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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/8/12


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Shane: I know.

Sami: It's gonna be okay.

Will: Oh, yeah.

Sami: I mean, they're gonna find everyone. It's gonna--I mean, it's gonna be--it's gonna be... Dad.

Roman: I'm sorry.

Austin: No.

Roman: They didn't make it. They're all gone.

Sami: [Sobbing]

Kayla: Oh! God, Shane.

Shane: It's okay, it's okay.

Brady: What are you talking about? Who?

Roman: There was an explosion. Your father, Marlena...

Kayla: Rafe and Carrie, Bo and Hope. Oh, God.

Roman: I'm so sorry, Brady.

Will: I'm sorry, this is, um...a mistake. Probably, right? No!

Lucas: Settle down, settle down, it's not gonna help any. Come on, relax.

Brady: You better get your facts straight because that's not the case. I met with my father this morning, Roman. He's fine.

Roman: We were there, Brady. It's true.

Kate: Excuse me. I'm Kate...Roberts, and I'm meeting some people here for a business dinner.

Maître d': Are you quite certain? We're closed for a private party this evening.

Stefano: You are out of my life. You are dead to me.

Ian: Is everything ready?

Kate: Ian. What are you doing here?

Ian: We are the private party. I hope you don't mind. I wanted to surprise my love with a Romantic evening.

Kate: How could you do that?

Melanie: Okay, I know you're real into those, um, motorcycle magazines, but do you think we could read them another time?

Chad: Mm? Uh...

Jack: We should do that more often.

Jennifer: Really? Chez Rouge?

Jack: Mm.

Jennifer: Often? I'm in.

Jack: Okay. You pay.

Jennifer: [Laughing] No.

Jack: [Chuckling]

Abigail: Mom, Dad, I've been trying to call you.

Jennifer: Oh, sorry, honey. We had our cell phones off.

Jack: Well, what's wrong?

Abigail: Aunt Maggie called the house. Something terrible happened.

Santo: [Indistinct] Stefano. And now that it appears my time is done, I need you to continue where I cannot. I need you to find the Anastasia egg and uncover what's hidden inside. The future of our family depends on it, my son.

Young Stefano: Father, I don't understand. What's inside the egg that's so important?

Santo: [Gasping] [Shuddering]

Young Stefano: Father? Father, no. Wake up, please. Father. Father! Please wake up, Father.

EJ: Father. What in God's name have you done?

Gabi: Um, please, I heard there was an explosion. Is my brother Rafe--is he...

Roman: Rafe's gone, Gabi.

Gabi: No.

Nicole: Rafe's--Rafe's dead?

Gabi: [Sobbing]

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Kayla: Why don't you come take a seat?

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Kayla: Come on, it's okay. Go take a seat.

Gabi: [Sobbing]

Will: Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Oh, I'm sorry.

Austin: Something's wrong. There's gotta be some mistake. There's no reason for Carrie to be down there. She was coming home to me. I was gonna give her the scrapbook I was making her.

Billie: I know. I know.

Austin: My God, Billie. How are you gonna tell Chelsea about Bo?

Billie: I don't know, Austin. I-I-I don't know.

Roman: I'm so sorry, honey. I'm so sorry.

Sami: Daddy, how could you let this happen? How could you let them die?

Kayla: Sami, that's not fair.

Sami: Dad, it's your fault. It's your fault, Daddy. Daddy. [Sobbing]

Kate: This is the exact spot that Stefano picked to tell me that I was out of his life. He kicked me to the curb right here.

Ian: Oh, I feel like such an idiot. I'm so sorry. I apologize, I had no idea.

Kate: No, no, no. Don't, don't. You had no way of knowing. Stefano is just a world-class bastard who revels in people's pain. 'Course you're nothing like that.

Stefano: What exactly have I done?

EJ: How dare you even ask? John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, Carrie. They're all dead.

Stefano: What?

EJ: They were hiding in a safe house from you. That bomb exploded and it killed all of them.

Stefano: If this is some kind of a ploy, that you wanna get even with me because of your birthright--

EJ: What I don't understand is why. You've played this stupid game for years. I thought it was about winning and losing, who made the next move. I never thought you'd end it like this.

Sami: Daddy, you're the police commissioner. You told them they'd be safe. You told them they'd be safe, and now they're dead.

Shane: Oh, Sami, Sami, come on. Your dad had no way of knowing they were walking into a trap. He did everything humanly possible to save them.

Sami: But, Daddy, they trusted you. They were counting on you.

Brady: Sami, Sami, I'm just as upset as you are. It was not his fault.

Sami: Then whose fault was it? I'm never gonna see my mother again, my sister, my husband. They're all dead.

Will: Oh, that's rich, Ma. [Chuckling] Let's see the tears for Rafe, the man whose--whose heart you--you, uh, broke into a million pieces.

Lucas: That's enough, Will. Stop it.

Will: I-I just wanna know where she gets off blaming grandpa when she's the one who should be feeling guilty.

Roman: Will, she's your mother.

Will: Is that it? Is that why you can act like you're the--you're the only person in the--in the room who lost somebody? Is that why you can treat Grandma Marlena like crap? Is that why you can cheat on Rafe?

Lucas: That's enough, back off.

Will: No, I won't, Dad. You need to know. You need to know who she really is.

Chad: Um, I'm--I'm sorry, okay?

Melanie: No, no, no. We're alone. Gabi's not here.

Chad: I know. It's just that, uh...

Melanie: Oh, um, you can't stop thinking about Lexie?

Chad: Yeah, um, I'm sorry.

Melanie: Please don't be sorry. She's your sister and you love her. And I hate that this is happening, and I wish there was something I could do.

Chad: Well, you are. Just by being here.

Ian: Stefano and I are nothing alike. I wouldn't hurt you for the world, love. Let's go some other place where you're not reminded of him. Come on.

Kate: No, no. No, I'm fine, really. You went to all this trouble.

Ian: Really, are you?

Kate: Yes. I'm not going to let Stefano ruin my evening or my life.

Ian: If you're sure, shall we?

Kate: Thank you.

Ian: I think we can drink a your well-won freedom. Getting away from that monster that you called a husband. No?

Kate: He's such a vindictive man, and I betrayed him with you. He never forgets. He never forgives.

Ian: Then he and I do have something in common, 'cause neither do I.

Jennifer: Look at me. What did Aunt Maggie say? What--what's wrong?

Abigail: She...

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Abigail: She called the house. Aunt Maggie called the house and she was--she was talking so fast, I couldn't understand her at first, and she was crying, and she was... I--she said that there was an... she said there was an explosion.

Jack: Where?

Abigail: I don't know. Some cabin outside of town. Mom...

Jennifer: What?

Abigail: Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope were inside.

Jennifer: What? What? What did she say? Were they--were they taken to the hospital? What did she say?

Abigail: No. No, they were inside. They were at this--this cabin. They--they didn't go to a hospital. They're dead.

Jennifer: No. Baby, baby, baby, that is not true. You--you just said you didn't understand what she said. Baby, that is not true. That's not true. Not Bo, not Hope. Not true.

Stefano: Oh, my God in heaven. I didn't mean for this to happen.

EJ: So you admit it. You killed them.

Will: You know, Mom, I don't think anybody is buying the act. Because you never loved any--

Austin: I need to talk to you.

Sami: No, Austin.

Austin: No, you can't do this, man.

Will: Why are you defending her?

Austin: Shh!

Will: Why are you defending her after what she did to Carrie?

Austin: Listen to me. They are sisters, and this isn't about you. Shh! Nobody--nobody loved your mother like Carrie, and regardless of what you think, your mother loves Carrie.

Will: Uh, I'm sorry. Uh...

Austin: Huh?

Will: I'm sorry.

Austin: Well, cut your mother some slack, huh?

Lucas: He didn't mean it, okay? He's just out of his mind with grief.

Sami: Lucas, he did mean it. He meant every word.

Billie: Can you tell me what happened?

Roman: Uh, well, we, uh--we just started the investigation, Billie. There was a critical threat with Bo and Hope, John and Marlena.

Billie: From who? Stefano, of course.

Roman: We don't have proof, but, uh, yes.

Shane: That's one of the reasons I'm back in town.

Roman: And that's why we arranged to put them in protective custody. Rafe was just helping out with the investigation.

Austin: Hey, Roman, listen, I know why Rafe was there. You tell me right now: Why was my wife there?

Roman: Uh, she was just, uh-- she was pitching in. She was just helping everybody get settled. She, uh--she brought groceries.

Brady: This was murder. It was cold-blooded murder. We all know who did it. So I don't know what you people are gonna do just sitting here, but I'm gonna go out and do something about it--

Madison: Brady, where are you going?

Brady: Stefano knows eye for an eye. That's how he lives. So I'm gonna make him pay for what he did to my dad.

Madison: Brady, come on.

Roman: Brady, Brady, hang on. Brady!

Ian: Well, do you like it?

Kate: It's absolutely beautiful. Beautiful. But I can't accept it.

Ian: Why not?

Kate: Because you... you've been too generous already. You gave me the job at Mad World, this fabulous wardrobe, and it's--it's just...

Ian: Too much?

Kate: It's too soon. It's too soon. I appreciate it all, and I care for you. But I...

Ian: But you're still thinking about Stefano.

Kate: I know that sounds crazy, but I don't wanna lie to you. I do still have feelings for him.

Ian: I see, Kate. That just won't do.

EJ: You never intended for them to die. So you admit you murdered them.

Stefano: Of course not.

EJ: Really? It doesn't look that way to me. I come in here and I find you drinking your Cognac, listening to your morbid Wagner. Fitting accompaniment to your atrocity, don't you think?

Stefano: I never... I never, never wanted them dead.

EJ: What kind of man are you? You chase after things that you can't have. But the things that you're supposed to focus on, things right in front of you, the people in your life, you cast them aside with total indifference.

Stefano: If you are referring to my children, I love them more than life.

EJ: This is how you choose to show your estranged son and your dying daughter that you love them?

Stefano: Do not bring Alexandra into this.

EJ: My sis... the woman who was my sister cared very much for each of those people you killed. I'm warning you, your family is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Your daughter's dying, your son reviles you, you threw your wife out of the house. I may not have liked Katherine very much, but at least she loved you.

Stefano: She betrayed me with McAllister.

EJ: Well, it's not like you haven't betrayed anybody who loved you.

Stefano: Are you insinuating yourself, Elvis?

EJ: I spent half of my adult life trying to win your respect.

Stefano: It broke my heart when I found out that you were not my real son.

EJ: Well, then, just pretend you didn't find out. The only two people who know are you and me. Can you not--please just let me help you get through this.

Stefano: No, it's, uh--it's not possible now because everything has changed.

EJ: That's a little bit of an understatement, isn't it? When people find out what you did--and people will find out what you did--they're coming for you. They are coming for you.

Shane: Look, killing Stefano will only make things worse.

Brady: What? Worse--worse than he's already done to us? The man's killed everybody that we care about. I just wanna look into his eyes when he's dying so he knows that he didn't get away with it. I just want him dead basically.

Madison: At what price, Brady? I mean, even if the guy deserves to die, you will go to jail for the rest of your life. Please don't do that to us.

Nicole: Gabi. I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Gabi: You know, Rafe was the best brother in the whole world. Your baby is so lucky to have him for a father.

Nicole: We need him.

Kayla: You know, I heard Shane and Roman talking. They said that Rafe was a true hero. That he really tried to save everybody.

Sami: Hey, Gabi. I-I know how proud you are of him, and... look, even though things obviously didn't work out for us, he was the most amazing man I ever met. I'm so sorry.

Lucas: Just do me a favor and go easy on your mom, okay?

Will: I don't get it. Grandma was always there for me, and, uh, I don't understand why my mom hates her so much.

Lucas: She doesn't hate her. Sometimes, you know, just because you're mad at somebody doesn't mean you don't love them. Sometimes it's proof of how much you do.

Billie: Carrie loved you, Austin. You can never forget that. Gimme a second, I'll be back. All right, it's just you and me now, Shane Donovan. You knew something big was going down, otherwise you wouldn't have shown up here, so what the hell is going on?

Melanie: Okay, herbal tea, it will help you sleep.

Chad: Mm, thank you. Ooh, but I, uh, need to stay awake for when Gabi calls. Um, I'm gonna save that.

Melanie: Right, no, yeah. Um, did she say why Commissioner Brady needed to talk to her tonight?

Chad: No, but I guess I'll hear all about it when she calls for a ride. Hopefully, I can, uh, stay awake.

Melanie: Well, I could beat you in Playstation.

Chad: Ha! Well, I think I have a better idea.

Melanie: I-I thought you didn't...

Chad: You're just kind of hard to resist right now, so...

Melanie: Yeah?

Chad: Yeah.

Madison: Brady, if you kill Stefano, you're saying good-bye to all of our dreams, all of our plans for the future.

Roman: Brady, listen to me. We all wanna get Stefano, all right? But we gotta do it as a team. Think of your father.

Brady: My father would wanna kill him with his bare hands, Roman.

Roman: Oh, yes, he would. No doubt about that. But he also knew that going vigilante was a bad idea. That's how the wrong people get killed.

Madison: Brady, if you love me--and I know that you do--listen, please just come back inside. Come on.

Brady: Okay, all right, for now. Till we see how things go down. For now, okay?

Madison: Okay.

Shane: I don't know what you want me to say.

Billie: Well, I work for the same people that you do, Shane, and I'm entitled to know what's going down.

Shane: I'm here for the same reason you are, Billie. Agent Spencer asked me if I wanted in on bringing DiMera down. He also said you'd been following some pretty good leads.

Billie: I still am. But the stakes have changed now. I'm gonna help take down Stefano. For Bo, for Hope, and for all of them.

Stefano: I did not kill anyone.

EJ: So I hear that John Black received a threatening text message from you earlier.

Stefano: Oh, God. Was it signed? Was there any evidence whatsoever?

EJ: This is me you're talking to, Father. Even if I'm not your biological son, I still know you better than anybody else. And even if I did believe your innocence, which I don't, it still doesn't explain why you spent all of those years terrorizing those people, including recently in Alamainia. So why? What is it all about?

Stefano: It's personal. It has to do with my family.

EJ: I see. So I wouldn't be privy to that information anymore, is that what you're saying?

Stefano: No. Elvis, you are now an outsider, and, uh, I'm not allowed to trust you anymore.

Kate: So do you refuse to be with me if I still have feelings for Stefano?

Ian: I just don't like to see you sell yourself short. He tossed you out of the house, he threw your possessions in the street, and you--you still have feelings for him?

Kate: But I brought that on myself. I betrayed him. With you, remember?

Ian: He was testing you. He wouldn't have done that if he loved you. I question whether he ever did love you.

Kate: He did. I know he did.

Ian: But not in the beginning. Remember, I know the start of your relationship. He blackmailed you into marrying him.

Kate: No, I had a choice.

Ian: Oh, go to jail for two years, or marry Stefano. That's quite a choice.

Kate: All right, you're right. You're right, it didn't start off as a fairy tale. But over time, we did grow to love each other.

Ian: Okay, I can understand him loving you, but I--you loving him? Have you ever heard of the Stockholm Syndrome?

Kate: [Sighing]

Ian: Where a hostage thinks she's in love with her captor?

Kate: That's not what happened, Ian.

Ian: Well, not in the beginning. All right, think about it. I'll give you some time to clear your mind. But don't let your thoughts linger on Stefano for too long. I love you. Unlike him, I want what's best for you.

Kayla: Jen, Jen...

Jennifer: I'm so sorry. I just--is it true? Look at me. Is it true they're all gone? Bo and Hope...

Kayla: They died together.

Jennifer: What--what about-- what about the family?

Kayla: I tried to reach, uh, Chelsea and Max, but they're uh--they're hiking in Italy.

Jennifer: Hold on, where's Caroline?

Kayla: She's on a church trip with Ciara, thank God.

Jennifer: They don't know?

Kayla: No. Roman said that he wants to tell them himself.

Jennifer: God, I've got to call--I need to call... [Murmuring]

Abigail: I'm sorry. That's all I really wanted to say. I'm so sorry.

Austin: Thank you. Thank you, Abigail.

Roman: Damn, Shane, this is hard. My family's in pieces believing they're all dead.

Shane: It's the only way, Roman. It's the only way we'll get Stefano.

Kayla: Well, if you don't do it, one of us will.

Stefano: You are not the only one devastated with the fact that you are not my son.

EJ: It doesn't mean you have to treat me like a stranger.

Stefano: You know the answer to that. In the DiMera family, you are either in or you're out.

EJ: I'm still the same person. Oh, I may not have your blood running through my veins, but ever since you took me in, I spent my whole life trying to follow in your footsteps. And now you tell me that that was just a colossal waste of my time.

Stefano: Well, if that's the way you wanna look at it.

EJ: You know, you told me something once. If something gets in your way, something unforeseen, you kick it to one side. You're on your own, Fath-- Stefano.

Roman: Kay, we will bring Stefano DiMera to justice.

Kayla: Justice is too good for the monster who just murdered our entire family. You know, just because he's rich and famous doesn't mean that he--he can play God.

Jennifer: If he did this, I am telling you, I hope he burns in hell.

Jack: No.

Kayla: It's all right, it's all right.

Roman: Well, speaking of hell, it seems as if our good mayor is about to make a public statement about the explosion. I should be there.

Shane: Listen, you have my word on this, everyone. We won't rest until we bring DiMera down.

Nicole: I wish you all the luck in the world, because you're gonna need it.

Kate: I want to thank you for being so understanding about my rather raw nerves. I know I haven't been easy to get along with.

Ian: I hear you're getting along a little better with Madison.

Kate: Where did you hear that?

Ian: Is it true?

Kate: Well, I wouldn't say that we're best friends--not by a long shot--but we have discovered that we have more than one thing in common. And as you astutely observed, we both wanna bury Sami.

Ian: I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Countess W. Oh, come on. Humor me with a couple of your ideas please.

Kate: [Chuckling] I will with pleasure, but not tonight.

Ian: Fair enough. [Phone ringing] You can get it. I don't mind.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Ian: What is it?

Kate: Stefano has finally lost his mind.

[Phone ringing]

Harmon: Mr. DiMera, it's Agent Harmon.

Stefano: It's about time you called. I wanna see you right now. Aah!

Ian: How could this happen? Are--are you sure it was Stefano?

Kate: Who else would it be? And if he's capable of doing this to them, then what's he gonna do to us?

[Phone ringing]

Chad: [Grunting] Hello?

Gabi: Chad?

Chad: Gabi? Wait, what's wrong?

Gabi: Something really bad happened. Can you come please?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, I'll be right there.

Roman: EJ.

EJ: Commissioner Brady.

Roman: I heard you were going to make a statement about, uh, the explosion. I thought I should be here.

EJ: I certainly wasn't expecting to see you here in light of the circumstances. And please accept my condolences for the loss of your daughter and your brother. Are you--are you sure you wouldn't rather be with your family right now?

Roman: Well, I, uh, just came from there, and actually I think I'd rather be here assuring the public that we won't rest till we get who did this. I think we both know who that is.

Stefano: What were you thinking?

Harmon: You told me to take care of them.

Stefano: For all the years that you have worked for me, you do not remember that I said I would never, ever... all I wanted was for them to realize how serious I was about getting back what was mine.

Harmon: I'm sorry.

Stefano: You're sorry, you're sorry. You're sorry? Is that it, you stupid maniac? You're sorry. Do you have any idea what you've done? Oh, my God. Are you sure that they're dead?

Harmon: Yes, Mr. DiMera. No one made it out alive.

Shane: Thank you for that. But we have something far more potent than luck on our side. Right will prevail. And Stefano--trust me--will be punished.

Jack: Oh, Kayla, uh, turn on the TV. Mayor DiMera's about to make a speech.

EJ: Good evening. This is by far and away the hardest thing that I have had to do since becoming mayor. As many of you know by now, six of our beloved citizens were murdered tonight in cold blood. As your mayor, I promise you that this cruel, premeditated act will not go unpunished. The deaths of John Black, Dr. Marlena Evans, Bo and Hope Brady, Rafael Hernandez, and Carrie Reed will not be in vain. The police commissioner and the federal investigators are working hard to bring about swift justice, and I personally assure you that the monster responsible for this will pay the ultimate price. I repeat, my administration will not allow this senseless, cold-blooded murder to go unavenged. Now if, by any chance, the perpetrator of this heinous crime is watching me now, you stand forewarned. And now, I ask for a moment of silence for those lost in tonight's tragedy.

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