Days Transcript Thursday 1/5/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/5/12


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Quinn: Okay, inch back. Give it that front foot. Kick. Nice, okay. Good. Just remember to keep your stance a little bit wider and roll that hip.

Gabi: Okay.

Quinn: Good work. Mel, you're up.

Gabi: Hey, I thought Abigail was going to take this class.

Melanie: Uh, maybe she forgot it started today.

Gabi: Oh, well, she better come next time, or I'm going to kick her butt.

Quinn: Melanie, let's go sweetheart. Okay, first position. All right, now, let's see your combat. Ready? What, is that the best you can do?

Melanie: No.

Quinn: I can't hear you.

Melanie: No.

Quinn: All right, let's do it again. Right, this time I want you to visualize your opponent, okay? Focus on explosive power. Ready? [Grunting]

Quinn: Knee, kick.

Chad: Whoa.

Melanie: Chad, oh, my God.

[Knocking on door]

John: Hey, kid. Thanks for coming over.

Brady: It's all right. I was planning on stopping by anyway.

John: Something on your mind?

Brady: I've been hearing something around town.

John: Ah. Let me take a wild stab in the dark. Something about my personal finances?

Brady: Yeah.

John: Hmm, doesn't surprise me. I had a debit card declined the other day when I went to pay for something.

Brady: [Sighs] Dad, are you all right?

John: You know, I'm just pouring everything I got into paying back these pension funds.

Brady: That's going to be an insane amount of money. Do you have a plan to recover your losses?

John: Of course I do. I intend on rebuilding Basic und up.

Brady: Hmm. That's going to be awfully difficult in this climate though, isn't it?

John: A little challenge never scared me before.

Brady: [Sighs] Hey, why don't you let me at least help you out here at home, okay? We'll just--

John: Absolutely not.

Brady: Why not?

John: Because I didn't call you over here for a handout.

Brady: I know you didn't.

John: I'm not going to accept one, so forget it.

Jack: So I got these from the travel agent...

Jennifer: Oh.

Jack: Right there. And let me tell you right now, the four of us aren't going to have any time during the entire Hawaii vacation to wonder what to do next.

Jennifer: Ah...yes. I can see that.

Jack: Oh, plenty of options here to satisfy the collective sense of adventure. We have--we've got, uh... look, a sunset beach tour, and a sunrise bike tour, and zip-lining, and snorkeling, and--oh, right here. Helicopter right over the volcanoes. Wait a minute. You are afraid of heights, still, right? Or is it the helicopters? What--I don't remember.

Jennifer: I just--have I thanked you for how much thought you put into this, Jack?

Jack: Oh, this? Oh, this is nothing. I've always wanted to go on a real, family vacation with a real family together.

Jennifer: You planned it, the way you thought to make sure we all had separate bedrooms.

Jack: Oh, well, of course I-I didn't want I was making any kind of assumptions.

Jennifer: Yeah, that's-- I just want to tell you that I-I appreciate it. I do. You know, it's just going to take time, and--

Jack: [Stammering] I've got no --

Jennifer: Good.

Jack: It's's just--well, you know, sometimes, I wish...

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Well, I wish that you'd--you'd meet me halfway, that's all.

Jennifer: What are you

Jack: Oh, come on, Jennifer. You know what I'm talking about. Him.

Daniel: [Groans] Lexie, hey.

Maggie: Sorry. It's just me.

Daniel: Yeah, but-- what are you doing here?

Maggie: Ah, well, I knew you were getting your test results today, and I just wanted to be here when you heard the news. I didn't want you to be alone.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, it's fine. It's--it's very nice of you. It is, really is nice of you. I just--I haven't heard anything yet. Actually, I think the lab is probably backed up right now.

Lexie: Oh.

Daniel: Speak of the devil.

Lexie: Daniel. Maggie.

Daniel: Lexie, I hope you don't mind. They said it was okay that I'm here.

Lexie: No, no. It's okay, I understand. You're interested to get the results from the latest round of tests.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Well, is that what you got there?

Lexie: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah? Well, I'm going to like what you're going about to tell me?

Lexie: Why don't we sit down?

Daniel: Lexie...

Lexie: Daniel, let's sit down, okay?

Daniel: Lexie, I'm--

Jennifer: Not really sure why you're bringing up Daniel. He's a non-issue.

Jack: Is he?

Jennifer: Yes, he is. He has moved on with his life. And we are planning this wonderful trip to Hawaii, we're going to spend some really quality family time together.

Jack: Yes, until night falls and then we're going to spend real quality time in our separate rooms.

Jennifer: Right, but you said--you said that you didn't have a problem with that.

Jack: I don't have a problem.

Jennifer: Then, why would you say that?

Jack: Look, I made sure that we would all have our own rooms because that's what you want.

Jennifer: You make it sound like that's not what you want.

Jack: Jennifer, let you know what I want. That's not what I want. I want you back in every way, shape and form, but I know that we have a long ways to go before we get to that.

Jennifer: Right, and I made it very clear to you that I feel the same way.

Jack: Not exactly.

Jennifer: What are you talking about?

Jack: When I talk about Daniel, it--it's not because I'm wondering how he feels about you. It's your feelings for him that concern me.

Brady: You know, I-I had an idea of what you were doing, the toll it was going to take on you financially, obviously.

John: Mm-hmm, but you didn't have any idea that I was planning on rebuilding the

Brady: No.

John: Well, see, that's why I called you over here. I want to pick your brain. See what you think about the idea.

Brady: I'm all for it.

John: You are?

Brady: Absolutely. And I know now how I can help you. Because honestly, Dad, I don't want to be the guy that just gives you a couple bucks and just walks out the door.

John: I don't want you to be that guy, either.

Brady: But now I know how I can be the guy that you need.

John: And who is that?

Brady: Your partner. Captain, we have to keep going!

Quinn: Chad, look at me, mate.

Chad: [Murmuring]

Melanie: I am so sorry. I didn't see you there.

Chad: Oh, obviously.

Quinn: You got knocked out for a second or two.

Chad: No, you know, I'm--I'm good. I'm fine, you guys. Come on.

Melanie: I don't, uh--

Gabi: Hey, I got you some water.

Chad: Oh, hey. Thank you.

Melanie: Do you--oh. Oh, okay. Oh, are you-- uh, it's--it's--do you know what's--what's the year?

Chad: Uh...

Melanie: Do you--

Chad: [Laughs] You're--you're kidding me, right?

Quinn: He's going to be just fine.

Melanie: Okay, I really am sorry. .

Chad: What, am I invisible to you now or what?

Melanie: No, it's--it's not what I mean.

Chad: Well, you know, I think you should probably trade in that white belt for a black belt.

Gabi: Okay, here, you definitely no, I mean it.

Melanie: You all right? Okay.

John: You want to be my partner?

Brady: That's right.

John: And how exactly would this work?

Brady: Well, that's--that's the easy part. You and I, we put our heads together. We figure out how to put Basic Black on top, and we do it together.

John: In your spare time? Brady, you're already running one multinational company.

Brady: What? A guy can't multitask?

John: Come on, I'm being serious.

Brady: I know you're being serious, and you've given me an out, and I don't need it.

John: I think you're making an impulsive decision here. One that you will regret down the road.

Brady: Well, that's the really good news, dad. It's not impulsive, because I've been thinking about it for a while now.

John: You have? Since when?

Brady: You remember when I came to visit you in jail? All you could talk about were the good old days at Basic Black--you and me, together. I haven't been able to get that out of my mind.

John: Okay. What about Titan?

Brady: Titan. Titan's a great company. I'm very, very proud of what I did at Titan and what I accomplished, but the idea of hitting the ground running with you and planting some roots and building something out of nothing, that's an opportunity that doesn't come around a lot, and I want to grab it. And I don't want to miss it.

John: [Whistles] [Clears throat] I don't even know what to say.

Brady: You could always just say, "yes."

Jack: A while back. I referred to your feelings for Daniel's being in the past. You corrected me. Something tells me that hasn't changed.

Jennifer: You know what, Jack, really, please don't this right now. Please.

Jack: Look. Daniel walked away. Right? He walked away, but he's still very much here.

Jennifer: Right, but you--you promised me we agreed that we're not going to have any pressure, right? Remember?

Jack: I just--I think... I should know if there's any future here. I mean, is that really that unreasonable?

Jennifer: Jack, I don't even know how to define "reasonable" in this situation.

Jack: There is something here, isn't there?

Jennifer: We agreed to take it day by day, Jack.

Jack: Ah, yeah, yeah. How could I forget? How--

Jennifer: What? Are you mad?

Jack: No, I'm not mad. I'm frustrated.

Jennifer: Why? Why?

Jack: Because I feel like I... I'm doing something. I'm working on myself, I'm going to therapy, I'm trying--I'm trying to make myself a better man for you.

Jennifer: No, Jack, please don't do that. I-I know that. And that's what I want for you. I-I want you to take care of yourself.

Jack: But myself-- there's no me without you. You motivate me. You were what brought me back from all that hell in Afghanistan.

Jennifer: I just want to ask you this one thing, Jack. When you planned this whole trip, and you planned for us to have separate bedrooms, did you really want me to say that wasn't necessary?

Jack: Are you saying was I hoping that you would...take a leap of faith on you and me? The answer's yes.

Daniel: An intension tremor? Now this has always been in the back of my mind, but the chance of this being a reality, that's slim. That's not--

Maggie: I'm sorry. I've never heard of intention tremor. What is it?

Daniel: Just neurological, is all it is.

Maggie: It's something you sometimes see in patients with M.S. or people who suffer from chronic alcohol abuse.

Daniel: Yeah, or it could be the result of a minor-- a stroke? Really? I mean, this is what's happening to me? You got to be crazy.

Maggie: No, this is impossible, Lexie. You have to run more tests.

Lexie: I already have. The results are conclusive.

Maggie: Yeah, but look at him. He's the picture of health. I mean, there's no way he could've suffered some sort of a stroke.

Lexie: We're talking about a very minor stroke. It probably struck while he was asleep, and he wasn't even aware of it.

Daniel: Yeah, that's great. Okay, so going forward, how do we stop this? Tell me how do we stop it.

Lexie: There are a few approaches we can take.

Daniel: Great. What are they?

Lexie: But as you know, these types of tremors are difficult to treat.

Maggie: What are you saying Lexie?

Lexie: Daniel's condition... [Sighs] I'm--I'm sorry. It's not reversible.

Melanie: You sure you're okay?

Chad: You know, I heard that a blow to the head every now and then is good for you. Builds character.

Melanie: Oh, I haven't heard that. You know I would never actually hurt you, right?

Chad: The thought never crossed my mind. Maybe because I was out cold.

Melanie: [Laughs] I'm serious.

Chad: Look, Melanie. I know you would never hurt me on purpose. And I hope I would never give you reason to.

Gabi: Hey. Uh, are you sure you don't need any water or an aspirin, because I have some in my purse. I can give you some.

Chad: Yeah, no. I'm--I'm fine. I really--thank you though.

Quinn: Should I brace myself for a lawsuit?

Chad: [Laughs] No, no, no. Just teach me how to duck a kick like that, and we'll call it even, huh?

Quinn: Next time, mate. Here, let me help you up.

Chad: Ah, thank you. [Groans]

Gabi: Whoa, are you okay?

Chad: Yeah, yeah. I'm just a little-- a little head rush right there. Yeah.

Quinn: Look, Abigail was signed up for self-defense class. Do you want me to track her down and have her give you a ride home?

Chad: Ah... I guess news travels about as fast as my reflexes do around here. Abigail and I broke up.

Gabi: What? Um, oh, my God. When?

Chad: Ah, New Year's Eve.

Quinn: I'm sorry, mate.

Chad: It's okay.

Gabi: So are you guys just taking a break?

Chad: No... we're over for good. [Exhales]

John: You can't seriously be making a pitch to be my partner.

Brady: Oh, I am. I'm dead serious, and we should get cracking right away. Should get some ideas jotted down. You got a pen, got some paper?

John: Hey, hey, hey. Hold on, hold on a second. Okay, slow it down. Listen, kid... nothing would make me happier or more proud than to go into business with you and rebuild our family's company together.

Brady: I feel the same way.

John: All right. But if you're just doing this to show me that being my son means something to you, I already know that.

Brady: I'm--I'm not, and I'm glad you feel that way.

John: Look. The fact is, given the state of our relation back to Salem, just standing here right now, having a civil conversation with you is more than I imagined we'd ever be able to do.

Brady: Why are you--why are you telling me this, Dad? Where are you going with this?

John: I could use a partner like you. Hell, I need a partner like you. It's just that I'm the last thing that you need. Therefore, my answer has to be no.

Jack: I want us to enjoy this trip.

Jennifer: Jack, so do I.

Jack: You know what? All this--all this talk of separate rooms and how you feel or don't feel for Daniel kind of takes the fun out of it, so maybe it would be best if we just set it aside for the moment.

Jennifer: That's--that's a good idea.

Jack: Anyway, I'm--I'm going to late for my interview with John.

Jennifer: Oh, you're interviewing John?

Jack: Yes, yes. I thought it'd be great to talk to him about being released from prison and getting out. You know, like my connection with my Afghanistan experience. The whole captivity thing.

Jennifer: Is Marlena gonna be there?

Jack: I don't know. Why?

Jennifer: Well, I don't know. I was just thinking if she heard the two of you talking and talking about your experiences--

Jack: Jennifer, this is an interview, not therapy.

Jennifer: Oh, I know. But maybe if she just heard what you were saying, she could help you, maybe help you find closure.

Jack: Closure? Oh, yes, yes. Closure as in--as in... me feeling better about myself so...I don't need you to feel better about myself, so I wouldn't be putting the pressure on you.

Jennifer: No, Jack, that's not what I meant.

Jack: No, it's all right.

Jennifer: I want to help you.

Jack: I know, I-I-- I said I was going to go easy on you, and I'm going to stick by that. [Sighs] It's just that some things are easier said than done.

[Door slams]

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Maggie: So it says here there's--there's been some success in addressing intention tremors. So that means it's not untreatable.

Lexie: You have to remember there's no established protocol here. Yes, some of these drugs have had positive effects. The tremors did stop. But with time, they always came back.

Daniel: All right, so basically the cure hasn't caught up with the problem, right?

Lexie: No, it hasn't.

Daniel: Right. So until it does, what you're saying to me is that my days as a surgeon are over?

Chad: [Clears throat] Oh, thank you.

Quinn: Always.

Gabi: Hey, you know what, you're going to feel a lot better if you get some food in you.

Chad: Ah, you know what, no. Really, I'm--I'm fine. I'm not even that hungry, really.

Gabi: Well, I am, after that class, and I don't want to eat by myself, so why don't you just come for a ride.

Chad: Um... how about we all go? How about that? How does that sound?

Gabi: Yeah, sure.

Quinn: Okay, I'll just let the staff know we're going.

Chad: Cool.

Quinn: Gabi, why don't you come with me? It would give me a chance to show you how I would like things handled when I'm not here.

Gabi: Sure.

Chad: [Clears throat] So, um, am I going to be able to hide this egg on my head with a hat or what?

Melanie: It's pretty big. I am sorry.

Chad: I know, I know. I'm just a l that I got knocked down by a girl, you know.

Melanie: Boy, I knocked you out. [Laughs]

Chad: No,

Melanie: Yeah, uh-huh. If that was videotaped, it'd be an internet sensation.

Chad: Ooh. Well, remind me to never get on your bad side.

Melanie: Impossible.

Chad: Well, I'm glad we can still joke around like this, so.

Melanie: We're starting over. Friends. That's the, right?

Chad: It was.

Melanie: And it's good to have funny friends.

Chad: But not funny-looking friends.

Melanie: Ha, ba da bum. [Laughter] Um, I'm sorry. I know this wasn't the workout you were expecting to get.

Chad: You know, I didn't come here to work out. I stopped by so I could say hi to you.

Melanie: What if Abigail--

Chad: Well, hey, now. I agreed to back off for Abigail's sake. I never agreed I wouldn't see you.

Brady: You're turning me down right now. Why are you doing that?

John: Because you are making an enormous business decision based on pure emotion.

Brady: Ah, so what?

John: So you're smarter than that, Brady. You know you are. Titan is a thriving business in a horrible economy because of what you've done over there.

Brady: And don't you think that's going to hold some weight when rebuilding Basic Black?

John: I'm not going to walk away from everything you built over there for yourself.

Brady: What if it's my choice?

John: Listen to me. You made your old man proud just by coming over here and stepping up to the plate today. I can't allow you to do it, kid. It just wouldn't be right.

[Knocking on door]

Brady: You're expecting someone?

John: Jack Deveraux. He's writing an article about my release.

Brady: Do you mind if I stick around?

John: My house is your house, kid.

Brady: Dad, you know this conversation is not over, right?

John: [Sighs] Hey, Jack. Good to see you, come on in.

Jack: Good to see you, too. Oh. Look, if I'm interrupting something, I can come back.

Brady: No, you're not interrupting anything other than my dad and I doing what we do best.

Jack: And that would be?

Brady: Being stubborn.

Maggie: I know how much being able to operate means to you, but you're still a doctor, Daniel. I mean, whether you have these tremors or not, you still have the mind, and the heart, and the intellect, and the capability to help people.

Daniel: That's nice. That's really nice sentiment. It really is.

Lexie: Okay, Daniel.

Daniel: Do not say a word. Hat you're going to say, Lexie, all right? But thank you, really. Thank you, I appreciate it. And thank you for coming out. It's very nice. I know you both want to help. I see it in your eyes. I really do. But that's not where my head's at, okay? So I'm sorry, and I'm sorry to you.

Maggie: You don't have to apologize. Not to us.

Lexie: You're in shock. It's going to take a while for you--

Daniel: No, this is going to take a lot more than that. A lot more, because me being in the O.R. is not something I can describe. It's not some feeling I have. It's not something I do. It is who I am. Don't...even say it. Don't, because I can't-- I won't--I won't hear it. I can't hear it.

John: And my intentions are to rebuild Basic Black using the principles that I'm currently using to rebuild my own life.

Jack: It's quite a goal you've set for yourself.

John: Just last year, Jack, I've had a lot of time to think, to re-assess, and prioritize what's most important in my life.

Jack: Well, do you have a time line for any of this?

John: Nope, just plan on taking it day by day.

Jack: [Chuckling] And you're not worried that that's going to become a problem?

John: How's that?

Jack: [Sighs] Oh, come on. I mean, really? You're taking your own money, you're going to try to pay back this pension fund and all that missing money? You're not going to have anything. You're going to be busted. You're going to have nothing and no one to support you.

John: Not necessarily.

Lexie: Are you okay?

Maggie: No. It's all of this. All I keep thinking of is how Daniel--this news is tearing him apart.

Lexie: Yeah, I know. It's going to take some time for him to make peace with the diagnosis.

Maggie: If he can.

Lexie: [Sighs]

Maggie: I really shouldn't have come here today.

Lexie: Why?

Maggie: Sitting next to him when he learned that his career as a surgeon might be over. I just felt like I was intruding somehow in something so very personal.

Lexie: Intrud-- Maggie. He's your son.

Maggie: He's only been my son in his mind for a little while. He's wanted to be a surgeon his whole life. It's a dream that he shared with the mother who raised him, not with me.

Lexie: Well, you're the mother who's going to see him follow another dream, okay? Who's going to help him carve another path in life.

Maggie: I hope so.

Lexie: [Sighs] Whether you've had a child for 30 days or 30 years, it's hard to see them in pain. Whew. I don't know if I... could have been as strong as your roles had been reversed.

Maggie: Oh. Lexie, I think you're incredibly strong. All the challenges that you've had to face raising Theo.

Lexie: [Sighs] Yeah, it's... been a challenge, yeah, but, um... he's my baby, Maggie. You know, he's my little boy. I mean, so what? He's different. That's--that's what makes him special. And I mean, yeah, he requires a lot from Abe and me, but it's hardly one-sided. Theo has the most beautiful, little soul.

Maggie: [Sighs] That's a wonderful way to look at it.

Lexie: Your son has an incredible soul. And I'm sure in time, he will appreciate that you were here for him today.

Maggie: I hope so. What I know about my son... though, he needs someone else to get him through this.

[Footsteps approaching]

Jennifer: [Gasps] Oh, I'm sorry about this-- oh, it was my fault. I'm sorry.

Chad: [Groans] [Laughs] You don't have to help me sit down, Gabi. I'm not dizzy anymore.

Gabi: Oh, okay, come on. You can't mess with a head injury.

Melanie: She has a point. I'm going to get drinks.

Chad: Please, please.

Quinn: Lunch is on me.

Chad: Oh, no, no, no. I-I can't do--

Quinn: It's the least I can do after the way you got knocked around in my spa.

Chad: Ah, but it wasn't your fault. She packs a punch, doesn't she?

Chad: Who, Melanie?

Quinn: Yeah. It's, um, it's hard to believe a cute thing like that.

Gabi: You know, I can't believe that Abigail and Chad broke up. Can you?

Melanie: Mm-mm.

Gabi: I-I thought they were okay. I mean, even after Abigail asked me to borrow that book.

Melanie: What book?

Gabi: You know the one about relationships?

Melanie: She wanted to borrow it?

Gabi: Yeah. Crazy, right?

Melanie: Yeah.

Gabi: You think it was a mistake we broke up?

Melanie: You and Will?

Gabi: No, me and Chad. Do you think Abigail would mind if I asked him out again?

Melanie: I don't know.

Jack: I think I got everything.

John: All right, you know you can call me any time to do something else. I'm just happy to have this opportunity to talk about it publicly.

Jack: Well, actually, I was hoping that this article was going to help spring you from prison, but I'm glad that Carrie and Rafe beat me to the punch. Still, I think there are a lot of people out here who would like to hear your side of the story.

John: Hmm, well, we'll see, but, you know, there is one thing I'd like you to make really clear in your article.

Jack: What's that?

John: That I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for my wife. Her love, support, and belief in me is what kept me going. She was that very bright light at the end of the dark, lonely tunnel.

Jack: Okay. I relate to that.

John: If you're lucky enough to have a woman like that love you, all I can say is don't take it for granted.

Brady: Dad, I don't think Jack's writing a romantic advice

John: Hey, kid. All I'm saying is that, you know, we're nobody without a strong woman standing besides us. That's just a fact, guys.

Jack: I kind of wish I was doing this interview a few years ago.

John: Yeah, and why is that?

Jack: Well, I-I actually did take Jennifer for granted, and I'm thinking now that it will be the biggest mistake of my life.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I was on my phone...

Daniel: I was just walking, and I wasn't even thinking...

Jennifer: Watching wh walking.

Daniel: I gotta...get going. Happy New year, all right.

Jennifer: Daniel, hey. Um, is everything okay? Daniel, I know I probably don't have any right saying this to you, but I still care about you.

Daniel: Okay, don't--

Jennifer: No, listen.

Daniel: Please, don't.

Jennifer: I can tell that something's wrong. Please, I-I want to be here for you...if you want me to be.

Daniel: Just, uh, having one of those days.

Jennifer: Yeah?

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: Um, why don't you come over here, and... just come over here and tell me about it.

Melanie: Oh, yeah.

Quinn: You know, you showed some real promise in class today.

Melanie: Really?

Quinn: Yeah, I mean, first lesson, and you're already knocking down guys twice your size.

Melanie: [Laughs]

Chad: True, true, but I never saw it coming, so...

Melanie: Oh, well, I never meant for it to have happened.

Chad: You're eating these fries fast enough.

Quinn: I think you got real potential, you know. And if you ever want to work on your technique one-on-one, I'd be happy to help.

Melanie: Yeah. I might take you up on that.

John: Yeah, I hope Jack's okay.

Brady: Why wouldn't he be?

John: The way I was talking about Marlena, about taking her love for granted. I think I hit a little close to home for him.

Brady: Well, I'm sure he appreciated the advice. I know it got me thinking.

John: I didn't know I was that persuasive.

Brady: I'm with Madison right now, but... you know, after all the mistakes I've made, I just think there's something real there, you know. Something I really want to pursue.

John: Something you don't want to take for granted?

Brady: Yeah. I mean, who knows? I mean, in a couple years, we could be lucky enough to have what you and Marlena have.

John: You know, it's just... another reason why you need to stay put at Titan. Forget about partnering up with me, all right? You need to stay there for a lot of reasons.

Brady: Dad, Dad, Dad. Stop coming up with reasons for trying to derail this idea, all right? I'll work with you. I do. And by the way, my relationship with Madison is not the only one that I don't want to take for granted.

John: All right, all right, all right. Rebuilding Basic Black is a risky venture. There is no guarantee of success. That's why I'm fighting you so hard on this.

Brady: Don't you think I know that?

John: This is something that you want to pursue?

Brady: It is.

John: There's something you have to do first.

Brady: Name it.

John: You're going to talk to Madison. Oh you're considering, and if she's this important to you, you are going to listen carefully to what she has to say. And then you're going to think about it. I'm talking about really spending some time to think about it. Now, the end of all that, if you decide that you want to come onboard of Basic Black, be my partner...I would be the happiest S.O.B. on the planet.


Maggie: Lexie, thank you for talking to me about all this.

Lexie: It's a lot for you to take in too, Maggie. I know.

Maggie: I'm fine. It's Daniel I'm worried about. I wish I knew what to do now, now that we finally have a diagnosis and the cause of the tremors.

Lexie: Professional opinion? Just be his mom. That's the best medicine you could give him right now. And lucky for him, I mean, come on, you're an expert at that.

Maggie: Oh. [Sniffles] Thank you. Thank you.

Lexie: Hang in there, okay?

Maggie: I will. I'll call you.

Lexie: Okay.

Maggie: Bye.

Lexie: [Sighs] Damn it. [Exhales]

Jennifer: They think you had a stroke?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. It looks that way. Minor one, so that's a bonus.

Jennifer: And what? None of these medications that you could take could help stop these tremors?

Daniel: Well, yeah, for a little while, sure. But long-term? No, not at all.

Jennifer: I had no idea this was happening.

Daniel: Well, how could you know? We're not-- but it's not that bad, it really isn't. There could be somebody somewhere in a lab, maybe just one beaker away from a real cure. Could be. And who knows? I can be the one to discover a cure, right? Got a lot of time on my--on my hands. [Laughs] Hands! [Muttering]

Jennifer: All you've ever wanted to be was a surgeon.

Daniel: Well, I'm still a doctor, right? So...they tell me.

Jennifer: You don't deserve this. You don't. I'm so sorry, and I feel like-- I feel like I have hurt you so much already, and it's not fair, either. I'm--

Daniel: Okay, don't say that. Don't ever say that. You didn't hurt me. You saved me.

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Marlena: Your mother knows. Secrets have a way of coming out.

Brady: There's something else we have to talk about.

Rafe: What is it that she's going to do that's going to break my heart?

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