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Hope: Thank you so much for seeing us on such short notice.

Marlena: Glad to do it. John is away and, uh, I finished up all my paperwork--yippee! [Chuckles] Come sit down.

Hope: Thank you. Oh, I know, I know, it's been a long time since our last session, but it just--you know, with everything that's been going on, we just, uh, really felt that we want--or maybe I should say need--to talk to you about... we're not even sure about what.

Marlena: Well, you keep saying "we" and I'm wondering if--Bo? Are you a part of this?

Bo: Yeah, of course.

Marlena: Good. So you're having a problem.

Kayla: [Sighs] [Cries]

Abe: Kayla?

Kayla: Abe.

Abe: Is everything okay?

Kayla: Yes. Everything's fine.

Victor: Maggie, thank you for coming over.

Maggie: I didn't feel like I had a choice.

Victor: No?

Maggie: Well, Henderson called and said you wanted to see me, but wouldn't say why. Victor, this may come as a shock to you but it crossed my mind that I--I was being manipulated.

Victor: No.

Maggie: Yes. And this time your plan might backfire.

Victor: Really?

Maggie: I came here for two reasons-- to make sure you were all right, and I can see that you are.

Victor: And two?

Maggie: To tell you that I know exactly what you're up to. And it's nothing but a big, fat waste of time.

Marlena: I have a sense that you're both a little bit on edge, hm?

Hope: I guess. Maybe we are.

Bo: I'm driving her crazy.

Hope: Uh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I never said that.

Bo: You didn't have to say it.

Hope: Brady.

Bo: "I wanna go talk to Marlena." That's code for "you're driving me crazy."

Marlena: So this was Hope's idea.

Hope: No, hold it. Time out. Wait a sec--wait a second. You agreed, you thought it was a good idea.

Bo: Yeah, and I do think it's a good idea.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: Us working out our issues. But today, this is not a good idea.

Marlena: Why not?

Bo: Because this is couple's therapy, right? And this is not a couple's thing, it's a work thing. Right?

Hope: But we work together as a couple.

Bo: Well--

Hope: Even if right now we're not working together at all, but--

Marlena: You're upset because of Roman's taking you off the case?

Hope: Yeah, of course. Of course we're upset.

Marlena: Mm-hm.

Hope: And anyway, being off the case doesn't stop us from talking about it. Or thinking about it. Uh... [Sighs] Damn it.

Marlena: Hope, what is it?

Hope: Even when Bo and I are having problems at home, it doesn't affect our work. We're partners for God's sakes. We finish each other's thoughts, we don't get our feelings hurt. We trust each other. And it's taken a really long time to get that trust back. And

Marlena: Now what?

Hope: I think we're both really scared.

Marlena: Scared of what?

Bo: Answers to questions. I mean, we're trying to find the person who killed DiMera. It might end up being someone we love.

Abe: So you're fine. You're so fine that you were crying. I was chopping onions with my mother, thank you very much.

Jennifer: Abe, hi.

Abe: Hey.

Jennifer: How are you?

Abe: Oh, I'm okay, thank you. Thank you for asking.

Jennifer: Good. Uh, are you alone?

Abe: Yeah, uh, Lexie's resting. She's getting weaker every day.

Jennifer: I--I'm really sorry.

Abe: You know, uh, she said, um, just before she went to sleep, she wanted me to get out and clear my head and, uh... I hate to leave her, I mean, even for a second. I just don't want her to know, so, um...

Kayla: Abe...

Abe: She's dying... and she's worrying about me.

Victor: You think this is a waste of time?

Maggie: Yes, I do.

Victor: I can't accept that.

Maggie: Victor, do you have any idea what you did to me? What a violation it was? Not to mention the years that I lost with my son? The lies that you told? Then, now, and today?

Victor: Maggie, I want to talk about this, all of it. I really do. But not here, not in the foyer.

Maggie: How about a lawyer's office?

Victor: Please, just for a minute. Where we can have some privacy.

Maggie: Fine, let's just get this over with. My, my. "Welcome to my parlor," said the spider to the fly. Are you kidding me?

Hope: I didn't know you felt that way too.

Bo: Um, neither did I till I said it just now.

Marlena: This must be a terrible burden for you. Just by doing your job, you could be hurting someone you love.

Hope: We don't know how long we're off the case.

Bo: The gun shot residue test came out negative for both of us.

Hope: Not that that's 100% proof. Marlena, I'm so sorry, we're both so sorry to hear what Will's going through.

Marlena: Will is innocent.

Hope: Of course he is. We both know that. This is affecting all of us. Our family, our friends. So many people we care about.

Marlena: You know, with the way Stefano lived his life, so many people would want to see him dead.

Bo: I have a heck of a lot more sympathy for whoever did us that favor than I do for the victim.

Marlena: Mm-hm.

Bo: And yeah, I should probably keep those thoughts to myself.

Marlena: Not at all, everything you say here is confidential. And that's reciprocal?

Hope: What?

Marlena: There's a murder investigation going on. My grandson Will has been arrested for the murder. I suspect that John and I are both considered to be on that suspect list.

Bo: We're not trying to trip you up, Marlena.

Marlena: I know you're not. I'm just saying that I have to take care of my family.

Hope: I'm sorry. I think maybe we shouldn't have come.

Marlena: Let me tell you what I said to Sami. We're not going to lie. We're not going to impede the investigation. But we are going to stick together and we are going to protect ourselves.

Bo: You got that right.

Marlena: Who Stefano was, what he did to so many of us, makes me think it's possible that we all would have been capable of murdering him.

Jennifer: Abe, have Lexie's doctor's--have they said anything?

Abe: About, uh, how much time she has? No.

Kayla: Well, you know, it's been my experience that you can't really predict those things.

Abe: Which is why Lexie and I are going to make sure we take advantage of every... you know what? Um, it's not just the coffee that brings me here. I want to ask you if you could do something very special for Lexie.

Maggie: Victor, this is not a rhetorical question. Just how dumb do you think I am?

Victor: I think you're the smartest woman I ever met.

Maggie: Well, if that is true, then you never would have lied to me in the first place. And you never would have invited me over here today.

Victor: Maggie...

Maggie: I find out that you violated my privacy in the most horrible way possible. You gave people I don't even know a chance to give birth to my child. To raise my child. And you think it's all right to keep all of that from me, your wife?

Victor: If it's not a rhetorical question, you have to let me answer.

Maggie: I don't have to let you do anything!

Victor: Maggie, I was afraid of losing you, okay? This is...lame.

Maggie: [Chuckles]

Victor: But I had to try and do something. I couldn't just give up. I had to do something to get you back! And I won't stop! Not after what happened to Stefano.

Maggie: This I gotta hear. What does Stefano have in common with us?

Victor: Stefano's murder was the loudest and clearest wake-up call of my life. You do know that we had some things in common.

Maggie: That your criminal lawyers are on speed-dial?

Victor: [Clears throat] We both took some measure of pride in the fact that we were ruthless, callous, pitiless.

Maggie: This is a good argument, Victor. Now I really do want to come back to you.

Victor: The other thing we had in common was our love for our families. When I heard that Lexie was dying, I knew exactly what that man was going through. 'Cause I'd been through it with Isabella. But I also knew that he was going through it alone.

Bo: You know what? We really shouldn't be talking about this case. Why don't we just call it a day?

Marlena: Or we could change the subject. I've got a feeling the investigation is not the only thing bothering you two.

Bo: I don't know about that--

Hope: No, you're right.

Bo: [Scoffs]

Hope: You're right. Bo's not happy about what happened when he was in the hospital. And he will not talk to me about it.

Bo: What is there to talk about? I mean, I wake up from this medically induced coma to find out that my wife has been turned into Princess Gina and John into DiMera's pawn again and you guys almost didn't make it back to Salem. I think it would be a little strange if I wanted to hear every little detail of that adventure.

Hope: So we are stuck in this limbo. But wait a second, hold on. Brady, we do have some closure. Stefano's dead. It can never happen again. It's over. It is really over.

Bo: Right.

Marlena: Are you sure about that?

Hope: What do you mean by that?

Marlena: It's fairly clear to me that Bo doesn't think it's going to happen again. But I wonder if he's far more concerned about what he doesn't know.

Bo: Okay, yeah, she's right. I'd really like to know what happened in Alamainia.

Kayla: You know that we would do anything for Lexie. Just name it.

Abe: Well, I want to take her to one of her favorite places. And I want to have this very special picnic to take with me. Here, you know, I've written down some of her favorites from the menu here.

Kayla: Ah! Oh, well she has excellent taste. [Laughter] I think my mom and I can put this together. And then some.

Abe: It's not too much trouble?

Kayla: Are you kidding me? It's an honor.

Abe: Aw.

Kayla: I'm gonna get right on it, all right?

Abe: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: Abe, I can't tell you how lucky and fortunate I feel that we were able to spend the day with Lexie yesterday.

Abe: Oh, you know, it meant a lot to her that you came by. [Laughs] And Theo, he had such a great time slaying aliens with Jack.

Jennifer: Yes!

Abe: [Laughs]

Jennifer: They had a very good time--I heard, yes. You know, we would love to come visit her again and see her, but I know she gets tired.

Abe: Yeah, it's, uh... it's hard to see her that way, Jen. And it gets harder every day.

Victor: I used to think that money and power were the only things that really mattered. Now I know that it's time. Time to be with the ones that we love. And for me, Maggie, that's you. Can't you please find it in your heart to forgive me?

Maggie: We have a problem here, Victor. Because even if I were to forgive you, and that's a very big "if." It doesn't mean that I can trust you.

Victor: I've changed.

Maggie: You haven't changed. And this just proves it. What do you think some fancy meal and some heartfelt declaration of love is going to magically fix everything?

Victor: I was just hoping it would be a start. Something to remind us of the good times that we had together.

Maggie: Well, it's a mistake. Because you know what it reminds me of? Your birthday. When I tried to surprise you with a spread just like this.

Victor: [Sighs]

Maggie: And you don't want to be reminding me of that night, because that's the night that you told me what you did to me. And I just don't think that there's anything you could ever do to make me forgive or forget that.

Kayla: Can you believe that my mother kicked me out of the kitchen? [Laughter] She said that she's the only one that can make Lexie's corned beef just the way she likes it.

Abe: I don't want her to go to a lot of trouble.

Kayla: Wha--you go in there and try to stop her. Seriously.

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: Oh, excuse me.

Abe: Yeah. Kayla... you know, you were crying earlier and I know it wasn't from cutting onions. What's wrong? Please, tell me.

Victor: [Blows] You're right, I did all those things. It was arrogant and dead wrong.

Maggie: So we do agree on something.

Victor: You realize of course that back when this all started, I had no idea that those were your eggs.

Maggie: So you think that I wouldn't be appalled that you just took some woman's eggs without her knowledge or her permission, and that it's okay because you didn't mean to do it to me?

Victor: No, I... Maggie, please don't go. I'm begging you.

Hope: I completely understand why you'd want to know. I'd want to know. Brady, I'm glad you're asking. John and I did not have a physical relationship in Alamainia. That's what you wanted to know, isn't it? It was different this time. Somehow I don't think the transformation was complete.

Marlena: Why do you say that?

Hope: Because there were still lingering memories of our other lives. I think that's the only explanation. Or why else would John snap out of it so quickly by seeing a photo of you? Why would I snap out of it so quickly when he showed me a photo of you?

Bo: I don't know.

Hope: Brady, look at me. Don't look at Marlena. In our minds, we might have believed that we were Princess Gina and the Pawn, but in our hearts we knew who we really were. And who we really loved.

Bo: [Sighs]

Abe: What's--what's in that text?

Jennifer: Has something happened to Stephanie?

Kayla: No, Stephanie's fine. It's Steve.

Hope: I would like to tell you what that was like. I want you to understand, really understand. I truly believe that John and I were both somehow clinging to the lives that we really wanted. And that's my life with you. And John's life with you.

Bo: Well, I believe that too. 'Cause the doctor said there was no way I could come out of that induced coma on my own, but I did. I heard you calling for me. And you brought me back.

Hope: Just like you brought me back in Alamainia.

Bo: It's that connection. That connection that we've always had.

Hope: Thank God.

Bo: Yeah.

Maggie: Victor, I want to make a deal.

Victor: You want to make a deal? Okay, anything.

Maggie: Wait till you hear what it is. I will stay and listen to everything you have to say.

Victor: Thank you.

Maggie: No! I said listen. After that, if I walk out that door, that's it. No more phone calls from Henderson, no surprise brunches, nothing.

Victor: Okay.

Maggie: You may not know this, Victor, but saying no and pushing you away is very hard for me. I don't want to be alone either. And I do love you.

Victor: Then come back.

Maggie: And then what? Do you not see that the trust is broken?

Victor: [Sighs] That's what I'm asking for is time to mend it. I want another chance. I mean, the fact is that I can't undo what I've already done. The past is the past. What I'm asking for is the chance to be who you want me to be in the future.

Jennifer: Wait, what happened with Steve, is he all right?

Kayla: He's not hurt.

Abe: Well, then what has you so upset?

Kayla: I can't, Abe. Not with everything that you're going through, I can't, I can't.

Abe: Kayla, Kayla, look, look, you've been here for me to lean on. Let me be here for you.

Jennifer: Kayla, please, we're your family.

Maggie: I think you actually mean what you say.

Victor: I do.

Maggie: Well, that's the problem. Because you always sound convincing, because at that moment you actually believe what you're saying. Just like you can convince yourself that there is a sound reason for doing something terrible. It's all for the greater good.

Victor: Maggie...

Maggie: No, listen. You have friends who were dealing with infertility, which can be devastating. And I know that better than most. So you--you just simply saved them a few years of heartache. You stole another woman's eggs. A great humanitarian act.

Victor: Maggie, I understand your pain.

Maggie: Oh, no, no, no, no. Please, please don't say that Daniel wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for you. I'm well aware of that fact.

Victor: That's not what I was going to say. Maggie, I'm not the same person anymore. At least I don't want to be. I promise I'll never lie to you again. Ever, about anything.

Maggie: Again. I think you mean that at this moment. But I don't think it's a promise that you can keep.

Kayla: Thank you. Okay, I lied about chopping the onions for the reason I was crying. The real reason is I had just gotten off the phone with Steve. We had a terrible argument. Well, actually that's not the right word for it. More like a--an ongoing nasty, ugly fight.

Jennifer: Kayla, that happens in every marriage.

Abe: You know, maybe you've just been apart for too long.

Kayla: Well, I haven't been honest about something else. I told everybody that I came back to Salem to help my mother through the holidays, and I stayed because my family was going through so many different things. Well, that was partially true. But the real reason I came back and the reason I stayed, was because I needed a little time away from Steve. I need to find some perspective to decide if I even want to go back.

Hope: Something still bothering you?

Bo: Fancy Face, in my heart I know that we're married, but it's bugging me that your divorce to John hasn't been finalized in Alamainia.

Hope: I'm so sorry.

Bo: No, it's not your fault, you did everything you could. But it's kind of difficult that legally, you're married to another man.

Hope: I know.

Bo: And it can't be easy for you either, 'cause that other man happens to be John. It can't be too comfortable for you.

Victor: You know, the problem is there are no words that can convince you that I'll keep that promise. It'll take time.

Maggie: Victor...

Victor: We've proven that we can be happy together. I mean, day-to-day happy. I've said this before, but I think that we were given a gift. And I think it was from God. And it's arrogance to turn your back on God's blessings. I'm hardly the one that should be talking about arrogance.

Maggie: [Chuckles]

Victor: That won't work. I can feel you smile.

Maggie: [Chuckles] Yes, I smiled. You make me laugh. You make me happy. I know you love me. And God knows I love you. I don't want this to be true. But it just might not be enough.

Jennifer: How long have you and Steve been having problems?

Kayla: Uh, well, you know, looking back on it, probably right when we left Salem. I mean, it was nothing really so obvious. I'd call home and I'd tell mom that everything was okay, and I guess I just sort of convinced myself that everything was fine.

Jennifer: But...

Kayla: We did everything that we talked about, you know? I worked in the clinic. He ran the whole medical transportation and gave the medicine out to people. But he was restless. I could see that he... he wanted something more.

Jennifer: Kayla, after everything you went through, that really surprises me.

Kayla: You know, it doesn't me. He's just like Jack. You know, they crave adventure. He's just not happy with a boring routine. I think that was something that I really loved about him.

Jennifer: I know, that's what I love about Jack.

Kayla: [Sighs] I should have seen it coming. But he called Shane and he went back to work for the ISA.

Jennifer: Really? Without even talking to you about it?

Kayla: After everything that we had been through. I mourned him for 15 years. And that he would just put himself in that kind of situation again.

Jennifer: I hate that you have been coping with this whole situation on your own. I hate that for you.

Kayla: Well, isn't that kind of how life really is... ultimately? We have to cope alone? And I spend a lot of time behind that bar thinking. And I think I've finally come to accept...

Abe: Accept what?

Kayla: [Sighs] Steve and I were separated for so long. I mean, most of Stephanie's life. We didn't even get a chance to raise her together. And that he would do something like this... so reckless. Over being home with me and Joey. He was the man that I fell in love with. But he's not the man I want to be with anymore.

Marlena: Nope, I'm not happy that John and Hope are still married.

Hope: I am so sorry.

Marlena: I don't think it's your fault. I know exactly who's to blame. And I'm not grieving him.

Bo: Yeah, even in death he's ruining our lives. I mean, we had to jump through all these stupid, ridiculous hoops just so I can remarry my wife for the last damn time. I--

Hope: [Laughs]

Bo: What the--you think this is funny?

Hope: Actually I think it's really sweet. I mean after everything we've been through, you still want to marry me.

Bo: You bet I do. And I pick the band this time.

Hope: Maybe. We'll talk.

Bo: Ah-ah, hey.

Marlena: [Laughs] I think we have progress here.

Victor: You know, to state the obvious, you won't know until you try. What the hell? Give it a stab. You might hit the jackpot.

Maggie: You talk about a jackpot and what I might gain if I take a risk. Victor, you never talk about what I might lose. I work every day to stay sober. I work every day to stay me. Falling in love with you and marrying you-- I've taken so many leaps of faith already. I'm just not sure that I can survive another body blow like this.

Victor: That's not gonna happen.

Maggie: I wish I could be as sure as you are, but you've said this before. I don't think that you can ever really change. I won't and--no, I can't. I can't put my heart on the line like that again. I've heard what you had to say. Now I'm saying good-bye.

Victor: Maggie, please. Before you go there's something else I have to say. Something else I haven't told you.

Jennifer: Kayla, I wish you would have talked to me.

Abe: To someone.

Kayla: I think I just--I just kept hoping and praying that eventually Steve would pick his family over whatever it was he was doing. I've lost him. I know after the things that we said to each other today that it's really over.

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