okay, all right, all right. Let me see what I can do here. Let me put some water on this. All right, ready?

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Does that sting? No?

Gabi: No.

Chad: I wasn't kidding, you know. You destroyed the picnic. You owe me a sandwich.

Gabi: [Chuckles] I'm sorry that I ruined the afternoon. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

Chad: It's okay. It's--it's not so bad.

Gabi: I just wanted you to have a good time today.

Chad: You didn't ruin anything. And you were right, okay? I needed to get out of head, and, uh... well, I did. So, uh--so, thank you.

Melanie: So... [Clears throat] What do you like to do?

Andrew: Uh, what do I like to do when?

Melanie: Like, in your free time, when you're not down here.

Andrew: [Chuckles] Um... I don't know. I, uh--I read a lot. I like to listen to music, obviously. Um... follow the stock market...

Melanie: Oh.

Andrew: A little bit, yeah.

Melanie: That's complicated.

Andrew: [Laughs] Right.

Melanie: Math.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melanie: I--

Andrew: Well, um, I could show you sometime, if--if you want. It's not--it's not that hard. And they have the stock reports in the paper and online...

Melanie: Yeah.

Andrew: Every day.

Melanie: Um, you know what else? There's a song-- um, this mix that I really like that you put on here.

Andrew: Oh, yeah? Which one?

Melanie: Um, I don't know what it's called. It's that-- it has--it's, um-- there's no track name on it.

Andrew: Oh. Sorry.

Melanie: That's--no, that's okay. Do you know what it is?

Andrew: Um... yeah. Uh, hold on. Uh... oh, yeah. No, I love this song. It's called, um-- it's called Bad Boy Smokey Drop.

Melanie: Oh.

Andrew: It's good.

Melanie: That's great. Do you know what they're saying in the chorus, though? I don't--

Andrew: Yeah, no-- um...

Sami: What, Will? What now? Why do you all of a sudden decide that I'm going to end up all alone?

Will: Well, I'm just saying. Considering what you've done to people, I can see it happening.

Sami: What-- what are you trying-- look what you've done. I mean, I swear to God, he works for you for five seconds-- all of a sudden, he starts sounding like you, talks like you. He's going to end up with an accent.

Will: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. This isn't his fault. I mean, don't--don't take it out on him because you can't face the truth.

EJ: William.

Sami: No, no. You know what? I don't need you to get involved with this. I can face the truth. EJ, I think you're guilty as hell.

EJ: Yes, you made that perfectly clear, Samantha.

Will: What is wrong with you guys? You're two peas in a pod. Why are you judging him? And why do you care what she thinks?

Andrew: I think he's saying "I had"-- no. Sorry. Sorry. I-- damn it!

Chad: So much for getting back on the bike.

Gabi: Well, in my family, you fall, you scrape your knee, you get a treat.

Chad: Treat?

Gabi: Yeah. I was thinking maybe we could get some sandwiches.

[Cell phone rings]

Chad: Oh, my God.

Gabi: What is it?

Chad: It's Melanie.

Marlena: Lucas, you've got to know that I have tried to talk to Will about this.

Lucas: Yeah, I know that. I know.

Marlena: And I haven't really had any luck before.

Lucas: Well, maybe you could try again. Just talk to him about the way he's been acting. Could you do that? Maybe you could figure something out.

Marlena: Figure out what?

Lucas: Why he's been on this power trip lately.

Marlena: Do you know what's behind it?

Lucas: No. No, I don't. He's being cagey about it. He's being cagey just like EJ would be.

John: Let me tell you something, Lucas. With Will's inexperience, if he is going to make a move on EJ, it's going to backfire.

Lucas: Exactly. That's what I told him.

Marlena: You know, I thought with Stefano gone, our family would be safe.

John: Ah, they will be. We just never considered the way Junior would step up to the plate.

Marlena: We should have seen that coming. He's as dangerous as his father is.

John: Mm, even more so. EJ's reckless. Stefano never was.

Lucas: And Will's right there by his side.

Marlena: I wish I knew what was so seductive about this. I wish I knew what he wanted, what he's after.

John: Doesn't matter. Not going to let it happen, anyway. I've spent my entire life protecting this family from the DiMeras. And this time I'm going to stop them... once and for all.

EJ: You know, he actually has a point. Trying to convince you I'm innocent is a complete waste of time.

Sami: EJ, you want me to believe you're innocent... then tell me why you failed that lie detector test.

Will: You told her about that?

Sami: But you can't... can you? EJ, just say something besides "I'm innocent," and, "I didn't do it, Sami." Just--just defend yourself. Explain it to me.

Will: Hey, hey. That's enough. Seriously, there's-- there's a lot going on that you don't know about it, and you're making it worse by butting in.

Sami: How am I making it worse? Tell me how I'm making it worse.

Will: [Laughs] Well--nothing. Just forget about it.

Sami: No. I'm worried about you.

Will: Yeah, don't be.

Sami: What's he doing to you?

Will: [Laughs] What? Why do you want to know? Why do you care? You--you've never wanted to know something about me unless it involves you.

Sami: That's not true.

Will: Oh, really? It's not? If you want to know why I feel more loyalty to him than you, just... I don't know-- just think about it. Why am I here? I got to go.

Sami: Thanks. You want to know why I don't believe you're innocent? It's because you've stabbed me in the back every chance you get. You are nothing--nothing but a crook. Oh, no. You are not going anywhere. I listened to you, and now you are going to hear me out.

Gabi: How do you know it's Melanie calling?

Chad: This number--it's a European exchange. Melanie, hello? Is that you? Oh, Dr. Manning. I'm--I'm so sorry. I thought you were Melanie. Listen, is she there with you, by chance? Can I speak to her, please? What? No. No, she's not with me. She said she was going to see you. I don't understand. If--if she's not with you, then where the hell is she?

Melanie: No, no.

[Pounding on door]

Melanie: Hello? Can me hear me?

Andrew: Nobody can hear you!

Melanie: What?

Andrew: There is nobody else down here... all right? And since you have tried to escape so many times, I locked the door from the inside.

Melanie: Look, I don't know who you are or what you want, but I just want to go home.

Andrew: I said no. Now get back in there. Now! Get back in there now, or I will put you there physically, and you do not want me to do that.

Sami: You know why I don't have faith in you, EJ?

EJ: Because I'm a crook and I'm a liar.

Sami: Because I've given you the benefit of the doubt too many times--more times than I can even count. And every time you turn it around on me. You hurt me or someone I love. You blackmail my son.

EJ: I'm not blackmailing your son!

Sami: Shut up! I am sick to death of you. You are not kind. You are not compassionate. You haven't a compassionate bone in your entire body.

EJ: Pot, kettle, sweetie-- pot, kettle.

Sami: Do I think that you're capable of killing your father? Yes, I do. I think you're capable of enjoying it.

EJ: I think that's my call to leave.

Sami: You are not going anywhere until I say you can.

Chad: Thank you for calling, Dr. Manning. And--and don't worry, okay? I'm sure Melanie will call you soon. And I'll let you know if I hear anything, okay? Okay, thanks.

Gabi: What's going on? What--what did her mom say?

Chad: Basically, she hasn't heard from her either.

Gabi: What? That's impossible. I mean, Melanie said she was going to go see her. You know, I think that maybe her mom's covering up for her.

Chad: You know what? Dr. Manning wasn't covering for her, okay?

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: Melanie never went to see her. She never made plans to see her, and she hasn't heard anything from her either. I don't like this, Gabi, okay? I really think Melanie's in trouble.

Andrew: I cannot believe you.

Melanie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Andrew: No, no, you tricked me, all right? You're a lying-- I thought we were friends.

Melanie: We are friends.

Andrew: I thought you could trust me. [Shouts] You're a lying bitch! All right? And you just made a big, big mistake.

Marlena: Are you going to try to stop EJ?

John: No, I'm going to stop EJ.

Marlena: I thought we were done with all that.

John: Sweetheart, I'm not going to let another generation of this family be victimized by the DiMeras.

Lucas: I'm sorry, John. I should never have put you in this position.

John: No, Lucas. Trust me--you didn't.

Marlena: What do you think you're going to do? John, talk to me.

John: The only reason EJ is a threat is because of all the DiMera money and power he's got behind him. So let me ask you this... what would happen if we took it away?

Marlena: [Scoffs] What you're talking about is impossible.

Lucas: Yeah, you can't contest Stefano's will.

John: Well, sure I can. As much as you all want to ignore it, the fact is I'm a DiMera. And I have been waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to go after what is rightfully mine-- the family empire.

EJ: I would advise you to take your hands off me now.

Sami: I hope they lock you away for the rest of your miserable life.

EJ: What about Johnny and Sydney?

Sami: Oh, they're better off without you.

EJ: You mean they're better off with you. Maybe you have a point. I mean, you did such a spectacular job with William, didn't you? I mean, bravo.

Sami: Oh, shut up.

EJ: Ooh. I caught that one. How long do you think it's going to be before they get sick of you, Samantha? How long?

Sami: God, I hate you.

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