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EJ: Father, you here? Kate?

Nicole: Well, maybe the phoenix has flown the coop and taken the old bat with him.

EJ: That's not very celebratory of you.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Ahem. My apologies, Mr. Mayor.

EJ: No, no, no, no, no. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay?

Nicole: I'm not, I'm not. Look, the recount is already underway. We're just waiting for a phone call.

EJ: La la la la la la...

Nicole: Look, it's basically done. You won, you did it! You won, you did it!

EJ: If I won... if... then we did it.

Nicole: Aw.

Brady: Madison, I wouldn't talk about me seeing what's in your heart, if I were you. Because after all your secrets and all your lies, I don't-- I don't know who you are. I don't know what you are anymore.

Madison: I lied, Brady. I love you, and I know that you love me too.

[Knock on door]

Madison: Brady. Thank God.

Brady: Don't.

Kate: You son of a bitch! I am not doing this with you again. I'm married now!

Ian: That's what makes it so exciting, the fact that it's forbidden.

Kate: Not for me, Ian.

Ian: Oh, come on, don't deny it. You feel the same way about this as I do.

Abe: Lexie... please don't go.

Nicole: Mwah. Actually, I'm kind of glad that no one's here.

EJ: Why's that?

Nicole: Because we have a chance to celebrate our Victory in private. What do you say?

EJ: I say I like the way you think.

Nicole: Oh, why, thank you.

EJ: I'm sorry, I'm-- I'm just having a little bit of a tough time believing. I really never thought this would happen.

Nicole: Really?

EJ: No, really.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Irregularities in the vote count. Abra--I mean, suspicion on Abraham. Abraham! For somehow altering the election results. It just...

Nicole: The officials will sort all that out, and in 24 hours, you will officially be deemed Salem's new mayor. [Gasps] You know what we need? We need to open a bottle of champagne.

EJ: You know, just before you do that... one quick thing. Um...I'd lost the election. I mean, I'd lost, Nicole. I was writing my concession speech.

Nicole: Aren't you glad you didn't?

EJ: You never stopped believing that I would win. What did you do? Hey.

Nicole: Hmm?

EJ: Poker face...

Nicole: Hmm?

EJ: How did you fix this?

Nicole: I cannot believe that that is what you want to talk about.

EJ: Sweetheart...

Nicole: Hmm?

EJ: Somehow...ahem... you single-handedly managed to snatch Victory from the jaws of defeat.

Nicole: Let's not get dramatic here, okay? I promised you a Victory. I delivered, end of story.

EJ: That's not really the end of the story, though, is it?

Nicole: You listen to me. Okay, you are one phone call away from the mayor's office, all right? So let's move forward, not back.

EJ: It's not that easy.

Nicole: Yes, it is that easy. Yes, it is. You know what, let me tell you something.

EJ: Here we go.

Nicole: I have never made love to a public servant. You know what they say, you never forget your first time. And I will even sing happy birthday to you when we're through.

EJ: Wow.

Nicole: Yep.

EJ: What have you done?

Nicole: [Giggles]

EJ: You're responsible for the biggest election upset since Truman beat Dewey.

Nicole: What did I tell you about looking back?

EJ: And yet you don't want to talk about it. I'm worried.

Lexie: Where've you been?

Abe: Roman brought me in after you left.

Lexie: You were at the police station?

Abe: He had some questions to ask me about the election.

Lexie: What'd you tell them.

Abe: The truth. I didn't fix the results.

Lexie: And he believed you?

Abe: Yes. I was approached, I said no, I didn't want to win that way.

Lexie: Why not? You'd already fixed the debate.

Abe: And you already have me convicted. Listening to the accusations, accepting them as fact.

Lexie: I know what I saw, Abe.

Abe: And you know what kind of man I am, Lexie.

Lexie: I thought I did. Clearly I was wrong.

Abe: Lexie, look, I know you're angry and you're upset with me--

Lexie: No, I'm more than just angry and upset, Abe. I feel totally, completely betrayed.

Abe: So is that why you were trying to sneak out before I got home?

Lexie: Oh, no, no, no. You don't get to go on the offensive here. You don't get to act like you're the injured one here. And no, I wasn't planning on sneaking out. Although it might have been better if I had.

Abe: Why?

Lexie: Because I know you. I know what comes next. You're gonna pull out all the stops, try to convince me to stay. Make all sorts of promises to make things better.

Abe: Is that really so bad?

Lexie: Damn it! You have no idea how much you hurt me?

Ian: The way you kissed me just now...

Kate: What?

Ian: I've gotta be more careful than that. I can't let that happen. I can't give in to you.

Kate: To me?

Ian: Mmmmmm... can't let it happen. You know that old expression, always leave them wanting more.

Kate: You think you're playing me? Oh...

Ian: Kate... I would never play you.

Madison: Brady, what are you doing here?

Brady: I don't know. I must be the biggest fool in the world.

Madison: No, I pretty much own that title, and I'm not willing to give it up, so... that was supposed to break the ice. Do you-- you want to come in?

Brady: Madison, after all this time, how could you not tell me that you were married to that ass? Huh? Why didn't you tell me?

Madison: Like I said, it's incredibly complicated.

Brady: What is this? Is this your wedding ring?

Madison: Yeah.

Brady: Okay. Okay. I--I want to hear everything. I want the truth, I want the whole truth, and you owe that much to me. I want to hear it right now.

Madison: You're right, I do. And I'm gonna tell you everything. When I first met Ian, I was still in college. I was running Mad World out of the trunk of my car. All my friends were running around, like, trying to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives, and I was already doing it. Or at least, you know, I was trying to. I was losing more money than I was actually making.

Brady: Okay.

Madison: And then one day I was in this store, and I was giving a sales pitch to the manager, who was barely listening to me, and Ian was there browsing in the store, and he overheard.

Brady: And, what, he defended you?

Madison: More like rescued me. You know, he said that it was the best sales pitch he'd ever heard in his life, and the that manager was a fool for not hiring me.

Brady: Um, what happened-- what happened next?

Madison: He took me to lunch, and then dinner. Breakfast. Look, I know how that sounds, but you have to understand I was so swept up in it. You know, I was so young, and I'd never experienced anything like--

Brady: Right. Yeah. I mean, you were seduced. Right?

Madison: Anyone would have been.

Brady: Really? Anyone?

Madison: After that, Ian took me under his wing. He insisted on investing in my company, and then Mad World took off, you know? It was solid. It became lucrative.

Brady: It became everything that you ever wanted it to be.

Madison: And Ian made that happen for me. So I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Brady: So when you say that you owe him your life, you really meant your fortune.

Madison: No, it's not-- it's not that simple.

Brady: It's pretty simple! I mean, the truth is simple. It's the lies that are complicated. Like telling me that you had never been in love before you met me.

Madison: I loved Ian, okay?

Brady: Yeah, I get that.

Madison: I never said he loved me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicole: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh... hang on. Hold that thought.

EJ: What is it?

Nicole: I think it's the call we've been waiting for. Hello?

EJ: [Softly] Come back here.

Lexie: God knows we've had our share of problems, Abe, and I know I'm to blame for most of them, but...

Abe: Oh, no, no. It's not true.

Lexie: No, it's true. It's true. But after everything we've been through, I thought we'd found a new level of trust.

Abe: We have.

Lexie: No...we haven't. We talk about trust, about being honest with each other. But I mean, those are just words to you. You've changed, Abe.

Abe: No, Lexie, I haven't.

Lexie: God, I thought nothing like this could ever happen to us again.

Abe: Lexie, do you think I liked putting us in this position? Jeopardizing everything?

Lexie: Then why did you?

Abe: What was I supposed to do? Just roll over for EJ? Lexie, sweetheart, I love this town...just like I love us... our family. I would do anything to protect it. And standing idly by... it's not an option.

Lexie: You keep saying that, Abe, like I'm the one who doesn't get it.

Abe: I don't think you do.

Lexie: No, you're the one, okay? You're the one. You don't get what you've done.

Nicole: It's official, you won! You won!

EJ: I won?

Nicole: You won.

EJ: I won?

Nicole: Yes.

EJ: I won? I won? I won?

Nicole: You won.

EJ: When are they gonna make it official?

Nicole: They're gonna hold it for 24 hours, but as far as they're concerned, this election is over.

EJ: Oh, my God. Thank you! Thank you for believing in me. Thank you so much for seeing me through this whole process. Thank you.

Nicole: Of course, of course. What--wait, what-- what are you doing? What are you doing?

EJ: I'm--I'm going to call Lexie. I just want to make sure she's okay, that's it.

Nicole: No, no, no, please, don't do that because... she just found out that Abe lost the election to you.

EJ: Okay. You're right. She's got bigger things to worry about.

Nicole: Yes, she does. I mean, Abe is being accused of tampering with the election results. He's in a lot of trouble. Abe and Lexie are falling apart, and if that continues... she will need you.

EJ: Do you think she'll come back to me?

Nicole: Of course. She doesn't have anywhere else to go.

EJ: No, not without Abraham behind her. She'll come back to the family.

Nicole: Yeah. And that's what you and Stefano have wanted for so long.

EJ: It's just a shame that she's gonna get her heart broken in the process.

Nicole: It's okay. Her heart will heal... with the love of her family. Her real family.

EJ: Mr. Mayor.

Nicole: Mr. Mayor.

EJ: I can get used to that.

Abe: Look, Lexie, there's something that you have to realize here too.

Lexie: What's that?

Abe: The world doesn't operate on simple principles, or black and white. There are a lot of gray areas.

Lexie: Oh...

Abe: Look, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Lexie: Oh, my God! Believe it or not, this town would have survived if you lost the election. Okay? We all would have survived. You know what, even-- even if, somehow, you do end up winning this election, no one's gonna believe in you anymore, honey. I mean, that's the real loss here. No matter how much you don't want to admit it, you're not the same person anymore.

Abe: No, that's not true.

Lexie: Honey, you were supposed to be better than this.

Abe: I am.

Lexie: No. Not anymore. I mean, the people of this town, they looked up to you, Abe. They trusted you. And not just them, your friends, our son. Hell, I mean, I looked up to you! Not anymore.

Brady: So Ian married you, he just didn't love you. Is that what I'm supposed to believe?

Madison: It's the truth.

Brady: Right.

Madison: Look, he could be loving. It doesn't mean he loved me.

Brady: Well, how could you not know that?

Madison: I was young, Brady. I didn't understand the difference. He was so charismatic and charming...

Brady: He was so charming and great. Yeah, I understand he was Mr. Wonderful.

Madison: He was, okay? Yes, he was. At least he seemed to be. He had this way of drawing people in when he wanted to.

Brady: What about when he didn't want to?

Madison: He let you know. There is a side of Ian McAllister that is nothing but cold and controlling.

Brady: Controlling? What do you mean by controlling?

Madison: There were other women. Lots of other women.

Brady: You allowed that?

Madison: Look, I was a trophy wife, Brady. I didn't have a say in what happened or with who. And he didn't make a secret about that, either.

Brady: Who were these other women?

Madison: Nobodies. No, mostly just playthings, conquests. I don't know. There was this one woman that he put above all the rest. He couldn't let her go.

Brady: And you know who she is, don't you?

Madison: Yeah.

Brady: Who was this other woman?

Madison: It was Kate DiMera.

Brady: I see. Did she know about you?

Madison: No. But I sure as hell knew about her.

Kate: You think I'm a complete fool?

Ian: On the contrary.

Kate: You always do the same thing. You think you can just remind me of the past, and I'll bend to your every whim. But I'm not that same woman anymore. I have a lot more self-respect.

Ian: And a backbone?

Kate: Yes, a backbone. And I know when I walk away that you'll just drop this sly seduction on the next pretty young thing that you see. Because that's who you are. I don't want any of that anymore.

Ian: You're wrong. It's never been the same since you. Never will be. No other woman has made me feel that you do. Yes, there have been others, but they've all been less than you. For me, it's always been you. It always will be. Letting you go was the greatest mistake of my life.

Madison: The way Ian carried on with Kate, it was... humiliating.

Brady: Did you ever confront him?

Madison: He knew how I felt about it, and he really didn't seem to mind at all. So that was the point where I realized if he had a heart, I wasn't in it.

Brady: And what about Katherine?

Madison: I don't know. I could never figure it out. I really didn't understand what it was about her, but Ian had this way of convincing me that it was my fault. There was something wrong with me, or he wouldn't be doing what he was doing.

Brady: Is that what you meant by when you said that he was controlling?

Madison: Look, what do you think, Brady? That I like to admit that somebody has this kind of power over me?

Brady: No, I know you don't like to admit it, but I don't get it. I don't get it because it's not who you are. That's not Madison. You're not afraid of anyone. You've stood up to me, you've stood up to my grandfather. But every time that son of a bitch comes in the room, you cower. You don't even talk. You let him call the shots. I want to know why.

Madison: It's just the way it's always been.

Brady: Madison, change it!

Madison: I can't.

Brady: Why can't you change who you are when Ian's around?

Madison: That's just who he expects me to be.

Brady: He expects you-- he expects you to be weak? He expects you to be silent? That's not who you are.

Madison: It is when he's around, okay?

Brady: No, it's not okay. It's not who you are! You are-- you are so much more than that. It's definitely not the woman that I fell in love with that you're describing right now.

Madison: You know what, what do you think, that I've never tried to change things, Brady? I have, okay? I have. But I owe him so much, and he knows it.

Brady: You owe him? You are so much happier when he's not around. You know that?

Madison: No, you know what, when he's not around, I have to remind myself to be strong. I have to remind myself to stand up for myself and to fight for what I want. And most of the time it works...

Brady: Most of the time it works. What happens when it doesn't work? I want to know what changes, what happens.

Madison: I don't know. It's like when that man walks through the door, the woman that you know just disappears.

Abe: Yeah, well... thank you for the call, Jennifer. I appreciate it. Yeah, yeah. All right, good night. Good night. It's official. They're announcing in the morning EJ won the election.

Lexie: I'm sorry.

Abe: Yeah, so am I.

Lexie: Is there going to be an investigation?

Abe: I think so. I have a lot to make up for, not just with you.

Lexie: Abe...

Abe: Uh-uh! I'm gonna fix this. I promise you, I'm gonna make this better.

Lexie: Will you stop! You still sound like you're campaigning.

Abe: Lexie look, I-- I know I've made a mess of things. But I am not going to let this ruin everything we've worked so hard for.

Lexie: Well, what's to hold onto, Abe? The marriage I thought we had... it doesn't exist.

Abe: Lex...Lexie... you can't give up on this.

Lexie: [Sighs]

Abe: Lexie-- Lexie, look at me. Look--look at me. We're a family... for better or worse. Right now, there's a whole lot of worse. But I need you to say you'll stay.

Lexie: No. No. It's--it's too late.

Nicole: Word is getting around that you've been elected mayor.

EJ: Really?

Nicole: Yeah.

EJ: I suppose I should probably start working on my acceptance speech, huh?

Nicole: That might be a good idea.

EJ: You know, I started one! You know, I started one, and then when everything kind of went out the window, I put it to one side.

Nicole: I had a feeling you would need it, so I put it upstairs with a few other things.

EJ: Of course, you did, because you're wonderful.

Nicole: Eh, what can I say?

EJ: I owe all of this to you.

Nicole: Yes, you do.

EJ: Yes, I do. Just think of all the new ways I'm gonna have to find to show you just how incredibly grateful I am.

Nicole: Oh, my. But after you write your speech. Oh, no, no, you go, go, go. Get a head start. I'll be right there, I promise. I just need to make a quick call.

EJ: A quick--

Nicole: Quick. Yes.

EJ: Fast.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Quick and fast?

Nicole: I promise. Congratulations.

Lexie: [Sighs] Do you really think I just decided to leave on a whim? That I'm just reacting out of anger?

Abe: Yes. Yes. We're bigger-- we're bigger than this one mistake.

Lexie: No, Abe, you're the one who didn't think this through! Okay? You were so focused on beating EJ that you became what you were so hell-bent on destroying! You fixed the debate, you rigged the election.

Abe: I did not rig the election! Lexie, I need you to understand.

Lexie: Well, I needed you to be the man I married. I defended you to my family. You made me look like a fool, Abe.

Abe: I'm sorry.

Lexie: Yeah, well, so am I. So am I. I mean, to find out that underneath all your moral posturing, you are just like them. It makes me sick.

[Door opens]

Nicole: Ready to perform your first act as mayor? Mm-hmm.

Brady: Look, look, I get it. I get it, okay? Ian has this effect on you, right? He has this negative impact on your life. Still doesn't explain to me why you didn't tell me.

Madison: I couldn't.

Brady: Well, were you gonna string me along, Madison? How long were you gonna do that for?

Madison: From the minute I met you, I knew that you were different. You--you weren't just a good-looking guy. You were the kind of man that any woman would be so lucky to spend her life with. You're a good man.

Brady: Yeah, some life, huh?

Madison: Brady, I tried. I tried so hard to fight it. You know I did. All those times you kept coming, I kept pushing you away. But you kept coming back. You did that, and you know what? Eventually, I couldn't fight it. Because it felt so good being with you.

Brady: And you loved me so much that you just couldn't bear to tell me the truth.

Madison: I just--

Brady: What?

Madison: I lost control of myself, Brady. Honestly, you became the thing that I couldn't lose. I knew if I told you about Ian, that's exactly what would happen. And I was right, wasn't I?

Kate: You're good.

Ian: You're better.

Kate: I know.

Ian: [Chuckles]

Kate: That's why I'm not gonna fall for your act again. Never again.

Ian: It was never an act, Kate.

Kate: Please! You know, there's a whole world out there filled with naive women who are more than willing to be swept off their feet by someone like you. So why don't you go find them... because I'm not interested anymore in what you have to offer.

EJ: Oh, I have a toast.

Nicole: Okay.

EJ: To you.

Nicole: Me?

EJ: To you, mm-hmm. Putting you in charge of my campaign was one of the smartest decisions that I've ever made.

Nicole: I'm flattered.

EJ: Second to only one other very smart decision I made.

Nicole: Okay, and what's that?

EJ: To bring you back into my life.

[Glass shatters]

Kate: That's what?

Ian: That's why I came here to Salem. Oh, God, I've missed you.

Kate: Oh, God, you're annoying.

Ian: We just get better with time.

Kate: Now--see, now you're embarrassing yourself.

Ian: You know what? I respect your position. I respect this resolve you have to stay true to your marriage.

Kate: Good.

Ian: But I also know you can remember how well we fit together. And I'm gonna look forward to seeing just how long your resolve holds out.

Kate: [Exhales]

Madison: There's no love between me and Ian. There is nothing between us but humiliation and pain.

Brady: Ooh, something we have in common.

Madison: I'm sorry. I am so sorry that I hurt you. What I had-- whatever I thought I had with Ian, it's over, Brady. It's been over. I despise everything about him.

Brady: Maybe you do. Maybe you do. Maybe you regret the whole damn thing. But that still doesn't tell me what I need to know the most.

Brady: You know, maybe I can understand what happened-- how things got so complicated. Hell, maybe I can even understand why you couldn't tell me the truth.

Madison: Good.

Brady: No, it's not so good because what I don't understand, Madison... is why you're still with him. Hmm? You tell me how he makes you feel... how you despise him. You've been in town for months. He hasn't been around. You haven't gone to an attorney. You haven't...tried to get a divorce. You must have grounds to end the marriage, so my question to you is why haven't you done that?

Ian: That's an excellent question, Mr. Black. She certainly has tried. Isn't that right, sweetheart? She's tried, and she's failed. She'll fail again if she tries again. You see, the fact is I'm never gonna let Madison go. Quite simply, divorce is not an option.

Kate: Hello? Stefano. Stefano? [Sighs] "My dearest Katherine, I must leave for a short time. I'll be in touch soon. Love always, Stefano."

Lexie: How'd this happen to us? I woke up this morning, and I-- God, I knew my life. I had so much to look forward to, Abe.

Abe: Yeah, I know.

Lexie: Yeah, now I-- I can't even breathe.

Abe: Look, Lexie-- look, you're right, you're right. I mean, this is all-- it's all going too fast. It doesn't have to. We can--we can just-- we can just slow this all down.

Lexie: No. I've made up my mind. I'm not changing it. I'm taking Theo.

Abe: No...

Lexie: I'm taking Theo and going someplace where I can just think about things.

Abe: No. Lex, Lex--

Lexie: Abe, please.

Abe: Um...okay, uh... you know, if anybody-- if anybody has to go... it should be me. I--I-- I don't want to disrupt Theo's routine, and he's not gonna understand, so... so I'll go. Unless you tell me to stay.

Nicole: It's me. I didn't tell EJ what you did, but we both know the truth, and now we need to talk.

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