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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/27/12


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[Lock rattling]

[Door closes]

Andrew: Lunchtime.

Melanie: Please just tell me what you want.

Andrew: I want you to sit down.

Melanie: Do you want money? Is it money? Just name how much money you want. I'll--I'll figure it out. I'll make it happen. What do you want?

Gabi: Hey, a watched phone never rings.

Chad: I don't get it, Gabi. I've--I've--I've called Mel. I've texted. I've emailed-- nothing.

Gabi: I mean, Chad, she told you not to contact her.

Chad: What about you? She flies all the way to Europe and--and not one word to her friends?

Gabi: Well, maybe she just needs a break from us.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'm not giving up on her, okay?

Gabi: Look, I think that you--

Chad: You know what? That's it. That's it. I'm gonna call Carly... convince her to talk to Mel for me. I mean, she has to listen to her mom, right?

Gabi: Chad, no, don't, please.

[Door opens]

Rafe: Hey. You came.

Carrie: Of course. You said you wanted to talk to me about the case.

Rafe: I do. Yeah. Have a seat.

Carrie: Uh, are my dad and Agent Spencer on their way?

Rafe: Actually, um, no. Just me today.

Carrie: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Unless, of course, that's a problem.

Ian: Darling, this can't be a very easy day for you. Why don't you let me finish returning the calls, and you go home?

Kate: Oh, and be all alone with my thoughts? No, thank you.

Ian: Were you and Lexie very close?

Kate: Well, we--we weren't what you would say close, but she was very kind to me, even though her relationship with her father was most of the time up in the air. She was a lovely woman.

Ian: I have an idea. Why don't I come with you to the memorial? Then you don't have to be on your own.

Kate: No, I don't think so. It's... well, especially so soon after Stefano's death, it...

Ian: I can handle the whispering, as long as I'm there with you.

Kate: I don't want to make a scene, not today.

Ian: Oh, well, you better hope Brady Black doesn't show up high as a kite like a blithering idiot.

Kate: That is such an odd thing to say.

Ian: Why? You've seen the way he's been behaving over the past few weeks. Everybody else has.

Kate: I know. I just don't understand why you care so much.

Brady: Hey.

Madison: Hi. How was your run?

Brady: Oh, it was so good. It's so beautiful out there. You should've been out there with me. It was great.

Madison: Oh, I actually really enjoyed that extra ten minutes of sleep. Thank you.

Brady: Mmm. Damn, these are so good.

Madison: Really?

Brady: I love them. I think I'm getting addicted to these things. You want to try?

Madison: No, thank you.

Brady: Try it. Take a sip. It's so good. You don't know what you're missing.

Madison: No.

Brady: Mmm. I never felt better. [Grunting] Whew.

Nicole: Thank you for letting me in.

EJ: You're welcome. Now, would you like to tell me what it is you're doing here?

Nicole: I came here because I wanted to apologize.

EJ: An apology?

Nicole: Yes, I wanted to tell you how sorry--

EJ: You finally decided to admit that this child that you're carrying is mine, have you?

Nicole: EJ.

EJ: Well, I'm sorry, Nicole, but an apology is not nearly enough.

Carrie: No, it's--it's not a problem. We--we need to learn to work together, right?

Rafe: [Chuckles] Right. We...

Carrie: Okay, so why am I here? Is there new evidence against Will?

Rafe: No, no. No, it has nothing to do with Will.

Carrie: Hmm. I don't understand. If it doesn't involve my client, why am I here?

Rafe: Well, because... this, um... I need your help.

Chad: Gabi, give me my phone back.

Gabi: No, can you just listen to me, Chad, please? You cannot call Melanie's mom.

Chad: Why not?

Gabi: Because you're gonna look crazy. I mean, imagine--imagine how Melanie's gonna react when she finds out that you called her mother to talk to Mel for you.

Chad: I know, I know, I know. You're--you're right, okay? Look, I-I just want to talk to her. That's it.

Gabi: Look, I didn't want to say this, because you are going through a very hard time right now. But I think I'm gonna have to as a friend.

Chad: What are you talking about?

Gabi: I know that you think you should be apologizing to Melanie. But to be honest, I think... I think she should be apologizing to you.

Melanie: I'm not gonna eat that. You're trying to drug me.

Andrew: If I wanted to drug you, I would drug you. Now eat it.

Melanie: No... not until you tell me what you want.

Andrew: Okay, I don't want anything.

Melanie: You didn't lock me up so you could watch me eat. Look, my grandmother's married to, like, the richest guy in the entire town, so just name your price.

Andrew: I told you I don't want your money.

Melanie: Then what do you want?

Andrew: Eat it.

[Lock rattling, door opens]

Nicole: I am not here to talk about the baby, EJ. And besides, we've already established that it's not yours.

EJ: Uh, so then what exactly is it that you want, sweetheart?

Nicole: I just feel bad for the way I treated you earlier, especially after everything you're going through-- losing your father and your sister.

EJ: That's funny, because I thought you and I discussed that at the pub.

Nicole: We did, okay? And the more I thought about it, the guiltier I felt. So here I am.

EJ: Uh-huh. Mm. Your nose has grown about two inches since I opened that door for you.

Nicole: Come on, EJ. I'm trying here.

EJ: No, you're not. You're hiding something. So why don't you tell me what the real reason is that you came over here?

Andrew: That's right. Eat it up.

Chad: Why would Melanie owe me an apology, okay? I'm--I'm the one who messed up.

Gabi: Yes, fine. Yes, you went off for a little bit--that's fine. But you know what? She's going completely extreme. I mean, jumping ship to Europe just because she had a fight with her boyfriend-- who does that kind of thing?

Chad: Someone who's been hurt.

Gabi: Okay, but you know what? She should've talked to you first. She should've heard you out.

Chad: Not after the way I treated her. She doesn't owe me anything.

Gabi: Chad, please. You have to stop beating yourself up.

Chad: I can't, okay? Don't you get it? Everyone that I've ever loved is gone-- my mother, my father, Lexie. Melanie is the one person I have left, and she won't even speak to me.

Gabi: Chad... I'm here, okay? And I am not going anywhere.

Chad: Gabi, I really appreciate it. But it's just not the same.

Kate: Is there something I should know about Brady?

Ian: Apart from the fact I'm very frustrated at the way he's handling my business? His shenanigans are costing me money, and you know how I hate to lose money.

Kate: [Scoffs] Yes, I do.

Ian: Honestly, I wish I'd never agreed to a partnership with Brady Black. If I'd have known he was gonna be such a liability, I never would've approved.

Kate: Well, his behavior has been bizarre--I'll say that.

Ian: Bizarre? I'd say he's back on drugs again. Has to be the only explanation.

Kate: But, you know, it just doesn't make sense to me. It really doesn't. I mean, his life has been going so well. He's working with his father again. He's... he's engaged to Madison.

Ian: Mm.

Kate: [Scoffs] Oh, my God.

Ian: What?

Kate: [Chuckles] You're doing this to him, aren't you?

Brady: [Grunting]

Madison: You are awfully energetic today.

Brady: Yeah, why not? Come on, it's a beautiful day. I got a beautiful girl with me.

Madison: Ugh, you're all sweaty! Aah! Ugh!

Brady: "Ugh"? Come on.

Madison: You're all sweaty.

Brady: All right, let's go in the shower. You can help me clean up.

Madison: I can't--I have to go to work.

Brady: Madison, work sucks. Come on. Work is not fun. Let's go have some fun. Let's go out. Let's go do something. Please? You're obviously not in the mood--I can tell. So we'll have fun later, okay? We're gonna go out later. We're gonna do something crazy.

Madison: Brady, it's Lexie Carver's memorial service today.

Brady: Ahh. Oh, yeah, right, right. Um, then after, we'll go do something fun, okay?

Madison: What the hell is the matter with you?

Nicole: Why do you always think there's a hidden agenda? I told you. Look, I overreacted when I heard you talking to the hospital. I-I jumped to conclusions. I'm sorry.

EJ: Okay. Okay. Apology accepted. Now, if you'll excuse me, Nikki...

Nicole: No, I'm not finished.

EJ: Unless you've come here to tell me that that child is mine, you're finished.

Nicole: Well, I can't tell you that because it's not true.

EJ: You're leaving.

Nicole: I am trying to call a truce, EJ, and you won't even let me do it.

EJ: Oh, a truce. Is that right?

Nicole: Yes.

EJ: Hmm.

Nicole: When you told me you were making a donation to the hospital in Lexie's name, I felt terrible for jumping to the wrong conclusion. And I realized how difficult today must be for you... going through this all alone.

EJ: Yeah. It is.

Nicole: So I thought I would try to make things a little easier, you know, maybe put our differences aside, at least just for today, and try to be civil to each other. But I'm--am I crazy for even thinking that's possible? Do you need some tea?

Madison: A woman's memorial service is today, and you're worried about having fun?

Brady: You're right. Sorry. I'm... sorry. We'll be sad today-- sad day. Then we're gonna have fun this weekend. We're gonna do something crazy... something--I don't know-- something we don't usually do.

Madison: Brady, I'm sorry. Have you checked to see whether or not the results from your drug test are in?

Brady: W-what drug test? I'm just kidding. Yeah, no, I completely forgot. I have them. I have them. Ta-da! I wanted to wait and open them with you so you know that we are all on the up-and-up and everything is fine, okay?

Madison: Right.

Brady: Honestly, I'm very, very excited, because now we can, like, move on, and we can put this whole stupid drug thing behind us. Good times. Ahh. [Sighs]

Carrie: Of course, I'll help you.

Rafe: Okay. But what I'm gonna tell you-- it has to stay in this room.

Carrie: Okay.

Rafe: Um... we're going after EJ.

Carrie: That makes sense. He has the motive and the... the lack of soul.

[Both laugh]

Rafe: Right? He's... plus, he's hiding something, um... 'cause Agent Spencer and I--we tried to get a search warrant to search his place, but the judge... he turned us down.

Carrie: Why?

Rafe: Lack of motive and probable cause. Plus, I don't think the judge wanted to point fingers at the guy who signs his checks.

[Both chuckle]

Carrie: Right. So what do you need from me?

Rafe: I--your advice... 'cause I need to convince the judge to, um--to give us the search warrant, you know. Any ideas?

Carrie: Rafe, you're a former FBI Agent. You worked with the I.S.A. You have the D.A.'s office on speed dial. I'm a defense lawyer. You don't need me to tell you what to do.

Rafe: No, no, no. I-I trust your opinion.

Carrie: That's not why I'm here. You didn't ask me here for my advice, did you?

Rafe: I guess I didn't. No.

Carrie: So what's really going on?

Rafe: Honestly? I just wanted to see you.

Chad: Look, I'm--I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. It really means a lot to me that you're here. But...

Gabi: You miss Melanie.

Chad: Yeah. And knowing that I have to go through Lexie's memorial without her... it's unbearable.

Gabi: I know. But you have a lot of people that love you, okay? We're all gonna help you through this.

Chad: Thanks.

Gabi: You know... I just forgot right now that I actually was supposed to meet my friend Beth, um, to help her with some guy problems she's having. Is it okay if I just go for a little bit?

Chad: Yeah. Actually, no, I'll go with you. I don't want you to walk alone.

Gabi: No, no. She lives right here around the corner--it's fine. I'll just--I'll call you.

Chad: All right.

Gabi: Hey... don't think about Melanie too much.

[Door opens]

Andrew: I thought you might like it.

Melanie: Wait. I don't want to be alone right now.

Andrew: [Chuckles] And you want me to stay with you?

Melanie: Sure. You seem like a good guy.

Andrew: Really?

Melanie: Well, if you weren't a good guy, you wouldn't have brought me something to eat.

Andrew: Well, you know, like I said, if you're good, then I'll be good.

Melanie: I will be. I promise. But you have to let me out of here, because I have to see Chad.

Andrew: Your boyfriend.

Melanie: Yeah. His dad just died, and his sister's really sick.

Andrew: You really love him, don't you?

Melanie: I do. But if I don't call or email or something, he's not gonna really think I just packed up and went off to Europe without saying good-bye. You have to let me out of here.

Andrew: No.

EJ: A truce, Nikki, would be lovely, but you would have to be willing to be honest with me about a single thing.

Nicole: Damn it, EJ. For a man who used to say you loved me-- what is wrong with you?

EJ: I'm sick of your lies-- that's what's wrong with me.

Nicole: Oh, God, EJ.

EJ: Mm-hmm?

Nicole: Oh...

EJ: What's--oh! Nicole? Hey, come on. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Sweetie, it's okay, it's okay. Hey, come here, come here. Okay, breathe. You okay? Hey, Nikki. I'm gonna call 911.

Nicole: Oh, EJ.

EJ: Hey, you're awake?

Nicole: Yeah. I just--I guess I just got a little dizzy.

EJ: You didn't get a little bit dizzy. You passed out, sweetheart. Okay, now, let's see. Come on, we're going to take you to the emergency room. Come on.

Nicole: No, no, no.

EJ: Yes, yes, we are.

Nicole: So we can sit in the emergency room for five hours? Look, I just--I just need something to eat.

EJ: No, you don't. You just ate at the pub, okay?

Nicole: No, I-I didn't. I got--I got nauseous, and I-I didn't finish my food.

EJ: Okay, well, that's all the more reason to take you to see somebody. Come on, let's go.

Nicole: Listen, it's-- it's just morning sickness, okay? My--my blood sugar's low. I just--I need something sweet, like orange juice or candy or something.

EJ: Uh, I don't have any food here. I-I think I have coffee and brandy--that's it.

Nicole: Okay, that's probably not gonna work, so I will just go to the pub myself. Oh, God.

EJ: No, no, no, no. Okay, you're not going anywhere, all right? You're gonna stay here. Let me get something for you.

Nicole: You don't have to do that.

EJ: No, absolutely. Please, I insist. I absolutely insist. What would you like?

Nicole: Well, I really would love one of those bacon chocolate cupcakes.

EJ: I mean, the--the--the-- the bakery on the other side of town?

Nicole: Seriously? You can't--

EJ: Can't I just get you some cake? How about from the pub? That's around the corner.

Nicole: All right, fine.

EJ: Okay?

Nicole: Yes, thank you. Uh, yes.

EJ: You're welcome.

Nicole: Your...

EJ: You don't need it?

Nicole: No, go ahead.

EJ: You sure?

Nicole: Thank you.

EJ: You're welcome. Call me if you need me, okay?

Brady: What'd it tell you, huh? Good news, right? Clean and sober?

Madison: Brady.

Brady: You don't have to apologize to me. Don't even think about apologizing, because I would've thought the same--

Madison: Stop it! How could you do this?

Brady: What's wrong with you all of a sudden?

Madison: Oh, you know what. Come on, Brady. The results are positive.

Brady: What are you--

Madison: You lied to me. You're back on drugs.

Carrie: Rafe, I thought that we agreed we were going to try to keep things strictly professional.

Rafe: No, I do--Carrie, I do have a reason that I wanted to see you. I... okay, I-I'm not gonna lie. It's--it's--it is good to see you. It's good that I have a reason. But I do--I need your advice. I mean, I-I need to change this judge's mind. So, if you were in my position, what would you say to him?

Carrie: [Sighs] Find more evidence-- motive, anything that points directly to EJ, and then re-petition the judge.

Rafe: Right. Right.

Carrie: Or you could try alluding to the fact that he's giving EJ special treatment and that it would reflect badly on him if EJ were to be found guilty.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Thank you. Thanks.

Carrie: [Chuckles] You're welcome. I should go.

Rafe: I'm sor-- listen, I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, okay? I just... I just, uh... I miss you.

EJ: Chad.

Chad: Hey.

EJ: I should've been the one to call you about Alexandra. Sorry.

Chad: It's okay. I understand. You were upset.

EJ: You ready for today?

Chad: [Sniffles] You know, I can't believe our father and our sister are gone. You know, and I barely even knew them.

EJ: Well, you just found out that you were a DiMera. It's not really your fault.

Chad: No, it is. I thought I was better than the DiMera name. And I completely cut off the only family that I had left.

EJ: You didn't know, Chad.

Chad: That my father and my sister were gonna die? No, no, I mean, you're right-- I didn't. But I should've known not to take them for granted, because now I'll never get that time back.

Andrew: Is that too tight? Look, because of your little escape act earlier, I have no choice.

Melanie: I'm not gonna do it again--I promise.

Andrew: Sorry, but I can't risk it. I'm expecting company.

Melanie: No, no, please. You don't have--

Andrew: Shh, shh, shh.

[Door closes]

Gabi: Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, I'm down here.

Gabi: Well, what are you doing? You told me to meet you outside. What are you doing in the basement?

Andrew: Uh...

Andrew: Yeah, I was just-- I was just working in my darkroom. Uh, you wanted to talk.

Gabi: Yes, I, uh, actually--

Andrew: Let me--let me guess. You can't get Chad to fall in love with you, and you need my help again. Sound about right?

Nicole: Come on, EJ, what are you hiding?

EJ: Can I give you some advice?

Chad: [Chuckles] Please, yeah.

EJ: Don't spend today beating yourself up, okay? Spend it remembering the time that you did have with them. I think that's what they would want.

Chad: But I hardly have any time to remember. And I never will. My--my family's gone.

EJ: Well, I'm your family... okay? We may not get on very well, but I'm your brother.

Chad: [Sniffles] Uh... yeah, yeah, you're right. And if there's--if there's something I've learned, it's never to take the people you love for granted. So I, uh... [Sniffles] I promise you, I-I'll be a better brother from now on, okay?

EJ: Come here. Let's see if we can bring some justice to this DiMera name, eh?

Kate: You are slipping Brady drugs, aren't you?

Ian: That's an absurd thing for you to say. If I was gonna do something like that, I'd be hurting myself. After all, he is partnered with my company.

Kate: Yes, but you wouldn't care if you were going after someone... like Madison.

Ian: Madison?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Ian: The woman that I'm happily divorcing? I moved on from her a long time ago, and you're forgetting something. My heart belongs to somebody else-- you.

Kate: Even if that were true, it doesn't mean that you would want her to be with anyone else.

Ian: She's very welcome to marry that junkie. I hope they'll be very happy together. I just don't want him ruining my company in the process.

Kate: Right.

Ian: Honestly. [Scoffs] Brady is welcome to Madison... although if he keeps this up, I don't know how long it will last.

Kate: Oh, I guess as long as you allow it.

Brady: What is--what is this, some kind of joke or something?

Madison: I'm not joking.

Brady: Well, you must be joking because I haven't touched that stuff in years, and I told you--how many times have I told you that?

Madison: Tests don't lie, but apparently you do.

Brady: Well, that test does lie, Madison, because it's wrong. It's totally incorrect. It's not--

Madison: I thought I could trust you.

Brady: You--you can trust me. I didn't do it. I haven't done it. Tell you what--why don't we go down to the hospital? I'll take six more tests.

Madison: You know what? You're high right now, aren't you?

Brady: I don't appreciate you saying that to me, okay? I am not high.

Madison: Brady, stop...

Brady: I am fine.

Madison: Lying to me.

Brady: Who's lying to who, Madison?

Madison: You are high right now, aren't you?

Brady: You're accusing me of being high when I have not done drugs in years.

Madison: Brady... are you high?

Brady: I think I am.

Rafe: I'm sorry, okay? I'M... it's not right for me to keep putting you in this position. You... I mean, here you are--you're trying to work on your marriage with Austin, and you're carrying his--his baby, and... I'm calling you down here. I'm making things harder for you, and... I shouldn't have done that, okay, Carrie? So... you're right. You should--you should go.

Carrie: But I don't want to.

Andrew: What do you need me to do?

Gabi: Well, I need you to be my stalker again-- but not today, and no more rats.

Andrew: Why not today?

Gabi: Well, because today is Chad's sister's memorial, okay? And I don't want things to be harder on him than they already are.

Andrew: All right. Well, I mean, come on, what do you think, I'm insensitive? Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it.

Gabi: Oh, and also... don't tell me about your plans, because I feel like the element of surprise makes it more believable.

Andrew: Man, you are something else.

Gabi: Thanks. Well, anyway, I need to get going, but please get started on some sort of plan, all right? I need Chad to fall in love with me before Melanie gets back.

Andrew: Well, something tells me that you'll have all the time in the world for that.

Gabi: Yeah, right. I am not that lucky. I will call you.

Chad: Uh... EJ, I'm--you know, I'm ready to be a better brother. But I hope you don't mind--I'd still rather not be part of the family business.

EJ: I see.

Chad: I mean, it's just not my thing, you know?

EJ: Well, you know, maybe you'll change your mind once you come to appreciate what being a DiMera really means, Chad.

Chad: I-I-I don't think so. Come on, I'm not like you. The DiMera blood may run through my veins, but it doesn't make me a DiMera.

EJ: I know what you mean. [Sighs] Okay. If you'll excuse me, I have to get going. I'll see you at the service. Oh, and, uh, brother... eat something.

[Door opens, closes]

Carrie: Everything you're feeling... I'm feeling too.

Rafe: Really?

Carrie: Believe me, I'm trying to look forward, not back. But no matter what I do, I can't stop thinking about you... what could have been.

Rafe: [Chuckles] I can't stop, you know, I just--I can't stop wondering "what if?"

Carrie: What if I hadn't gotten pregnant? [Chuckles sadly] We would be together right now.

Rafe: We shouldn't be talking about this.

Carrie: Why not? It's the truth. You know, we're a little early for this thing...

Ian: You can suspect me all you want. Brady Black is a junkie. He doesn't need my help ruining his life.

Kate: Ian, he was clean for years.

Ian: You know what? I'm done talking about this. I am not responsible for his actions.

Kate: Fine. I am going to head to the memorial.

Ian: Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?

Kate: No. I'm going to be just fine on my own.

Brady: M-Mad--

Madison: How could you do this?

Brady: I don't know. I swear to God, I don't know-- I don't know how this could've happen to me.

Madison: Oh, Brady, you know what? Come on, you're in denial. Could you stop lying to me?

Brady: Listen--listen--will you listen to me for a second? If some--I think somebody did this to me. I think somebody slipped me something. I haven't done anything. I promise to you.

Madison: Yeah, who slipped you drugs, Brady? Really?

Brady: That son of a bitch. Oh, my God, that son of a bitch.

Madison: Brady... stop. Brady, stop!

Rafe: We can't do this.

Carrie: You're right. I should go.

Rafe: Yeah.

Gabi: Hey.

Chad: Hey. Wow, that--that was fast. Did everything go okay with your friend?

Gabi: Yeah, great. I'm guessing that you didn't take my advice. Were you thinking about Melanie the entire time?

Chad: [Sighs] Only when I wasn't thinking about my father or my sister.

Gabi: I'm sorry, Chad. Hey, um, we should probably get going. You know, we need to change for Lexie's memorial.

Chad: Yeah, um... thanks for everything, Gabi. You know, it really means a lot to me.

Gabi: I'm here no matter what you need.

[Door opens]

Andrew: You are not a very good listener.

Melanie: Ow. They were hurting.

Andrew: Look, Melanie, I thought that I could trust you.

Melanie: You can. Ow. You just tied them really tight.

Andrew: Well, hopefully that's better.

Brady: Son of a bitch. I am gonna kill you.

Ian: Excuse me?

Brady: I know what you did.

Nicole: Well, well, well... what do we have here? [Lock rattles] [Door opens] Hey, good, you're back. [Chuckles]

EJ: What the hell do you think you're doing? Hmm?

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