Days Transcript Monday 6/11/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/11/12


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EJ: [Sighs]

[Keys jingling]

Rafe: Oh. Hello, EJ.

Jack: Hey.

Jennifer: Oh, hey, what's up?

Jack: Hey, you are! [Laughter] I've got great news!

Jennifer: No, really?

Jack: Yes, read.

Jennifer: I can't read, I'm too dizzy.

Jack: Okay. "Dear Mr. Deveraux, I am pleased to extend you the offer of publication of your memoirs, tentatively titled a year in the life."

Jennifer: Jack, you got published?

Jack: Yes!

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, I can't believe it. No, I can believe it. I mean, how could you not get published? Oh, my goodness, Jack. I mean, it was a privilege for me to read it. It's one of the most touching things I've ever read.

Jack: I didn't know how I'd feel about this being public and all. I-I mean, Marlena said maybe I should just journal, and I thought, "yeah, okay, I can do it for--just for me, and keeping it private." But then she said, "let's publish it," and I just said, "I don't know. I mean, what if I get a rejection? It could just push me over the edge."

Jennifer: No, I know. I know, Jack. But then look at this.

Jack: Look. I didn't think this was gonna happen. This guy just kept putting me off and putting me off, and now, look. It's got an offer. I've got--I mean, he-- there's an advance, and there's gonna be a book tour.

Jennifer: It's wonderful. It's wonderful. I am so, so proud of you. So proud of you.

Jack: Thank you.

Lexie: I, uh--I want to get together with Chad and EJ to go over my Father's funeral arrangements.

Abe: Oh, well, you know, they're happy to do it. They really don't want to put that burden on you right now.

Lexie: No, no, it's not a burden. I mean, he's--he was my Father, Abe. I'm his only living daughter. I need to be a part of it.

Roman: Do you understand your rights as they have been read to you?

Will: I do.

Sami: Dad, I can't believe you're doing this. This is your grandson we're talking about here! You can't really believe that he actually shot and killed Stefano DiMera!

Roman: Sami, I don't want to believe it either.

Lucas: Roman, look at the kid. He doesn't look like a murderer, does he? Come on.

Roman: Look, I am sorry, but the evidence says we have to arrest him. Fingerprints on the murder weapon, gunpowder residue on his hands. We don't have a choice.

EJ: What are you doing in my house?

Rafe: I'm on assignment. Yeah. Yeah, in case you hadn't heard, I'm back on the police force.

EJ: Wow, well...

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Bully for you. If you don't mind.

Rafe: No, no, no, no. Actually, I do mind. There's no way you're getting in here. Not today.

EJ: This is my house.

Rafe: Yeah, this is also a crime scene, and I'm here to make sure that it doesn't get corrupted, just in case forensics wants to come back in, do another sweep.

EJ: Uh-huh, and why exactly would they want to do that? I mean, they have the body, they have the gun, they've dusted every surface for prints. They've taken fabric samples, though God knows why. So this is my house. I'm the mayor. So let me in.

Rafe: Well, sorry, Mr. Mayor, but I have my orders, and uh, as I'm sure you're fully aware, the mayor's office doesn't supersede a criminal investigation. What's so important you need in there right away?

EJ: It's personal, and it's none of your damn business.

Rafe: Okay, you're still not coming in.

Jack: I think that it's every reporter's dream to get published.

Jennifer: Jack, it has been your dream forever, and I never--I never had a doubt that you would achieve it.

Jack: I-I just hope I don't dry up after one idea. That's--

Jennifer: Stop, you're not. Just relax, and just appreciate what you've accomplished.

Jack: Yes. I just don't want to rest on my laurels. I mean, I've got all these great ideas just rolling around in here.

Jennifer: I know you do, of course you do, all the time.

Jack: I'm gonna call my agent--my new agent--I'm gonna get him on the horn, and we're gonna get right to work.

Jennifer: Oh, do--does that mean you're gonna go to New York?

Jack: Huh? No, no, no, no, no, no. I'll do it over the phone. I'm not going anywhere.

Jennifer: Good, good.

Jack: Well, I mean, how could I after--with everything that's going on with Lexie, and now Stefano DiMera? And--and the fact is that we are planning our wedding. I mean, this isn't in that order of importance, of course.

Jennifer: No, no, of course. Of course. I mean, you--I'm just happy. I'm just so happy that you've been thinking through all of this.

Jack: What do you mean?

Jennifer: Because in the past, Jack, you would've--you would've taken off. You would've jumped on a plane to go chase your story, to pitch your idea.

Jack: Well, you're right, I would've.

Jennifer: Yeah, you would've, and you're not. So you really have changed, haven't you?

Lexie: [Sighs]

Abe: You know, uh, EJ and I, we knew you'd feel that way. But we didn't feel you needed the added stress.

Lexie: [Sighs] This is something I really need to do, okay?

Abe: Okay. All right, I will call Chad and EJ, and tell them you want to be part of the planning.

Lexie: Okay, thanks, honey. Um, this is just really important to me, you know? It's--it's-- it'll help me make my final peace with my father and our relationship.

Abe: Yeah, I understand.

Lexie: I know you're not crazy about, you know, the idea of my expending energy on this. You know, the man who--yeah.

Abe: The man who is taking you away from me and Theo.

Lexie: [Sighs] I'm so--

Abe: Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Lexie: I know. [Groans] My father just made it so hard to love him sometimes. I grew up without him in my life at all, and then learning he was my father was the most difficult time in my life.

Abe: I remember.

Lexie: And he--he didn't even know how to show his love back then, you know? He wanted to offer money, power. He even thought he could buy us a child, for God's sake. And there were always strings. spite of everything he did... all of his faults... I loved him so much.

Abe: Oh, sweetheart. Oh, you know, he doesn't deserve a daughter like you, who could look past so much and still love him.

Lexie: I've done some pretty terrible things myself, I mean, and you still loved me. My father was such a tortured soul. I mean, he never talked about his childhood, but I--I'm sure it wasn't a happy one. You know, not that I'm trying to make excuses for him. It's just in spite of everything that he did, I know he loved me.

Abe: I know, sweetheart. [Chuckles] You know, it's just amazing to me that you can say all that after everything he's done to you.

Lexie: I know how much my illness was torturing him, Abe. You know, he--he would've given anything, even his own life, if he thought it could help me. You know that's true. It was destroying him that he couldn't help me. I'm just--I'm just so sorry that he had to die feeling so sad and so alone.

Abe: Oh, sweetheart. Oh, baby. Oh.

Roman: All right, Kent, let's go.

Sami: No, wait, Dad, you didn't even give him a chance to explain.

Roman: Will, I would advise you not to speak without a lawyer present.

Will: No, I can explain though. Um, the gun--I fired the gun that I bought...

Roman: Will!

Will: Not the gun that I found at the mansion.

Roman: Will--what? You told me you didn't fire the gun you bought. Now you're lying to me, Will. Why?

Will: Well, I-I don't know. I thought--I was hoping that--

Roman: All right, okay! All right, stop! Stop right there! Stop speaking.

Lucas: Roman's right, don't say anything without a lawyer. Come on.

Roman: Sami, you call Carrie, talk to her about representing Will.

Sami: What? I'm not getting Carrie involved in this.

Roman: Sami, you gotta be kidding me. This is not about you. This is not about your old grudges with your sister. Carrie is an excellent criminal attorney, and she cares a hell of a lot about Will.

Sami: [Scoffs] If you think--

Lucas: Well, I'm--I'm sure that Carrie would be great, but we do have other lawyers in the family. So, Sami, if you want, I'll put a call in to Justin, all right?

Sami: Yes, thank you.

Lucas: All right.

Roman: All right, Officer Kent, take him down and book him.

Kent: Yes, sir.

Will: I didn't do this. I swear.

Kent: Come on, let's go.

Jack: What? What are you looking at?

Jennifer: I'm just looking at you, and I can't believe how lucky I am.

Jack: I can't believe how much time I wasted. I just wasted so much time just running around thinking only of myself, being selfish, and not-- and not realizing that what I did actually affected other people, namely you.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? No, I wasn't perfect either, Jack.

Jack: You're perfect to me.

Jennifer: Stop. But you know what the best part is? The best part is that I think we have figured this out.

Jack: Finally.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Jack: With a little bit of help from Marlena.

Jennifer: No--yes. But you did all the hard work, and I love you for that. I love you so much.

Abe: Oh, sweetie. Oh, you know, I am sorry that you never got a chance to say good-bye to your father before he died.

Lexie: Here I was, thinking that I wouldn't have enough time, and I never dreamed he'd be gone before me.

Abe: I know, I know, I know. I think everybody thought that Stefano DiMera would never really die.

Lexie: But it's not--it's not just that he died, Abe. It's--it is very likely that someone close to us killed him.

Abe: Yeah, well, you know-- I'm sorry I went over there. I--I'm really sorry I left my gun over there.

Lexie: Honey, I don't-- I don't blame you, okay? I don't. [Sighs] You know, the more I think about my father's death, I-- [Sighs]

Abe: What?

Lexie: This is going to sound strange, but I'm starting to believe that maybe it was a blessing for him.

Abe: How?

Lexie: What's happening to me was destroying him, Abe. I mean, it was torturing him. No parent wants to outlive their child. I mean, he'd already lost Tony, Renée, and-- oh, God, this is so hard. My father's gone, and I never got the chance to say good-bye.

Abe: Oh, sweetheart, oh. Oh, baby. Oh.

EJ: I don't take orders from you.

Rafe: EJ, if you don't stop, I'm gonna have to arrest you for interfering...

EJ: [Laughs]

Rafe: With a criminal investigation.

EJ: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Rafe: Actually, I would.

EJ: I'd be careful if I were you, Agent Hernandez, because you are on very dangerous ground.

Rafe: Well, that's funny, 'cause from where I'm standing, you're the one who's on dangerous ground, considering you're the one who's about to be arrested.

EJ: Oh, I'm not talking about you flexing that little bureaucratic muscle of yours.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

EJ: I'm talking about you switching the DNA test on Nicole's baby.

Rafe: [Scoffs] Well, maybe you should take that up with the hospital.

EJ: Oh, I will, I will. And if I find out that you had anything to do with it...

Rafe: Mmm.

EJ: I'm gonna bring you down.

Lexie: Good job, honey.

Abe: [Laughs]

Lexie: I couldn't have done it better myself.

Abe: Ah, you know, beginner's luck.

[Doorbell rings]

Abe: Oh, there they are. All right. Hey, hello!

Jennifer: Hi.

Abe: Come in. It's good to see you. Lexie's waiting.

Lexie: Hi.

Jennifer: Hi. I'm so glad that--that you feel good enough to see us.

Lexie: Yeah, look, Abe made tea...

Jack: Hi.

Lexie: All by himself.

Jennifer: Oh, that's great. That's great.

Jack: Um... look, we're--we're really sorry about your loss of your father.

Jennifer: Yeah, um, please, accept our condolences.

Lexie: Yeah, thank you. I just hope and pray that no one close to us is responsible.

Abe: You know, uh, Jennifer said that you had some good news.

Jack: Who, me? Well--

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: Well, I mean, not, you know, I mean--

Jennifer: No, he's being modest now. His--his book is gonna be published.

Lexie: Oh, Jack.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Lexie: Oh, that's wonderful.

Abe: That's great.

Lexie: Oh, I can't wait to read it.

Jack: Um... hey, I tell you what. I-I can get an advance copy, it's all marked up. It's a quick read. It's--I mean, you know, it's not really uplifting, but...

Lexie: Mmm, well, your--your words, I mean, they're very important, you know, for your-- for your children... to read.

Jennifer: Yeah, they are.

Jack: Yeah.

Lexie: Yeah.

Jennifer: They are, Lex.

Abe: Hey, um, look, why don't the two of you just, uh, have a seat and enjoy your tea and your visit with Lexie?

Jennifer: Oh, uh, aren't you joining us?

Abe: You know, if you don't mind, I'm gonna take advantage of your visit to go out and run some errands.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abe: All right?

Jack: Sure.

Abe: Thank you, thank you.

Lexie: Bye.

Abe: All right?

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: All right, I'll be back soon. I won't be long, all right?

Jack: All right.

Abe: Okay, okay, thank you.

Lexie: Oh, I'm so glad you're here. I'm so glad we got a chance to just sit and chat.

Jennifer: Lex?

Lexie: Hmm?

Jennifer: I'm so glad-- I'm so glad that we're here.

Lexie: Thank you.

Rafe: Are you threatening me?

EJ: Look, the things that I want are upstairs in my room, they're not downstairs near your crime scene.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, you seem to be forgetting something, EJ.

EJ: What would that be?

Rafe: You're a suspect in Stefano's murder.

Lucas: All right, um, Justin's still in court, but his secretary said he'll call us as soon as possible.

Sami: Do you really think it's possible that our son, our little boy, actually murdered Stefano?

Lucas: Sami, I don't know. I don't think he's our little boy anymore. You know, there's something I should tell you.

Sami: What?

Lucas: Well, when I told your dad that there's no way that Will could do this, there's no way he could be the murderer, I-- I just kept thinking about all those years that I covered up for him.

Sami: Because he-- because he shot EJ.

Lucas: Exactly. Now, does your mom know? If Marlena knows and she tells your dad, that's it. If she tells the police, they'll look at him in a different light. They will think he's capable of anything, Sami.

EJ: What possible motive could I have for killing my own father?

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Well, let's see. Off the top of my head, um-- well, now with Stefano out of the picture, all this is all yours. The house, the money, the corporations, the power. Yeah, I'm sure if I do a little digging, take some time, I can come up with any number of other reasons.

EJ: I tell you what, you go ahead and dig.

Rafe: Okay.

EJ: I have better things to do than stand here trading barbs with you. Do me a favor. When the police finally decide to let me in to get my things, you let me know. Okay?

Rafe: I will.

Jennifer: Oh, I don't want to hurt you.

Lexie: No, no, I'm okay.

Jack: Say, Lexie, is--is Theo home?

Lexie: Yeah, he's upstairs in his room.

Jack: Oh, well, why don't-- why don't I just go see if he's up for a little video game challenge?

Lexie: Oh, I'm sure he'd love it.

Jack: Good, good. Well, I'll just--I'll leave you two ladies alone for--for a minute. I'll see you in a bit. Hey, Theo! Hey!

Lexie: Come on, sit down.

Jennifer: You sit. You sit down. Let me help you.

Lexie: Okay.

Jennifer: You okay?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah. Ahh. [Sighs] Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hmm?

Lexie: It's okay. No one ever knows what to say.

Jennifer: Yeah. It's--it's hard to imagine the words, much less say them out loud. And I guess that's mostly because I don't want to believe that it's true.

Lexie: It's true. I'm dying. But I've come to accept it.

Jennifer: I know. That's what's so amazing. You're so strong, and you're courageous. But that doesn't make it easier for the people that love you so much.

Lexie: I know, I know. [Sighs] It's so hard seeing everyone I care about going through this here.

Jennifer: Thank you, sorry.

[Both sniffling]

Lexie: You know, I'm-- I'm glad that Abe went out for a while. This is--this is hard on him and it's really taken a toll on him. I know I've--I've seen this so many times before with my patients.

Jennifer: You've seen what?

Lexie: Well, what the caregivers go through. How difficult this whole process is for them, you know? I mean, they try so hard to be strong and cheerful, but... [Sighs] I would give anything to make this easier for Abe, Jennifer. You know? Seeing--seeing his pain, that's what hurts me the most.

Kayla: Abe. Are you all right?

Roman: All right, we'll give you all a few minutes together before we take Will down.

Lucas: Thank you.

Roman: All right, we'll be right outside.

Lucas: I-I put a call in to Justin for you.

Will: Thanks.

Lucas: Anything else you want to tell us before we talk to him?

Will: No, just that I didn't--what I said before. I didn't do it.

Lucas: You're not lying to us about anything else? You sure about that?

Will: No! I mean, yes, I am sure. I-I didn't--I know it looks bad, that's why I lied in the first place. I was at the mansion and I-I bought a gun and I shot it to test it out, but I didn't shoot it at anyone! And the gun that I shot wasn't the gun that killed Stefano! I mean, you guys believe me, right?

[Door shuts noisily]

[Switch clicks]

Will: You both think I did it, don't you?

Sami: Look, that's not the point. The point is we have to find out how to--how to deal with this. You just recently admitted to me that you're the one who shot EJ and that Lucas went to prison for it...

Lucas: All right, Sami.

Sami: So we have to separate the lies from the truth here and figure out what's going on.

Will: Okay, well, thank you for the support, Mom. I'm glad I can always count on you.

Sami: Look, I am trying to help you here. I'm trying to help you make a story that makes sense.

Will: You're not listening to what I have to say though!

Sami: I am listening! I am listening to everything! And we have to commit--

Lucas: That's enough. Stop it, both of you.

Roman: All right, time to go.

Sami: All right, um--

Lucas: Don't worry about it, okay?

Sami: Uh... [Sighs]

Jennifer: I can assure you that Jack and I, and everyone that loves you, we will take care of Abe. We will do everything that we have to do for Abe and Theo.

Lexie: I know. But I just can't--I just can't help worrying about them.

Jennifer: No, you can't. You can't let your worry ruin this precious time that you have left with Abe.

Lexie: I won't.

Jennifer: Okay, good. I, um--I wanted to tell you-- I wanted to apologize... for the stress that I put you through, for the whole crazy mess with the election. I'm so sorry.

Lexie: Oh, honey, no, stop. Please, stop, stop. I mean, listen, I've been forgiven for things much, much worse than that. I mean, that's not impor-- [Winces]

Jennifer: Are you--Lex, are you okay? What can I get you? Are you okay?

Lexie: Yeah, I just-- these--these darn headaches. [Exhales] They're--they're coming much more frequently. [Exhales] I, uh--I don't have m-- I'm just--I'm getting weaker, every day. I don't have much time left. And there's so much more I have to do, you know?

Jennifer: I know.

Lexie: Doggone it.

Jennifer: There just never seems to be enough time, huh?

Lexie: No, no. And that's why I am not gonna waste another second talking about regrets. If there's one thing I want to pass on to the people I love, it's that.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Lexie: So enough about me, okay? How are things with you, hmm? How are things with you and Jack?

Kayla: Is it Lexie? Has something happened?

Abe: No, I mean, she's at home. She's visiting with Jack and Jennifer. I just thought I'd come out and get some fresh air, you know? I don't know, maybe think, I guess.

Kayla: Well, would you rather be alone?

Abe: No, nah. No, I'm going to be alone soon enough.

Kayla: You know, Abe, I-- I know that you feel that--that you need to be there for--for Lexie and for Theo, and be strong for everybody, that there's so many people counting on you. You know, I just want you to know that you can let your guard down with me. You can share your feelings with me. I mean, what are old friends for anyway, huh?

[Door opening suddenly]

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: Yeah, this is Hernandez. I'm still at the DiMera mansion. What? Will Horton was arrested for Stefano's murder? You're kidding me. Okay, listen, I appreciate it. Thanks.

[Door opens, closes]

Jennifer: Jack and I are-- are really good. We--we are the best that we have been in a long time.

Lexie: I could tell. [Both laugh] I'm so happy for you.

Jennifer: Thank you. And you know, even though his experience in Afghanistan was horrible, I think it just helped him re-evaluate who he is, you know, and what's important, and what he wants. And I had to do the same thing.

Lexie: Hmm, yeah. Abe and I had to do exactly the same thing. My goodness. You and Jack. Me and Abe. God knows we've had more than our fair share of problems.

Jennifer: [Laughs] We have.

Lexie: But through it all, we came through it together.

Jennifer: We did. We really did. I'm sorry. I can't imagine you not being here, Lex. I'm sorry.

Lexie: It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. I am so glad that you and Jack came by today.

Jennifer: Oh, so am I. I am so glad.

Abe: Thank you, Kayla. I'm okay, I'm okay. [Laughs] Aw, man, you know, I want to cry, but I think if I start, I won't be able to stop. I love her. I need her. And I don't know what I'd do without her. [Sighs]

Lucas: All right, Justin's still in court, but his secretary said he'll call us as soon as possible. If not, he'll just show up at Will's arraignment.

Sami: I'm just still in shock that this is even happening.

Lucas: You know, I don't care how much evidence they have. They don't have a motive. I mean, why would Will try to kill Stefano? It's ridiculous. What was that look, Sami? Do you know something? You know something I don't? Just tell me.

Sami: Well, um, I know that Stefano was blackmailing Will. Will told me that Stefano forced him to make sure that Rafe found out that EJ and I had slept together.

Lucas: Why would Stefano do that?

Sami: I think he had some vested interest in making sure that EJ and Nicole split up. I don't know. The point is EJ knows, and that's why he fired Will.

Lucas: Who else knows about this?

Sami: Besides EJ? I-I don't know who else knows.

Lucas: Now listen to me, Sami. No one can find out that Stefano was blackmailing Will. Nobody.

Sami: You think?

Lucas: Well, I'm just saying, I mean it. That is an excellent motive for Will to try to kill Stefano.

Sami: [Sighs]

Jack: Well, that was relatively demoralizing. Theo managed to dispatch me in record time in his Phantom of the Universe game.

Lexie: Mm-hmm. That kind of singular focus and concentration, very common in children with autism.

Jack: Really? Really? I just thought he was a kid with superhuman powers. I offered to let him beat me again, but he said he'd been there, done that, and he wanted to draw.

Lexie: Oh, yes, he loves to draw. He draws all the time. It helps him communicate what he's feeling, you know? He's got a real talent for it. I do believe that, one day, his work is going to be in a gallery.

Jennifer: You--you'll see that day, Lex. 'Cause you'll be with him, you will. You'll be with him every day and every single moment.

Jack: Yeah, we'll--we'll make sure that he remembers, forever.

Lexie: Thank you.

Jennifer: No, Lexie, thank you.

Kayla: So tell me, is there anything new in the Stefano murder investigation?

Abe: You know, I don't know. I'm not officially part of the investigation. They don't tell an ex-mayor much. I do know they have a lot of motives and suspects, including me.

Kayla: Oh, come on, nobody thinks that you would be doing that. Come on.

Abe: Yeah, I hope not.

Kayla: Half the people in this town would have reason to want Stefano dead. This could take a while, for sure. Listen, I need to get back to the pub. But you know, why don't you bring Theo by sometime? I know that Joey would love to play with him.

Abe: I'll do that, thanks.

Kayla: And I'm serious, anything you need, please call me.

Abe: Thank you. I'll take you up on that.

Kayla: Good.

[Phone rings]

Abe: Oh.

Kayla: Is that Lexie?

Abe: No, it's Roman. Hey.

Roman: Abe, uh, because of the situation with Lexie, I wanted you to know right away. We've made an arrest in the DiMera murder case.

Abe: Oh, really? Who was arrested?

Roman: Will.

Abe: Will? Your grandson Will? How's that possible?

Roman: He was at the mansion last night, fingerprints on the murder weapon, he tested positive for gunpowder residue. He's being arraigned right now.

Abe: All right, well, thank you for calling me.

Kayla: You don't think that Will's guilty?

Abe: No. No, Will didn't do it. I know that for a fact.

Sami: I'm just worried for Will. He's going through so much right now.

Lucas: Well, the one thing we have to worry about now is that he's the number-one suspect in Stefano's murder, and we have to help him.

Sami: Of course, we do.

Lucas: Well, in order to do that, we have to make sure that nobody finds out that it wasn't me who shot EJ, that it was Will.

Sami: [Sighs]

Officer: The person who posted your bail is on their way up to see you.

Will: Great, is it my mom or my dad?

Officer: Just wait here.

[Door closes]

[Door opening]

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