Days Transcript Wednesday 11/16/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 11/16/11


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Bo: Yeah, I told you to get on that about three hours ago. All right.

Rafe: [Laughs] Yeah, I know that I'm not on the force anymore, thank you, but I'm actually not calling for me, I'm calling for my wife, whose little boy has gone missing. Yeah, so if you hear anything, could you just give me a call? For her sake? Thanks. Heartless bastard.

Bo: Hey, don't let him get to you. I'll keep you in the loop.

Rafe: I just feel so damn helpless right now.

Bo: Yeah, I understand.

Hope: We're gonna find Johnny, Sami. We are.

Sami: It's been so long. It's been too long, they should have found him by now.

Rafe: Sami, you ready to go home?

Sami: Rafe, I am not leaving here until I can put this hat on my son's head!

EJ: No, no, no, listen, my father and I pay you for results, not excuses, okay? I don't care how you do it, find my boy. Nicole, if you're working on the campaign, it's suspended.

Nicole: I set up a central location for tips about Johnny, so your security staff can immediately follow up on leads.

EJ: Thank you.

Nicole: Look, EJ, you know I love Johnny as much as you do. The kid's got spunk. You know, he beat cancer. I know he'll find a way to take care of himself until he's found, safe and sound.

EJ: Nicole, he's just a little boy. [Sighs] I can't lose my son.

Quinn: Heard about your kid being M.I.A.

Nicole: Quinn, what do you want?

Quinn: Came to make EJ an offer he can't refuse.

[Hard knocking at the door]

Jennifer: Who's that?

Jack: Hey, there!

Jennifer: Hi, what are you doing here, Jack?

Jack: I just saw Abe on the news, talking about Johnny, and I just thought I'd come over and help you handle the press end of things.

Jennifer: Oh, um, I'm good. I think I have it covered, I'm just leaving a note for Abigail that she's gonna have to get dinner on her own tonight.

Jack: Oh, uh, will you be out late?

Jennifer: I--I'm not sure. Why do you ask?

Jack: Well, after everything that's happened here, I just wanted to keep my family close and safe, and I just wanted to know that you and Abigail were that--close and safe.

Jennifer: Okay, that's, um, that's sweet. You know, we're fine. We're fine.

Jack: Good, well, I just want to make sure that, you know, now that we're back together, you know that it's my job to keep it that way.

John: So except for the one lead that didn't pan out, still nothing.

Roman: Afraid not.

John: Damn it, this is all my fault.

Marlena: I wish you would stop saying that, that won't help anybody at all.

Roman: Marlena's right. What matters is finding Johnny as soon as we can. The longer it takes--

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, Sami must be beside herself. We need to get to her.

Roman: Wait a minute, doc, wait. I think that'll only make a bad situation worse.

Hope: Sami, Rafe's right, you need rest. Let him take you home.

Sami: I'm not going without Johnny.

Bo: Look, Sami, any calls that come in about Johnny-- to the station, to the loft-- will be traced, recorded, and acted on right away.

Hope: Hey, tell you what? Uh, Bo and I will go home with you and Rafe, help you get settled in, okay?

Bo: Yeah, and we'll be in contact with the station at all times.

Will: Hey, mom. Hey, listen, you should go with them, okay? Just so that you're at the loft, in case Johnny finds his way home.

Sami: [Sobs]

Will: It's okay.

Sami: [Sobbing] Will.

Will: It's okay.

EJ: What do you want? And be quick about it.

Quinn: Since I'm now a law-abiding small business owner, I came to offer my assistance.

Nicole: EJ doesn't want or need your help, so you can leave, and may I suggest by the nearest back alley.

Quinn: EJ knows I've turned over a new leaf. Don't you, EJ?

EJ: What kind of help are you offering?

Quinn: I'm offering to help you find your son.

Nicole: Oh, please.

EJ: Nicole, let him finish.

Quinn: Look, even though my life these days is a model of good, clean living--

Nicole: [Laughs]

Quinn: I still have friends around town who--how can I say--have yet to see the light.

Nicole: The rats I mentioned.

Quinn: My friends are good at nosing around, asking questions. Even better at getting answers.

Nicole: God, you're insufferable.

Quinn: So do you want my friends in on finding little Johnny, or are your hands so clean these days, you'd rather risk losing your kid than take my help?

Marlena: How could going to see Sami make things any worse?

Roman: You can see Sami, John can't, he's still under house arrest.

Marlena: Oh, roman, can't you do something to change that? Uh, something?

Quinn: Doc, I bent the rules earlier. You saw what happened.

John: He's right. Right now, I'm the most hated man in Salem, and I knew it was risky to have the family get together at the Brady pub.

Roman: John, what happened wasn't your fault. You can't blame yourself for that. I was supposed to be protecting you.

Marlena: The person responsible is the shooter. Thank god nobody was injured. How long will you let this man destroy your life?

Roman: What are you talking about?

Marlena: John has decided to plead guilty to all charges, rather than stand trial.

Roman: What? Why?

Marlena: He feels that he's hurt this family so much already, he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, even though he's innocent.

John: It's the only thing I can do to protect my family, roman. As long as I'm free, they're not gonna be safe, and if didn't know that before, this shooting and Johnny's disappearance just cemented it.

Roman: Okay.

John: Now, obviously, Marlena, she's not happy about that, but my decision is final.

Marlena: So you see why it's important to see Sami now. She was very angry at John after the shooting.

John: Well, she was angry, because she blames me for Johnny's disappearance.

Marlena: This may be the only time John has a chance to make amends to Sami. In case he ends up going to prison, so can't you do something to help us see her when she needs us the most?

Roman: All right. I'll see what I can do.

Hope: I'm glad will was able to convince Sami to come home.

Rafe: Sami, you want something to eat or drink?

Will: Maybe some water.

Rafe: Yeah.

Bo: Hey, we're gonna double-check your land lines, make sure they're connected to the crisis command center.

Hope: That way, um, if there's any word on Johnny, you'll hear it when we do, so if--no, when, uh, Johnny walks through that door, you'd be the first one to scoop him up in your arms.

Sami: I hope so.

Hope: We're all praying hard.

Sami: Thank you.

Rafe: [Sighs]

Will: Here, I'll get that--

Sami: No. No, I want it there. No, I want everything, I want everything where Johnny left it, so that when he comes back, it's all the same, because I-- I just want everything the way that it was.

Will: Okay.

[Knocking at the door]

Gabi: Oh, I was in class all morning, I just heard about Johnny, I'm so sorry. Have you heard anything?

Rafe: No, not yet.

Gabi: It's been so long.

Rafe: Yeah, it's, uh-- it's beginning to look like Johnny was kidnapped.

Gabi: Who'd kidnap--

Rafe: We don't--I don't know.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Rafe: The DiMeras have a lot of enemies.

Gabi: I am so sorry.

Sami: I'm glad you're here.

Gabi: I'll make you some tea. Yeah.

Sami: No, thank you.

Rafe: Sami, you should eat something. You haven't eaten anything since--

Sami: Since Johnny disappeared.

Rafe: Yeah. I can make you a sandwich if you want, or I can go out, anything you want.

Sami: Anything? Anything? Because what I want is for you to go find him. Rafe, go find him and bring him home, that's what I want. ` Dad: Hi Bella!

Jennifer: I was gonna go out for a second, but you know what, now that you're here, why don't we, um, why don't we just talk for a little bit. Sit down.

Jack: Oh, sure.

Jennifer: How you feeling?

Jack: Oh, I'm great, now that we're back in the great, wide world.

Jennifer: You know that the trauma you suffered in Afghanistan, it's not gonna just go away, Jack, right? You know that?

Jack: Of course. Of course, but you know how to reach me. When all those bad memories came flooding back in. I can't thank you enough for that.

Jennifer: And I'm glad that I was there for you, I'm glad that you weren't alone, but I didn't fix anything, Jack.

Jack: What are you talking about? Don't you know what you did? Your concern, your caring, reaching out to me, it--I felt it, I suddenly felt like... all the pain, the anger, the hurt, the distance between us, it just evaporated like that, and all of a sudden we were--we were together again. The way we used to be, like-- like the way we're gonna be in the future, I felt it, Jennifer. I know you felt it too. Didn't you?

Hope: I know Caroline would make sure that the kids don't see anything on TV about Johnny. Is there, uh, is there anything else I can tell her for you?

Sami: Yeah, you have to remind her that Sydney needs her eye drops tonight, and that Allie can't eat whatever she wants to, 'cause she's still being tested for that wheat allergy, okay?

Hope: Got it. Anything else?

Sami: Just keep praying, okay?

Hope: Of course. Sami, I really do understand what you're going through, honey. It's easy to shut down, and shut everybody out, but you know what, you can't do that, okay? You need to be 100% when Johnny comes home. So what do you say? Let Rafe make you something to eat. Sami, he loves you. He just wants to help, that's all.

Gabi: Says here that tons of people are volunteering to help find Johnny.

Bo: Hey, that's great.

Rafe: You hear that, honey? Even people that don't know Johnny, they want to see him come home, safe and sound. I'll make you a sandwich, in case you want to eat.

Will: Hey, I'll be right back. Okay? Hey. [Sighs] I'm glad you're here... in our lives, I mean, you-- you've been really good to us, and you make my mom really happy.

Rafe: [Laughs] Not right now, I don't.

Will: She's not mad at you, she's upset about Johnny.

Rafe: Oh, I get it, will. I'm upset too. I feel so friggin' helpless.

Will: [Sniffs] Yeah.

Rafe: Evidently, there just aren't any leads out there, or if there are, I'm certainly not gettin' 'em. Maybe because it's the fact that I'm a civilian now.

Will: [Laughs] At least you're trying, so-- and really, you just being here helps her, even if she can't show that to you right now. Johnny doesn't know how lucky he is.

Rafe: Excuse me?

Will: When he's here. Johnny gets to grow up with you as his dad. I mean, I--it's not that--that I don't love my dad, but you're giving Johnny something I never really had growing up, which is a real family, and, um, really the best father anybody could ask for.

Rafe: Well, you're not so bad yourself, you know. [Laughs]

Will: [Laughs]

Rafe: I know, your mom and Lucas, they always--they always tried to do right by you.

Will: Yeah, they tried. But you know, as far as I'm concerned, you are Johnny's dad, in every way that counts.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: EJ doesn't need your lowlife friends to help find his son. Why don't you go back to your karate spa, or whatever it is you call it? You have wasted enough of EJ's time.

EJ: Quinn, wait. I accept your offer.

Nicole: EJ, you can't be serious, don't--

EJ: I'm not going to turn down anybody's help in finding my son.

Quinn: I'll do what I can.

EJ: Thank you. Nicole, I know that you're trying to protect my image with the voters, but I do--

Nicole: Yeah, that-- and protect you from yourself. I know Johnny's disappearance has you desperate to try anything to get him back.

EJ: Right. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Nicole: But EJ, you cannot involve Quinn, he will not help find Johnny.

EJ: Sure--

Nicole: And you are bound to get hurt.

EJ: You don't know that.

Nicole: I do know that. I know that you are not thinking straight. Just-- let me deal with Quinn. I'll tell him you changed your mind, and you don't want his help.

EJ: Nicole, look, I appreciate your help, okay? Especially when it's personal issues, but I know what I'm doing when it comes to Quinn.

Nicole: No, you don't.

EJ: Yes, I do.

Nicole: No, you don't. So it is up to me to make sure that you don't make a terrible mistake.

Will: Rafe made you a sandwich.

Sami: Thanks. I can't eat.

Will: Okay, then why don't you rest, sleep, and then we'll wake you if there's any news.

Sami: I can't. I can't sleep, I can't close my eyes until I know that Johnny is back, and that he's okay.

Rafe: Hey, if the kid spotted earlier by that country road was Johnny, if he'd have walked into that stream, the dogs wouldn't have been able to pick up his scent.

Bo: Good thinking, man. I'll call search and rescue.

Gabi: Hey, I made you a sandwich. Want it?

Rafe: No, I can't.

Gabi: Rafe, look, you can't tell Sami to keep up her strength, and then not follow your own advice.

Rafe: Sami has barely even looked at me since Johnny disappeared. And the one thing that she needs from me right now I can't give her.

Gabi: She knows you're doing the best you can.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, she does, which right now pretty much amounts to nothing.

Marlena: I'm sorry, I can't stop trying to change your mind about this.

[Knocking at the door]

[Door opens]

Roman: [Sighs]

Marlena: Roman?

Roman: All right, let's go see Sami.

Marlena: The feds are going to let him go?

Roman: Wasn't easy, but they've got families too. They agreed.

John: Wow. Thank you.

Roman: Conditions. Meeting has to be brief, we have to go in the back way, you have to hunker down in my unmarked car.

John: Yeah, yeah. Sure, agreed, yeah.

Marlena: Gosh, there was already one attempt on John's life, I can't believe that there are people here that are so angry, they would shoot him for something he never did.

Roman: John, listen to me, okay? I mean, I understand that you feel guilty about what happened at the pub, but I don't see how that plays into your pleading guilty, if you didn't embezzle people's money.

John: It's complicated.

Marlena: Hmm. It's absurd.

John: When we have more time, we'll talk about it, okay? Just know that pleading guilty is not just the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do for everybody else who has gotten themselves involved in my mess.

Jack: I feel like you're about to say I imagined us reconnecting, like I made up this whole amazing moment to balance out reliving all the bad stuff.

Jennifer: No, no, I don't think that you made it up.

Jack: Oh, good. I'm so glad, because--

Jennifer: I just think I-- I think that maybe you--maybe you misunderstood. I felt so close to you in that cabin, Jack--

Jack: Well, I felt close to you too. Just like we used to be, which was so--

Jennifer: No. I was scared for you when you were having those flashbacks, and it made me see the hell that those captors put you through, Jack.

Jack: Well, you know, AAA really rates the afghan caves as the worst and the lowest, but you know, the Swedes, they set a really high bar, so--

Jennifer: Jack, please, I realized what you were going through while you were missing in our lives, and I felt so bad for you.

Jack: You were with me the whole time, when everything was at its darkest. It was your love that brought me back.

Jennifer: And I do, I--I love you, and there was a while there when I didn't think I did anymore, Jack, but you know what? That night, it didn't change where we are with each other, it--

Jack: What do you mean? We came back here, we hugged, we kissed.

Jennifer: Yes, you're right, and I was--I was drawn to you. You're right, it was an emotional time, and--

Jack: But?

Jennifer: I still have feelings for Daniel. I can't shut those off, I can't make them go away, Jack.

Jack: No, no, this isn't fair, this--you're not being fair.

Jennifer: No, but I'm being honest with you and I need to be.

Jack: No. No, no, no. You said--you told me you always loved me, always. You said me, not Daniel, you said me!

Jennifer: Wait, when did I say that? What are you talking about?

Jack: When I was asleep. Well, when I was half-asleep, you said it, I heard everything you said.

Jennifer: You were pretending to be asleep? Are you playing games with me?

Nicole: EJ. EJ, could you just trust me? Look, we both love Johnny and want him to be found, but accepting Quinn's help is a mistake.

EJ: I disagree.

Nicole: Oh. All right, look, EJ, you are thinking like Johnny's father, and that makes you blind to see how Quinn's help will come back and bite you.

EJ: I don't understand, okay? You want to protect me, but you don't want to be with me. Hmm?

Nicole: We settled that.

EJ: Nicole, I understand that you want to help me. You think Quinn's trouble, you're probably right, but my son is missing, and as his father, I will do whatever it takes to find him. I would think that you, of all people, would understand that.

Jennifer: It's unbelievable, Jack. Of course, I start to trust you again and then you do something--

Jack: If you meant what you said, why would it matter if I was asleep or awake?

Jennifer: It matters because you tricked me, you let me believe that you were sleeping.

Jack: You said some beautiful, sweet things to me. Why would I ever want to stop?

Jennifer: Oh, god, that is so lame, even for you, Jack. - I didn't want to screw this up, I really-- really? Are there any other tricks that you're pulling, for me to take you back? Anything else?

Jack: No, nothing.

Jennifer: Because for a minute, I really thought that you changed, Jack, I really did.

Jack: I have changed.

Jennifer: All the cookie decorating for the kids at the hospital, and making Abby believe that you're gonna gain her trust back, and not being so flip and glib, but I was wrong, Jack.

Jack: But--but--[Stammers]

Jennifer: And it was you at Halloween in that stupid mask, following me around, it was you!

Jack: It wasn't me, I can prove it! It's the truth!

Jennifer: That is the problem with lies and deceit, Jack, even when you're telling the truth, no one believes you.

Roman: Listen to me, that missing boy is my grandson. I want updates every ten minutes or less. What the hell? Quinn Hudson.

Quinn: [Coughs]

Roman: What the hell are you doing in Salem?

Nicole: You're right. There's nothing I wouldn't do to be with the child that I love. But you are a DiMera. You have people searching for Johnny besides the police. You do not need Quinn's help.

EJ: Nicole, I need all the help I can get right now.

Nicole: No. He is bad news, and you do not need someone like that in your life.

EJ: I know you're trying to help me. I appreciate everything you've done.

Marlena: Hi, Rafe.

Rafe: Hi.

Marlena: Mmm. Ohh, will. Mmm.

Will: Hi.

Marlena: I'm so glad that you're here for Rafe and Sami. You are always strong for everybody else. I want you to remember, stay strong for yourself too.

Will: I will. Thank you.

John: Roman had to stop and make some phone calls, but he'll be over. Um, I don't know what kind of string he pulled to get me here, but I owe him, big time.

Bo: I'm glad you are here.

John: Oh, thanks, Bo.

Marlena: Hi, sweetheart. Gabi, I'm so glad to see you here.

Gabi: I love Johnny. I want to be here when--when he comes home.

Marlena: John and I feel very strongly that Johnny will be home, safe and sound, before you know it.

John: Brightest little guy I know. He's tough, feisty, he's gonna come through this without a scratch.

Bo: Where's Rafe?

Hope: Uh, last time I saw him, he was hanging up the coats. Maybe he slipped out when our backs were turned.

Sami: Why are you here? How did you get here?

John: Well, we just wanted to be here for you and Johnny.

Sami: My dad said you weren't allowed to leave your home.

Marlena: Well, your dad pulled some strings so John could be here before he went to trial.

Sami: Of course, the trial, right. We were all supposed to be at the pub to support you.

Marlena: It was such a nice thing for everyone to--

Sami: And the next thing you know, there are guns and bullets, and we're being shot at, and my son is missing. And now he's not here to wear this cap because of you.

Quinn: [Laughing] Really? Uh, you should be in anger management class. Roughing up innocent people is a crime.

Roman: You're anything but innocent, Quinn.

Quinn: Ancient history. On the other hand, you might be found guilty of police brutality, if I decide to press charges.

Roman: Oh, do it. Do it please. Now again, why are you back in Salem?

Quinn: All right, first off, I'm sorry your grandson is missing. Thank you.

Roman: Why are you back? The D.A. Let you off the hook for pimping on the condition you leave town and stay gone.

Quinn: Not that I didn't appreciate our out-of-court settlement, but that was then and this is now.

Roman: You made a deal, you broke it. I see prison time in your future, Quinn, and that makes me very happy.

Quinn: Mm, prison's not a good look for me. Besides, I'm a changed man.

Roman: Don't care. Don't believe it.

Quinn: Hey, I'm legit out of that business. In fact, I'm about to open up a small enterprise right here in the town square.

Roman: [Laughs] What the hell is that?

Quinn: That is Salem's first health spa, combining martial arts classes and total body wellness. Hey, maybe you'd like to come down and sign up, or send the donut-eaters on the force, to get in shape.

Roman: The only thing I'm gonna send you is back to jail. Let's go, you're under arrest. Let's go. I said let's go.

Nicole: Now maybe you'll change your mind about accepting Quinn's help. He's bad news--he's nothing but trouble for you.

Will: I'm sorry. My mom did not mean that, she's upset about Johnny, and you--

Sami: I did mean it. My son, your brother, is missing, and it's because some nut job tried to shoot him. He tried to kill him for stealing his pension.

Hope: He didn't steal anything, Sami.

Sami: But that doesn't matter, does it? It doesn't matter because he was still willing to shoot into a crowd of innocent people, just to get back at John. And now Johnny is missing, and it's all because of the chaos that you have brought into our entire lives.

Marlena: Honey, John had no idea that would happen--

John: No, it's okay, it's okay. I understand why Samantha blames me for Johnny missing, and if it helps, I blame myself.

Sami: Good. You should.

John: You don't even know how sorry I am about this situation, and if I could roll back the time and undo all this, I would.

Sami: Well, wouldn't we all? That'd be lovely, but you can't. Johnny is missing, and it is your fault.

Marlena: Samantha, there's no need for this, this won't get--

Sami: Don't defend him to me!

John: I just want you to know something. I am aware that all hell has broken loose since your mother and I came back to Salem. Austin and Carrie, they're on the outs, Rafe has lost his job, and now Johnny is missing because of me. So rather than stand trial, I've decided to plead guilty to all charges. As long as I'm in prison, at least I can't hurt the rest of the people that I love.

Sami: You want to stop hurting me, then you can get out! Just get out of my face!

Marlena: Samantha, stop that.

Sami: And you think you can cop a plea now? You're gonna be noble now? After my son is missing? Are you kidding me?

John: If I had any idea this was gonna happen--

Sami: You know what? I don't feel bad for you, and I am not grateful to you for making this big gesture. It is too late!

Marlena: Samantha, I know you're hurting, but that's enough.

Marlena: Oh, Samantha--

Sami: Stop. Just stop it.

Marlena: Berating John--or me--is not going to bring Johnny back.

Sami: Is that really all you care about? Your husband's feelings matter more to you than me and my missing child?

Marlena: No, that's not true.

Sami: 'Cause you need counseling for what is going on in that head of yours. All you think about is John. All you care about is him.

Marlena: I know this is all the fear talking.

Sami: I am not gonna be managed by you. This is not a session. Do you even care that Johnny is missing?

Will: Mom, of course they care, that is why they are here.

Marlena: Will, let her go. She needs to get this out.

Sami: All you think about is John. He comes first for you, at my expense, at everyone's expense. Right or wrong, I love my kids, and they mean more to me than anything else.

Marlena: Have I loved anybody more than my family? My children, your husbands, your family, I love everybody.

Sami: [Whispers] Oh... they may all fall for that, but I know better, I lived it. I see it for the act that it is.

Marlena: It is not an act, Sami.

Sami: Your grandson is missing, and you don't even care. All you do is bring John here, for some big gesture about how he's gonna plead guilty, and you care about that more than you do me...

Marlena: That's not true.

Sami: ...And the fact that my son is gone!

Marlena: Sami, Sami, it's not true, I love you. I love Johnny.

Sami: Then where were you? Where were you when everybody else was looking for him? I thought so.

Marlena: Please. This isn't helping Johnny. Now it's all about helping Johnny.

Marlena: It was, from the moment he disappeared.

Sami: Then what were you doing? Because I know you weren't with me, were you? Because you never have been. You have never been there for me when I needed you.

Marlena: That's not so, Sami. I've always been there for you. I love you and your family.

John: We both do, Samantha.

Sami: Well, right now my son is missing because of you, and I am putting you both on notice that if he does not come back-- if he doesn't come back to me safe and sound, I will make you both wish that I'd never been born.

Jack: I'm not putting one over on you, I just--I just didn't tell you what I heard until now.

Jennifer: You didn't tell me just now--it slipped out, Jack, which means you weren't planning on telling me, which means you were being deceitful.

Jack: No, no, no. I was blown away by hearing you say that you still love me and you always would. I didn't know what I was gonna do. Don't you see, I wanted to reach out and grab you and hug you and say, "I will always love you, too," but I couldn't. You thought I was asleep, so just stayed asleep.

Jennifer: Why can't being honest ever be your first choice, Jack?

Jack: That's not fair.

Jennifer: It's not fair, but it is true.

Jack: I messed up at the cabin.

Jennifer: It's true.

Jack: I messed up, okay? But to--to imply that I'm basically dishonest--

Jennifer: You have a problem with the truth. You always have, Jack, and it shows every time that life happens.

Jack: Wait a minute, life happens at every single moment, and that would mean that I--

Jennifer: Right, which means that you can't deal with the truth. You deny it, you sleep through it, you run from it, Jack, all the time.

Jack: I know I should be saying something here, but I really don't know what it is I should say.

Jennifer: Right, because there's nothing to say. There is absolutely nothing to say. I am so tired of this. I am so tired of dealing with a man--of dealing with an ex-husband who hates the truth and avoids reality all the time.

Jack: Is that really what you think I do?

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Just the fact that you said that shows me how lost you are, and you know what? I am not the person to fix you anymore. I want to be with a man who is happy, happy with himself and happy with his life, and that man is not you.

Roman: No more deals, Quinn.

[Cell phone rings]

Roman: Yeah, Commissioner Brady. I'll be right there. Get lost, now.

Rafe: Roman. Roman, listen to me, I know I'm not on the force anymore, but I can't do this, man. I can't stand around and do nothin'. I need to be out there, looking for Johnny.

EJ: Roman. That phone call, was that about Johnny?

Roman: One of my men found something--it's not good. Come with me.

Bo: Pressure got to Sami. She was just lettin' off steam, that's all.

John: Well, not knowin' where your child is has gotta be hell on earth for any parent.

Hope: You can't take to heart what Sami said.

John: We know she didn't mean it.

Marlena: She did. She meant every word.

Jack: I am not some overgrown peter pan who denies reality. I live in the moment, and I'm ready to take what comes.

Jennifer: Great. You know what, stay here. Stay here as long as you want, 'cause I'm gonna hang up flyers, and I need to get to work, because Abe probably has a million things for me to take care of.

Will: And then, um, Johnny said, "pizza... [Laughs] "Because it's messy to start with."


Bo: That's Johnny.

[Laughter dies down]

Roman: Sami, I need your positive I.D. Is this part of Johnny's shirt?

Sami: [Sobs] [Sobs] [Cries] We went to that pub because of you! It is your fault that we were there!

Will: Why are you blaming him for this?

EJ: My son is not collateral damage, he is my son!

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