Days Transcript Thursday 3/1/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/1/12


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Hope: Thank you.

John: Yep.

Hope: I just need a few minutes to freshen up.

John: Take your time.

Hope: I thought we might stop for dinner while we're out.

John: You'll probably last longer than I will. I'm not much the one for playing tourist.

Hope: Well, there's not much else to do in Alamainia while you're waiting to get a divorce. Oh, my God.

John: What is it?

Hope: Do you remember this place?

John: Oh, yes I do.

Nicole: Oh. How can I be pregnant? God.

[Knocks at door]

Nicole: Who is it?

Daniel: It's Daniel. What are you doing? Hey, come on, open up. Nic.

Nicole: Daniel, okay, okay, I'm--I'm sorry, it's just I needed to make sure that you weren't EJ.

Daniel: Well, does he even know you're here?

Nicole: Well, if he does, he didn't hear it from me.

Daniel: Well, I just wanted to check on you; see if you were okay.

Nicole: Yeah. Who am I kidding? I'm not...remotely close to being okay, but thank you for asking. It was...very nice.

Daniel: It's a lot to take in, you know, by yourself.

Nicole: God. You think?

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: I mean, I was told that I could never get pregnant again and miracle of all miracles, I am. Which would be something to celebrate if my husband hadn't cheated on me. God, I hate Sami. I ca--I mean, it's not even all her fault. I mean, I thought EJ changed. I'm never making that mistake again.

EJ: Hey.

Lexie: Oh, my God, what happened to y-- never mind, I--I don't wanna know, don't wanna know.

EJ: You're not even going to talk to me, Lexie?

Lexie: EJ, I don't have anything to say to you.

EJ: I understand that you're upset with me... the way things turned out. But I'm not the bad guy here. What did I do, Lexie? I won the election?

Lexie: It's not what you did, EJ. You want to be a mayor? Go ahead. Knock yourself out. It's who you are that I have a problem with.

EJ: And who am I?

Lexie: A manipulative, self-centered liar.

EJ: As opposed to your husband? He manipulated and lied to everybody.

Lexie: Because you drove him to it.

EJ: You're not seriously defending him, are you? After everything that that man has done?

Rafe: [Sighs]

[Knocks at door]

Rafe: Yeah?

Sami: Rafe, it's me.

Rafe: What are you doing here?

Sami: I was sort of hoping that I could talk to you.

Rafe: Well, I'm in the middle of something. It's not really a good time.

Sami: Well, can it wait? This is sort of important.

Rafe: I'm trying to be nice, Sami. I don't wanna talk to you, okay?

Sami: I know. All right? I know that it's my fault. I know this is all my fault, but I just... I just need your help. I don't have anywhere else to turn. Please.

Rafe: I can't be around you. What don't you get about that?

Sami: Can't or don't want to?

Rafe: Both.

Sami: Look, I get it, okay? But Kate's... given me more responsibility at Countess Wilhelmina, which means I'm gonna have to travel.

Rafe: That's your desperate situation? You're gonna be working more?

Sami: Out of town and--and I was just wondering if you'd be able to help me with the kids.

Rafe: I told you, quit your corporate espionage.

Sami: I did. I don't work for Madison anymore.

Rafe: You did?

Sami: Now I just work for Kate. Which means I have to do what she tells me to do.

Rafe: Huh. What about your mother?

Sami: She's busy. She's always busy.

Rafe: Oh, so in other words, you didn't ask her.

Sami: [Sighs] Look, can you just not be angry for five seconds? I mean, you miss the kids, don't you?

Rafe: Of course I do.

Sami: They miss you too. So do I.

Lexie: Listen, Abe is still my son's father. He's still my husband. You don't get to speak ill of him around me, do you understand?

EJ: Okay. Let's not talk about Abe. Let's talk about you.

Lexie: Me?

EJ: As mayor of Salem, I, uh, have a proposition for you.

Daniel: Yeah, you need to channel all this energy. You do, you got a lot of bad energy going on. Here's what you need to do. Come on over here. Here, sit down.

Nicole: ...Bad energy...

Daniel: You do have energy. Here, sit down. Here, sit, sit.

Nicole: Okay.

Daniel: Get up there, yep. Cross your legs like, sit Indian style, yeah.

Nicole: What?

Daniel: Put your hands up here...there you go.

Nicole: Why?

Daniel: For your baby's sake.

Nicole: The baby's fine, I don't--

Daniel: Well, what about you?

Nicole: I'm fine.

Daniel: You still fainting?

Nicole: No.

Daniel: What about eating, you eating?

Nicole: Yes, I had a little bit this morning, I--

Daniel: So you just had a little bit. You're eating for two people, you know this. You've gotta eat for two people.

Nicole: I know I--mmm.

Daniel: So now your pulse is elevated, look at that.

Nicole: Of course my pulse is elevated, I'm upset right now and I didn't sleep last night.

Daniel: Well, because you have a lot on your mind and you also have a lot to figure out.

Nicole: And I don't even know where to start.

Daniel: Well, you can start, uh, by thinking for yourself. You have a few options here. Including whether or not you really wanna have this baby.

Hope: I don't understand this. Why is this happening? Why are these memories coming back to us now?

John: Because we're here. And this is where it happened. It's all just part of Stefano's plan. Can't let it get to us.

Hope: But if you're having the same memories as I am--

John: We're both pawns in Stefano's game, Hope. Whatever we did back then wasn't of our own free will. And that is what we have to remember.

Hope: I hate this. These memories are humiliating.

John: I'm sorry.

Hope: It's not your fault.

John: Well, you know, there's really only one thing we can do about this.

Hope: What?

John: As Doc would say, you need to talk. So, I think that you and I need to talk about everything that went on between us.

Hope: I don't see the point in talking about what happened between us, John.

John: Well, for starters, it'll make dealing with these memories a lot easier. We won't be blindsided. We'll be prepared and not threatened by what we're about to remember.

Hope: I'm not threatened. What do I have to be threatened about? Bo and I are committed to each other as any two people could possibly be.

John: Same goes for me and Doc. But you see, Stefano is counting on us to shut it down, to avoid talking about our feelings so I think what we need to do is face this head on. Maybe we can weaken his hold on us.

Hope: I thought these memories were gone forever. The gate agent at the airport, when she mistook us for a married couple--

John: Technically, we are. But what happened between us back then wasn't real though. What is real is what we feel for Bo and Marlena right now.

Hope: I can't even imagine what they must be feeling right now. What it must be like for them.

John: They're fine.

Hope: Yeah, well, I hope so. Because if it were me, I... I'd be driving myself crazy wondering what could be going on.

Nicole: Let me just get one thing straight: I'm having this baby, no questions asked.

Daniel: Okay, okay, okay. I just felt that maybe, you know, based on your reaction to finding out you were pregnant, that there was something that needed to be said.

Nicole: Well, it doesn't.

Daniel: Okay.

Nicole: Look, even though EJ is the father, this is still a baby I never thought I would have. I--I can't even put it into words.

Daniel: You--you, uh-- "you're. Happy."

Nicole: No, I'm terrified. That's why I reacted the way that I did and like I said, I--I can't handle a loss like that again. I won't survive.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. You have, you can, you will. Now you know, it's been my recent experience that fate can challenge us in some pretty unexpected ways.

Nicole: So you're saying this is a challenge?

Daniel: Or a reward.

Nicole: [Slight laugh] You know, when I walked out on EJ, I... I was prepared to spend the rest of my life alone? And then all of a sudden... I wasn't.

Lexie: [Laughs] I am not interested in any proposition from you.

EJ: Really? Even if it's about a new healthcare plan for Salem?

Lexie: [Sighs]

EJ: Look, I know you wrote my campaign off as a joke, okay? I understand that. But if you listen to me, you'll see that I have some really innovative ideas about how we can really approve the community.

Lexie: [Exhales] Okay.

EJ: Okay?

Lexie: Okay, so tell me about it. This--this plan of yours.

EJ: I'd like to find a way to make sure we get healthcare for everybody. All those people who can't afford it or don't have it.

Lexie: I'll tell you one thing. No one around here wants their taxes raised.

EJ: I couldn't agree more. That's why I want to invest in preventative medicine. I want to help people before they get to hospital, you see, that way everybody wins.

Lexie: But what does this have to do with me?

EJ: Look, you supported Abe during the campaign because you thought he was the best person for the job, right? I understand that. You still see me as, um, the enemy. Fair?

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Okay. But you know a good idea when you hear one.

Lexie: Are you asking me for my support?

Rafe: You can always count on me to help out with the kids.

Sami: Thank you.

Rafe: You don't need to beat around the bush. Next time, just ask me.

Sami: Okay.

Rafe: All right. So when do you need me?

Sami: Um, I'm not really sure yet. The--the exact dates aren't set.

Rafe: Okay. Just let me know.

Sami: Okay.

Rafe: All right.

Sami: Thank you. I, um--you're welcome to stay at--at the loft if you want while I'm gone.

Rafe: All right, let's not push it. This doesn't change anything between us. Besides, I don't want the kids getting confused.

Sami: I understand. And, um, I really appreciate you helping me. I'm sorry, okay? It's just, uh, it's just, um... it's just been tough for me. On my own, uh, you know? And, um, it's tough knowing that if I just ha--believed in you and our family and... none of this would have happened.

Rafe: Look, I will always love our family. Okay? I will always do what's best for them.

Sami: Yeah, I believed you were gonna say that. But does that include me?

Nicole: Daniel, I--I know this baby is a blessing, but what if something goes wrong that I can't control? You know my medical history.

Daniel: Okay, no, I do, and I don't wanna give you any false hope here and I'm not an ob/gyn. But what I do know is that for now, the most important thing you can do is minimize the stress in your life.

Nicole: That's a joke, right?

Daniel: It is not a joke. I understand that you have issues with EJ. But for the sake of your child, you need to find a way to be there for him or her. Together.

Nicole: No.

Daniel: Yes.

Nicole: No, that is absolutely out of the question. EJ cannot know that this baby is his.

EJ: I need someone like you. You're widely respected within the medical community. You understand the politics of the situation and, frankly, I don't know anybody better qualified.

Lexie: And how exactly would I do that?

EJ: You'd be City Health Commissioner.

Lexie: Are you serious?

EJ: You can do absolutely whatever you want. You pick your own team. You tell me what you need and I make sure you have those resources.

Lexie: And what do you get out of this? Except, of course, the pleasure of having the ex-mayor's wife on your payroll? Come on, EJ, let's be honest. That's the real reason this offer's on the table.

Sami: I know you would never have taken us to that pub... that day if you thought it was dangerous and I should never have blamed you for Johnny's disappearance and... I wish I could take back everything that happened because of that.

Rafe: Yep. Well... guess all we can do now is live and learn and move on.

Sami: To what? I lost you, I've alienated Will.

Rafe: Will's a good kid. He'll come around.

Sami: I don't know if he will.

Rafe: Hmm.

Sami: He's so mad at me that I don't know how to help him. He doesn't deserve this pain.

Rafe: Is he still talking to your mom?

Sami: She's the last person he should be talking to. Maybe you could talk to him.

Rafe: And say what?

Sami: I don't know. Say that I'm not a terrible person and--and that I'm still his mother and I love him.

Rafe: Look, I know you love will and deep down Will knows that too.

Sami: Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah. Look, I'm sorry for what you're going through right now. I really am. And you're right, Will doesn't deserve to go through any of this. Maybe now, finally you'll realize that there are consequences for your actions.

Sami: I know there are.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: I just never thought losing you would be one of them. I love you. You mean everything to me. And I don't want to believe that I have lost you. I want you to give me a chance.

Rafe: Chance. All right, here's the thing. You sleeping with EJ. Maybe I could have understood. Maybe I could have loved you enough or trusted you enough to have worked through that. But you lied to me. You lied to me over and over and time and time again. That's when you lost me.

John: Bo and Marlena, they know that they don't have any reason to worry. They realize that whatever happened between us back then happened because of Stefano's manipulations.

Hope: I know that, but what I'm saying is, if the situations were reversed and it was Bo who was halfway around the world, sharing this--a beautiful hotel room with someone he once loved... or whatever you wanna call it.

John: You see, that is the type of emotional response Stefano is hoping for. Don't play into his hands, Hope.

Hope: You're right, you're right, you're right again. I'm sorry, I need to stop making more out of this than there is.

John: Excellent plan.

Hope: So I need to ask you something. You sure... you're not up to seeing the sights?

John: You know, I was thinking, I--we really don't need to be tied at the hip here so why don't, uh, why don't I just give you a little bit of space, okay?

Hope: Space, I love space. Why don't you tell me what's really going on here? Ah, you seem to have forgotten I'm a detective. Yes, I noticed the signs.

John: [Chuckles] What signs?

Hope: Checking your watch, eyeing the phone; you're fidgety, distracted.

John: I'm just counting down every second till these two weeks are over with.

Hope: No, you're not, stop. Something else is going on here. Why don't you just tell me what it is, John?

Sami: I know you don't mean that. I know you don't.

Rafe: I don't know what you want me to say.

Sami: I want you to tell me that you love me. Tell me that you love me and that you will give us another chance.

Rafe: I can't. I can't.

Sami: I know what I did was unforgiveable. I know that, okay? I just didn't wanna tell you because I didn't wanna see my family get torn apart.

Rafe: So what you were doing was to protect your family?

Sami: Yes. Exactly.

Rafe: No, not exactly! What you were doing is what was best for you. Like you always do. Above everything else, including your marriage.

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Rafe: I know. I can see that.

Sami: Please, just forgive me. Please, give me another chance. I can be better. I can do it better. I promise I can do better. I can't do it without you.

Rafe: I can't do what you want. I'm sorry.

EJ: Look, it's a legitimate offer, Lexie. It's a heartfelt offer, okay? You don't have to give me an answer now. But if you accept this position of City Health Commissioner, I think you'll find it very rewarding.

Lexie: I'll think about it.

EJ: Maybe I could also ask you to keep an open mind when it comes to your brother.

Lexie: Oh, no, no, no, no. I put my trust in your too many times, EJ.

EJ: Look, um, I know it's not easy to forget when somebody you care about lets your down.

Lexie: Hey, you got everything you wanted from the election, so--

EJ: I didn't want you and Abe to end up like this. I have some idea of some of the pain that you're going through.

Lexie: Somehow I doubt that.

EJ: You're not the only person who lost something.

Lexie: Really? What did you lose, EJ?

EJ: My wife.

Daniel: Nic, th-this is--

Nicole: Now wait a minute. You cannot tell EJ about this baby, do you understand me? He cannot know.

Daniel: Okay, hold--just hold on a second.

Nicole: You have to promise me, Daniel, promise me!

Daniel: No I'm not gonna promise you.

Nicole: Please!

Daniel: Okay, all right, I will promise you, all right? Okay, I promise I will not tell EJ anything. Geez, but I think you gotta think this through. You're not doing that.

Nicole: I am protecting this baby.

Daniel: By denying the baby the--the right to know his or her own father?

Nicole: When EJ is the father? What do you think?

Daniel: You don't wanna know what I think. Because I've been there. I had been on the other side of this.

Nicole: But that... was completely different. Do you know how many times... EJ's claimed to love me? And how many times he's said things were different and I believed him? God, I helped him win that stupid election and he still took Sami to bed behind my back.

Daniel: Look, I realize he's a bastard, I get it. I really do. But do you really, really think this is something you can keep from him?

John: How badly do you miss being on the beat?

Hope: I'm not imagining this, come on. I know something else is going on here.

John: [Sighs] Yes there is. That's all I can tell you.

Hope: Really? You expect me to accept that?

John: One can hope.

Hope: I can make this a very long two weeks for the both of us. I'll follow your every move.

John: What good will that do?

Hope: At the very least, give you backup. For God sakes, you know you can trust me. Why don't you want me involved?

John: Because I will not risk putting you in that kind of danger.

Lexie: Nicole left you? Why?

EJ: Oh... I'd rather not get into the details if you don't mind. Let's just say it was, uh, all my fault.

Lexie: You must have really hurt her.

EJ: I did. Very much.

Lexie: Wow, this is a change. You're actually taking responsibility for your actions?

EJ: Lexie, I wish that taking responsibility for my actions would resolve the situation with Nicole. Look, the only thing I'm really trying to say is that I understand how much this situation has cost you and you're not the only person who's in pain.

Lexie: I'm sorry to hear that.

EJ: I could really use... my sister right now. I know it's a lot to ask, but if you could use a brother, just... I miss you.

Lexie: We'll see. We'll see, but I'm not making any promises.

EJ: I love you, Lexie. Hey. (Laughs)

Sami: You are officially the last person on the planet that I wanna see right now.

EJ: Well, I can assure you the feeling's mutual.

Sami: Why don't you do us all a favor and just go straight to hell right now, huh?

EJ: Why did you have to come round to my house that night?

Sami: Are you seriously gonna blame me right now? I lost everything, you know that, right? My husband, my son, everything that matters to me

EJ: Okay, well, I lost too, Samantha. You haven't cornered that market.

Sami: And what did you lose, EJ?

EJ: I lost Nicole. She's pretty much the only person who ever loved me for who I am, so...

Nicole: I know this is gonna be hard to keep a secret from EJ.

Daniel: No, it's gonna be impossible. Remember what Sami went through to keep EJ from finding out that she was pregnant with Sydney? How'd that go?

Nicole: Okay, please just don't remind me.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I don't think you're thinking this through, Nic.

Nicole: Remember when you left town? It helped you clear your head, right?

Daniel: Uh, what do you mean?

Nicole: Well, y-- you know, I mean, did you figure out what to do with Jennifer, your hand, your surgical career, your life?

Daniel: Uh, well, no, not exactly, but I'm working on it.

Nicole: Right, and no one chased you to the ends of the earth to drag you back here. Right?

Daniel: Uh, no. No, I guess they didn't. No.

Nicole: I'm sorry, I... I didn't mean for that to sound the way it did.

Daniel: No, I know.

Nicole: It's just that people respected you to do whatever--whatever you had to do. And maybe I should do that. Maybe I should leave Salem and--and take a mental health break.

Daniel: What--what? No, no, no, no, no. What you need to do, Nic--no you need to sit down first, right? But what you gotta do, you have gotta keep the stress on your body to a minimum. All right? Air travel, not a good idea.

Nicole: Okay, so I'll drive.

Daniel: You also need to be around people who care about you.

Nicole: All two of them?

Daniel: And you need to be near a doctor who understands your history. There you go. See? You leave now, you're not gonna have that, sorry.

Nicole: You're right. I have you to do all that.

Daniel: I'm sorry, what?

Nicole: You're the only one who can help me keep this baby a secret.

John: I'm not gonna go into details, but I've got a contact here from the ISA Agent by the name of Spencer.

Hope: You met with him when? I've been with you the whole time.

John: At the cafe.

Hope: When I went to call Bo.

John: Spencer was there along with another agent by the name of Walsh.

Hope: What are they doing in Alamainia, John?

John: They couldn't tell me enough before you came back to the table.

Hope: Of course they don't trust me.

John: Hey, I don't care if they trust you. I trust you, Hope.

Hope: When are you meeting with them again?

John: I'm meeting with Walsh tonight at the cafe after it closes.

Hope: I'm going with you.

John: No, you're not. Stop.

Hope: I'm here with nothing to do but sightsee and worry. So let me help you. All right, let me put it to you another way. You know me better than to think I'm gonna sit in this room twiddling my thumbs and doing my nails. Let's go.

John: [Mocking] Let's go.

Sami: Nicole walked out on you? Good. Come on. You expect me to care? Are you serious? She's gonna come back to you. She doesn't have self-respect. The stupid cow. And you can't compare you losing Nicole to me losing my husband and my son.

EJ: Are you quite serious?

Sami: Of course I am.

EJ: [Laughs] God, Samantha, you are A... selfish little bitch.

Rafe: So?

Lexie: Well, you know what? I'm glad you're joining me because I hate eating alone.

Rafe: Yeah. Me too. So lonely.

Lexie: So lonely.

[Both laugh]

Rafe: How's Abe?

Lexie: Uh...

Rafe: Talk to him?

Lexie: I can't. I can't, Rafe. I've tried so hard to look at this situation from his perspective but I just... can't seem to make myself understand it. It's like... I don't know, it's like the man I loved ceased to exist.

Rafe: Hmm. Yeah.

Lexie: I know that sounds harsh.

Rafe: Hey, sometimes life is harsh. And the truth is harsh. Well, believe me, I understand more than you know.

EJ: Don't you dare minimize what I have with Nicole. What we have is real.

Sami: Oh, yeah, a real joke.

EJ: [Bemused laugh] Right. Compared to you and your marriage maybe.

Sami: Shut up.

EJ: My pain is no less than yours, Samantha.

Sami: Are you serious? Serious, you wanna compare. You lost your publicist. I lost my husband.

EJ: Wow. You are pathetic, do you know that? The only person you ever think about is yourself.

Sami: Well, if that's true it's because I'm the only person I can count on.

EJ: Oh, I see. Mm-hmm. Poor old Samantha Brady. Always the victim. I think it's about time that you faced the truth, my dear.

Sami: Yeah?

EJ: You have some karma coming to you, sweetheart. And it's going to destroy you.

Nicole: I know what I'm asking of you, I do.

Daniel: What do you mean, considering what EJ will do if he finds out?

Nicole: Oh, forget EJ.

Daniel: How--

Nicole: You said yourself that this baby deserves to be happy.

Daniel: No, I--I--I know, but isn't there--isn't there anyone else who could sort of help you help you?

Nicole: Like who?

Daniel: I don't know. Um... how about Chloe?

Nicole: Chloe has her new life in Chicago.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, so I've heard. Um, we--what about somebody here? Brady! Brady's here.

Nicole: No, no, Brady--Brady's with Madison. I can't drag him into this. Look... maybe it's wrong of me to put you in this position but I--I don't--I don't know what else to do. I'm all alone here and I cannot risk EJ finding out about this baby.

Daniel: All right. I will help you. I will be there for you, I will monitor your pregnancy and I will not tell anybody about the--about the baby.

Nicole: Thank you. I swear, you just saved this baby's life. Thank you.

Sami: Really nice attitude, Mayor DiMera. Talking about the mother of your children like that; wanting her to be destroyed.

EJ: Samantha, it is because of our children that I have looked past many of your faults.

Sami: [Scoffs]

EJ: Unfortunately, I don't have any compassion for them anymore. You are selfish and you are toxic. And, frankly, I think that my children could do a lot better.

Sami: Go to hell.

EJ: You brought this upon yourself, Samantha. You're getting exactly what you deserve.

John: I can't believe Felix keeps his spare key in the same old hiding spot.

Hope: I haven't thought about any of this in years. I'd forgotten most of it. Why does it feel like it all happened yesterday?

EJ: You deserve everything that's coming to you.

Sami: You just wanna see me lose everything, don't you?

EJ: I think you're long overdue for some punishment, Samantha. And watching your husband and you son walk out of the house--

Sami: You don't talk about them! Don't mention their names.

EJ: You consigned yourself to this the night you shot me in the head and left me for dead.

Sami: Well I just wish I had killed you because then none of this would have happened.

EJ: That's highly doubtful, my dear. You would have found another way to push them out of the house. You see, you're destined to live your life alone.

Sami: God, I hate you. I really, really, really hate you, EJ. [Grunts]

John: Hope? Look at me. You've gotta shake it off. The things that we're remembering, they don't mean anything. It's all part of Stefano's game, just to pull us in.

Hope: I know. I--I know you're right. I've been telling myself that ever since we got here, but John, I can't stop these memories. And when they come, they're so quick and so powerful and... they're so real, like I'm back in that moment again. And when it's over I feel guilty. I feel like...I--I don't know. It's like I've somehow been unfaithful to Bo.

John: Listen. Listen, listen, listen. What happened to us, that was a long time ago and it's all in the past now. Those feelings, those... those emotions, they don't exist anymore. Regardless of what Stefano wants.

[Door opens]

John: Okay? Well, I'm glad you could make it. What the hell are you doing here?

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