Days Transcript Tuesday 11/15/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/15/11


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Sami: I just don't understand where he could be when we have checked everywhere, everywhere that he knows, and he's...

Rafe: Try not to panic.

Sami: I can't not panic! Our son is missing! Johnny! Johnny!

[Distant siren]

Rafe: Hear that?

Sami: Is that an ambulance?

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: And sirens. They found the shooter.

EJ: Search the entire country if you have to, all right? And do me a favor--do it quietly, all right? Quietly. I can't afford to attract the police's attention on this one. Call me back. Hey, Kate. Didn't know you were there.

Kate: Hey. I heard the sirens from my office, and I came over--are the police looking for the man who shot at John?

EJ: Yeah, I guess so.

Kate: At least he wasn't hit. Or anyone else, for that matter.

EJ: Right. Thank goodness.

Kate: Your father called me. He told me about what happened to Giovanni. I'm sorry, that's...terrible.

EJ: Yeah, well, they'll find him.

Kate: Yes, they will. So...does anyone know anything?

EJ: I don't know.

Kate: Okay. Listen to me. We are on the same team here, okay? Stop pretending. Just tell me the truth. Did you and your father try to kill John?

Brady: [Sighs]

Madison: Brady, do you have a sec?

Brady: Actually, no, I--

Madison: Mad world has a critical presentation with Joel Finnerman this afternoon. We need to go over the distribution deal, do you remember? We have some financials we need to go over, and I would have gone over it with you earlier if you had returned one of my phone calls.

Brady: I know I haven't returned your calls--

Madison: No, that's not the worst of it, okay?

Brady: The reason behind it--

Madison: Sami is totally AWOL!

Brady: I'm aware of that.

Madison: She's nowhere to be found. Do you have any idea when she might show up? Any idea at all?

Brady: She's not coming in.

Madison: I'm sorry?

Brady: She's not coming in today.

Madison: What do you mean?

Brady: I thought she'd leave a message for you.

Madison: No, she didn't. You know what, this just gets better and better all the time, doesn't it? I know she's your sister and everything, but that doesn't give her the right to just not show up to work and not call.

Brady: I know.

Madison: If she needed some time off, she could have asked me, and you know what? I would have given it to her. But not today. Not when we have this huge meeting hanging over our heads.

Brady: Madison. Madison... this meeting is not a priority for me today. I'm sorry, okay?

Madison: What's the matter?

Brady: You obviously haven't heard anything that's going on in the news. My father was nearly shot today at the pub, and my nephew Johnny was there, and he's missing.

Roman: Mr. Bates. Lauretano?

You know him?

Roman: What, beating John up in the cell wasn't enough? You had to do this too?

Sami: What have you done with my son! Where the hell is my little boy?

Rafe: Sami!

Lauretano: Take her off!

Sami: Give him back!

Lauretano: I want a lawyer.

Sami: Oh, yeah? You're not getting away with this!

Roman: Calm her down!

Sami: You are gonna pay for hurting my son! You tell me where he is! You tell me--

Rafe: Sami! Calm down, please! Take a breath.

Roman: All right, read him his rights.

Rafe: Please.

Sami: Please, just tell me. Tell me what you have done with him. Tell me that he's not hurt. Tell me that he's okay. Just--please!

EJ: Where is he? Where's my son? You know who I am? You better tell me where my son is.

Lauretano: I swear I don't know anything about a missing boy.

EJ: I swear, if you're lying--

Lauretano: I'm not lying! I would never take a kid. I'm not a monster.

EJ: Why, no, you're just a would-be assassin.

Roman: EJ, I think he's telling the truth. I don't think he knows anything about Johnny's disappearance.

EJ: Then put him on a polygraph.

Roman: We will question him further. Don't worry about that. But his motive and intent was to harm John and John alone.

EJ: What, 'cause he stole somebody's pension?

Roman: This is not about Johnny.

EJ: I hope you're right.

Roman: All right, take Lauretano downtown, okay? Put him in an interview room.

Rafe: Sami, uh, listen... okay...he may or may not be the guy, but we're gonna get some information. Listen, it's gonna be all right!

Sami: It's not! How is it gonna be all right? I mean... we don't know anything. [Breathing hard]

Lexie: Oh, my god!

Jennifer: Oh, I can't believe this happened.

Lexie: Abe...what's going on? Do you have any leads?

Abe: No. No. Look, I called you both here to...tell you that I'm suspending my campaign from here.

Jennifer: What?

Lexie: What, I--

Jennifer: Abe!

Lexie: I don't understand. [Sighs] Did EJ do something?

Abe: No. It's not EJ. It's Johnny. My sole focus is finding our nephew and bringing him home.

Brady: Johnny went missing after the shooting at the pub.

Madison: I--I've been so focused on prepping for this meeting, I didn't hear anything.

Brady: It's all right. I understand.

Madison: Oh, my god, I'm so sorry, Brady. Is your father okay?

Brady: Yeah. No, he's okay. No one--no one was hurt, thankfully, but...[Sighs] Johnny--Johnny was there, and... and nobody knows what the hell happened to him. It's like he disappeared.

Madison: I'm so sorry.

Brady: Don't worry about it. They'll--they'll find him.

Madison: The police must have some leads, right?

Brady: No, the police don't have any leads, actually. Nothing has panned out. Sami's frantic. She doesn't even know what the hell she's gonna do. She's losing it.

Madison: I can't even imagine.

Brady: [Sighs] And I know I was supposed to go over these-- these financial files for Finnerman, but I haven't. I don't know where the file is, and I'm sorry--

Madison: You know what, don't give it another thought. Your sister needs you. Go.

Sami: We don't have any time. We just don't have time.

Rafe: I'm sure the rest of the police force is out there searching for Johnny. Just have to trust they're doing their jobs.

Sami: Johnny has been missing for hours. What if there's a reason that he can't get back to us?

Rafe: Sami...hey. We'll find him.

Sami: Look, if it's true, if Lauretano was shooting at John...and he didn't take Johnny, then that just means that anything is possible, that some psycho could have our son. That he could be anywhere. Anything could be happening to him right now.

Brady: Thank you for understanding.

Madison: Are you kidding me? Of course. Look, family first, always. Especially at a time like this.

Brady: The only reason I came to titan is I wanna get Johnny's picture plastered all over our network, but...

Madison: I know, I know.

Brady: I completely forgot that that meeting was today, Madison, and I'm sorry--

Madison: Look, don't even worry about it. Seriously, meetings like this-- I can do this in my sleep. It's fine.

Brady: You're lying. I know this is a big deal.

Madison: Yeah, it is, but I'm good.

Brady: I know you're good.

Madison: Go. You need to go be with Sami. I'm gonna... I'm gonna rock this meeting.

Brady: But any other day, I'd be happy to help you out, but I'm just--

Madison: I know! Seriously...I know. Go do what you have to do. I got this. I'll take care of it. Go be with Sami.

Brady: Thank you.

Madison: Okay.

Abe: I would like to continue on that subject for a moment. I've just been informed by the police that the man who attempted to take John Black's life is in custody and is being questioned by the police. Now, I know many of you are upset at losing your life's savings. I understand. But violence is never the answer. I must also say that I deeply regret...that shortly after this shooting incident, a young boy went missing...Johnny DiMera. Now, perhaps one of you has seen him. The police search is ongoing. But if you have any information at all related to this search, please contact the police at the number shown on the bottom of the screen. We all pray for Johnny's safe return. As the father of a young boy myself, I know the pain this boy's family's in. And as your mayor, I am honored to lead this community... a community whose citizens always reach out to their neighbors in a time of crisis. Thank you...and god bless.

Jennifer: Thank you very much. Abe, that was perfect. That was well done.

Abe: All right, thank you. I just hope it helps. Look, we gotta head on in and see if we can find your brother.

Lexie: Honey, uh, you don't have to go with me.

Abe: This is Sami's son. It's roman's grandson. We love Johnny. We have to be there for our friends and our family. Come on.

Jennifer: Yeah, come on.

Sami: You know what? I think...I think that that guy Lauretano's full of it, you know? I mean, why are we trusting him anyway? I think my dad is wrong. I think that he--I mean, he was willing to shoot at a--at John in a crowd of innocent people. So obviously, he's psychotic.

Rafe: Just try and calm down.

Sami: Well, what about if maybe he's working with someone? Maybe there's some other guy involved, and maybe that guy took Johnny. You know, I mean--

Rafe: Sami, stop. You can't always imagine the worst-case scenario.

Sami: Look, this is my son. This is our son we are talking about here. Come on, you heard him. You saw how scared he was from the shots. Do you really think he doesn't want to be with us right now? He's gotta be doing whatever he can to get to us, and we have to make sure we help him.

EJ: Samantha, listen, I'm not waiting for the police to find my son--my men are looking.

Rafe: I thought you were told to wait for the police.

EJ: The police aren't doing anything, Rafe, all right? They couldn't find their thumbs on a map!

Kate: EJ, not now. This is not the time. Come on, come on.

Sami: EJ's just upset too, okay? It's his son too. He cares. We can't just be expected to keep calm.

Rafe: Have you thought about it? I mean, what do you think the chances are that EJ has him?

Kate: Okay, look. I know you're upset.

EJ: I'm not upset, all right?

Kate: You never answered my question. The attempt on John's life-- was your father involved? My sinus symptoms come with a cough

EJ: I can understand why you might suspect that father had some involvement in John's shooting, given the history, but I can assure you--listen, if father wanted that guy dead, he would be dead.

Kate: Okay, but that doesn't answer my question, now, does it?

EJ: I'll answer your question then, all right? Neither my father nor I had anything to do with that shooting, all right? Are we clear? That's the truth.

Kate: Okay.

EJ: Okay?

Kate: Okay. Then I'll believe you. I mean, I suppose it is possible that that cop or ex-cop or whatever he is could have just been seeking revenge, right? There are a lot of angry people out there, angry that they think that John stole their pension. I, for one, am not one of them, but...

EJ: Why?

Kate: Because that's not who John is.

EJ: Really? Sure about that?

Kate: As sure as I can be.

EJ: Well...people are not always who they seem to be. You more than anybody should know that.

Rafe: Roman.

Sami: Dad!

Rafe: Did he say anything else?

Roman: Nothing we can go on.

Sami: I don't understand why you are so sure that Lauretano didn't have anything to do with taking Johnny.

EJ: Look, roman, obviously he knows who John is, he knows who his family is. He knew where he was going to be today.

Sami: I think there's a very good chance that he did it, and he did it for revenge against John.

Roman: Nothing is sure, but I don't think so. The way the guy shot up the pub, his target was John. He didn't have a backup plan.

EJ: So what now?

Roman: My men have taken Lauretano down to the station. Read him his rights. He's being processed.

EJ: [Stammers] We need answers now, okay? Not an hour from now--now!

Roman: Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You telling me how to do my job, EJ?

EJ: Yes! We're not getting any results when your men are spinning their wheels and they're wasting time in following procedure. You understand that my son could be out there--he could be hurt, he could be anything, roman!

Madison: Come on, Sami, what did you call the file? [Sighs]

Brady: Well, yes, that's why titan's trying to get Johnny's picture out to every media outlet possible. I don't care that they're competitors. Just do it ASAP.

Roman: I know your family doesn't have a lot of respect for the law, but if we don't follow procedure with the suspect in custody, he'll walk. And I really don't want a dangerous guy like that walking around Salem. Do you, EJ?

EJ: My complaint is the police seem more interested in protecting this man than finding my son.

Rafe: All right, come on, let's not be ridiculous. What are they supposed to do, EJ, torture the guy?

EJ: I don't care, all right? Just find him, okay? The longer he's out there, the more danger he's in.

Roman: We are doing everything possible. We've expanded the search outside the city limits. We've notified every police department within a 50-mile radius.

EJ: Well, I'm sure you think that's very reassuring but, uh, he's a small boy. How far, exactly, do you think he's got, hmm? I mean, he's at the pub, and all of your police officers turn up, and yet somehow he manages to find his way out. You were there--you were there! The ineptitude of your police department boggles the mind!

Abe: You know, that-- that's enough. This is roman's grandson too.

EJ: Of course, here we are, the man who defends John Black defending his inept department.

Abe: Always blaming people.

EJ: No, I blame you! I blame you for somebody being able to shoot John. I blame you for my son's disappearance. You're responsible!

Abe: The feds were in charge of security.

EJ: Oh, now who's passing the buck? Look, could you just do me a favor, all right? You're all very right. I just need you to please find my son.

Sami: Please. something.

Roman: Again, EJ, we are doing everything we can.

EJ: Yes, you keep saying that.

Roman: Yes, I do, and for the record, the guys you got out there searching haven't found him either, and they're just making things worse.

Sami: Look, I don't understand why we're all still just standing here doing nothing!

EJ: Because the police department's completely inept!

Lexie: EJ, EJ, honey, I know what you're going through. I know what you're going through. But pointing fingers won't help, okay?

EJ: Lexie, maybe my emotions are getting the better of me, but the fact is, this should never have happened.

Lexie: I know...

EJ: I have no idea how this was allowed to happen.

Lexie: I know, I know.

Kate: Stefano, it's me. Um...I assume you know by now that they found out it was a disgruntled cop who took that shot at John. I know that you're out looking for Giovanni, and I just wanted to tell you that I am so sorry. Call me when you get a chance. I love you.

Madison: Kate.

Kate: Madison.

Madison: Well, you look surprised to see me.

Kate: No.

Madison: Really? Because your face says otherwise.

Kate: Yeah, well, I guess I'm just not used to seeing you out and around.

Madison: Maybe you should get used to it, since we're both operating our businesses here.

Kate: You know, I'm thinking that there might not be enough room in this town for both of us.

Madison: I couldn't agree more. I think it's time for you to pack and go.

Kate: I was just about to say the same thing to you. You see, I am going to be the last woman standing.

Madison: Famous last words, Kate. Actually, I'm not really interested in having this conversation with you. I have far more important things to do.

Kate: So do I, Madison. So do I.

Brady: Sami, listen, I have an entire news crew working to get the word out on Johnny, all right? Someone has to have seen him.

Jennifer: Abe put out a plea. He has volunteer search parties organized. Anything else we can do, let us know, okay?

Rafe: You guys are amazing. Thank you. All we need is one good tip to send us in the right direction.

Jennifer: Hey, hey...why don't we go sit down? You look exhausted. Come on.

Brady: Hi.

Madison: Is there any news?

Brady: No. No, afraid not. But I wasn't expecting to see you here. The meeting--

Madison: I cancelled it.

Brady: I wasn't expecting that either.

Madison: Neither was I.

Roman: All right, well, good. Thanks.

Rafe: Hey.

Roman: We got a lead.

EJ: Planning on telling me?

Roman: Somebody called in after Abe's TV appearance. Said they saw a boy fitting Johnny's description out by the woods about a mile outside of town.

EJ: What? Let's get down there!

Roman: We will. But we can't fly blind, all right? Leads don't always pan out, and I don't wanna get my daughter's hopes up--not yet.

EJ: Well, but, this could be valuable information, okay? If somebody's seen Johnny, then we need to--

Roman: We don't know it's Johnny yet, all right? We don't know anything for sure, EJ, so get yourself together, okay? For Sami's sake. She's emotional as hell right now.

EJ: You don't say.

Roman: Yeah! And that emotion could lead to irrational behavior, and we don't want that, do we?

EJ: Well, thank you for that, dr. Freud.

Rafe: So you're saying that we shouldn't say anything to her.

EJ: Right. No, that's perfect, isn't it? Let's not tell the hypersensitive woman anything that might upset her delicate sensibilities...right? We'll leave all the hard work to the big, tough policemen.

Roman: EJ, do you ever get tired of listening to yourself and being like this?

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is it--you think if we tell her, that she's gonna want to go.

Roman: Exactly. So can we stop bickering and get on with our work?

EJ: Idiots.

Roman: Sami. We're gonna go check some things out, try to gather some new leads, see where that takes us.

Sami: I'm gonna stay here. I just wanna be here if--when Johnny...

Jennifer: Yeah.

Sami: Is found.

Jennifer: We'll stay here with her.

Lexie: Absolutely. We'll stay.

EJ: Samantha. I promise you, I'm going to find him if it is the last thing that I do.

Brady: So you cancelled the meeting with Finnerman to be here?

Madison: I did.

Brady: Madison, that's--

Madison: Okay, listen, I know the meeting was important. But I also know when I go in for an appointment and my head is not fully in the game, I can do more harm than good.

Brady: That's smart.

Madison: I was working on the presentation. I just wasn't...I wasn't getting anywhere, you know? All I could think about was Sami... how awful this must be for her. I just...Johnny's the sweetest kid. I feel really lucky I got to meet him.

Brady: He's very sweet. He's the best.

Madison: I know there's nothing I can do, but...

Brady: Wait. Actually, there is something I think you could do.

Madison: Really?

Brady: You're Sami's boss. You came down here because obviously you care. I think she should know that. I think you should tell her exactly what you told me, and I think that would make her feel a lot better.

Kate: Is this Joel Finnerman? Hi! Katherine DiMera. Oh, I know. Same here. Yeah. Well, I heard through the grapevine that you're in town. Oh, your meeting was cancelled. How unfortunate. Oh, I know, I would love to meet up with you too, I really would, but I'm a little tied up here. I know. Tell you what, though. If you're looking to fill some time, why don't you stop by the countess Wilhelmina office space? It's my new space. Oh, no, my staff would love to give you a tour. Uh-huh. Oh, I guarantee you're gonna be impressed. Okay, then. You stay in touch. Bye.

Brady: Hey.

Lexie: Hey.

Brady: Do you mind if, um, we talk?

Jennifer: Oh, no. No, that's fine--I'm gonna check in with Abigail anyway.

Lexie: Yeah, I'll check in with Abe, see if there's any news, okay?

Sami: Hey, so, um... what are you doing here?

Madison: Sami, I'm so sorry for what you must be going through.

Sami: Oh, god, we had that meeting. And I didn't even call to let you know--

Madison: No, no, no, listen, don't worry about it. Work is the last thing you should be worried about now. You need to find your son. That's all that matters.

Sami: Thank you.

Madison: Honey, listen to me. Work is my life. I admit that. But I know what really matters. Do you remember back in the day I had younger brothers and sisters that I helped raise? I don't know what I would do if something happened to them, and I'm not trying to make this about me.

Sami: You're not.

Madison: I know that you're gonna find Johnny.

Sami: Uh...I appreciate your support. A lot. It's just with every moment that passes it's,'s just hard, really hard to stay positive.

[Pounding at door]

Roman: Police!

Rafe: Johnny? Johnny!

Roman: Johnny!

EJ: Johnny!

Rafe: Johnny.

EJ: Roman, you said the tip saw a boy matching Johnny's description on a country road near here, right?

Roman: My men are searching the woods as we speak.

Rafe: But they haven't seen anything.

Roman: Not yet, no. But I did call headquarters, though. Lauretano got a public defender who made a statement. He denies knowing anything about Johnny's disappearance.

EJ: Well, of course he's gonna say that--he's lying!

Roman: I don't think so. No. He was going after John plain and simple. What we've gotta do is focus on finding more and better leads. Johnny didn't just vanish into nowhere, okay? Come on, how many people were in that pub when he disappeared under our noses?

Rafe: Something's not right about this.

EJ: What, exactly, do you mean by that?

Roman: He doesn't mean anything.

EJ: All right, look, all right, listen, I understand. Whatever happened with Sydney happened, okay? But I did not do this. Please, put me on a polygraph if you want to--don't waste your time looking for evidence on me, all right? Please, just find my son, okay?

Roman: We hear you, EJ, and we'd like to think you're not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

EJ: [Sighs] I'm gonna look outside.

Rafe: You really... don't think he's got anything to do with this?

Roman: No. No, I don't. Do you?

Rafe: I wish I did. I thought at first, but... yeah, if he was behind this, at least Johnny would be safe. I don't want to say anything in front of Sami, but...

Roman: Yeah, I know.

Rafe: Johnny he was there. He was right there and then... he wasn't.

[Dramatic music]


Rafe: How could I not have seen anything?

Roman: Rafe, I keep saying the same thing to myself. But the bullets were flying and we were trying to protect everybody.

Rafe: No, I told myself the same thing. I thought Johnny was scared because of all the noise. He always hated loud noises and so...he was the best at hide and... he's the best at hide and seek.

Roman: Yeah, I know. Yeah. He went missing at my house one time. Found him up on the roof.

Rafe: Sounds like Johnny. He wouldn't do this, though. He would not...not from his mother, for this long. He knows it would upset her. And it's like you said-- the longer...the longer he's gone, it seems like somebody has him. The question is who? And what the hell do they want?

Jennifer: Okay, this is great, 'cause these aren't more than a couple months old.

Sami: But he has grown like a weed since I took these. I mean, I don't know, which one should I give them--this one? Or do you think maybe I should give them--

Jennifer: Sami, I think just give the media as much as you can.

Sami: God, I just wish I had a more recent photo, you know? But I have missed so much. You know, I wasn't there for the book fair, and I missed back-to-school night.

Jennifer: Sami, Sami... you know what? Nine out of ten soccer games isn't so bad.

Sami: I have this one from Halloween.

Jennifer: Let's see. Oh, he looked so adorable that day. He was so funny. I gave him a candy bar. He put it in Sydney's basket. He's sweet.

Sami: It had nuts in it, didn't it? He hates nuts.

Jennifer: That was it. I thought he was being sweet!

Sami: He is. He is the sweetest little boy, and...

Jennifer: He is.

Sami: Oh, look, here's another one. Look at that.

Jennifer: Hey. Look at me. You don't have to pretend, okay? I can't even imagine how scared you are right now.

Sami: I just want them to find him. My dad, the police, EJ--anyone!

Jennifer: They'll find him.

Sami: Just find him!

Jennifer: They're gonna find him. They will.

Abe: Uh, we have to get going. I'm going to monitor the search from the mayor's office and authorize additional funding for police overtime if needed.

Sami: Thank you, Abe. And look, Lexie, if someone in the E.R. Or anyone just sees--

Lexie: We'll call you as soon as we hear anything, okay? The hospital's on alert as well. But it won't come to that, Sami. We have to stay positive, all right?

Jennifer: Oh, excuse me. Abe, can I have a word with you, please? I'll be right back.

Kate: Tea and a muffin.

Sami: Are you serious? Oh, god, you're being nice to me. This is just too bizarre to be real. I mean, I swear to god, maybe I could just close my eyes, and this isn't really happening. And when I open them... you're still there.

Kate: Okay, look. Just take it, okay? You need to keep your strength up.

Sami: You need an extra-fat muffin, Kate.

Kate: Boys can be quite a handful, can't they?

Sami: What do you want?

Kate: You know, Lucas, Austin, and Philip were... always getting into some kind of scrape or mess if I even turned my back for a minute.

Sami: You don't even have to turn your back.

Kate: Goes with the territory with the male of the species. But you know, I look at them now and...they're none the worse for it.

Sami: I know you consider me one of...Lucas's major messes. Austin too, right?

Kate: Of course I do. But they survived you. And so will Johnny.

Brady: Hey.

Madison: Hey.

Brady: Hey, listen, um... I wanted to tell you something. It was really cool of you, what you did today for Sami, the fact that you took the time and came down to-- what's wrong with you?

Kate: Oh, and, um...Brady went over to titan to make sure there are photos all over the television there.

Sami: I heard. I sent him pictures.

Kate: So is there anyone I could call for you, anything else I could do for you?

Sami: Carrie's prepping John's case, and...Marlena's with John, of course.

Kate: Of course.

Sami: You don't have to stay with me, Kate. Jennifer will be right back.

Kate: I know I don't have to stay here with you, Sami. Actually, I just--[Laughs] I don't want to back to countess Wilhelmina right now. There is construction dust all over the place. But I'll tell you, it is going to be so fabulous, we're going to blow Mad World cosmetics out of the water.

Sami: You are so see-through. It's like you're not even here.

Kate: Excuse me?

Sami: Your attempt to distract me with the...good old catfight isn't gonna work.

Kate: Well, it was worth a try. [Sighs] Sami, you have to be strong.

Sami: I don't think I can. I just don't think...I can keep doing this. I keep picturing him, and he doesn't have his jacket with him, so he's cold and he's alone and he's scared. And what if some crazy person has him, Kate?

Kate: No. Don't even go there.

Sami: I can't...I can't help it. Dad! Hey, dad, where have you been?

Roman: We had a lead.

Sami: You did, and you didn't tell me?

Rafe: Well, he didn't want to get your hopes up.

Roman: Somebody saw a boy fitting Johnny's description.

Sami: They did? They found him? I mean, it was him, right? It had to be.

Rafe: We looked everywhere. Sorry. Nothing.

Sami: I am not giving up!

Roman: Of course not. And neither are we.

Sami: Well, then I think we should do something!

EJ: Okay, Samantha, what exactly do you propose we do?

Sami: We should go back out there to wherever the sighting was, and I'll look. I'll look for him. Maybe if he hears my voice--

Rafe: Sami. That's not the way to do this.

Roman: We have men combing that entire area.

EJ: Listen, I called in a bunch of additional man power as well.

Roman: Sweetheart, listen to me. I think we need to face a very strong possibility.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Roman: I'm sorry, but it's looking more and more... like somebody abducted Johnny.

Madison: I just, uh, feel bad for Sami, you know? Look at his little curls. He looks so much like my little brother. I'd show you a picture, but...

Brady: What?

Madison: Ah, they're just-- they're gone.

Brady: They're gone? You mean like all... all your photos, like even of your mom and...

Madison: Yeah.

Brady: Madison, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Madison: Okay, it's fine, you know, I mean...I have all the memories, right? It's a bad sign, isn't it, for a child to be gone this long? It's... I just hope he's okay.

Brady: Listen, come here. It's gonna be okay. It'll be all right.

Roman: Technically, John, he is a DiMera. The DiMeras have a lot of enemies and a lot of money. Now, if this person is after ransom, harming Johnny wouldn't make any sense.

Sami: Is that supposed to make me feel better? [Scoffs]

Rafe: Sami. Honey, it's gonna be okay. We're gonna find him.

Sami: It might not be okay! It might not be. I mean, we've been waiting all day for a call or some kind of ransom note, and we have got nothing. So that means whoever has him-- because now, now you are saying that someone does have him-- whoever has him, we don't know what they want or what they're doing with him. We don't know where he is. And I have no idea what is happening to my little boy!

EJ: Samantha. Hey, look at me. It's important we don't panic, okay? Listen, I promise you... nobody is going to touch a hair on Johnny's head.

Sami: Do you know how much time has gone by? What if we never see him again?

Sami: My son is missing. Now he's not here to wear this cap because of you!

Marlena: Blaming John is not going to bring Johnny back.

Sami: If he doesn't come back to me, I will make you both wish that I'd never been born!

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