Days Transcript Wednesday 2/1/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/1/12


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[Incessant knocking at door]

Will: [Clears throat]

Sonny: What's up?

Will: Hey, man. Hey.

Sonny: So... what flick you wanna see?

Will: Well, um, the movie house is ending their Meryl Streep retrospective with the Devil Wears Prada.

Sonny: One of my faves.

Will: Okay, great.

Sonny: Well, uh, the only thing is, is I have a date tomorrow... and he's gonna wanna see it.

Will: Hmm, gotcha.

Sonny: Why don't we just download the movie here?

Will: Oh, yeah, we could-- we could do that.

Sonny: Don't--don't say you're uncomfortable being alone with me.

Will: No.

Sonny: No, no, no, no.

Will: No, it's not that. It's just, um... you know, lately your friends have been thinking... you know, things about me and, uh... how does somebody know when they're gay? You know, how did you know? I'm just--I'm curious.

Madison: Still hard at work, I see.

Brady: I knew that voice. Yeah, well, Dad left, so I was settled in, so I just had a few things I had to finish up. [Whistles] So, how was your, uh, meeting? Did you and Sami come up with some new ways to sabotage Countess W?

Madison: Actually, I have been thinking a lot about what you said and, uh, just, you know, feeling bad about sending Sami in as my mole to spy on Kate.

Brady: You know what? That was a cheap shot. I shouldn't--shouldn't have said it, sorry.

Madison: No, listen. If anyone should apologize, it's me.

Brady: Why?

Madison: I lied to you, Brady.

Abigail: I have unbelievable news. My life will never be the same.

Jack: If you tell us that you got pregnant, I'll make sure that his next job is as a eunuch in the harem.

Abigail: What?

Jennifer: Jack.

Abigail: Dad, I'm not pregnant.

Jennifer: Well, one of us knew that, honey. Just tell us your news, tell us.

Abigail: I got an internship at Mad World Cosmetics.

Jennifer: [Gasps] That is so great!

Abigail: I know and that's not even the best part. Not only does she want me to intern for her, she wants me to be a model too.

Jack: Well that's great. That's tremendous! Isn't that tremendous? That's great!

Jennifer: Actually, I think I'd rather you be pregnant.

Carrie: Read 'em and weep. [Laughs]

Rafe: This sucks.

Carrie: Oh, and the award for sore loser goes to Rafe Hernandez.

Rafe: Not this. Probably cheating anyway. I saw you. This. This.

Carrie: Oh.

Rafe: Crickets.

Carrie: Not having work.

Rafe: Yeah, except from the crumbs that Bo and Hope threw us.

Carrie: It isn't exactly crumbs. I mean, we were asked to help shrink Salem PDs most wanted list. And Abe asked you to help run his security for his campaign.

Rafe: Yeah, exactly. Haven't heard a word from either one of them since, have we?

Carrie: No.

Rafe: No.

Carrie: Well, we could call Tillie, see if her cat needs finding again.

Rafe: Yeah. Or we could just go home and call it a day.

Carrie: Well, if you wanna do that, I totally understand. But I'd rather stay here and play Solitaire than, uh, go home and fight with Austin again.

Rafe: Well, I'm sure as hell not gonna go home and fight with Sami. 'Cause she's not there.

Carrie: [Laughs]

Rafe: Deal.

Carrie: All right!

Rafe: Feeling it this time.

Carrie: Uh-huh.

[Phone rings]

Rafe: Oh. International call.

Carrie: Ooh. Oh, it's a lead partner from my law firm.

Rafe: What?

Carrie: Linda, hi. You're--you're in the office late, what's up?

Rafe: Hey, Linda.

Carrie: Um, say that again. Please don't do this. Please.

Will: Uh, I'm sorry. You know, if you don't wanna talk about it, then...

Sonny: What, being gay?

Will: Yeah. About, I mean, yeah. I'm just...

Sonny: Curious?

Will: Yeah, about you. You know, since we're--well, we're friends and everything.

Sonny: Uh, yeah, I mean the... when did I know that I was gay?

Will: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Well, without knowing what gay meant... I remember really liking comic book superheroes.

Will: [Chuckles]

Sonny: And, uh, cute guys on TV. I didn't really understand it. You know, but I didn't question it either. Just who I was. You know, the way I was born.

Will: Well, uh, when did you...begin to question? Was there, you know, a time with a girl or something?

Sonny: Yeah, the girls, they--they came a little later. Uh, for me, it was noticing guys when I was a freshman in high school. You know, not just the studs, just, you know, guys in general. And I still didn't understand it. You know, 'cause they were all with girls. So in order for me to hang out with them, I decided, you know, hey, I'll be with girls, too.

Will: And, uh, how did that work out for you?

Sonny: Well I--I fooled them.

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: I didn't fool myself. You know, I just really--I-- I didn't like lying to them. You know, leading them on? Most of all, I just didn't like the lie that I was living. Instead of dealing with it, I did something terrible.

Will: What?

Sonny: Every birthday, during high school... when it came time to blow out the candles... I would wish that gay Sonny would just go away. Just so I could be like everyone else.

Will: Wow.

Sonny: I wasted a lot of wishes like that, will. Just hard to believe that I ever you know, felt that way about myself.

Will: Yeah, I get it. I get it.

Abigail: You'd rather I be pregnant than be a model?

Jack: I wouldn't.

Jennifer: Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little bit, but let me make myself really clear. I do not like the idea of you modeling.

Abigail: Why?

Jennifer: Why? Because I don't want you to live on cigarettes and water. And because you're in school.

Abigail: I can do both, Mom.

Jennifer: No, you can't do both. You have a very full schedule. You're doing that work study job with Austin. There is no way you can keep up with all of that and model. So, I'm sure that Madison James will understand when you refuse her offer.

Carrie: Oh, boy.

Rafe: Your law firm cut our funding.

Carrie: Effective immediately. Linda said we weren't bringing in enough business to justify the subsidy we were getting.

Rafe: All right. And without that subsidy... well, I guess it's official. We're out of business.

Madison: We've gotten so close, you know? And things are so great between us. Um, I'm really afraid that this whole business with Countess W and Kate is gonna make you think twice about us.

Brady: Okay.

Madison: Hey, Brady, I don't wanna lose you.

Brady: Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there, okay? Listen, seriously, I may not like what you're doing, but I promised you that it was not gonna come between us, and I meant that. You're not gonna lose me over this.

Madison: No, you're right. I'm not gonna lose you over this. Because I'm pulling the plug on this whole horrible plan. I'm not gonna have Sami spy for--for me anymore.

Sonny: Yeah, you know, there is no "a-ha" moment. You know, give me Prada. I just lived with hating myself... because I thought that'd be easier than being myself. But I couldn't have been more wrong.

Will: Uh, hiding something that big must have had you on edge all the time.

Sonny: Angry, more like it. I just hated the fact that I was different. You know, I mean, I was good at school. I was good at sports. It's like, why couldn't I be good at being straight?

Will: Just a question. What... what were you afraid of the most?

Sonny: Believe it or not, I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to live the life that I'd seen for myself. I wanted a wife and kids. A four-bedroom house, the white picket fence. And it just scared me to think that I might not have that.

Will: Yeah, that would freak me out, too.

Sonny: You know, the worst part was not having anyone to talk to. You know, I had all this stuff going on in my head and, I was afraid if I asked for help that people would know I was gay, and I would lose everything I was holding onto. Even though it was a lie. Aw, man, just know it's hard, will. I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

Abigail: I'm not sure how to say this without sounding rude, but I'm not asking you or Dad for permission to model. I'm doing this.

Jennifer: Well, I don't wanna sound rude either, but you are not doing any job with Madison James that involves modeling.

Abigail: How can you judge my decision when you don't even know what my job includes?

Jack: I think both of us would love to hear more about what your job includes.

Abigail: Well, thanks, Dad. Madison is starting an ad campaign for a new line of cosmetics aimed at women my age and a little bit older. She wants to focus on real people and she's--she's chosen Melanie and me.

Jennifer: With Melanie? What are you talking about? I thought you were having a hard time with Melanie because of Chad.

Jack: Did I know any of this?

Abigail: We're working things out.

Jack: Look, I'd much rather she model with Melanie than with some muscle-bound guy who has o-- got one thing on his so-called mind.

Abigail: I'd be making tons of money and all my traveling expenses would be paid for.

Jennifer: Really? And what about the price that you pay for missing classes? Is Madison gonna--is she gonna cover that? Is she gonna support you when you have a dead-end job because you flunked out of college?

Abigail: Mom, I have always been a good student. You know that. Modeling isn't gonna change anything.

Jennifer: No, you're right. It's not. Because you are not taking this job. I forbid it.

Sonny: I would even break up with girlfriends if I thought they were close to knowing the score.

Will: Hmm. You know, what you said earlier about you being a loner? I don't buy that at all. You--you have so many friends.

Sonny: Now that I'm out I do. You know, back when I was in high school, I'd be at a party and there would be, like, a wall between me and everybody else. And it just kills me to think that there's people out there right now that are living the same lie that I was. And they're too afraid that their world will end if it comes out that they're gay.

Will: Well, that's because, I mean, you came out and--and your family was fine with it, you know? But what if somebody comes out, you know, somebody and then... all hell breaks loose? You know? What happens when telling the truth hurts more people than--than living a lie?

Carrie: Ugh. I so wanted this to work. I--if we had just had a little more time.

Rafe: Well, you gave it your best shot. We're both dead. Just didn't work out.

Carrie: Oh, I feel like such a failure.

Rafe: Are you kidding me? Carrie, you're amazing. In so many ways.

Carrie: You are, too.

Rafe: God, what am I gonna do now? Guess I'll go work security detail on Abe's campaign. What are you gonna do?

Carrie: Well, I never mentioned it before because I didn't think it was gonna happen but, since I've been in Salem my firm has left a spot open for me in case I wanna go back.

Rafe: Go back? You mean, like, Switzerland?

Carrie: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Hmm.

Abigail: You can't forbid me to do anything. I'm a legal adult.

Jack: Actually, Abigail's right. She doesn't need our permission to take this job.

Abigail: Thank you, Dad.

Jack: At the same time, Abigail, you need to take your mother's concern seriously when she's worried about what you do getting in the way of your school work.

Jennifer: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: You're welcome. See how things work out when we talk?

Abigail: Whatever, I'm still modeling for Madison.

Jennifer: No, you are not. You are asking for trouble Abigail, please.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, what happened to peace in our time?

Abigail: Why are you so against me modeling?

Jennifer: You know why? Because there are shady people in this world who wanna do creepy things to innocent girls like you, that's why.

Abigail: Are you watching movies on lifetime again, because what you just said sounds absolutely ridiculous. I have lived all over the world alone. I know how to take care of myself.

Jennifer: I know that. But look at your friends. Look at the wrong people they got involved with through that website. I almost lost you. I know that you couldn't control that.

Abigail: Okay, Mom, but that's not gonna happen again.

Jennifer: How do you know?

Abigail: How do you know? I am taking this job. And neither one of you can stop me.

Jennifer: Okay, you know what, you're right. Neither one of us can stop you. But if you take this job, this is not our home anymore. You can move out.

Brady: I'm very glad that you changed your mind about spying on Kate. Because if word got out, it would cause a hell of a lot of tension between the DiMeras and my family, you know that.

Madison: I do understand that now.

Brady: So, how are you gonna get Sami out? You got her in. How do you get her out?

Madison: I will, I promise. It's not gonna be exactly as I planned.'ll all be okay.

Brady: It means a lot to me. That you're doing this, that you're pulling the plug on this. I know how important it is for you to be successful in business and the fact that you're risking it for us...that's huge.

Madison: That--that's just it. For years all I cared about was making Mad World successful. Now, for the first time in my life, there's something I care about more than business. And that's you, Brady. I can't believe it's come to this.

Brady: What? Tell me what.

Madison: Oh, just, you know, me more worried that things are okay between us than I am about last month's sales figures.

Brady: I love it.

Madison: Yeah, it's just, um, I've never not put business first, ever. And it's all because of you, Brady.

Brady: Well, I wasn't exactly living la vida loca before I met you, let me tell you. I mean, I don't know what would happen to me actually if I hadn't met you.

Madison: Hmm.

Brady: All I know is that you and us and this whole thing, it's--I don't think it gets much better, actually.

Madison: Well, I wish you could be inside my head just long enough to understand how very much I care about you. You know, deep down, it's all I've ever wanted. You know, don't get me wrong. I still love running my company and being in business. I'm competitive like that, but--

Brady: Yeah, you are.

Madison: It's just really nice to know at the end of the day, after a long day at work, I have you.

Brady: No one has ever gotten to me the way that you have. You were so, so worth the wait.

Madison: Mmm.

Sonny: It's not always easy when you come out. You know, like my friend, Tyler? A lot of yelling and screaming. You know, he didn't talk to his dad for a while, a long time. All right, but they're good now.

Will: Hmm, that's good.

Sonny: Now all I--all I'm trying to say is for me coming out meant being free. All right, man. I mean, no more hiding. No more lying. And no more shame. Once you accept who you are, things just get better. Now I'm even closer to my family now that they know the truth.

Will: You make it sound... really easy.

Sonny: Yeah?

Will: Yeah, I wanna believe you... but I don't.

Rafe: Switzerland, huh?

Carrie: Mm-hmm. Land of cheese and watches and brown cows.

Rafe: But Austin's working at Salem U. He doesn't wanna leave town any more than you do.

Carrie: [Sighs] Even so, we can't survive on his salary alone. I mean, do you have any idea what an entry-level college professor makes?

Rafe: Carrie, Carrie, you're a lawyer for crying out loud. I mean, somebody in town will offer you a job.

Carrie: Well, uh, I'll call around, but the last time I checked, there weren't any positions.

Rafe: Somebody always needs a lawyer. If they don't, I--I'll get someone in trouble for you.

Carrie: [Laughs]

Rafe: Okay?

Carrie: [Laughs] Oh, even if I was to be hired as an associate, I would be starting from scratch and all those long hours, it would drive me crazy. And there's no way my firm is gonna wait that long for an answer.

Rafe: Yeah, well, whatever they pay you in Switzerland, it's not gonna be enough for you to leave your family, your Is it? Seriously, who is gonna make fun of me when I spill coffee all over the place or glue tiara decorations to my fingers or get mauled by a missing cat?

Carrie: [Laughs]

Rafe: Huh?

Carrie: Oh, I would hate to miss all that fun. Yeah, and it has been a lot of fun. But Austin still has a standing offer with his old job in Switzerland and I just--I feel like the universe is telling us maybe it's time to go back.

Rafe: Oh.

Abigail: Are you seriously gonna kick me out over modeling for Madison?

Jennifer: Are you seriously going to expect us to pay tuition for classes that you won't even be attending? And add wheatgrass and tofu to our shopping list while you subsist on black coffee and no sleep, Abigail? Can you just understand I am saying this because I love you?

Abigail: Yeah, being kicked to the curb really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, Mom.

Jennifer: Why is this so important to you? You have never talked about modeling before. You were a tomboy. You--you climbed trees. You scraped your knees up.

Jack: You know, maybe I was in a cave for the last year, but this did really seem to come out of nowhere.

Abigail: Don't you guys get it? This is a chance for me to do something new and exciting with my life. Being a model will make people notice me, take me seriously. They won't just see me as little Abby going to college anymore. They'll see me as a grown woman.

Jack: I forbid anyone to see you as a grown woman.

Abigail: Dad.

Jennifer: Jack. Please don't--don't you wanna be admired? Don't you wanna be respected for what you do?

Abigail: Yes, exactly. That is why I wanna be a model.

Jennifer: No, that's why you get a degree and a job and then you show people your brain power not your--

Jack: Cheek bones.

Jennifer: Cheek bones, Abigail.

Abigail: Talking to you is useless. I've made up my mind. I am going to be a model. And if I have to, I will use part of my salary to get a place of my own. I'm sick of living with your drama anyway, Mom.

Jennifer: Abigail, you hold on one minute!

Jack: No, Abigail, j--don't--

Jennifer: Don't you walk out that door!

Jack: Okay, just a-- here. Jennifer... what were you thinking?

Jennifer: I was protecting our daughter. That's what I was thinking. Don't you dare attack me, Jack.

Jack: I'm not attacking. I'm just wondering why you chose this particular hill to make your last stand on, Custer.

Jennifer: Do you really want our daughter to be a model?

Jack: Sure, if it gets us into parties. Come on, come on. Of course I don't! It doesn't matter what I want, though. The fact is, she's not just our little girl anymore. We can't decide for her what job she gets.

Jennifer: Yes, we can. We are her parents.

Jack: Look, let's see how the parents are doing, all right? Let's have a little review. Our daughter just walked out of the house. She's leaving, she's gone so she can start her modeling career.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, Jack, that's what she said, okay? That--nothing's happened yet.

Jack: Do you remember when I first came back and I walked into this--into this living room and I found Chad DiMera "massaging" our sweet, innocent daughter on the Horton couch?

Jennifer: Yes, Jack, yes. You totally flipped out.

Jack: Yes, and someone told me that I'd better back off. That I'd better give Abigail her space and let her make her own decisions or I could lose her. Do you happen to remember who that someone was?

Jennifer: You know what? I really hate it when you use things against me that I say.

Jack: I know. I gotta tell you...I--or we... we may have made a mess of our lives from time to time. But one thing we haven't done... we haven't messed up our kids. They're good kids. They're smart, they're responsible. We just have to... we have to let them make their own mistakes. Right? 'Cause if we don't, if we keep trying to push our way in and decide for them... we could lose them forever.

Jennifer: I am so afraid.

Jack: Afraid of what?

Jennifer: Jack, I'm afraid. I lost my Gram. I lost Daniel. I lost you. I'm not gonna do it. I am not going to lose my little girl.

Jack: Yeah, I know.

Carrie: Ah, that was my last contact. No law firm has any openings for attorneys in the 25 mile radius. Wow, you really did love this job. The whole idea of being independent and working with you. I'll even miss this stupid thing.

Rafe: Me too.

Carrie: Well, I guess we should start packing up.

Rafe: Carrie... just wait. You don't want this to end any more than I do. Now come on. We can't quit now. We're just getting started. What does that say?

Carrie: Reed and Hernandez.

Rafe: That's right. That's exactly what it says. Now you and I, we are gonna make this work. Together.

Jennifer: I just worry about her traveling, Jack. I mean, she--she got kidnapped here. I-I can't even go there. I can't even imagine if she were somewhere else. I mean, look at what happened to you.

Jack: Jennifer, it's not like she's going to model in Kabul. She's not traveling alone. Hmm?

Jennifer: I'm being selfish. I am. I am not ready to let my baby go yet.

Jack: I'm not either. Really, I hate the idea, I do. But Abigail's gonna do what she wants, whether we like it or not. I think... it's better not to fight with her. And not lose touch with her altogether. What?

Jennifer: It's--it's amazing. Your being the voice of reason.

Jack: I know, it is isn't it? I mean, you're actually listening to me.

Jennifer: I know, I'm listening. Always, Jack.

Brady: You know, I was thinking, between the two of us there's been so much drama in our lives, I don't think there's anything left that we couldn't handle.

Madison: I don't know. I've been through a lot of drama in my life. Even more than you know. Um... listen, there's something that I wanted to tell you, you know. I've been thinking about it a lot, and--

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Hmm. What's wrong? Who's calling?

Sonny: Will, I didn't lie to you about coming out. All right, sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's not. What did I say that you didn't think was legit?

Will: Well, just that...

Sonny: That what?

Will: That...

Sonny: Just tell me, I wanna know, what?

Will: Well, you made it seem like coming out fixes everything. And then from then on your life is perfect.

Sonny: No, no, I--if I gave you that impression, I apologize. All right, 'cause coming out definitely doesn't guarantee you a happily ever after. All right, but being straight doesn't get you the brass ring either. And who would want brass when you can have Sterling?

Will: I always thought you were a platinum kind of gay.

Sonny: Oh, I am a platinum kind of gay. See, there's hope for you yet. Hey, all I'm saying is you have a better chance of being happy if you don't keep secrets. About anything.

Will: Yeah, you can say that, because you knew that your family was gonna be okay with you coming out. And I'm just saying that not every family is.

Sonny: I thought my family would be cool. All right, but I was still afraid to tell them. All right, I didn't want things to be different. You know, and--and my brother, Alex, he freaked out a little bit. But he's cool now. He got over it.

Will: I'm talking about your parents, man. Your parents are awesome. Your dad is--is... look, what I'm--I'm trying to say is that they took the news like it was great.

Sonny: No, I--well, they were a little bummed. No, they were, they were because they--they didn't think I could live the life they dreamed for me. And it was the same thing that I was going through myself. But mostly, my folks were afraid.

Will: Afraid? Of?

Sonny: It was--it was kind of sweet really. They thought because I was gay that I could never find love. And that's what it's all about, right? Just finding that special someone to go through life with. That you know it's meant to be. But the thing is, you can't find true love if you're not living your own truth. There's no other way.

Carrie: You're right, I don't want this to end. It's just I don't know how we can keep it going.

Rafe: Okay, well, our rent's already paid for the month, right?

Carrie: Right.

Rafe: Right. So we've got some time. Which is exactly what I think we needed. Maybe we expected too much too soon. It take time to build clientele, right?

Carrie: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay. Now listen to me. If I gotta go work overtime on Abe's campaign to make end's meet to keep this place from going under, I'll do it. I'll even put on those blue tights and play prince what's his name if I have to.

Carrie: Prince Caspian?

Rafe: Yeah. Are you with me or not?

Carrie: Uh, a man willing to wear tights for a cause? I'm with you. All the way.

Rafe: Okay.

Madison: It's nothing. I just, you know, I'm upset because it seems like every time we start to talk, my office calls. Usually with some stupid problem and I'll deal with them--

Brady: That's okay.

Madison: Later.

Brady: It's all right. But you said you had something to share. And, uh, I was wondering if it could wait because I actually have to meet a potential investor in... in about an hour, so I would hate for you to start something and then not be able to finish it, so...

Madison: Oh... oh, yeah, sure. I mean, what I wanted to say can wait. It's--it's no big deal.

Brady: All right, you sure? 'Cause there's actually--there's actually something that I wanted to say to you. Um, I wasn't sure if I could say it before, but now I'm pretty sure that--that I can.

Madison: Sure, what exactly?

Brady: I love you. I...I love you. I love you, I love you.

Madison: Oh, Brady. Oh. I love you too. I love you so much, more than anything or anyone.

Brady: Love you.

Madison: [Giggles]

Brady: Aw, you know what? The hell with the meeting. I'll just reschedule.

Madison: Uh-uh, no, Brady, no. Your dad, your father, he is counting on you.

Brady: Yeah, my Father. All right, but I am--listen, I am seeing you later, okay? I don't wanna go.

Madison: Mmm, I can't wait. I can't wait. Go, get out. Go.

Brady: All right, all right. One more, mm-hmm--mmm. Okay, okay. I'm leaving, I'm walking.

Madison: Okay, bye.

Brady: I'm walking out.

Madison: [Sighs] He loves me. Brady loves me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Madison: Hi. I was just about to call you back. I was in a meeting before. No, don't be silly. You're not interrupting. Come on, I always have time for you.

Will: Thanks for sharing. You know, I hope you don't mind.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, you're--you're my good friend. So you can ask me or tell me anything.

Will: Yeah, I know. So...wanna see the movie?

Sonny: Yeah, uh, there's just--there's just, uh, one more thing. I wasted so much time being afraid of who I really am. You know, what my parents and my friends would think if they knew the truth. Right, and I felt alone. I was afraid and I was alone, and I don't want anyone to ever have to feel that. Especially a friend. Because I wasn't alone. I'm not alone. And being afraid is a lot worse than being honest.

Carrie: [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. You could be a trainer at intensity. The ladies would line up to get fit with a former cop.

Rafe: Oh, my God. Can you imagine? And the blue tights? Yes.

Carrie: Oh, we would be rich. Come on.

Rafe: No, would you stop?

Carrie: [Laughs]

Rafe: Not doing it.

Carrie: Oh.

Rafe: This is exactly why we can't give this up without a fight. We have way too much fun together.

Carrie: Thank you for helping me see that.

Rafe: No problem, partner. We're gonna work this out. Together.

Carrie: I'm really glad.

Rafe: Yeah.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Jack: A-ha.

Abigail: Let me guess...Mom is preparing my cage and sent you here to lure me home.

Jack: You've got a great imagination. That's what makes you a great writer.

Abigail: Seriously, Dad, how'd you know I was here?

Jack: That little thing on the phone that tells you where people are.

Abigail: Oh, well, remind me to un-app that.

Jack: Right. Okay. So... your big news didn't go over the way you wanted it to.

Abigail: Why can't she be happy for me?

Jack: Hmm. Well, I think you're just gonna have to give her some time on that one. I think she's gonna come around to it, to your way of thinking. It--it just won't happen right now. It's gonna take...some time.

Abigail: Something tells me it won't be any time soon.

Jack: Heh! I think in the meantime... it would help... if you promise to be careful. When you're modeling, if someone or something doesn't seem right, if you would please just let your mom or me know, and we'll do what we can to make it right.

Abigail: Okay, I can do that.

Jack: Yeah?

Abigail: Yeah.

Jack: I think that would make your mother very happy.

Abigail: Thanks, Dad.

Jack: For what?

Abigail: For listening. And just for being here. I'm really glad that you're home and you're back in our family again.

Jack: Yeah. Me too. Me too.

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