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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/15/12


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Jack: Abigail. Hey.

Abigail: Hi. Hi, Dad.

Jack: What's wrong?

Abigail: Nothing, Daddy. It's not a big deal really.

Jack: Hey, look, I talked to you mom about the modeling thing.

Abigail: Modeling?

Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. It's Valentine's Day. I know. You're thinking about hanging Chad who left you hanging. I-I would--I would like just to give that guy a piece of my mind or maybe my fist.

Abigail: No, Dad. Chad didn't do anything. Okay, it's not him.

Jack: Somebody else? Who?

Abigail: Just a guy I go to school with.

Jack: Do I know him?

Sami: Are you gonna answer me?

Carrie: Just back the hell off, Sami.

Sami: Do you have feelings for Rafe? I'm your sister. Austin's your husband. You think we deserve to know the truth?

Adrienne: Oh, this is the one I like. I like this one. Like, this one's a little girl.

Allie: I like this one.

Rafe: Hey!

All: Rafe!

Adrienne: Look it who's here.

Rafe: Hi, guys. Hey. Hi. Hi, hi. Oh. God. It's so good to see you.

Allie: We miss you. Where did you go?

Rafe: Where? You know, I've been so, so busy with my job. But not too busy to tell my favorite guys how much I love them.

Johnny: We love you too, Rafe. When you coming home?

Kate: I am very serious, Marcus. And now I'm beginning to wonder if you really understand how much damage your stupidity has done. Excuse me? Are you trying to defend this to me? You will not contradict me. If I say you screwed up, you screwed up. Now fix it.

Ian: That poor underling has no idea in how many ways his life is ruined.

Kate: Ian.

Ian: You never change. Except perhaps you do get more beautiful.

Brady: From here on, I'll need to be careful on all those emails. Please make sure that you... how'd you get in here?

Madison: Henderson.

Brady: I'll have to make sure I tell him not to allow that anymore.

Madison: Brady--

Brady: You know what, Madison, I don't have anything to say to you. And I really don't want you to say anything to me right now.

Madison: Please, let me...

Brady: You don't have to. Your husband already did that last night.

Madison: Brady... I love you.

Brady: Get the hell out of here. Now.

Madison: I can't leave you until you give me a chance to explain. And I won't have you thinking about me.

Brady: You have been lying to me from day one.

Madison: No.

Brady: No? What do you mean, no? You're married, aren't you? Aren't you married?

Madison: But it's not like--

Brady: It's not what? It's not love? It's not a real marriage? What is it? I don't know. Why did you do this? Me.

Madison: It's very complicated. And I know that it's impossible for you to understand...

Brady: You told me about your mother, you told me about your childhood, you told me about your family, you told me about everything in the world that matters to you, but, damn it, you left out your husband, didn't you?

Madison: I know you can't hear me right now. But I had a very good reason. And, Brady, I never, ever meant to hurt you.

Brady: If you meant that, you would have let me off the hook before I fell in love with you.

Kate: What on earth are you doing here?

Ian: Would you believe me if I said I'm here to see you?

Kate: Of course not.

Ian: I was afraid of that.

Kate: Donít walk away from me. With no explanation, no forwarding address. Now you're here all these years later, and I don't think it's just to see me.

Ian: You know, you were always shrewd, Kate. And beautiful. And when you get angry, you're even more beautiful. Or is that just me?

Kate: That's lovely.

Ian: It's true. Your cheeks flame red. Your eyes have fire in them. What's not to love?

Kate: You. For one thing.

Ian: [Chuckles] I have missed you even more than I knew.

Kate: Liar. What the hell do you want?

Rafe: Johnny.

Adrienne: Uh-oh.

Rafe: Sydney. Allie. And some special treats in here.

Adrienne: Oh, yay! Do you want one? No?

Rafe: No? All right, well, that's good.

Adrienne: We'll save it.

Rafe: Yes. Save the teeth. You know, I've always got special things for my own Valentines, huh, don't I?

Adrienne: Hey, you guys, you know what? I bet Grandma Caroline's valentine heart cookies are probably cooled off, so why don't you guys go decorate 'em for Rafe, huh?

Rafe: Does that sound like fun?

Adrienne: Go with your sister.

Rafe: God.

Adrienne: Rafe, that was really sweet.

Rafe: Uh. They're the best.

Adrienne: Yeah, they are. Hey, listen, feel free to tell me to keep my big, fat mouth shut if you want, but, um, Sami was a wreck when she came in here. And seeing the way those kids were clinging to you, I just think they're gonna cry their eyes out if you leave.

Rafe: I wish I didn't have to.

Adrienne: You want to talk about it?

Rafe: I'm surprised you haven't heard. I did something I really regret. Sami walked in on me kissing Carrie. I'm in big, big trouble.

Jack: I didn't even know this was going on. How long have you been dating this guy?

Abigail: Not long, Dad.

Jack: So--so this was a rebound thing off of Chad?

Abigail: What? No. No, not at all. He's special. I thought he was the one, but... he doesn't feel the same way about me, so...

Jack: So... well, Abigail, was he-- did he lead you on?

Abigail: Maybe. Yeah, maybe he did.

Jack: I want you to tell exactly what he did.

Abigail: Why?

Jack: Because whoever he is, he's gonna answer to me.

Carrie: I am not in love with your husband. Are you satisfied now?

Sami: Am I satisfied? I walked in on my sister making out with my husband., I'm not satisfied, Carrie. But I would like to know why.

Carrie: What do you want me to say?

Sami: The truth? That'd be interesting. If you're not in love with him, then, what, you did it because you want what I have? Because you can't stand to see me happy? 'Cause you can't believe that Rafe actually loves me?

Carrie: Oh, Sami, that is so not true. You've convinced yourself that sort of vendetta against you. It is all in your head. You're my sister. I love you. I do not want to fight with you about this, okay?

Sami: You don't want to fight? But you want my husband?

Carrie: I do not.

Sami: I hate you. You haven't changed a bit. You are still the same selfish, fickle bitch that you always have been. And if you don't see it, then you're an idiot.

[Door opens]

[Door slams]

Abigail: I really appreciate you being so supportive, but I got to tackle this one on my own, okay?

Jack: Right. I'd like to protect you from all the hurts of the world, but I can't. It's part of growing up.

Abigail: Yeah. I'll be fine, Dad.

Jack: Of course you will. You're smart, you're strong, you're just like your mother.

Abigail: I don't know about that, but...

Jack: But you're vulnerable. I can see that. I left, I came back. This has thrown you for a loop.

Abigail: No. It's not--it's not you, dad. I know that I was a brat at first, but I...

Jack: You were not a brat. You were never a brat.

Abigail: Thanks. I'm glad that you're back.

Jack: I am too. And I do want to protect you from all these heartbreakers of the world. I mean, they're legion... hey, did I ever tell you I joined a new support group? It's called...D.A.D.D.E. D-a-d-d-E. Dads against daughters dating ever.

Abigail: Dad.

Jack: You think I'm joking. I'm not, I'M... I'm thinking maybe--maybe you're just not ready to be this serious with anyone.

Abigail: Didn't you and mom get together when she was in college?

Jack: Well, yes, but she was my intern. Wait. But, look, wait, it was years before we... see how well that turned out.

Abigail: It did. Daddy, I don't think you understand. I love him.

Jack: You love him?

Abigail: Yeah, I love him. And I'm not just saying this. I-I truly believe that, if he would just open himself up and give us a chance, that we would be great together.

Jack: Why doesn't he want to be great with you?

Abigail: Because there's something in the way. Or someone.

Carrie: You know, Sami has said and done some awful things to me, to us, over the years, but the way she just went off, you have to know that what she said about us isn't true. Right?

Austin: You know whose side I'm on. Always.

Carrie: Oh, thank God. You know I've always loved you.

Austin: Yeah, of course. And you know I feel the same way. And this is a hell of a way to celebrate a Valentine's Day.

Carrie: Oh, I know. I'm so sorry.

Austin: Can we focus the rest of the day on us? Okay?

Carrie: Good idea.

Austin: All right.

Carrie: Okay. Oh, God, can we just get out of, though? I just--I need to get some fresh air, clear my head.

Austin: But... all of this is gonna pass. We won't. Come on.

Rafe: I guess it's been building for a while. Carrie and Austin, Sami and I, we've been having some problems, and... you know, bottom line is, Carrie and I are 100% committed to our marriages. I love Sami more than anything, but... you can only imagine what happened when Sami walked in on Carrie and I kissing.

Adrienne: Oh, boy.

Rafe: Yeah. She threw me out. Didn't want to hear that the kiss didn't mean anything. You want to say something, go ahead, say it.

Adrienne: It's just that when I was teaching you and Carrie that dance for Sydney's party, something between the two of you. But I convinced myself that there was nothing there. Are you absolutely sure there isn't something between the two of you?

Madison: The closer we got every time I was with you, I wanted to tell you the truth.

Brady: Yeah, but you didn't, did you?

Madison: 'Cause it's so complicated.

Brady: Is it? Is it complicated? I don't find it that complicated. I mean, I asked you to marry me. I walked away thinking for sure you'd probably say yes, and, boom, you're married. Would it have been so complicated for you to mention that to me before I fell for you, huh?

Madison: Do you remember-- do you remember me saying to you a million times, "let's just keep it strictly business"?

Brady: Of course I do. And now I know why you were saying that, Madison. It makes sense now.

Madison: Because I was trying hard not to fall for you.

Brady: Oh.

Madison: And then I don't know what happened. I, like, I lost control.

Brady: You know what? Save it. Give me a break.

Madison: It's your fault, you know.

Brady: It's my fault?

Madison: Yeah.

Brady: How's that? How is that?

Madison: Because you were the most wonderful, incredible man that I've ever met in my entire life, and I have never loved anyone the way that I love you, Brady. Not Ian.

Brady: Shut up. Stop it. I told you when you walked in here that I didn't want you to say a word to me. I don't want to hear what you have to say right now. It's my fault for not walking out of here when I saw your face in the doorway, 'cause now you've gotten a chance to open your mouth, and I don't want to hear anymore of it.

Madison: But I just want to try to explain.

Brady: What are you gonna explain? There's nothing to explain here. Go to your man. Go to your husband and leave me alone. Okay?

Madison: Brady... Brady, I owe Ian my life.

Ian: Life's too short to hold grudges.

Kate: I don't hold grudges. I just move on. Actually, I have barely given you any thought over the years. Although...seeing you now does have entertained in quite a long time.

Ian: All good, of course.

Kate: [Chuckles] Still arrogant, of course.

Ian: Humble really. I keep remembering a night in Paris at the George V. Excellent food, better an entire night alone with you.

Kate: Well, I have had many wonderful meals in Paris with many different and interesting men. So, one more time, why are you here?

Ian: I really thought you'd be happy to see me. But if you're not, I'll go. Is that what you want?

Rafe: I love Sami. End of story.

Adrienne: Listen, I know that Sami means the world to you. And those kids...

Rafe: I will.

Adrienne: I hear you. But I can't help but noticing that you're not answering my question. Hi, Sami. Um, the kids are in with Grandma and Joey decorating some ie. I'll--I'll go check on them.

Rafe: Happy Valentine's Day.

Brady: Seriously, Madison? Are you gonna tell me you owe this guy? Is that why you're married to him? You owe him something?

Madison: I do owe him.

Brady: You owed me. You owed me the truth. I didn't get it. I don't give a damn why married to him. I just care that you are and that you lied to me about it. Everything I thought you were... Madison James McAllister... has been a lie.

Kate: You made your way through my corporate offices. You know how many people I have working for me. Do you really think I have the time to stroll down memory lane with you?

Ian: Not many women have the temerity to stand up to me the way you do, Kate.

Kate: Then many women are fools, Ian. You have made me angry more times than I can count.

Ian: Not deliberately. I couldn't stay away from you.

Kate: But you have. For a very, very long time.

Ian: Now I'm back. Nobody gets me, Kate. Not the way you do. Not then. Not now. Not ever.

Jack: Is this guy your age? A senior or what?

Abigail: Dad, I already said more than I wanted to. Some good news.

Jack: Oh, good, we like good news. What? What is it?

Abigail: Melanie and I made up. I just decided that it's not worth losing a friendship over a guy that I don't even want to be with anymore, right?

Jack: Right. Right, that's great.

Abigail: So we decided that we are going to accept Madison's offer to model for Mad World. You did talk to mom about that, right?

Jack: Uh, yes. Yes, I did a little. Haven't made a lot of headway, but yes.

Abigail: God, I don't understand what her problem is with this.

Jack: Abigail, she's your mother. She wants to protect you. I mean, no matter what you say, we both want to take care of you, protect you from the hurts of the world, whether it's strangers or love or whatever.

Abigail: Dad.

Jack: Yeah, Dad. I know I haven't been that much of a dad of late, but I'm trying. I'm here now. I'm trying to make up for it. That's why I want to know who this cretin is his butt.

Abigail: You mean that rhetorically of course.

Jack: Of course. Maybe.

Abigail: Thanks, Dad.

Austin: No, I just walked in, and she's like...

Carrie: Ah. Abigail. Is everything okay?

Sami: I didn't know you were gonna be here.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I had some cards and candy for the kids, so I brought it to them.

Sami: That's nice of you.

Rafe: Sami, they think that I left them. They have no idea where I went.

Sami: Well, I couldn't exactly explain to them what happened, could I?

Rafe: I just don't want 'em to think that I left because I wanted to. I miss 'em. And us. What do I have to do to convince you of that?

Sami: Stop kissing my sister.

Rafe: Oh, Sami, come on. Sami. Hey. Hey. Sami, hold on. Listen. Can we just talk?

Sami: All right. Make it fast.

Rafe: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I kissed Carrie. It was obviously the wrong thing to do. I'm gonna be sorry until the end of time. Okay, and I'm gonna keep saying that I'm sorry until you understand that I am truly sorry. I'm sorry.

Sami: Okay. Look, you have to understand, I realize that there were two of you. I mean, I don't blame you for it entirely. In fact, I don't even blame you mostly. I know what Carrie's capable of, and I made a point of telling her that.

Rafe: You saw her?

Sami: Yes. And let's just say she was not nearly as apologetic as you have been. But then, of course, she loves to hurt me, unlike you.

Rafe: Well, I doubt that, but...

Sami: Do you really think now is the time to defend Carrie to me, Rafe?

Rafe: No, no, no, no. Sami, please, please. Okay, listen, I don't want to fight. Please. I just want to fix this, and... I want to go home. I want to be with you and the kids. What do I have to tell you to convince you of that, Sami?

Sami: Please. I have one question.

Rafe: Of course.

Sami: It's the same thing I told you.

Rafe: Okay. What's that?

Sami: Do you have feelings for her?

Rafe: Sami, I love you. I love you. You're my wife. My commitment is with you and my family. All right?

Sami: That's a really nice sentiment. It's not an answer to the question. Do you have feelings for my sister? Yes or no? [Laughs] I guess that's my answer.

Austin: You guys, we are so sorry. So sorry. We didn't mean to interrupt. And we're gonna give you your privacy, so...

Carrie: Well, Austin, Abigail is upset.

Jack: We were just having a little father-daughter Valentine's Day all-guys-suck heart-to-heart.

Austin: [Laughs] Yeah. Well, we're gonna--we'll go.

Carrie: No, no, no.

Abigail: I'm really lucky to have my dad to talk to about this stuff.

Jack: Yeah. I just wish you'd let me read the riot act to that guy who broke your heart.

Kate: You do know I'm married.

Ian: Does that mean you're not gonna kiss me?

Kate: Not a chance.

Ian: How noble of you.

Kate: [Sighs] I Ian.

Ian: I see that. So who is this very lucky man?

Kate: No one you'd want to engage with, I'm sure.

Ian: Oh, why don't you try me?

Kate: Stefano DiMera. He sent me those today.

Ian: They're real. What an old world romantic.

Kate: Do you realize that, if he knew that you came anywhere near me, you'd be dead?

Ian: I'm sure he'd have one of his henchmen handle the task.

Kate: No, no. I think he'd want to take care of you all by himself.

Ian: He's older than you, isn't he? It's not your usual taste in men, is it?

Kate: Don't say it.

Ian: I never thought you'd ever need a sugar daddy. I find it very hard to imagine that he could satisfy you.

Kate: You...

Madison: I didn't lie to you, not one time. Not about how I feel about you, Brady. I'm in love with you.

Brady: If you loved me, you would have told me the truth. Last week, last month. Before I got into bed with you, Madison. I've been angry, yeah, but you would have been honest with me, and I would have tried to understand, you know.

Madison: So now you know. So can we--

Brady: But you don't get it. I don't know because you told me. I came back to your hotel room because I didn't want to be without you. I went to your hotel room, 'cause I wanted to put that ring on your finger. And I walk in the room, and there's this guy there, and he's your husband. And he's the one that told me. He told me, and he loved telling me. He was so smug about it, you know. Why did it have to be him?

Madison: I don't know, but I'm sorry. You know, if I could go back and I could fix the way that I handled that...

Brady: Why didn't you do that?

Madison: I don't know.

Brady: You don't know. I don't believe you. I think you do know. I think there's a reason. And I'm standing here, and you still can't be honest with me about what that reason is.

Madison: I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose you. No matter what's happened. I know this is my fault. But I love you so much. Brady, I know you know I do. I know you feel it. It is not a lie.

Brady: Why haven't you left him? Even if I understand that you're in some complicated situation, and that you fell in love with me and you didn't want to but you did and you owe something, even if I give you all of that... why when I offered you my ring, would you even pretend to be able to say yes? Were you eventually going to say yes and just be married to both of us?

Madison: No, come--Brady, you know I wouldn't do that.

Brady: I don't know--what do I know? I don't even know who you are anymore. I mean, I thought I knew who you were. But I don't know anything anymore! I've never worked harder at getting to know somebody and tried to strip their layers down. You were such a guarded woman, but I knew there was something inside of you that I loved so much and I wanted to get to know and, when I uncovered it, it was--it was a lie. It was a falsehood. And now look at me. I'm a fool. I shouldn't have bothered, because--I mean, maybe that's why you picked me, Madison.

Madison: No, Brady. No.

Brady: You knew--I mean, I fell so hard, you knew I'd be blinded by all the truths that I didn't know about. You got me. I was an easy target, wasn't I?

Madison: You are so, so wrong.

Brady: I mean, it's not like I didn't see the signs coming. I mean, anyone who's capable of doing what you did, throwing Sami into Kate's office, telling her to spy and to just, you know, sabotage her business... certainly a woman like that is capable of lying to the man that fell in love with her.

Ian: You know what they doth say about the protesting lady.

Kate: You are such a bastard.

Ian: That's what you always loved about me.

Kate: Well, absence makes the heart grow cold.

Ian: Well, that's if your heart was actually engaged in the first place.

Kate: This isn't fun.

Ian: Why don't you try saying that like you mean it? My arms are telling me something very different.

Carrie: Oh, Abigail, I am so sorry. We have all been down that road. I know how much it hurts.

Austin: Carrie, I really think that we should give them their privacy. I mean, it's rude. And I thought we were gonna try and make the best of this day together, remember?

Carrie: We will, but Abigail works for you. It would be nice if she knew she had your support.

Austin: Abby, I'm so sorry that you're hurting. I really am. Jack, give our best to Jen.

Carrie: Abby, where did you meet this guy?

Abigail: School.

Rafe: Sami, you're making way too big of a deal out of this.

Sami: If it were anyone else besides Carrie, it would be different, but you have no idea the history between us. All the relationships she's ruined. She took Austin away from me. That's why she's with him now. But that's not enough? She has to take you away from me too?

Rafe: All right, even if it were true, which it isn't...

Sami: Are you seriously gonna defend her again to me?

Rafe: Sami, would you listen to me? I love you. That's why I married you. You are my wife. How many times do I have to tell you this?

Sami: It was Carrie. And I can't get the image of you kissing her out of my mind. She's ruined everything.

Rafe: What are you saying?

Sami: I can't get past it. Ever.

Kate: The years have not dampened your raging ego. And you are as arrogant and self-absorbed as ever, and I don't know why I ever put up with you.

Ian: Try a little harder. Go on, think, you'll remember. Perhaps I should have let you hit me. Go on. That's what you want. Go on. From past experience, I know giving into your whims reaps great rewards. I never should have let you go.

Madison: I told you, I stopped that plan with Sami.

Brady: Yeah, because I told you that I didn't like it. You backtrack when your back's up against the wall. Otherwise, you're a coward, Madison.

Madison: Don't say that to me.

Brady: And lying is so simple to you. Lying is like second-nature to you.

Madison: Wow.

Brady: And I have a feeling that Ian McAllister, he doesn't give a damn about that character flaw of yours. I think you two are very good together. Why don't you go be with your husband and leave me the hell alone?

Sami: I mean, if it were anyone else... anyone besides her. I mean, why couldn't you have inappropriate feelings for someone I don't know.

Rafe: Sami, I told you...

Sami: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter about Carrie or any of it. I saw you. And I know you well enough to know that you wouldn't kiss someone like that if you didn't have feelings for them. And I don't know how you expect me to be with you knowing that.

Rafe: Sami. Come on, Sami.

Sami: Rafe, don't.

Rafe: Stop. Stop it. I am not gonna let you walk away from me.

Austin: Abigail, I care about you very much. But I'm sure that this guy's intentions were not to hurt you.

Abigail: Yeah, I'm sure they weren't either, but it still happened.

Carrie: Oh, Abby.

Jack: Well, Austin, you know, when guys try to help, they only manage to screw things up.

Austin: Yeah.

Jack: What are you gonna do? Well, actually, Abigail's not really so chatty with her mom right now, so maybe it's gonna help that Carrie here can help out.

Carrie: I would love to try and help. God knows I don't have all the answers, but I will try. Sit down. I mean, tell me about this idiot. Did he make promises to you he couldn't keep?

Ian: I hope to see you again.

Kate: How long are you staying in Salem?

Ian: Oh, I'm not leaving. I've moved here. It's not Paris, but it does have you.

Madison: Brady, please don't ask me to leave.

Brady: Get out of my house. Don't come back.

Madison: Brady...

Brady: If you see me on the street, I want you to turn around, I want you to walk the other way. And I also want you to pretend that this little thing that we had never existed. 'Cause that is what I am going to do. You hear me?

Madison: Please, please.

Brady: Go. Go.

[Door slams]

Abigail: Carrie, you want me to tell you about my problems? That is just so sweet of you.

Carrie: Well, of course I do. Abby, I care about you. So does Austin. Anything you tell me will stay between us.

Austin: Maybe it would be better if you spoke to someone closer to your own age. I mean, not Carrie.

Carrie: Oh, thank you very much, Austin.

Abigail: Carrie's not that much older than me. And I would really appreciate your perspective.

Jack: Good.

Abigail: You know, the more I think about it, you're the perfect person to help me understand why this guy did what he did.

Rafe: I married you for better or for worse. And it's not over until we both say it's over. And I will never, ever say that.

Sami: Why?

Rafe: Why? Because... blue eyes... you're my everything. Till death do us part.

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