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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/20/12


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Bo: Look at that little man. It's like just another day to him.

Hope: Part of me thinks that's a good thing.

Bo: Yeah, you got that right.

Hope: I'm glad we could give Abe and Lexie a chance to spend some time alone together... just the two of them.

Bo: They've been pretty busy. Friends coming and going.

Hope: Everyone wanting a chance say good-bye. Except none of us are ready to. I don't think we ever will be, Bo.

Abe: [Crying] Lexie! Please. Please come back to me. Don't leave me. [Whimpers] Don't leave me.

Gabi: Andrew, Andrew, I have the best news ever. Melanie's gone.

Andrew: What do you mean "gone"?

Gabi: I mean she--she just left. After the fight she had with Chad, I mean, she went to Europe to see her mom.

Andrew: Hello.

Melanie: [Screams]

Gabi: Can you believe it?

Andrew: No. That's crazy.

Gabi: No, no, no, crazy is how she told him. She sent him an email.

Andrew: The mind reels. How did he take it?

Gabi: Well, obviously he's upset about it, but I haven't left his side since she took off on him.

Andrew: So this is good. Now with Melanie finally out of the way, you have your shot with Chad.

Gabi: Hey, sorry I was on your case about screwing up my plan. It turns out I got Chad's full attention without even doing anything.

Andrew: [Chuckles] No, that's great.

Gabi: Uh, is it bad that I hope she doesn't hurry back any time soon?

Andrew: Oh, who knows? Maybe she'll be gone forever.

Melanie: Hello?

[Bangs on door]

Melanie: Please let me out! Hello?

EJ: You have to come forward.

Will: I said that I would.

EJ: When? Hmm?

Will: I don't know. Soon.

EJ: You understand that this secret of yours, it's hardly worth playing Russian Roulette with your life, William. You have a lot to lose if you don't tell the police the truth about what happened the night my father was murdered.

Neil: I'm looking for Officer Hernandez.

Rafe: Yeah, that's me.

Neil: Hi, I'm Neil Hultgrin. I'm a friend of Will's. I heard on the news that he was arrested for killing that guy. It's not true.

Rafe: Yeah, what makes you say that?

Neil: Will was with me that night... from about 11:30 to 1:00.

Rafe: Okay. Time of death's around midnight. All right, Neil, if what you're saying is true--

Neil: It is, you can ask anyone. We were at the Spot the whole time.

Rafe: Spot. As in the gay bar?

Roman: What's going on?

Rafe: Hey, Roman. This here is Neil Hultgrin, and he claims he's Will's alibi for the night Stefano was murdered.

Roman: That right?

Neil: I know for a fact that Will didn't kill anyone. Like I just told Officer Hernandez, we were at the Spot that night.

Roman: Huh, okay, well, Neil, is it? Is that it? Okay, well, you know what, I appreciate you coming in, trying to help Will out, but I'm not buying.

Neil: You don't believe me?

Roman: Well, I'm just not buying that my grandson spent that night in a gay bar.

Neil: You don't know your grandson.

Abe: [Cries] You can't leave me now. Oh, God. I need more time.

Lexie: Abe... I know this is hard, but I need you to listen to me. You're going to be fine. You are. I need you to believe me.

Abe: I don't know if I can do this without you.

Lexie: Yes, you do.

Abe: Lex, I'm a--I'm all alone without you.

Lexie: Honey, you are not alone. You have our son, our friends, and our wonderful memories.

Abe: It's so unfair. How could you leave me? Lex, I'm not ready. I'm--I'm never gonna be ready.

Lexie: I am so sorry. But I will never leave you and Theo. I want you to know in your heart that I will never, ever leave you.

Will: This isn't the way I wanted it to go.

EJ: Then what?

Will: I don't know, I just wanted to do this on my own terms, that's all.

EJ: Your terms, William, are gonna see you sent to jail for a crime you didn't commit.

Will: I don't expect you to understand.

EJ: William, I understand... a lot more than you know... that the truth can be a very frightening thing. You can't concern yourself with what other people think about you.

Will: I'm not you though. I mean, stuff doesn't just roll off my back like it does for you.

EJ: No. A good prosecutor is going to make these charges stick. William, the truth is going to come out. You have an opportunity to dictate how and when it does.

Roman: Look, if--and this is a big if--if Will was at that bar that night, he was there because he was with Sonny Kiriakis.

Neil: I'm sorry, but you're wrong. That's not why he was there.

Roman: Then why?

Neil: Because that's where we go when we go out.

Roman: Sami, do you have any idea what Neil's talking about here?

Sami: Yeah, I do.

Gabi: That is a nice thought. But I doubt that Melanie will stay away forever.

Andrew: You never know. Stranger things have happened. She might really like Europe.

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, I guess. Her brother and her mom do live there. I mean, she used to. So, maybe.

Andrew: Well, here's hoping, right?

Ciara: Mommy?

Hope: Yes, baby?

Ciara: When are Uncle Abe and Aunt Lexie coming back?

Theo: Mommy's not coming back.

Bo: What's that, buddy?

Hope: Theo? Honey? Why would you say something like that? Theo?

Theo: Because Mommy just went to heaven.

Hope: Abe?

Abe: [Sobs] My beautiful wife. She's gone. I don't want to let her go. I can't.

Will: You really think there's only one way out of this?

EJ: Do you really have to ask?

Will: Yeah, but if I tell everybody the truth, that's it. It's over. I mean, it's all out.

EJ: Maybe it's best that it comes out.

Will: No, not like this.

EJ: William, we're not talking about protecting your personal life here. We're talking about protecting your life.

[Phone rings]

EJ: Excuse me. Yes, this is EJ DiMera.

Hope: EJ, it's Hope.

EJ: What can I do for you, Detective?

Hope: I'm at your sister's house.

EJ: Is she okay?

Hope: No. I'm so sorry. She passed away a few minutes ago.

EJ: [Stutters] Thank you for calling, Detective.

Will: Is everything okay?

EJ: My sister just died.

Will: Um... oh, my God, I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

EJ: Um... no. I'm sorry, um... would you excuse me, please?

Abe: It just doesn't seem real.

Bo: I bet. Can't imagine what you're feeling right now.

Abe: I'm--I'm numb. Nothing, nothing. I just-- a part of me is missing. I just lost something I-I-I'll never get it back.

Bo: were here together. to hold her... know she was at peace.

Abe: Yeah. Her life--her life wasn't over. It wasn't. She had so much she wanted to do.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Abe: Many places to go.

Bo: I'm sure. That's Lexie. You and the opportunity to...say good-bye. A lot of people don't get that chance.

Abe: Yeah. I'm grateful--I'm grateful for that. She was in--she was in so much pain and...she tried to hide it. She tried to hide it and I-I could see it.

Bo: I'm sure you could.

Abe: I could feel it sometimes. I--

Bo: Well, there's no more pain. That's over. And I think she was able to let go because she knew that you and her little boy were gonna be okay. And she passed here in... her garden... at her home... in the arms of the man she loved. You gave her everything she needed... everything she wanted. You were everything to her.

Hope: Celeste, it's Hope. I'm at the house with Abe... and Theo. You might wanna get over here as soon as you can.

Theo: Hi, Mommy.

Neil: I'm telling you Will didn't kill anyone. He has an alibi.

Roman: Sami, if you know something, if you're holding something back here...

Sami: Dad, I don't know anything. All I know is that if you have questions about Will's personal life, you--

Roman: I'm not asking about his personal life. I wanna know if this alibi has traction.

Sami: Then you need to ask Will.

Will: Ask me what? Hey, Neil, what are you doing here?

Neil: Trying to tell them you're not a murderer, but they don't wanna seem to listen to me.

Roman: I'm just having a hard time believing your story, son.

Will: Oh, why? What did he say?

Roman: He said that you two were together the night of the murder at a bar called The Spot. That true?

Will: Uh...yes. It is true.

Melanie: [Grunts]

Gabi: I don't know. Sometimes I get the feeling Chad only sees me as his friend.

Andrew: And you don't think you can change his mind?

Gabi: No, I can. I mean, I know that he cares about me. He proved that to me when Will and I broke up. He was so nice to me and he said all these great things to make me feel better. I know--I know he does. He proved that to me. So maybe this won't be as hard as I thought.

Andrew: As much as he likes you, he's not just gonna forget about Melanie.

Gabi: What are you saying?

Andrew: Just that you have your work cut out for you.

Hope: Yeah, I'll--I'll get you all the information. Yeah, as soon as I have it.

Theo: Do you have to go?

Lexie: I'm sorry, sweetheart, but, yes, I do.

Theo: But I don't want you to.

Lexie: I know. Remember what we talked about? About how I'll need you to take care of Daddy, about how important it is for you to look after him?

Theo: Like you look after me?

Lexie: Just like that. Can you do that for me? I love you so much. And I will always be here for you, Theo... whenever you need me.

Theo: Promise?

Lexie: I promise.

Abe: How do I tell my son his mother's gone?

Bo: You don't have to.

Abe: What do you mean?

Bo: He's the one who told us that Lexie had passed. He sensed it.

Abe: Yeah, I can't say I'm surprised. Sometimes he senses things the rest of us don't. He's always had this amazing connection with his mother. Hey, buddy. Um... we have to talk about something.

Theo: I know, Daddy.

Abe: You know?

Theo: Mommy's gone. I have to look after you now.

Abe: Who told you that?

Theo: Mommy.

Abe: Oh, son. Hey. Ohh.

Roman: Okay, Will, I need you to hold on for a moment here. Okay, I want you to be very clear about what you're saying. Because Neil is saying you were at a place called The Spot. It's a gay bar. I assume you know that.

Will: Yes, I do.

Roman: And that is your alibi?

Will: Yes. I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you sooner, but I didn't know how.

Roman: Okay. All right. I get that. I mean, uh, people hear you're hanging out at a gay bar, uh, even if it is with just a friend, then, uh...might get the wrong impression.

Will: The wrong impression?

Roman: Will, don't look at me like you don't know what I'm talking about.

Will: You think it's better that they think I murdered somebody?

Roman: Come on, that's not what I'm saying. I'm not saying that at all. You're twisting my words around.

Will: I don't think I am. Grandpa, the impression that people would get is not wrong.

Roman: Will, talk to me. Okay?

Will: Grandpa, I'm gay.

Andrew: Come on. Let's get out of here. I wanna show you something.

Gabi: What?

Andrew: That keeping Chad and Melanie from talking isn't gonna be as difficult as you think.

Will: I'm sorry. I...wanted to tell you sooner. I didn't want--I didn't wanna come out to you like this.

Roman: [Sighs]

Rafe: Will, hey, hey, come on. Buddy, you got nothing to be sorry about. Right? This is good. It's good.

Carrie: Rafe's right. You just made my job a hell of a lot easier. I am so relieved.

Will: Oh, yeah, me too.

Rafe: All right.

Carrie: You okay?

Will: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Roman: Look, uh, you knew about this?

Will: Yes. Uh...Mom knew and, um, Dad knew and Grandma Marlena knew and Sonny knew and I was telling people and I wanted to tell you. I did, but it's just that, you know, I got arrested.

Roman: Well, damn it, Will. You could have saved yourself a hell of a lot of trouble if you had told me.

Sami: But, Dad, I think he handled it the best that he could.

Roman: Yeah, okay, yeah. Maybe so, all right? Maybe so, but... you know what? I-I mean it--you can't expect me to all of a sudden say, "wow, this is great."

Sami: Dad?

Roman: Look, hey. This is new to me, okay? This is brand-new. So give me a break here. It's--could take some getting used to on my part, that's all.

Sami: Of course, but, um, you know what, there's nothing to get used to because, Dad, he's Will. He's still the same, nothing's changed.

Will: It's okay, Mom. You don't have to.

Rafe: All right, so, uh-- so that's good. Listen, Will, now you've got an alibi, so this is great, but obviously the press is gonna get a hold of this and, uh...

Carrie: Which means you could be outed pretty publicly.

Rafe: Yeah.

Will: Oh, yeah, I know. I know.

Carrie: Well, I'll talk to Justin, see how we can keep the media at a distance, but first of all, we have to discuss how to get these charges against Will dropped.

Rafe: Yeah, that's right.

Carrie: Dad?

Roman: Yeah, I'll go with you.

Rafe: Okay.

Carrie: Okay.

Sami: [Stutters]

Will: I'm sorry.

Sami: Dad--don't worry about it. Don't worry about it 'cause there's nothing for you to be sorry about. I-I am so proud of you. I am so proud.

EJ: Thank you for calling.

Hope: Yeah, of course.

Bo: And we're sorry for your loss.

EJ: Hey! [Grunts] Hmm. Thank you for the greeting. It's good to see you.

Theo: I'm gonna play with Ciara now.

Hope: Okay, honey.

EJ: Listen, I don't, um, mean to be insensitive, but do you mind if I ask how--

Abe: No, it's, um-- we were--we were gonna go to the Arboretum and... she didn't think she was up to it so we went out in the garden and... we were--we were gonna enjoy this beautiful day and, uh... she laid her head back against me. She was at peace, EJ.

Hope: We still have, um, some phone calls we need to make.

Abe: Thank you. Uh, thank both of you.

Hope: I'll put some coffee on and tea as well, okay?

Abe: That sounds good. People are gonna start showing up soon.

EJ: Listen, I, um-- I didn't mean to intrude. Hope called me and she didn't ask me to--

Abe: No, Lex--Lexie was your sister and...she would have wanted you here.

EJ: I don't know quite how you do that. She always wanted me to be more like you. I was--

Abe: Right. You tried.

EJ: Yeah. Sometimes.

Abe: She knew that.

EJ: She wasn't just my sister. She was my best friend. She was my only friend. I, uh-- she was the most important person in my life.

Abe: Mine too.

EJ: So...what do we do? I--where do we go now that she's no longer in our lives?

Lexie: You'll find a way. But first, you need to make peace with each other.

Will: I'm sorry. I know I should have come forward sooner or--or said something sooner. Are you okay with this?

Sami: Yes. I know what you did wasn't easy and I meant what I said. I am so proud of you. And, Neil, thank you. Thank you so much for coming down here and saying what you said. I know you didn't have to do this.

Will: Yeah, thanks, man.

Neil: You don't gotta thank me.

Will: I owe you one.

Neil: I'm gonna take off.

Will: Oh, yeah, I'll call you later.

Neil: Don't lie to me.

Will: [Laughs]

Sami: So, Dad, I mean, the charges are being dropped, right?

Roman: Sami, we'll have to wait and see on that. You know what, Will, damn it, if you had an alibi, I wish you'd have come to me in the beginning.

Sami: Hey, he handled this as best he could, okay? He's innocent.

Roman: And I am happier about that than I can say, believe me.

Sami: Look, should we just talk about it, Dad? Do you have a problem with your grandson being gay?

Will: Mom, please.

Roman: No, it's all right. You know what I have a problem with is the reaction Will is gonna get when this comes out.

Sami: But I think right now we should focus on your reaction, Dad.

Roman: All right, Sami. You know what, that's fair. Okay? Look, I know the world has changed. And that's a good thing. Okay, it's not like it was when I was growing up. People are more open now, tolerant. At least more people are. Unfortunately not everybody, but I am glad that things are moving in the right direction.

Sami: Good.

Roman: Yeah. But even so, I have seen things that I hope neither one of you ever do.

Sami: Right, but, Dad, we're gonna focus on the positive right now, right? And we're gonna be proud because Will did something really brave to clear his name.

Will: Oh, thank you. It wasn't my idea though. Actually, EJ made me see that I didn't have a choice.

Carrie: Great news. The charges have officially been dropped.

Rafe: Will, you're a free man.

Sami: [Laughs]

Will: Yay.

Sami: Thank God!

Abe: All I can think about right now is, uh... what Lexie asked of you... and me. That we find a way to coexist. That we become a family for Theo... after she--

EJ: I remember.

Abe: Um, I-I would like to honor her wishes.

EJ: Do you think that that's possible?

Abe: You know, the way Theo reacted when you showed up, he--he's not usually that open about his feelings. He doesn't like to give out hugs us.

EJ: Yeah. I know.

Abe: At Lexie's request and for our son's sake... you're welcome here anytime. Theo will know that you are his-- you are our family.

EJ: Th--thank you.

Abe: You're his uncle. He should know that. He's already lost so much. We all have.

Gabi: What is this place?

Andrew: What, you don't like it?

Gabi: Who doesn't like a creepy room with no windows?

Andrew: I guess it used to be a darkroom. The crazy thing is that it's soundproof. They didn't even tell me that there was a basement in here when I moved in.

Gabi: Lucky you.

Andrew: I just think you have to learn to see the potential in a place like this.

Gabi: Yeah, whatever. Um, so you said you were gonna show me how you plan on keeping Chad and Melanie from talking. So, I'm here? Show me.

Andrew: Not...sure I'm up to that

Hope: I called Celeste, Cameron, Brandon.

Bo: And I talked to Kay. She'll call the rest of the family.

Abe: Thank you. Um, making those calls and having to explain, I'm not...sure I'm up to that right now.

Bo: That's why we're here, to help.

Abe: It's not easy for the two of you either. I mean, you lost her today too.

EJ: She touched all of our lives.

Hope: That was her gift. As a friend, as a doctor...

Abe: A wife and mother...

EJ: Sister.

Bo: That's just a few of the reasons we'll never forget her.

Hope: [Cries]

Sami: Okay, so, Dad, I need to talk to you.

Roman: Sami, can we do this later?

Sami: No. No, um, look, I just wanna be clear that being gay isn't a choice. You know that, right? Like, Will is who he is.

Roman: Sami, I get that, okay? I just wish we could have avoided the whole situation with the arrest.

Carrie: Dad, no one knew that Will's alibi had anything to do with him being gay.

Roman: Sami, you should have told me.

Sami: Dad, even if I had known for a long time, I wouldn't have told you.

Roman: Why not?

Sami: Because it's Will's decision and he has to come out to you the way that he thinks is best, that's why.

Roman: Okay, now that you're so enlightened, how did you take the news?

Sami: Terrible, okay? It was terrible. I would do anything to take back how I handled it, but I realized that I want what's best for Will. I want him to be happy. And I know that that's how you feel too, Dad.

Roman: Sami, I love that kid. You know that. I always will love that kid, okay? This doesn't change a thing. Will is a great kid. But I do have concerns about Will for other reasons. His job with EJ. He had a gun. I just can't figure out where his head's at.

Sonny: So the charges have been dropped?

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: [Sighs] Thank God. And I wanna let you know, just FYI, for--I didn't think for a second you were guilty. What? You should be bouncing off the walls right now.

Will: I a--I mean, I am. It's just I had to tell everybody where I was the night Stefano was murdered. At The Spot with Neil.

Sonny: So everyone knows about--

Will: Well, they will once they hear I--the charges were dropped and they find out why.

Sonny: Thank you. Well, how do you feel about it?

Will: I don't know. I mean, telling you, telling a couple people is one thing. Telling the whole town? Oh, I don't know, I was just getting used to the idea myself.

Sonny: Well, you know, here's something I can tell you from experience. Pretty soon, everybody knowing's not gonna make a difference. It's not gonna matter to you.

Will: Okay, what do I do until then?

Sonny: Just live your life. You know, have some fun. And know that the people who love you love and support you.

Will: Hmm. Like you? Like you?

Sonny: Like me. Always, man, always.

Will: Ah.

Andrew: Look, before I tell you how to keep Chad and Melanie from talking...

Gabi: Forget it.

Andrew: I'm gonna--what?

Gabi: Look, I really appreciate everything that you've done for me. I really do. Like posing as my stalker.

Andrew: You're welcome.

Gabi: But the thing is that it's not even gonna matter if you try to keep Melanie and Chad from talking if I don't get Chad to fall in love with me first. You know, I just hope that wherever Melanie is, she's serious about moving on and forgetting all about Chad.

Andrew: Hmm.

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