Days Transcript Tuesday 3/13/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/13/12


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Billie: Bo, can you hear me? You have no idea how many people need you.

[Telephone rings]

Billie: Hello?

Hope: Hi-- who is this?

Billie: This is Billie Reed. Hope, is that you?

Hope: Yeah.

Billie: Oh, I'm so glad that you called.

Hope: Billie, what are you doing there?

Billie: Bo! Oh, my God, Bo!

Hope: Billie, what's going on?

Billie: Somebody help!

Hope: Tell me what's happening!

Billie: We need a doctor in here--please somebody help! Oh, my God, he's dying! Help me!

Hope: What--

Billie: He's dying!

Hope: What? What do you mean he's dying? Billie?

Lexie: Billie, step back. I need you to step back.

Hope: Billie, tell me. Talk to me. Say something. What's going on? What the hell is going on?

Lexie: He's in "V" tach.

Nurse: No pulse.

Billie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Hope, I think we're losing him!

Abe: Well, partner, I still don't understand what you're doing here.

Roman: I was summoned, just like you. You know, I can handle whatever EJ has planned on my own.

Abe: You said she would be at the hospital.

Roman: There's nothing I can do for Bo right now. And Lexie said she would call if there's any news. So, for better or worse, you are stuck with me, partner.

Abe: Well, I have to admit, I'm, uh, a little curious about what our new mayor has planned for us.

Roman: Hey, he hasn't been sworn in yet, okay? So, as far as I'm concerned, he's not the mayor. You are.

Abe: I'm a lame duck. I have no real power. And I'm under investigation for election fraud.

Roman: And you are innocent of those charges. You were framed. We both know by who, and my investigation will prove that.

Abe: Right now I want some answers, starting with, what the hell are we doing here?

Roman: Well, let's find out.

Will: [Chuckles]

Lucas: Will.

Will: Hey, Dad.

Lucas: Look at you, man. You look great.

Will: Thank you. You too--good to see you. Welcome home.

Lucas: Come here.

EJ: Ah, gentlemen... thank you for coming.

Roman: Answering your own door, EJ--that's kind of a step down, isn't it?

EJ: Well, I, um--I wanted to greet you personally. Oh, uh, listen, I heard about what happened to Bo. How's he doing?

Roman: Well, he is in the hospital after being seriously injured in the line of duty. How do you think he's doing?

EJ: My goodness, I am so sorry. Please, you know, accept my sympathies, and if there is anything at all that I can do--

Abe: You know, why don't you just save the act here, EJ. What are we doing here? What do you want with us?

Lexie: Billie, I need you to leave the room.

Hope: Billie, are you there? Hello?

Billie: Hope. [Sighs]

Lexie: Charge to 360.

Hope: Hello? Damn it! The line went dead.

Lexie: Clear!

Billie: Oh, my God!

Nurse: Still "V" tach.

Lexie: Billie--

Billie: But Hope--

Lexie: I'm not asking again! Leave! Now! Charge again. Clear.

Billie: Oh, Hope, where is your damn number?

John: I see.

Hope: I can't get a call through.

John: Keep trying. Hotel operator said they're having trouble getting lines to the States.

Hope: God, this cannot be happening. Billie won't be able to call me back.

John: It's okay.

Hope: No.

John: It's okay.

Hope: It's not okay. She said Bo's dying. I could hear the alarms going off.

John: We're gonna try in a few minutes.

Hope: And what if it's too late? Then what?

John: It won't be too late. Now, you said that Billie was there. Billie Reed?

Hope: She answered the phone.

John: Did she say what she was doing there?

Hope: I don't know. I don't know anything except that my husband needs me. He needs me, and she's there with him and I'm not.

John: It's okay.

EJ: Gentlemen, can I offer you, uh, a drink?

Abe: You expect us to believe that this is a social call?

EJ: I'm being polite, Abraham. And I thought you could use one, anyway--a man in your position.

Abe: My position?

EJ: Well, you're just about to lose your job. Your wife left you. She's taking your son with her. And you're facing some rather, um, hefty criminal charges. If that isn't a reason for a nice glass of scotch, I'm not quite sure what is.

Roman: So is that why we're here--so you could harass us? Is that it?

EJ: Okay, listen, I'm not interested in harassing you. I actually have a very legitimate reason for bringing you down here.

Abe: Well, then let's get to it, so we can get out of here.

EJ: I would like to help you.

Will: Sorry I couldn't meet up with you earlier.

Lucas: That's all right. No problem. How's, uh--how's your grandfather doing?

Will: Um, he's fine. Uh, I haven't heard anything else about Uncle Bo, though. Have you?

Lucas: No. No, I haven't. Billie said she'd call from the hospital if there was any news.

Will: Aunt Billie? She's back?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, she's back. She's back in town. And she's gonna be working at Countess Wilhelmina with your Grandma Kate.

Will: Did you know about this?

Lucas: No, no. I'm just as surprised as you are. Come on, sit down.

Will: Well, I guess it must be genetic, because you didn't tell me you were coming back either, so...

Lucas: No, I didn't, did I? No, I told you on the phone it was all pretty much spur of the moment.

Will: So, uh... what are you doing here? [Laughs]

Lucas: What do you mean, what am I doing here?

Will: Well--

Lucas: I'm your dad. I can't visit my son? Come on.

Will: Okay. Seriously, what's the real story?

Lucas: All right, you got me. Uh, your mom--she did call me.

Will: Is that why you're staying here?

Lucas: Well, yeah, I thought I should be here for the kids while she's out of town.

Will: [Laughs] Dad, come on. I thought you were smarter than this.

Lucas: What do you mean?

Will: I know what happened. She called you up, and she said, "oh, I'm such a victim. My life is a mess." And she convinced you to come here and drop everything and save her ass. Right? Unbelievable.

Kate: Billie, honey.

Billie: Oh, Mom, thank God you're here. Oh.

Kate: How are you? How's Bo?

Billie: I don't know. He went into cardiac arrest, and Lexie came in, she threw me out, and she hasn't been out yet. And I was on the phone with Hope. I'm trying to call her back, but I can't get through.

Kate: Why are you calling her now?

Billie: Because I was on the phone with her when it happened.

Kate: What?

Billie: Yes. She called the room. I answered it. And then the monitors started to go off, and we got disconnected, and now I can't get the stupid call to go through.

Kate: Okay, sweetie, really, I think you should wait until you have more news about his condition, all right?

Billie: No, I--she thinks he's dying, Mom. I've got to get through to her.

Kate: And what are you gonna say to her? If Bo's dead, do you think it's a good idea that you're the one who gives Hope the news?

Hope: [Crying]

John: It's okay--let it out.

Hope: It's really bad, John.

John: All right, look at me. Bo needs you to be strong right now. Look at me. He needs you to believe that he's gonna be okay.

Hope: She said he was dying. Why would she say that if it wasn't true? I need to get the hell out of here. I need to get home to Bo.

John: All right, I'm gonna make you a promise. I'm gonna get you out of here. I'm gonna get you home. Uh oh!!

Billie: Well, I guess you're right. I-I really shouldn't call Hope back. I mean, if--even if I got through, what would I tell her?

Kate: Honey, I know you still care for him. You do, don't you?

Billie: Can we please not do this right now?

Kate: This is a complicated situation. We need to be mindful of the history.

Billie: None of that matters right now.

Kate: You don't think it mattered to Hope that you're the one who answered Bo's phone?

Billie: Well, I think I am the least of her concerns right now.

Kate: Yes, she is worried about Bo. You're worried about Bo.

Billie: Okay, fine. I do still care about Bo. Are you happy now? He's the father of my child. He's the father of your granddaughter. He was a big part of my life for a very long time.

Kate: He's a big part of why you left.

Billie: Could we not-- I-I-I just don't want to be reminded of that right now. He--it was a long time ago.

Kate: Was it? Are you sure about that?

Billie: Listen, if you want to ask me something, ask me. I really am not in the mood for 20 questions.

Kate: Okay, okay, listen to me. Coming back and working for Countess Wilhelmina... is it because of Bo?

Billie: No. Bo did not factor in my decision. So let's just stop this right now.

Hope: Okay, we still have one shot to get out of this Godforsaken country.

John: You're talking about trying to get out passports back. You sure you're still up for this?

Hope: Try and stop me.

John: You do understand that if we get caught breaking and entering into that courthouse--

Hope: I'm not gonna get caught--trust me. I'm not gonna blow my one shot at getting home to Bo.

John: All right, then the plan will remain the same. We're gonna enter in the South side of the building, right here. Our passports should be locked up in the security office right there.

Hope: Yeah, the office is right here on the first floor. Guard station's on the other side of the building. Easy in, easy out. You still in?

John: Oh, yeah, I'm in.

Hope: [Sighs] Then let's do this.

Abe: You want to help us?

EJ: Precisely.

Abe: [Scoffs] This is a waste of time. Let's go.

Roman: Right behind you.

EJ: What if I were to offer you... a pardon?

Abe: Excuse me?

EJ: A pardon--you know, um, a lifeline, if you will.

[Abe and EJ laughing]

Abe: You know, EJ, you're not the governor. You're not even the mayor yet.

EJ: That is true. That is true. But I know these chaps down at the district attorney's office, you see? And I could maybe be persuaded to have a little word with them, see if they couldn't... Abraham... tampering with an election is a very ugly--

Abe: I didn't rig the damn election.

EJ: Successfully.

Abe: At all, you son of a bitch.

EJ: Okay, look, listen, I'm offering you a lifeline here. Believe me. [Laughs] Nobody else is going to. Look... if I were you, I'd take it.

Abe: You are not me. I will not bargain for redemption like I've done something wrong.

EJ: It was going to stem off all of that unrelenting pressure that's about to come your way. That has to be worth something, right? Think about your son, Abraham.

Roman: He's yanking your chain, Abe.

Abe: What's the catch?

EJ: There is no catch. All I need you to do is just... allow things to reach their... inevitable conclusion.

Abe: What inevitable conclusion?

EJ: Letting go of Lexie.

Lucas: You know, your mom told me everything that's happened here.

Will: Oh, I doubt that somehow.

Lucas: Well, what is it you think I don't know?

Will: You know, forget it. Y-you have blinders on when it comes to her, Dad. Yeah.

Lucas: I do?

Will: You always have.

Lucas: Really? But you don't?

Will: Not anymore.

Lucas: You mean ever since you caught her with EJ?

Will: You're not even surprised, are you?

Lucas: I'm disappointed. And I'm just sorry that you're the one who's been hurt most by what's happened.

Will: Me? Have you talked to Rafe yet, or have you talked to the kids? She--she destroyed our whole family, Dad.

Lucas: Your mother knows that, okay? And she's--she's very sorry about what's happened.

Will: Oh, she got to you already, didn't she?

Lucas: No, she didn't get to me. I know your mother's tricks better than anybody--come on.

Will: Yeah, that's probably true. Just promise me that you're not gonna fall for them again... or her.

Lucas: [Chuckles] I can pretty much guarantee that's not gonna happen.

Will: Oh, yeah? How?

Lucas: Well, because, William, your old man here-- he's engaged... and very much in love with his fiancÚ.

Billie: How's Bo? Is he better?

Lexie: His--his sinus rhythm is normal. He's stable.

Billie: Oh, thank you, Lexie. Thank God. Oh, that's good.

Kate: It sounds like good news, but you don't look relieved, Lexie.

Lexie: Because that's the only good news I have. For now, Bo is hanging in there.

Billie: But? What, you don't think he's going to pull through?

Lexie: Billie, I didn't say that.

Kate: Lexie, you're not saying much of anything.

Billie: Mom, please. Lexie, listen, I know we're not immediate family, but Bo is Chelsea's father, and if there is something that I need to know, something I need to prepare her for, I need--

Lexie: No, no. We are not at that point.

Billie: Okay, good. Thank God. Thank God.

Lexie: But the injuries Bo sustained during the attack were severe to begin with. That, along with the coma--

Billie: But wait--I was told that the coma would help in the healing. Are you saying that's not the case? Lexie? Is Bo going to be okay or not?

John: [Sighs] All right, that ought to do it.

Hope: Sort of picked the place dry, didn't we?

John: Well, it never hurts to improvise. The first hurdle is gonna be trying to get out of this place. We can count on the fact we're being watched.

Hope: T.L.'s probably downstairs waiting for us in the lobby.

John: Which is why... we're going out this way.

Will: Wait a second. Are you serious?

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: You're engaged? When did this happen?

Lucas: Uh, not that long ago.

Will: Oh, yeah, and you're just telling me now?

Lucas: Well, you know, give me a break. It's not the kind of information you share over the phone.

Will: When, uh--is she here? Did she come here?

Lucas: No. No, no, she didn't. She's back in Hong Kong. She--she was a little too busy with work.

Will: Wow. Okay, uh, what's her name? What's she like? Wha--

Lucas: That's a good question. Uh, well, her name's Autumn. And she's... she's amazing, man. She's fantastic. You're really gonna love her.

Will: Wow. Um, does mom know?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Your mom knows. And she's happy for me. She really is.

Will: Okay, yeah. Let's see how long that lasts.

Lucas: Yeah. Look, I know you're mad at her right now, and you're angry, but don't give her a hard time.

Will: I'm not angry with her anymore. I just--I just see her for who she really is.

Lucas: Look, I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm not here just because what your mom's going through right now. I'M... I'm here because I'm worried about you.

Will: You're worried about me?

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Will: Why? What did mom tell you?

Abe: You want me to leave my wife?

EJ: Your wife already left you--I mean, I-I think we can all agree on that. What I'm asking is just for you to accept it.

Abe: You lousy... you're the reason Lexie and I are having problems.

EJ: I did not come between you and your wife. You did that all on your own. Maybe you didn't rig the election. You rigged the debates, though.

Abe: Oh, that damn debate. I-I-I will regret sinking to your level for the rest of my life.

EJ: If you had sunk to my level, Abraham... you wouldn't have been caught, would you? Look, it doesn't really matter how you go out of your way to justify all this. The fact is this. Your wife is never going to look at you the same way again. Do you know why? Because you put the election ahead of her.

Abe: And you think she's gonna come running to you?

EJ: I'm blood. I'm family.

Abe: You are everything that she has worked her entire life to avoid--you and your sadistic father.

EJ: And you spent your entire relationship with her trying to turn her against us. You made yourself out be this, uh, paragon to the entire community. Well, now you've fallen off your little pedestal, haven't you? Everybody can see you for who you really are. You're a fake. You're a phony. You're a small--

Abe: There is absolutely no honor in you! There never was. You can dress yourself up in your... fancy suits... but you're garbage. Your sister is hurt. She's disillusioned. But she is not going to be fooled by you.

EJ: Oh, you mean like the way she was by you?

Roman: Abe. Abe, Abe. EJ, listen to me. This man has more integrity than you will ever know. He loves his wife. They're gonna work on this. They will come through this stronger than ever.

John: Almost there.

Hope: Can you hold it for a second? Just want to check. Guard's coming.

[Footsteps passing by]

Hope: Okay, hurry.

Billie: Lexie, please answer me. Is Bo gonna be okay?

Lexie: Billie, we are doing everything we can.

Billie: That's it? That's--that's your answer?

Kate: Baby, honey, this is not a good idea, okay?

Billie: Well, no, but listen, I can't just stand around while his condition gets worse. He--his heart stopped. He's in a coma--

Kate: Billie, I know that. I don't want you taking on this whole burden by yourself.

Billie: But Hope is not here. And somebody has to fight for Bo, and that somebody is going to be me.

Lexie: We are all fighting for Bo. Look, I know this is hard for you, but you have to have faith that he is going to pull through this.

Billie: [Sighs]

Roman: All right, Abe, let's get out of here.

EJ: I wouldn't be so quick to walk away if I were you, Commissioner. Your job is hardly secure.

Roman: Is that a threat?

EJ: No, no, no. It's not a threat. It's, um, more of a, uh, sort of statement of fact, really. [Clears throat] Let's see, your time in operation--certainly not much of a success. You know, if we look here, we can see that crime, well, it's up, and, uh, arrests and convictions--they're--they're-- they're down.

Roman: I'm looking at the reason for that.

EJ: Same old excuses, I see. That's disappointing. Um... you should know that, um, I have already started looking for your successor. You know, given your level of incompetence, I don't think it should be too hard to find somebody.

Lucas: Just relax a little bit, all right? Take it down a notch.

Will: I just don't like people talking about me behind my back.

Lucas: We're not talking about just anybody. We're talking about your mother. I'm your father. I asked her what was going on with you, and she told me.

Will: Okay, told you what?

Lucas: That you've been having a tough time of it lately.

Will: [Laughs] You know, everything was fine before she slept with EJ.

Lucas: Really? Everything was fine? When they took down your website, you were okay with that? Which I thought was fantastic, by the way.

Will: Oh, thanks.

Lucas: And you broke up with your girlfriend recently, right? What was her name--Gabi?

Will: Yeah, technically, she broke up with me.

Lucas: Well, either way, it doesn't sound like things were going too hot for you. Look at me, all right? I'm your dad, and I want you to know that you can tell me anything. Just talk to me, all right? Tell me what's going on with you.

Billie: Can I go in and be with Bo now?

Lexie: Yeah. I need to see him for a few minutes first.

Billie: Okay.

Lexie: Okay. Were you able to reach Hope?

Billie: No, I can't get through.

Lexie: Oh, goodness, she must be worried sick.

Billie: I'll keep trying, and Chelsea, too, to let her know what's going on with her dad.

Lexie: Okay. Listen to me. Bo is strong. If anyone can pull through this, he can.

Billie: [Exhales deeply]

Lexie: Okay, deep breaths. Okay.

Billie: [Sighs deeply]

John: All right, coast is clear.

Hope: What do you think?

John: These windows are wired. There's contacts all around the frame.

Hope: Meaning we break the glass, the alarms go off.

John: You know, I can jimmy the locks. It's not gonna open this window, though.

Hope: Yeah, but if we break the circuit, the alarm's triggered.

John: You familiar with how this works?

Hope: This is pretty much the standard security system in most of the museums, galleries, and private homes I had as Princess Gina.

John: Well, then you have a way around it.

Hope: Hand me that lamp cord from your case.

John: All right, now what?

Hope: Chew this till it's nice and soft.

John: All right. Jimmied the locks open.

Hope: I'm good to go here.

John: You were good back then, weren't you?

Hope: I still am. Ready?

John: Let's do it.

Hope: Told you it would work. [Grunts] Here, pass me the bag.

Billie: Well, the problem's got to be on Hope's end, because I-I got through to Chelsea.

Kate: You spoke to her?

Billie: No, I left her a message, and I just hope she stays put until we know more of what's going on.

Kate: I hope so.

Billie: But, oh, you know, Chelsea's so headstrong. I mean, she doesn't listen to any of my advice, and she just does what she wants when she wants.

Kate: Really? Just like her mother? Come on, baby. I know that you have to be exhausted. Are you hungry?

Billie: No, I'm fine.

Kate: What?

Billie: I'm fine.

Kate: Okay, look, Lexie said that Bo is in stable condition. I think we should go back to the DiMera mansion, and you can rest up a little bit.

Billie: Are you kidding me? The mansion is the last place I'm going.

EJ: You can't seriously tell me that you believe that your tenure as commissioner is above reproach.

Roman: First time hearing of any complaints.

EJ: You and your brother-- who's a detective in the police force, no less--were mugged in broad daylight.

Roman: Mm-hmm, yeah. What? That's my fault?

EJ: I think that that hardly reassures the citizens of Salem that the streets are safe.

Roman: We were ambushed. It happens.

EJ: Right, by criminals who should have already been locked up.

Abe: You are one to talk. You and your father should be rotting away in adjoining cells.

EJ: That's exactly my point, you know? I mean, you two have been saying that for years. You know, and yet you've failed to make one... one charge stick. The criminals are not afraid of you. It's the good people of Salem, the very people whose lives you're supposed to protect-- they should be afraid of you.

Lucas: Now, you know I'm gonna be staying in Salem for a while now, right?

Will: Yeah, I do. I think it's great.

Lucas: Good, 'cause I really want to spend some more time with you. I do. Living halfway around the world has made me realize just how much I've missed you... not only because you're my son, because we're tight, you know, you're my friend.

Will: Yeah. No, I feel the same way.

Lucas: All right, good. Good. Come here. I missed you, man. I love you.

Will: I love you too, Dad.

Lucas: Good talk, good talk.

Will: [Laughs]

Lucas: New topic, now that we got that out of the way-- what are you doing, man? What are you doing working for EJ, anyway? I heard about that.

Will: Oh, um, I don't know. I just--I like my job.

Lucas: Really? You like your job? What exactly do you like about it, other than it's a good way to stick it to your mom?

Will: It was never about that.

Lucas: Well, it doesn't matter now, anyway, because now that we got everything out in the open, I expect you to quit, immediately.

Will: Yeah, but I can't.

Lucas: Why not?

Will: Um, because he knows.

Lucas: He knows what?

Will: That--that it wasn't you who shot him, that I... shot him.

John: Hope? I can't believe they don't monitor their cameras at night.

Hope: You would think the security office would be a high priority.

John: By the time they know their passports are gone, we're gonna be back in Salem.

Hope: John?

John: All right, what do you want--padlock or the key?

Hope: Padlock.

John: All right. Damn, always prepared.

Hope: Yep, that's me.

John: Good job. Come on, baby. Damn. I can feel it catching. I just can't spring it.

Hope: Want me to take a shot at it?

John: Be my guest.

Lucas: How the hell did EJ find out that you were the one who shot him?

Will: I don't know. He didn't tell me.

Lucas: And that's why you're working for him, right-- 'cause he's blackmailing you? That son of a bitch. You know what? Now I really will kill him.

Will: No, hey, Dad, stop. Seriously, it's not that bad even.

Lucas: It's not that bad? Just what exactly does he have you doing for him?

Will: Nothing. Nothing. He doesn't make me do anything I don't want to do.

Lucas: What, are you protecting him now?

Will: No, Dad. Seriously, I'm not protecting him--I just don't want to quit my job.

Lucas: Tell me why.

Will: Because I like it. I-I mean, I like the--the power, and I like the excitement of being on the inside, you know? And when he tells me to do something and I do it... I mean, I feel valued. I feel important.

EJ: Truth, eh? It's always such a bitter pill to swallow, isn't it?

Roman: All right, Abraham, I'm done. I got to get back to the hospital to check on Bo.

Abe: You think you have the upper hand, huh?

EJ: I know I have the upper hand.

Abe: Enjoy it while it lasts.

EJ: Why? You know something I don't?

Abe: My love for Lexie... our commitment to our marriage is stronger than you think. And we're not gonna allow you to ride roughshod over us. And we're not going to allow you to destroy the town that we're sworn to protect. So mark my words... you will fail.

EJ: That was lovely. That was quite poetic. Unfortunately, your rather lame rhetoric is not going to save your marriage, nor is it going to get you re-elected.

Billie: I just wouldn't be comfortable staying at Stefano's.

Kate: And you don't know why it is that I am?

Billie: It's not my place to pass judgment.

Kate: Honey, I know you don't approve of my marriage.

Billie: Well, you seem happy. Are you?

Kate: I am, in all the ways that matter.

Billie: That's a really interesting answer.

Kate: Being married to Stefano has its advantages and its disadvantages. And I think the good outweigh the bad. And when he tells me that he cares about me, I believe him. And I care about him, too, very much.

Billie: Okay, so you care about him, and he cares about you, but is that enough for you?

Kate: We understand each other. We share a mutual respect, and we genuinely enjoy... our time together. And I think those are a lot of really good things. And there's no secret agenda. There's no misperception of what we share, so, yes... yes, I am okay with it. I'm comfortable.

Billie: Well, as long as you don't give me that whole "true love" scenario...

Kate: [Scoffs] Yeah.

Billie: Then I'm happy for you.

Kate: I don't think I'd even believe that myself. And you are too smart for me to con you, huh?

Billie: You're damn right I am.

Kate: Honey, I am so glad you're back.

Billie: Oh, I am too, Mama.

John: I knew this would come in handy.

Hope: Hurry--we don't have much time.

John: Come on.

Kate: Okay, now... why don't I get you caught up on work?

Billie: What, as a way to distract me? I already know that Mad World Cosmetics has set up shop here.

Kate: That dirty blonde-- believe me, she's just the flavor of the month.

Billie: But wasn't Ian McAllister just named CEO of Titan, and they own Mad World Cosmetics? I don't think we should dismiss them so quickly.

Kate: I know, but they're no threat to us, Billie.

Billie: Yeah, but like it or not, Madison--she is sharp. She is focused, and she has made quite a name for herself.

Kate: I can think of a lot of names for her.

Billie: And Ian McAllister? He is sharp. He's--he's ruthless. And I've heard he's quite a womanizer and that he has a lot of broken hearts left in his wake.

Kate: Yeah, I've heard that.

Lexie: Billie, you can go in now if you'd like.

Billie: Oh, great. Thanks, Lexie.

Lexie: [Sighs]

Lucas: You know, I don't know how much you remember, but I-I used to work for EJ's brother.

Will: Yes, I do remember-- Tony.

Lucas: Yeah. And--and that was the biggest mistake of my life.

Will: Dad, come on.

Lucas: No, no, listen to me. Listen to me. I know that it's exciting. And I get it. I know there's money, and there's power involved. But it's not worth it. It's not worth losing who you are. I'm not gonna let them corrupt you like this.

Will: I'm not being corrupted, Dad. Seriously, all my life, people have warned me about the dangers of working for a DiMera, so I know what I'm getting myself into.

Lucas: No, I don't think you do.

Will: Okay, look, I know that you're worried about me, and I-I appreciate that, but... seriously, I know what I'm doing.

Lucas: Will, I don't--

Will: Okay, look, look, look, look, okay? I'm--I'm sorry, I got to go. I can't talk about this anymore.

Lucas: All right.

Will: But I'm glad you're back, and I will see you very soon.

[Door closes]

EJ: Abraham... take the deal. Okay?

Abe: Or suffer the consequences.

EJ: Your words.

Abe: I hope I'm as clear. Go to hell.

EJ: [Sighs] Okay. You don't leave me any choice. You know, I have to call the district attorney. I have to see that you're prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Abe: Well... do what you have to do.

EJ: Commissioner... do your friend a really big favor. Get him to take the deal.

Roman: And if I don't?

EJ: This investigation you're conducting, the one into the charges against Abe for tampering with the election-- if I were to find out that there were any prejudice... then you would be sitting beside your friend in a penitentiary. You know, I hear they love cops up there.

Roman: Nice talking to you, EJ.

Billie: Bo. Bo, it's me, Billie. Can you hear me? You're gonna be okay. You'll be just fine. I promise.

John: Come on, damn it. Open! Ah, to hell with it. Here we go. Give me some light.

Hope: See the file?

John: What the hell?

Hope: The passports are probably with it.

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