Days Transcript Thursday 3/15/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/15/12


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Maggie: Ah, thank you.

Sonny: Here you go.

Maggie: Thank you.

Sonny: There you are. Okay. Is everyone caffeinated?

Adrienne: Oh, yeah!

Sonny: All right, I'm gonna make this really quick. I just wanna thank you all so much for being here today on the grand opening. Chad and I greatly appreciate your support. And we hope to see you all here a lot.

Adrienne: To Chad and Sonny. All the success in the world.

Maggie: Here, here. [Cheering]

Justin: Sonny, we are really, really proud of you.

Sonny: Oh, thank you.

Adrienne: Oh, baby. So proud, so proud.

Sonny: Didn't you tell Uncle Vic he didn't have to come?

Justin: Oh... yeah, he wouldn't miss this for the world.

Sonny: I know, but he's... worried about Bo and everything, so--

Justin: You know, I think it's actually good for him to just sort of take his mind off all of it.

Maggie: Oh, I like this place. I think the boys are gonna do great. You wanna go now? Sonny would understand.

Victor: I'm fine.

Maggie: Right.

Adrienne: Hey, um...I was just wondering, is there any news on Bo?

Maggie: Um, not really. I mean, he's stable. Fighting hard to wake up.

Adrienne: Victor, we're all praying for him. And honestly, I wanna thank you for coming here. It means so much to Sonny.

Victor: Yeah. Not every day a boy starts his first business. But why he needs that DiMera kid is beyond me.

Justin: You know, I have to say, the place is really, um... hip. It's cool, it's snazzy. And it does--doesn't look like you were on a tight budget. I mean I kept waiting for you to hit me up for all this cash and--

Sonny: Well, I didn't have to because I found my own investor.

Chad: You did? That's--uh, that's news to me.

Sonny: Yeah, he actually just wanted to stay anonymous.

Chad: Oh, you son of a b-- you took money from my father, didn't you?

Brady: Thank you. I would have come to the townhouse, you know? I don't expect you to play courier, Marlena.

Marlena: I am so grateful that you're taking over Basic Black while John is gone. I don't mind at all.

Brady: Any word from him or Hope?

Marlena: Not a word, no. Mm-mm.

Brady: Well, uh, that could mean they're on a plane ride home, right?

Marlena: I hope so for Bo's sake. How are you? I know you're working around the clock on Basic Black.

Brady: We are gonna turn that company around. Basic Black is gonna be back on top. It's gonna be great.

Marlena: And it's taking up all your time.

Brady: Um, pretty much it is, yeah.

Marlena: Is that by design?

Brady: What do you mean by that?

Marlena: I just mean that I haven't heard Madison's name come up. I wonder how she feels about your working 24/7. I mean, I'm not prying, I just thought, if you wanna talk, I'm known for being a pretty good listener.

Brady: You are a wonderful listener. You are, but, uh... you know, even if I wanted to talk about it, I don't even know where I'd begin. We, um-- I proposed to her and I was thinking we were gonna get married.

Marlena: Oh. Oh. Uh...what?

Brady: Turned out she was already married.

Madison: I'm going to refocus the campaign and use social media as Mad World's main source of promotion.

Ian: Really?

Madison: Yes, really.

Ian: Hmm. You want to corner the market, but you're gonna use the same things other people are using? I mean, I'd have thought you might have wanted to be more--

Madison: More what?

Ian: Nothing. It's your company. If you're comfortable with the predictable and the mundane, why don't we just cross our fingers and do it your way?

Melanie: Abigail, you don't have a choice. You have to tell Austin you didn't sleep with him.

Abigail: No, I can't tell him. If I tell him, then he'll know that I've been lying for this whole time--

Melanie: Yeah, uh, that would be the point. He deserves to know. So does his wife.

Abigail: I'm sorry, okay?

Melanie: Okay, but their marriage is on the line now and you need to fix it.

Carrie: Austin sensed that I was pulling away. That's why he felt that he could go off and do what he did with Abigail. He knew how I was feeling and that made him angry.

Rafe: And that justified him sleeping with his student?

Carrie: He felt betrayed and I understand. I was falling in love with someone else. I was falling in love with you. Finally said it. I thought it and denied it, but I couldn't escape it. I love you.

Rafe: Uh... Carrie, I-- I don't know what to say.

Carrie: You could start by saying that you might feel the same way about me.

Austin: Yeah. I'd like the answer to that question myself. Do you love my wife?

Madison: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Ian: Enjoying? I don't enjoy watching you flounder.

Madison: Flounder?

Ian: Let's be honest here, shall we? You're making critical decisions about your company. Your head's not in it. You're totally distracted. Mad world used to be your world. Now it's what, some pastime or some hobby?

Madison: Is that right?

Ian: Yes. You're parroting other people's ideas. You've lost that edge that used to set you apart from the others and we both know why.

Madison: Well, obviously, Ian, you think you know why, so why don't you tell me?

Ian: You know you were a strong, independent, intelligent pioneering businesswoman... until you had that cliché-ridden affair with that muscle-bound beau.

Madison: So this is all--

Ian: No, no, now you've turned into this silly, dreamy little schoolgirl.

Madison: And it's Brady's fault?

Ian: Mmm, actually, no. It's yours. I don't blame him for anything. I'm surprised at you. You knew better. You knew better than to be swept off your feet by that dunce.

Madison: I should have been more businesslike. Hmm? More rational, more like you.

Ian: You watch your tone with me.

Madison: Now who's being a little schoolgirl? This is not about my edge, Ian. This is not about my business. This is about you seething with jealousy because I found something with Brady that I never came close to having with you.

Brady: You see, when I first learned that Madison was married, I didn't even wanna talk to her.

Marlena: You must have been so shocked.

Brady: No, I--I felt-- I felt played, you know?

Marlena: How do you feel now?

Brady: I don't know how I feel now. Because she made me--she made me try to understand so much that this marriage meant nothing to her.

Marlena: And did you believe her?

Brady: I--I must have because I--I told her that I would help her get a divorce. She was relieved and she was happy and then--then, the 180 happened. She spun around and she said, "Brady, I'm staying with Ian." I--I--I don't understand. It's like I'm dealing with two different people with this woman.

Marlena: Tell me about that part.

Brady: I was attracted to her because she was strong, because she was independent. I loved that about her. And then when she gets around this Ian...jerk, she becomes a helpless little girl. He has this power over her. And I have no idea what it is.

Abigail: I don't know why you're acting like what I did was so horrible. It's not like you've lived this blameless life, Melanie.

Melanie: No, no, no, but I did have a marriage that blew up in my face, so I guess I kind of understand what Carrie's going through a little bit. For no reason.

Abigail: That is not true. It is not for no reason, Melanie. Yes, okay, I lied, all right? But their marriage was so on the rocks before I was ever even involved.

Melanie: Abigail, you lied to Carrie and Austin and you're lying to yourself now. Yes, okay, yes, you have feelings for Austin, but he loves Carrie. He took her to Green Mountain to try and make their marriage work.

Abigail: He took her to Green Mountain because he felt guilty.

Melanie: No. He didn't just get her flowers. He took her on vacation so they could be alone and work through their marriage and I think deep down, you know that. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her and there's nothing you can do to change that.

Austin: Oh, is this a bad time? Is it?

Carrie: I did--I didn't know you were there.

Austin: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's clear.

Carrie: Uh, we--we need to talk.

Austin: I think it's gonna be A...really short conversation. You know? I came here to ask for your forgiveness. And I walk in on you telling your friend here... that you love him? I don't think there's a whole hell of a lot to talk about.

Chad: We were supposed to be in this together. But no. I turn my father down, so he comes to you, right? Because he thinks he can buy me?

Sonny: Chad--

Chad: You know what? I--I really read you all wrong, man. I really thought I could trust you.

Victor: You really mean to tell me you don't know better than to have anything to do with that man? If you needed money, you should have come to me.

Sonny: Uncle Vic, I didn't need the money because I already--

Victor: There is no way you can handle Stefano DiMera all on your own.

Justin: Okay, okay, show me the contract. I'll see if there's some way to get you out of this.

Victor: You think you can get him out of a DiMera contract? Faust had an easier time of it with Mephistopheles.

Sonny: Okay, okay. Does anyone wanna know what really happened?

Adrienne: You know, maybe we should let him finish a sentence.

Sonny: Thank you, Mom. Chad. Your father came to me, offering to invest, but I turned him down. I know how you felt and I would never do that to you. Our new investor has absolutely no connection with your father or the DiMeras. I checked.

Chad: You--you said he was anonymous though.

Sonny: But it's not your father and it's not the DiMeras. I know that for a fact. And for you two, I'm sure you're shocked, but look around. I actually know what I'm doing.

Ian: You don't seriously think I'm jealous of Brady Black.

Madison: Uh, yeah, I do.

Ian: I'm not intimidated by those young bucks. Especially when they have all the depth of plastic wrap.

Madison: You know what, Ian? You can put Brady down all you want. It doesn't change the way he makes me feel and that's what you're jealous of.

Ian: Okay, I'll give you this much. You had a delayed adolescent crush on him.

Madison: No, that's not what it is. And if it was, you wouldn't have barely noticed. Brady showed me what love is. And now that I know, I can't ever be with anyone but him.

Ian: Now you understand love? There is no you without me. I made you what you are. Before you met me you didn't exist.

Madison: You know what, I know that you need to think that.

Ian: I don't need anything. I'm self-sufficient. You, on the other hand, are a bottomless pit of neediness. And I am your main supplier. And I'm warning you, don't you be running around behind my back with him. Because I will find out. And I will take him down. His life will be bad enough in prison on corporate espionage. But I can make his life a living hell behind bars. You're not the only one who finds him pretty.

Madison: Shut up, you son of a bitch!

Ian: You stop right there. You know what I'm capable of. Almost anything. But not mercy. You pull yourself together fast.

Madison: I despise you.

Ian: Oh, it's a fine line between love and hate. Now...get your head back into your business. I don't want to have to remind you. I'm not only your employer. I'm also your husband. Brady will not be the only casualty. I enjoyed our little chat. get back to work.

Marlena: This relationship between Madison and Ian sounds very complicated.

Brady: If she doesn't love him, why doesn't she just leave him?

Marlena: Well, there can be lots of reasons for that.

Brady: This man is arrogant. He's a--he's a--he's an s-o-B. He's violent, I don't like him.

Marlena: I can hear how worried you are for her. What I can tell you is ending this kind of relationship isn't just difficult. In the short term, for both of you, it could be destructive.

Brady: What are you saying? That I should--I should just walk away?

Abigail: You don't understand.

Melanie: Ugh! Abby, I--I do understand. It's not complicated. You developed feelings for somebody and you sold yourself on the idea that he had feelings for you in return.

Abigail: He does, he does have feeling for me!

Melanie: No, he doesn't, no! He thinks of you as a friend. That's it.

Abigail: [Scoffs]

Austin: That's it. It's that look. Answers all my questions.

Rafe: I should leave. You two--

Austin: I think we've said all...that we need to say. Unless...

Carrie: Unless what?

Austin: You could tell me that you don't really love him. One of your greatest qualities, Carrie. You just can't lie.

Carrie: Austin, please--

Austin: No, no, no, don't-- don't do that, okay? Don't do that. Don't tell me that you're sorry because it's only gonna make it worse. I just have one last thing that I wanna tell you. Regardless of how you feel about your friend here... I still love you. It's the one true thing that I have always known and it's the thing that brought me here right now. And it was the thing that I thought that was...gonna get us through this, but, you know-- [Laughs] Wow. I didn't have the whole story. And just for the record, I turned towards Abigail because I was hurt because you kissed your partner, your friend, our pal Rafe here. And sleeping with her was wrong on so many levels, it's not even funny. It's not even funny. But, you know what, Carrie? It didn't mean anything. And when it happened, I was so drunk, I don't even remember it. But you can't say the same thing, can you? You can't say the same thing to me. Because although you haven't-- you haven't slept with him... yet... you love him? Well, at least we all understand each other. Sometimes, I feel like it's me against my hair.

Carrie: I never wanted to hurt you, Austin.

Austin: [Sniffling] I believe you. Except, you've fallen in love... with him. And I don't know what to do with that. So I'm gonna leave.

Marlena: Brady... I would never tell you what to do.

Brady: I know.

Marlena: I just wanna remind you this is a very delicate situation. For you and for her. And as much as you're hurting now, it could get even worse.

Brady: But this isn't a business decision. You know, I--I love this woman. I think she's worth fighting for, no matter what the consequences might be.

Marlena: Then you have to let her know that. You have to tell her-- you have to show her that she can count on you to be strong enough for both of you.

Brady: I can do that.

Marlena: I know you can. And be aware, it's going to be an uphill battle.

Madison: Kids?

Brady: Yeah.

Madison: Plural?

Brady: Plural, kids. Look, I know--look, a lot of people think it's sensible to stop at two, but I'm thinking with a gene pool, you know, like ours, it's our duty to society to have a brood of children.

Madison: Oh, well, okay. As the bearer of this brood, how many children are we talking about, exactly?

Brady: I'm thinking at least five.

Madison: Five?

Brady: Yeah, five.

Madison: Five?

Brady: We could do six.

Madison: You want five children?

Brady: No, you know, we could do a whole softball team. That'd be kind of fun.

Madison: Stop.

Brady: We could have every position.

Madison: Don't, please stop.

Victor: Still no change.

Justin: Uncle Vic, Sonny knows you need to be at the hospital. He'll be fine.

Victor: I spoke to Daniel. Bo's gonna be having more tests, so I won't be able to see him anyway.

Maggie: Then it's very nice that you're here with your family.

Victor: That kid...basically just told me to back off right in front of everybody. [Both laugh] He's gonna do just great.

Gabi: Sonny, dude, the place looks great. It looks just like you said it would.

Chad: Yep, the man had a vision.

Gabi: Hey, so is Will around?

Sonny: No, not yet, but, uh, I'm sure he'll be here pretty soon.

Gabi: Well, I'm gonna get a refill.

Chad: Dude, have you tried one of these scones?

Sonny: No.

Chad: Sonny found this new bakery and they're just delicious.

Sonny: What's going on? You seem a little...preoccupied.

Chad: It's just, I thought Melanie was gonna be here by now.

Sonny: Yeah, well, she's only, like, ten minutes late. Doesn't mean she forgot about you.

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, I guess what's keeping her must be an emergency or something. Otherwise why would she miss something that's so important to you?

Chad: Yeah, I guess.

Gabi: Yeah, but it's too bad she missed the grand opening though. You did such an amazing job. I mean, truly incredible. I'm really proud of you.

Chad: Thanks.

Abigail: Why don't you just go, Mel? I already know everything that you're gonna say anyway.

Melanie: No, not until it sinks in that you can't do this to Austin or to Carrie.

Abigail: I didn't do anything.

Melanie: You made Austin think you slept with him.

Abigail: Okay, Melanie, maybe we didn't literally sleep together, okay? But he wanted to. I wanted to. We both did. We care about each other. When--when his wife cheated on him, when she betrayed him, he came to me.

Melanie: No! No, he didn't. There's nothing romantic about this, okay? He was mad at Carrie. He drank too much. He went to his office to sleep it off. He didn't know you were gonna be there. The only reason any of this happened was because he was really, really drunk. So drunk that you were able to convince him something happened that didn't happen.

Abigail: Stop it, stop talking to me like that!

Melanie: No! Look, at the end of the day, the person I'm most worried about here is you.

Rafe: Carrie, aren't you gonna go after him?

Carrie: No. I don't want to. [Sighs] I wanna stay here...with you.

Sonny: All right, Chad. Yo? Can you give me the key? Where's the key?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, look, I got it, I got it.

Sonny: Give me the stupid key, come on.

Chad: Okay, look, just relax, all right? If you ask me, what's stupid is locking up the storeroom during business hours. I mean, it's not like we got gold bullion in there. All right? Uh, oh, okay, I found it. There you go.

Sonny: All right. Well, come help me with the cups.

Chad: Help you with the-- what are they, like, 12 ounces? You need help--

Sonny: To carry them, yes.

 [Phone rings]

Melanie: Hi, Chad. I am so sorry I missed your opening. Um, Abigail's having a small meltdown, so obviously I can't leave, but please let me make it up to you, um, at the Brady Pub tonight at, like, 7:00 for dinner. I hope.

Gabi: Oops.

Chad: Whoa.

[Knock on door]

Madison: Yeah.

Brady: We need to talk.

Madison: Uh, you know what, I really can't do that right now. I'm busy.

Brady: I'm sorry about that, 'cause, um, I'm not gonna leave until we talk.

Carrie: You s--you still haven't answered my question. Am I alone in all this?

Rafe: No. No. You're not alone in this.

Abigail: I think Chad's waiting for you, so--

Melanie: I don't care. I left him a message. I said I'm not going.

Abigail: Why don't you just stop, okay? Just mind your own business.

Melanie: No, I'm worried about you.

Abigail: You don't have to be.

Melanie: Yes--

Abigail: I'm fine.

Melanie: This isn't you. You don't lie to people. You don't manipulate people.

Abigail: I've also never been in love, Melanie. Not like this.

Melanie: You're gonna end up hurt and alone and regretting this. This is not gonna turn out the way you want it to.

Abigail: You don't know that.

Melanie: Yes, I do!

Abigail: Melanie, Austin would never hurt me. He loves me.

Melanie: No, he--he doesn't wanna hurt you. You're not really giving him a choice. Look, he thinks of you as a friend. And you're funny and you're smart and you're beautiful, but this happened because he was mad at Carrie, he got drunk and he acted like a guy.

Abigail: No, no, that's not true. You weren't there. You don't know what it was like. I was not just a substitute to him. He wanted me.

Melanie: No, Abigail. Abigail! If he had gotten behind the wheel of a car, he would have been arrested and you know that. He was not in control. The problem is, when he was sober and in control at Green Mountain Lodge, he still didn't love you.

Abigail: Yes, he did. He couldn't say it because he felt guilty. He felt guilty about his wife.

Melanie: Don't call her his wife. It's Carrie. It's your friend, Carrie. It's the woman that tried to help you. You don't wanna be responsible for ruining that marriage because of a lie. Now go find Austin and tell him the truth.

Abigail: No. I won't do it, Melanie. I won't. I love him. I will not lose him. I won't lose him, Melanie.

Melanie: Abby, you're-- you're not gonna lose him because you never had him.

Marlena: Quite a crowd. Looks like the boys are doing well.

Justin: Yeah.

Maggie: Everything is running smoothly so far. Knock on wood.

Marlena: Hey, is Will in back?

Adrienne: Uh, no, he's not here yet, but Sonny is expecting him.

Justin: Hey, why don't you join us? You can have my seat.

Adrienne: Yeah, sit down.

Marlena: All righty, thanks.

Maggie: Marlena, any word from John or Hope?

Marlena: No, not yet. But I know she will move heaven and earth to get here when she can. How's Bo doing?

Victor: [Sighs] Right now, they're running more tests. Which seems to be code for "we don't know why he's not waking up."

Marlena: You know he's in the best possible hands.

Sonny: A, uh, specialty of the house, on the house.

Marlena: Oh, look at you. Thank you, Sonny.

Sonny: Thank you. Thank you for being here.

Marlena: Well, it's a wonderful place. I think you'll attract quite a crowd in here.

Sonny: Well, I mean, we have so far.

Marlena: Yeah. It's good too.

Sonny: Thank you. [Laughter]

Brady: Madison?

Ian: I'm warning you. Don't you be running around behind my back with him because I will find out. And I will take him down.

Brady: You're not even gonna talk to me? Hmm?

Madison: What is there to say?

Brady: I think there's a lot to say, considering we were planning our life together and now you can't even look at me.

Madison: Well, my life is with my husband.

Brady: And that life that we talked about having together, that was nothing?

Madison: Look, it can't happen, okay? I'm sorry. That's the end of the story.

Brady: No, that is not the end of the story.

Madison: No, Brady, don't take off--you know what? You can't be here.

Brady: I'm gonna take my coat off because I have some questions for you, Madison. What does he have on you?

Madison: I need you to go now, please.

Brady: No, we already talked about that. I'm going to stay, thank you very much. Here's the deal: You're scared. He's strong, I understand that. But I'm strong too and I'm not scared. And the two of us together are strong enough to take that guy down. Now I want you to tell me that what we have is not worth fighting for. I think it's worth fighting for, okay?

Madison: My life, Brady-- my life is with my husband.

Brady: I don't believe you. And I'm not leaving. And I'm not giving up on you.

Madison: Brady, get it through your thick skull! We had fun, okay? It was fun. I belong with Ian. We belong together. I love him. I don't love you.

Carrie: I'm very glad you said that.

Rafe: Couldn't really deny it. Been something going on between us for a while now. Both know it.

Carrie: No. I knew how I felt, but I didn't know if you felt the same way.

Rafe: Oh, my kissing you didn't give it away?

Carrie: W--we--we said that it was a mistake and it didn't mean anything.

Rafe: Well, that's what we had to say. Bottom line is, it wouldn't have happened if we both didn't want it to happen.

Carrie: I know I did.

Rafe: Well, like I said, it took two of us, didn't it?

Carrie: And like I said, I'm glad.

Rafe: This is... very complicated.

Carrie: Very.

Rafe: The bottom line is, no matter how we feel about each other, we're still both married to other people, Carrie.

Carrie: So what do we do?

Melanie: We're--we're gonna get through this, okay? I'm gonna help you. It's gonna be okay, but you have to tell Austin.

Abigail: No.

Melanie: Yes, you have to tell Austin!

Austin: Tell me what?

Chad: You're right. Phone's off. Not that I didn't trust you or anything.

Gabi: Well, I mean, maybe she got called into work or something.

Chad: Yeah, but you'd think she'd let me know. I mean, she must have had time for at least a text, don't you think?

Gabi: Look, I'm sure she's gonna call you. And you know how the saying goes. "A watched phone never rings." So let's just go get dinner or something. It'll be fun and it'll get your mind off of things.

Chad: You know, that's-- that's really nice, Gabi, but I think I'm just gonna wait here a little longer, if that's okay.

Brady: I know that you don't believe that. The other day I held you in my arms, Madison, and you told me about how much you wanted to have a family together.

Madison: Brady, I--I don't wanna hurt you. You're such a sweet guy and that was a beautiful fantasy. You fit right into that... [Chuckles] White picket fence dream that every little girl has. But the truth is, I'm not a little girl anymore. And you're just not enough of a challenge for me. I'm sorry.

Gabi: Well, it's getting kinda late.

Chad: Yeah, I guess you're right. Melanie's not gonna show up.

Gabi: So, I mean, you gotta eat, right? And we should have some sort of celebration of your success.

Chad: You know what? You're right, let's--let's do that. Let's go.

Gabi: Awesome.

Ian: Victor. Fancy seeing you here.

Marlena: Who's that?

Maggie: The new CEO of Titan. Ian McAllister.

Victor: A real jerk and I hired him.

Ian: Well, a day with a new venture from yet another Kiriakis Entrepreneur. I'm new in town. I don't believe we've met. I'm Ian McAllister.

Marlena: I'm Marlena Evans.

Victor: Doctor Marlena Evans. She's a shrink. She'll see through you in a heartbeat.

Ian: Take whatever Victor says about me with a grain of salt. He's a very great man, but he's a very sore loser.

Marlena: Oh, I think I know Victor pretty well by now.

Ian: Well, Sonny pointed you out to me. You must be very proud.

Adrienne: Uh, yes, yes, we're very, very, very proud.

Justin: You know Sonny?

Ian: He's an impressive young man.

Victor: You know, there's a canteen over at Titan. You could have you tea and keep working.

Ian: Well, actually, I am working. I'm here checking on my latest investment, and so far, I have to say I am very impressed.

Victor: Wait a minute. You're the anonymous investor?

Ian: Well, no longer anonymous. But yes, it is me, c'est moi.

Victor: Why?

Ian: Well, as I said, I'm new in town, Victor, and this place is so nice. I'd like to get involved as you all are.

Madison: Brady, come on. Do you really wanna prolong the agony? You are such a great guy and you are gonna make some woman very happy, but that woman is not me.

Brady: You can't even look me in the eye and say it.

Madison: Actually, I was just, um, looking for this. Here. Here. Brady... get on with your life. Okay? Don't keep holding on to something that's never gonna happen. Find someone else.

Brady: How could I have been so wrong about you?

Rafe: You know, what it comes down to is that in spite of everything that has happened, the bottom line is Austin still loves you. And don't you think that you owe it to yourself or to him to at least give it a chance?

Carrie: Are you gonna try and make it work with Sami?

Rafe: This isn't about me and Sami. It's about you and Austin and what just happened here. Now if you think there's a chance that you can work things out... you ought to try.

Carrie: And you?

Rafe: Don't think about me. It's the right thing to do. We both know it. I have to go.

Austin: Tell me what? Tell me. No, you know what? Never mind, I don't wanna hear it.

Melanie: No--

Austin: Enough damage has been done already.

Melanie: Austin, hold on. Please, wait, pl-- what she has to tell you is really important. You wanna hear this. You--like, you need to hear this, okay? Right, Abigail?

Abigail: Yeah, Melanie's right. You deserve to know the truth.

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