Days Transcript Thursday 3/29/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/29/12


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John: [Sighing] [Rhythmic breaths]

Hope: You heartless bastard.

John: No, easy, no.

Hope: I could kill you--

John: Easy.

Hope: For what you did to Bo.

John: That's enough, easy, easy.

Stefano: I would keep my distance if I were you. Otherwise, I will have to contact my man in Salem, and he will go back to the original plan about Marlena.

John: That's a real bad bluff. We both know you're not gonna do anything to hurt her.

Stefano: Oh. Are you so sure about that, John? Hmm? My man has already made contact with her. Don't forget, he's the one who gave her that lovely flower.

John: I'm telling you, you touch her, and I'm--

Hope: John, John. Don't let him get to us. He enjoys it too much.

John: You're so right.

Stefano: It's good to see that you have finally come back to your senses and we can get to the problem at hand, which is my piece of art that Princess Gina and the pawn have stolen. Now are you ready to go back to your other life, so maybe it will help you remember where you hid it?

John: Ah, not without some assurance from you that once we get you what you want, you're gonna live up to your end of the bargain. And that is, you're gonna give us our freedom so we can go back to Salem to Bo and Marlena.

Stefano: Ah, ha, the power of love, yes. Uh, but the question is...which kind of love, eh? The love that you have for Bo and Marlena, no? And the love that is between Princess Gina and my pawn.

Kate: I'm serious. I wanna know what's going on between you and my husband.

Marlena: Oh...[Laughing] What is going on between Stefano and me? Do you know how absurd that question is?

Kate: Is it? I don't think so.

Marlena: Then let me clarify. I despise your husband. I know that he's responsible for John being trapped in Alamainia. I know he's behind that brutal attack on Bo and Roman. Kate, gosh, we used to be friends.

Kate: That was a long time ago.

Marlena: Yes, it was. So are you saying that now you don't need your friends, since you're so happily married to Stefano DiMera?

Kate: We were. We were very happy...before you came back into town.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Kate: I thought that my husband was over you a long time ago. But now I believe he's still obsessed with his queen of the night.

EJ: Billie. Will you please tell me what you're doing going through my father's confidential files?

Billie: I thought they were my mother's.

EJ: Why would you assume that?

Billie: She told me that Stefano was away, and I didn't think that he would leave his confidential files just lying around, obviously.

EJ: Obviously.

Billie: No, I thought they were my mother's. She asked me to review a Countess Wilhelmina contract.

EJ: If you wish to review Countess Wilhelmina files, I suggest that you have a look in the Countess Wilhelmina Offices. If that is really what you were doing.

Carrie: Rafe and Nicole? That's a pretty random accusation, even for you, Sami.

Sami: Oh, I know. I mean, I didn't believe it at first either. But, you know, I just can't get over the things that I am learning about my soon-to-be-ex husband. Going from one tramp to the next.

Rafe: Wow.

Carrie: What is she talking about?

Sami: You were caught, right? Tearing up the sheets with Nicole?

Rafe: Uh, Sami, that's enough. You're embarrassing yourself. There is nothing going on between me and Nicole, all right?

Sami: Except you told me the same thing about you and Carrie, and that turned out not to be true, right? So sweet Carrie here may buy your story, but I know that you're nothing but a damn hypocrite.

Rafe: Okay, whatever you heard, it's not true.

Sami: Except that it is true. You're not just sleeping with Nicole, you're parading her around town. What, just to rub it in?

Rafe: My God, this is ridiculous.

Sami: What's ridiculous is you abandoning your family and throwing away our marriage, and acting like you just did it because of me, and the one mistake that I made.

Rafe: Oh, "mistake," is that what we're calling it now? You sleeping with EJ was a mistake?

Sami: You don't get to judge me. Not anymore. I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't do it to hurt anyone. But you, your being with Carrie, with Nicole? The two people I hate more than anyone? Obviously you're just doing it, what, to twist the knife?

Rafe: You know, I'm not gonna discuss this with you anymore, all right?

Sami: So that's why you're in such a rush, right, to get this divorce? You know what, by the way, you're more than welcome to the loft. I'm not gonna live there. You can move in with Carrie, or--or Nicole, or both of them--

Rafe: All right, you know what, that's enough. Enough.

Sami: I haven't even started.

Billie: You didn't used to be so paranoid, EJ. Wait, I forgot to ask you the other day... should I call you Mr. Mayor?

EJ: Hmm? In public. I mean, it's not really necessary. Listen, I'm sorry if my, uh, greeting came across as being less than warm. I'm just looking out for my father's best interests.

Billie: Oh, I completely understand. I'm back in Salem to look out for my mother's best interests. So we have one thing in common.

EJ: Yeah. Yeah, as I recall, we almost had, uh, more than one thing in common.

Marlena: So I think what you mean is Stefano's obsessed with destroying my life. That makes you jealous? If it does, you could just ask him to stop.

Kate: That's not what I'm talking about.

Marlena: Well, then I don't know what you're talking about. It revolts me that he refers to me as the queen of--of the night. He knows that, that's why he does it, just to aggravate me.

Kate: That may be true. But he also refers to you that way in front of me, in our own home.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. What did you say?

Kate: I didn't say anything. But I've been thinking about it.

Marlena: You've been brooding about it. Why-- why, what else did he say?

Kate: He also said that Sami is her mother's daughter. Which may not sound like much of a compliment, but he actually turned it into a hymn of praise.

Marlena: So because of that conversation, you think that I'm a threat to your happiness, a threat to your marriage? Kate, what's going on here?

Kate: He's tracking her every move. [Chuckling]

Marlena: Did something else happen? What?

Kate: Actually, I think you're right. I think that I'm--I'm being ridiculous with all of this. I-I--maybe I just really miss my husband.

Marlena: I know how it feels.

Kate: You know, truly, I--I'm happier in my marriage than I've ever been, and more sure of my husband's love. I think I'm gonna go.

Marlena: Uh, Kate, one more second, there's something else I'd like to say.

John: Stefano, didn't you try this before? You know, switching us into different people? Didn't exactly get the results you wanted, did you? Because I ended up going back to Marlena, Hope went back to Bo, and there wasn't a damn thing you could do to change that.

Stefano: When did I say that was my aim, huh? All I care about is getting my work of art back. I couldn't care less about your love lives, although you two seem to be very concerned about it.

John: Well, you know, all we wanna know is that if we return your treasure to you, how can we be sure that you're gonna turn us back into Hope and John when the deed is done?

Stefano: I guess you'll just have to trust me.

John: [Chuckling]

Kate: Okay, if this is just going to be a continuation of the lecture about tiptoeing around will and his sexual orientation, I don't need the advice. I'm his grandmother, and I was here all those years for him when you were not.

Marlena: It isn't about will. It's about John and Hope. I would like to know what your husband has done to them.

Kate: I don't know anything about that, so if you'll excuse me--

Marlena: No, let me tell you something. I've been calling John in Alamainia. He has not returned my calls.

Kate: Okay, well, maybe you have reason to wonder about your marriage as well.

Marlena: Do not speak about my marriage, please. Just tell me something: Where is Stefano, and when is he coming back? Oh, my... you don't know, do you? Wow, maybe that's why you're feeling a little insecure about your marriage.

Kate: My husband's itinerary is none of your business, and you have absolutely no proof that he did anything to John or Hope.

Marlena: This is not a game. Bo could die from his injuries, and hope can't even get there to be with him. So what has that monster of your husband done this time?

Stefano: Now you don't have a choice but to trust me, do you? Hmm? Now...are we ready to begin?

John: Ready or not...

Stefano: [Chuckling] Don't worry. It is not going to hurt you, because I have invited somebody who is going to help us bring back Princess Gina and the pawn.

John: Who's this, Rolf's brother?

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no, no, no names. But let me introduce you to one of the most famous people who teaches hypnotism.

Hope: A hypnotist?

John: He's gonna count us back from ten, and then turn us into other people, is that it?

Stefano: I'm sorry to make it sound so simple, but what he is going to do is put you in a receptive state, mm? And then with, uh, medically safe gas, huh? And now what it's gonna do is it's gonna knock you out just a little bit, all right? But what it's gonna--it's gonna open your mind to both Princess Gina and the pawn, see? So that they can come back.

John: I see. It's really gonna be that simple, huh?

Stefano: Actually, yes. Bear in mind, you've already spent a good deal of time living these alternate lives.

Hope: That was a long time ago.

John: Doesn't matter. Your subconscious still retains all you've done and been through. They just need a bit of jogging to bring these old personalities to the surface. The key to our success today will be your willingness to become the people you once were.

Stefano: Yes, with the help of a little trigger.

John: Yeah, well... Stefano, I hate to rain on your parade here, but all those verbal triggers you planted in my skull? Doc erased them.

Stefano: Mm, you know, there is one thing that Marlena missed. [Clearing throat] Does that ring a bell?

Billie: Oh, don't tell me you're gonna bring up that little kiss we shared so long ago.

EJ: No, I'm just reminding you of the fact that there was a time when we were, uh, almost more than friends.

Billie: "Almost" being the operative word. I would say I dodged a bullet. You know, I love my mother, but her taste in men leaves a lot to be desired.

EJ: You wound me to the core. Don't you have somewhere else to be, like, uh, Countess Wilhelmina offices looking for your Countess Wilhelmina file?

Billie: Oh, well, that can wait until I'm settled in.

EJ: Settled in?

Billie: Didn't I tell you? I'm moving in.

Sami: I mean, looking at you both right now, it's unbelievable to me that I am the bad seed of this family.

Carrie: Sami, please, please just stop it.

Sami: Why should I? I have lived with these lies my entire life, and I believed them. I mean, I didn't just love Rafe. I looked up to him. I thought he was the most upstanding, honorable, decent man I had ever met. Turns out you're down for some dirty revenge sex with EJ's trashy wife. Shocks you, right? I mean, it shocks me too.

Rafe: You know what? From what I can understand, this is between me and you. So why don't you just leave Carrie out of it?

Sami: Because Carrie put herself in the middle of our marriage. She's been doing it for months. Don't forget, I had a front row seat to your office tonsil-dive.

Rafe: Wow, okay. You know what? This has gone on long enough. I answered your question about Nicole. I think you should leave now.

Sami: This is my family's pub. I get to stay for as long as I like. You don't get to air my dirty laundry, and then cover yours up.

Rafe: All right, for the last time, I did not sleep, or am not sleeping with Nicole.

Sami: Then why were you half-naked in her hotel room?

Kate: Okay, well, I am not gonna stick around here while you badger me about my husband's activities.

Marlena: Are you that cold? Do you not care that John could be in the same kind of jeopardy that Bo was?

Kate: Of course I want John to be safe. You know I care about him.

Marlena: Yes, I do.

Kate: Marlena, I have absolutely no reason to believe that Stefano has done anything to John or Hope. I-I think it's your intense hatred of my husband that's just making your imagination go wild.

Marlena: I have good reason to hate your husband. He's hurt me. And he's hurt people that I care about for a long time.

Kate: Well, that's ancient history to me, because it all happened before I was married, and all my husband does now is take the time to make me happy.

Marlena: I see. That's why you know where he is and when he's coming back.

Kate: Well, I think I've wasted enough time on this conversation. Have a good day.

Stefano: Don't you recognize this, Hope? Maybe--maybe if you relax a little bit, it'll--it'll come back to you. Because this is an exact replica of Princess Gina's most favorite possession. And I'm so happy that I can give it to you.

Hope: I don't want your damn compact, or anything else from you. I only want our freedom.

John: I thought you said they were ready and willing to do this.

Stefano: They are. There cannot be any interference, and if it does not work, I can assure you that you will never get back to your beloved Bo and Marlena.

John: We read you loud and clear.

Stefano: All right, then, let's stop wasting time and get to it.

John: It will take me a moment to set everything up. Then we'll be ready to start.

Stefano: Fine.

EJ: Why would you even consider moving in here? You loathe my father.

Billie: Well, my mother could use the company, with Stefano being gone for who knows how long. Whatever he's doing must be extremely important. I mean, to miss the first few weeks of his son being mayor of Salem.

EJ: Well, I'm sure he'll be back here soon. Speaking of which, actually, do you know where your mother is? I need to talk to her about something.

Kate: Well, let me guess what about: Everyone's favorite guttersnipe, Samantha Brady?

Sami: Nothing to say? Did you lose your voice? Were you shirtless in Nicole's hotel room, or not?

Rafe: Yes. Yes, but it--

Carrie: You were? Why?

Rafe: She needed me.

Sami: She's not your friend. In fact, you can't even stand her. So why would you be in that situation except the obvious?

Rafe: It is not what it looked like.

Sami: You didn't have your shirt on, and she was in bed. What else could it be but sex?

EJ: Billie, if--if you could excuse us, I need to have a conversation with your mother.

Kate: No, my daughter's welcome to stay. She lives here now, if you hadn't noticed.

Billie: Thanks, Mom, but I'm--I'm fine--it's fine. I'll leave the two of you alone.

EJ: You're right, we need to talk about Samantha, and this absurd vendetta that you seem to be continuing to harbor against her. You know that I'm the father of two of her children.

Kate: And I'm the grandmother to the other two.

EJ: Okay, good, well, now that we've established the bloodlines... I need you to drop this custody idea of yours. The children are better off with Samantha, and that is where I would like them to stay.

Kate: Since when?

EJ: Since-- Rafe left her, this girl is all on her own, Kate.

Kate: Rafe will forgive her. Rafe will come back.

EJ: I highly doubt it. He's asked her for a divorce.

Kate: Ah, wow, I didn't think he had it in him.

EJ: Listen, your personal feelings for Samantha aside, she's a good mother.

Kate: Okay, I-I-I don't understand this. Why are you defending her? She's the one who caused the breakup with the woman of your dreams. Nicole, right? I thought we were gonna hand-in-hand be bringing her down.

Rafe: Well, obviously it was EJ who spoon-fed you this load of garbage, but, um, it was a completely innocent situation, and he's turned the whole thing upside-down.

Sami: Completely innocent?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Sami: You had your shirt off for Nicole. Why, was she gonna wax your chest at midnight?

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Actually that's exactly what she was doing. How'd you know? I mean, really? You're so desperate to believe the worst in me that you're gonna take EJ's word over mine?

Sami: There was a time when I would've believed you over EJ no matter what the circumstances. But that time has passed. Now I don't know what to believe. But what I do know is that you're not the man I thought you were.

Rafe: Oh.

Carrie: Why are you even talking to EJ, Sami?

Sami: EJ's a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. He knows what he walked in on. Rafe and Nicole are having an affair, simple as that.

Man: Gina, take a deep breath.

Stefano: Are they under yet?

John: Well, apparently not, because I despise you now more than ever.

Hope: Bo, hold on. I'm coming back to you, Bo. I promise, I love you.

Stefano: Why isn't this working?

Man: They're both exhibiting strong resistance.

Stefano: So do something.

Man: All I can do is administer more gas.

Stefano: So what are you waiting for?

Man: It could be dangerous.

Stefano: I don't give a damn. Do it.

EJ: Kate, you're not going to press charges against Samantha for going to work at Countess Wilhelmina under false pretenses.

Kate: Oh, I see, you found out. What, did she come to you with that "oh, poor me, I'm a victim" routine?

EJ: No, I figured it out for myself, thank you. I'm not stupid. Listen, Kate, if she goes to prison because of something that you do, you will have to answer to me.

Kate: I don't take orders from you, my love.

EJ: Well, I suggest you learn, sweetheart.

Billie: Oh, I'm so glad I'm moving in here. You're just all one big happy family, aren't you?

Kate: Oh, my God...

Rafe: You need to calm down.

Sami: Why? Why should I calm down? I lost my husband, my job, the love of my son. I might even end up in prison. So, no, I'm not calming down.

Carrie: What are you talking about?

Sami: Nothing. Why are you even still here, Carrie?

Carrie: Where else should I be, Sami?

Sami: I don't know. How 'bout at home, begging your husband to forgive you instead of slutting around with my husband?

Carrie: I strongly recommend that you shut up before you say something else that you're gonna regret.

Sami: I don't regret anything I've said.

Carrie: Well, someday you will.

Sami: There she is, my arrogant, superior sister. Here's a newsflash, Carrie: I don't care what either of you think of me. And, of course, you didn't even answer my question.

Carrie: What--what question?

Sami: What are you gonna do about Austin? Are you gonna forgive him, go back to him, now that you know he didn't really cheat on you? But obviously not, since I found you here with Rafe. Again. Obviously you're dumb enough to believe his story, and that's fine. But he cheated on me, so he's obviously cheating on you now.

Carrie: Sami, could you please just stop--

Sami: He doesn't care about you any more than he cared about me. If I were you, I would go back to my husband while you still have the chance.

Rafe: Wow, uh...

Carrie: Right. Uh, well, I better go.

Rafe: What? No, no, no, no. No, no, please. Just--can you hold on a second? Just give me a chance to explain what just happened here?

Man: They've had as much gas as I can safely administer.

Stefano: Can they hear me?

Man: Oh, yes. They're more susceptible than they will ever be.

Stefano: Very good. All right, you can leave us now. I'll start with the indoctrination.

Man: Yes, Mr. DiMera.

Stefano: Thank you. What a beautiful night it is. And Princess Gina, you are absolutely ravishing tonight. And, you know, it's so good to see this lovely gentleman sitting right next to you. You are a striking couple. The minute you walk into a room, all eyes are upon you. What is that? What is that I hear, huh? Music. Ah, yes, music, it's beautiful. It's the kind of music that you can dance to. And if I remember correctly, you two, you love to dance.[

Ethereal music]

[Soft piano music]

Stefano: Ah, la Principessa. Ah, such a delight to see you again. You know, it's been far, far too long. Look, you've had such a tough journey. Maybe you're tired. Would you like to get a little rest at the hotel maybe? Oh, Principessa, you have forgotten something. Your compact.

Gina/Hope: Thank you. You do know how I hate going anywhere without it. And Steffy, time certainly has stood still for you. [Chuckling] You are as dapper as ever.

Billie: Whew, if this is a typical afternoon at Chez DiMera, I can only imagine what cocktail hour's like.

Kate: You know, EJ would never have spoken to me that way while Stefano was here. Another reason I love having you here? I feel like I have an ally now. Stefano's been gone so long.

Billie: Oh, you really do miss him, don't you?

Kate: I do miss him.

Billie: I'm glad you're happy, Mom. I'm sorry I-I did that dig earlier about Stefano and Marlena. I'm really sorry.

Kate: No, no, no. It's already forgotten. Don't even think about it.

Billie: I just feel so bad for you that you haven't heard from him, you know? What do you think he's doing?

Kate: Well, I mean, I'm not really worried. I--I'm--he's probably up to his eyeballs in a business deal, and as soon as he's finished, I'm gonna hear all the juicy details, so...

Billie: Do you think it'll be soon?

Kate: I can't believe I did this.

Billie: What?

Kate: I-I... I think that I left my scarf at the coffee shop. I'm gonna go get it.

Billie: Right now?

Kate: Yes, right now. Austin gave it to me. It's one of my favorites, so... I will be right back, though. I promise you. Oh, honey. I'm just so glad you're here. I love you so much.

Billie: I love you, Mom.

Kate: Okay.

Billie: Thanks.

Kate: Be right back.

Billie: Okay. Bye.

Kate: Bye, sweetie.

Carrie: So...Hurricane Sami strikes again.

Rafe: Yeah. That's--I'm sorry about that. Listen, just--just give me a--a second to try and explain what just happened here, okay?

Carrie: It's really--it's not necessary.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, it is for me. I want you to know I was not lying, okay? Nothing happened between me and Nicole.

Carrie: I really wanna believe you, Rafe. I do, but I'm racking my brain just, you know, thinking...why were you with her?

Caroline: You all right, huh?

Sami: Grandma, I am so glad you were not around five minutes ago.

Caroline: What did I miss?

Sami: Well, I think I scared off a few customers.

Caroline: Oh.

Sami: I'm sorry.

Caroline: What happened?

Sami: What hasn't happened?

Caroline: Well, darling, I don't like to see you hurt like this. Isn't there something that I could do to help you, huh?

Sami: Grandma, I think you can do anything. But this is something I have to do for myself.

Caroline: Well, you're very strong, Sami, I know that. And you will do everything necessary to make things right.

Sami: I don't know. I mean, sometimes I think I can. And--and sometimes the--the old fears, they just, uh...

Caroline: What fears?

Sami: That I'm never going to find happiness. That I maybe--probably--don't even deserve to.

Caroline: Oh, come--that is nonsense. I'm not gonna even let you think that way. Sweetheart, you know God understands, and if you're trying in your heart to do what's right, there is always another chance. I have to go inside and sign for a delivery. But I'm gonna come right back, and we're gonna get to the bottom of this, huh? Okay. Thanks. Oops [Chuckling]. My knee.

Sami: Thank you. I'll clean it before I return it.

EJ: Well, you found me sitting alone on a bench earlier, little bit out of sorts. Conversation we had was certainly helpful, so I'm happy to be able to return the favor.

Sami: Oh, well, that's okay, I'm sure I'll be fine.

EJ: Oh, I don't doubt it, but, um, I-I had an idea as to how I may be able to speed that up a little bit if, uh--if you come with me.

Sami: Where?

EJ: Ah, you're just going to have to trust me. Come on.

Carrie: You know what? It's really--it's none of my business why you were in Nicole's room.

Rafe: I wish I could tell you, I just... I'm not at liberty to share the whole story. I know. I know it sounds lame, but, um... you know what? I don't blame you if you don't believe me.

Carrie: I do believe you.

Rafe: Really?

Carrie: I know the kind of man you are.

Rafe: You were about to say something about you and Austin before Sami stormed in.

Carrie: It wasn't that important. Uh... I really should go.

Billie: A million dollars in weapons? Oh, Stefano, you have been a busy, busy boy.

Kate: Hello, my darling. It's me again. I hope you got my message from last night. I know that you have five minutes to pick up the phone and call me. This isn't like you, and I need to talk. Bye.

Marlena: Uh, Roman, I'm--I'm sorry to bother you. Uh, it's Marlena. I...look, I know you're at the hospital with Bo, but I-I don't know who else to call. I'm--I'm so worried. I've been trying to call John, and I just can't get a call back. I'm worried sick.

Stefano: Oh, Principessa, you have forgotten something else, or--or--or should I say someone else.

Gina/Hope: John. John. John.

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