Days Transcript Tuesday 5/15/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/15/12


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Sami: Thank you for coming over so quickly.

Lucas: That's all right. You sounded upset on your message. Is everything okay--your mom and Johnny and everybody?

Sami: Oh, yes, yeah, no. They're fine. It's not about that. I asked you to come over because I...I cannot wrap my head around this.

Lucas: Around what?

Sami: You didn't shoot EJ.

Lucas: No, I didn't, but I can if you want me to.

Sami: I am talking about at my wedding to him. You didn't shoot him. Will did, and you covered for him.

Lucas: No way.

Sami: Will told me the whole story.

Lucas: What did he tell you?

Sami: He told me that you took the rap to protect him and that EJ knew. EJ knew the whole time.

Lucas: He told you that, too?

Sami: Yes! Remember how we were wondering why Will would take a job to work with EJ, when he hates him?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, right.

Sami: Well, EJ was blackmailing him. And he had that information just ready for the right moment to use it.

Lucas: Well, that son of a bitch. You know what?

Sami: It's not even about EJ right now. I-I just have to talk to you about you, you going to prison to protect our son.

Lucas: Well, what was I supposed to do? EJ was going to ruin Will's life. I had no choice.

Sami: But that's--it's just unbelievable that you did. It's so unselfish, and--and it's just so amazing, and--

Lucas: Come on, it's not that amazing.

Sami: And wonderful, and it's the only reason I'm going to forgive you so easily for lying to me about the whole thing and not telling me the truth when you should have.

Lucas: Well, I mean, me not telling you wasn't personal. I just thought, you know, one less person to know, the better.

Sami: Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lucas.

Lucas: Oh, Sami, that's so sweet. Mm. Uh...[Clears throat] Sami?

Sami: Mm-hmm? What?

Lucas: [Sighs] There's something else I didn't tell you.

[Door opens]

Will: Hi.

Gabi: Hey.

Will: Um, listen, I just got off the phone with Chad. Is it true?

Gabi: Uh, what do you mean? Did--did something happen between Melanie and Chad?

Will: No, I'm talking about you. Apparently some creep is stalking you?

Gabi: There have been threats, yes.

Will: Okay, why?

Gabi: Well, I'm--I'm in a national ad campaign. I mean, there's pictures of me everywhere.

Will: Okay. Come on.

Gabi: What?

Will: Let's go.

Gabi: No, where are we going?

Will: I'm gonna take you someplace safe.

Gabi: Don't be such a, like--

Will: What, like a drama queen? Is that what you were gonna say?

Gabi: I just think you're over-reacting, all right?

Will: Oh, really? Gabi, if someone is stalking you and, uh, trying to hurt you, I don't think I'm overreacting at all.

Gabi: I'm not going anywhere.

Will: Okay. Why not?

Melanie: You're kind of quiet. How you doing?

Chad: Not so good.

Melanie: Right, that was-- that was a silly question. Um... you don't really think your dad could be responsible for--

Chad: The explosion? I have no idea. But I do feel bad for Gabi and Will and their families. Oh, and then there's watching Lexie cram her whole life into the little time she has left. I mean--

Melanie: Yeah, wow. I'm so sorry. Um, if you want to talk, cool. If you don't want to talk, though, that's fine, too, okay? Okay?

Chad: All right.

Melanie: Okay. [Giggles]

Chad: Uh--oh, did you--did you know about this?

Melanie: I did not, but that can't be good.

Chad: Uh, I'm sorry. Ugh.

Melanie: People lose their jobs all the time. I'll figure something out.

Chad: Well, maybe the new owner will keep you around.

Melanie: Well, maybe.

Maggie: I think your chances are pretty good, since I'm the new owner.

Melanie: You bought the spa?

Maggie: Mm-hmm. I'm not only your grandma. Now I'm your boss. [Giggling]

Chad: Hey.

Melanie: Oh, goodness.

John: [Snapping]

Marlena: Yeah, uh--will you please stop doing that? I'm trying to focus on my book, and every time you cross paths with me, I lose my place.

John: I'm going crazy here, baby.

Marlena: Well, you know what, honey, who isn't? Come here.

John: [Sighs tensely]

Marlena: Once that warm glow wore off of having survived the bomb...we began to realize the situation that we're all in.

John: Yeah, and here we sit, just perfectly fine.

Marlena: Mm, and our loved ones are grieving for us.

John: Yeah, and the ones who know we're alive are having to lie to everybody else who doesn't. [Sighs]

Marlena: And there's nothing to be done about it.

John: Well, Donovan should be making a move on DiMera soon, and if he doesn't, by God, I will.

Shane: [Clears throat]

Marlena: Oh.

Shane: Where are Carrie and Rafe?

John: Uh, they're getting some rest. Where the hell are Bo and Hope?

Shane: Uh, they stayed back at the I.S.A. office.

John: And you agreed to that?

Shane: They wanted to follow up a lead on the coin.

John: [Exhales] Well, you know what? They better make it fast. That's all I got to say.

Marlena: I've had my fill of talk about this coin.

John: Listen, the coin's not so silly if DiMera was willing to kill us to get his hands on it. Now we got Agent Harmon out there on the hunt.

Shane: Yeah, well, don't worry about Harmon. His access to I.S.A. resources has been severely limited. He'll be taking every precaution.

John: Well, still, if he runs across Bo and Hope at the I.S.A. headquarters, they've had it.

Marlena: And we all have.

Harmon: Hmm. Like stealing candy from a baby.

[Door slams]

[Phone rings]

Bo: Oh, damn it.

[Ringing stops]

John: You're calling 'em?

Shane: They have a secure cell phone.

[Phone ringing]

[Ringing continues]

Harmon: Hello?

Shane: Harmon? Is that you?

Harmon: Donovan?

Shane: Uh, yeah.

Harmon: I stopped by headquarters. The office was empty, but I heard this phone ringing.

Shane: Oh, that's where I left it. Yeah, I-I lost the phone and didn't know where, so I thought I'd call it.

Harmon: You should be more careful.

Shane: [Chuckles] Yeah. Uh, listen, would you, uh-- would you leave it with the guard at the front desk?

Harmon: Sure.

Shane: Thanks.

Marlena: Wait, he's got Bo's phone?

Shane: Uh, it's all right. It's registered to me, so he won't get anything from it.

John: Let's hope that's all he has.

Harmon: [Sighs] The hell with it.

[Door shuts]

Hope: [Exhales] Damn it, that was close.

Bo: [Exhales] Damn it, he got the coin.

Melanie: So you bought the spa?

Maggie: Yeah, well, there's still a little more paperwork to do, but yes, it's mine.

Melanie: When did you have time to do that?

Maggie: Last week. See, a friend of mine is a loan officer at my bank. And she knew I was looking for a good investment. So she called and said the spa was on the market, and, oh, well, I thought, "perfect." [Laughs]

Melanie: [Laughs]

Maggie: I was going to make an announcement today, but-- you know.

Melanie: Yeah, everything with Bo and Hope and everybody.

Maggie: Right.

Melanie: How's Victor?

Maggie: We're both just trying to put one foot in front of the other.

Melanie: Sure. And--and Ciara? What's--what's going to happen to her?

Maggie: Well, you know, it's just...[Sighs] It's too hard to talk about, Melanie. I just have to keep going.

Melanie: Of course.

Chad: Oh, so is--is that why you came to the spa and checked it out?

Maggie: Anything to keep busy.

Melanie: Yeah. Um...[Laughs] I didn't know that you were interested in--in buying spas.

Maggie: I didn't either. [Laughs] But you see, my granddaughter is working for one.

Melanie: So you bought it because of me?

Maggie: Maybe I'll get to see you once in a while.

Melanie: Yes, I know. Um, I'm sorry I haven't-- I haven't stopped by. Uh, there's just--there's been a lot going on.

Maggie: I know. Well, now that you know, if you don't come and see me, I will haunt you.

Chad: Ooh.

Melanie: [Giggles] Okay.

Maggie: And I need to get to know this young man better, too. If you're planning on spending time with Melanie, you have to be properly vetted.

Melanie: Ooh.

Chad: [Clears throat] Yes, ma'am.

Melanie: Oh.

Maggie: But just so you know, I see the way you look at Melanie. And I see the way she looks at you. So I think it's a pretty safe bet that you'll pass with flying colors.

Will: So Chad told me that... someone took the head off of a doll and left it outside of your door.

Gabi: Yes, they did.

Will: Okay, and they also left a note saying that you're next.

Gabi: Right.

Will: But you still don't want to go somewhere safe?

Gabi: Rafe says--Rafe used to say, "if they call, they won't come."

Will: What does that mean?

Gabi: It means that this guy, if he wanted to do something, he would've done it already. He's just getting off on trying to scare me, but that's not gonna work.

Will: Okay, well, then, let me just take you somewhere, you know, safe, just to be--just in case.

Gabi: Okay, look. When your mom took over Countess Wilhelmina, Chad and I were told that our ad was put on hold. I don't even know if I have a job.

Will: Okay, that's great. What a perfect time to lay low.

Gabi: No, will, look, I'm trying to find an agent. I'm trying to get my modeling career on track. I can't really do that if I'm hiding out in somebody's attic.

Will: Gabi, I--

Gabi: Will, look. People are supposed to believe that we are grieving, that I'm grieving over my dead brother, all right? That's the plan. How is the plan gonna work if I'm just out of sight? Look, I know that you care. I appreciate that. But I'm fine.

Sami: Lucas, what aren't you telling me? Why do you have a guilty look on your face?

Lucas: [Sighs] Well, you know how it goes when you tell a story. I mean, I didn't mean to lie, exactly, but when you tell a story and it leads into another story, and it turns into another lie--

Sami: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm familiar with the concept.

Lucas: Right, exactly. Exactly. And, um, you were having your problems with Will anyway.

Sami: So there's more about Will that I don't know?

Lucas: Yeah. When I came back to Salem, I found out that EJ knew what Will did.

Sami: Who told you?

Lucas: Will did. He told me. And he also told me that EJ was using that information to force him to work for him.

Sami: So what did you do?

Lucas: What do you think I did? I confronted EJ, and I told him to back off, but he didn't. And next thing you know, Will changed his mind, and he wanted to work for EJ. And you know how that kid is. Neither one of us could've changed his mind.

Sami: Wait a second. So you knew? You have known this whole time? It's been months!

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Sami: That's it? That's a-- you're gonna say, "yeah"? You have been keeping this secret from me for months? How could you do that? You've been lying your head off, and--and if will hadn't told me the truth, you'd still be lying to me about this!

Lucas: Well, you know what? You were--you were upset enough. I didn't want to bother you with more.

Sami: I'm his mother! I'm supposed to be upset! You don't get to tell me what I do and do not know about my son.

Maggie: Thank you.

Chad: Um...Mrs. Kiriakis...

Maggie: Oh, Maggie, please. [Chuckles]

Chad: Maggie, um...I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about what happened at the memorial service.

Maggie: I completely understand.

Chad: I...I'm just trying to make peace with being Stefano's son, you know? And I'll never be like him. I just want you to know that, okay?

Maggie: I do know that. So I understand you're modeling now.

Chad: Uh...yeah, it just kind of...kind of fell in my lap, you know, but um, you know, I don't think I'm going to be doing much of it anymore.

Maggie: Why?

Chad: Well, I'm just--

Melanie: Oh, what? [Laughs dryly] Kate was replaced by Sami at Countess W.

Maggie: Ahh.

Chad: Yeah.

Maggie: So any idea that Kate has is suddenly very unpopular.

Chad: Pretty much, yeah.


Maggie: I have an idea. I am looking for someone to do an ad campaign for the spa, and heaven knows, you photograph well.

Melanie: Eh. [Snorting laugh]

Chad: Hey. Wait, wait, wait, you're serious?

Maggie: I am very serious.

Melanie: Yeah? It'd be pretty cool, 'cause then I would get to see you all the time.

Lucas: If I told you that EJ was blackmailing Will, you wouldn't have been satisfied with that, would you? You would've wanted to know why, right?

Sami: Right, of course.

Lucas: Right, well, that wasn't my secret to tell. That was Will's secret.

Sami: I am his mother, and you knew and EJ knew before I knew? I should've known from the beginning.

Lucas: So you didn't know, Sami, all right, you didn't know, and I wish right now you didn't know either.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Lucas: Well, all you're doing is screaming at me. You're screaming your head off because you didn't know something, and you're not even thinking about Will right now.

Sami: That's not true. I am thinking of Will.

Lucas: No, you're not thinking about Will. All you're thinking about is yourself again.

Sami: [Scoffs] Stop it.

Lucas: That--he was mad at you because you were going to marry a guy he hated so much that he shot him, and not only that, but you screwed things up with Rafe because you slept with the very same guy. Now, he was furious with you. What would change that? What could I have said that would have changed that? Not one good would have come of it.

Sami: Do you hear yourself right now, Lucas? You're saying that a lie is okay because you have a good reason.

Lucas: Well, yeah. Yeah, it's worked for you for years.

Sami: No, it doesn't work for me, it never works for me. I can't believe that--you know what, fine. If you're gonna lie, just own up to it.

Lucas: "Own up to it"? Fine.

Sami: Yes!

Lucas: I just did own up to it.

Will: Wow, good advice, Mom. Maybe you should try it sometime.

Radio Reporter: The city of Salem is still in shock over the violent deaths of six--

Stefano: [Sighs]

Harmon: [Clears throat]

Stefano: Harmon, I'm busy. Make it fast.

Harmon: Anything I can help you with?

Stefano: No.

Harmon: You sure? Arms, weapons, the whole nine yards--who's the lucky buyer?

Stefano: Oh, you're the last man on earth I would tell.

Harmon: You should have more faith in me, boss.

Stefano: [Sighs] What's that, another fake?

Harmon: Not this time.

Stefano: Where did you get this?

Harmon: I.S.A. headquarters.

Stefano: You're joking.

Harmon: Took it from the safe and walked out the door.

Stefano: My God. This--this--this looks like the real thing. I paid a high price, but... at last... it's mine.

Shane: How did Harmon get into that room? Bloody hell, I deactivated his access codes myself.

Hope: All we could do was just keep quiet and watch Harmon walk off with that damn coin.

Bo: Something must have spooked him, because he pulled his weapon when he was opening the safe. If we had tried to stop him...

Hope: He'd have put a bullet in both of us.

Bo: I'm sure Stefano's got that coin by now.

Shane: Yeah, well, the value has to be in the inscription, and we still have that information.

Bo: Oh, and so does the old man.

John: All right, if Stefano has what he was ready to kill for...what's his next move?

Marlena: Maybe he'll take the coin and leave town.

John: Nah, we'll stop him before he does that.

Marlena: Really? I say good riddance.

John: We can't let him just disappear. When he is gone, I want to make sure he is gone for good.

Bo: Well, he certainly didn't want that coin for his collection.

Shane: We have to know what it means and what he plans to do with it.

Hope: Which means we'd better get to him fast, no matter what it takes.

Shane: Are you saying that a double agent was allowed to just stroll into I.S.A. headquarters and then stroll out with the only piece of evidence we have against Stefano DiMera? And now you're tell me that you let him wander into Stefano's house and hand it over? They say they didn't intercept Harmon because they didn't want to alert him. Yeah, well, you bloody well better be all over the DiMera house right now and the airports and the highways and the train stations, and if you have to put sand in the gas tank of the DiMera jet to keep it parked where it is, then I suggest you bloody well do that, too. All right? Thank you. The excuse they give is "insufficient manpower."

Bo: Budget cuts. They're a bitch.

John: Yeah, looks like getting DiMera's up to us.

Shane: Yeah, well, at least we have the element of surprise on our side, seeing as he thinks you're all dead.

[Phone rings]

Shane: No...excuse me, I've got to take this. Yeah, Donovan here. What have you got?

Marlena: But if it had worked, we'd all be living a normal life right now, hm?

Bo: "Normal." Remember "normal"?

Hope: Vaguely.

Shane: All right, yeah, yeah, thanks, good work. All right, we may have something. You remember those invoices that Billie photographed when she was at DiMera's house?

Hope: It's a great lead, but we have no proof of wrongdoing.

Shane: Well, we might soon. I've just heard that one of the biggest traffickers in illegal arms is on a flight that's landing in Salem any minute now.

John: Nice. So what can we do with this?

Marlena: Are you saying that, if Stefano is there, you could arrest him?

Shane: Well, we don't have time to arrange a proper warrant. We get one shot at this. We don't want to blow it.

Marlena: Well, then, what are you thinking?

John: Maybe the answer isn't catching DiMera in the middle of making this deal. At least, not right away. Maybe first it's making sure we position ourselves smack in the middle of that deal.

Will: So I guess this is still about the whole blackmail, me working for EJ thing. She didn't get enough attention from him, so now she's getting it from you.

Lucas: I can handle this, okay, Will?

Will: I know, I know, I just think it's funny that she's going after you for lying.

Sami: I am standing right here. You came to my apartment. You can talk to me.

Will: Okay. You lied about having sex with EJ for months, and that's just your latest lie.

Sami: Okay, okay. You think I'm a hypocrite. I get that. Will, I love you and I care about what happens to you, and your dad should have leveled with me about what you were going through, what EJ was doing to you.

Will: So what you're saying is you have the absolute right to know everything there is to know about me. Yeah? Okay, be careful what you wish for. (Bell rings)

Sami: "Be careful what you wish for"? What does that even mean? I'll tell you what I wish for. I wish that we could be close the way we used to be. I wish...that you would know how much I love you. I wi--I wish you could be a little more understanding.

Will: I spent my whole life trying to understand the things you do.

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I slept with EJ. I am sorry that I hurt you.

Will: You know, what hurt me is the fact that you cheated on Rafe and you lied to him...and by doing that, you destroyed my family, and I don't think you care.

Sami: I care. Will, I care a lot. I know, I did something terrible.

Will: Hmph!

Sami: And I know it won't do me any good to try to tell you again that I was devastated, that I thought your little brother was dead, and I...and I did something crazy and stupid, and you can't say anything to me that I haven't said to myself, that I don't think about myself. But I have to learn to live with it, I have to find a way to move on.

Will: Good luck with that.

Sami: Will, what worries that you are not able to do the same thing, that you're not even trying to move on. At every chance you get, you remind me of my failures, that I'm a liar, that you think I'm a hypocrite. You can say anything you want to me, and I can take it. You're not gonna destroy me, but I am very worried that it will turn you into a person that you do not want to be.

Lucas: All right, Sami, I think you should stop now.

Sami: And I have been wanting to say this for a very long time.

Maggie: I have plans for you two.

Melanie: Yeah?

Maggie: Mm-hmm. I know how to run a restaurant, of course, but this is a completely different operation, so I'm counting on you to help me figure out the day-to-day workings.

Melanie: I would like that.

Maggie: Me, too. At a time like this, I want my loved ones close.

Melanie: I feel the same way. Have you had a tour of the spa yet?

Maggie: Uh, well, the realtor walked me through, but honestly, she wasn't very helpful.

Melanie: Cool, I will show you around.

Maggie: Great. Can you join us, Chad?

Chad: Yeah, actually, I just need to--I'm gonna make a quick phone call real fast, but I'll meet you guys in there.

Maggie: All right.

Melanie: Come with me.

Maggie: Okay. [Laughter] I don't know.

Chad: Gabi?

Gabi: Oh, hey, Chad.

Chad: Hey, is...something wrong?

Gabi:, I just--it's my imagination. Don't worry about it.

Chad: What happened?

Gabi: Uh, well, I was walking and I heard some footsteps, so I turned around, and there was a guy behind me, so I walked over to the other side of the street and...pretty soon, he did the same thing.

Chad: Is he still here?

Gabi: No, no, I don't see him.

Chad: Okay, well, if he's around, he'll take off, okay? He'll take off now. You all right?

Gabi: Thank you, it's been-- yeah, it's been a little bit hard, last couple of days, but I feel better now.

Chad: It's all right. Hey, it's all right.

Shane: Name's Vladimir Nevsky.

Bo: Russian.

Shane: Born there, but loyal only to himself.

John: Who does he sell to?

Shane: Anyone with enough money. He'll happily sell the world's most destructive weapons to the worst people on the planet. You sure you want to tangle with him?

Bo: You bet. He's all we've got.

John: DiMera thinks there's competition, he'll be forced to show his hand.

Marlena: I don't even know what we're talking about, and I already hate it.

John: It's okay, honey. We can handle this, as long as we have all the information.

Bo: It's not like Stefano's gonna see us coming.

Marlena: Think that's enough? Because we've thought we had him so many times in the past.

John: He's doing business with a guy who sells arms to terrorists. He's out of his depth.

Bo: Any idea what our first move would be?

Shane: Well, maybe I'll have a little chat with Stefano's friend Agent Harmon, see if I can plant some disinformation.

Hope: Sounds good.

John: Hmm. [Exhales] Sweetheart, I know you're scared about this, but doesn't the reward outweigh the risk?

Marlena: You said we would not be free of the threat of Stefano until he was dead. Is that what you're planning?

John: Hey, we pull this off, it is over, whether he's alive or dead.

Chad: Okay, so what did this guy look like?

Gabi: Um, he was A...I think he was wearing a brown jacket maybe.

Chad: Brown jacket, that-- that's great. A lot of guys wear brown jackets, Gabi, come on. I mean, what, was he a big guy? I mean, how old did he look? Did he...

Gabi: I don't know. I mean, it was more like a feeling. I didn't really get a really good look at him. I was scared.

Chad: What are you doing alone? I thought you were gonna hang out with Sonny today.

Gabi: I know, I didn't want to be a pain.

Chad: A pain. Okay, well, I don't think you would ever think that.

Gabi: I know, I just--it's embarrassing to have to ask you guys to, you know, be with me 24/7.

Chad: Are we that bad?

Gabi: No, no, that is not what I meant at all.

Chad: And what's embarrassing about it? It's not like you did something wrong, you know what I mean? So...

Gabi: I guess I just feel like--I feel like a--I don't know, I just...

Chad: It's okay, come here. Come here, come on, it's all right.

Melanie: Hey, I thought you were gonna meet us at the spa.

Chad: I, uh, some guy's following her, so...

Gabi: I don't even know if that's for sure.

Melanie: Okay, all right, that's it.

Gabi: What are you doing?

Melanie: I'm gonna call the police.

Gabi: No, no, no, you don't have to do that, it's okay.

Melanie: Really? Your friends don't know how to handle this. The police do.

Gabi: Okay, well, I'm not even sure I saw him today.

Melanie: But you're freaking out, so I'm gonna call the police.

Gabi: Okay, but those cops are gonna call--they know Rafe. They're gonna think I'm a baby.

Melanie: I'm not worried about that right now, okay? Gabi, you can't do this alone. You need some help, so I'm gonna call the police.

Sami: You know what, I am glad that you are working for EJ.

Will: Oh, really?

Sami: Yeah. Yes, I am. He manipulated you into taking that job, and he's so good that he makes you think that you even want it. But someday, you are going to wake up and realize what he has gotten you into.

Will: Is that what happened to you? Did he hypnotize you into sleeping with him?

Lucas: Oh, come on, Will. Watch it, all right?

Sami: I hope you never have to explain to somebody you love a situation that EJ has gotten you into. But if you ever do, if you ever find yourself having to lie to protect the people you love, I want you to know that I will understand.

Will: Is that what you think you did? You did it to protect us? Are you sure you weren't just trying to protect yourself?

Sami: I know I was trying to protect the people I love. I know I did something terrible, but I lied to protect our family. I lied for months to protect our happiness. I know you don't see it that way, because you want to think the worst of me.

Will: Don't tell me what I think. Don't tell me how I feel.

Lucas: That's not what she's doing. She's just saying, you know.

Sami: I'm just saying...that everybody has to make tough choices in life, and someday, you will, too.

Will: [Scoffs] [Laughs]

Sami: And when that day comes, I hope--I hope you realize that my back was against the wall. And when you realize that sometimes a lie can be an act of're gonna have to decide for yourself if the truth is worth telling.

Will: I see that already. Maybe that day is today.

Harmon: I came through for you, right?

Stefano: 'Cause you were afraid not to.

Harmon: Just a matter of being in the right place at the right time and knowing the combination to the right safe.

Stefano: Do you think that the I.S.A. knows that this is missing?

Harmon: Doubtful.

[Phone rings]

Harmon: It's my boss at the agency.

Stefano: Take it, so he doesn't become suspicious.

Harmon: Shane, yeah, if you're wondering about your phone, I--Shane, my phone broke up. Could you repeat that please?

Shane: [On phone] Yeah, I've just received intelligence I think you should know about. Apparently an arms dealer named Vladimir Nevsky's on the move.

Harmon: He's on the move? That's all you know?

Shane: Yeah, well, as you know, the agency's suffering the loss of John Black. All the networks that he had set up in Russia had to be evacuated for their own safety.

Harmon: So you have no idea where Nevsky's headed and no real way to find out?

Shane: Well, we think he might go to ground in this area, so I'm asking all the agents in this area to reach out to their contacts, their snitches, see what information they can get.

Harmon: Got it. We don't usually get arms dealers in this part of the country.

Shane: Yeah, I know. Just do what you can, all right?

Bo: When do you think that information will get to Stefano?

John: I'll bet he has it right now.

Hope: And that he took the bait.

Bo: So...all we have to do is reel him in.

John: [Exhales]

Melanie: Hi, yes, my friend has been receiving threats, notes outside of her door. She thinks she saw the guy that's doing it. N--yeah, she's right here.

Chad: Why would you do that?

Gabi: Because there's a better way than getting the police involved.

Melanie: Would you like to tell us what that is?

Gabi: Will knows what's going on.

Chad: Yeah, I told him.

Gabi: Okay, and he thinks that he can use his pull in the mayor's office to help me out.

Chad: Okay, so what's EJ's office gonna--

Melanie: I'm sorry, why didn't you tell us that before?

Gabi: Because I wasn't sure until--I didn't want to tell you until I was sure, all right? But he thinks that your brother can arrange some sort of protection that doesn't have to involve the police following me around all the time.

Melanie: Okay, you think that this will all be okay?

Gabi: Look, I ran into Chad when I was upset. Otherwise, I wouldn't even have told him, all right? You guys have a lot to deal with already.

Chad: You sure you're okay?

Gabi: Yeah.

Melanie: Maggie's--Maggie's waiting for us.

Gabi: Yeah, I'm--I'm okay.

Chad: You sure?

Gabi: Yeah, you scared him off.

Melanie: O-okay.

Chad: All right.

Melanie: Okay.

Chad: Okay, just, you know... be careful, all right?

Gabi: Thanks.

Will: You think I've had it easy?

Sami: I never said that.

Will: I mean, you think I've never had to hold something in because I didn't want to hurt the people I love, 'cause I didn't want to hurt you guys?

Sami: What are you talking about, Will? Are you in some kind of trouble?

Will: No. No, it's just that there's a part of myself that I haven't been sharing with you guys, because I know you don't want to deal with it.

Sami: That's not--

Lucas: You have to be more specific than that. What do you mean?

Will: [Laughs] I mean now that you're ready to live with your lies. But I-I'm not like you. I-I can't--I don't want to lie about who I am to my family, you know, because it's dishonest and because it hurts.

Sami: Will, I am begging you, I have been begging you to tell me what is wrong--

Will: You don't want to know the truth, Mom.

Sami: What truth?

Will: Because I'm gay!

Stefano: I want to know any progress that the I.S.A. makes in tracking down that arms dealer.

Harmon: Trust me now?

Stefano: [Chuckles] Let's just say that you've demonstrated some value.

Harmon: You can count on me, boss. Now if I do get any information on that guy, I won't be telling it to the I.S.A.

Stefano: Good. Now we understand each other.

Shane: So there he is, Vladimir Nevsky in all his glory, a man who might just help us put Stefano away for good.

Bo: A face only a mother could love.

Hope: But when you think about what this face can do for us...he's just beautiful.

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