Days Transcript Wednesday 1/4/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/4/12


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Carrie: Rafe, be careful with that plant. Don't spill the dirt.

Rafe: [Mocking] Don't spill the dirt.

Carrie: [Chuckles] Watch that cord, Austin. You're gonna trip and fall.

Austin: [Mocking] You're gonna trip and fall, Austin.


Carrie: Yeah, very funny. But someone has to take charge here, okay?

Rafe: Oh, okay.

Carrie: Uh-huh. Well, why don't you go finish up outside, Rafe? I have something that Austin can do here.

Rafe: Yes, master. [Chuckling]

Carrie: Oh, boy. [Squeals] I thought he'd never leave!

Austin: [Chuckles]

Carrie: Just think, in a few minutes, my law firm is gonna be open!

Austin: Yay! Yes, yes, and not a moment too soon, because clients are just lined up outside to file lawsuits and snoop on people. [Chuckles]

Carrie: What's that supposed to mean?

Chad: [Sighs]

Melanie: Hi.

Chad: Um, hi, Mel. Um, thank you for coming. I've been--I've been wanting to talk to you about the, um--

Melanie: How we rang in the New Year? Yeah, no, I know. It's--it's kind of all I can think about.

Chad: Yeah, me too. I mean, it just felt so...right.

Melanie: But it's not. It's not, it's--

Chad: No, no, no, no, no, don't. Don't say that it was wrong, because it wasn't. It's as right as it gets.

Abigail: What the hell is this?

Chad: Uh--

Sonny: Hey.

Will: Hey.

Sonny: Thank you for bringing the flash drives back, but you didn't have to jet all the way over here to give them to me. I pretty much see you every day on campus.

Will: I know. I just wanted to get rid of anything that reminded me of the website, you know, and other stuff, so--

Sonny: No, I und--I understand. Want something to eat or drink? The cook can make you whatever you want.

Will: No, I'm fine.

Sonny: Are you sure about that?

Will: Excuse me?

Sonny: I mean, Will, you haven't been fine since you and Gabi broke up. You know, before that. And New Year's Eve was no-- no better.

Will: Okay, officer, yeah. I've been through some stuff, and I've had some stuff to deal with. I'm just stressed.

Sonny: Well, you know you can trust me, right? You can tell me anything. So wh-what's--what's so hard to deal with? Just talk to me.

Will: [Clears throat] Let me ask you a question. Do you ever--do you ever wish you can leave? You know, and get away from everyone you know and everything you know and just start over?

Sonny: I used to, but I don't want to anymore.

Will: Why not? What--what changed for you?

Sonny: No matter how far you run, when you wake up in the morning, you're still you. All right, there's no escaping that.

Marlena: Come sit down. I should tell you before we start that John is aware of Stefano's part in proving his innocence.

Bo: Oh, yeah, how'd that go?

Marlena: Not so well... in the beginning.

Hope: But he's okay with it now?

Marlena: Well, he understood that I could no more refuse your offer than Stefano could refuse to honor his indebtedness to Alice. And he did say that, um, were things reversed, he would have done the same thing for me.

Bo: Well, that must be a weight off your shoulders.

Marlena: It's a huge weight off my shoulders, it is. About your session--

Hope: Yeah.

Marlena: You called because you wanted to, uh, work on your marriage.

Bo: Yeah.

Marlena: Find out what's working, what isn't?

Bo: Right, right.

Hope: Yep.

Bo: Um, most--pretty much everything's working great.

Hope: We're very happy right now, actually, the best we have been in a very--a really long time.

Bo: Long time, yeah.

Hope: But we still feel that we need to do some work, you know, get to the heart of what went wrong between us.

Marlena: What do you think that was?

Bo: It--um, it's Zack. We, um, never really talked in depth about, um, what his death meant to us as a family.

Hope: We're afraid that, if we don't deal with that, that, as much as we love each other, we're--

Bo: When our marriage was tested, we came very close to losing everything. And we don't ever want to have that happen again.

Melanie: Abigail, we didn't--

Abigail: What, see me walk up?

Chad: Look, I-I-it's not what you think, okay?

Abigail: It is exactly what I think, Chad.

Melanie: No, it's not.

Abigail: My ex and my best friend together? And don't you think for a second that I don't know when this started, because I do. It was when you kissed her on Halloween. My God, Melanie. How could you betray me like this?

Marlena: How do you think Zack's death affected you the most?

Hope: For me, uh, I would have to say that it was not dealing with what happened to Zack. I think that was the start of not dealing with things--a lot of other things as a couple.

Bo: It got to a point where we didn't trust each other to--

Marlena: To what?

Bo: Uh, um... not be angry, um, or even really care.

Hope: We were definitely defensive with each other, and trust became a huge issue. Although, you know, I-I think-- that--I think that Bo did great. I think he would agree that we thought that we had tried to work through our pain and our anger to try to get back on solid ground, when in reality, all we were really doing was pretending that things were back to normal, and they weren't.

Marlena: Do you agree?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, that's-- that's exactly what we want to change.

Hope: More than anything. That's why we're here.

Will: Oh, yeah, um, I get it. So if you run away, you're just taking problems with you. Uh, have you ever--have you ever tried it though?

Sonny: Yeah, big-time. And that's how I know it doesn't work. Now, what I should've done and what I hope you do is deal with your problems head-on.

Will: So how did you--you know, how did you deal with-- with your stuff?

Sonny: My stuff? Uh, admitting to myself and everyone else that I was gay.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: So when I realized that I was a guy who was into other guys, I--I didn't really wanna be around it. You know, my friends, my family. I just felt so uncomfortable with who I was that it was really hard to be comfortable around other people.

Will: Yeah, I h--I mean, I-- I understand what you're saying. Um, your family lived in Dubai then, right?

Sonny: They did, yeah. And that's what I use as an excuse to keep my distance, and the laws there don't actually favor us. The gay men and--and women, I mean. But you know, I kept my distance from Salem too.

Will: So you could be with guys and then not have to answer to your family?

Sonny: I won't lie. That was part of it.

Will: Who, um--who in your family were you most afraid to come out to?

Sonny: Have to be my Uncle Vic.

Will: Okay, and what if--what if he wasn't okay with it?

Sonny: And then it would have been his loss, 'cause I can't change who I am.

Austin: Carrie, I--look, I didn't meant to hurt your feelings. The crack about the clients being outside--it was a joke.

Carrie: We're gonna be fine. We'll have more clients than we can handle. We'll--would you give me five minutes, please?

Austin: Okay, all right. I support you 1,000%. You know that, right? And I'm so happy that we found a way to stay in Salem. And whatever you want me to do-- [Sighs] I'm here.

Carrie: I know you are.

Austin: I just remember what it was like when you were worrying about billable hours to make partner. I actually want to see my wife.

Carrie: You're gonna see so much of me, you are going to be sick of me.

Austin: That's not possible.

Carrie: Yes.

Austin: Mm.

Rafe: [Clears throat] Sorry to interrupt, but this lovely lady is in need of our services.

Carrie: Oh, hello.

Tilly: I'm Tilly, and I am desperate.

Carrie: I'm Carrie Reed. This is my husband, Austin.

Austin: Pleasure.

Tilly: Hello.

Austin: Hi, nice to meet you. Why don't you give me your shopping list, and I'll go to the town square and get what you need?

Carrie: Oh, great. Um, you are the best. Thank you. Tilly, great. Have a seat, please. Um, so tell us what we can do for you.

Tilly: Well, the love of my life, Charlie Aaron, has gone missing, and I need your help finding him.

Marlena: When was the moment you realized you needed some help?

Bo: Uh, the Christmas tree.

Hope: Finding Zack's ornament.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Bo: Holidays are always pretty difficult for us, and then, um, New Year's Eve--

Hope: Johnny's disappearance. Seeing how Sami and Rafe and EJ were going out of their minds, then-- there was a happy ending.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Thank God.

Bo: I thought about that too.

Marlena: How does that make you feel? Take a minute to think about that, Bo. Hope, the way you saw Johnny get his happy ending--how did that make you feel about Zack not getting his?

Hope: [Sniffles] [Sighs]

Bo: Sure you wanna do this?

Hope: No. But we have to. We don't have a choice.

Chad: Okay, whoa, whoa, Abigail, Abigail, back up, back up, back up. All right, nobody betrayed anybody.

Abigail: No.

Chad: Okay, no, no, no, no. Listen to me, listen to me. Look at me, please. You and I both agree that us--as a couple, we weren't working. That's why I thought it was a given that we could see other people.

Abigail: In the future, Chad. Not two seconds after we break up and certainly not with a kiss that started two months ago. You told me so many times that you didn't know it was Melanie.

Chad: I didn't.

Melanie: He didn't. I promise he didn't.

Abigail: Yeah, well, maybe he didn't at first, but it went on long enough for him to be able to tell the difference. Ugh, God, deep down I knew something wasn't right with us, but you just denied it. And I--I trusted you. And you? You just sat there, acting so concerned, so kind, so sweet while I told you that things were off with Chad. So you tell me how this worked, Melanie. Did you just text him updates, or did you wait for face time? And I do mean face time.

Melanie: We--we never meant to hurt you.

Abigail: Really? That's funny 'cause you did.

Melanie: Abigail, wait. Please.

Chad: No, don't, don't. Don't. Just let her go, all right? It's better off this way.

Tilly: Oh, thank you. I'm sure you're a very good lawyer, dear. I'll have you rewrite my will. After--after we find Charlie Aaron.

Rafe: Well, that's where I come in.

Carrie: Oh.

Rafe: Why don't you tell us everything you can about Charlie's disappearance?

Tilly: My sweet thing left home about, uh, two days ago, and he has not been back since.

Rafe and Carrie: Okay.

Carrie: Does he have any health issues, anything that requires medication?

Tilly: Oh, no, no. My Charlie Aaron is in good shape. [Chuckles] Maybe too good.

Rafe: What--what do you mean? He could just start walking and not stop?

Tilly: I mean, he has an eye for the ladies. Always has. Maybe I should've done something about that a long time ago, but...I couldn't. I just love him too much to deny him love.

Carrie: I'm so sorry.

Tilly: I guess I love him more than I hate his bad habits.

Rafe: Well, about Charlie's disappearance, um, if he left on his own free will, we're not really sure what we can do.

Tilly: Well, it's simple. You find him, you pick him up, you bring him back home. [Chuckles] I'll take care of it from there.

Austin: Abigail? Abigail, what's wrong?

Abigail: Everything. [Sighs]

Hope: I used all of my police training to try to hold it together as best I could for as long as I could until I found out that...Chelsea was ID'd as the driver. She had been grounded. She wasn't supposed to be driving. She just left him there. She told Bo that she thought she'd hit a dog in the road. He didn't tell me. Not the truth. He waited, because he knew that, if he had not given her the keys to the car, our little boy would s--[Sniffles] [Sobs] our little boy would s-still be alive t-- [Sobs]

Bo: And I regret what I did that night every single day of my life.

Hope: I know you do. Letting Chelsea drive and then not telling me, then lying to me-- that's what shattered my trust, my faith in you.

Bo: Hope is right. I'm responsible f-- [Sniffles] for what happened to our little boy, and I hate myself for it. [Sniffles]

Hope: You know, Brady, it seems like we never talk... about this-- our pain, our loss-- with each other. [Sobbing] [Sighs]

Rafe: Well, finding Charlie Aaron is one thing, all right? Making him come home is another thing altogether.

Carrie: There are legalities involved.

Tilly: I don't care about all that stuff. I just want my snuggle bunny back home.

Carrie: Excuse me, Mrs. Aaron, but--

Tilly: Why do you call me "Mrs. Aaron"?

Carrie: Isn't that your last name?

Tilly: Hell, no.

Rafe: Isn't Charlie Aaron your husband?

Tilly: I am Tilly Inman, and my husband, Sterling--he's six feet under.

Rafe: Then who's Charlie?

Tilly: Do I have to draw you a picture? Charlie Aaron is my missing cat. Now, are you going to find him for me or not?

Rafe: [Quietly] Yeah.

Will: Actually, I have a question. Since our website turned into a near, uh, death experience for many of us, do you have any new business ventures?

Sonny: Actually, I do, sir.

Will: Okay. S--don't keep me in suspense.

Sonny: I talked to my folks about taking over the Cheatin' Heart.

Will: You mean taking it over or doing it over?

Sonny: Both. So I'm seeing this--this hip, cool coffeehouse, you know, where people who don't wanna go to a national chain for their coffee--they can come here. And we have live music, games, Wi-Fi.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: All right, and it'd be that kind of place where--where anyone can feel comfortable-- you know, gay, straight--and they'll feel they're at home.

Will: Okay, I'm in.

Sonny: You're in?

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: All right, that's excellent. The only thing is that we need, once again, investors.

Will: Right, and after the website disaster, that might be difficult.

Sonny: Yeah, especially seeing as how that--the start-up costs are a lot higher, and I feel uncomfortable asking my Uncle Victor again.

Will: Y--okay, well, we could ask Chad. He can ask his family.

Sonny: That'd be sweet 'cause they're loaded, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Will: Okay, then I could ask Kate. It doesn't count. Technically, she's not a DiMera.

Sonny: Let's just not stress about it, you know? It--we'll make it happen.

Will: Okay.

Melanie: I have to go after her. I don't want her thinking we're doing stuff behind her back.

Chad: Wait, come back.

Melanie: What?

Chad: Melanie, stop. I hear what you're saying. I hear what you're saying, but I kn--I know Abigail. Doesn't matter what we say to her right now, she's not gonna listen to us.

Melanie: It doesn't matter. She was right. On Halloween--that is when it started, and w--she doesn't even know about what happened when we thought we were gonna die. I mean, what if she never forgives me?

Chad: Melanie, just--just--

Melanie: Chad, you don't understand. She's my best friend. If I can do this to her, then I--I haven't changed as much as I thought I did.

Chad: What are you talking about?

Melanie: You don't understand. It's fine, how could you? But... we cannot be together.

Austin: Will you tell me what happened to make you this upset?

Abigail: Well, um, Chad and I--we broke up.

Austin: [Sighs] I'm sorry, Abby.

Abigail: Thanks, but--I know that breaking up with him was the right thing to do.

Austin: Okay. Okay, well-- [Chuckles] Then why are you so upset?

Abigail: Because I found out that Chad's been wanting to break up with me for a while. He has a thing for my friend Melanie. My best friend. [Sniffles] And it's kinda coincidental 'cause she has a thing for him too. And that thing's been going on since Halloween.

Austin: Oh, Abby, that's, um--that's bad.

Abigail: No wonder I wasn't feeling into him anymore. I mean, he wasn't into me at all. He had my best friend just--just waiting for him.

Austin: I'm gonna tell you something, okay? I'm sorry that this happened to you, but you have to know something. You are such a special person. Abby, listen to me. You are such a special person, and the right guy is out there for you. I promise.

Marlena: Bo, is it true? Are you reluctant to share your feelings about the loss?

Bo: If you're asking, do I deal with things the same way hope does, n--I guess not. I'm--I'm more private.

Hope: I know that we talk about Zack and the most beautiful memories we have, but everything else--our hopes, our dreams for him, the grief that never leaves us--how do you think that makes me feel that I can't talk to you about that?

Marlena: Tell him how you feel.

Hope: Alone...and sad. Very sad.

Bo: I'm sorry.

Hope: There are other things too.

Marlena: Like?

Hope: When Ciara was kidnapped and you wouldn't let me pay the ransom, then I wasn't about to lose another child because of a decision you made.

Bo: The decisions I made in that kidnapping brought our daughter back to us.

Marlena: Hope, go on.

Hope: When we got Ciara back, I was--I couldn't breathe. I was still so scared, and so was she. She couldn't sleep, she couldn't eat, and when she did sleep, she'd wake up terrified, screaming. So I thought, okay, all right, I'm--I'm gonna take her away. I'll take her to my dad and Julie's house in the mountains, a change of scenery. Bo thought it was a big mistake. He thought, what are you doing? He couldn't understand why I felt that I couldn't trust him. When we got back, I-I told him that I did a lot of thinking while I was away and that--I told him that maybe we needed some time apart. You know, a little break. Um, he did not agree. He was not happy about that. I don't blame him. I'd have to say probably about two weeks later Maggie told me she thought she saw a woman at our house. And of course, that caught my attention right away. So I ran over to find out what was happening in my house, and that's when I found Carly in our bed. Literally in our bed.

Bo: Hope, we've talked about this a hundred times.

Hope: I know, I know. You were protecting her from people that--

Bo: People trying to kill her. Yes, I was.

Hope: I know, and you would do--I know, you would be the noble, heroic man that I fell madly in love with, who I still love so much. But it was our bed. Why our bed? What about the guest room, the sofa, anywhere?

Bo: I believe it was your decision--since we're talking about decisions--to leave me, to move out of our house.

Hope: Bo Brady... I thought you'd be waiting for me. But instead you replaced me.

Rafe: That's him?

Tilly: Uh-huh, that's him.

Carrie: Oh, goodness. He's handsome.

Tilly: Oh, indeed he is, and just as sweet as possibly can be. And this-- oh, here, you take this one. This, my dears, is a list of his favorite haunts.

Carrie: Mm-hmm.

Tilly: Mm?

Carrie: [Gasps] Oh.

Tilly: Well, at least the ones I know of. [Chuckles]

Rafe: That's great. That's--that's a big help.

Tilly: Uh-huh, and this--oh! This is for you. Both of you.

Carrie: To buy catnip?

Tilly: Haven't you been paying attention? Charlie Aaron is only turned on by lady cats. Period. This $5 is your retainer. I see how they do it on the detective shows.

Carrie: Well, thank you. That is our first official retainer. We'll have to frame that.

Rafe: Yes.

Tilly: Ah, but don't you bill me for sweet talk.

Carrie: Okay.

Tilly: No, no. You find Charlie Aaron.

Rafe: Well, we will take care of it.

Tilly: Okay.

Rafe: Yep.

Tilly: Bye.

Carrie: Bye-bye.

Tilly: Bye.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Okay.

Carrie: [Mouths] Wow.

Rafe: Wow. I used to chase down the likes of people like Stefano DiMera, and help free John Black, and now I'm looking for a cat.

Carrie: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Let's just hope we can find him.

Carrie: I have faith. [Chuckles]

Chad: I know you're upset about hurting Abigail, and believe me, I am too. But I mean, it doesn't--doesn't mean that we have to break up before we get together. Look at me. Melanie, look at me. You and I--we belong together. Just admit it. See, that's--that's better.

Melanie: She wasn't wrong. It did start on Halloween.

Chad: And that sounds awful, but it's the truth. The truth always comes out, and sometimes--sometimes it's messy.

Melanie: Like today?

Chad: Well, look, I'm not happy about the way things went down today either. I didn't think we'd start off like this either.

Melanie: Me neither. Let's start over.

Austin: I don't mean to be nosy, but I want you to answer me one question. If Chad moved on with anybody but your best friend, would you be feeling this bad right now?

Abigail: I don't know. Probably not.

Austin: Mm-hmm. And you couldn't see this coming, not at all?

Abigail: No. Y--I don't know, maybe. I mean, I just convinced myself that I was being paranoid and that everything was fine.

Austin: So what ultimately made you decide to end things?

Abigail: Because I realized that I was the one that was actually having--

Austin: You were actually what? D--Abigail, lis--listen. You don't have to be embarrassed, okay?

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Austin: You were about to tell me that you have feelings for someone besides Chad.

Sonny: You sign up for your classes yet?

Will: Uh, actually, I'm not sure I'm gonna be back at Salem U anytime soon.

Sonny: What, and miss out on shopping for new clothes? What's wrong with you? [Chuckles] That's, like, one of the best parts is people watching.

Will: Yeah, I-I just--I don't know what I wanna do anymore, you know?

Sonny: Just have an open major. You know, decide what you want to do later.

Will: I'm not talking about school, I'm talking about everything else. You know, I'm--I haven't told anybody this, but I-I don't think I can live in Salem anymore.

Sonny: You know what? Um, I think I gave you bad advice. I think you should leave Salem. The sooner, the better.

Rafe: There, there, there.

Carrie: What?

Rafe: Right over there.

Carrie: Where?

Rafe: Underneath that delivery dock.

Carrie: Okay. Uh, if you think I'm going under there in these clothes, you're crazy.

Rafe: You're smaller than I am.

Carrie: Oh, you're the P.I.

Rafe: You'd fit right--

Carrie: Uh-uh.

Rafe: Fine. I hate cats.

Carrie: Go. [Scoffs]

Rafe: Come here, Charlie. [Kisses] Come here, come here, little gatto, come here. Yeah, come to Rafe. Good kitty.

[Cat mews angrily]

Rafe: Ow!

Carrie: [Gasps] Ooh.

Bo: Hope, you need to hear me when I say I never meant for things with Carly to go where they did.

Hope: I know. But they did.

Bo: And I am sorry.

Hope: I'm sorry too.

Marlena: Stop right there.

Marlena: Did you both hear what the other person said?

Hope: I was just so devastated...and hurt...and angry that you could replace me so easily, Brady.

Bo: [Sighs]

Hope: While he turned to Carly, I--I turned to pills that I thought would help me sleep and dull the pain. And then, God help me, I-- [Sighs] I almost killed the only man I--

Bo: No, hey, hey, hey. Come on. But you didn't. You didn't go through with it.

Hope: I couldn't. Of course I couldn't. In spite of everything, I loved you. I love you.

Bo: And I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: I love you so much, Brady.

Bo: I love you too. .

Hope: [Crying]

Rafe: Great. Couldn't even find a cat. Really? What kind of losers are we?

Carrie: Goodness, what if she goes online and posts that--that we're losers? If we couldn't find a cat, how can we find people, much less win lawsuits? Rafe, we're doomed.

Rafe: All right, you know what, let's not get carried away. Think about it. Her going online?

Carrie: [Laughs]

[Phone rings]

Carrie: Good point. Reed Hernandez, how may I help you?

Tilly: Ms. Reed?

Carrie: Ms. Inman.

Tilly: I just want to thank you and the dishy Mr. Hernandez...[Growls] For finding my Charlie Aaron.

Carrie: I'm sorry, what was that?

Tilly: It was so cute, the way you left him sitting out on my porch, yowling to get in. [Laughs]

Carrie: We thought that would be a nice surprise.

Tilly: Thank you. Thank you so much for finding Charlie Aaron.

Carrie: Our pleasure.

Tilly: Charlie Aaron? Where are you? Come on, kitty, kitty, kitty. This is no time for hide-and-seek. Come on, honey. Our favorite show is coming on.

Carrie: Aw.

Will: Okay, back up. Y--now you're saying you think I should leave Salem?

Sonny: Maybe.

Will: You do realize though that you just said I would be running away from my problems if I did?

Sonny: I know I said that, but sometimes you have to put a distance between everything you know and everyone you love before you can find yourself. I just don't think you've been comfortable in your own skin for a while now.

Will: I--I'm not sure I wanna talk about this with you.

Sonny: And I--I get it. Really. All right, man, but if you're-- if you're this down that you don't even wanna go to school, I just feel like maybe you should take some time just for yourself, you know? See what you want to do. Most importantly, to find out who you really are.

Chad: Really want us to start over?

Melanie: Um, hi. I'm Melanie Jonas.

Chad: [Sighs] Hi, I'm Chad DiMera, it's nice to meet you.

Melanie: Likewise. I have a feeling we're going to be very good friends.

Chad: That and a whole lot more.

Melanie: Uh, we'll see. For now, friends.

Chad: [Chuckles] You're serious? Friends and then--

Melanie: We'll see.

Chad: Well, um, your new friend, Chad, is not happy about this.

Melanie: [Giggles]

Chad: But he understands.

Melanie: Deal.

Chad: Deal.

Abigail: Yeah, you're right, Austin. The truth is, I have feelings for someone else besides Chad. And I don't know when it happened or how, but this person--he always makes me feel so special. And I've never met anyone that made me feel that way before.

Austin: Never? Now you see, this is what you deserve. You realize that, don't you?

Abigail: Well, yeah, but he's, uh--

Austin: No, th--listen. This guy sounds like somebody worth caring for.

Abigail: You're not just saying that?

Austin: What I'm saying is, you follow your heart. And if your heart is telling you to go after this guy, then you by all means can--

Abigail: No, I don't--don't-- don't say anything else. I know exactly what I need to do.

Hope: After all the unforgivable things I did to you, you forgave me.

Bo: Well, of course, Fancy-- 'cause I knew that what I had done with Carly made you so angry that you thought you had to take those pills. You going to prison is just as much my fault as it is yours.

Hope: No, it's not. That's not true.

Bo: Hope, I nearly lost you, and I don't want to go anywhere near that place again.

Hope: I don't either.

Marlena: Bo and Hope, listen to me. You can't change the past. The past is sacrosanct. But the's fluid. You can make that whatever you choose.

Bo: Okay. So I promise to always trust you and work on our problems together.

Hope: I promise the same.

Marlena: You have the love. Once you have the trust, forgiveness follows. Time is up for today. You have made so much progress in one day, in one session. I'm so proud of you. Now if you keep the lines of communication open, you've got a chance of having the kind of marriage that you want. Can you do that?

Hope: I will.

Bo: So will I. [Sighs]

Hope: Love you, Brady.

Bo: I love you too. [Sniffles] I love you too.

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Maggie: I knew you were getting your test results today, and I didn't want you to be alone.

Brady: Stop coming up with reasons trying to derail this idea, all right?

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