Days Transcript Thursday 1/19/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/19/12


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Marlena: You know about our relationship with the DiMeras. The history. What they've done to us over the years. What they did to John, what they did to me, what they did to your mother.

Will: My mother had it coming, frankly.

Marlena: Oh, Will, for heav--

Abigail: Hey, Will. Hi, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Hi, there. How are you?

Abigail: Better, thanks.

Marlena: Good.

Abigail: But not as good as you, obviously. Dude, I saw your new car. That is awesome!

Will: Oh. Uh, thanks, thanks.

Abigail: Well, I gotta run, but promise you'll take me for a ride later?

Will: Sure, yeah. Okay, I'll call you.

Marlena: Bye-bye, now. Oh, my goodness. A new car? Tell me EJ did not buy you a new car.

Nicole: Will still hasn't picked up the posters from the printer yet. How much do you wanna bet that he's with his concerned granny, who's pigeonholed him, asking him the same questions that I can't get you to answer? So--[Exhales] one more time, remind me why Will Horton would want you elected mayor.

EJ: Nicole, we have discussed this. Several times.

Nicole: Yes, we have. [Imitating EJ] "There are certain aspects of this campaign that I must do alone." Yes, I get that. All right, if you were embezzling a billion dollars, I would see why you want me in the dark, and that's exactly where I would want to be. But--but just some 18-year-old kid who's a campaign intern? I don't get it. What's the intrigue?

EJ: There isn't any intrigue. Nicole, William is a very bright boy, okay? He's technically very savvy. You know, he does get college credit for this. The most important thing... is that his brother told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn't vote for me, he'd be in trouble.

Nicole: Yeah. That's brilliant. Cute. But, um, I mean, what if Johnny found out that you used Will to win the election, and you asked him to lie, cheat, and steal? Do you think Johnny would still feel the same way?

EJ: Sweetheart, I did not ask Will to do any of those things.

Nicole: Are you kidding? You're telling me that Will had nothing to do with stealing Abe's jobs plan. Oh, come on, EJ. Who are you protecting? I thought we were on the same team here.

Victor: Daniel, you know I support you in anything you want to do. But I have to tell you, I think you're making a huge mistake.

Daniel: Yeah, maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. But what I do know is that I can't be a surgeon anymore. That's really all I ever wanted. So I guess I got some tough choices ahead of me.

Victor: What about Maggie? Melanie? Did you stop and think at all how your decision is going to affect them?

Maggie: Thank you.

[Door slides shut]

Melanie: There you are.

Maggie: Ahhh.

Melanie: Was it everything that you had hoped it would be and more?

Maggie: It was absolutely refreshing.

Melanie: Yes?

Maggie: And dare I say, ten years younger I feel?

Melanie: Oh, at least.

Maggie: It was worth every penny.

Melanie: Oh, no, put that away. I don't think so. Your money is not good here.

Maggie: Melanie, I can't let you do that.

Melanie: Well, we have a discount, so it's basically free beauty.

Maggie: Well, then, thank you.

Melanie: You're very welcome. Okay, I am--ahem--officially off the clock, so we have some time, if you want to go get something to eat, maybe do a little shopping. What do you think?

Maggie: Melanie Jonas, I know what you're doing. And you stop it right now.

Will: Yeah. EJ bought me a car. So what?

Marlena: So what?

Will: I'm--[Sighs] I'm his campaign intern, which means I'm--I'm always out running errands and doing other stuff like that, so I just-- I just needed some reliable transportation.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Seems like from Abigail's reaction this is no ordinary little car.

Will: EJ's running for mayor, right? So he has a reputation to uphold. I promise you, Grandma, you-- you're making a big deal out of nothing. It's fine. It's--it's fine.

Marlena: Will, don't you get it? You're so bright. Don't you see this? EJ is trying to buy you. Trying to corrupt you. Trying to make you beholden to him.

Will: Grandma, he's not try--

Marlena: And I will not let him do it to you. I promise you. He will not do that.

Austin: Abigail! Hey.

Abigail: Hi. What are you doing here? I told you I was gonna pick up lunch for us.

Austin: Yeah, yeah, I know. I got your email, but I just-- I had to see you.

Abigail: Is everything all right?

Austin: Everything is more than all right. Because I just realized something. I realized something. It's huge.

Abigail: What?

Austin: I realized... that I can't live another minute... without doing this.

Abigail: You just kissed me. I have to be dreaming.

Austin: You are not dreaming.

Abigail: Austin... never in a million years did I ever think this could happen.

Austin: I've just--I've tried to deny my feelings for so long, and I just--I can't do it anymore. I love you. I love you, Abigail. And I want the world to know it.

Abigail: I love you too.

Austin: Abigail? [Whistles] Abby! Hey. Hi.

Abigail: Hi.

Austin: [Chuckles] Are you okay? I just asked how you were doing, and you kinda spaced out.

Abigail: Um, no, I was just, uh, daydreaming. Probably I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

Austin: Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, happens to the best of us.

Abigail: Yeah.

Austin: Did you put our lunch order in?

Abigail: Uh, yeah. Just put it in.

Austin: Oh, good. Cool if I wait with you?

Abigail: Yeah, of course. Whatever you want is fine.

Austin: Abigail... are you sure everything is all right?

Will: Grandma... this is just an internship, really. It's, like, a--it's, like, a few months. It's not a big deal.

Marlena: Will--

Will: I promise you.

Marlena: Did you go to EJ and ask for this job?

Will: I went to EJ, yeah.

Marlena: I-I-I don't understand that. I don't get it. Why would you go to the man who you-- oh, yes, I do get it. This is not about the internship. This is about you punishing your mother.

Will: No. No, Grandma, that has noth--

Marlena: Will, look at me. Is this your way of hurting your mother because she slept with EJ?

EJ: We are on the same team, sweetheart. Always.

Nicole: EJ, it's just... suddenly, I'm starting to feel like we're slipping back into our old ways. Keeping secrets, telling lies.

EJ: Look. I made a promise to you that I wasn't going to lie to you, sweetheart. And I'm not lying to you now. But there are certain things that you need to be protected from.

Nicole: I don't need you to protect me, EJ. I need you to be honest with me. Honest!

EJ: You want me to be honest with you right now?

Nicole: Yes.

EJ: You look very sexy.

Nicole: Oh, come on. I am being serious.

EJ: So am I. I'm being deadly serious.

Nicole: Stop, stop it. I know what you're doing, EJ. Okay? And it's not gonna work. I need you to talk to m-- EJ--

EJ: Mm-hmm?

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: Oh, God. Stop. Stop.

EJ: No.

Nicole: Come on.

EJ: Please leave that alone.

Nicole: No, no, I d--

EJ: Just ignore it.

Nicole: Leave it alone in the middle of an election? EJ, stop it, okay? As much as I would like to play around all day with you, I can't. I have work to do. And don't you have a phone interview in, like, five minutes?

EJ: Yeah, maybe. Time flies when you're kissing the woman you love.

Nicole: Why don't you go in the den, where you're not so distracted? And we'll continue this conversation late--

EJ: Okay.

Nicole: Later.

EJ: Maybe?

Nicole: Go.

EJ: Later.

Nicole: Maybe.

EJ: Five minutes.

Nicole: Mm. Hi, I got your message. What'd you find out?

Will: Why is it so hard to believe... that I just want a decent internship?

Marlena: Well, I could believe it if you were working for anybody besides EJ. Will.

Will: [Sighs heavily]

Marlena: If you really just want some work, you know that John and Brady are going to re-open Basic Black. They would love to have you with them. Why don't I make a call?

Will: Look, I-I made a commitment already. I can't--I just--I can't quit.

Marlena: You can quit, before it's too late.

Will: No, I can't.

Marlena: Look, if--if there's something going on, you should tell me. I can help. I really can help you.

Will: [Sighs heavily] You know what? You-- you're right. You were right. Part of me is doing this to get back at my mother.

Marlena: And what will that accomplish? I'll tell you, darling boy. The only thing that's going to happen is you are going to get hurt.

Will: I fetch his coffee, and I make copies for him. It's not--it's not life or death.

Marlena: All right, I am begging you now. Will, if this is about your mother, then confront her and move forward. But don't go to work for the enemy.

Will: It's not that simple.

Marlena: It's that simple. Will, please. Get out now.

Maggie: You and I both know what today is. It's Mickey's birthday. And as distracted as I am, it doesn't stop me from thinking about him.

Melanie: I know. I'm not trying to distract you. I just--I don't want you to be alone.

Maggie: You're so sweet. But you don't need to worry about me. Yes, losing Mickey was one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. And of course, today I'm thinking about him. But it doesn't make me so sad anymore.

Melanie: It doesn't?

Maggie: Mm-mm. I spent a long time being sad, and now I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the many wonderful years that we spent together. Not everyone is so lucky. Hardly anyone is so lucky.

Melanie: Yeah. And you have Victor.

Maggie: [Laughs] And now I have Victor, the man who brought joy into my life. And I have you and Daniel.

Melanie: Okay.

Maggie: Oh.

[Cell phone rings]

Melanie: Oh. Hi, Dad.

Daniel: Hey, Mel. Uh, I was just wondering if you were free for lunch at the, um, pub.

Melanie: Yeah, Maggie and I were just gonna go there right now.

Daniel: Perfect. Um, well, there's something that I would like to discuss with both of you.

Nicole: And--and when did you say the car was purchased? Interesting. And you're certain it's in Will Horton's name. Okay, that's all I need to know.

EJ: That's all you need to know about what?

Will: Grandma, you are the most important person in my life. Hands down. I can talk to you about anything. And you never judge me or-- and you never talk down to me, and I appreciate that more than I can say. So right now, what I need... is for you to let me make my own decisions. Okay? Please do not get involved.

Marlena: How can I not get involved? If Stefano or EJ ever hurt you... I'd never forgive myself for not stepping in.

Will: Nothing bad is going to happen.

Marlena: You have no way of knowing that. You've been under so much pressure. You're not thinking--

Will: Grandma, please. Please, okay? Please let this go. I love you. I love you, and I do not want this to be the thing that comes between us.

Marlena: Oh, Will. Nothing is ever going to come between us. Not the DiMeras. Not anything. Not anything.

Will: Thank you. I'm sorry, but, um... I gotta go. Is it okay if I call you later?

Marlena: Of course it is. Do that. Call me. Any time, for any reason.

Nicole: Nothing, honey. Just campaign stuff. What--wait, what happened to your phone interview?

EJ: Oh, it was postponed due to some breaking news or something like that. Anyway, I told carol's assistant that I would email her my availability for a follow-up.

Nicole: Oh. Okay.

EJ: May I?

Nicole: Oh, no, I'll take care of it for you.

EJ: No, it's fine. You're busy. You've got a lot to do. Here, it'll only take a minute, sweetheart.

Nicole: Uh-huh. Yeah. I was thinking about that, and, um--

EJ: Uh-huh. Were you, now?

Nicole: I really don't want to talk anymore.

EJ: Really?

Nicole: Mm-mm.

EJ: Wait, I thought that you had a lot of work to do. Are you sure? 'Cause this won't take any time at all.

Nicole: Well, that's why we hired an intern, right?

EJ: That is why we hired an intern, yes.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Come here.

[Both chuckling]


Nicole: Whoa! Oh, my--[Laughs]

Abigail: I'm fine. I'm just a little, um, frazzled.

Austin: You're frazzled?

Abigail: Yeah, because, um, it's past lunchtime, and I said I would get you lunch, and here you are, and I--

Austin: No, no, no. Abby, don't worry about it. I'm so happy to be out of that office. You have no idea.

Abigail: Oh. Well, good. But I swear, normally I'm a very punctual person.

Austin: You know what? I believe you.

Abigail: I had a--a meeting earlier with Madison James, and that put me behind schedule.

Austin: Oh, yeah? For what?

Abigail: A possible internship. I might be working at Mad World Cosmetics. It's really competitive, though, so I doubt I'll get it.

Austin: Yeah, well, if Madison James is as smart as everyone says she is, I bet you will get it.

Abigail: Thanks.

Austin: But, Abby, you have a full course load, a job, and an internship? Isn't that a lot to juggle?

Abigail: I can handle it.

Austin: Okay, but if it gets too much, I want you to talk to me, because I'm fine. I can always get another assistant.

Abigail: What? No. No.

EJ: [Chuckling] Well, that was a very pleasant surprise.

Nicole: Wasn't it?

EJ: Well, I think since you've been such a dirty girl today, I'm going to take you upstairs and put you in the shower. How's that sound? That is, of course, assuming that you have time.

Nicole: Um, well, it'll have to be a quickie.

EJ: Ugh.

Nicole: Why don't, um, why don't you head up there, and I will meet you in five minutes?

Will: Hello?

Nicole: Will, hey. Uh, it's Nicole. Do you have time to meet with me later this afternoon?

Will: Why would you want to meet with me?

Nicole: To discuss the campaign, of course.

Abigail: If you get another assistant, then that means I have to go all the way back to financial aid and get another job, which I really don't want to do.

Austin: Ah, yes, yes, that's right. You were--that's working the register at the dreaded wrapped, right?

Abigail: Yes, my deepest, darkest fear. So I would like to keep my job, if that's all right with you.

Austin: Good, because I'd like to keep you. I just don't want you killing yourself.

Abigail: I won't.

Austin: You know, I've gotta hand it to you. When I was in school, I was partying. I was skipping class. Actually, I really haven't outgrown that, but-- like today. If I could blow off work and hang out here all afternoon, I absolutely would.

Abigail: Well, you can.

Austin: Oh, I wish.

Abigail: No, seriously. I--I mean, you can if you want, because you have everything you need. Right? I mean, you've got Wi-Fi. and coffee. And me, your trusty assistant.

Austin: [Laughs]

Abigail: So what else do you need, right?

Austin: Uh... I guess nothing.

Daniel: I wanted to thank you both for coming, really, yeah.

Maggie: Well, Daniel, of course we'd be here.

Melanie: Of course.

Maggie: Melanie said you sounded upset on the phone, so what is it?

Daniel: Well, no, you know, uh, I'm not sure I would've survived these last few months without such a wonderful, you know, group of--of people.

Melanie: Probably not.

Maggie: Well, we're not going anywhere.

Daniel: Thank you for everything, really. I just, uh-- wow, this is harder than I thought.

Melanie: What is? What's harder--

Daniel: I just need to tell--

Melanie: You're freaking me--

Daniel: Shh. I'm leaving Salem.

EJ: You can direct that project to William Horton. He's our new intern, and if he has any problems, then he can talk to me about it. Okay? Marlena. This is a surprise. Come in.

Marlena: Thank you. We have to talk, EJ.

EJ: We do? About what?

Marlena: How dare you?

EJ: May I offer you some tea?

Marlena: No.

EJ: Now, Marlena, even Sydney knows how to say no, thank you.

Marlena: The only thing I want from you, EJ, are some answers. What are you doing with Will?

EJ: Um... helping him realize his full potential.

Marlena: You will not corrupt him, you know.

EJ: No, I won't. Look, Marlena, I'm--I'm a new man. And what I'm doing is trying to make my children proud of who I am.

Marlena: And what does Will have to do with that? I mean, besides, perhaps, using his name.

EJ: I suppose it doesn't really hurt to have a Horton on the campaign, but--

Marlena: No, of course it doesn't. But there's something bigger going on here. I'd like to know what it is. And I'd like to know now.

Austin: I just don't get these things. I mean, you can't type on 'em. And I just--I--[Huffs] I hit one button, and it's gone. I can't--

Abigail: Come here. Let me see it.

Austin: It's gone.

Abigail: There. See? I got it back.

Austin: How'd you do it? Okay, it's official. You are the smartest person I know.

Abigail: I hit "undo."

Austin: I didn't know there was an "undo."

Abigail: Yeah.

Austin: No. Are you kidding me?

Abigail: [Laughs]

Austin: Don't you have a class to get to, oh wise one?

Abigail: Actually, you're in luck, because my Chem lab was cancelled.

Austin: Oh, yeah? So what are you doing with me? Listen, why don't you go fly? Enjoy your youth. You're like a workaholic.

Abigail: No, I don't mind. Really, it's not a big deal.

Austin: Okay. And you're sure you're not using this as a distraction, right? Maybe to avoid thinking about somebody? Chad?

Abigail: No. No, I'm over him and...that. I promise.

Austin: Okay.

Abigail: [Clears throat]

Austin: Okay, good for you.

Abigail: You know, the truth is, I don't want to leave your side because I'm kind of afraid that you're gonna undo all the work I've done.

Austin: I totally would, wouldn't I? I would.

Abigail: Yeah.

Melanie: You're not leaving Salem.

Maggie: Victor, did you know about this?

Victor: He told me before you came. I just thought it'd be better if you heard it directly from him.

Melanie: But he's kidding. You're kidding.

Daniel: No, honey, I'm not kidding. I wish I were, but I-I just need some time away. Regroup, think about what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Melanie: Well, why can't you do that here?

Daniel: I cannot do that here. Everything in this town, it just--it either reminds me of Jennifer or Chloe and Parker and--and my life at the hospital, and I can't--

Melanie: Or me?

Maggie: Well, where will you go, and what will you do?

Daniel: I really don't know what I'm going to do. I mean, maybe I'll just go back to, uh, traveling the world. Right? Just surfing the big waves.

Melanie: Yeah, Dad. Yeah, go surf the big waves. You're just too busy saving lives here, right?

Daniel: I need to save my own now.

EJ: Why does there always have to be an ulterior motive?

Marlena: Because you're a DiMera. That's the only kind of motive you have. So why don't you tell me what you're thinking to do with Will? And then I'll leave. And if you don't, I'll just stay.

EJ: Probably still think I have some secret agenda to destroy you and your husband, no?

Marlena: Well, not so secret, would you--

EJ: Please.

Marlena: Would you say? Must've really irked you when John was found to be innocent. I know you and Stefano worked so very hard to frame him. So there went your class action suit, and there also went your bid for mayor. He really made a fool of you. So now you're paying him back by going after Will.

EJ: Why do you think this is all about you, hmm? I mean, I can assure you, my father hasn't given any thought to you or your husband in years.

Marlena: You made it about me when you went after Will. So if you want to target somebody in my family, target me. Stay the hell away from Will.

Austin: Hey, sweetheart. No, no, I'm just working. What, are you serious? Okay. I completely understand. Yeah, so I'll just--I'll see you later tonight. Love you too.

Abigail: What was that about?

Austin: Oh, nothing. It's just... uh, Carrie, she can't, uh, meet me for dinner tonight.

Abigail: Oh. Work?

Austin: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. [Chuckles] I thought things would get better after John's case, but... what can you do? That's the price you pay for staying in Salem, right?

Abigail: Well, at least she's not alone, right? I mean, she has Rafe.

Austin: Yeah, Rafe.

Abigail: Yeah. Ahem. So, um--

Austin: Yeah, let's--

Abigail: I was thinking maybe you should move this assignment here to next week so that you have more time for your mid-terms.

Austin: You know what? I'm through working on a syllabus. Honestly, if I knew that I had all night to work on this, I would have insisted you go home.

Abigail: I don't mind. Really, I don't. I don't have a whole lot going on anyway right now. And it's kind of nice to feel useful. It's really nice.

Melanie: Okay, Dad. Go--go live your big dream. I mean, who cares that I just found you? Who cares that you're the dad that I always dreamed about having my whole childhood? Who cares that I just found you? That's just totally fair, right?

Daniel: Honey, honey, I will call you, I'll write you, I'll email you.

Melanie: I don't care about that.

Daniel: I will be back. You are in my life forever. I'll be back.

Melanie: Promise. Fine, don't promise. I won't miss you, then.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I'm gonna miss you. You are my life, my love, my world. This was a stupid idea. This was so stupid. I don't even know why-- I didn't want to cause anybody any pain. I didn't want to hurt anybody.

Melanie: Yeah, well--

Victor: You okay?

Maggie: Daniel, wherever you are, whether it's in Salem or Fiji, you'll always be in our hearts. And we're not friends here. We're family. And no distance can change that.

Nicole: Will. Wow. Look at that timing. Hi. Uh, thanks for meeting me.

Will: Oh, yeah. Um, you said you needed my help?

Nicole: Yes, yeah. But, I mean, first, as EJ's campaign publicist, I want to officially welcome you to the team.

Will: I appreciate that.

Nicole: Yeah.

Will: I'm--I'm excited to get started.

Nicole: Get started?

Will: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Are you kidding? I've heard you've been a tremendous help to the team.

Will: I just do what I'm told.

Nicole: [Laughs] Yeah. Well, as you know, we are a wonderful campaign group. Each and every one of us is fully dedicated to winning this election. We will do whatever it takes. I trust you feel the same.

Will: I want what's best for Salem.

Nicole: Yeah, don't we all? So, uh, let's get down to it, shall we? First, I'd like to start with a few very important things.

EJ: Marlena, look. Where is all of this hostility coming from, hmm? Do you have problems at home? Is John not satisfying your needs?

Marlena: You never disappoint, do you, EJ?

EJ: [Laughing] Look. You came here to get me to talk, and frankly--but I'm sitting here, Marlena. I'm concerned about you, you know? You seem very confused. You're angry. And you know, that's not good for your health, my dear.

Marlena: Well, if you keep going after Will, the concern will be for your health.

EJ: But there's not really anything I can do about that. You see, he works for my campaign. Now, if you have an issue with that, I suggest you take it up with him.

Marlena: Well, I did that, in fact. But it seems you've cracked the code on trying to keep a teenager loyal.

EJ: Hmm?

Marlena: You bought him a new car.

EJ: Oh, yes. Well, did you see the car he was driving around in? I mean, please. He represents me, you know. He represents the campaign. Can't really have him driving around in Samantha's old bloody mini-van.

Marlena: I don't understand why you're trying to buy him off.

EJ: I did not initiate this. William came to me.

Marlena: You could've turned him down. Why the hell didn't you?

EJ: Marlena, I'm telling you the truth. This is not some conspiracy theory.

Marlena: Hmm. And I'm wondering why I should believe you about that. You see, Will could've worked for almost any company in town. Yet he chose to work for somebody who is so corrupt, somebody he just intensely dislikes. Why would he do that?

EJ: I'm going to ignore all of those little insults and just say that I don't know. Marlena, when he turned up at my door, I was just as surprised as you are.

Marlena: I'm sure.

EJ: But then I realized the truth of the matter.

Nicole: So, Will... I want to talk to you about your mother.

Will: My mother?

Nicole: Yeah. I mean, Sami and I have a very complicated history, and, uh, well, you know. We don't really get along.

Will: You mean you want to claw each other's eyes out.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Will: Yeah, everybody knows that.

Nicole: Okay, okay. But listen, you work for EJ now, which means you work for me. So I just want to get a few things clear here, okay? So when you're with us, you keep your family business at home. Don't carry it to the office. Understood?

Will: Of course.

Nicole: And what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

Will: Nicole, I get it.

Nicole: Good. Then we're not going to have any problems.

Will: Is that it? Can I--can I go now? I have some stuff to do.

Nicole: Mmm, mmm, mmm. Actually, there-- there is one more thing.

Marlena: Oh, please. Enlighten me.

EJ: I would've thought it would be obvious, Marlena. We're connected because we are family.

Marlena: Excuse me?

EJ: Johnny and Sydney are his siblings, okay? His grandmother is my stepmother. Now, you can deny it all you wish, but we are very connected. We always have been.

Marlena: Please don't pretend you care about Will.

EJ: I care about William very much. I've always thought of him as, uh, like a son to me. Now, he may not have DiMera blood in him, but he has been and always will be a part of this family.

Marlena: Oh.

Abigail: And... sent. You have officially submitted your first course syllabus, professor. Congratulations.

Austin: [Chuckles] How about I take you to dinner?

Abigail: What?

Austin: Just as a thank you for saving my butt kinda thing.

Abigail: That's okay.

Austin: Do you have plans?

Abigail: Well, no.

Austin: Okay, and we've established that I absolutely do not. I don't have a refrigerator. [Sighs] And if I have to eat room service one more time, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Abigail: Gosh, when you put it like that, how could a girl say no?

Austin: Good. So it's a date. I'm gonna call you from the hotel room, and, uh, and we'll set a time, yeah?

Abigail: Yeah, sounds perfect.

Austin: Okay. Well, thank you, Abigail. And I will see you later.

Abigail: Bye.

Victor: So, Daniel, when do you leave?

Daniel: Soon as I can, you know. Just some final arrangements, and--[Whistles] I'm on my way.

Maggie: Oh, Daniel. [Sobbing] I'm gonna miss you more than you know. [Whimpers] These last few months with you in my life... they've been truly amazing.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna--I'm gonna miss you too. Both of you take care of my m-- you take care of Maggie.

Victor: I promise.

Daniel: All right.

Victor: Be safe.

Daniel: You got it, man. Yep. And, uh, I mean, this isn't good-bye. It's just-- so don't worry.

Victor: Good, I'll hold you to that.

Daniel: You--you do that. Yeah, that's, uh--

Maggie: I love you.

Melanie: [Sniffles] What am I supposed to do without you?

Daniel: You? You are, uh-- you gotta be strong. You work hard. And you live your life.

Melanie: Yeah, well, what happens if it's 2:00 in the morning and I have a problem? Who am I supposed to talk to?

Daniel: Call me.

Melanie: It's not the same.

Daniel: You call me anytime. I mean, I think at 2:00 in the morning here, it's a pretty decent hour on the other side of the world.

Melanie: [Sniffles]

Daniel: Right? Hey. I may not be the best father, but I love being your father. And that will never change. Come here.

Melanie: [Sniffles]

Daniel: I love you. So much.

Melanie: I love you too, Dad.

Daniel: Hey.

Will: What is it? What do you-- what do you want? What else is there to talk about?

Nicole: Uh, I don't really want to talk. Actually, there's something I need you to do for me.

Marlena: Have you completely lost your mind? Will is not a member of your family. Never has been, never will be.

EJ: He obviously feels very connected to us, though, doesn't he? Otherwise, he wouldn't be here.

Marlena: Will is working for you because you found a way to use his emotions, the emotions of a very young, confused man. Don't flatter yourself to think that he's working for you by choice. He's working for you because you want him to.

EJ: Whatever you have to tell yourself, Marlena. But I know the real reason that he's here. It's because I give him something that the Bradyís and the Hortonís cannot. I treat him like a man. And I treat him with respect.

Marlena: You treat him like a toy. Like a puppet. Using him for your own amusement. But I will not let you destroy his life. And I will see you and your father dead... before I let that happen.

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