Days Transcript Tuesday 12/13/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/13/11


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Madison: Hi.

Brady: Hi.

Madison: I-I'm sorry. I had to run off to that meeting.

Brady: That's all right. Duty called.

Madison: Hey. We were in the middle of something, and I took off, and you're mad. I know.

Brady: Something, something?

Madison: We were having a conversation.

Brady: We--you know what we were doing? We were actually kissing is what we were doing.

Madison: I know what we were doing Brady. I know, because I remember it very well. And I was just wondering if you wanted to continue the talking part of what we were doing, maybe, with me? Over dinner? We could--we could have a do-over. We could go back to the Mandalay Cafe and have cake.

Brady: [Laughs]

Madison: I really want to make it up to you.

Brady: There's no need. You see, I never make the same mistake twice.

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. Um, come on in. How are you?

Daniel: Oh, I'm cold but I'm good.

Jennifer: Good, good.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: Um, how's Melanie? Is she good?

Daniel: She's doing good, you know, considering what happened.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: But she's a tough cookie. Yeah, how's, uh--how's Abigail?

Jennifer: She's good. She's, uh, better than I am right now. Hey, do you think this could be, um, bad for Abigail down the line? I mean, she's dealt with so much this past year you know with Jack coming back, and--

Daniel: No, you know what, I think she'll be fine. Yeah, she's a tough cookie too. Yeah, and if she ever needs help... but you--you know, you are such a wonderful mother. You know that?

Jennifer: I don't know about that.

Daniel: You do, you are. You know, and you take direction very well.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: Well, you got this whole warm, casual thing going on--it's cute.

Jennifer: Oh, right, because I--well I mean, I didn't want to overdress for our very secretive date which is?

Daniel: Yeah, you want a hint?

Jennifer: Is it still secret?

Daniel: Humor me.

Jennifer: Okay. All right. Give me a hint.

Daniel: Well, you're probably gonna be black and blue afterwards. But for the most part, you should find it exhilarating.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: You look hungry.

John: Is this for real?

Marlena: Well, did you make some other plans for tonight?

John: No, not...

Marlena: Good. I've cleared my schedule so I can have supper all alone with my husband.

John: Thank you.

Marlena: I'll be your server this evening.

John: Well, you know, sweetheart, I haven't had one good moment in this joint until now. I imagine Roman had something to do with this.

Marlena: Let's say it's good to have friends in high places.

John: I hope he didn't get himself in trouble by giving me some preferential treatment.

Marlena: No, I made sure he was okay with the risk. See your uh, your guard seems to like you.

John: Ah, McCoy and I, yeah, we--we go way back.

Marlena: He told me what a good man you were. Because apparently I didn't know that already.

John: Well, I'm not too sure many people in Salem would agree with him right about now.

Marlena: Uh-uh. And if there are those people, they're just wrong.

John: [Whispers] And you're just a little biased.

Marlena: No, I'm very clear who you are. You're the finest man I've ever known.

Madison: Okay, I'm an idiot.

Brady: Ah, that's--come on, that's kinda harsh. I would go with-- I would go with pain in the...neck. That works for me.

Madison: I was just hoping that we could start over.

Brady: You see, I need you to clarify that.

Madison: Well clarify how?

Brady: What, what exactly are we starting over?

Madison: I don't know, Brady. Whatever this is. Or whatever it was. Or whatever it's gonna be. I don't... I'm sorry. I was wrong. [Sighs] I should have known better. I'm--I'm out of here.

Brady: Madison wait, wait, wait, come on. I said I didn't want to repeat the same mistake twice.

Madison: I know, I heard you the first time.

Brady: Meaning I don't wanna recreate a situation or scenario that didn't work the first time. That doesn't appeal to me. I wanted to do something different.

Madison: Oh.

Brady: Oh. Oh, what?

Madison: That's good. [Laughs] That's... what did you have in mind?

Brady: I will show you. Come on. Come on.

Jennifer: No, I am serious. I have not done this in a really long time, so you can't laugh. Even with the best tips from my cousin Hope, who's, like, a pro skater, I'm not good. But, on the plus side, I'm with a doctor.

Daniel: Yeah, on the minus side, I might fall on my face first.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Daniel: Just saying, come on. Let's go.

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Wait, hold on. Oh, it's Jack. I'll call him back.

Daniel: No, maybe you should take that.

Jennifer: Are you sure?

Daniel: Yeah, of course. You know, I'll just be right over there.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Jennifer: Hey, Jack. [Laughs] What?

Madison: What in the world? Are you kidding me?

Brady: See, you wanted to recreate the wrong thing. I wanted to recreate the night of the blizzard. Because that was the night I really got to know you. It's probably one of the best nights I can remember in a long time.

Madison: I didn't see this coming.

Brady: I pride myself on that.

Madison: You missed something though.

Brady: I missed something? What are you talking about? I got the chips, I got the-- the wine, everything.

Madison: It's not snowing.

Brady: [Sighs] It's not snowing.

Madison: [Laughs]

Brady: Well, you know, Madison, you can't have everything. Sorry I-- you know what, sometimes maybe you can though.

Madison: Oh, man. You win.

Brady: It's snowing.

Madison: You win.

Brady: Tell me right now that you're very impressed with me.

Madison: Oh, you could say that.

Brady: And I'm not even through yet. I'm just warming up.

Madison: I was...really pretty sure you were through with me altogether about five minutes ago.

Brady: That was all part of the setup.

Madison: I see.

Brady: So seriously, what do you--what do you think? Do you like it?

Madison: I think it's the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me.

Brady: Well, then I guess I win. You were right.

Madison: I guess I should walk away from your kisses more often.

Brady: How about you don't?

Jennifer: All right, sorry about that, thanks for waiting.

Daniel: No problem at all.

Jennifer: Jack was just calling to see how Abigail was doing.

Daniel: Ah, I figured. How is Jack anyway? I didn't realize his PTSD was so severe.

Jennifer: Yeah. Um, he's good. I think he's embarrassed. But he wanted me to tell you thanks again for last night, for everything that you did.

Daniel: I know, we were all out of our mind. I mean, the kids were being held hostage. And Jack, he was in a prison in Afghanistan for over a year. I can't even comprehend what he's been going through.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know. I'm just sort of starting to understand it a little bit. But he's open to getting help, so that's great.

Daniel: Good.

Jennifer: Hey, would you like some hot cocoa?

Daniel: Hey, you know what, I would. If you put a little extra chocolate in there.

Jennifer: Okay, I will. Can you hold these for me?

Daniel: Oh, what in the... oh, my God, you know, it's gonna take some serious surgical skills to undo this knot.

Jennifer: Okay, I warned you I have not used these in a long time.

Daniel: I see that.

Jennifer: But I'm very lucky because I know this great surgeon that could probably get that out.

Daniel: Yeah, you do. Well, it'll cost you hot chocolate, now go get it.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Oh, my God. [Sighs]

Marlena: How did the hearing go today?

John: [Sighs] Well, people weren't holding back.

Marlena: [Sighs] I hate that I wasn't allowed to be there for you.

John: It was bad enough that I was. People who worked for me, clients... one after another, after another just ripped me to shreds.

Marlena: There's so much anger coming into you for something you never did.

John: Yeah, you know, I wanted to say that... it just took my breath away to hear how these people's lives were destroyed. I wanna get their money back for them now more than ever.

Marlena: And you will.

John: Damn right I will. I will liquidate everything I have. Whatever it takes to pay back every single penny that was stolen.

Jennifer: Here you go. Hot cocoa, extra cocoa, extra-- with extra--

Daniel: Sweet, whip it good.

Jennifer: Oh, the knot. It stumped you.

Daniel: No it didn't, no. I just, you know, I got a phone call, I was distracted, I didn't get a chance to get that--

Jennifer: You know what, let's just break out your scalpel and be done with this whole thing.

Daniel: Amen.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

[Knocks on door]

Brady: You know, the great thing about recreating a blizzard without the real snow is the fact that the guys at the Thai place can actually get the food to you.

Madison: Did you get the coconut soup?

Brady: Uh, no they were out of--of course, I got the coconut soup.

Madison: Oh, I am very happy.

Brady: You know what, that's what I was trying to do, Madison, was make you happy.

Madison: You've succeeded.

Brady: Have a seat.

Madison: I know that I don't... make it easy on you.

Brady: No, you don't. [Laughs]

Madison: I'm sorry. I know it would have been a lot simpler for you to just walk away from me, and I really appreciate a lot that you didn't.

Brady: I don't know what in the world would make you think that it would be easy to walk away from you. Because that might be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

Madison: You're really getting to me, Brady.

Brady: I hope so. Because I happen to know that underneath all that barbed-wire fencing that you put around to protect yourself, there lies a very amazing woman. And I know what it's like to be guarded. I happen to be very protective myself.

Madison: Well, it's not easy to just let people in.

Brady: Yeah, but see, the night of this blizzard, that's what you did-- you let me in. You talked about your feelings, you talked about your childhood, and I appreciated it very much.

Madison: Well it was simple with you, to be honest.

Brady: And not to mention, when my nephew went missing, you stepped up, you were so supportive. That was huge of you.

Madison: That whole night I, you know, just terrified me.

Brady: Well... that night was the night that I really got you.

Madison: Anyone would have jumped in to help.

Brady: Not in the way you did. It was the way you did it. Because anybody can look at you and see that you're beautiful. Anybody can talk to you for five minutes and see that you're smart, but... who the hell knew that you were compassionate?

Madison: I'm just a trifecta of perfection. Is that right?

Brady: No, you're a pain in the ass, but, but... I like that about you too.

Madison: I have always wanted someone to tell me how eminently perfect I am.

Brady: [Laughs] Enjoy it.

Marlena: Carrie told me that she and Rafe have found some new information. It seemed that that photograph of you in Paris might have been doctored.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. So that would show that you're innocent. And uh, that would make a big difference, wouldn't it? Maybe they can prove that now. So, if somebody cared enough to doctor the photograph, it means that they would be... why didn't you tell me this?

John: Because I didn't want you getting all excited about it like you are right now.

Marlena: But Carrie is hoping that maybe she can win the civil case and introduce the new evidence, and then the judge--

John: I know what Carrie's hoping, and I'm not giving up hope. It's just that... what we need here, baby, is a miracle.

Marlena: I believe in miracles.

John: I know, I do too. But we also have to be realistic. And the fact is this could be as good as it gets for us for the rest of my life. I may never get out of here, and if that is the case, you need to start thinking about what's gonna happen next. You need to start making plans, Doc. For the future; for the rest of your life.

Jennifer: You're limping.

Daniel: No, no I'm not limping at all, I'm not. I am not limping. And at least I didn't almost take out half of the junior class at Salem High.

Jennifer: That was funny. Did you see the look on their face when I was speeding toward them?

Daniel: I did, but you know what, you don't have to worry. You were skating so fast, I don't think they could ID you. You were like--

Jennifer: Oh, I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow.

Daniel: Yes you are, but who warned you? I warned you.

Jennifer: You warned me, but you know what? It was worth every second.

Daniel: Yes, it was.

Jennifer: Hey, uh, do you have one of those, um, those hotpads in your doctor kit in your trunk?

Daniel: What were you doing in my trunk looking at my hotpad?

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Daniel: Oh, by the way, are you gonna be okay for tomorrow night?

Jennifer: What, tomorrow?

Daniel: Tomorrow, what I didn't mention that? No, oh, there's two parts to this date, yeah. And part deux is a little more user-friendly.

Jennifer: Daniel--

Daniel: No, you gotta hear me out, hear me out on this. All right, a ballet company from Scotland is touring the Nutcracker. They're gonna be in Salem. For one night only. And who scored tickets? I did for me and you, and we're gonna do this.

Jennifer: I wish you would have told me that you were gonna do that.

Daniel: You don't like the ballet.

Jennifer: No, I love the ballet.

Daniel: Hmm.

Jennifer: Jack got us tickets.

Daniel: Oh. Wow, uh, okay.

Jennifer: And I didn't mean not to tell you. It, it's--tomorrow night-- tomorrow night is Jack's night, and I thought that you knew that so--

Daniel: No, no, I did know that, I really did. I did, I just, um, screwed up.

Jennifer: No, you didn't screw up. You did something really sweet. And I feel terrible.

Daniel: Well, don't.

Jennifer: Well, I do.

Daniel: Because you're upset and that's the last thing that I want you to feel.

Daniel: You know, Jennifer, uh... we need to talk.

Madison: Really, Brady? Using chopsticks does not mean stabbing the chicken with the sharp end.

Brady: [Laughs] Hey, did I eat? Look. I ate, right? Mission accomplished.

Madison: You're very pragmatic.

Brady: [Sighs] Pragmatic, that is definitely a word that's never been used to describe me. Ever.

Madison: [Laughs]

Brady: Do you mind if, uh, we switch gears for just a little second?

Madison: Sure.

Brady: You did--I mean did you mean it? Do you really wanna try this?

Madison: The Pad Thai? Yes, Brady. I meant it. I really, really wanna try this.

Brady: I'm glad to hear that.

Madison: I can't promise you that I'm not gonna resort to shutting down completely when things get too close every once in a while, sometimes.

Brady: I understand. There's one other thing though.

Madison: Just one?

Brady: Well, yeah, whenever the whole, you know, "Brady, I don't want--we shouldn't date. No, no dating coworkers, I can't do that, Brady."

Madison: Forget I ever said that.

Brady: Good.

Madison: Well, we're in an office, after all. Usually, when a deal is struck, people shake hands.

Brady: Hmm. Not--you know... I don't wanna shake hands. I have something else in mind.

Madison: Yeah, I bet you do.

Brady: Excuse me. [Clears throat]

[Romantic music]

Brady: Look, hey, it's not the--it's not the "stuck in the snow" mix, okay, but it'll do.

Madison: Yeah. It will.

Brady: Why don't we seal the deal with a dance?

Madison: [Giggles]

Marlena: I don't want you to worry about me, okay? I'm all right. I'm keeping busy. I miss you like I miss air, but I really am managing. In fact I, I may take a position at Salem U.

John: Really?

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

John: Start your old practice again?

Marlena: No, I'd be heading up a psychiatric residency program.

John: No way.

Marlena: [Laughs] I know.

John: Well, that's amazing. It's a little bit more than a job. Congratulations.

Marlena: Yeah. And I would even get a handful of new patients.

John: I'm happy for you. But you know that's not what I'm talking about.

Marlena: Oh, I know. But if you're wanting to talk about divorcing me, so I can move forward, well then, I just--

John: You are far too young to consign yourself to this kind of obligation to me.

Marlena: This is not an obligation. You're my husband. I love you more than the day that I married you. Again. It's not an obligation. It's devotion. And I will be by your side until the day I die.

John: I'm just trying to find some way to make you happy.

Marlena: I know, well happiness is kind of a relative thing, you know? I mean, I'm just... terribly unhappy that you're in here right now. And I am so sublimely happy... with my heart filled with love for you. So I will spend my time doing anything that I can to get you out of here and get you home, so say it's okay that I do anything that I need to, okay?

John: What? What'd you mean by that?

Marlena: Nothing, I j--I just meant that I really, I really want to have you home.

John: Blah, blah, what are you talking about? Wait. What's going on? Is there something you're not telling me?

Jennifer: Uh, what do you want to talk about?

Daniel: Let's talk about the situation that we find ourselves in.

Jennifer: Okay. Um... yeah, I mean, it hasn't been easy, I know that.

Daniel: No. You dating me and Jack has not been easy.

Jennifer: I mean, I never imagined in a million years--

Daniel: That it would be this hard?

Jennifer: Th-there would have to be a choice made, you know?

Daniel: You know, if Jack hadn't come back to Salem, I think we'd be a lot further along. I really do.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Daniel: But the thing is, Jen, he did come back. It's kinda like now, we're--we're in some kind of holding pattern. You know, it's kind of like, I don't even know how to say this, but it's like, I think we're giving lip-service to this date wait-and-see thing.

Jennifer: Yeah, I hear what you're saying and you're right.

Daniel: And you know what, I think when I said it wasn't easy, the truth be told, for me, this is torture. For me.

Jennifer: I'm sorry.

Daniel: All right, and I'm guessing that Jack feels the same way. But I'm also guessing that, you know, for him, he's probably not as miserable. I'm sure he thinks he's got a little leg up on me.

Jennifer: Why, because we have a past that we shared?

Daniel: No, you guys have children. And I'm just some guy you started dating when you didn't think your husband was gonna come home.

Jennifer: No, you are not just some guy. You--you mean so much more to me than that.

Daniel: Yeah, but I'm not more enough to be the one, am I? Come on, let's be honest here.

Jennifer: Daniel, I--I agonize over this every single night, I do. And I know that does not comfort you in any way to hear me say--

Daniel: Do you know when you go on your dates with him, when it's his night out, that I literally--I am sick to my stomach.

Jennifer: That's not right. I'm so sorry. I--

Daniel: Please, I don't want you to say "I'm sorry." I--I don't, because here's the thing, here's the thing. And no, you didn't do this to me. It just happened. And I went along with it, I did. I was a willing participant. I was gonna wait to see what happened. As painful as it was since day one, I did it because I love you. But it has been months now. It's been months and you are no more resolved about this today, than you were when we started this--this stupid plan, are you?

Jennifer: I--

Daniel: Okay, Jen?

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: Look, you know what? I don't blame you, I really don't. I'm not blaming you, but I'm not gonna be bachelor number two. I'm not gonna wait around for infinity--that's not me. It's not--I'm not gonna do it to me, I'm not gonna do it to you. And this just--it needs to end.

Jennifer: I understand, okay?

Daniel: I have to end this.

Jennifer: So what are you asking me here? Are you asking me to choose right now?

Daniel: No, I'm not asking you because you can't. I'm choosing for both of us. And it's exactly what I should have done in the first place. I'm out.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: I'm pulling my hat out of the ring, Jennifer.

Jennifer: What are you saying--are you leaving me?

Daniel: Yeah. I am.

Madison: That was a really fun night.

Brady: It was. That was fun.

Madison: Thank you so much for everything.

Brady: You are very, very welcome. I had a good time. Okay, uh, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go.

Madison: What if I asked you to stay? Would you? Please? Stay with me, Brady.

John: Will you stop eating for a second and tell me what you're up to?

Marlena: I'm not up to anything. I just want you home. That's all, you know that.

John: Just say it.

Marlena: Okay, fine. I'm doing a little investigating on my own. Don't look at me like that. I know what I'm doing.

John: And what exactly is it that you are doing?

Marlena: I'm--I'm just trying to... prove that Stefano set you up. Wow, that went better than I thought it wou--

John: Are you out of your mind?

Marlena: Well, no, well...

John: Who knows better than the two of us what the man is capable of if he thinks for a second that you have crossed him? He's dangerous, Doc. You--you poke around and he finds out about it, God only knows what will happen to you.

Marlena: I have gone toe-to-toe with Stefano before and lived to tell the tale.

John: I can't even believe that I'm hearing this come out of your mouth.

Marlena: John, I'm just asking a few discrete questions. Really, I'm being very careful. He will never get any idea that I'm doing it. Really, I'm fine.

John: I want you to look at me. Look at me! Look at me. You will stop right now whatever it is you have put into motion. Do you hear me? I'm not messing around! Do you hear me?

Jennifer: I don't know what to say.

Daniel: Well, don't--you know what don't say any--

Jennifer: I love you. I love you and I wanna ask you to stay with me, because I don't wanna lose you. But I don--I don't know how to reconcile that with how I feel about Jack. I don't.

Daniel: You know, I think you do know. But the guilt is keeping you from saying it.

Jennifer: What, Daniel, no.

Daniel: No, I am in your way.

Jennifer: What? I don't see it like that at all. You're not.

Daniel: Well maybe you should, Jennifer. Jack, he may be the one. He may be the one to make you the happiest woman on the planet. Jennifer, I see you with him. I do. I do, I see you. I saw it last night when Abigail was in trouble and today, I saw it today, when you were on the phone with him. You hear his voice and there's something in you that lights up.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? No, he told me a joke--

Daniel: Stop telling yourself this. You love this man. You love him. You connect with him on a level that I just don't think we're gonna be able to connect that way, there's just no way. You guys were talking about the tree trimming. The past and all the memories and the history and the joy. I can't--that--you are--you are in each other's blood, Jen. I cannot compete with that. I can't. And I won't.

Madison: Seriously?

Brady: [Laughs] You know, it is amazing what a concierge will do for 50 bucks.

Madison: I can't believe this. You blow me away.

Brady: You are beautiful.

Madison: [Giggles] [Laughs]

Brady: What? Yeah, um, overkill on that? Or...

Madison: Not a chance.

Brady: You like it?

[Both laugh]

Marlena: If you think that I'm gonna see you imprisoned and not try to do something to stop it, then you don't know me very well.

John: If something happens to you when I'm in here, do you know what it's gonna do to me?

Marlena: Stefano would never lay a hand on me.

John: Just because it hasn't happened in the past doesn't-- baby, I'm never gonna be able to sleep again if I--you just promise me, please, promise me that you will leave all of this in Rafe's capable hands. Please promise me.

Marlena: I am. I'm just offering him the benefit of my expertise.

John: Doc!

Marlena: Okay, fine, fine. Fine, fine, fine. Now, can we just stop for a while? I mean, we don't have a lot of time together. It's a little bit precious to me, and I won't talk about Stefano, and you won't talk about divorcing me and moving on, okay? Why don't we just have dessert like a normal married couple, okay?

John: Dessert?

Marlena: Dessert. Dessert.

John: Dessert?

Marlena: Dessert, honey. Okay.

John: Canned stuff?

Marlena: Yeah. Yeah. [Chuckles] [Laughs] Oh, don't do that to me. [Laughs] Mmm. Now. That's so much better than fighting.

John: [Whispers] Yeah, but I love the way you fight.

Daniel: I am not giving up because this is tough.

Jennifer: No, I know---

Daniel: Or that I am losing the fight, because I will fight for you. I fight for love; it's what I've done my whole life. Now, I may not go about it the right way, but I've learned a few things. I am not gonna be that odd man out. I can't. You know, I've realized that I may not be the best man for you.

Jennifer: But how can you be so sure of that?

Daniel: Because you're not sure. You know, this isn't good for me. It's not.

Jennifer: I wish that I didn't, um... but I can't. I can't do this to you anymore. I'm sorry. And I won't.

Daniel: You didn't do it to me. I tried. We tried. But we are not just... I don't know. We're not meant to be.

Jennifer: But you have meant everything to me. And I wouldn't have even survived this past year without you. I literally... would not be here right now if you didn't take care of me the way you have. But you're right. Everything that you said is right. But my heart... my heart's breaking right now... because I can't even imagine losing you.

John: You know, if not for these bars... [Whispers] And the canned stuff --

Marlena: [Laughs]

John: You'd think we were having... dinner and dessert at a really fancy restaurant.

Marlena: Mmm. If not for these bars, tonight would end very differently than it's going to. Don't you think?

John: Oh, I wish. I miss sleeping next to you. And I miss not sleeping... next to you.

Marlena: I know. We're so lucky to have tonight.

John: Yeah. So let's not push it.

Marlena: Yeah. We shouldn't push it. John? Don't get hurt in here.

John: Don't you get hurt out there.

Daniel: [Clears throat] So I uh... I guess this is it.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: I really hope we can be friends. And I'm not sure I'm gonna navigate that tonight. But, I mean, I think with some time... I can... you know, more than anything else, I want you to be happy.

Jennifer: I want you to be happy too. I do love you. And I am... I am so sorry that I've hurt you.

Daniel: Uh-uh. Nobody set out to hurt anybody. We love each other, but we're just not supposed to be together. It's sad. But it's true.

Jennifer: Yeah. [Sighs] I feel like... I feel like my heart's gonna jump out of my chest.

Daniel: It won't. I made sure of that.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Daniel: [Sighs] You know, I gave up on love after Chloe. I really believed, naively or not, that I would never feel that again, or I would never want it again, or never even let it in again. But you--you showed me. That I could have it all again. And for that, I will never be regretful, not for one minute we shared together. I mean, the loud ones, the funny ones, the weird ones, the... and the quiet ones. Um, every one of those, has been a gift to me. I want you to, um... you take care of yourself.

Jennifer: I will.

Daniel: And you take very, very good care of that heart.

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Daniel: Okay?

Jennifer: Daniel, wait can... can I just hug you good-bye, please?

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Rafe: We got it. We are on our way to clearing John.

Austin: Didn't you and Rafe just get married? I mean, why the rush to renew your vows?

Abigail: I think I might have met someone else.

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