Days Transcript Tuesday 11/8/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/8/11


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Maggie: Are those snowmobiles I hear?

Victor: Uh, yes. Salem P.D. sent 'em over to pick up Bo and hope.

Maggie: Why, what happened?

Victor: Well, Abe called an emergency because of the snow, and roman wants all officers on duty.

Maggie: But it's our wedding.

Victor: Oh, don't fret. Bo said that if enough officers come in, that he and hope should be able to make it back in time for the ceremony.

Maggie: Oh. Doug and Julie can't make it, and sonny and Adrienne. I'm starting to wonder if anyone will make it.

Victor: Good question. The florist can't make it to arrange the flowers, roads are still impassable.

Maggie: Oh.

Victor: Caterers and the musicians can't make it. He tried to make other arrangements, Henderson did. Phones went dead, and there's no cell service.

Maggie: What did I ever do to mother nature? Oh. [Sighs] I'm sorry. I mean, this is just supposed to be my wedding.

Victor: Was?

Maggie: Was.

Victor: Are you canceling the ceremony?

Madison: [Groans] [Laughs] Uh-oh, what happened last night?

Brady: You don't remember what happened last night? Oh, my god, Madison, you were really amazing.

Madison: Oh, no.

Brady: You were amazing.

Madison: What? Oh, no. Oh, that's what I get for drinking too much.

Brady: Yeah, I love wine.

Madison: Oh.

Brady: Isn't it great? Nectar of the gods. It's just like food for getting frisky, I love wine.

Madison: No, stop, no, don't. I don't--I don't drink...much. And you--what? You got me drunk and you took advantage of me?

Brady: Hey, I didn't do anything to you last night that you didn't want me to do.

Madison: Oh, no, no. [Groaning] Oh, no.

Brady: You know what? It's too--too bad you don't remember, because I had a lot of damn fun, and so did you.

Nicole: EJ.

EJ: Mmm.

Nicole: Oh, my god, how did I--ahh! [Sighing]

EJ: Oh, come on, don't act so shocked, my little ingénue. You knew what you were doing last night, we both did. I for one, couldn't be happier.

Nicole: Last night. No, no, last night, EJ--

EJ: It was amazing, Nicole, it was wonderful. It was fantastic.

Nicole: Last night should have never happened.

EJ: Really? Which time?

Nicole: Oh. You know, I said I would work on your campaign...

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: On a strictly professional basis, EJ.

EJ: And I accepted you on those terms.

Nicole: Not if you seduce me.

EJ: Uh, your honor, if I may just point out, the prosecution here came 'round to the house in the middle of a blizzard...

Nicole: [Scoffs]

EJ: And the fact that she couldn't leave is not my fault.

Nicole: Oh, really?

EJ: Uh-huh.

Nicole: Do all your guests sleep in here with you?

EJ: Oh, objection, leading. Sustained.

Nicole: My god.

EJ: Only the ones who want to.

Nicole: I hate you.

EJ: I know, I hate you, too. I really do, I hate you. I...hate you.

Nicole: S--

EJ: Know what you hate? You hate the truth in the morning before you've had a cup of coffee. You're a strong woman. You get exactly what you want, and last night, you wanted me. [Laughs]

Nicole: That is your oversized ego talking.

EJ: You're a liar. We both wanted each other. And we still do.

Daniel: Ooh.

Melanie: Close that. What are you doing outside?

Daniel: Oh, I just went to the, you know, highest point of the estate to see if can get a cell signal. Problem is I never made it. There's, uh--there's ice everywhere.

Melanie: Okay, pop, look, I know you're excited to hear from Jennifer, but you need to calm down.

Daniel: What? No, no, no, I just wanted to make sure that she was, uh, you know, she got home safely after her date with, uh, the--you know--

Melanie: Jack.

Daniel: Yes, Jack.

Melanie: Yeah, Jack, yeah. [Clears throat] Look, I'm--I'm old enough to know what you were actually worried about.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. One year older. It's your birthday.

Melanie: They--

Daniel: You don't know that. How do you even kn--

Justin: How is it out there?

Daniel: Ah, well, it's worse than last night, I can tell you that.

Justin: [Sighs] I wonder if Victor and Maggie will call off the wedding.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Maggie: Maybe we should postpone the wedding.

Victor: Well, it's up to you.

Maggie: Well, it's not gonna be the wedding I planned.

Victor: Maggie...

Maggie: No.

Victor: Take your time. We have plenty of time to decide. Of one thing I am certain, we will live happily ever after, whether we get married today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. You just tell me when, and I'll say, "I do."

Maggie: Ooh. Okay. Ohh.

EJ: Oh! [Laughs] Oh, my gosh, that... was...

Nicole: Incredible.

EJ: Yeah, incredible.

Nicole: [Sighs] Oh, my god. What is wrong with me? Why am I still here? After everything you've done to me, I--

EJ: [Laughs]

Nicole: Oh.

EJ: Hey.

Nicole: [Groans]

EJ: That was then. This is now. Okay?

Nicole: Yeah. All right, look, EJ, I know we have great sex. It has always been that way.

EJ: No.

Nicole: Oh.

EJ: This is not just sex.

Nicole: Okay.

EJ: Nicole, no, this is more, this is much more than that.

Nicole: Right.

EJ: Come here.

Nicole: Next I'm sure you're gonna tell me why. Mmm.

EJ: When Gus held that knife to your throat and he threatened your life, something inside me changed.

Nicole: You grew a heart?

EJ: I started listening to it. And I knew that if I lost you, I would lose the only person who ever really accepted me and understood me.

Nicole: You are unbelievable. You took my near-death experience and you made it all about you.

EJ: [Laughs] Look...

Nicole: [Scoffs]

EJ: Listen, Nicole, I've said it before, I'll say it again. You and I, we're cut from the same cloth.

Nicole: Oh, even if that were true, EJ--

EJ: It is true, that's our truth. And that sets me free. I get to be free to be who I am, not to have to pretend anymore.

Nicole: Why are you telling me this?

EJ: Because I realized, you belong with me. Nicole, we're meant to be together.

Madison: I can't believe we slept together.

Brady: You want a play-by-play? I can give it to you.

Madison: No, I don't, and stop being so okay with it.

Brady: There was nothing okay about last night, it was great, it was so good.

Madison: No, you know what happened is I had too much to drink, and you clearly took advantage of me.

Brady: Why would you think that?

Madison: Because I don't have casual sex, Brady, and I certainly don't do it with men that I work with.

Brady: Madison, what do you do for fun, anyway? What do you--what, do you comb your cat at night? Do you knit sweaters?

Madison: Shut up.

Brady: What do you do?

Madison: Stop being so smug, and would you please cover your...

Brady: Sure. You know, if it makes you feel better, uh, I didn't think of last night as a random hook-up, and I know you're not the kind of woman that just has sex with any hot guy that she meets, so I--

Madison: Take out "hot," and thank you.

Brady: You're very welcome.

Madison: [Sighs] Look, I hope that this isn't gonna, you know, affect our working relationship, and that our, you know--

Brady: What, passion?

Madison: Oh, we had passion?

Brady: Um, we had passion each and every time, actually, now that I think about it.

Madison: Well, I can't believe I can't remember.

Brady: I know, how about that? That's amazing. You know, what's even more amazing is that the fact that you can't remember is because nothing ever happened.

Madison: We didn't--

Brady: Gotcha.

Madison: You were teasing me this whole time. You are a miserable human being!

Brady: Hey! Oh, come on.

Madison: You know what?

Brady: Prove it! Hey--ow! Boots for every scene now in season.

Brady: [Clears throat] That hurt, you know?

Madison: Good! You deserve it for making me think we slept together.

Brady: I was just having fun with you, Madison.

Madison: Making me think that I'm easy when I'm tipsy wasn't funny.

Brady: It actually was funny.

Madison: Do you see me laughing?

Brady: Lighten up! Come on, it was funny!

Madison: You made me think I slept with you, Brady. I hardly know you.

Brady: If we'd had sex, you would have remembered it, trust me.

Madison: Kinda figured. And you're an egomaniac, do you know that?

Brady: And you are cute when you are flustered.

Madison: Don't call me cute, okay? Puppies are cute, and I'm not flustered.

Brady: Will you answer me something? Would it have been so bad if we actually would have slept together?

Madison: Seriously. It's still dead! [Growls] I really hope that the cell service comes back soon. I am supposed to be on a conference call with my staff in paris, so if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go back to my hotel and freshen up, and make my call, and move on with my life like this never happened.

Brady: Mmm. Well, you know what? Unfortunately, I'm looking outside, I don't think you're going--I don't think you're going anywhere.

Madison: Well, I can't stay here.

Brady: Why not? Just stay, who cares?

Madison: Uh, because, I don't know, um, I have a company to run, Brady. I have an entire new cosmetics line to launch. Do you really, really have to see my to-do list?

Brady: I know, Madison, I know, you probably have the next 50 years of your life planned out by the hour, I got it, I know, all right. You know, I gotta say, I think your history with your mom, it really did a number on you.

Melanie: Happy wedding day!

Maggie: [Chuckles]

Melanie: I hope. [Clears throat]

Maggie: Yes, yes. You're very sweet to try to cheer me up.

Melanie: Is it working?

Maggie: You're my maid of honor, and that makes me smile.

Melanie: Okay, excuse me, my full title is "maid of honor/granddaughter."

Maggie: Ah, so it is, and I couldn't be happier.

Melanie: [Laughs] Um, so are you going to be having the wedding, because inquiring minds just want to know?

Maggie: I need your honest opinion. You think I should cancel, or not?

Melanie: [Sighs] Well, canceling would make sense. Although... ooh. [Laughs]

Maggie: Mmm.

Melanie: You did once tell me that when two people are in love, nothing and no one should be able to get in the way of that, so... although it's not the wedding of your dreams, per se... how are you gonna feel if you wake up tomorrow and you're not Mrs. Victor?

Nicole: You want me back?

EJ: You're the woman I belong with.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

EJ: I know that now, Nicole. It changes everything.

Nicole: I'll tell you, I was not expecting this, EJ.

EJ: I know.

Nicole: There was a time when hearing those words would have made me cry happy tears. You were my whole life back then. I was so addicted to you, I would have done anything to hold onto you.

EJ: You sort of did.

Nicole: I know. I loved you. I loved you more than anyone will ever love you.

EJ: I took advantage of that. And I am so sorry. I promise you, I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you every day.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

EJ: Nicole, please.

Nicole: Owning up to it, EJ, doesn't undo the damage.

EJ: Listen to me, I've changed.

Nicole: Okay.

EJ: Nicole, look, no, I understand things now. You're the one for me, the only one, sweetheart.

Nicole: When you said I understand you like no one else, that is true. I know how you work... up here... down there... and there is no reason for me to trust you with my heart again. Who wants some holiday tunage?

Madison: I told you about my childhood, Brady. Something that I don't share with anyone. Anyone! You know what? We work together, that's it.

Brady: But, I--

Madison: You don't get to analyze me, and you certainly don't get to judge me.

Brady: Let's just--look, I was just making an observation.

Madison: Well, add it to the don't-do-it list, okay?

Brady: Madison, don't, come on--hey, hey. Where are you going? Wait, Madison, stop! Please, please, please, stop. I don't--I don't want there to be tension between us that doesn't have to be.

Madison: [Laughs] It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Brady: Look, nobody plans on getting stuck in an office during a snowstorm, but for what it's worth, the chips, and the wine, and your company made for one of the best meals I've ever had in a long time. And I don't think you had such a lousy time, either. St

Madison: I told you about my childhood because we were stranded in a snowstorm. Okay? Stranded, and it seemed like a good thing to do, but Brady, opening up to you was a mistake. It was a big, huge mistake. Big mistake, sorry. I just want to forget last night ever happened, okay? And I expect you to do the same.

Daniel: I know you're having a hard time deciding about the ceremony. I mean, not that you need my two cents, or anything.

Maggie: Oh, of course I do.

Daniel: Look, if you decide to marry Victor, you know, it's true, it's true you're not gonna have wonderful catering, live music, and fancy flowers, uh, but what you will have is, uh, is people around you who, uh-- who love you.

Maggie: Thank you for saying that. That means more than I can say.

Daniel: Okay, you can't be, uh-- no more waterworks. You can't do that, you got a wedding, you have a whole wedding to do, you can't-- there's no crying before weddings.

Maggie: Yes, my wedding to Victor.

Daniel: Yeah.

Maggie: Nothing else really matters, except that I'm marrying the man that I love.

Daniel: There you go, marriage and love, right? Oh, that's my cue.

Maggie: [Laughs]

Daniel: That's my cue--am I supposed to tell Victor you-- this wedding is a go now, right?

Maggie: Uh, first--uh, uh, first I'd like to ask you a favor.

Daniel: Well, for--for the bride, yeah, you know? Uh, anything.

Maggie: Daniel, will you give me away?

EJ: Nicole, I realize that you don't have much of a reason to take another chance on--on love with me.

Nicole: But I'm sure you're gonna tell me why I should anyway.

EJ: I wouldn't be much of a suitor if I didn't.

Nicole: [Sighs] I know I'm gonna regret this, but go ahead, I'm listening.

EJ: I'm a cad... with very few redeeming qualities, save, you know, some movie star good looks, very deep pockets, and I am apparently phenomenal in bed. I'm told.

Nicole: Okay, uh, I'm not sure those count as qualities, but I guess it beats being poor, broke, and clumsy.

EJ: Yeah, right?

Nicole: But to even think about giving us another try, EJ, I--

EJ: You want more. Okay.

Nicole: After Gus threatened to kill me, it made me step back and look at my life, and I'll tell you, I was not happy with what I saw.

EJ: Been there. Done that.

Nicole: EJ, I--I've just been so busy, trying to chase Mr. Right, holding on to guys and relationships that are so bad for me, really bad.

EJ: Yeah, like me. Right?

Nicole: I just--I had to stop and ask myself why I was so afraid to be alone. And why I would rather be with somebody and be miserable than-- than just be miserable and alone.

EJ: I'm not suggesting that we have some kind of mystical relationship. What I'm saying is we have to stop comparing ourselves to all of the smug and virtuous relationships that we see in Salem, and embrace who we are, with our faults.

Nicole: [Laughs] I don't think our arms are that big.

EJ: Sure they are. We just have to try. Take a chance on me. Take a chance on us. I promise you, I'll make you happy.

Nicole: EJ, I--

EJ: Shh.

Madison: Do you think you could stop laughing at me long enough to get a plow to come and pick me up? Oh, god, you s--

Brady: I'm a guy.

Madison: [Laughing] Oh, yeah.

Brady: I'm a guy--listen, I'm a guy. That means I have the ability to be an insensitive jerk sometimes, even when I don't mean to be, and I did it this morning. And I'm sorry.

Madison: Let's just forget it.

Brady: No, you haven't forgotten about it.

Madison: Well, I'm waiting... for a ride back to my hotel, where I--

Brady: Well, well, I have a great idea. I was thinking, how 'bout I give you something really disgustingly embarrassing about myself, and you could use that against me? That would make us even. Hmm?

Madison: [Laughs]

Brady: See, you like that idea, don't you?

Madison: Okay, but it's gotta be good, and I mean bad, and humiliating, and just awful, really.

Brady: I have bags of those.

Madison: Oh, good.

Brady: Yeah, so I'm gonna decide on one, my favorite one, and in the meantime, would you like a stale, disgusting donut from the, uh, vending machine?

Madison: If there's stale coffee to go with it.

Brady: I'll be back.

Nicole: EJ, stop.

EJ: Shh.

Nicole: Stop, come on. EJ, you're confusing me.

EJ: Nicole, I know that you didn't dare to hope for this, but it's here. I'm here...for you.

Nicole: I don't know if I can do this. But I do... love the feel of your arms around me. And the way you kiss me gives me goose bumps. And sometimes you say things, and it's exactly what I'm thinking, and we're the only two people in the whole world that share that same thought. If only it could always be that way.

EJ: It can be, if you'd let it.

Nicole: But EJ, what if you hurt me, and I leave you? What if I screw up, and you leave me?

EJ: I won't.

Nicole: I can't risk the hurt of losing you again.

Maggie: Daniel, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked you to give me away.

Daniel: No, no, no, it's okay.

Maggie: No, it isn't okay. Look, I swore that I wasn't gonna pressure you in any way, and here I ask you to walk me down the aisle in my wedding. At this rate, you'll probably think I'll ask for one of your kidneys by the end of the week.

Daniel: Okay, I don't feel any pressure, I'm not really--

Maggie: You know, if Bo and hope don't get back, I'm sure Henderson can walk me down the aisle, and you know what?

Daniel: I will do it, I will--Maggie.

Maggie: If not I can walk down the aisle by myself.

Daniel: Maggie, I said I will do it. I will give you away.

Maggie: You will?

Daniel: I'm honored you asked.

Maggie: This is wonderful. I mean, you're-- wonderful! Come on, let's tell them.

Justin: Eh.

Maggie: Okay. Ah, so what's everyone doing standing around? We have a wedding to get ready for.

Victor: So we're going ahead with the ceremony?

Maggie: Well, it may not be the wedding I planned, but as long as I'm marrying you, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Victor: Neither could I.

Maggie: [Giggles]

Melanie: Aw!

Maggie: Whoo!

Melanie: There's gonna be plenty of time for that at the honeymoon, come on, let's move.

Maggie: Oh, okay, okay.

Melanie: We--you--tux! Tux!

Maggie: Okay.

Melanie: Cake? We need to go. Okay, okay, okay, everything's ready to go. The candles are lit, all the decorations are up, all-- we just have to change, we need to get ready. You in a suit, you in a suit, you are already wearing a suit. I need to put my dress on. Come on, let's move, we're moving, we're moving! Hi, Victor.

Justin: I guess that means we're moving.

Daniel: [Laughs]

Henderson: I just wanted to say how happy I am for you, sir.

Victor: Well, thank you, Henderson. Maggie's been worth waiting for. I've never been happier.

Henderson: It shows.

Victor: Albeit a cliché, I'm ready to live happily ever after with Maggie. Only one thing could mar that.

Henderson: I understand, sir.

Victor: Maggie must never learn our secret.

Henderson: You can trust me, sir.

Victor: Nothing from my past can ruin my future with Maggie.

EJ: Trust your heart.

Nicole: Trust is part of the problem, EJ. Do you know how hard that would be for me?

EJ: I know. It's hard for me, too, you know.

Nicole: But you're stronger than I am. You--you can ride that crashing wave. I'll get swept under. I almost drowned with you before. I'm not kidding. You, me, us, it--it almost killed me.

EJ: I'm so sorry that I hurt you.

Nicole: Maybe you are, or maybe you're just telling me what you know I want to hear.

EJ: Nicole, it doesn't-- darling, that's not true.

Nicole: I just know that I can't let you hurt me again.

EJ: I won't.

Nicole: You say that with such conviction.

EJ: Because it's true, Nicole. Just tell me, tell me what do I need to do to restore your trust, just say it. Say it, I'll do it, it's done. Please.

Brady: How's your headache?

Madison: Traded it for a queasy stomach.

Brady: So I'm not being nosy. Who were you talking to when I came in here?

Madison: Oh, I called down to the garage to get a car.

[Laughs] But the roads are closed, so there's no cars, and he was laughing hysterically at me.

Brady: I wanted to get out of here so I could go to my grandfather's wedding, but there's no cell service, no nothing, I don't think I'm gonna make it.

Madison: Yeah, but don't you think he'll just postpone it if nobody can get there?

Brady: Hopefully. I just--I just wanted to get there, you know, be there for that.

Madison: You and Victor are really close, aren't you?

Brady: Yeah, we are.

Madison: So is he your mother's father?

Brady: Yes, he is.

Madison: Is she gonna be there, do you think?

Brady: Uh, in spirit, maybe. I, uh--I lost her when I was young. Pancreatic cancer.

Madison: I'm sorry. Damn cancer.

Brady: I don't like cancer very much.

Madison: You want to tell me about it?

Brady: Name was Isabella, and everybody told me that she was wonderful.

Madison: I bet she was.

Brady: Just wonderful.

Madison: [Laughing] I'm sure.

Brady: You know, I always get this feeling that she's looking out for me. Like a lot of people feel, you know, she's watching me, and always nudging me to do the right thing. You know, the stuff that moms do. It's kinda weird, right?

Madison: No, I don't think it's weird. I think it's probably very comforting. I'm sure that wasn't easy for you to tell me, after the way I treated you.

Brady: I--I think it had something to do with you telling me about your mom. When you were telling me about your relationship with her, and how close it was, I got a little pang. It would be nice to have real memories of her instead of, you know...

Madison: What?

Brady: Pretending what might have been. 'Cause it wasn't. But, hey, life isn't perfect, you know? It never is.

Madison: "What does not kill us," right?

Brady: Absolutely. Are we still talking about life, or are we talking about these damn donuts?

Madison: [Laughs]

Brady: This is the worst donuts I've ever had.

Madison: Frisbee.


Brady: Well, whatever-- whatever I've had, whatever I've lost, damn it, I am still standing.

Madison: You know, sometimes you amaze me, Brady black.

Justin: Okay, the moment has come.

Victor: I'd say the sixth's time's a charm.


Melanie: [Silent] Oh, my god!

Maggie: [Giggles] Thank you.

Justin: Here we are, the moment we've all been waiting for. Some more than others. And while the blizzard may have kept some of our loved ones from attending, we know they're here in spirit, wishing you, Victor, and you, Maggie, every joy and happiness. So who gives Maggie's hand in marriage?

Daniel: Uh, I do.

Justin: Will you all bear witness and support this union?

Melanie: Yeah.

Daniel: We will.

Maggie: [Laughs]

Victor: We couldn't be more grateful, or happier.

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Brady: Why do I amaze you?

Madison: I guess because you're Victor's grandson, I assumed that you grew up in the perfect family, that you had the perfect life, you know?

Brady: [Laughs]

Madison: You had the perfect house, and all the perfect friends, and went to the perfect school, and had every advantage. I--

Brady: All the things that you didn't have.

Madison: Yeah, but apparently you didn't have them either.

Brady: Sometimes I imagine what it would have been like to have been raised in the perfect family, you know? That's kind of lame, though, isn't it?

Madison: No, it's not lame. I do it, too.

Justin: Victor and Maggie have opted for personal vows. Victor?

Victor: [Sighs] You know, it's no secret that our families disapproved of our relationship early on... but we knew we had something special, so we hung in there, and here we are, about to start the next leg of our life together. Most people think of me as a man who's rich and powerful. You saw me as a man who was humbled by the fact that an amazing woman like you loves me. I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy... and proving myself worthy of your love.

Maggie: It's true I got a lot of flack when we started seeing each other. "Don't go near Victor, he's trouble."

[Laughs] Maybe that's true in your business, I don't know. But you, my love, are none of those things to me. You're generous and you're warm, and you're honest. I wouldn't be here if you weren't. I have total faith in you, Victor... and in our love. And I couldn't be happier that we're gonna be spending the rest of our lives together.

EJ: Nicole, we've wasted enough time, please, let's not waste any more.

Nicole: When it concerns you, EJ, my--my judgment just--it isn't the greatest. My judgment isn't great, period.

EJ: That's not--you have good judgment, okay?

Nicole: No.

EJ: You accepted the job that I gave you, all right, that was showing good judgment, all right, and you and I, we--we work really well together, okay? And we're gonna win this election, and... we'll have Johnny and Sydney.

Nicole: Johnny and Sydney.

EJ: They can be with us, we can be a family.

Nicole: [Sighs] I wish--I wish it could be the way you say.

EJ: It can be.

Nicole: Mmm.

EJ: No, it can be, sweetheart. The way it was last night, this morning, it can be like that, it can be like that every night, and it can be like that every morning.

Nicole: It was wonderful.

EJ: It was wonderful.

Nicole: But EJ, I cannot forget what happened, I c-- I can't. The--the promises you made. I can't risk that happening again, I can't.

EJ: Nicole, it won't. It won't, please, it won't.

Nicole: EJ, I'm sorry, I'm--

EJ: Nicole. Ni-- Nicole, please!

Nicole: I'm gonna see if the roads are open.

Brady: [Sighs] Well, if my grandfather is getting married today, I think I'm gonna be a no-show, 'cause those roads are still--what is that? Where did you find this?

Madison: Somebody really needs to clean out the refrigerator.


Brady: You know, you know, for someone who says they don't drink that often...

Madison: Yeah, shut it.

Brady: You've done a lot of wine and champagne--

Madison: Shut it! I just thought we would make a nice toast, since you can't be at Victor's wedding, we can at least drink to his health and happiness.

Brady: Thank you.

Madison: Mmm.

Brady: To my grandfather's happiness. And... to relationships that last.

It seems I dreamed enough all the stories have been put to bed in this fairy tale of love You are real and not just in my head it's true

Justin: By the power vested in me, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.

Every breath I take is yours

Maggie: I love you.

When I'm lost you are the door for me it seems I've cried enough every tear has not been dropped in vain I can always feel your love you've erased my fears of yesterday it's true

EJ: [Sighs]

Marlena: I know it's hard not to be nervous. I think this will be very helpful.

John: I won't take orders from--

Marlena: John, wake up! [Snaps fingers] We will prove your innocence.

John: And if we can't?

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