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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/2/12


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Sami: Great, what now? Kate. "Need to work on the itinerary, Sami, so send me your meeting schedule ASAP" You know what, Kate? You can take my meeting schedule and shove it up your ASAP.

[Knock at door]

Sami: Rafe.

Lucas: Hey. Aren't you gonna invite me in?

Carrie: Uh-huh.

Austin: [Laughs]

Carrie: Mm-hmm.

Austin: A lot of good that snorkeling mask is gonna do you out there on the slopes.

Carrie: Uh-huh. You think you're really funny, don't you?

Austin: Actually, I'm proud of that. I think that was pretty funny.

Carrie: Oh, yeah.

Austin: I'm a funny guy.

Carrie: You are, but letting me pack under the illusion that we're going someplace tropical?

Austin: Maybe I just like the idea of you in a bikini.

Carrie: Oh, well, now you're gonna have me in a scarf and ski boots.

Austin: You know what? Actually, that works too. Scarf and ski boot, yeah. It's nice.

Carrie: [Laughs]

Austin: You know, this, um, this isn't just any old ski lodge.

Carrie: I know. It's Green Mountain. It's special here.

Austin: Yeah.

Carrie: It's where we made love for the first time.

Austin: I will never forget that night.

Carrie: Me neither.

Austin: I just figured, you know, if there was one place for us to go to get everything back on track, this is it.

Carrie: I still cannot believe you did all this.

Austin: What? What are you talking about? It was nothing.

Carrie: It wasn't nothing. I mean, you--you planned this whole thing, where we were going and when and... you did all the work, and you shouldn't have to.

Austin: Why not?

Carrie: Because I'm the one that screwed up, not you.

[Keyboard clicking]

Abigail: Yes. Okay.

[Mouse button clicks]

Delivery Man: Hello.

Gabi: Oh, hi.

Delivery Man: Hi.

Gabi: Wow, these are beautiful. Who are they for?

Delivery Man: You know, I wish I could tell you, but there's no name on the card. It's just this address.

Gabi: Oh, wow. They're gorgeous.

Delivery Man: Yeah, somebody must be special, huh? Can I get you to sign here?

Gabi: Um, yeah, of course.

Delivery Man: Thank you. You have a good day.

Gabi: Thank you. Whoa. "I saw these flowers, and I thought they were picture-perfect, just like you. Chad."

Brady: Oh, I'm sorry. [Sighs]

John: Hope? Look at me. You gotta shake it off. The things that we're remembering--they don't mean anything it's all part of Stefano's game just to pull us in.

Hope: I know. I-I-I know--I know you're right. I've been telling myself that ever since we got here. But John, I can't stop these memories. And when they come, they're so quick and so powerful, and... they're so real, like I'm back in that moment again. And when it's over, I feel guilty. I feel like--I-I don't know, like I've somehow been unfaithful to Bo.

John: Listen, listen, listen.

Hope: God.

John: What happened to us-- that was a long time ago, and it's all in the past now. Those feelings, those-- those emotions, they don't exist anymore, regardless of what Stefano wants. Okay? Well, I'm glad you could make it. What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: Ah. I could ask you two the same question. Well, well, well. Isn't this quite the coincidence, running into you two here? [Chuckles] Ah, you know, I would love to invite you to join me in a nightcap, but it seems as if this cafe is closed.

John: [Sighs] All right, enough of the games.

Stefano: I beg your pardon. I was just out for a nice evening walk, and I happened to run across this place.

John: But first you orchestrated this marriage between me and Hope. And then you set it up so we'd have to come all the way to this God-forsaken country in order to get a divorce.

Stefano: Trouble in paradise already?

Hope: You here to see how many hoops you can get us to jump through?

Stefano: Oh, come on, you are giving me much too much credit, my dear. I am simply on holiday.

John: Really? Where's your wifey?

Stefano: [Scoffs] I notice that the two of you are traveling kind of light. Don't tell me you came all this way without your significant others.

Brady: [Quietly] Damn it.

Chad: So... how do you like them?

Gabi: Oh.

Melanie: Oh, I love those. Are those for me?

Chad: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Melanie: Oh, my gosh!

Gabi: Oh, here, this is obviously for you. There was no name on the card.

Melanie: Thank you. Thank you!

Chad: You're welcome. Mm. If you're gonna greet me like that, I'm gonna have to start sending you flowers every day.

Melanie: Well, twist my arm. [Giggles]

Gabi: What are you two, um-- I mean, well, what are you guys, exactly?

Chad: Oh, uh--

Melanie: Oh, yeah. We're--no, we're together.

Gabi: Oh. That--does Abigail know?

Chad: Yeah, yeah. Now that she's had time to think about it, she's totally cool with it, right?

Melanie: Yeah, I guess so.

Gabi: Well, that's--

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Gabi: Yeah, that's great.

Austin: All right, I want you to listen to me, okay? You see this hotel room? This resort? Nobody is keeping score here, least of all me. We're here because we're invested... in making our relationship work and getting our marriage back to the way that it was.

Carrie: I want that very much.

Austin: [Laughs] And you have no idea how much I want that. So this isn't time to talk about who did what to who. It's all in the past. It's behind us. And being here-- it's just about us. Just the two of us.

Carrie: Okay.

Sami: But you're in Hong Kong.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I was. Then I took a seriously wrong turn somewhere.

Sami: What are you doing here?

Lucas: You called me. Remember, you told me your life was imploding again and that Will was beyond angry with you? What'd you think I was gonna do?

Sami: You really came all the way home just for me? Thank you. [Sobbing]

Hope: Bo and Marlena aren't here because you made it impossible.

Stefano: I could only wish to have that kind of power.

Hope: I'm not doing this with you. It's a waste of time.

Stefano: Look at such hostility. What are the two of you doing here... all alone in the dark?

John: We're finished.

Stefano: No, no, don't. Please, please, don't leave on my account. Look, if you are here waiting to meet somebody, wait. Maybe they are just running a little late, huh?

Gabi: [Quietly] Damn it.

[Glass shatters]

Gabi: Oh, I've been so nice. I have been so right. I am not gonna sit here and take it anymore.

Melanie: Are you--

Chad: Whoa.

Melanie: Oh, no, no! What happened?

Gabi: I'm sorry. It was a karate lesson mishap.

Chad: Uh--

Melanie: It's okay.

Chad: I'll--I'll go get a broom, yeah?

Melanie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gabi: It's really a shame. I mean, the flowers were so pretty.

Melanie: Happens.

Chad: Uh, here, got one.

Melanie: Let me help you.

Gabi: No, no, it's okay. I got it.

Chad: Come on, come on, come on. That's it, come on.

Melanie: My flowers.

Chad: I know, it's okay.

Abigail: Hey, guys.

Chad: Uh, Abigail, hey! Hi.

Melanie: What's up?

Abigail: Nothing. I just have the best idea ever.

Melanie: Oh?

Abigail: Best friend. What do you say to you and me taking a totally awesome road trip this weekend? We could head North, spend the night.

Melanie: Where are we spending the night?

Abigail: Actually, I know the perfect place. We could stay at Green Mountain Lodge, do some skiing, have some fun before you start modeling for Mad World. It'd be great! What do you think?

Melanie: Um, I want to-- we were supposed to maybe do something this weekend.

Chad: Yeah. Mm.

Abigail: Oh. Okay. Well, problem solved. Chad will just have to come with us.

Chad: Uh, I-I--what?

Abigail: Yeah, why not? I mean, there's plenty of rooms available. I already checked.

Chad: Uh, yeah, uh, that's just--that would be a little weird.

Abigail: Weird?

Chad: Yeah.

Abigail: Why? Why would that be weird? Because you and I used to be a couple, and now you're dating my best friend? You guys, I'm kidding! I am happy for you, really happy for you.

Melanie: [Laughs awkwardly]

Abigail: So please, please, will you come with me? I promise we will have so much fun, and once we get there, you'll be so happy that you came.

Melanie: Let's go look at the website.

Abigail: Yay, okay.

Melanie: Come on. We'll be back.

Gabi: Hold on, you're not seriously thinking about going, are you?

Chad: What, why not? Abigail said it was cool, so--

Gabi: Chad, you're a smart guy, so, um, don't be an idiot.

Chad: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Hi.

Madison: Look, I know why you're here.

Brady: No, no, no, you--I don't think you do.

Madison: No, I do, and you know what, I really-- I can't do this right now, Brady, I can't. I can't listen to you tell me one more time how much I've disappointed you, so I think you should just go.

Brady: Madison. That's not the reason I'm here.

Lucas: You are gonna have to explain to me how you ended up just having sex with EJ. I mean, Sami, to be honest, I don't care one way or the other, but if you can't explain it to me, how are you gonna explain it to Rafe? I mean, he's the one who needs to make peace with what's happened here.

Sami: Why do you drink?

Lucas: I don't. Not anymore.

Sami: My mistake. Why did you drink?

Lucas: I don't know. I was scared. And I was a little bit of a coward. And I, uh, I couldn't really, uh-- well, I didn't want to face my life the way it was. So I would drink, so I could forget all about it.

Sami: You wanted to self-destruct.

Lucas: Eh, little bit, yeah.

Sami: I thought my son was dead. And I wished I was dead. That's all I could think about, is just making the pain stop, making those feelings go away. And that's why I did it. That's--[Sighs]

Lucas: And what? That's when Will saw you?

Sami: I'm sorry, Lucas. I know what our son is going through. I know how mad he is at me. I know that he's probably never gonna forgive me for what I did. And, I mean, I think he took that job with EJ just to get back at me.

Lucas: I don't know about that, Sami. That doesn't sound like Will. I mean, come on. He's not into revenge. That's not him.

Sami: Lucas, we're talking about my son. Your son. Kate's grandson. It's in his blood.

Lucas: Well, you told me on the phone that he was going through something else, that something else was going on with him. What was it?

Sami: I don't know. My mom said that something's going on. I tried to talk to him about it, and he--he won't tell me.

Lucas: Yeah, he hasn't reached out to me either. But you know what? Maybe he'll, uh, talk to me when I see him, when I talk to him man-to-man, face-to-face.

Sami: Oh, yeah? You think he's gonna let you do that?

Lucas: Yeah, of course he will. He's got no choice. I'm his dad.

Sami: You know this positive attitude thing you've got going on right now?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: It's annoying.

Lucas: Is it really? Sorry about that.

Sami: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Well, you know what? Look on the bright side. Come on, at least there's somebody in town who doesn't hate you.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Lucas: That would be me, dummy.

Austin: [Breathing heavily] Whoo, baby!

Carrie: [Laughs]

Austin: You handled the slopes like a pro.

Carrie: Oh. That last one, when we were side by side.

Austin: I know, I know. That was the best feeling in the--

Carrie: Ooh!

Austin: In the whole world.

Carrie: Whew.

Austin: Ahh. So what do you want to do now? Wanna grab some hot chocolate?

Carrie: Actually, I was hoping we could, uh, check out a different part of the lodge.

Austin: What's that?

Carrie: Our room.

Melanie: You're not gonna come? Why?

Chad: Uh, I don't-- I don't think so.

Melanie: But you were going to, like, a minute ago.

Chad: I know, I just-- I really think a weekend like this would be good for you two, your friendship, you know. Bond with your bestie. I'll be here when you get back, okay? I promise.

Melanie: Okay. You better.

Chad: I will.

Melanie: [Giggles]

Stefano: Was I not supposed to know that you were waiting for somebody? I mean, I don't see what else I could think about. And I mean, unless you two are here for another reason. To be here alone in the dark. [Chuckles] After hours.

Hope: What we do is none of your damn business, Stefano.

Stefano: Fine. Then you don't have to tell me anything, all right? [Laughs] Ah, dear, dear, dear. But you know, I-I have to tell you. I could not help but think that maybe you are waiting for a lawyer, hmm? And I certainly hope that he is talented because there are laws here that are very difficult to deal with, especially-- [Sighs deeply] When it comes to a country like Alemainia, you know? And if you are both outsiders, whoa. [Clears throat]

Hope: I'd like to ask you something. Well, you got us here all the way to Alemainia. You found a way to separate us from Bo and Marlena.

Stefano: Yes, all right. Well, go on.

Hope: What are you really after, Stefano?

Stefano: Now are you expecting me to give way to the ending? Huh? When we haven't even gotten through the beginning? I mean, where's the fun in that? [Chuckles] Ah. Buona notte.

Brady: You hurt me... in a way that I didn't even know was possible.

Madison: I know.

Brady: I, uh-- that ring that I had given to you--I carried that thing around in my pocket for-- for days, because even though you didn't give me an answer right away, I knew--I knew you'd say "yes" eventually.

Madison: I would've said "yes," Brady. You know that.

Brady: Except you-- you were married the whole time. Turned out you were married... to Ian. You see, it wasn't--it wasn't just that I had my heart broken. You shattered my faith. You know, you shattered--you shattered my ability to believe, to believe in something.

Madison: How long are you gonna keep punishing me?

Brady: I'm not--I'm not punishing you. I need to acknowledge what happened, so you will understand.

Madison: Understand what?

Brady: The reason I'm here.

Madison: I know why you're here. To torment me.

Brady: No. Madison. [Sighs] You could not have hurt me the way you did unless I loved you as much as I do. I've been angry because I haven't known what the hell to do. I don't know what to do because all the love that I felt for you is still with me. It's still here. Can't get rid of it.

Madison: You still--

Brady: I st--of co-- look at me. But even though everything that happened hurt me as much as it did, I know that there's one thing that would hurt me a hell of a lot more for longer. [Sniffs] And that would be living without you.

Madison: But you've been pushing me away.

Brady: I've been angry. I've been really angry. But that's stopping now. I'm done with it. I don't want to be angry anymore. I just want to be with you. I don't want to live without you, so I need you because I love you. [Sighs] I love you.

Madison: I love you too.

Brady: [Sniffs]

Madison: [Laughs] Hey.

Brady: Hi. Mm.

Madison: I didn't think that you would ever forgive me.

Brady: Trust me, me neither. But the alternative of not being with you, I didn't want to-- I didn't want to think about that. That would've been worse.

Madison: [Laughs] Aww. I really thought I'd lost you forever, Brady.

Brady: Mm-mm. I'm here now, and I'm here to stay. This time it's for keeps.

Madison: For keeps?

Brady: Yeah, it's for keeps.

Madison: For keeps, I like that.

Brady: Me too.

Madison: That's cute.

Brady: But that means that-- first order of business is getting Ian out of your life, young lady.

Madison: Ha. Brady. That is not gonna be as easy as you think.

Chad: Thank you for earlier. Cluing me in that I'd just be in the way this weekend.

Gabi: Well, I didn't say you'd be in the way.

Chad: Uh, no, you didn't. But, uh, you were right. Abigail and Melanie need this time to get their friendship back on track.

Gabi: Well, I know how the thought of skiing makes you lose all common sense.

Chad: True. Hard to resist a good slope. Anyway, I, uh, I owe you one.

Gabi: Do you really mean that?

Chad: Of course I do.

Gabi: Good, because I think there's something that I could use your help with.

John: Whatever's going on, Stefano's confident it's gonna work.

Hope: Why are you saying that?

John: Because he didn't hesitate to reveal himself. Right now he thinks he's got the upper hand, and he's enjoying it immensely.

Hope: So how do we stop him?

John: I'm gonna take the advantage back. And fast.

Sami: I feel like I can't do anything right as far as Rafe is concerned.

Lucas: Well, you know what? Right now he's angry. And I know exactly how he feels. Remember? But you, Sami, you're gonna have to let him be angry, okay?

Sami: I just asked him to come watch the kids while I went out of town.

Lucas: Why are you going out of town when your life is falling apart here?

Sami: It's my job. I have to.

Lucas: Let me ask you something, seriously. How are you gonna work things out with Rafe if you're not here to do that?

Sami: I don't know. I don't know if I can work things out with him. I know he doesn't even want me to try.

Lucas: So that's it. You're just gonna give up. Come on.

Sami: How many losing battles do you want me to fight at one time?

Lucas: Wow. That is just amazing. I mean, I've known you to be a lot of things over the years, but a quitter, Sami? That's not one of 'em, come on.

Sami: You think I'm quitting? Are you serious?

Lucas: I'm trying to help you, all right? This is a very big hole you've dug for yourself. You wanna get out of it or not?

Sami: Okay, you know what? I know, all right? I know that this is all my fault. What did you do, come here just to make yourself feel better by rubbing it in my face? I don't need that. You can just go back to Hong Kong.

Lucas: [Sighs]

[Romantic music]

Male singer: With every touch every move my love is yours alone I'll always be here holding you near I'll never let go so remember tonight put your hand in mine if ever you feel alone just close your eyes and I'm by your side I'll never let go no, no, no, no

Melanie: [Giggles] Oh, wow, you were not kidding. This place is awesome.

Abigail: I know, right?

Melanie: So there's snow on the ground outside. I say we rent some skiís and--

Abigail: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. We just got here. We should, um, take a minute, look around, you know? Explore this place a little.

Gabi: Quinn said that I could start doing massages only if I got experience first.

Chad: Mm. And how can you get experience unless you have someone to work on?

Gabi: Exactly.

Chad: You want to practice on me.

Gabi: Please, okay, look. I promise I won't hurt you.

Chad: [Scoffs] Like I'm worried about that.

Gabi: Okay, if you don't want to do it, it's totally okay. I mean, I just thought that since you weren't going with Melanie, you could probably do it, but I'll ask my brother.

Chad: Okay, nope, nope. Stop it, stop, stop. You'd actually be doing me a favor.

Gabi: Really?

Chad: Yeah. I remember you having talent in this area, so you can use those magic hands on me anytime you want.

Brady: Look, I know that you've said that Ian is never gonna let you go.

Madison: And he meant it.

Brady: Just because he meant it doesn't mean that, that's the way it's gonna play out.

Madison: You've never gone up against him, Brady.

Brady: And he's never gone up against me. It's gonna be fine.

Madison: I know you believe that. And I want to believe it too.

Brady: Then believe it. It's that simple.

Madison: I wish.

Brady: You've gone on and on about this--this--this hold that Ian has over you, and honestly, sweetie, I don't get it at all.

Madison: Well, I don't really expect you to.

Brady: Because I know who you are. You are strong. You are tough. That's who you are.

Madison: That's part of me.

Brady: Why do you let him get the best of you? It's ridiculous.

Madison: Look, it's--who I am with you, Brady, that's not who I am with him. And I don't really know how to explain it better than that.

Brady: Well, here's the deal. You are with me now. And that means that he is going to have to meet the woman that I love and that I know because she is capable of taking him down.

Madison: I've seen him destroy people. It's not difficult for him. He doesn't even flinch. I think he actually likes it.

Brady: I'm sure he does. You're afraid of him coming after you?

Madison: Not just me.

Brady: Not afraid of him... at all. And if you want to be with me, and I think you do, and you want to be rid of him, I can make it happen. I just need you to tell me that that's what you want to do.

Madison: You know that it is.

Gabi: How does that feel?

Chad: That's really good. Actually, you know what? You can go a little harder right there. Oh, yep, that feels good. That's it, uh-huh.

Gabi: Um, you know, we could stop if you want.

Chad: W-why? Why would we want to do that? This feels amazing. And you said you have to clock hours, right? Uh-huh.

Gabi: Yeah, you're the boss.

Chad: Chop-chop. Mm.

Sami: I cannot believe it. I actually thought that you were coming here to help me. I was wrong. Obviously you just came here to watch me fail, like everybody else.

Lucas: Sami, come on.

Sami: Well, you know what? I don't blame you, I don't. I get it. I did this to myself. I am ruining my marriage. I destroyed my son's life. No one can stand to be around me. Well, you know what, fine. I have survived worse. I will survive this. You go back to Hong Kong. I will tell your mom you said sayonara, or whatever they say.

Lucas: Are you done? Did you get that all out of your system? Do you feel better now? Good. 'Cause we got some work to do.

John: Pick up, pick up. [Sighs tensely] Damn.

Hope: What is it? No answer? What are you thinking?

John: It's not like an ISA agent to go off-grid like this.

Hope: Maybe Walsh caught on to the fact that Stefano had eyes on you. I'm sure he'll touch base when he can.

John: Yeah. Let's head back to the hotel.

Hope: You sure?

John: Yep. If Walsh is planning on meeting us, he's gonna track us down one way or another.

Hope: Uh, John, um... about earlier.

John: Ah, forget about it.

Hope: You sure?

John: Let's just get through this and get home where we belong. Let's go.

Hope: Yeah. You have the key. Put it back?

Brady: Hey. What is it? Talk to me. What is it?

Madison: Mm. It's just been me for so long, you know? On my own, rolling over for that guy and feeling like I don't have a say in my own life. I, um-- listening to you talk, I feel like that's gonna change.

Brady: Come here. I got something to tell you. It's all gonna change. It will. But I have to warn you about something. It's gonna come with a price. If you want this to happen, you're gonna have to give up something that you love very much.

Melanie: Okay, we've seen every room, including both banquet halls--which, don't get met wrong, they're beautiful-- but I would like to go skiing now.

Abigail: All right, we'll get there.

Austin: Let's go to the spa.

Melanie: Aah!

Austin: What the--

Carrie: Hi, guys!

Abigail: Hi! What are you guys doing here?

Carrie: I thought you helped plan the site for our romantic getaway.

Austin: Uh, uh, I changed my mind. [Chuckles] At the last minute.

Abigail: Gosh, we all ended up at the same place. What are the odds? [Laughs]

John: Walsh might've tried to call while we were gone. Why don't you check the voicemail, and I'll see if I can get ahold of Spencer?

Hope: All right, wonder if I have any signal yet. John.

John: Yeah. Hey, Walsh, we waited for you at the cafe, pal. Did you get tipped off that Stefan-- oh, my God, here we go. Nah, he's dead.

Lucas: Sami, I'm not gonna get scared off just 'cause you're yelling and screaming at me. I've been down this road with you before. I know exactly what to expect.

Sami: Oh, I'm sorry that my train wrecks have become predictable to you.

Lucas: Would you stop? I'm on your side. But even you have to admit this is worse than usual. And for the record, I'm not here so I can feel better about myself, okay?

Sami: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Lucas: I am here to help you.

Sami: Why?

Lucas: What do you mean, why? You needed me. No matter how much time has gone by or no matter what's... happened between us, you'll always be the mother of my kids. And God help me, Sami, but I still love you.

Sami: I love you too.

Madison: What else do I have to give up? My pride and self-respect? Ian's already taken those from me.

Brady: I'm talking about Mad World.

Madison: M-Mad World?

Brady: He's the CEO of Titan, which means he has controlling interest in your company. He could use that as a wedge to come between us. I mean, it's basically his sole bargaining chip, Madison.

Madison: Mm. Yeah. That does sound like something he'd do.

Brady: So the question is, I mean, are you willing to give up your company to be free of him?

Madison: I love Mad World. It's always been the most important thing to me.

Brady: Yeah.

Madison: But I love you more. I'd do anything to be with you. Whatever it takes.

Brady: I know the sacrifice that I'm asking you to make here.

Madison: Well, it's a company, and I can start another company. But you? Come on. What we have?

Brady: Hey.

Madison: This is once in a lifetime. And I don't want to lose you ever again.

Brady: Come here.

Madison: [Giggles]

Brady: [Chuckles] Something like that.

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