Days Transcript Monday 12/19/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/19/11


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Brady: ...Undivided attention.

Madison: You still have my complete, undivided attention, trust me.

Brady: Even better than potato chips and merlot?

Madison: Well...

Brady: You still have some sugar left on your face...

Madison: Do I?

Brady: Yeah.

Sami: Madison!

Brady: Oh.

Sami: Hey, so I just, um, I'm looking at the sales numbers from our new skin care line. I think you're gonna be really happy.

Brady: All right, looks like, uh, duty calls.

Madison: Guess so.

Brady: Uh, Madison...

Madison: Yeah?

Brady: Could I get a little more sugar later? Holiday sugar?

Madison: Is Santa jolly? [Giggles]

Sami: One thing, I just wanna make sure I'm completely clear on your expectations.

Madison: Okay.

Sami: It's completely inappropriate for me to take a one-hour lunch to get a massage but you can take the whole morning off to sleep with the CEO? That's a-okay?

Nicole: Ooh.

EJ: Ahem.

Nicole: Countess W, what do we have here?

EJ: Nicole, leave Kate's things alone, my dear. You know how she can be.

Nicole: Mm-hm, but I'm not scared of her. Oh. You know what? This stuff isn't half bad. Maybe I should try some of these. Although I would hate to give Kate the satisfaction that I actually think her products are decent. Maybe I could rip the label off and she'd never know. Ooh.

Kate: Well, I know what to get you for Christmas. Product without the Countess label, that way no one will know that trampy trash is using my product.

Nicole: Excuse me, Kate, why don't you take that back, okay?

Kate: What are you gonna do? You gonna scratch out my eyes? Come on, you know it's true. EJ may be blinded by your charms in the bedroom, but that doesn't mean that you're good enough to be a DiMera. You weren't before, nothing has changed so why would you be now?

Nicole: Well, your standards were low enough to slither your way into this family, so I'm not really worried.

Kate: Nicole, you're a two-time loser with EJ, why is the third time going to be any different?

Nicole: Seriously, he's not even your son. Butt out.

Kate: Mm, he's my step-son.

Nicole: Heh.

Kate: And I would do absolutely anything to avoid being your mother-in-law again, please, come on. Between Lucas and EJ--those marriages, haven't I suffered enough?

Nicole: Oh, well, I would be more than happy to put you out of your misery right now, you bitch.

EJ: Okay, there we go, thank you very much. What are you two doing? Hmm?

Carrie: I cannot wait to tell John what you discovered of the photo in the cafe, he is so overdue for some good news.

Rafe: Well, we finally got some pretty good evidence that that photo was taken before the money was taken.

Carrie: This will definitely help my defense in the civil case.

Rafe: Yes.

Carrie: The criminal angle will be a bit tougher, but I'm not giving up.

Rafe: Well, hopefully we won't have to worry about that, right? Now if Hope can convince Stefano to make good on his IOU, her grandmother, Stefano might end up exonerating John himself.

Carrie: That would be amazing.

Rafe: Yes. But, the more I think about it--

Rafe: What?

Carrie: Well, I've known John a long time, and there is no way that he would ever accept a favor from Stefano. Even if it meant sacrificing his own freedom.

John: So that's been that son-of-a-bitch DiMera's plan all along. Defraud my investors and then buy Basic Black out from underneath me. And all those innocent people, they lost their whole life savings just because the DiMeras wanted to destroy me!

Marlena: John. I am as upset about this as you are. But we cannot prove that Stefano and EJ had anything to do with the missing money.

John: I can't prove anything when I'm in here!

Marlena: I know how frustrated you are being locked up.

John: But I'll tell you what. There is one thing I can do.

Marlena: What?

John: Before I ever sell out to DiMera... and let him pay off my investors with their blood money--I'll dissolve Basic Black. Because I will be the one that pays them back. I don't care if it costs me every cent that I have.

Madison: What Brady and I do in our personal time is none of your business.

Sami: [Sighs]

Madison: I thought I already made it perfectly clear to you, Sami, I'm your employer. You're my employee. I make the rules. And my personal life is off limits to you.

Sami: Brady is my step-brother, and you are my boss, and he owns the company. So this entire situation is incredibly uncomfortable.

Madison: For who?

Sami: Me!

Madison: Okay. Sami, whatever it is you think is going on between Brady and me, it's not going to affect this company. It's not going to affect your job, so you need to let it go.

Sami: Madison, this isn't about business, okay? This is personal.

Madison: Sami, stop! You have already made it abundantly clear how you feel about Brady and me, I got it.

Sami: Fine. Fine, I will let it go. But let me just say that if you are sleeping with Brady, you are making a huge mistake, and you are totally gonna regret it.

Marlena: Carrie?

Carrie: Oh.

Marlena: Rafe, I'm so glad you're here.

Rafe: Yeah.

Carrie: Marlena, what's going on?

Rafe: Where's John?

Marlena: They should be bringing him up very soon.

Rafe: All right.

John: Hey, there you are.

Rafe: What's up, hey.

Marlena: Oh.

Rafe: John, good to see you.

John: How are you, Rafe?

Carrie: John, what's happening? We've been trying to see you all morning, they said you weren't available.

John: Yeah, I had some visitors.

Carrie: Who?

John: Well, Stefano and his boy.

Carrie: Why wasn't I notified?

Marlena: I'm guessing they got in because EJ is the attorney of record for the class-action suit.

Carrie: I'll talk to my dad, make sure it never happens again.

Marlena: I wouldn't bother with that. Stefano will get in somehow. Look what he's already done to John.

Rafe: I agree. Yeah, he's definitely had someone working the inside of this investigation. Probably from the beginning.

John: Why would you say something like that? Hey, it's a Paris photo. What does this have to do with Stefano's mole?

Rafe: We discovered something new about the photo.

Carrie: We know for sure that the date stamp was altered.

Rafe: That photo was taken a long time ago. And we can prove it.

Madison: I don't want to hear another word out of you about Brady and me.

Sami: Madison, we skinned our knees on the playground together, you should know that my stepbrother has a bad track record with women.

Madison: So--not that it's any of your business, Sami, but I happen to have a really bad track record with men, so... maybe we're perfect together.

Sami: What if he breaks your heart?

Madison: Sami, I promise you I can take care of myself. And what I need from you, I need you to focus on what you're here to do. What matters most to you here, and that's your job!

Sami: Madison, for the record, I am doing my job. It's covered. But what isn't in my job description is coming in the middle of this situation between you and Brady when everything goes south.

Madison: Yeah, finally, we agree on something!

Sami: Can you guarantee it?

Madison: [Sighs] Sami, I really don't know what else to say. If you feel so strongly about this, maybe it's time for you to look for another job.

Sami: Are you threatening to fire me?

Madison: No. Not yet.

Sami: [Sighs]

Madison: But if you can't keep your focus entirely on what you were hired to do here, I won't hesitate.

EJ: Will you two please stop, all right? You're one expletive away from having your own reality television show.

Nicole: Excuse me, if I'm going to stay in this house, I'm not going to put up with her garbage.

Kate: This is my house, and I will do what I want, and I don't care if some temporary bed bug gets upset.

EJ: This is my father's house, thank you.

Kate: [Sighs]

EJ: And if you're both going to live here, you have to learn to live in peace, please.

Kate: Why would I even bother? She's not gonna be here very long.

Nicole: You know...

EJ: Kate, Nicole is my wife, okay? I'm hoping she's gonna stay here for the rest of her life. Nicole, Kate is my father's wife. She has every single right to be here. Now the two of you are just going to have to learn to live here without any bloodshed, so will you please just bury the hatchet?

Nicole: Yeah, I'll tell you where I'd like to bury the hatchet.

Kate: Oh!

EJ: Okay, I'm not asking you to be friends. I'm just asking you to be civil, all right? For me. For Christmas.

Kate: [Sighs]

Nicole: Fine, honey. You know what? I'll do it for you and for peace in this house and goodwill towards men.

EJ: Thank you. And you, Kate?

Kate: Fine. Just don't expect me to hug her.

Nicole: Don't worry, the only embrace you'll get from me is a tight grip around your throat.

EJ: [Sighs] Ladies, it's the holidays, so why don't you just do this for me as an early Christmas present, okay?

Kate: Hm, speaking of the holidays, I have shopping to do, I need to get going. So if we have settled the terms of this detente, I'm off.

EJ: [Chuckles]

Nicole: What, you think this is funny?

EJ: I don't think it's funny. She can be difficult, okay? I understand that. But if you're going to live in this house, you're going to have to learn to ignore her, okay?

Nicole: Yeah, well, that's impossible.

EJ: Okay?

Nicole: No, it's not okay, it's impossible.

EJ: It's impossible? Really? Know what else is impossible, Little Miss Impossible? Ignoring you.

Nicole: [Giggles] Really?

EJ: Mm-hm.

Nicole: Ah... [Giggles]

Rafe: Now whoever doctored that photo didn't do their homework as well as they should have. Allegedly that photo was taken several years before the cafe installed it's new awnings. Now those awnings would have prevented the shadows that you see there, so obviously the picture was taken before the awnings.

John: So I was there. Explains why I remember it.

Marlena: That's what you need to exonerate him.

Carrie: It's a big step in the right direction.

John: Mm-hm.

Rafe: Would you excuse me for a moment? I need to call Sami.

John: Absolutely, family first Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Marlena: I'll come along. I wanna check the hospital, I've got a new patient.

Carrie: How are you really doing? Are you okay?

John: Yeah, I'm hanging in there. You know, Carrie, this is really good. But in the meantime, I need to make a move on my own.

Carrie: What's that?

John: Something that I am going to need your help with.

[Phone rings]

Sami: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: How's it going?

Sami: [Sighs] It's good.

Rafe: Uh-oh, what happened?

Sami: Oh, I'll fill you in later. How are things with you?

Rafe: Oh, I'm down at the police station with John and I was thinking about you.

Sami: That's so sweet of you.

Rafe: And I wanted to tell you I love you.

Sami: I love you too. Um, I should probably let you... go back to John.

Rafe: Well, okay. I'll talk to you later then.

Sami: Okay.

Nicole: [Heavy breathing]

EJ: Looks like you could use this.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, after going a few rounds with Kate, definitely, uh-- seriously?

EJ: Mm-hm.

Nicole: Give me it. EJ... thank you. You know what? Speaking of which, you know, if we're gonna spend a lot of quality time with the family during the holidays, can you just please make sure that the bar is fully stocked?

EJ: I will alert the staff.

Nicole: [Sighs] Good.

EJ: [Laughs]

Nicole: Seriously, um, how was your meeting with John?

EJ: Uh, he balked at Father's and my offer to buy Basic Black.

Nicole: You didn't really think he'd agree, did you?

EJ: He's a broken man. You know? I mean, considering what a decent chap he likes to think of himself as, I thought he'd take the opportunity to pay back all those investors that he defrauded.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm sure he wants to, but not by selling his company to the family he thinks set him up.

EJ: Maybe you're right.

Nicole: Mm-hm, maybe.

EJ: Mm. Better go and see if any messages came in for me while I was playing referee.

Nicole: You know, EJ... um... I've never brought this up before, but I have to admit I am curious.

EJ: Uh, about what, sweetheart?

Nicole: Are the rumors true? Did you or Stefano have anything to do with John's situation? Are you responsible for embezzling all that money?

EJ: Do you really think that I would be capable of something like that?

Nicole: Yes, I do.

Carrie: What do you need me to do?

John: I wanna repay all the people who've been hurt by this fiasco. I don't care if I have to liquidate my company and leverage everything I've got. I need to make this right.

Carrie: Where is this coming from?

Marlena: Why don't you tell Carrie why you're so motivated?

Carrie: I assume it has to do with EJ and Stefano's visit?

John: Absolutely. They wanna buy out Basic Black and make good to all my investors... and there's no way I'm ever gonna let that happen.

Carrie: I agree, but unfortunately you're not in a position to repay anyone right now.

Brady: Ahem, Sami! Hello, just the person I was hoping to see.

Sami: Why?

Brady: Why? Because I wanted to ask you a question. I wanted to ask you what the hell you were thinking.

Sami: Me?

Brady: Yeah, I spoke to Madison.

Sami: [Sighs]

Brady: Tell me, where do you get off getting involved in Madison's personal life, or mine for that matter, hm?

Sami: Hey, wait a second. I warned you that dating Madison wasn't a very good idea. It's not my fault that you didn't take my advice. I mean, look it's obvious--you two are so not a good fit.

Brady: Excuse me... that's for Madison and me to decide, not you. And second of all, you're the last person in the world that I would take relationship advice from.

Sami: Oh...

Brady: And third of all, this is how things work at work, Sami, okay? Madison's your boss, I'm your boss, and that means you don't get to question what goes on in the workplace or outside of it.

Sami: What? You're acting like this is none of my business, but you have a relationship with Madison and then it doesn't work out--who do you think she's gonna take it out on? Me, that's who.

Brady: That is completely untrue.

Sami: Oh, it's totally true. Look, Brady, this is really going well for me. This is a great start for my career, and I think I'm a really good fit at Titan and Mad World. I mean, I proved it by getting that account with Anthony Morrison.

Brady: That's true, I know you did and that was great, that was terrific, and more of those contracts are going to come around as long as you keep your focus on doing your job, Sami.

Sami: This is more than that. This is an opportunity for me, and if your office fling blows up, than what's gonna happen to me?

Brady: [Indistinct mumbling]

Sami: What?

Brady: It's just so typical of you. It's always about you, Sami. When are you gonna change?

Sami: [Sighs]

[Phone rings]

Madison: Hi. Sorry, I missed your call, I turned off my phone. Why? Uh, I was tired. Yes, I'm telling you the truth. No. I told you I'm handling my business. No, I don't need you to come to Salem. Look, I have to run, okay? I'm late for a meeting, but I promise you I will do better about keeping in touch.

EJ: You must think I'm capable of just about anything.

Nicole: In other words even if you are responsible for John's fall from grace, you're not gonna tell me, right?

EJ: Nicole, I want to have an open, honest relationship with you. One where we share everything. But you have to understand there are certain things... it's just--it's better for both of us if you don't know.

Nicole: Okay. I get that, you and I have been through this before. I know what it's like to be with a DiMera.

EJ: You're okay with that?

Nicole: If there are things that you can't tell me, fine. But I have a few ground rules of my own.

EJ: I'm listening.

Nicole: I am your PR director... and although it would be helpful to know everything, okay, I understand for both our sakes that that may not be possible.

EJ: I'm sure you do.

Nicole: But when it comes to our personal life, EJ, secrets and lies destroyed us. I have learned my lesson, and I just wanna make sure you have too. Because no matter what, no matter how badly we want this to work, Kate will be right and we should just give up now. So if there is anything--anything at all you wanna tell me, now is the time. [Heavy breathing] EJ, is there something you wanna tell me?

EJ: Yeah. There is something I want to tell you.

John: No, I don't understand. If I want to pay back the people who were damaged by my company that is my choice.

Carrie: Yes, but right now your assets are frozen and that's the way it's gonna stay until the civil trial is over.

Marlena: But if John is offering to pay the people back, why would there even be a civil hearing?

John: There won't be anything to go after.

Carrie: I can present your proposal to the judge.

John: We gotta do that right away.

Carrie: Okay, but EJ is handling the suit, so most likely he'll oppose. I don't want you to expect any sort of decision from the court any time soon.

John: Oh, of course not, especially since the DiMeras want to buy me out.

Rafe: Is that what they were doing here earlier?

John: That's right. Yeah, they want all the glory of paying off my investors.

Rafe: Oh, let me guess. They want to help you save face and in the process they come out looking like the heroes.

John: You got it.

Marlena: And that way EJ can ride the good press all the way to the mayor's office.

John: Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen. Because I will never make a deal with a DiMera!

Sami: Brady, I am not trying to be difficult.

Brady: No, you're just thinking about yourself is what you're doing.

Sami: Yes, I need this job.

Brady: If you think that my relationship with Madison is gonna keep you from doing your work, then maybe neither one of us should be your boss. Think about it.

Sami: [Sighs]

Kate: Having a bad day?

EJ: Look, Nicole, I've made some mistakes in this relationship, okay? In fact, a minute ago one of them just came back to me.

Nicole: Huh, dare I ask what that is?

EJ: No, Nicole, because what is in the past is not important.

Nicole: Yeah, I can only imagine why.

EJ: What is important--

Nicole: Mm-hm.

EJ: Is that I'm a changed man. And from this moment forward, I'm going to be honest with you, and I will never hurt you.

Nicole: Do you really mean that?

EJ: I love you. Trust that, okay?

Nicole: God help me, I do. And I love you too.

EJ: Hey, come back.

Nicole: No.

EJ: Mm-hm.

Nicole: [Giggles] [Kisses] Okay.

EJ: You have done enough work for today, thank you.

Nicole: I have? Wha--? Okay, all right, mm-hm. What's going on here? What's going on?

EJ: Nothing. Maybe an early, uh, Christmas present--possibly for you. I might have arranged for a massage therapist to iron out any kinks that you might have.

Nicole: Oh, wow, what did I do to deserve that?

EJ: Charity thing. You worked very hard. I think you deserve a break.

Nicole: Wow, thank you.

EJ: Oh, they're upstairs.

Nicole: The massage is right now?

EJ: Right now.

Nicole: Now, now?

EJ: In the house--now, now, absolutely. Go on, go upstairs, I'll send Mary up when they're ready.

Nicole: Oh, thank you so much, I really need this. Especially after my little run-in with Kate.

EJ: Mm-hm.

Nicole: I'm off. Whoo!

Marlena: No one can force you to make a deal with Stefano or his family.

[Knock on door]

Officer: Sorry, I have to take Mr. Black back to his cell now.

John: Aw, all good things come to an end. And this is good. Thanks for everything.

Rafe: Hey, we're not done yet.

John: That's a fact.

Carrie: Don't give up hope, okay?

John: I'm impressed again.

Carrie: Heh, good.

Marlena: I'll come down and say goodnight.

John: I'll be there.

Marlena: Something's going on here, isn't there?

Rafe: Heh. Yes, you're right, there is.

Carrie: We were about to bring it up to John, but then he had that outburst about Stefano, and I'm glad we didn't.

Marlena: Okay, fine, tell me what it is.

Rafe: Oh, just something that could potentially get him out of jail.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Why didn't you tell him?

Rafe: Because it means he would have to make a deal with the DiMeras.

[Door opens]

Brady: Hi.

Madison: Hi.

Brady: Have you been waiting long?

Madison: I got tied up with some calls so I just got here.

Brady: I'm sorry I'm late. I ran into one of your employees in the square.

Madison: Let me guess, Sami Brady?

Brady: You win, ding, wanna go for the bonus round?

Madison: [Sighs] Fire away.

Brady: I told her that there's one subject that she's not allowed to bring up anymore. Us.

Madison: You did? Thank you. I'm sure that went over really well.

Brady: Yeah, you win again.

Madison: As much as I hate to admit it, 'cause she's kind of a pain my butt sometimes-- [Laughter] She's really been an asset to Mad World.

Brady: Yeah, she has. But I'll tell you, that doesn't justify her sticking her nose in our business.

Madison: No, I doesn't, um, I just--I can kind of understand where she's coming from. I think Sami just doesn't want things to get messy between us.

Brady: Neither do I.

Sami: Yes, Kate, I am having a bad day, and I don't need you to make it worse.

Kate: Sorry, sorry, but, you know, my day hasn't exactly been one of sunshine and lollipops either.

Sami: [Laughs]

Kate: And, uh, believe me, I didn't come over here to make your day worse.

Sami: Really? 'Cause I would think stomping the hell out of me would be totally sunshine and lollipops for you.

Kate: I came over here, because I overheard the argument you were having with Brady.

Sami: Did you enjoy the show?

Kate: No. I know what Brady is like. Philip used to tell me all the time about how stubborn he was at the office, and I know that Madison is a nightmare. I also know that she unloaded on you earlier.

Sami: How did you know that? Never mind. To your spies.

Kate: Hey. I know you're in a tough spot.

Sami: Yes, I am. You gave me good advice, and I took it, and I stood up for myself. You know how long that lasted me? Two days. Now I'm in a position where I have two options. I can either suck it up and let Madison walk all over me... or I can quit, which isn't an option at all, because I have a family to support.

Kate: I'm well aware of that. Which is why I think there's something that I can do for you.

Sami: Wha--?

[Knock on door]

Sami: Oh! Uh, come in, I'm ready.

[Door opens]

Sami: [Sighs]

Man: [Foreign accent] You are warm enough?

Nicole: Oh, uh, you're a man. [Chuckles] I thought my husband would book a woman therapist.

Man: Oh, would you be more comfortable with a female therapist?

Nicole: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's okay, it's okay, let's get started.

Man: Good.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Man: Do you know what kind of therapy you would like?

Nicole: Ooh... as deep as you can go, I have kinks in places that you wouldn't believe. Mm. Oh, yeah. Oh, that feels really good. Um, hey, hey! Okay, hey! [Giggles]

Man: Oh, sorry, I apologize.

Nicole: It's, uh, it's okay. Oh, yeah, that feels really good. You know, you have a perfect touch. Really strong hands.

Man: Oh, thank you.

Nicole: Mm-hm. Is the rest of your body as strong as your hands?

Man: Heh, well...

Nicole: Oh, my. Oh, you are rock solid.

Man: Ah, well, you're very kind.

Nicole: Mm-hm. Yeah, you know, what you're doing right now is fine, but I can think of a few ways to make this massage even better.

Man: Ya?

Nicole: Mm-hm.

Man: Such as?

Nicole: Well, you can turn around, lock the door, and take your shirt off.

Man: Ah, but you know your husband is downstairs, I don't, uh...

Nicole: Shh-shh-shh, you heard me. He'll never know.

Carrie: Bo and Hope came to us and they told us they had been going through Alice's things, and they found an IOU from Stefano to Alice.

Marlena: An IOU?

Rafe: Yeah. It basically says that the bearer of the card should be entitled to every courtesy that would be afforded to Stefano DiMera himself.

Marlena: Why would Alice have such a thing? She would never have anything to do with Stefano.

Carrie: Well, apparently Stefano gave it to Alice after she helped Susan find lifesaving medical treatment for EJ when he was a baby.

Marlena: Oh, and so Stefano found out about that and then felt indebted to Alice.

Rafe: Yeah, it seems so. So he gave her the golden ticket.

Carrie: But she hid it and never used it.

Marlena: How smart of Alice. Not like she would ever want such a thing anyway, she couldn't use it.

Carrie: Until now.

Marlena: Why until now?

Rafe: Well, because like Hope pointed out to us, this IOU could potentially be John's "get out of jail free" card.

Sami: I'm sorry, did you just offer to--what, help me?

Kate: Why is that so unbelievable? Didn't I help you with the kids just the other day?

Sami: Oh, yeah, yeah. Thank you again for that, I couldn't get them to sleep from all the sugar you gave them.

Kate: Well, I told you grandmothers and sugar go together.

Sami: Right, grandmothers, sugar--two words I never thought I would associate with you. Look... thank you, Kate, I appreciate it, but I think it would be better if I did not take your help.

Kate: Sami... I just--I think it would be a shame if you let Madison and Brady hurt your career.

Sami: Why?

Kate: Okay, now I can't believe I'm going to say this-- but you have potential. You have really been on a roll.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Kate: Listen to me. You managed to grab Anthony Morrison--that was quite a feat.

Sami: Now you're praising me?

Kate: Yes. You have taken to this industry, and I can absolutely understand why you wouldn't want your talents to be short-changed. And let me tell you one thing, they wouldn't be at Countess Wilhelmina. Okay, now I'm going to join the holiday hordes and finish my Christmas shopping.

Brady: Look, not that Sami has a point, because she doesn't have a point. But yeah, there's a reason why people don't date in the workplace, because it gets messy, and our job is to make sure it doesn't get messy. For the company's sake, of course.

Madison: Yes, I know.

Brady: Yeah.

Madison: It's gonna take some work though, Brady. We're both headstrong, passionate people, and we're not always gonna agree on stuff.

Brady: That's very true. But that doesn't mean we should worry about things that haven't come up yet. I mean, come on--this is our honeymoon stage of our little relationship, all right? This is the part where everything's perfect so let's just enjoy that.

Madison: It is pretty perfect, isn't it?

Brady: I think it's pretty damn perfect, yeah. So let's not worry about Sami or anything that hasn't come up yet, because there are no issues. I mean, you've been open, and you've told me about your commitment issues, right?

Madison: I did tell you about those, didn't I?

Brady: Mm-hm. And you know all about my little track record with, you know, Chloe, Nicole, Arianna--

Madison: Yeah, absolutely enough--plenty said about all of them.

Brady: Okay, all right. We don't have secrets... and I like that. And that's the way it should be.

Nicole: Hey there, stud. What's taking so long, huh? I'm not getting anywhere near my happy ending. Let's go, let's go. Locked door, shirt off, hands on me, come on.

EJ: [Foreign accent] You know, I'm not sure this is exactly the kind of massage your husband had in mind.

Nicole: [Giggles] Mm-hm. Oh. Oh, my, that's definitely much better. Listen... what my husband doesn't know, won't hurt him.

EJ: All right, okay, that's enough, Nicole!

Nicole: [Gasps]

EJ: What are you doing?

Nicole: Honey, what are you doing here?

EJ: Oh, yeah.

Nicole: [Laughs] I totally got you.

EJ: You little...

Nicole: [Laughs] Oh, come on.

EJ: You're telling me you knew all along?

Nicole: Yes, I did know. Please, really.

EJ: Fine.

Nicole: Those abs, those pecs... seriously, it's going to take a little more than a funny little accent to fool me, EJ.

EJ: Right.

Nicole: Yeah. Um, excuse me, where are you going?

EJ: Excuse you.

Nicole: No, no, no, no, no, no, come back here.

EJ: No, no, ah, ah!

Nicole: Come back here.

EJ: No.

Nicole: You, sir, are going to give me the exact massage that my husband wanted me to have, because I want my happy ending.

EJ: Yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hm.

EJ: You're lucky.

Nicole: Oh! Mm...

John: Damn you, DiMera.

Marlena: I'm really amazed that Stefano gave Alice an IOU card.

Carrie: Do you think if we were able to force the issue, John would use it?

Marlena: I know what John would say. No.

Carrie: That's why we're asking you, and that's what I was afraid you'd say. I don't want my family indebted to Stefano.

Rafe: Well, remember that this is a debt that Stefano owes to Alice Horton.

Marlena: I understand that, Rafe, but somehow he would hold that over our heads.

Carrie: I know that sounds like something Stefano would do. But this might be John's only hope.

Marlena: What about the picture? I mean, can't we use that to exonerate John?

Rafe: Oh, sure. The picture proves a lot. But that might not be all we need. Like I said, there are no guarantees.

Carrie: So do we make a deal with the devil and use this IOU or not?

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Maggie: I get a sense that there's still something that you haven't told me.

Lexie: Are you asking for doctor-patient confidentiality?

Daniel: Yes.

Hope: It could be our best shot of ending this nightmare--

Marlena: If it works!

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