Days Transcript Friday 1/20/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/20/12


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Melanie: [Sniffles]

Gabi: Oh, Melanie. No joke--thank God you're here. The ladies' locker room has run out of towels, like, three times.

Melanie: On it.

Gabi: Melanie, you okay?

Melanie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Gabi: Oh, no. What's wrong?

Melanie: Nothing.

Gabi: But you've been crying. What's going on?

Melanie: No. Um, remember how I told you about my dad--the tremor in his hand, that he can't work anymore?

Gabi: Is he all right? Has it gotten worse?

Melanie: No, it hasn't gotten worse--it just hasn't gotten any better. So he's--he's going to take some time for himself.

Gabi: What does that mean, "take some time for himself"?

Melanie: He's going to leave town.

Gabi: Oh, no. That's why you're freaking out.

Melanie: I just found him. I just found him, and now I'm losing him.

Chad: [Clears throat] Hello? Anyone here? Anyone?

[Footsteps approaching]

Stefano: Those are Kona beans. The others here, from Jamaica here, is Blue Mountains. And the Kopi Lowak are from Indonesia. Now, those are very, very rare. They're probably some of the best coffee beans in the world. That's--that's my favorite.

Chad: Okay, so you asked me here for what-- a taste test?

Stefano: No. No, no, no. But if you would like some, I'll have it made for you.

Chad: You know what? That's okay. Just, um--just tell me why I'm here.

Stefano: Well, because I heard of your latest, uh, venture with--what's his name?-- Sonny Kiriakis. That you're going to change the Cheatin' Heart to a coffeehouse.

Chad: Word travels fast.

Stefano: Yes, and I would like to help you if I could.

Chad: With what?

Stefano: Well, I certainly have a lot of connections, and I--I know a lot of the right people. As a matter of fact, you see what you have there in your hands? They'll make sure that you get all that you want of that. And the price will be beyond anything anybody can touch.

Chad: Oh! Okay, so those right people.

Stefano: Yes, and I would also like to invest.

Chad: Why?

Stefano: Why?

Chad: Yeah.

Stefano: Because you are my son, and I want you to succeed.

Chad: [Sighs] Yeah, um... maybe you didn't get the memo before, but, uh... I don't want your help.

Kate: They're hot.

Sami: And that's exactly what we need for this campaign.

Kate: I mean, I have to say, I'm really surprised. This came out much better than I thought.

Sami: And those are just the test shots. I mean, look at the potential. Those two definitely belong in a fashion magazine.

Kate: Yeah, yeah. I mean, they pop off the page. That's for sure.

Sami: I really believe we have found the faces to represent the Countess Wilhelmina youth line.

Kate: You know, you could be right. And the best part of it is it would blow Madison James and her little company right out of the water.

Bo: You stare at that key any longer, you're gonna burn a hole in it.

Hope: Sorry. I'm just trying to figure out what our next move is.

Bo: Yeah, well, first things first. Do you agree with me that Stefano could be the other holder on Mrs. H's safe deposit box?

Hope: I hate to say it, but, yes, I do. He's been connected to almost everything from the beginning.

Bo: Yeah, so... how do we secure his cooperation? I mean, 'cause if he's involved, he's not gonna admit it to us.

Hope: We're just gonna have to figure out a way to get him to talk, because if we don't, we may never find out the truth. We could still try to subpoena the bank records.

Bo: Hope, no crime has been committed.

Hope: Or maybe get a search warrant for Stefano's house, see if we can find the other key to open the box.

Bo: Oh, Fancy Face--

Hope: I know it's a long shot, but--

Bo: It's more than a long shot. Banks are protected by the law. No judge is gonna sign off on a search warrant based on speculation.

Hope: I can't believe you shot me down. Seriously, I'm willing to try just about anything right now. In fact, last night I even debated breaking into Stefano DiMera's house.

Bo: Excuse me?

Hope: Well, obviously I would've waited till no one was there.

Bo: Oh, well, that makes me feel so much better. I want to get to the bottom of this, too, but I draw the line at anything where you're gonna be arrested... 'cause then I'd have to break you out of jail. We know how that goes.

Hope: I guess we do know how that goes.

Bo: So let's keep our operations on the up and up.

Hope: Why should we? Nobody else is playing by the rules.

Bo: Because that's how we roll--we play by the rules... more or less. And most times it works out for us.

Hope: And what if it doesn't this time?

Bo: Would you please try to have some faith?

Hope: Brady, I am serious here, okay? What happens if we run out of options and we never find out whatever it is that we're looking for? What if?

Sami: Grazie, Massimo.

Kate: I can't get over how good these two look together.

Sami: What do you think of the slogan "youth is served"?

Kate: Who's idea is that?

Sami: Mine. What? If you don't like it, just say so.

Kate: You know what I don't like? Every time I give you a compliment, you find some way to lord it over me. And I find that really annoying. So I'm never gonna tell you that... well, how much potential this campaign has-- most potential that I've seen in years. And I certainly wouldn't tell you how you hit the ground running here at Countess Wilhelmina and made a lot of my executives look like amateurs. And I would never, ever want to tell you that hiring you is one of the smartest things I've done in years.

Sami: Well, damn. 'Cause it would've been nice to hear that.

Bo: I'll find it. I'll find it.

Hope: You're not doing it fast enough.

Madison: Hi. Sorry, excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt. I'm Madison James. We met once before at the Town Square. I was with Brady.

Bo: Yes, I remember. Victor, my Father, speaks very highly of you.

Hope: I've been hearing nothing but incredible things about your work at Mad World.

Madison: Oh, well, thank you. Um, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

Hope: Me, why?

Madison: I'm just curious-- how much do you love being a cop?

Stefano: Well, I knew... that you would react that way, but I was hoping you would hear me out.

Chad: Why? What's the point?

Stefano: The point is you don't know what I am offering you.

Chad: What, that I'm gonna regret saying no to you? I'll take my chances.

Stefano: Don't let your pride get in the way of any success, all right, Chad? Because to start a business, at any time, is difficult. To start a business in this day and age, they are ready to knock your head off right from the start.

Chad: You think I don't know that?

Stefano: I know that our relationship has been strained lately. But I am still your father. And it's every father's duty to see that their children reach their top potential.

Chad: So what is it? I'm nothing without you? Is that what you're saying?

Stefano: Don't even think about the name Stefano DiMera being anywhere in the business. No, nothing like that. I am simply a silent partner.

Chad: Silent partner.

Stefano: Mm.

Chad: Meaning I'm the only one who knows where the money's coming from?

Stefano: Well, of course, there's gonna be an understanding between you and me.

Chad: And what if that's not how I want to run my business?

Stefano: Why do you always think that there is something negative about everything I suggest?

Chad: Because I'm not stupid, all right? I know you don't care about some coffeehouse. So why don't you just tell me what it is you really want?

Stefano: You know the answer to that, Chad. I just saw an opportunity for us to do something together that was, uh, positive.

Chad: Funny how a silent partner with connections doesn't sound all that positive to me.

Stefano: Yeah, well, see, I mean, I figured if you'd let me come in and help you like that, you would see that my motive is really... [Sighs] Well, very sincere.

Chad: And then what?

Stefano: And then... and then we get together, and we work out a real relationship between a father and son.

Chad: All because you bought some beans, huh?

Stefano: Oh, come on, now, you know better than that. There's more to it than that.

Chad: Right, right, right-- muffins and scones too. But I'd stay away from those. Bad for you diabetes, huh?

Stefano: See? See, you really do care. Hey.

Chad: Barely. You've got more money than God. I mean, this gesture's meaningless.

Stefano: Do you know why I'm so wealthy, Chad, hmm? Because I never--not once-- not once did I ever invest in something I did not believe in. And I believe in you.

Chad: Why? Because I have your genes? Oh, man. God help me.

Stefano: No, because you earned it, all right? Look, you are never gonna be able to cut me out of your life. So don't even try it. Just take it as if it's inevitable, all right? I want this rift between us to heal.

Chad: All I have to do is just sit back and let you do all the work? Oh, wow, wow, wow. I mean, you really got it all figured out, don't you?

Stefano: Why do you make everything sound so bad, huh? You're my son. And I miss you, huh? I don't apologize for that.

Chad: No kidding.

Stefano: No, wait. Do you have any idea how many nights I stay awake trying to think of a way so that you could be back in my life, hmm? So, yes, I came up with this plan, yes so that you could have a future... so that we could have a future together as a father and a son.

Gabi: Okay, so wait. You don't know where your dad's going?

Melanie: No. I don't think he knows either.

Gabi: Oh, that's crazy.

Melanie: Yeah. It's not as crazy as what he's been going through here. I think he just needs some time to get his head on straight.

Gabi: That makes sense. I felt like that a couple times myself.

Melanie: Me too-- more than a couple times. I picture him off somewhere vacationing, smiling, laughing, surfing in the sun. And I realize I don't know when the last time I really saw him laughing was.

Gabi: Well, then this is probably gonna be really good for him. Look, think about it. He'll go surfing, hiking. He'll get a tan. He'll get tanner. And then he'll come back, and he'll pick up exactly where he left off. Oh, you don't believe me, do you?

Melanie: I do. I do believe you. He said he'd be back.

Gabi: Then what's the problem? It's what he didn't say. He didn't say when he'd be back. I just don't know when the next time I'm gonna see my dad will be.

Kate: Okay. Let's move on it.

Sami: Kate, how soon are you thinking?

Kate: Well, we have to sign them. That's the first priority. Then book the studio, hire a photographer--and "a" list only talent, Sami.

Sami: Yes, I will make all those calls first thing in the morning.

Kate: No, I need you to do it today. I want to get them in front of the camera. I want them up on the billboard. I want people looking up at them and saying, "I want to be just like that," and then using our products to do it.

Sami: Well, I think you're the best person to approach Chad.

Kate: Yeah, that's probably true. He's always a little cautious when it comes to anything involving Stefano.

Sami: Can you blame him? Habit--sorry.

Kate: That's fine. It's all right. I can pull strings... [Chuckles] With Chad when I need to. Gabi--you're her sister-in-law. Why don't you talk to her?

Sami: Yeah, I will. Keep in mind, though, that she is very loyal to her brother.

Kate: What does Rafe have to do with any of this?

Sami: You remember what Stefano and EJ did to Rafe-- you know, the whole impostor thing?

Kate: Okay, what allegedly he did? Come on. Really? Stefano has nothing to do with this, and I expect that signed contract with Gabi this afternoon.

Sami: I will do the best I can.

Kate: No, you'll do better than that. This campaign is perfect. And if it works... [Sighs]

Sami: What?

Kate: Well, if it works, I hope to start a reconciliation between Chad and Stefano. And regarding Gabi, I mean, I'm worried about Will, aren't you?

Sami: I am on top of what is happening with my family.

Kate: I'm just suggesting if you get to know Gabi a little better, maybe you'll find out what happened between her and Will--why they broke up.

Sami: Find out why he's been so angry lately.

Kate: It's win-win, Sami, for both of us-- personally and professionally.

Hope: You want me to what?

Madison: To model for Mad World.

Hope: You're kidding, right?

Bo: No, looks to me like she's serious.

Madison: I am serious. I'm 100% serious. When I look at you, Hope, I just think, "wow."

Bo: I-I tend to agree with you... on a different kind of level.

Madison: [Laughing] I hope you don't think I'm being too forward.

Hope: I just--the whole thing is just--I'm-- it's just so out of the blue, I don't know what to think.

Madison: Well, you have a great look, and there's an essence about you that is exactly what I want my company to represent to the public.

Hope: I'm truly just--I'm just speechless. I'm blown away. I, um, I don't-- I don't know what to say about this offer. But I'm a cop, and I love being a cop. It's who I am--it's my whole identity outside of being a wife and a mother.

Madison: What if you could do it all? What if you could be a cop, be a wife, be a mother, and be a model? I would be more than happy to work around any schedule you have.

Hope: Schedules--plural.

Madison: Okay, it's doable. You've done it before, right?

Hope: Wow. You've done your research.

Madison: Look, you know the ropes. You know what's required. You'd be a natural.

Bo: She makes a good point.

Madison: My products are developed for real women-- for relatable women-- and I can't think of anyone who fits that mold better than you.

Hope: It's not that I'm not completely intrigued by your offer, 'cause I am. It wouldn't be--it's just I-- it's just not for me... right now.

Madison: Okay. Okay, um, thank you for listening to me, hearing me out. And this is my card, so please call me if you change your mind. And you should know my instincts are never wrong.

Hope: Thank you.

Madison: All right, thank you. See you.

Bo: Bye.

Madison: Bye.

Hope: Bye. Can you believe this?

Bo: Well, the only thing I don't believe is you don't get that kind of offer every day.

[Door closes]

Stefano: Well, you know, Chad, I certainly can be more than a father for you. I can be-- I can be your friend. I can--I can be your mentor. You know, I mean, something that you've always wanted.

Chad: You, a mentor? [Scoffs] Wow.

Stefano: Uh-huh. Yes. I know. I know that you don't want to have anything to do with anything that I do. I can accept that. But to reject a family--this family, your family-- that I cannot take. You have to realize that maybe because you're so young, you think you'll never have regrets. But the day will come when you will have regrets. You know, I will never give up on you, my son. And I pray that the day comes that you will not hate me for it.

Melanie: Oh! What are these?

Gabi: Oh, Sami sent those over. They are photos from the photo shoot we had.

Melanie: Yes, I see that.

Gabi: Chad looks good, doesn't he?

Melanie: You don't look so bad yourself, girl!

Gabi: Oh, stop.

Melanie: Um, did you have fun?

Gabi: Yeah, it was amazing! Seriously, I felt like a real model.

Melanie: Yeah, I'll bet.

Gabi: I actually felt sexy, like I didn't have to fake feeling like I was desirable. And I knew at that moment that I was. Is that weird?

Melanie: No! No.

Gabi: I had to force myself to take the makeup off. Even Chad had a good time.

Melanie: Really?

Gabi: At first, he didn't want to--I mean, like, at all. But--

Melanie: Yes, knowing Chad...

Gabi: I mean, it was good for him. It was a good distraction since, you know, the breakup with Abigail.

Melanie: Yeah, sure.

Gabi: What do you think?

Melanie: About?

Gabi: Chad.

Melanie: Why would I-- what would I think about Chad?

Gabi: I mean, you guys are close. So, I mean, he hasn't mentioned anything about how he's feeling?

Melanie: Um, we don't really talk about that kind of stuff.

Gabi: Oh, okay. Can I ask you something? I mean, this is totally random, but, um... would you ever consider hooking up with Chad?

Chad: Boy, you are not shy about putting someone on the spot, are you?

Stefano: [Chuckles] Well, I was just happy that, uh, you waited to hear me out. Look, uh, would it be out of place for me to invite you to stay for dinner?

Chad: Get that you're being sincere. I mean, you wouldn't be offering to help out with the coffeehouse or saying these things if you didn't mean them. But I meant what I said too. I really want to do this on my own.

Stefano: I understand. And I admire you for it. But...

Chad: But as far as dinner goes, I can't. You know... instead of buying coffee for me, maybe you can buy a cup from me one of these days.

Stefano: I would like that very much. [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Hope: I still can't get over this offer from Madison.

Bo: Fancy Face, why are you surprised? Everything she said about you is true. You're the most beautiful woman I have ever met, inside and out.

Hope: All right, all right. I'll pay you later. But seriously, a model?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: She's asking me to be someone I'm just not anymore.

Bo: Whoa, stop. Say that again.

Hope: Hmm? What?

Bo: Humor me. Say that last part again.

Hope: She's asking me to be someone I'm just not anymore.

Bo: That's it.

Hope: What's it?

Bo: I just figured out how we get to Stefano. Ha!

Madison: Kate DiMera and Countess Wilhelmina are more than just our competitors. They're in our way. The more they push, the harder we push back. We got to stay ahead of them and ahead of the curve always. You know? What else can we do?

Sami: Well, I think we've already done the most important thing. Putting someone on the inside at Countess W was genius-- to borrow one of Kate's favorite words. And I think it's already paying off, big-time.

Madison: You just took the words right out of my mouth, Sami.

Sami: We are hitting Kate where it's gonna hurt the most-- right in her over-inflated ego.

Madison: You're sure she doesn't suspect you?

Sami: Oh, no way. She's too busy patting herself on the back to see what's right in front of her face.

Madison: Good. Okay, that's great. Let's keep it that way.

Sami: Oh, absolutely. You know what worked the best? Was staging those fights and timing them so she would walk right in and see everything. It's a perfect setup.

Madison: She sure took the bait, though, right? Faster than we thought she would.

Sami: I didn't have to play surprised when she actually offered me the job. I was shocked.

Madison: She was betting she was gonna turn you against me, Sami. She thought she could prop you up and get you to spill all of Mad World's secrets, and then she was gonna use those against me.

Sami: Oh, she's running with it. I mean, no doubt. She has definitely made the most of that information. She has revised her entire line 'cause she wants to beat you to the shelves, and all of it's based on the false dates that I have fed her.

Madison: But she still-- her strategy is still to market toward the youth.

Sami: Oh, yeah, she's completely forgotten about any other demographic.

Madison: Good, because that way, when we launch our youth campaign while still marketing to the over-30 crowd, we will attract all the clientele that she has completely ignored.

Sami: It's a brilliant plan.

Madison: I've already started working on the marketing for it. I'm gonna go with real women-- you know, real women, none of this glossy, wannabe, teen-angst crap.

Sami: So, one thing-- I just want to make sure that we're still focused on everything at Titan and making sure we cover our tracks, because I don't know. Kate's probably got spies and bugs and stuff there.

Madison: I'm sure she does. But at this point, she's so sure she's ahead of the game, she's gonna let her guard down. She's gonna relax, and she's gonna be the one left twisting in the wind.

Melanie: Gabi, why would I want to hook up with Chad?

Gabi: It's just I-- I don't know, I've seen the way you look at him sometimes.

Melanie: No, we are friends. That's all.

Gabi: That's all?

Melanie: Yes.

Gabi: I mean, I just had to ask.

Melanie: Yeah. I'm gonna--

Kate: [Gasps] There she is-- my newest star.

Gabi: Me?

Kate: Yes. Who else? Did you see these photos? The two of you together... are simply stunning.

Gabi: Thank you.

Kate: So did you speak to Sami?

Gabi: About what?

Kate: Obviously you didn't, or you wouldn't be asking me that question. Is Chad here? He usually works out this time of the day. I want to talk to the two of you...together.

Gabi: What's going on?

Kate: I'd really rather discuss it with the two of you in front of me.

Gabi: I can text him if you want.

Kate: Okay, why don't you do that? Tell him to meet us here.

Melanie: Uh, Gabi, I think I'm gonna just take a little break. I'll be back.

Gabi: Yeah, that's all right.

Melanie: Okay.

Kate: Oh. Love this one.

Sami: I have to admit to you, I had real reservations about this plan. I did not think it was a good idea for me to be behind the scenes at Countess W.

Madison: Uh, "dumbest idea ever"--I think you said that.

Sami: Well, I never thought in a million years Kate would actually want to hire me.

Madison: Hey, there you go. That's what desperation will do. Sami... I really need to thank you for everything that you've done for me and for my company. You have done an incredible job for me.

Sami: Thank you. You know, when it gets tough, I just remind myself there is an exit strategy in mind.

Madison: I will take care of you.

Sami: I know you will, thank you.

Madison: Of course.

Sami: Kate is all gung ho about her new plan. She's even planning to sign some new inexperienced models.

Madison: Love it.

Sami: One of the models actually is, um, my sister-in-law.

Madison: Really?

Sami: Yeah, so I do feel sort of bad that the plan is doomed to failure, because of Gabi. You know, she's cute, and she's good. I mean, I'm not regretting it, because of Kate, obviously.

Madison: Listen, your sister-in-law--she'll be okay. But Kate... it won't be pretty.

Sami: Madison, remind me of something.

Madison: What's that?

Sami: To never get on your bad side.

Madison: Or yours.

Sami: To us.

Madison: To us.

Sami: I still can't believe that I convinced Kate to plan a whole campaign based on the idea of fresh, new faces.

Madison: She really, really thought that was an original idea? Oh, God! And she still plans to release a press release about it, right?

Sami: Right at the time that we are going to unroll our campaign featuring fresh, new faces of all ages.

Madison: This is perfect. You know what Kate's going to look like? She's going to look like she's playing a really bad game of catch-up. And you are a genius.

Sami: And you are ruthless, my friend.

Madison: I know. I am.

Sami: I love that side of your personality-- have I mentioned?

Madison: You're one of the few. You are--really.

Sami: So the next issue becomes, what do I do at Countess W now? How can I mess things up more?

Madison: I just--I don't know, Sami. I think I'm going to let you run with it. You've done such a great job for me so far. I think I'll let you do whatever you think is best to do next.

Sami: Well, I love my job. And I was thinking that I could work on being really creative in coming up with new ways to torment Kate. However, I believe that would require a renegotiation of my contract.

Madison: [Laughing] I don't think so. You're already pulling down two paychecks--one for Countess W and one for Mad World.

Sami: It was worth a shot. I was sort of kidding, 'cause the truth is, Madison... [Clears throat] I would do it for free.

Madison: Mm.

Chad: Are you okay? You want to talk about it?

[Both chuckle]

Chad: Okay. Um... I just got a text from Gabi saying that Kate was at the spa. She's waiting for us. She wanted to talk to us.

Melanie: Yeah, yeah, I know. I just came from there.

Chad: Ah... any idea what it's about?

Melanie: Probably those super-hot pictures you guys took.

Chad: Oh.

Melanie: You don't want to keep them waiting.

Chad: Yeah, sure. Um, because I would much rather stay here with you.

Melanie: I don't think that's a good idea.

Chad: I mean, all those pictures that were taken, I-- you know, I was imagining it was you I was holding in my arms the whole time.

Melanie: [Chuckles awkwardly] You can't say things like that.

Chad: Look, I know how upset you are about Abigail not wanting to be friends anymore. But can't we even be friends?

Melanie: Chad. [Giggles]

Chad: Because I could really use a friend right now. And I just--I just saw my dad, and he's so relentless. You know, he's so determined to be part of my life, and... I don't really know what to do right now. Hey.

Melanie: You're so lucky. You're not the only one having dad problems.

Carol: So how was that?

Hope: Perfection.

Bo: Yeah, we appreciate you doing this for us.

Carol: Pleasure was all mine.

Hope: Pay her.

Bo: Oh, sorry. Uh, there you go. Thanks.

Hope: Thank you, Carol.

Bo: We said the hardest part was getting Stefano to talk to us.

Hope: Yep. But not anymore, huh?

Chad: Your dad's leaving? When?

Melanie: [Crying] I don't know. He just said as soon as possible... which is more than he said about when he's coming back.

Chad: Oh, my God. I'm--I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Melanie: Yeah, me neither. I didn't even see it coming.

Chad: You know it's not forever, right?

Melanie: Max left me. My mom left me. Dario left me. I just feel like I always get left behind.

Chad: Come here, come here. Come here. Hey, I'm still here.

Melanie: Yeah.

Chad: And your dad's crazy about you. You know he can't stay away from you for long.

Melanie: [Sobbing] I know, but why does he have to leave at all?

Chad: Melanie, come on.

Melanie: [Sighs]

Chad: Come on, it's okay.

Melanie: Actually, I can't be doing this. I shouldn't be doing this. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm sorry.

Chad: No, it's--

Kate: Did Chad respond yet?

Gabi: Yeah, he said he's on his way.

Kate: When?

Gabi: I don't know. Maybe he's stuck in traffic.

Kate: Well, I certainly hope he gets here soon.

Gabi: Could you give me a hint about what you want to talk to us about?

Kate: It's about your future, that's all.

Hope: Hey, Brady.

Bo: Hey. Any sign of Simpson in the bank?

Hope: No. The teller said he has the day off.

Bo: Oh, good. We don't want him to tip off Stefano.

Hope: How long are we going to give him, huh?

Bo: As long as it takes.

Hope: I just hope he hasn't figured out what we're doing.

Bo: Oh, come on. We played this just right.

Hope: Yeah, well, you never know with him. I mean, for all we know, he could have been waiting for us to try something like this all along.

Bo: You're forgetting one thing--actually, two things.

Hope: What's that?

Bo: He doesn't know that we know about the safe deposit box. He also doesn't know that we found the key.

Hope: Unless Simpson told him about out visit last week.

Bo: Will you have a little faith?

Hope: I'll have faith, Brady, when I see him walk through that arch.

[Both sigh]

Bo: Well, start singing, 'cause here he comes. Come on.

Madison: So... you parked around back, right?

Sami: Yes, of course. Um, no one knows I'm here. No one knows that I'm working for you, and everyone thinks that I'm completely invested in team Kate.

Madison: Excellent. Listen, Sami, I just-- I really need you to know... I so appreciate everything that you're doing for me and for my company.

Sami: You don't have to thank me.

Madison: No, I do. Yeah, this is not easy stuff that you're trying to pull off. I mean, corporate espionage-- that's not all fun and games. Brady's been really tough on you.

Sami: Well, he thinks I'm a traitor, so I don't blame him.

Madison: I really wish we could have let him in on it. But you know what, Sami? There's no way he would have green-lit this.

Sami: I understand. I totally do. I mean, as much as I would love to not be keeping secrets from my husband, I... I believe it will all be worth it in the end.

Madison: You know what? I think maybe, actually, we can let them in on it at this point. I mean, you know, since we've been so successful.

Sami: Are you sure?

Madison: Yeah, I trust both of them, and neither one of them has any allegiance to Kate.

Sami: Thank you, Madison. I really appreciate that-- almost as much as I appreciate the opportunity to take Kate down. But there is one more thing.

Madison: What's that-- a bonus?

Sami: Yes, a bonus. I've been thinking a lot about it. And what I want more than anything is to see the look on Kate's face when she finds out the truth.

Madison: Done.

Gabi: You want to talk to us about our future?

Kate: With Countess Wilhelmina.

Gabi: Well, what are you talking about?

Kate: This photo session wasn't to evaluate my product. It was to evaluate you and Chad. And this was magical. I really believe that you two are going to take my company to the next level, as the fresh faces of Countess Wilhelmina.

Gabi: You--you want us to model for you?

Kate: Yes. And I don't intend to take "no" for an answer.

Chad: Melanie, come on.

Melanie: Chad, come on. We can't keep doing this.

Chad: All right, but that's not fair.

Melanie: That's all I'm trying to do, is be fair.

Chad: To who?

Melanie: Abigail.

Chad: Okay, would you just stop thinking about her for two seconds?

Melanie: I can't do that.

Chad: Think about us.

Melanie: I can't do that either.

Chad: Come on, think about how good we could be together. I know you felt it just now... all right? I am right here. I-I need you just as much as you need me.

Melanie: I shouldn't have told you about my Dad, huh?

Chad: What? Why not? I want to be there for you. I mean, can't you see that?

Melanie: Yeah, I know. I want you to be there for me. I want to be there for you too, but--

Chad: But what? I mean, what good reason do you have to walk away from this? And don't say "Abigail." I know you feel guilty about this, but you shouldn't. That's the last thing I want you to feel with me.

Melanie: [Sniffles] I can't keep saying "no"... 'cause it's too hard. So, please, just stop. Just stop.

Hope: I can't believe it worked.

Bo: So far. Oh! Oh, my goodness, Stefano DiMera.

Stefano: Who is this?

Carol: Ms. Sherman from Salem First National Bank. I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr. DiMera, but there's a problem with your safe deposit box.

Stefano: Call my lawyer, all right? He takes care of all these things for me.

Carol: Sir, this is your personal box--the one shared with A. Grayson.

Stefano: What's the problem?

Carol: It's not something we can take care of over the phone. I know how much you value discretion where this account is concerned.

Stefano: [Sighs] All right, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Bo: My goodness. What are the odds of running into you here?

Stefano: Pretty high, I would assume.

Hope: Really? Why is that?

Stefano: Well, you tell me.

Hope: Actually, you know what? I can't tell a lie--we were just talking about you...

Stefano: [Chuckles]

Hope: And about the safe deposit box you share with my grandmother.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Victor: Daniel, there's, uh, something I've been meaning to tell you about Maggie being your mother.

Sonny: What happened when you came out to your parents?

Will: [Chuckles]

Madison: I've been keeping a secret from you, and I think it's probably time I come clean.

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