Days Transcript Monday 12/5/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/5/11


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John: I don't suppose you could tell him we've already made plans for today.

Carrie: I wish. If there was any way we could avoid this deposition, believe me, I'd jump at it.

John: Yeah, it's not your fault. We knew this day was coming.

Carrie: Still, doesn't make it any easier.

[Door clanking open]

Marlena: John?

John: Sweetheart, what are you doing?

Marlena: Oh, I--well, today of all days, where else would I be? Oh. I guess EJ's still going through with the subpoena, huh?

Carrie: Seems so.

Marlena: I don't know what that man wants. It isn't fair.

John: Oh, DiMeras don't play fair, we know that. EJ's the new champion of the people. He's out for blood. Unfortunately, it's my blood.

Jerry: So your run for mayor has been a successful one so far.

EJ: Well, thank you.

Jerry: Yeah, and you know, in recent weeks, I've noticed that, uh, your campaign has gained a significant number of supporters. Now most people attribute that to this class action suit you have against John black.

EJ: Well, uh, whilst that may certainly be the case, I think it's very important to understand, jerry, that...that was not my intention when I filed the motion.

Jerry: Regardless, in the end, you could soon be known as mayor EJ DiMera. Not a bad trade off.

EJ: If--I don't mean to stop you, jerry, but, um...I would just like to make it very clear that this case has nothing to do with me. It's really not about my running for mayor.

Jerry: What does it have to do with, then?

EJ: You know, it's about, um... thank you. Jerry, it's about Sheryl Carrigan and the thousands of people like her. These are everyday, hardworking people whose lives have just been utterly destroyed by John black.

Jerry: So how do you plan on helping her?

EJ: I'm going to go to him, I'm going to show Mr. Black this picture, I'm going to tell him her story, and I'm going to ask him how he sleeps at night.

Bo: This is going to be a lot more fun than digging through Mrs. H's old files.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, I am so excited. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this.

Bo: Yeah, no idea whatsoever. You've just been obsessing about it since thanksgiving.

Hope: Knock it off.

Bo: Whoa, whoa, easy, this stuff is fragile.

Hope: [Sighs] And completely irreplaceable.

Bo: Mm-hm.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, look at them, they're all so beautiful.

Bo: Hey, when's everybody else coming over?

Hope: This afternoon. We'll have plenty of time to decorate here, and then make it to the tree-trimming in Horton square later on.

Bo: All right.

Hope: Oh, look, Melanie gets a ball this year. Oh, Jennifer and Abigail are out picking out the tree for here.

Bo: Excellent.

Hope: Do you think it's okay that we're breaking with tradition this year?

Bo: What are you talking about?

Hope: We've always waited to decorate the tree until Christmas eve.

Bo: Well, I think the earlier the better.

Hope: Why is that?

Bo: Well, we weren't together last Christmas, so...we have a lot of celebrating to make up for.

Hope: Mm, a lot of making up.

Sami: God, it went straight to voicemail again.

Rafe: Shoot. No word from Gabi either.

Sami: Oh. God, where could he have gone?

Rafe: Maggie didn't say what it was that got him so upset?

Sami: She has no idea. He loves Maggie. I can't believe he did that to her place. And I can't believe that I didn't know he didn't come home last night.

Rafe: You know, he is 18.

Sami: I taught him better than that. I just wish I knew why he was so upset.

Rafe: Well, we'll talk to him and find out.

Sami: I've tried. He just keeps shutting me down.

Rafe: Well, something obviously set him off. Wish I knew what it was.

[Heavy breathing]

Will: Call this what it is. You don't want time to think. You want to break up with me.

Gabi: I'm sorry. It's over.

Will: No!

Rafe: I understand him being angry, getting into a mood he can't shake. But, uh, what will's done crosses a line.

Sami: Yeah. I mean, I just can't believe he would do something like that to Maggie. I mean... [Sighs] I also don't understand why he didn't tell us that he was going to be out all night. But first I've just got to make sure that he's okay.

Rafe: Yeah. Maybe this is some sort of cry for attention.

Sami: He's obviously really upset about something. And I should probably tell you, when I was talking to him yesterday, the one thing I did manage to get out of him is that he wants to move out.

Rafe: Yeah? Well, maybe that's a good thing. Get his own dorm room, space.

Sami: Rafe, he said that he wants to get an apartment with Gabi.

Rafe: What? What--

[Laughs] No. No, there's no way he's moving in with my sister. What did you say to him?

Sami: He really didn't let me say much of anything.

Rafe: Well, don't you worry about having to lay into him when he shows up. I'll take care of that.

[Door closing]

EJ: Jerry, Sheryl Carrigan is somebody who believed in the American dream. She's somebody who worked hard her entire life. She saved, she invested wisely. She should be able to retire without any real fear of the future, you know? She could travel a little bit if she wants to, really enjoy the perks of a lifetime of saving. And now, jerry, now she can't support her family. And this is just one person... one person who represents the thousands of people out there who are going through exactly the same experience. And, jerry, I can tell you, when you--when you collect these stories, the amount of money that has been lost, jerry, is-- it's simply...overwhelming. So please, do not think that this case is about me or about any of my personal ambitions. This case is about Sheryl and the thousands of other people out there like her. It's about all the money that has been stolen by one man, by John black, and jerry, it is also about justice.

Carrie: So my plan is to move the deposition along as fast as I can. But knowing EJ, he's going to do everything he can to slow it down and drag it out.

John: Mm-hm.

Marlena: Are you up to this?

John: Well, if nothing else, it's a change of scenery.

Carrie: Not that there's much of an upside to any of this, but at least the trial's keeping you in Salem.

[Phone rings] Ooh, 'scuse me.

Marlena: [Sighs]

John: I'm okay.

Marlena: I know, I just... worry about you.

John: How you doing?

Marlena: I miss you so much.

John: I miss you, too.

Marlena: You look so handsome in your suit.

John: [Sighing] You know, wish I was all dressed up to take you out someplace nice.

Marlena: I know.

Carrie: Damn him.

John: What is it?

Carrie: It's EJ. He's live on TV and the internet right now.

John: Did you get the feed on your phone? Let me take a look at it.

EJ: The purpose of this lawsuit is to give the working class families of Salem the opportunity to stand up against the injustices that have been perpetrated upon them by John black, a coward who didn't even have the mettle to look these people in the eye as he robbed them blind.

Bo: You better pick up the pace there, fancy face, if you want to get this done before everybody gets here.

Hope: I will, I will.

Bo: What you looking at?

Hope: It's a snowflake.

Bo: I can see that.

Hope: No, it's--it's--it has elementary school photos glued to it. See? Don't laugh, okay?

Bo: Uh-huh.

Hope: Uh-huh. This is me and this is Melissa.

Bo: [Laughs] How cute.

Hope: This was always Gran's favorite.

Bo: Ooh, better not let Jen hear you say that. I know this is difficult for you without her here.

Hope: Yeah. You know, this is something we so looked forward to every year. You know? Opening up all these boxes. Gran always made it feel like we were seeing these decorations for the first time. I miss her so much.

Bo: I know you do. Which is why I brought you... this.

Sami: Hey, hey, where have you been?

Will: Out.

Sami: All night?

Will: Well, it seems that way.

Rafe: Don't talk to your mother that way.

Sami: We want to know why you didn't come home last night. [Warningly] Will.

Will: Because I didn't want to.

Sami: You should've called.

Will: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I had a curfew.

Sami: While you live in this house, you do.

Will: Well, that won't be very long.

Rafe: Were you with Gabi? "Were you with Gabi?" I said.

Will: No. So can I go now?

Rafe: No.

Will: No.

Sami: Look, not until you tell us what happened.

Will: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sami: Maggie called this morning. And she was more than just a little upset. Does that give you a clue as to what we're talking about?

Rafe: You trashed her place. Now maybe you don't feel like you owe your aunt Maggie an explanation, but you sure as hell owe us one. What is going on? Why are you so angry?

Nicole: I'm so sorry to interrupt, but we've really got to get going.

EJ: Oh, I-I'm sorry, we have a really tight schedule today.

Jerry: Well, I'll tell you something, I would do what she tells you, because she is your secret weapon in this campaign, you know?

EJ: Uh-huh.

Jerry: Don't lose her.

EJ: No, I have no intention of doing so.

Jerry: All right, well, it was a pleasure to meet you both.

EJ: My pleasure.

Jerry: Good luck.

EJ: Thank you.

Nicole: It was great to meet you.

Jerry: All right, take care, bye.

Nicole: Okay, look, we've got to get going, 'cause you're going to be late to your own deposition.

EJ: I'm not too worried. I think I have a fairly captive audience.

Nicole: Mm, your favorite kind.

EJ: [Chuckles] So, listen, how do you think that went?

Nicole: You were fantastic. And if the feedback on your website is any indication, every eyeball in town was on you.

EJ: Really? They liked it?

Nicole: They loved it. I mean, that story about Sheryl? Buckets of tears. Buckets. Tears.

EJ: And I've only just begun.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Carrie: I'm sorry you had to see that, and I'm sorry that I let the interview get to me that way.

John: That's what EJ wanted. It's just his way of trying to throw you off your game before the deposition.

Carrie: Well, it won't work.

Marlena: He's evil. Just like his father.

Carrie: We--we need to head upstairs and...

Marlena: Oh, I'd like to go along.

John: No, sweetheart, that's not a good idea.

Carrie: No, no, no, no, he's right, that's not a good idea. EJ would object to you being at the deposition anyway.

[Phone rings]

Marlena: I want to be there for you.

John: Oh, honey...don't you know you already are? Every step, every breath I take, you're Always will be.

Carrie: You really should go.

Marlena: No--let EJ wait. I just--I just wanted--I just wanted to say, um...I don't want you to worry about me, because I-I'm fine. I-I'm keeping really busy. In fact, they're going to light up the tree at Horton s-square tonight and I thought I might even go to that.

John: Now that's a good thing.

Marlena: [Stammering] Oh--oh, I got an email from belle with--with pictures.

John: Oh, tell me.

Marlena: Pictures of Claire. Oh, darn, I should have brought it with me! I'm so sorry.

Carrie: I'm sorry, but we have to go.

Marlena: No, just--just-- one moment.

Carrie: Okay.

Marlena: I love you.

John: [Mouthing] I love you.

Marlena: I will see you very soon.

John: Not if I see you first. [Coughs]

Marlena: [Gasps]

John: No tears.

[Door slams]

Hope: Is this what I think it is?

Bo: Yeah. I know how much it means to you, and...I thought it'd be good for you to have it today.

Hope: Look, Gran's handwriting.

Bo: Why don't you go ahead and read it?

Hope: "My darling hope, my wish for you this Christmas is a beautiful life filled with the kind of love and affection you bring to mine every day. Your amazing grace and determination to conquer any challenge continues to be an inspiration to me always. Love, Gran." [Exhales sharply] I've read this so many times when I've needed her strength to guide me. Thank you... for knowing that I'd need this today.

Bo: Well, I did have a--an ulterior motive.

Hope: You did?

Bo: Yeah. Mrs. H says in here how you don't back down from a challenge. And now is a good example. She had these secrets, continue to look for the truth. Like she says in here. It's like she's encouraging you to keep looking.

Hope: I love you so much for thinking that way.

Bo: And I love you.

Hope: But...

Bo: What?

Hope: just a really beautiful Christmas card from... a very living grandmother to her granddaughter. Nothing more. Why are we standing around? We need to finish...unpacking all of these decorations. Come on.

Bo: Okay.

EJ: Are you ready to begin?

John: Yep.

EJ: I will start with a simple question for you, Mr. Black. Why did you do it?

Carrie: Objection.

EJ: Your client has already admitted that he's guilty. That's a matter of public record. All my clients wish to know is why you did it. What is this, uh, secret that you're hiding, John?

John: Secrets. Well, now that is something that you and your family know a lot about, isn't it?

Will: I messed up...okay?

Rafe: No, it is not okay.

Will: I don't know what else you want me to say.

Sami: Will...

Rafe: Look, something's going on here, will. Since the day we found Johnny, you've been angry, disrespectful, rude, and you top it all off by tearing Maggie's house apart?

Will: I didn't tear her house apart, god.

Rafe: Okay, yeah, right, not her house, just her kitchen.

Sami: Will, just tell us, okay? You can tell us what's wrong.

Will: Oh...oh, can I?

Sami: Will, this doesn't have to be a fight.

Will: No, I'm out. I'm out. It's not even a conversation.

Sami: We are your family. Will, we love you.

Will: Yeah, yeah, that's us. That's--we're one--one big happy family.

Rafe: That's exactly what I'm talking about. Where is this coming from, will?

Will: I don't know. Nowhere.

Rafe: I don't like you taking what we have here for granted, especially after what just happened with Johnny. You hear me? I don't do it, your mother doesn't do it, and I don't--

Will: Oh, really--really? Really, she doesn't? [Laughing] You really believe that? This is such a joke. This is a joke and you don't even get it. You have no idea how messed up this is.

Rafe: What's messed up? What is, will? What is it that's got you so upset? Gotta be on your game today, honey.

Will: You really want to know?

Rafe: Yes, will, that's what we've been saying. We need your help in understanding what's going on here. Now, first we hear about this incident at Maggie's, and then you come home and you're acting belligerent. And I hear from Sami that you're talking about wanting to move in with my sister.

Will: Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry about that.

Rafe: Yeah, well, let me just make one thing clear. You're not asking to move in with her.

Will: It's too late. I already did.

Rafe: You know so--

Sami: Um, just--when?

Will: Last night. And you want to know what she said? What her big answer was? She broke up with me. Dumped my front of everyone there. It was so...humiliating. want to know why I'm angry and why I don't--I don't buy into all this, uh, "we love each other" stuff? That is why.

Sami: Will, I'm so sorry.

Will: Okay, no! I'm done talking about this, okay? I'm done.

EJ: I'd appreciate it, counselor, if you would remind your client that he is here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to answer my questions, not make unsolicited comments about my family.

John: Does the truth hurt, junior?

EJ: The only truths that we're interested in today, Mr. Black, are pertinent to this case.

John: Well, you and your family have more to do with this case than anyone else.

EJ: Do you need to be reminded...

Carrie: Can we not do this here?

EJ: Of the fact that my family has nothing to do with this case? This is about you...and the people whose lives you have destroyed.

Carrie: Counselor, if you have questions for my client, ask it. Otherwise, we're done.

EJ: Mr. Black, is it not the case that you decided to stage a visit to a clinic in Switzerland in order to provide you with a cover to embezzle millions of dollars from your company?

Carrie: Don't answer that.

EJ: It's a perfectly legitimate question.

Carrie: Legitimate or not, my client still has his fifth amendment rights.

EJ:'re not seriously thinking about taking this case to trial, are you?

Carrie: Damn right we are.

EJ: Already admitted your guilt. I can't possibly imagine what kind of defense you'd be able to muster.

[Phone rings]

Carrie: Sorry, I-I have to take this. It's about a motion I have pending. I'd like to call a recess. I'm stepping out and I'd like you to do the same. I'll be right back, John.

EJ: [Clears throat]

Carrie: Carrie here.

John: Ah, stick around, junior. Go on, have yourself a seat.

EJ: Are you sure you want to talk to me without your, uh... counsel present?

John: Oh, I'm good. In fact, I've been looking forward to this for a very long time.

Marlena: It's not too late, you know.

Nicole: It's not too late for what?

Marlena: To get out...while you still can.

Bo: Hey, do you think Shawn D. And Claire and belle are going to make it for Christmas?

Hope: Are you kidding? Seriously?

Bo: Yeah, seriously.

Hope: [Laughs] It would take a miracle to get the three of them back on dry land.

Bo: A Christmas miracle.

Hope: Yeah, something like that. What is it? [Sighs] I was wondering who'd find it first.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: You know, Ciara was making out her Christmas list the other day and...she asked if, um...if Santa was going to bring Zack Christmas presents in heaven. Did I ever tell you that...I go into his room every day to say his name? I do. I need that. Just to hear his name out loud. I need it.

Bo: We will never forget.

Hope: [Sniffs] I'm struggling, Brady. Sometimes I feel I can't live with the pain. Hold me tighter. Tighter.

Nicole: Is this your good deed for the day...offering me a cryptic warning?

Marlena: Well, there was nothing cryptic about the warning.

Nicole: Well, you don't need to warn me about my own husband, thank you.

Marlena: I wasn't actually just talking about your husband.

Nicole: Yeah, I know, I know, the DiMeras, they're evil, they're dangerous. Doesn't that refrain ever get old for you?

Marlena: I'm sorry you're choosing to take this so lightly. I wish you wouldn't.

Nicole: Why?

Marlena: This family will destroy you.

Nicole: And you're just looking out for what's best for me? That is incredibly... condescending, considering that your husband is the biggest crook in America, and mine is just trying to clean up his mess, okay? He is trying to restore some faith into these good people here, so thank you, excuse me.

Marlena: Your husband is a self-serving opportunist.

Nicole: Well, that is your opinion, doc.

Marlena: And the notion that he is trying to help the people of this city is preposterous.

Nicole: Well, somebody has to do something, okay? They've lost everything.

Marlena: If that's what you really believe is happening, you're in for a very rude awakening.

John: Hypocrisy and the DiMera name kind of go hand in hand, but what you're trying to pull off here, I think you've outdone yourself.

EJ: Have I?

John: We both know that I didn't embezzle a dime.

EJ: [Sighs] Well, see, the evidence--well, it suggests otherwise, doesn't it? And then, of course, we have your signed confession.

John: Yeah, I caught some of your performance earlier.

EJ: Really? Have access to television in your jail cell, do you? I must talk to somebody about that.

John: It was very, very telling, how you could spin all those lies and keep a straight face.

EJ: Lies, eh? Lies. You admit to defrauding these people out of millions of dollars, John--the same people who are wandering around struggling to put food on the table, to put clothes on their backs.

John: Oh, cut the act, will you? What happened to those people was a real tragedy.

EJ: I could not agree more.

John: Now you're manipulating them just like a bunch of pawns.

EJ: That's a rather ironic statement, isn't it?

John: Never had a chance, did you?

EJ: I beg your pardon?

John: To turn out differently. To be a better man.

EJ: Better than you?

John: Better than your father. You're billing yourself as the champion of the people now, but all you're doing is using them, making all these promises that you know you can't keep. I gotta hand it to you. I'm sure you made your old man proud.

EJ: Oh, John, if you care about all of these little people, then why'd you steal all their money? Do you know the difference between someone like you and someone like me? People, they're going to remember you, John, as the person who took everything from them. But they're going to remember me as the guy who gave it back to them.

John: And how are you going to do that? You're going to give them their money back? Oh, no, the only way that you could do if you were the one who stole it from them in the first place.

Bo: I think we need to talk to someone.

Hope: We went to therapy.

Bo: Yeah, and we...talked about what happened to us. But every time we get to Zack...

Hope: It hurts too much. It hurts too much to talk about it.

Bo: Talking about him, that's how we keep him alive, right?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: I mean, we have so many amazing memories.

Hope: Yes, we do. And we're lucky to have that. Faith is what gets me through... faith and you.

Bo: That letter that Mrs. H wrote about you, all the--all the things she loved about you...that was Zack. He was his mother's son.

Hope: [Crying]

Bo: His life was an amazing gift. Merry Christmas, Zack.

Hope: Merry Christmas, Zack.

EJ: You think I'm the lesser man. John, you don't have the guts to take responsibility for what you've done. Instead you're trying to toss the blame onto me.

John: I still haven't heard you deny that you stole that money or set me up.

EJ: Oh, you want to hear me deny it. Okay, fine. I didn't do it.

John: [Scoffs] And I don't believe you.

EJ: Well, that's your problem.

John: So how is it that you're going to put these people's lives back together again?

EJ: By winning the case.

John: So what? You know I don't have the money.

EJ: I know you keep telling me you don't have the money.

John: You're going to keep leading these people on--that doesn't bother you?

EJ: Would you like to know what bothers me, John? Just the two of us here, a couple of grown men, the tape recorder's not on. It bothers me that you can't admit, even to yourself, the amount of pain that you have put these people through.

John: You are an arrogant--

EJ: Oh, yeah, yeah, okay, you know, hate me, hate my father, whatever it is he's done to you, fine. But someday you're going to have to take responsibility for the fact that the only person who was responsible for this is you. God, you're a sad, pathetic old man.

John: You want to see old?

Carrie: Stop it! Both of you, stop it. This has to end now. Stop it.

Sami: So, um...this, uh--this thing with Gabi...

Will: "This thing"?

Sami: I'm just wondering if that's...the only thing that's bothering you.

Will: Isn't that enough?

Sami: I'm not trying to minimize your feelings for Gabi, will, I just am trying to understand.

Will: I don't want to talk about this.

Sami: Will, we have to talk about it.

Will: I don't want to talk about this.

Rafe: Look, have to understand...we feel bad for you. We really do. And breaking up's never easy. But it doesn't excuse what you did. So you're going to go over to your aunt Maggie's, you're going to apologize to her, and you're going to clean up the mess that you made.

Will: Right now, uh...all I want to do is be alone.

Sami: Will.

Will: [Sighs]

Sami: You can be alone later. Right now, you're going to go over to your aunt Maggie's, and you are going to do the right thing.

Will: That is so funny, coming from you.

Rafe: Hey, hey, hey.

Will: Okay, you know what? Whatever. I think I will do the right thing. Because someone around here should.

[Door slamming]

Rafe: What does that even mean?

Hope: I wish so badly Zack and Gran were here.

Bo: Yeah, we all do.

Hope: [Gasps] You know, um...this may sound a little crazy...especially coming from me, your wife...

Bo: What?

Hope: But maybe...maybe you were right.

Bo: About?

Hope: About taking what Gran wrote in that note as a sign. Keep looking into whatever this connection is between her and Stefano.

Bo: Really?

Hope: Yes...really. I mean, Gran had to know that her secrets would eventually come out. Correct?

Bo: Mm-hm, I guess.

Hope: So--yes. So tell me, Gran...what is it that I do next?

Bo: What are you, ki--

Hope: Oh, my god.

Bo: Oh, man, you broke it.

Hope: Oh, my god, wait, hold this.

Bo: What?

Hope: Bo...

Bo: What the heck?

Sami: I, uh, forgot to tell you, I had to take money out of the savings account.

Rafe: For what?

Sami: The D.W.P. Bill.

Rafe: What? That money was supposed to be for our vacation.

Sami: Yeah, well, there's still some money in the account.

Rafe: I know. Just till I land another job--you know, a paying job-- we'll just have to put our vacations on hold. [Sighs] Even though the economy's the way it is, I never thought it would take this...long.

Sami: Hey...we'll get through it.

Rafe: Yeah. Got to tell you, not that I mind being a kept man...

Sami: [Giggles] I know you like to work. And you will. You're going to find a job. Just...just going to take some patience.

Rafe: Hm. Speaking of patience, think I should call my sister again?

Sami: No, I do not think your sister wants to talk to her big brother about breaking up with her boyfriend.

Rafe: Well, I know. I just thought that maybe she knows something about why will's acting the way he is.

Sami: You think there's more?

Rafe: Just don't think that breakup is the reason that set him off.

Sami: Hey, Rafe, this is his first relationship.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Come on. Doesn't it just make everything seem that much more important when it's the first time?

Rafe: Yeah...except for the fact that I can tell not even you believe that's what it is.

Sami: I just can't imagine what else it could be.

Carrie: What do you think you're doing, baiting my client like that?

EJ: "Baiting your client"? I think it's quite clear your client can't control his impulses.

Carrie: You...shouldn't even be here. I asked you to leave.

EJ: Your client invited me to stay, didn't you?

John: He doesn't bother me.

Carrie: That's not the point, John, you knew he would do something to provoke you.

EJ: Oh, no, of course, this is my fault. How silly of me, I should have understood that. Please, counselor, don't fall into your client's habit of pinning blame on other people.

Carrie: Oh, shut up, EJ.

John: I'm done with him anyway, get him out of here.

EJ: This is a long way from being over. See, I'm going to win this case, and then I'm going to put all these people's lives back together again. Your good name will be worth nothing as a result of this, whereas the name of my family will be restored, possibly even revered.

John: I wouldn't count on that.

EJ: I bet you thought you'd never live to see this day, huh? Of course, you are headed off to prison with the worst reputation in the state, so it's possible you won't see this reach trial. But I can assure you, it's going to get there. Merry Christmas.

Nicole: Do you feel better now that you got that off your chest?

Marlena: Do you think that I was venting?

Nicole: It certainly sounded that way to me.

Marlena: No, that was a friendly warning. I'm sorry you're choosing to ignore it.

Nicole: And I'm sorry you felt you had to warn me at all. Why don't you save that for your patients?

Marlena: You know, I never thought of you as a woman lacking in intelligence.

Nicole: Until now.

Marlena: You had a chance to make a wonderful life with Brady. You threw that away to live with--with EJ?

Nicole: You don't know anything about that. You weren't even here.

Marlena: Oh, I have a history in this family.

Nicole: Oh, well, I'm sorry. I'm not you.

Marlena: I hope you're prepared for what's coming towards you.

Nicole: I'm not worried.

Marlena: I see that, which may mean that you don't survive it.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Bo: Phoenix.

Hope: "Please extend to the bearer of this card every courtesy that would be afforded to Stefano DiMera himself." What?

Bo: What the hell does that mean?

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