Days Transcript Friday 11/11/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/11/11


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Jennifer: Unbelievable.

[Knock on door]

Hope: It's freezing. Hey, oh.

Jennifer: Hey, come on in.

Hope: You saw the paper, huh?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. I mean, they make it sound like we don't even need a trial. Just take John to the town square for tar and feathers.

Hope: Yeah, well, hopefully the jury will have a lot more sense than these so-called journalists. Gosh, I'm sorry. No offense to the profession.

Jennifer: Please, none taken. Listen, I'm glad you called. I wanna help you go through everything.

Hope: No, no, you don't have to do that. That's so sweet of you.

Jennifer: No, I want to. It's a really good distraction. Please.

Hope: Okay.

Jennifer: Would you like some coffee?

Bo: Mm, no, thanks. Some of us have to work for a living.

Hope: Give Austin my best.

Bo: Look, he's just doing his job like you and I are.

Hope: I know, you're right. Sorry.

Bo: I'll keep you posted.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: Good luck, you guys.

Jennifer: Thanks, you too.

Hope: Be careful driving.

Bo: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Whoo, what a circus this is turning into. It is a circus.

Jennifer: Do you think it's even possible for John to get a fair trial?

Hope: Hopefully in court, but I mean, my god, the media's already found him guilty. They're doing everything they can to stir up as much anger as possible.

Jennifer: Yeah, of course. Look what they're doing in the paper--I can't believe the spectator has sunk to this level.

Hope: Some of the TV coverage is even worse. They've really done a number on John. Even a guilty verdict won't be enough for some people.

Reporter: The anger outside the courtroom is palpable. A senior, holds a sign reading, "John Black stole my retirement." When I spoke to her, she said she hoped he would be given life imprisonment.

[TV turns off]

Carrie: Austin, I know you don't want me to hear that junk, and I appreciate it, but it's not like you can protect me from what's going on out there. I'm gonna be walking through that crowd in a very short, little while.

Austin: Yeah, I know, I just-- I don't like you being shoved in the middle of all that anger.

Carrie: You don't have to worry about me. It's not like I'm flying solo. I have a whole law firm backing me up on this case. It's John that I'm worried about.

Austin: Yeah, I'm not. 'Cause the feds are handling his security. He's gonna be fine. I'm worried about you.

Carrie: I'll be fine.

Stefano: Ah, you're going out.

E.J.: Yeah, I'm making a statement on the steps of the courthouse right before the trial begins.

Stefano: I was just watching the news. You are going to have an overwhelming audience. An audience who is just screaming for John Black's head on a platter.

E.J.: I will be there to remind them of who can deliver it.

Stefano: [Chuckles]

Rafe: God...

Sami: [Sighs] Now or never, huh?

Rafe: I guess. Well, the kids are dressed and ready for school. Unless...

Sami: Unless we decide to go to the pub. I'm so mad at my dad.

Rafe: Really?

Sami: Well, yeah, why did he have to plan this whole family thing right before the trial?

Rafe: So everyone can show their support for John right now?

Sami: Yeah, and if we don't show up, then it's like...

Sami: Sami, Sami, listen, everyone knows your relationship with John has always been complicated.

Sami: I just feel like my dad set it up so it's a command performance.

Rafe: Well, maybe. It's your decision.

Sami: But...

Rafe: But it may be your last chance.

Roman: Okay, wait here. Okay, I think we managed the impossible. Got you two in here under the radar.

John: That's because everybody who hates me is probably at the courthouse.

Marlena: John...

John: I know. Head up, stay strong. Thanks for setting all this up, roman.

Roman: No problem.

Marlena: Yes, thank you so much. Being with family right now just--boy, means the world to us.

Roman: I understand that. Look, I'll be outside for a minute. I need to coordinate my guys with the feds.

Marlena: Roman, I thought you had more men out there.

Roman: Yeah, we decided on a light presence. Don't want to bring attention to John's being here. Okay, I'll be back.

John: Place looks a lot different when it's empty.

Marlena: We'll get through this. We will.

John: Mm.

Marlena: Roman had such a good idea to come here early. Away from all those people who are convinced you're guilty.

John: Those people think that I stole their life savings. They hate me for it.

Marlena: John...

John: I'm not sure that they're wrong.

Jennifer: I thought that you'd already gotten what you needed when the DNA proved that Daniel was actually Maggie's son.

Hope: Yeah, well, there's one part of the mystery that hasn't been solved yet. I still don't know why the money was going in and out of Gran's account. I mean, who's receiving these payments?

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Hope: If Gran was in trouble, I... if someone was holding something over her head, I need to know. Whatever--whatever it was.

E.J.: You know, I think that I'm going to downplay being a mayoral candidate. Focus on the fact that I'm a chief litigant in a civil suit.

Stefano: Why?

E.J.: Well, it makes me seem like one of them, doesn't it? You know, a victim. Plus, I mean, this really shouldn't be a political speech. This is about making sure that, uh, justice prevails.

Stefano: Hmm. Better be careful what you ask for, you know? [Chuckles] Because if justice prevails, you and I could both be behind bars.

E.J.: [Laughs] Yeah, you laugh, but you know, the thing that I enjoy so much is that John Black is fighting for his life in court. Whilst outside the courthouse, I'm there with a gaggle of angry voters.

Stefano: Mm. You are their champion. As a person running for office, huh? [Chuckles] You're a very lucky man.

E.J.: Luck had nothing to do with it, father.

John: Thank you for being here.

Caroline: Are you kidding? Where else would I be?

John: No, I'm serious. Your support means the world to me.

Caroline: You know you have that. You always will. Give 'em hell in that courtroom.

Carrie: Ooh, as his counsel, I'm not sure I can okay that piece of advice, but I understand the sentiment.

Caroline: Okay, then you give 'em hell.

Carrie: You got it, I will.

Caroline: For him.

Carrie: If you'll excuse me, I have to speak to dad.

Caroline: Oh, okay. Well, maybe you two could use some coffee?

John: Yeah, yeah, we'll help ourselves.

Caroline: Oh, what a good idea.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: I was watching you with Caroline. I--I think you've gotta be careful not to show you're having doubts. Just stay confident.

John: How? What if I did this? What's it gonna do to you and the family, and all these great people who are sticking their necks out to support me?

Marlena: You are innocent. I know that in my heart.

John: Yeah? What about these memories, these flashbacks I'm having?

Marlena: John, they're not real. We proved that in hypnosis.

John: Yeah, but it creates doubt.

Marlena: I'm getting concerned about the pictures in your head, and your own sense of right and wrong. I--I think they're undermining your confidence.

John: Yeah, I wish I could be as sure about this as you are.

Marlena: Everybody who loves you knows that you're innocent.

Caroline: The gang's all here.

Marlena: Oh... almost everybody.

Sami: Whew. Okay.

Marlena: I guess I spoke too soon. Wow, you've got all your winter coats on. Look at you.

Sami: Hugs all around, everybody.

John: You're a tough kid, aren't you?

Marlena: A little trench coat, that's fabulous.

John: You're getting so big. All the pictures I saw of you. Look at you. [Laughs] And you're ticklish, too, aren't you?

Austin: Ugh... [Sighs]

Bo: [Chuckles] Having one of those days, huh? No problem.

Austin: Did you happen to catch the news this morning?

Bo: Yeah.

Austin: About the crowd that's gathering outside the courthouse?

Bo: Well, actually, I drove by there. Quite a turnout.

Austin: How do you do it, Bo?

Bo: What's that?

Austin: How do you watch hope put on a badge every day and go out there? Into a potentially dangerous situation. I don't know, even life-threatening. I--

Bo: Worried about Carrie makin' it through that crowd, are ya?

Austin: [Chuckles] That's just the beginning of it. All this horrible publicity. Her picture in the paper, on the news. I mean, what's to prevent some maniac from taking the situation and--

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, slow down. You think roman's gonna let something happen to his little girl? I don't think so. The FBI, they're in charge of security. They know what they're doing.

Austin: Yeah, I keep telling myself that. But you still haven't answered my question. I mean, how do you do it? How do you deal with it?

Bo: [Sighs] Well, obviously, being a cop, you can't prepare for all situations. How do I deal with it? I don't take my wife for granted. You know, whether she's going to work or going to get her nails done. I cherish every moment I have with her. Because I can't take for granted that she's gonna come back to me.

Hope: I think working with Bo on all of this has been good for us.

Jennifer: Good. Good, I think that's great. I mean, I don't know if that would be true for a lot of couples, you know? All right, all of this looks pretty straightforward. I mean, there's no--no big amounts being paid in or out.

Hope: Right. Yeah.

Jennifer: I mean, exactly what it is we're looking for?

Hope: No. I did. It would make things a lot easier, wouldn't it? You know, I really thought finding Daniel would answer a lot more questions than it did, but... how many secrets did Gran have

Jennifer: I--I don't know. I'll just keep looking for something out of the ordinary.

Hope: Cuz, I really appreciate you helping me with all this.

Jennifer: Oh, don't worry you know, it's good. It's a welcome distraction from worrying about John and the whole trial.

Hope: You mean from worrying about Jack and Daniel?

Jennifer: Uh, yeah. Yeah.

John: You know what? I think this is probably the nicest card I have ever seen.

Johnny: Allie and I made it together, but will spelled it for us.

Will: Always glad to help.

Allie: I made the hearts.

Johnny: And Sydney made the smear, there.

John: Oh, I love that smear. It's a great smear. I love it, but you know, I don't think I love it half as much as I love you guys. Mwah. Here, get down, just for one second. This is just great. I wanna thank you for coming this morning.

Sami: Uh, well, we--we all just wanted you to kn-- we--we just, um... you know what I mean, right?

John: Yeah, I think so. These kids are amazing. They're--they're funny, they're feisty. Kinda remind me of you.

[Both laugh]

Carrie: Oh, oh! Sydney's taking off again.

Rafe: Hey, you. Where do you think you're goin', huh? Where you think you're goin'? Turn your eye on this one, and-- pow! She's gone like the wind.

Carrie: Uh-oh. Sami was just like that.

Rafe: Oh, yeah?

Carrie: I'm really glad you're here. It's really lifted John's spirits.

Rafe: Well, it's all about family. We belong here. You hungry? I think grandma made some of that fruit salad you love.

Carrie: Ooh.

Rafe: What d'you say we go see, huh?

Sami: [Sighs]

Marlena: Thank you for coming today. Means a lot to John. And to me.

Sami: Well, that's what it's all about, right? Family.

Marlena: Yes. It is about family.

Austin: So, Billy's thrilled that Chelsea and max are with her in London. You know, I think she really likes it there.

Bo: Yeah, I just read this long e-mail from Chelsea. She wants us to come over for the Olympics. You know, this timeline you put together... it's pretty damning.

Austin: John's big problem is the chronology of the transactions. That's the key. That is the case against John.

Bo: Yeah, it's rather tidy.

Austin: Yeah. That's the same thing Rafe says. What about you? You think there's any possibility he could've been set up?

Bo: Uh, but not by you. This is good work. Exceptional.

Austin: [Chuckles] Gee, thanks.

Bo: Yeah. Hey, do you think, um, you could look at some of Mrs. H's financial records for me?

Austin: Did she have some tax issues?

Bo: No, no. I just think if you could dig through her records with the same expertise as you used here, you could answer some pretty uncomfortable questions for us.

Jennifer: You know, this whole dating thing, I knew-- I knew it was gonna be hard, and, um--and strange. But I think it turned out being a little bit tougher than I imagined.

Hope: What do you mean?

Jennifer: I don't know. I just--I think that I was just being a little naive. You know, Jack and I planned this whole day to go cross-country skiing, you know, we thought it'd be good to be outside, just have fun, no stress...

Hope: Thanks. But?

Jennifer: Uh... Jack's gonna have stress. He's never gonna be able to put it behind him 'cause it's gonna be with him from now on. I mean, hope, when we were at that cabin, you just-- you cannot believe how vulnerable he was. Hope, he had--he had these crazy flashbacks. And I mean, they're not--they're not memories, they--they are real to him in that moment. And you have no idea what happened to him there, in Afghanistan. And I can't even bear to think about it. He has to live like this every day.

Hope: Thank god you were there for him.

Jennifer: I know, and--and-- I don't know how to help him, but I knew that I had to. And here I am, I'm looking at this man that I loved, and he is scared out of his mind. And he needs me. He needs me to hold it together, you know? And I don't know, when I-- when I saw him like that, it just made me realize how much I loved him.

Hope: Well, it sounds to me like you've made up your mind.

[Children laughing]

John: [Imitating gorilla]

All: [Laughs]

Caroline: Listen, if anybody wants an omelet whipped up, just let me know.

Rafe: Would you relax? I think you've done enough.

Caroline: Oh, no, I just want everyone to have what they want.

Carrie: Don't you dare try and stop her.

Caroline: Right.

Will: So, I think what it is is that my mom's just worried that I'm spending too much time running the web site, and then not enough time studying for my classes.

John: I kinda wonder if maybe you can get some academic credit for your web site. You know, like an independent study in computer science.

Will: [Laughs] I never thought of that.

Roman: Thanks for coming this morning. I'm glad you're here.

Sami: Daddy, you don't have to thank me. It's like Rafe said, we're family.

Roman: Well I knew you'd show up, I knew you wouldn't let your mom down.

Sami: [Chuckles] I have before.

Roman: I think those days are passed.

Rafe: Go.

Johnny: Where did you hide it?

Roman: Looks like the kids are drawing numbers to spend time with John.

Sami: Yeah, they love him. Look, I'm really glad that mom and John are back. Especially for will's sake.

Marlena: I haven't had time to see you since Halloween. Kinda missed ya.

Will: Well, with everything that's going on, I'm the last person that you should be worrying about.

Marlena: I'm not worried about you. I'm just missing you some. I wanted to remind you that, you know, even though I'm distracted, I'll always make time for you.

Will: Thank you.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. So, how is our, um--how's our Gaby girl?

Will: Oh, she's great. Um, just, uh--she has a big test. That's why she's not here today.

Marlena: Mm. But everything's okay, hmm?

Will: Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?

John: All right, that's right, keep that back shoulder up, and get your legs a little wider. Oh, you look like a big-leaguer. Now swing.

Sami: Well, it's obvious that Johnny asked John about baseball. I hope John doesn't regret it.

Roman: Well, I'll tell you one thing--I don't think he'll regret coming this morning.

John: Swing all the way through. Like--[Whooshes] There ya go. All right, looking good. Let's get the back shoulder up a little bit, and widen that stance. There we go. And now remember Ike and mike. Here we go. Ike... mike! Yeah! You're looking like a big league ballplayer. We're gonna keep working on this, aren't we?

Johnny: But tee-ball doesn't start for months.

John: Well, practice, practice, practice. We always have to be prepared.

Johnny: But, so, will you come see my first game?

John: [Sighs] Kiddo, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Here we go again, remember, Ike and mike. Swing through. Here we go. Go! Waah! What a great swing you got there. Here we go again. Ready, swing. One, two, three-- bah! [Chuckles]

Jennifer: No, I haven't made up my mind about Daniel or Jack. And being in that cabin with Jack was really... it was overwhelming, you know? I found out things about him that I did not know. But I can't just erase my feelings for Daniel.

Hope: No, no, of course not.

Jennifer: I mean, Jack's past was haunting--literally haunting. He is so confused, and he is in so much pain. But then I could say the same thing for Daniel. You know, as wonderful as aunt Maggie is, he thought he knew everything there was to know about his parents. His whole life has been turned upside-down. Everything has changed for him.

Hope: That's gotta be a lot to process.

Jennifer: And it's hard, 'cause, you know, he's working today, and I wanna-- I just wanna be able to catch up with him, and I wanna be there for him the way he's been there for me. However much he needs me to be.

Hope: I certainly don't envy you right now.

Jennifer: [Sighs] Anyway, I'm just gonna--I'm gonna do what aunt Maggie says. I'm gonna take one day at a time. And that's it. And I don't wanna talk about this I wanna get back to work.

Hope: Okay.

Jennifer: Do what we're doing.

Hope: All right, let's see.

Jennifer: Who is this?

Hope: Oh, I don't know. When I found it--[Glasses clink] Oops. When I found it the other day-- Gran was a volunteer at the hospital, so maybe it's one of the kids she took care of.

Jennifer: But that--I mean, that's not Daniel. I know that for sure. There's something familiar about it, but...

Hope: Wish Gran was here.

Jennifer: Yeah. Me too.

E.J.: And so, I say to you that John Black not only stole your pensions, he stole your sense of security, your peace of mind, your dreams of a fulfilling and dignified later life. Well?

Stefano: After that speech... [Clears throat] I must say it would be very understandable if this crowd put John Black in a wagon, and took him right to the guillotine.

E.J.: You know, father, I've always thought that he deserved a great arrest.

Stefano: Hmm. But you know something, I really have been enjoying myself lately. I gotta tell ya, this whole thing is really giving me a kick, because this morning, there was a segment on television about how the-- the powerful have fallen, eh?

E.J.: Father, you didn't go buy yourself another cable news network, did you?

Stefano: Oh, no, I didn't have to. Listen, he is a perfect target for them. Understand? I mean, he is so smug and know-it-all. [Chuckles] And now he's right on the brink of total ruin.

E.J.: Poor man.

Stefano: Yeah, poor man, poor family, because they're the ones that are going to be disgraced.

E.J.: Shunned, I'd imagine. Ostracized.

Stefano: You know, after all the hard work over these years, that I've gone through, and now all of a sudden, this agony... [Chuckles] Just happens.

E.J.: Well, father, I wouldn't be too surprised if Marlena bangs your door down again, and accuses you of orchestrating the whole thing.

Stefano: Uh, yeah, but you see, that's where the irony is. Because all my excuses now have come to be true, do you understand? I can say honestly that my hands are clean.

E.J.: Well, at least, uh... one of us can say that.

Stefano: You did it.

E.J.: Oui. C'est moi.

John: Here we go. Aah! Good catch.

Roman: It's gettin' late. Time we get this worked out.

John: Hey, roman... not in front of the kids, okay?

Roman: Sure. So I talked to the agent in charge of security. They're gonna pull a decoy car around to the front of the courthouse, distract the crowd, and give you guys time to get in the back. We've got bulletproof vests for everybody.

John: Hold on a second. What do you mean, "you guys"?

Marlena: Carrie and I can go in the same car.

John: Absolutely not. You're not goin' anywhere.

Marlena: What?

John: It's too dangerous out there. There's too much hate out there. I'm goin' alone, and that's it.

Marlena: Of course I'm going with you, I'm your wife. How would it look if I weren't there supporting you?

John: I don't care how it looks. If anything were to happen to you because of me, I'd never forgive myself.

Marlena: I'd never forgive myself if I let you go through this alone.

John: [Sighs] This is another one of these, "I'm not gonna change my mind," right?

Marlena: I keep tellin' you. We're in this together.

John: Yeah.

Roman: Look, I hate to interrupt, but we really don't have much time.

John: [Sighs] I don't wanna put that vest on in front of the kids. Can we get 'em on their way home first?

Roman: Absolutely.

John: Right. All right. Hey, Johnny. Gimme a high-five, kid, come on. Pow! Good job. And you--whoo!

Marlena: He's been through so much already. Roman, thank you for putting this morning together. It means the world to us.

Roman: Glad I could do it.

John: Thank you for everything.

Caroline: I, um-- I packed a lunch for you.

John: I know.

Caroline: [Laughs]

John: [Clears throat] [Sighs]

Sami: Heh.

John: It's meant everything to me to--to have you here with the kids this morning.

[Gun cocks]


[All screaming]

Roman: Get down! Get down!


[All shouting]

Roman: Rafe, anybody hit? Stay down! Stay down!


Roman: Don't move! Get behind the bar!

E.J.: Eh?

Stefano: Eh?

E.J.: Eh?

Stefano: Ahh...

E.J.: [Laughs]

Stefano: Ah, my goodness. I am so very proud of you at this moment.

E.J.: I hoped you would be.

Stefano: Mm. See, I gave you a challenge. Well, anyway, a test, if you will. Because I wanted to see if you were worthy of the name DiMera. And you exceeded my every expectation. The idea of setting up John Black in an against him? Ho ho! Pure genius.

E.J.: It was all those hours of playing chess with you.

Stefano: [Chuckles] And now, you're gonna drive his misfortune straight to the mayor's office.

E.J.: Oh, yeah.

Stefano: Mm.

E.J.: But that's just the beginning, father. We'll be far from finished, then.

Stefano: No, no, no, not until the jury comes back with a guilty verdict, right?

E.J.: No, no, no, no... not then. Nor when I win this civil suit. Nor when I take that oath of office. Father, the real--the real Victory is when people hear the name DiMera and they no longer recoil. When we're seen as being legitimate, that's when we have real power, huh? When my son can take his place as the rightful heir to his legacy.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: They must be getting ready to move John. Brady. What? I'm on my way.

Austin: What's up?

Bo: There was a shooting at the pub, come on.

Austin: Carrie...


Roman: Stay where you're at!

[Helicopter flying overhead]

Carrie: Is it over?

Roman: All right, everybody stay down, stay down! Again, anybody hurt? Sami, how are the kids?

Sami: Yeah, we're all good.

Caroline: I'm f--fine.

Sami: Are you okay?

Rafe: Okay, all right. Get back with your mother.

Roman: All right, now, find this guy. All right, everybody stay where you're at till we know we got this guy, all right? Again, anybody hurt? Anybody hit? John, Marlena.

Marlena: No, no, we're okay. We're okay.

John: This is all my fault. I thought we'd be safe here.


All: [Screaming]

Roman: Stay down! Stay down!


Roman: Mom, will, stay there!

Marlena: Stop it! Just make it stop!

Hope: Well, that was pretty much a dead end, huh?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Hope: Hey, what's--ooh.

Jennifer: Look at that.

Hope: I didn't even notice that before.

Jennifer: That's beautiful.

Hope: It is beautiful. Looks expensive. It's a paperweight.

Jennifer: Oh.

Hope: Hmm, look, it's inscribed. "To Alice, a symbol of our bond." Beautiful.

Jennifer: Sweet. It's not signed?

Hope: Oh, no, it's signed.

Jennifer: What is it? A phoenix? What?

Hope: Stefano.

E.J.: Look, I was a little bit apprehensive along the way, but now I'm completely confident. John's going to be convicted. And I covered all tracks.

Stefano: All right. Let's make sure of that, okay? Tell me how you did it.

E.J.: Okay. The first step was to clone John's cell phone, so I could make all those transactions. Then I had our guy in the FBI manipulate all of the evidence. I mean, I had to pay off everybody at that Swiss clinic, but you know what the Swiss are like, you know? And money has its own sense of right and wrong, doesn't it?

Stefano: Right, in three languages.

E.J.: Yeah, oh... but, father, my, uh... my proudest moment, the one that I'm going to, uh, savor, was when I managed to turn the people in his own company against him.

Stefano: Perfect, Elvis. Perfect. You know, there's only one thing that bothers me. You're not gonna be able to take credit. You're never going to be able to tell John what you've done to him.

E.J.: That doesn't matter. okay? That's what matters. Okay, we make him legitimate, he takes it from there.

Stefano: Tell me something. What if he turns out like us, huh? And he thinks that "legitimate" is encumbering?

E.J.: Father, I change the way people view the family name, okay? Giovanni, he changes the way the world sees us.

Stefano: Hmm. What the--?

Reporter: There are unconfirmed reports that shots have been fired at a secure location where John Black was reportedly getting ready to go to trial. It seems that small children were also in attendance at what was apparently a family event.

Roman: All right, spread out. Find this guy. All right, go.

John: Are you okay?

Marlena: Yes, yes, yes, are you?

John: I'm fine.

Marlena: I can't believe that happened, I just can't even believe it.

Rafe: They came through the window. Yeah, bye.

Roman: All right, the feds and the Salem P.D. Are coordinating a search for the shooter.

Rafe: They don't have him yet?

Sami: Oh, what do you mean? That lunatic is still out there?

Roman: Sami, the whole area's under lockdown. We're safe now.

Austin: Are you all right?

Carrie: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm scared, but fine.

Bo: How did the shooter know that John was here?

Roman: That's what we're trying to find out now.

John: Samantha, I am so sorry. If I'd known I was putting your family in danger, I never would have come here.

Rafe: John, John, it's not your fault, okay? We know that. Just thank god everyone's safe. Right?

Sami: Rafe,

Rafe: He was with you.

Sami: No. No, I saw him with you. Johnny? We have to find your brother.

Rafe: Johnny!

Sami: Johnny! Hey, sweetheart.

All: [Shouting] Johnny!

Sami: Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! Johnny, where are you?

Hope: I do not like this one bit.

Jennifer: Why is Stefano giving our grandmother a present?

Hope: Yeah, especially one with a note that talks about a bond between them.

Jennifer: No, we're wrong. We're wrong about the phoenix. That's--

Hope: Jennifer, come on. We both know exactly what that symbol means.

Jennifer: No, it doesn't make any sense.

Hope: What the hell is going on? Jen, we've gotta find out. Let me see this.

E.J.: "Small children." Father, that could mean Giovanni and Sydney.

Stefano: No, they did not say.

E.J.: I have to find out. Oh, this wasn't supposed to happen.

All: Johnny...

Sami: Where is he? Johnny! Where is he, where is he? Where is my son?

Rafe: It's okay. We're gonna find him. It's okay.

[Police sirens approaching]

John: Little Johnny is missing because he came to the pub to give this to me.

Sami: Do what we have to do to find Johnny, okay? Because that is what matters!

Nicole: How is any of this your fault?

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