Days Transcript Thursday 4/26/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/26/12


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Rafe: Nicole, all right, take it easy. You okay?

Nicole: Oh, my God, it's you.

Rafe: Yeah, it's me. What, you didn't think I would be here?

Nicole: No. Oh, God, I can't--

Rafe: Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, hey, I'm not disappearing on you. Please tell me you know that. I'm here for you. And the baby.

[Nicole exhales]

Kayla: Okay, and two cases of lettuce. Great, thanks.

Chad: Um...

Melanie: It's him.

Abigail: Hey.

Melanie: Hey.

Abigail: Whoa, was Johnny training to do brain surgery on Ali's doll again?

Melanie: Uh, no, not re--

Gabi: Someone's trying to stalk me.

Abigail: No way.

[Chad clears his throat]

Melanie: Yeah.

Chad: Mm, I don't--

Abigail: "This is what's gonna happen to you next, model girl?" Oh, my gosh. Who would do something so sick?

Madison: This is ridiculous. I can't be forced to work with a woman that I hate at the company that I founded.

Justin: Madison, I am really sorry, but there's nothing in this contract that prohibits Ian from appointing Kate as Co-CEO of Mad World.

Madison: Oh, good. Perfect. You know what? Somebody get me gas and a match. I'm gonna light myself on fire. Second thought, I'll light Kate on fire, and it'll be our little secret. I hate this.

Brady: I know that you hate this.

Madison: You don't have to work with her, Brady.

Brady: I know. Thank you for reviewing her options.

Madison: Options? Really? What options? What options?

Justin: Okay, listen, I know you may not want to hear this, but having two of the most successful executives in the cosmetic industry on the same team is a business coup for Ian and for Titan.

Madison: Perfect. Great. Hope my health insurance covers puncture wounds. Kate's gonna stab me in the back as soon as she gets a chance, just like she did Stefano.

Stefano: Manfred, I want you to hire an expert who might know something about the tunnels under the mansion, all right? The main thing is that you have to try to find out if there's some kind of gas down there that somebody would be affected by depending how long they would be there, all right? Make sure that you get the very best because a life may depend on it.

EJ: So it's true. The daughter might die because of what you've done to her.

[Stefano sighs]

Rafe: Feelin' okay?

Nicole: Yeah, I'm much better. Thank you for coming here and doing everything you can to sell this lie. I know it hasn't been easy for you.

Rafe: [Laughs] Yeah, well, I just want what's best for you and the baby.

Nicole: I just see the way people look at you, thinking that you've slept with me, procreated with me, for God's sake. I'm someone so beneath you.

Rafe: Beneath me? Rea--what's this "beneath me" stuff? What, am a wearing a blazer with my family crest on it? Do you even know where my family came from?

Nicole: Okay, stop, will you? Please. That's not what I'm saying, and you know it.

Rafe: You stop. You know what? I think that people have misjudged you. The more I've gotten to know you, I certainly know that I have.

Nicole: Yeah, I am so fabulous, I kidnapped your wife's child.

Rafe: Well, that may have been a low point but, uh, what, you were--you were desperate, grieving.

Nicole: Look, Rafe, all I've ever wanted is to be loved and to love back, and I feel like that this child is my last chance, and if I lose it--

Rafe: Hey, hey, no, no, no. Stop. Do not let EJ stress you out. Okay? All right? Nicole, you'll love again. We both will, all right? Hmm?

Nicole: I know.

Rafe: See? Okay. I'm gonna go find Daniel, see if he's got those test results. I mean, is that okay?

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: You're okay with that?

Nicole: Yes, I am. [Laughs]

Rafe: All right.

Nicole: Rafe, thank you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: I don't know what I would--I don't know what we would have done without you. [Sighs]

Melanie: Um, have you ever seen this doll before?

Gabi: Yeah, at the Goth store. We had a doll. She comes with her own cleaver and blood. No, I haven't seen it before.

Chad: Hey, whoa, whoa. Just relax. Melanie was just asking a question.

Gabi: I'm sorry. I am just upset.

Melanie: Okay, well, have you noticed anyone following you?

Gabi: No. Uh, no. I mean, this isn't the first time this person, whoever did this, tried to contact me.

Melanie: What? Seriously?

Chad: What?

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, it happened, uh, the first time we had that magazine spread.

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: I got some flowers outside my door with a note, "from a secret admirer," and I thought, hey, okay, a fan. That's really cool. But then I started getting all these nasty notes saying that I thought I was too pretty for him, too good for him, and now this.

Abigail: Gabi, why didn't you say anything to anyone before?

Melanie: Yeah.

Gabi: I just--I guess I just thought that that's what happens when you're a model, like you with those girls from the Horton Square.

Chad: Yeah, I'm thinking we definitely need to call the cops in.

Gabi: No, no, that's gonna ruin everything.

Stefano: [Sighs] I did nothing to Alexandra.

EJ: Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night? Your daughter's terminally ill, likely because of gases that she was exposed to right here, underneath this house. That wouldn't have anything to do with you, would it?

Stefano: Don't start on me, Elvis, today, of all days.

EJ: You know, when you hurt your enemies, that's one thing. When you hurt your family, you deserve to be punished.

Stefano: I am losing a daughter. Is that not enough?

EJ: It's not about you. Alexandra--she's the one who's paying the price for your evil. Her, her husband, her brother, and everybody else who loves her.

Stefano: I love her. She's my blood.

EJ: I never doubted that until this moment.

Stefano: The only thing that is important now is that we do everything we can to save Alexandra.

EJ: Are you sure you're not just trying to save yourself? I know you held her captive in those tunnels.

Stefano: No. It was Andre.

EJ: Andre, who worked for you.

Stefano: Mmm. If I had known--

EJ: If you had known? You should have known.

Stefano: You're right. I should have known. I believed--

EJ: Oh, Father, believe? Believe? Believe you? Huh? I will never trust you again. You stole both John Black's money and the election from me, and I don't understand exactly what I--what I did for you to turn on your own son.

Justin: Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with your situation.

Brady: It's all right. Thanks for coming by.

Justin: Yeah. Hey, if you really want to thank me, why don't you come over and join us for dinner sometime? Adrienne and I really want to know Madison a little bit better.

Brady: That sounds good. Thank you.

Madison: Yeah, we'd love to.

Justin: Plan on it.

Brady: All right. [Groans]

Madison: Well, that went well, I think. I'm stuck working with Kate. She's like a rash that just won't go away.

Brady: Are you done ranting? Are you done?

Madison: Let's say I'm in a lull. Why do you ask?

Brady: I want to get rid of your lull.

Melanie: [Giggles] Um, Gabi, how is calling the police gonna ruin everything for you?

Gabi: All right, look, if we get them involved, then Rafe is gonna find out, he's gonna make me stop modeling, and then it's gonna ruin my whole life.

Kayla: Uh, Chad, Melanie, your take-out's just about ready.

Chad: Oh, thanks, Kayla.

Melanie: Thank you.

Chad: Uh...

Gabi: Look, Rafe is not your average over-protective brother, okay? If he finds out, he'll ship me off to a nunnery in Puerto Reina, and then I'll be gone.

Abigail: If the nunnery would even take you.

[Chad laughs]

Abigail: I'm just--I'm just kidding, Gabi. Sorry.

Chad: Gabi, look, we--we get what you're saying, but the modeling gig right now, it's on hold, so--

Gabi: I know, but, I mean, I don't want to give our new bosses a reason to keep it on hold forever.

Melanie: Okay, but put it in perspective. I mean, would you rather lose your job or would you rather lose your life?

Stefano: [Sighs] You're not acting like a son of mine.

EJ: Oh. You know something? It's normal for people to be emotional when people they care about, they love, they're dying or they're in danger. Then, what's not normal--it's not normal for a father to support his son to his face, but then to sabotage him behind his back.

Stefano: Look, we'll talk when you stop acting like a crazy child, huh?

EJ: Let me ask you a question. What child could bring about the very public and profitable fall of John Black? What child, who went through this just for his father's admiration, for his respect, so he could prove his value, so he could run a company? What child? No child. No child. Because I am a man, and I am your son, and I follow you, in your footsteps, but what do I get from you? [Applauds] Brava. No, no pat on the back. You steal billions from me.

Stefano: Do you hear yourself? Huh? Do you see yourself?

EJ: Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Huh? Everything I do, you undermine!

Stefano: Stop it.

EJ: It doesn't make any sense, does it? Not really. Unless--unless you are trying to stop me. Maybe you don't really want me to take the reins of this family. Maybe you're afraid. Hmm? That if you relinquish all this power that you love, everything will disappear.

Stefano: You're wrong.

EJ: Ah. Of course I am. I'm wrong.

Stefano: Everything I did, I did because I love you.

Rafe: Good news.

Daniel: Yeah, with your ultrasound and your blood work, um, everything looks great. There's nothing to indicate that your baby's in danger.

Nicole: Thank God.

Rafe: Right? So, what happened?

Daniel: Well, it's common, as the uterine wall stretches, for pain and cramping to occur, with, uh, with all the stress that Nicole's been experiencing.

Nicole: I freaked out.

Daniel: Yeah, that's one way to put it, yeah.

Nicole: So, you're saying that I'm fine? The baby's fine?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Uh, after we, uh, get you on out of here, you're free to resume your normal life.

Nicole: Great. Which is avoiding EJ. By the way, is he still here?

Daniel: Haven't really seen him in a while.

Rafe: Yeah, he must have realized he wasn't gonna see you and went home.

Daniel: Uh, I think keeping this a secret is taking a huge toll on you and the baby.

Nicole: What am I supposed to do, Daniel?

Daniel: Do you want to carry this baby to term?

Rafe: What the hell kind of question is that? Of course she wants to carry this baby to term.

Daniel: In my opinion, there is one thing that you need to do.

Nicole: Okay, what? I'll do anything.

Daniel: You need to tell EJ that he's the baby's father.

Gabi: Okay, look, I grew up with an FBI agent as a big brother. I'll just, um, I'll be extra careful. I'll keep my door locked. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.

Kayla: Here you go.

Melanie: Mmm, thank you. It smells great.

Kayla: Well, trust me, it tastes even better.

Melanie: Oh, okay.

Kayla: Have a good time, you guys.

Gabi: Look, you guys, um, better get going. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Melanie: We're not gonna go to Chicago knowing you're not safe back here. Right, Chad?

Chad: [Clears throat] Right.

Abigail: Well, hey, what about me? I could take him.

Melanie: Eh, you're about a foot smaller than this one over here.

Chad: Uh, and you're just one person. You can't be with Gabi 24/7, now, can you?

Melanie: Also true. We wouldn't even have fun if we were worrying about you back here.

Gabi: Thank you, guys. You know, I have to admit, it makes me feel much better. You guys--you guys are the best.

Madison: Honey, wait.

Brady: All right.

Madison: Who's Kate, and why do I care about her again?

Brady: Oh, I don't know. Wait, hold that thought.

Madison: What?

Brady: I'll be back.

Madison: Brady, what is wrong with you?

Brady: Hello, uh, Lucy? What's her name? Lucy? Lucy, uh, yeah. Madison needs to cancel all her appointments for today because something came up that requires all of her attention. Thanks. Thank you.

[Madison giggling]

Brady: [Laughs] I like this table.

Stefano: Ay yi yi yi yi yi. Life... [Clears throat] Rarely turns out the way we hope and plan for it. You know, you think that, uh, you have everything, and then you're confronted with losing something that you never, ever could have anticipated.

EJ: What are you talking about?

Stefano: The fates are gathering, Elvis. Sadly, it's only a matter of time before they threaten to destroy you or someone you love.

Justin: [Exhales] Hey, Carrie.

Carrie: Hi, Justin.

Justin: You haven't become an ambulance chaser, have you?

Carrie: [Laughs] Not yet, no. I came to see Bo.

Justin: Yeah, I was just in there. He's getting better every day.

Carrie: Oh.

Justin: He'll be happy to see you.

Carrie: Good. Well, it was really nice to see you.

Justin: Hey, by the way, I understand you're looking to work for a law firm.

Carrie: Uh, I've had feelers out for months, but so far, nothing's panned out.

Justin: Well, that may soon change. I'm gonna give your name to a few of my colleagues.

Carrie: You're kidding me. That would be great. Thank you.

Justin: You know, it's really too bad that things with Rafe didn't work out.

Carrie: Excuse me?

Justin: Your partnership. I really thought a lawyer and a P.I. going into business together was a great idea.

Carrie: Yeah, so did we. It's just, the timing wasn't right for Rafe or me.

Nicole: Are you kidding me? There is no way in hell that I will tell EJ he is my baby's father. I will not let him steal one more thing from me, Daniel.

Rafe: Nicole.

Daniel: Okay, just--

Rafe: Nicole, it's okay. Okay? Just, hey, deep breaths. [Inhales] You know?

Daniel: Look, I didn't mean to upset you. I'm just worried that the stress of this lie is causing you--

Nicole: The truth is more stressful.

Daniel: Okay, I understand that, I do, I really do, but unfortunately, there is no way getting around this. When it is time to take that paternity test, when EJ finds out the truth--

Nicole: He's not gonna find out.

Daniel: Do you really believe that?

Nicole: Yes.

Daniel: Really?

Nicole: Yes. I will do everything I can to keep this baby from being raised a DiMera.

Rafe: Okay, Nicole, we're getting worked up again.

Nicole: Look at how Stefano has raised EJ. He feels pressure every day to please his father. It never stops. And look at the terrible things that EJ has done.

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: Look, I feel sorry sometimes for EJ that he is Stefano's son, but I will be damned if this child will be raised in that family, and if EJ finds out that this baby is his, I will not see that child ever.

Rafe: Hey, shh, shh.

Nicole: I know that. I will never see this child, Daniel.

Daniel: Nic, Nic, please.

[Nicole exhales, sighs]

Carrie: Um...

Justin: Well, I'm happy to talk to my colleagues about hiring Rafe as well. We can always use another good P.I.

Carrie: I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Justin: Well, he can always turn the work down if he doesn't want it. But I thought you enjoyed being his partner.

Carrie: I loved it, but we--we just dissolved our partnership and, uh, decided to move on.

Justin: Okay, I understand.

Carrie: But don't get me wrong. If I had the chance to do it again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Justin: Really? He's that good?

Carrie: He's the best.

Rafe: Well, I don't see Nicole changing her mind any time soon.

Nicole: And by soon, he means never. Unless one of you tell him.

Rafe: Not me.

Daniel: Doctor/patient confidentiality. No, it's your life. Your decision.

Nicole: Thank you.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: All right, well, hey, you know what the good news is? He says you're okay, the baby's okay, so as soon as you sign those discharge papers, you're out of here.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, Rafe, he can, uh, just take you home.

Nicole: Well, that is good news.

Rafe: Yep.

Nicole: No offense against University Hospital, but, uh, I don't want to come back here until I have this baby. Oh, right. Except when I have to come back for EJ's damn paternity test.

Rafe: Okay, why don't you just focus on you and the baby, and I'll worry about EJ, all right?

Stefano: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. It's been a long day.

EJ: [Sighs] Yeah. That much, we can agree on. But your behavior concerns me.

Stefano: Well, just remember that I love you, no matter what.

EJ: Then why do you test me?

Stefano: Well... [Clears throat] I had to know how you would react if you were blindsided.

EJ: [Laughs] Well, you must have been pretty disappointed, then, when Nicole undermined you on the day of the election, so you didn't get to find out.

Stefano: Well, yes, well, but she didn't tell you-- [Chuckles] She didn't. Tell you what she did, okay? I mean, that's the real telling.

EJ: No, because Nicole understood why I was running. She understood that I was doing it to legitimize the DiMera name for my children, and she-- she managed to do all of that in spite of you.

Stefano: Nicole knows how much you love your children, so she acted accordingly.

EJ: So you're suggesting that she did not do that out of love for me?

Stefano: [Chuckles] Oh, Elvis, that's a question that you have to ask her. The thing is, children are precious. To love a child, any child, is a reward. Remember that, Elvis, no matter what.

EJ: If you really did all of this out of love, why do I get the feeling you've been pushing me away for weeks?

[Stefano sighs]

Nurse: I'll go see if your husband's brought the car around.

Nicole: Oh, actually, Rafe's not my--

Carrie: Husband?

Nicole: Uh...

Nicole: [Laughs] Uh, some people are old-fashioned, you know? They hear you're pregnant, and they automatically assume you're married. That nurse has obviously not watched teen moms.

Carrie: [Laughs] I think it's only natural for her to assume that Rafe's your husband. He hasn't left your side since he found out you were pregnant.

Nicole: He's a really great guy. So, uh, why are you here? Is--is everything okay?

Carrie: Yeah, I was coming to see Bo.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm--I'm really glad to hear that he's doing much better.

Carrie: And I really hope everything's okay with you as well. I really mean that.

Nicole: Dr. Dan just said I'm a little overstressed, but I'm fine, the baby's fine, and I'm free to go.

Carrie: Good. That is, that's really good.

Nicole: I don't know what I would have done if--Carrie, this baby means so much to me.

Carrie: I know it means a lot to Rafe too.

Nicole: Of course it does. He loves children.

Carrie: I know. Well, like I said, I hope everything works out for you and the baby and Rafe. See you.

Nicole: Carrie, there's something that you should know about Rafe and the baby.

Stefano: Fathers do not push their sons away.

EJ: Then why do I feel this distance between us? It wasn't there before.

Stefano: Well, perhaps it's because I'm so furious about... [Sighs] Katherine's betrayal. And now, my mind, I'm so worried about Alexandra.

EJ: No, Father, this has been going on for weeks, for months. Why do you test my love for you?

Stefano: Why, God?

EJ: What did you say?

Stefano: Don't ever think, for one moment, that my love for you is not real. Elvis, you have been the son of my hopes, my dreams, the way I was for my father and he was for his father. Only now--

EJ: Please, just tell me. Just tell me. Father, please.

Stefano: God help me. God help you.

Brady: So ms. Brady Black to be...

[Madison giggles]

Brady: When are we getting married?

Madison: Sometime after Ian divorces me.

Brady: [Sighs] So you're saying it's a little premature to make a date.

Madison: Don't you think? Besides, now that we know we can get married, I just want to enjoy looking forward to it.

Brady: Okay.

Madison: No, you know.

Brady: Sure.

Madison: It's just that, listen, what I have with you is so different from what I had with him. You know, he was all about making me into the woman he wanted me to be. You're all about letting me be who I am.

Brady: Well, I want you to be my wife.

Madison: Brady, it's a woman's job to nag.

Brady: Don't--whoa, don't you ever call me sexist, young lady.

Madison: Sexy, yes. Sexist, never.

Brady: See? That. That right there. That's why I want to marry you tomorrow.

Madison: Why? My glib banter?

Brady: I like your glib banter, but, you know, sometimes you're--you're willful, you're strong, and you're independent.

Madison: Other times?

Brady: Other times, you're shy and you're vulnerable and you're sweet. You're my dream girl. Everything about you. Can't get enough of you. I love you.

Chad: Okay, but I still think we should call the cops, all right? Remember the last time we tried to handle something on our own? We didn't take the threat to the sports website seriously, and look what happened.

Abigail: Yeah, we all got kidnapped.

Gabi: Okay, but, I mean, what do you think is gonna happen if we call them? It's not like--it's not like they're gonna give me an around-the-clock bodyguard.

Melanie: Okay, well, you can't be alone.

Abigail: Well, I could hang out with you on campus in between classes.

Gabi: Okay.

Melanie: Good. I'll have your back at work.

Gabi: Okay, um, thank you. What about at night, though?

Abigail: I'll sleep over.

Chad: Uh, no, no, no, no. You guys would be sitting ducks since this creep already knows where Gabi lives. Just sayin'.

Abigail: True.

Melanie: Okay.

Abigail: Then she can just stay with me at my parents' house.

Gabi: No, I can't.

Abigail: Why not?

Gabi: Well, because they're gonna know something's wrong, and then they're gonna tell Rafe about it.

Abigail: Yeah, you're probably right.

Melanie: Okay, well, uh, then I think I know what has to happen.

Chad: You--you do?

Melanie: Yeah. She should move in with you. Stay with Chad for a little bit.

Gabi: You seriously want me to crash at Chad's place?

Melanie: It makes sense.

Abigail: And that's because?

Melanie: He's a DiMera. Definite deterrent.

Abigail: Assuming that this guy is sane, which I doubt.

Chad: Okay, um, yeah. How--how long are we talking about here?

Melanie: Not long.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: Just until we find out who it is. Chad and I'll both be there, so you'll be twice as safe.

Gabi: Oh, great.

Melanie: Let's go help her pack her stuff, yeah?

Gabi: You know, you guys are the best friends ever. Thank you so much.

Melanie: Yeah. Be right there.

Abigail: Um...

Chad: [Clears throat] Mmm, mm-mm-mm.

Melanie: Are you mad I suggested that?

Chad: Uh, mad at you? No. I think you did a wonderful thing for a friend, but am I frustrated we won't be alone together? Yes.

[Melanie giggles]

Chad: Worried I may rupture something before it's just us alone again?

Melanie: Well, it won't be for long. It better not be for long. Besides, we'll have something to look forward to for when she's gone.

Chad: [Clears throat] Well, I'll need more than that to get me through.

Melanie: Yeah?

Nicole: Carrie, I know that you and Rafe got pretty close these past few months.

Carrie: He told you that?

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Carrie: Uh, don't be. I'm--I'm still with Austin.

Nicole: It--it's just that the reason that this all happened is because we both found ourselves in the same awful place. We were both betrayed.

Carrie: By my sister.

Nicole: And that's what bonded us, you know? And I guess if Austin had really slept with Abigail and you were, I don't know, giving up on your--on your marriage, this easily could be you here instead of me.

Carrie: Whoa, is this awkward or is it just the conversation?

Nicole: I never meant for any of this to happen, but now, here we are, and--and there's a child involved.

Carrie: Believe me, I know.

Nicole: And if you and Austin have a baby of your own, you know, I'm sure this--this'll seem like ancient history, and you'll never look back.

Rafe: Hey. Hey, Carrie. Everything okay?

Nicole: Uh, I was just waiting for you to get me out of here.

Carrie: And I am running late. I--I've got to go. Bye.

Rafe: What was she doing here? Did something happen?

Nicole: Uh...

Rafe: Nicole?

Nurse: Sign these, and your husband can take you home.

Rafe: Be right back.

EJ: Look, uh, we'll do everything we can to help Alexandra. You don't want to lose a daughter any more than I want to lose a sister. We're a family, right, so we stay together. No blame. No blame. And we can hope that there'll be a miracle, a medical miracle, you know, because we have--we have money, and we have resources, and--and I read this thing about stem cell transplants and--and we're family. We'll make the best of--

Stefano: You're wrong! You are wrong, Elvis. You cannot help Alexandra.

EJ: What do you mean, I-- I can't help her?

[Stefano sighs]

Stefano: I just know that.

EJ: Father.

Stefano: [Sighs] Elvis, uh... there's something that I've needed to tell you, but it just breaks my heart. I-- [Sighs] I've needed to tell you this for a long time, but the words. Maybe it would be best if I showed you.

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Father, just wait. Just--


EJ: One second. I'm sorry. It's--it's Nicole--it's will. She's at the hospital. Just one--one second, please.


EJ: It's me. She's been released from the hospital? Okay. No. Thank you, thank you. Fa-- Father?

Chad: Think I'll have enough room in the car with all this stuff?

Melanie: Yeah, I think so.

Chad: It's a lot of luggage.

Melanie: I know. This--have you got everything?

Chad: Oh, Gabi, give me--uh, let me grab that for you.

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: Yeah. Why don't you go help, uh, Abigail out with the rest of the stuff?

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Excuse me.

Melanie: Oops. Okay, after you. Okay, you're good?

Chad: Um, I'll open the door.

Abigail: You're awfully happy for someone who's being stalked. Well, I'm just happy I have such amazing friends.

Rafe: We never finished our talk earlier.

Carrie: Rafe, I know you care about me, and I care about you a lot.

Rafe: Good, because what I have to tell you--

Carrie: Stop. We--we--we've said everything that we need to say. There's nothing that can change anything.

Rafe: Well, how do you know that unless you hear me out? Huh?

Carrie: My place is with Austin, and yours is with Nicole. She needs you, Rafe. You need to be there for her and your baby.

Rafe: Carrie. [Sighing]

Nicole: I'm so sorry, Carrie, but I need Rafe more than you do.

Stefano: [Exhales] [Sighs] Damn it. How am I to do this? How am I to tell Elvis that he's not my son?

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