Days Transcript Friday 12/9/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/9/11


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Sonny: All right, we have to do something. Can't just keep sitting around.

Will: We are doing something, sonny--I'm gonna put the site back up before it's too late.

Sonny: No, no, no, no. No.

Will: What are you doing?

Sonny: Even with the site back up, they're gonna promise, huh? They could still kill Chad and Melanie.

Will: Then what do we do? Sonny, what do you think we should do?

Chad: [Panting]

Melanie: Come here, come here.

Zig: I mean, you got him good, boss, you just...yeah.

Horace: I did, didn't I? Yeah, that'll teach the little punk to lie to me.

Zig: When are we gonna let 'em go? And, we can't keep 'em here forever.

Horace: No. No, not forever. Just till we get what we want. And then we'll let them leave. In body bags.

Chad: Can anyone hear us?! Hello!

[Pounding on door]

Chad: Gah! Gah!

Melanie: [Sobbing]

Chad: Hey, Melanie. Hey, everything's gonna be okay.

Melanie: No, it's not. They're gonna kill us. They don't care about us, they--

Chad: Stop it, stop it. Look at me. I promise you... I will get us out of here. I promise you, I'll get us out of here. No one's gonna hurt you. No one.

Melanie: [Crying] Okay.

Chad: Come here.

Melanie: Okay. I'm good.

Sonny: You have to link to that portal there.

Will: I know.

Abigail: What is taking so long?

Will: I'm going as fast as I can, okay? When I dismantled the site before, I made sure no one could put it back toge

Gabi: Yeah, well, we have to figure something out. These people don't care about anything else.

Abigail: Look, if you guys can even get this site up and running and back together, are you sure we shouldn't go to the police?

Sonny: Yes. They said they would hurt Chad and Melanie. So, no, we cannot go to the police.

Abigail: Okay, sonny, but the police already know, huh? Bo and hope were trying to get a hold of us earlier.

[Cell phone ringing]

Will: What is it?

Sonny: It's nothing. Just keep working.

Will: Sonny, what is it? Don't lie to us.

Abigail: Is it from the people that have Chad and Melanie? Well, what did it say?

Sonny: "Tick-tock."

Carrie: My god, they look terrified.

Rafe: You got this from a friend of theirs?

Bo: Yeah, a kid named Arnie. He was pretty freaked. He wanted our protection.

Hope: He claims the same man who targeted that basketball player and his family at the university are now after them.

Carrie: So what do they want with will, Chad, and sonny?

Bo: Apparently, these clowns are running a gambling ring through the website that the kids set up for the university.

Hope: And now that that's been shut down, it's basically put them out of business.

Carrie: So they're holding Chad and Melanie hostage?

Rafe: As leverage to get the website back up and running.

Hope: Exactly.

Chad: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right. I promise.

Melanie: I know. I know, it's... I'm over. I don't know--I don't understand why they're keeping us locked in here, you know. 'Cause will and sonny, they have to have the site up by now. This is just--this is absurd. Please! Let us out, okay? I don't know why they won't let us out. We don't have to be in here anymore.

Chad: Who knows what they're thinking? They're a bunch of idiots. Once we get out of here, we... you know, once we get out, can forget all about this.

Melanie: What was that?

Chad: What?

Melanie: You just hesitated. Why?

Chad: No, I didn't.

Melanie: Yes, you did, when you were talking about us getting out of here. Aren't you the guy that said you were gonna get us

Chad: Yeah, yeah.

Melanie: Then why won't you look at me? Chad, what are you not telling

Jennifer: It doesn't make sense--Abigail was so excited to get that award tonight. There was no way she would have just blown that off.

Jack: There's no chance that they're involved in anything illegal, is there?

Jennifer: No. No, Jack.

Jack: Because when Bo said that this site is involved with some kind of gambling ring, all I could think was that Chad's a DiMera--

Daniel: All right, let's not jump to conclusions, all right? All Bo said was that he wanted to talk to the kids, not that they had done anything wrong.

Jennifer: I know, but there is definitely something going on.

Daniel: Yeah, well, he approached this earlier. It's been a while now, so maybe he knows more. I'm on my way to see him.

Jack: I'm going with you.

Victor: Hold on, you two. I know where you're heading. Maybe I could be of some assistance to you.

Daniel: What do you mean by assistance? Jack: It doesn't matter. We can use all the help we can get. Let's go, come on!

Maggie: Jennifer... what in the world is going on?

Jennifer: Maggie, I don't know. I wish I knew.

Bo: First thing we have to do is track down sonny and will.

Hope: Chances are, this isn't the same photo of Chad and Melanie that Artie has.

Rafe: God, those kids, they gotta be scared out of their minds.

Bo: Yeah, that's why I gotta find them, so they don't try to handle this on their own.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Excuse me. Hey. Thought you guys were gonna hang out at the pub.

Daniel: Well, you had some questions for us before about our kids and the website. Now we have some questions for you.

Jack: Starting out with, what the hell is really going on here? Why can't I find my daughter?

Abigail: Don't these people know that we're doing everything we can?

Sonny: They just want to make sure that we're getting the message.

Abigail: Okay, well, I got the stupid message when they sent us the photograph of a gun to my boyfriend's head.

Chad: I don't know what you're talking about.

Melanie: Yeah, you do. You know why they won't let us out of here. What is it?

Chad: It's nothing.

Melanie: No, it's not. Then why won't you look at me? Chad, look at me! They've seen our faces. They can't let us out, 'cause then we'll put them in prison. [Crying] [Speaking indistinctly]

Zig: Hey. Maybe grabbing these two wasn't the best way to play this.

Horace: You want your cut, yeah?

Zig: Yeah.

Horace: Yeah, well, you should keep your opinions to yourself. I'm doing what I have to to protect our business. And I'm not gonna let a bunch of punk kids ruin our payoff. Hey, you wanna get rich, right? [Chuckles]

Zig: Yeah.

Horace: Yeah, you can't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty.

Bo: I wish there was more I could tell you.

Jack: Wait a minute, you mean you're saying you can't tell us because you don't know, or you --

Bo: We learned that there was a group of internet gamblers running their game through the kids' website, so until I find the kids, talk to them...

Jack: You're not telling us anything that we don't already know.

Daniel: We're just concerned, right? Jennifer's trying to get a hold of Abigail. I've been calling Melanie. Nobody's returning our phone calls. Now, that's not like them.

Victor: Bo, this may be just another case to you, but they're talking about their daughters.

Bo: When I know more... I will tell you. Come on, you guys. I'm a father too. I know how difficult this is for you.

Jack: Right now, your sympathy is not helping us at all.

Hope: I'm not trying to question your judgment, Brady, but... don't you think Daniel has a right to know that his daughter could be in danger?

Austin: Hey. Hi!

Carrie: Hi.

Austin: There you are.

Carrie: Mm-mwah!

Austin: What's up? You guys, uh, look a little serious. Something with John's case?

Carrie: No, it's something else. The guy who plays basketball for the university showed up at Rafe's tonight.

Austin: Yeah?

Carrie: And said he and his family were being harassed by the guys who were leaning on him to throw the games.

Austin: What, seriously?

Rafe: Turns out will's linked to this whole thing as well. 'Cause he was helping put the website together.

Austin: Does Sami know about this?

Rafe: No, she doesn't know. She's on her way back from Chicago right now with Madison. I'm actually gonna give her a call.

Carrie: Okay.

Rafe: Okay.

Austin: Why would Rafe involve you with something like this? It's not like he's on the police force anymore. It's not like he can actively pursue any sort of investigation.

Carrie: Austin, he didn't get me involved in anything. I just happened to be there when the guy showed up.

Austin: Okay.

Carrie: Austin, come on. This is about will. Rafe is his stepfather. He just wants to get to the bottom of it before it spirals out of control.

Maggie: Uh-oh.

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Here. That was, um...that was way too quick. What's going on? What do you know?

Daniel: Well, nothing. In fact, Bo doesn't know anything more than he knew before.

Jack: He's lying. He knows a hell of a lot more than he's saying.

Sonny: Just think about Chad, okay? Hey, he's a smart guy and he can take care of himself. And he's not gonna let anything happen to Melanie, either.

Abigail: Sonny...these people have guns.

Sonny: Nobody is going to hurt them, all right? Chad's a DiMera. That's a family you don't mess with.

Gabi: Sonny's right.

Sonny: How's will doing?

Gabi: Well, he could use a little bit of help. I'm not very good with computers.

Sonny: What's up?

Will: I'm gonna need a little more time. Much more time?

Will: I don't know.

Sonny: We'll have to think of something else, then, man.

Abigail: Okay, then can we call the police now?

Gabi: No, no, we can't because they told us not to.

Sonny: Wait, those texts were coming from Chad's phone, right? That means his phone is still on. We might be able to track the location.

Will: Through GPS.

Sonny: Yeah. Let me see the computer.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Gabi: It's gonna be okay.

Abigail: I know. I know, I just... ugh, I can't stop seeing that picture of Chad and Melanie.

Gabi: I know, but you just have to think that these--these people, they're just messed-up gamblers, they're not... they're not killers, okay? You just have to keep remembering that.

Abigail: Yeah.

Melanie: The next time they come in here, it won't be to let us go--it'll be to kill us! [Crying]

Chad: I told you, I told you, we're gonna be fine. Look at me. I told you we're gonna be fine, and I meant it. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, Melanie, so right now, our best chance is to figure some other way out of here!

Melanie: Let us out of here! I know you can see us! We won't tell anybody, I promise!

Chad: Stop it! Get away from the wall, come on!

Melanie: [Crying] What are we gonna do? [Sobbing] I had a heart problem. but I saw the look in Victor's eyes. If he knew that Melanie was being kept against her will, his men would be all over this, and we'd lose control of the situation.

Hope: No, you're right, you're right, I just--I just keep thinking to myself, I mean, god forbid it were our daughter.

Bo: Hey, hey, don't go there. Let's--let's just make sure Melanie gets home safe and sound.

Hope: How do you want to handle this?

Bo: I've got an idea. Just hang on.

Maggie: Is Jack right? Is there more to this than what Bo said?

Victor: Yeah, I believe there is. And if we continue to be kept out of the loop, I won't hesitate to call in a few favors and...get the information that

Carrie: What are you doing here? Did you know about this?

Austin: What, about the kids? No, I told you I was gonna be here, remember? For Abigail's ceremony, the journalism award. You said if you weren't working, you were gonna make it too?

Carrie: I tot I'm sorry.

Austin: No, it's okay. It's all right. I know you got a lot on your mind, so...

Bo: Okay, I just put a call in to the station, have them track down a lead for me.

Rafe: All right, I just tried calling Sami, couldn't reach her. Will either.

Hope: Are you gonna tell her what's going on?

[Cell phone ringing]

Rafe: No, not t

Bo: Oh, that could be them. Hey, it's Brady. Oh, great. Someone's trying to access the server to the website right now.

Hope: Can we get a trace on where?

Bo: Well, hold on. What's that address? It's coming from Mrs. H's house. Okay, man, thanks. I owe you.

Rafe: Ok.

Bo: Yeah, let's get over there.

Rafe: All right, my car is parked down... yep, oh, keep forgetting. Not on the force anymore.

Hope: We'll keep you posted, promise.

Rafe: Yeah, later. All right.

Abigail: This is taking way too long.

Gabi: Yeah, I don't even think that Chad's phone is even still on.

Sonny: Ah, wait, it is.

Will: You got a location?

Sonny: Yeah, thanks to Abigail knowing the password to the GPS app, I'm just now connecting to the signal. All right, the GPS says they're down by the waterfront, and it looks like it's--it's that big building at the end of the pier.

Abigail: That building's been abandoned for months.

Sonny: I'm gonna go check it out.

Abigail: No, wait, we're gonna go with you.

Sonny: No, you're staying here--it's way too dangerous.

Gabi: What, it's better for you to go alone?

Sonny: Yes.

Both: No.

Abigail: We're going with you. Look, will has to stay. He has to put this site back up and back together. We can't help him, but we can help you.

Sonny: You go with us?

Will: Doesn't matter to me. They make their own decisions.

Gabi: Yes, we do.

Will: Just, uh... just text me and let me know, if it's okay.

Abigail: Hang on.

Melanie: I'm sorry. I don't know why I keep losing it like this. Look, this is gonna... this is gonna sound weird, but if we don't make it...

Chad: We will.

Melanie: No, if... if we don't make it... I don't... I don't think you understand how hard it is for me to be around you.

Chad: Why? Wh--what did I do?

Melanie: You didn't... [Laughs] You didn't do anything. It's probably just me. I'm probably just lonely.

Chad: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Melanie: When we kissed...

Chad: Mel, you don't have to do this right now.

Melanie: I know I don't, but please, I just, I want to, okay? Because I'm afraid if I don't now, I'll never get the chance.

Carrie: Where did Bo and hope go?

Rafe: They got a lead. Checkin' it out.

Carrie: Oh...and you wish you could go with them, don't you?

Rafe: [Scoffs] What do you think?

Carrie: Aww...I'm sorry.

Daniel: How do you know Bo is gonna talk to you?

Jennifer: I don't know that he will, but hope will. Do you?

Daniel: No. No.

Jack: I don't like the way that people keep disappearing!

Jennifer: It is okay, all right, just take a deep breath.

Jack: I can't take--I can't! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just worried about Abigail.

Chad: Okay, well, if now is the time for confessions, let me go first.

Melanie: Why?

Chad: Because I know what you're gonna say.

Melanie: No, you don't.

Chad: Yes, I do, Melanie. Yes, I do. How you feel, the--the reasons why... I feel the same way.

Melanie: What?

Chad: And the truth is... that kiss on Halloween... wasn't exactly a mistake.

Melanie: Yeah, it was. Come on, Chad.

Chad: No, because the moment we kissed...I knew you weren't Abigail. It was you the whole time. [Chuckling] And... I should have stopped. But I didn't. Because I liked it. Because I liked kissing you. How about that. Or you.

Melanie: Me neither. I can't--I feel so guilty about it. But all I want to do is feel the way that I felt that night. And I just--when we kissed, it just felt...

Chad: Right, like it was...

Both: Meant to be.

[Both chuckle]

Chad: I feel so bad saying that, even admitting that, just because of Abigail, but...

Melanie: I know. I know, she's my best friend, and she's great.

Chad: She's wonderful, she's great, and I don't want to hurt her.

Melanie: Of course not.

Chad: But I don't know how to stop feeling the way I do, and I don't know that I want to.

Sonny: All right, right there. That's the warehouse where the signal on his phone's coming from.

Abigail: It's so big, they could be anywhere.

Sonny: Just want you girls to stay here and stay out of sight. Don't let anyone see you and get suspicious, you understand?

Gabi: All right, be careful.

Sonny: I will.

Abigail: I don't understand this. I mean, Melanie doesn't even have anything to do with the website. You and I are more connected. It doesn't make sense why her and not us?

Gabi: I don't know, maybe she was...with Chad on the way to the awards ceremony when she got grabbed? I don't know.

Abigail: Right, yeah. So basically, this is all my fault.

Gabi: Abigail, it's not your fault, I mean--[Gasps]

Horace: Welcome to the party, ladies. [Chuckles] Now, this is the part where it gets really good. One sound... and you're dead. Okay? Move.


Horace: Move, move, move.

Austin: I just saw Bo and hope leave in a hurry. They catch a break?

Rafe: Yeah.

Austin: Yeah? What was it?

Rafe: I really don't think I'm at liberty to say.

Austin: Really? Because you don't seem to have a problem talking to my wife about it.

Carrie: Austin...

Austin: What, are you kidding me? Look, I'm worried about my nephew. Now, if something dangerous is going down, and Carrie's involved, you can bet your ass I'm gonna know about it!

Carrie: Rafe, could you give us a minute, please?

Rafe: Sure.

Carrie: What are you doing?

Austin: What am I doing? What do you mean, what am I doing? I can't ask a question?

Carrie: Okay, fine. Well, here's your answer. I'm fine, I'm not in any danger, so don't blow this out of proportion.

Austin: I'm not blowing anything out of proportion. I just want to make sure nothing happens to you.

Carrie: Nothing is going to happen to me, but... and I want you to understand this...I'm gonna see it through to the end.

Austin: Right, right. And you can do that. You can do that--you can do whatever you want, but let me tell you something that I have to like it.

Jennifer: You don't like the situation, or you don't like Rafe?

Austin: It isn't fair. You know what? You two are working together, and I'm totally on board with that. But this... this is not part of the deal.

Carrie: Can we talk about this later? Please?

Austin: Yeah. Sure, sweetheart. We'll talk about it later.

[Will typing rapidly]

[Cell phone ringing] ..

Will: What are you guys doing here?

Bo: Think you know the answer to that.

Hope: Bo, the computer.

Bo: Yeah. Yep, it's the website.

Hope: Artie was right.

Will: You spoke to Artie?

Bo: Yeah, we know what's going on, will.

Will: Okay, then you know you can't get involved in this, said no cops.

Hope: That's what they always say. Will, it's just a scare tactic.

Will: Look, I'm not gonna take that chance, okay? You don't know what they're gonna do if they know that you know!

Hope: It's not going to get that far.

Bo: You know what? I'm gonna have to take this as part of an investigation.

Will: No! You can't.

Bo: Why not?

[Cell phone ringing]

Will: Because they just sent me another text.

Bo: "Time's almost up." If you don't let me finish, then Chad and Melanie are both going to die.

Sonny: Gabi? Gabi?

Melanie: Oh, I can't believe this is what we're talking about in here.

Chad: Hey, hey, I don't regret telling you how I feel.

Melanie: Sure, why would you? Why would I? It's not like it's gonna matter.

Chad: [Sighs] Don't. Please don't. Don't think like that.

Melanie: Why? It's true. We're not gonna make it out of here, Chad, right? And nothing we do or say matters at all anyway, so...

Chad: Come here.

[Cell phone ringing]

Austin: Will.

Will: Austin? Uh, I-I was--I was calling Rafe.

Austin: Yeah, and I can pretty much guess why. Are you all right?

Will: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just worried about Abigail and Gabi.

Austin: Why? Will, answer me!

Will: Because we found out where Chad and Melanie are. And sonny and Abigail and Gabi went looking for them.

Austin: Have you heard from them?

Will: No. Gabi said that she would text me, but she hasn't, so, uh, that's why I wanted to talk to Rafe.

Maggie: What are you doing?

Victor: I've run out of patience. Putting my men on alert. I don't like the feeling I'm getting from this situation.

Austin: What the hell is wrong with you? Letting Gabi and Abigail get involved in something like this?

Will: We didn't have a lot of options.

Austin: These men are dangerous. The second that you found out that Chad and Melanie were being held hostage, you should have called the cops.

Will: I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry.

Austin: Where are they?

Will: You promise you're gonna tell Rafe?

Austin:! Okay. I got it. I got it. Now here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna stay exactly where you are, because the last thing we need is for these punks to grab you too. You understand me?

Daniel: Hey. Jen. What? What is it?

Jennifer: It's worse--it's worse than we thought.

[Door rattles]

Horace: Come on. No, no, no. Look, keep going. Keep moving.

Zig: Ah... what's this?

Horace: These two ladies were snooping around outside. Looking for their friends.

[Both laugh]

Horace: I say we give them what they want. Hmm?

[Gabi whimpers]

Jennifer: Rafe, would you tell us what is going on here? Tell us the truth, please.

Daniel: Are these people holding my daughter hostage?

Rafe: Yes.

Jennifer: Rafe, is Abigail in danger too?

Rafe: All right, listen, if what Austin says is true, and she's gone with my sister and sonny... then yes.

Jennifer: Oh, god.

Rafe: Listen to me: Bo and hope are headed there right now. They're on their way.

Daniel: Where is there? Where are these bastards holding my daughter, where?

Rafe: I don't know! Just listen, listen! I am worried too. My sister is with them. We just have to let the police handle this. Okay?

Daniel: The police? What are you talking about? You are the police.

Jennifer: Rafe!

Jack: It can't be Abby. She's not in danger, she's okay. She's--I mean, he's not gonna hurt her, she's--she's a kid. She can--it's not okay!

Jennifer: They'll find her.

Daniel: Jack, listen--Jack.

Jack: Don't touch! Don't!

Daniel: Jack, Jack, Jack! Jack, it's okay. Jack, it's gonna be okay. Okay? You're gonna be okay. Abigail's gonna be okay. Hey, look at me. Look, right, here. Look at me. There you go. All right, they know where she is. They do. She's gonna be fine. They're gonna bring her home. They're gonna bring her home. You hear me? Look, right here. She's gonna be fine. No one is gonna hurt your baby one. That's it. Just take a deep breath. There you go. That's good. That's good. You got it.

Carrie: What was Austin thinking? How could he take off without telling anyone?

Bo: Sonny.

Sonny: Oh, hey, I was just trying to call you.

Bo: We talked to Artie and will--we know what's going on. Where are these guys holding Chad and Melanie at?

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: It's Rafe.

Bo: Okay, take that.

Sonny: They don't just have Chad and Melanie. They have Abigail and Gabi too.

Bo: Hell. Do you know where they're holding 'em?

Sonny: Yeah, they're in that warehouse over there. I just searched the entire first floor, but I didn't find anything.

Bo: You hear that?

Hope: Yeah. Now Rafe says Austin's on his way down here.

Bo: Oh, nice. All right, we don't have time to set up a perimeter. And our location may be compromised, so--

Hope: We gotta move, now.

Bo: Yeah. You stay put. When the rest of 'em get here, make sure they stay here also, okay?

Chad: I'm--I'm so sorry. About everything.

Melanie: It's not your fault.

Chad: Yes, it is. I thought I could save us. Come here.

[Lock rattling]

Horace: Hello again.

Will: Oh, it's back! Yes, it's back! Oh, thank... [Exhales]

[Lock rattles shut]

Abigail: Chad, you're okay.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah.

Abigail: Oh. Oh, thank god. What did they do to you?

Horace: The site's up and running. It's time to get rid of the witnesses. [Laughs]

Chad: Look, this is the last thing I wanted, for you guys to get caught up in this.

Abigail: Oh, no, I don't... care, I just... I'm so glad that you're okay. That picture, Chad. When I saw that picture, I'm just... I was so glad you guys were okay.

Chad: Yeah. On my phone, I got internet! Hotspot five dollars. say to wait here.

Austin: It's a big warehouse, sonny. You know, they could use some backup. You down?

Sonny: Try and stop me.

Austin: Let's do it.

Sonny: Let's do it.

Horace: You two stay put. Don't move.

Chad: Son of a bitch!

Abigail: Chad, where did he take her?! What happened? Where did that other guy--

Chad: Why did you come here, huh?! Why didn't you just stay put?!

Abigail: Because you were in danger! I was trying to save you! What was I supposed to do, Chad? [Sobbing]

Melanie: Okay, okay, okay. I'm going.

Gabi: Melanie, you okay?

Melanie: Yeah.

Gabi: What are they gonna to do us now?

Melanie: I don't know.

Horace: Now we won't be outnumbered. It'll be easier to do what needs to be done.

Bo: We go down that direction.

Hope: I'll call for backup.

Horace: Cops. Damn it.

Melanie: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no!

Horace: Come on.

Melanie: Nooo!

Gabi: Melanie!

Melanie: Noooo!

Abigail: [Gasps]

Zig: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What about me?

Horace: You got a gun. Help yourself out.

Chad: When he shut the door, I didn't hear the deadbolt lock.

Abigail: What?

Chad: I think I can get us out of here.

Abigail: Chad, be careful.

Chad: Uhh! Uhh! Aah! Come on, come on, let's go!

Abigail: Which way did they go?

Chad: The exit's that way, okay? Go! Go!

Abigail: Wait, Chad--

Chad: I've gotta save Melanie.

Abigail: Be careful.

Chad: Go, go.

Melanie: Please let go.

Horace: I'll let you go when I'm done with you.

Sonny: Not soon enough for me! You okay?

Melanie: Yeah.

Sonny: You're safe, now.

Melanie: [Gasping]

Gabi: [Grunts] No, please.

Zig: Sayonara, seņorita. [Grunting]

Gabi: Oh, my god.

[Both grunting]

Sonny: Uhh!

Bo: Gabi!

Zig: Ohh!

[Both grunting]

Bo: Hope! In here!

Hope: Oh, god! Gabi... Gabi, you all right, honey? Let go of the gun.

Gabi: Oh, my god, you saved my life.

Hope: Where's everyone else?

Chad: I sent Abigail up.

Bo: What about Melanie?

Gabi: They went--she went up.

Bo: Hope, you have this?

Hope: I got it. It's okay, sweetie. It's okay.

Abigail: How do I get out of here? [Squeals]

Horace: Shh, shh, shh. Shut up. Shut-- [Laughs] Ah, back off, pretty boy. Don't make a mistake.

Abigail: [Gasps] Ahh! Ahh!

Horace: Hyuh!

[Both grunting]

Horace: Come on! Ahh! [Groans]

Bo: You all right?

Austin: Yeah.

Bo: Melanie, where is she? The other girl, where is she?!

Horace: Outside! In the alley! In the alley with the boy.

Bo: Austin...

Austin: Yeah. Are you okay?

Abigail: Yeah.

Austin: Did he hurt you? Did he hurt you? Huh? Did he hurt you?

Abigail: No.

Bo: Both suspects are in custody. The area is secure. It's over.

[Abigail crying]

Rafe: Ohh! Thank god you're all right.

Daniel: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Oh, god! Baby!

Jack: Ohh! Thank god that you're safe.

Jennifer: Baby...

Abigail: Thanks, Austin.

Melanie: Dad...Dad!

Daniel: Oh, baby... god...there you are.

[Melanie sobbing]

Daniel: It's okay, it's okay. How you doing, baby? You all right?

Melanie: I'm okay.

Daniel: You okay?

Melanie: Yes.

Daniel: You're gonna be okay. I got you. I got you.

Melanie: [Whispers] Hi.

Victor: Well, I heard you were quite the hero today.

Sonny: Hardly.

Victor: I'm very proud of you, sonny.

Sonny: Thank you.

Carrie: Austin! I was so worried about you.

Austin: It's okay.

Jack: Hey...thank you.

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Kate: No one accepts an offer more graciously than you, Sami.

Carrie: I'm asking you to fight or just accept defeat. It's your choice.

Nicole: Are you telling me I went too far?

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