Days Transcript Wednesday 2/29/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/29/12


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Brady: [Sighs]

Madison: Hi.

Brady: This is not a good time.

Madison: Why? 'Cause you're expecting some guy called Martin Watkins to show up at any minute?

Brady: How do you know about that?

Madison: There is no Martin Watkins, I made him up.

Brady: You got the headhunter to set this up under a false name?

Madison: She and I are old friends. I couldn't think of any other way to get you to see me, so... you gonna throw me out?

Kate: Stefano, where are you? Why did you have to go now?

[Doorbell rings]

Kate: Mary, are you gonna get that? Mary? [Sighs] [Sighs] What are you doing here, Ian?

Ian: Good morning to you too. Katie.

Kate: It's Kate. Kate DiMera. I'm married. You're married. Go away.

Ian: This is business. Simply business. Please, can I come in?

Sami: Hey, hey, thanks so much for meeting me.

Will: Yeah, I only go a few minutes, so... what do you want?

Sami: Well, I--I picked a place that was an easy commute for you, right? Isn't that, um, your window over there? Must be really cool to have a view of this place. I would love to see it from... your window some time. Okay, uh, I would really like to talk to you. I got you a coffee.

Will: Uh...

Sami: I know I've been really, um, distracted, you know, being so upset about what's happened with Rafe, that I haven't had a chance to, um, focus on you lately. How are you?

Will: I'm great.

Sami: I know how you feel. Um, you know, walking in on me and EJ and--

Will: Oh, yeah, um... [Chuckles] I don't wanna talk about that.

Sami: Okay. That's okay. Um, how's--how's school? How's your job? You still miss Gabi a lot?

Will: Yeah.

Sami: I know something else is going on with you.

Will: What? Did Grandma say something?

Sami: Nothing. But I have always told you that you can tell me anything, right? That's still true. Come on, just talk to me.

Hope: John, wait!

John: Whoa... note to self: Remember to knock first.

Hope: Yes, please. Remember.

John: Sorry.

Hope: You can turn around now. Thank you. I'll remember to get dressed in the bathroom after this.

John: Well, Stefano's gotta be loving this, that lousy bastard.

Hope: One hotel room in the whole place, really?

John: Especially when we had confirmed reservations for two. Yeah, go figure.

Hope: Yeah. I think he's getting predictable, don't you. Kinda losing his edge.

John: [Chuckles] Well, whatever he hoped to accomplish by getting us all the way over here, it's... it's not gonna work.

Hope: What time does the courthouse open?

John: It's open now.

Hope: Oh, let's get over there; try to be first in line. The sooner we file these preliminary papers, the sooner we can get this divorce finalized and get the hell out of here.

John: You really think it's gonna be that easy?

Hope: No. I'm sure Stefano has other tricks up his sleeve. What it gets him? I don't know. I don't know what any of this gets him. Who knows, maybe he's just bored. Looking for something to do with his life maybe?

John: I'm afraid there's more to it than that. And I have a feeling we're about to find out what it is. Let's go.

Hope: Would you, um--never mind, I got it. Okay.

Sami: I'm glad that you can talk to my mom. I am. I just wish you could talk to me too.

Will: Well, you don't make it easy.

Sami: I know. And I know you've had the weirdest life because of me and because I had you when I was so young.

Will: Yeah, no, let's not get into that, please.

Sami: I spent most of last night thinking of all the things that I could have and should have done differently with you and...better. So many times, I thought Kate was gonna take you away from me.

Will: Then, why did you go to work for her?

Sami: So what I'm trying to say is that I know that a lot of the time I held on too tightly and that other times, my life was a mess and I expected you to grow up too quickly. And that we've had tears and screaming fights and anger and silence and times when you couldn't even live here because of me. But we got past all that, right?

Will: Yeah.

Sami: And I think we can get past this too. And I'm afraid if you go too long without talking to me, you'll forget how. I know you're furious at me for what happened with Rafe and I am furious with myself. I might not get him back. But you're my son. And Will Horton, I am not gonna lose you too. I just wanna be your mom again.

Kate: So you're here on business. What kind of business?

Ian: Well, if you think I'm gonna throw you down in front of the fireplace and seduce you, you can think again.

Kate: Oh, get over yourself. Why don't you just leave now?

Ian: Oh, are you even slightly interested in what I have?

Kate: No, actually I'm not because I know you're here just to make trouble.

Ian: Oh, no, I come in peace. I have something for you.

Kate: I don't want anything from you.

Ian: Hmm. All right. Not even if it's information concerning your company?

Kate: Wait. Just wait. What is it?

Brady: I don't have time for this right now.

Madison: Brady, I lied my way in here. Can't you just give me five minutes?

Brady: Five min--I was happy to give you the rest of my life. I don't have five minutes. Not when I know another lie is just gonna fall out of your mouth.

John: I don't even believe this.

Hope: At least we got the papers filed.

John: We had to drop off our damn passports to some bureaucrat.

Hope: I know. I was there.

John: It means we're stuck here. You know, this has got DiMera written all over it.

Hope: Yep, of course it does. We didn't have a choice. Look, we got the process started. Now we keep our pride up and wait for the divorce to be final.

John: Right, unless Stefano's bought off every damn judge in this Godforsaken place.

Hope: At least we know what we're dealing with. We're as smart as he is.

John: Lets say smarter, okay? Smarter.

Hope: Smarter. John, we're going to get out of this.

Will: You know, um, the past six months, all of our conversations have been about you? So why the sudden interest?

Sami: I know how you feel.

Will: No, you don't.

Sami: Will, I was younger than you are now when I walked in on my Mom and John. I know what it feels like to carry around your mom's dirty little secret. I know the anger, frustration, the rage that you must feel. I know you think you hate me right now.

Will: Yeah, pretty much.

Sami: And you feel like your mom thinks that your problems, your life, aren't important. Well that stops. Right now. You were dealing with something that has nothing to do with me, and you felt entirely alone. And I don't blame you if you don't wanna talk to me about it. But if you do, I promise you that I will help you in any way that I can. I will listen. I will have your back. I know I've been that kind of mom in the past and I know I can do it again if you'd just give me a chance.

Will: I am, uh... kinda messed up.

Sami: Messed up how?

Will: I'm confused. I have these feelings that I can't get rid of. Basically, my life kind of sucks right now.

Madison: Look, I get why you don't trust me.

Brady: Good, good for you. The door is out there.

Madison: And lying my way in here was probably not the best way to convince you that I was sincere. But I really need to make you understand about Ian.

Brady: You already have. Y-y-you did a terrific job. Madison, I get it. You had a hard luck life in the beginning. You found your sugar daddy. You married him. Oh, my God, you're still married to him. And I turned out to be the sucker. Did I leave out any part of that story?! I think I got it right.

Madison: I thought you were the one man in my life who'd never be cruel to me.

Brady: Madison. Madison. You are married. What else is there to say?

Madison: That I love you. That I never stopped and that I know you love me too. And you know what? If you deny that... if you deny any of that... you're the one who's lying.

Kate: I'm waiting.

Ian: Hmm. I love the look you get in your eye when you know I know something that you want.

Kate: Tinted lenses, did I neglect to tell you?

Ian: And the flush on your cheeks? When did you apply that?

Kate: It's Stefano DiMera's house. Anything that happens here does not escape his notice for very long, so if you value your kneecaps and other, more intimate parts of your body, I think you should just stop playing games and tell me what you know.

Ian: It's about your employee, Samantha Brady.

Kate: Really? I thought it was something big.

Ian: It is. You can't trust her.

Kate: Oh, my God. After everything that Sami and I have been through, do you think there's anything that I don't know about her?

Ian: Well, you know she got the job through false pretenses.

Kate: Madison hired Sami. They had a falling out. I took pity on her and I rehired her. What don't I know?

Ian: The falling out was a setup. It never really happened.

Kate: So what are you saying?

Ian: Sami's been spying on you. And she's been reporting back to Madison. You, my love... you've been played.

John: Thank you. So you heard what I heard, right? The clerk did say we should get the final decree in 14 days.

Hope: Right.

John: So how do you wanna kill two weeks?

Hope: Don't say kill in Alamania, okay?

John: Right. What the hell did we do here?

Hope: Are you seriously asking me the question? Last time I was here, I thought I was Princess Gina. How am I supposed to remember what I did for fun.

John: You still have the Lobster Cobb Salad?

Hope: What?

John: It's what you always used to order.

Hope: When?

John: Back then.

Hope: How did you know that?

John: When I came in here this morning, I had this... crazy feeling of déja vu.

Hope: Like you've been here before.

John: Oh, I have been. And so have you.

Sami: So your life sucks how?

Will: You know that... feeling when, um, you're, like, driving and you're going down this really steep hill and then your brakes give out? Yeah, it's ki--it's kind of like that.

Sami: That must be scary. But you know what, you can handle it.

Will: [Chuckles]

Sami: Whatever life is throwing at you right now, you are so strong. I know you can get through anything. I totally believe in you. You're strong like your dad. Luckily. You didn't get that from me. Oh, I'm sorry. Will, I didn't mean to interrupt. You keep going.

Will: No, that's okay, I... I mean, I--I don't know what else to say.

Sami: Okay. That's okay, too. Whatever you need, I just--I just want you to know I'm here if you ever wanna talk.

Will: Thank you.

Sami: Honestly, it was a little hard to know that you could talk to my mom and not me. But I'm sure she wasn't surprised. In fact, I'm sure everyone is used to it. Something's going on with Will, but I'm sure it's Sami's fault. What? You know what I mean, it's just that everyone... was...

Will: Yeah, I know. This little talk that you wanted to have... uh, it's not about me, is it? It's not about helping me. It's about you. Right? It's always about you.

Kate: I think you're making it up. There's no way that Sami would be working for Madison.

Ian: Well she isn't. Not anymore if that's any consolation.

Kate: It's not.

Ian: Mmm, I didn't think so.

Kate: Sami working for me was my idea.

Ian: Well, that's what they wanted you to think.

Kate: No! No. That's what happened. Because I saw that Madison was treating Sami like garbage and it occurred to me that maybe I was dealing with Sami the wrong way. So, I made an opportunity for her when she was down and out and I fixed it so she owes me. And it's working out beautifully, thank you.

Ian: I hate to be the one to rain on your parade, but what you witnessed between Sami and Madison was all a setup. And you fell for it. Madison was aware of every move you made when you launched your new product line. And Sami? Well, she was collecting two paychecks.

Kate: Impossible.

Ian: Oh, don't feel too bad. They must have been very convincing. I mean, Madison's always been very clever. But to fool someone as shrewd as you are? You're welcome.

Kate: Ha. I see. Am I supposed to thank you now? For what?

Ian: For bringing you information about two people who are trying to ruin your company. I hope you won't let them get away with it.

Brady: There's no point in having this conversation with me, okay?

Madison: Brady, stop it!

Brady: Uh-uh.

Madison: Stop acting like I don't mean anything to you. Look, I told Ian I want a divorce.

Brady: Really? How'd he take it?

Madison: He said he'll never let it happen, but it doesn't matter because I don't love him. I never loved him. I didn't know what love was until I met you. And our feelings for each other are too important--

Brady: No, no! Feeling--felt. Past tense. The woman that I had feelings for was truthful with me and honest with me. That woman never existed.

Hope: Hey.

John: Hey.

Hope: What did you find out?

John: What?

Hope: Did you talk to the owner?

John: Oh, yeah, yeah. His name is Felix. He said that we used to come in here almost every day for lunch.

Hope: What do you know?

John: He also said that you are as beautiful as ever.

Hope: I'm flattered. John? Things are starting to come back to me as well.

John: Like what?

Hope: Remember that gothic cathedral we passed?

John: What about it?

Hope: There's a beautiful statue of an angel inside. I used to go inside and look into her face for hours. I'd feel... I don't know. Comfort, I guess?

John: We'll check it out. Maybe she's still there. Maybe something will come to us that'll help us.

Hope: That would be nice. Listen, I need to call Bo, okay? Would you excuse me for a moment?

John: Yeah, why don't you take it outside. The reception's better.

Hope: Yeah. And also, uh, where Felix can't listen in.

John: Yeah. Just stay where I can see you, okay?

Spencer: Hello, John. I thought she'd never leave.

John: It's about time you got here, Spencer. We were supposed to meet at 0600 this morning. Did you oversleep?

Kate: So, suppose I make sure that Madison's little company goes belly up. You risk being alienated from your wife. You risk Titan taking big financial losses. What's in this for you? Because I know something is.

Ian: And I thought you knew me so well.

Kate: Answer the question.

Ian: Titan controls a lot of companies. I like to keep the various CEO’s on their toes.

Kate: I see, so every once in a while, you pull the rug out from under them? Does that include the CEO you married?

Madison: You can't make me give up the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Brady: I'm--I'm not telling you how to feel. I'm just asking you to get out of my house.

Madison: This picture of me and my mom. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Brady: It was not a big deal. I just tracked it down, right?

Madison: It was for me, you know? This is what...this is what made me realize you were the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. That and you memorized half the big Lebowski and... you bought me my first Christmas tree and... how can you just walk away from that?

Brady: You put one foot in front of the other, and you walk.

Madison: I'm only married on paper. Okay? It was a transaction. It was one that doesn't mean anything to me at all, anymore. And yeah, maybe, you know, we can't get married right away until I figure some things out, but the only thing stopping us from being together is you.

Sami: Will, no, wait. Will, come on, come on. Please don't go.

Will: You wanted to talk. We talked.

Sami: I didn't mean it the way that it sounded. I really didn't.

Will: Oh, I know, Mom. You can't help yourself. All you care about is you and what other people think of you.

Sami: I have to care about what other people think of me. I'm always aware of the fact that the DiMera’s could swoop in and try to take my kids away from me.

Will: Were you thinking about that when you were tearing EJ's clothes off? Did you think about you kids then or did you think about Rafe for one second?

Sami: I wasn't thinking straight. I was... thinking about Johnny. Thinking he was dead.

Will: Yeah. I know, we covered that. You know, you said that I'm like dad and I... I hope to God that you're right.

Sami: Will, wait. There's something else going on with you and we were just make some progress. Can't we just forget about the stupid thing I said? Rewind, go back? And keep talking?

Will: You know, I--I'm glad that you reminded me why we don't talk. 'Cause I will never trust you with anything again.

John: I understand you've replaced Agent Spector as my contact.

Spencer: That's right.

John: Who's with you?

Spencer: A fellow agent. Name's Walsh.

John: Is he up to speed?

Walsh: I know you never stopped working for the ISA.

Spencer: I'm sorry about that mess you had back in the States.

John: It's all taken care of now. Without me blowing my cover.

Spencer: How'd that happen?

John: Bo and Hope Brady found a way to lean on Stefano. DiMera gave them just enough intel to clear me of all the charges, which royally screwed up his plans to ruin my life.

Spencer: Actually, he's not the one who set you up.

John: What was that?

Spencer: I'll debrief you later.

John: Later's not gonna work.

Spencer: We're sill actively investigating.

Walsh: We've got an agent out looking for exactly what happened. Not just who set you up, but where the money went.

John: That's all I get?

Spencer: For now.

John: Why the hell am I out of the loop? Why wasn't I told a second agent was on this case? Damn it, Spencer, what the hell is going on here?

Will: You know, you're always crying about how you have to take care of yourself because no one else will take care of you. Did you ever think it's because you don't give your mother a chance? Good luck going it alone.

Sami: Will. I love you.

Will: You know, I almost feel sorry for you. You want so bad to look like the--the perfect mother and the perfect wife. And that's why you screw everything up, because you have no energy left over to actually do it. At least you have your job, though. So, good luck. See you around.

Sami: Will? Will, come on!

Ian: Well, I shall leave you to plot your revenge.

Kate: That's it?

Ian: What about your husband?

Kate: He's out of town.

Ian: You didn't tell me that.

Kate: Because it doesn't matter. There's nothing between us.

Ian: You could be a little kinder, after what I've given you.

Kate: What's this little game that you're playing?

Ian: Game?

Kate: Mmm. You never told me you were married to Madison.

Ian: Well, I told you I was married, Kate. That was the important part.

Kate: But she's my direct competition.

Ian: Well, she wasn't when I married her. She was...nothing then.

Kate: Well, when I get through with her, she going to be remembering very fondly the days when she was obscure and broke.

John: I am sticking out my neck to help you with this case. You're not gonna withhold crucial information from me.

Spencer: You're too close to it, John. You know that it's true. Look, we'll tell you everything you need to know. Just, it's too dangerous to give you the details here.

John: When?

Spencer: Walsh will fill you in tonight. Here's where and when.

John: I'll be there.

Spencer: Oh, and John? I have a bad feeling about this. You don't need me to tell you. Watch your back.

Madison: Come on, baby, it's not such a crazy idea.

Brady: What? Acting like we're some happy couple in spite of the fact that you're married? That sounds crazy to me.

Madison: We--you told me you haven't exactly been a boy scout. Look, people don't have to be married to be happy together, Brady. I'm living proof that a marriage license can be nothing more than a meaningless piece of pape--

Brady: Stop it, will you stop it, please?

Madison: What?

Brady: This--this ridiculous fantasy that you're spinning up in your head. It's not gonna work. And as a matter of a fact, I don't wanna hear one more word about you or your husband, okay?

[Doorbell rings]

Kate: Sami, that was fast.

Sami: I was in the neighborhood. What's up?

Kate: Come in. You've been crying?

Sami: Look, it's just personal. I can still do my job. Why did you wanna see me?

Kate: There's something that I need to bring to your attention. Something very important.

Sami: Did something happen?

Kate: You could say that.

Sonny: You're not gonna be happy if you don't just accept who you are. All right, you're always gonna feel stuck and you're always gonna feel trapped.

Will: I don't think that I'm strong enough.

Sonny: Don't say that. Of course you're strong enough.

Will: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Ian: Excuse me. Oh, you're William Horton aren't you?

Will: Yeah, how do you--how do you know my name?

Kate: Have you noticed anything odd at the office?

Sami: Odd? How?

Kate: I don't know, say, someone acting secretive. Maybe a phone call that you walked up on that seemed furtive or ended abruptly. Something like that?

Sami: No. Um, haven't seen anything like that. Why?

Kate: Well, I received some very disturbing news from a very reliable source. It seem that someone has planted a spy at Countess Wilhelmina. Can you believe that?

Brady: You know, you are right about one thing. Rules, I don't like rules. I've never played by 'em. Except in one area and that's marriage. Because I was in one before and I really screwed it up. So I promised myself that if I was ever in one again, I would do it right the next time. I mean--Madison, I mean, the whole thing. I mean, being in public in front of your family and friends. Saying the vows. Keeping the vows. Raising kids right. The whole thing, you know?

Madison: I want that, too.

Brady: No, I don't think you do, I don't think you do. Not with me. Because you're still married to someone across town.

Madison: I don't love him. I do love you. Isn't that what matters?

Brady: What matters to me is a relationship with a woman who loves me enough to trust me. And I'm sorry, but that's not you.

John: I'm equipped to take care of myself. But if I find this is--

[Door opens]

John: Hey.

Hope: Hey, sorry. Took longer than expected. Ciara has the morning off from school so we had a nice long chat.

John: Ah, she must miss you.

Hope: I miss her. Can't believe it's gonna be another two weeks until I see her again. Honestly...this has gotta be over soon.

Kate: I mean, I have to say, I was shocked when I found out. I thought that everyone working for me realized the consequences of betraying me.

Sami: So, uh, this person who told you; your source, um do you trust them?

Kate: My source? Oh, yes. They are very, very reliable.

Sami: Uh, did they give you a name?

Kate: No, they didn't. That's why I called you.

Sami: I don't understand.

Kate: I know. Well, this is going to seem strange, but it's because I trust you. And you know why?

Sami: [Chuckles] No, I don't.

Kate: Because after everything we've gone through, I reached out to you and I took you into my confidence and I gave you an opportunity. And I don't think you would ever cross me after that.

Sami: Right.

Kate: So, I'm hoping that you will be my eyes and ears at the office and you will report back on anything you see that seems in the least bit suspicious.

Sami: All right, I'll do my best, but, um, what are you gonna do with them when you catch them?

Kate: Well, the first thing I'll do is fire him or her. I'll go to the press and then I'll go to the police.

Sami: Police?

Kate: Corporate espionage. I mean, this is okay for you, right? I mean, I know how overwhelmed you are. You have a lot on your plate right now, professionally and personally, so...

Sami: Hey, no Kate, I got it. I--I can do this.

Kate: Good. That's so good. You know I've been very pleased with everything that you've done so far. I'd like to actually give you a few special projects.

Sami: All right. I'm up for it.

Kate: Great, great. I mean, unfortunately, it will entail being out of town quite a bit, but when you are back here, we're going to work together and we are going to smoke out this traitor.

Sami: [Slight laugh]

Will: Uh, I'm sorry, I don't believe that I caught your name.

Ian: Well, you didn't. Don't worry. You and I will get to know each other quite well in the not-too-distant future. You have a good day.

Madison: If that's how you feel, then... I guess I wasted my time.

Brady: I just think you should go back to your hotel room and give yourself one of those pep talks that you always told me about.

Madison: Yeah, I don't think I wanna see this face in the mirror.

Brady: No, you'll be fine. You're like me. You're a survivor. You'll be fine. I do owe you though.

Madison: For what?

Brady: For helping me make up with my...father. You helped me through that and I'm glad you did.

Madison: Good.

Brady: But I do--I do--I do have work to do, so... looks like I still am looking for an executive who specializes in crossover promotions, so I have a lot to do.

Sami: Oh, God, what am I gonna do? Hey. Look, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't wake you up at some un-Godly hour. I just... everything's falling apart here and I didn't know who else to call.

Lucas: Sami, what's wrong this time?

Hope: So, what do you say we take a walk over to the cathedral? I think I'd like to spend a little time staring into that angel's face.

John: Sounds like a plan. You ready?

Hope: I am ready. Thanks for lunch.

Spencer: I'll be in touch later.

Walsh: What the hell are you doing here? [Gasps] [Gurgles]

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