Days Transcript Friday 11/4/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/4/11


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Jack: Hey, you look even more adorable than I thought you would.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, down is flattering to any figure, Jack.

Jack: Well, just think about this: How tight and toned we're both gonna feel when we're slushing around the countryside, cross-country skiing! Well, you ready to go?

Jennifer: No, actually, I'm not.

Jack: Excuse me? Oh, you have to do something! I'll go outside and warm up the car.

Jennifer: Don't waste your gas.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Jennifer: You know what? As I was getting ready, I started to have second thoughts about spending the day with you.

Jack: Second thoughts? Wha--wha--wh what--what--what's wrong? You love cross-country skiing.

Jennifer: You know what? I love the truth more. So why don't you tell me about the little stunt that you pulled on Halloween?

Jack: Stunt on Halloween? I was in London on Halloween with J.J.

Jennifer: You were here. You were spying on me and Daniel. So tell me the truth or get out.

Marlena: How long have you been up?

John: Ooh, not that long.

Marlena: Hmm, why didn't you wake me?

John: I just wanted to let you sleep.

Marlena: You won't talk about this?

John: Come on, what more is there to say, doc?

Marlena: You tell me. Last night was the first time you ever even entertained the thought that maybe these accusations against you were true. Oh! I'm so mad at Sami!

John: It's got nothing to do with Sammy.

Marlena: I know that you think you were at that cafe in paris, and even if you were, John, it doesn't mean you took the money. We've got a witness who swears you were at the clinic, not in paris. And you, yourself, believe you were framed, so why the sudden turnaround? It us. Talk to me now.

[Knock on door]

John: You better answer it. Everybody knows we're here.

Marlena: But...

John: Let 'em in. It doesn't matter.

Marlena: Oh. Good morning! Good morning!

Roman: Hi. Uh, sorry to come unannounced. And early. So is this a bad time?

[Door slams]

Carrie: Oh, hey, morning!

Sami: Morning. So, uh-- oh, my gosh, Carrie, you don't have to do that.

Carrie: Oh, it's the least I can do since you're letting us crash here. Yeah.

Sami: Excuse me.

Carrie: Oh...sorry. Sorry.

Rafe: What are you doin'?

Austin: Trying to figure this thing out. It was a little cold last night.

Rafe: Huh. Maybe you should try sleeping with some more clothes on. There's two zones: One for out here, one for the bedrooms. It's complicated.

Austin: Wow, sounds amazing.

Both: Oh!

Sami: Sorry.

Carrie: No, I'm in the way. You know what? I'll--I'll... finish this...later.

Sami: Okay. Sounds like a plan.

Carrie: Now that I'm back, it's definitely a little crowded in here.

Austin: It already was.

Carrie: Well, we should try harder to get a place of our own.

Austin: Carrie, I don't know what you want me to do. Every hotel in town is booked. The pub, the rooms are still being renovated. I mean, we still have that standing offer from my mom.

Carrie: Forget it. We are not moving in with Stefano.

Austin: I don't know what else you want me to do.

Sami: Well, I have an idea. Maybe we could talk about why you're so anxious to get out of here.

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Jennifer: I am serious. Tell me the truth or leave. The choice is yours.

Jack: Just a minute, I'm not sure what I'm being accused of here.

Jennifer: Halloween night.

Jack: Yes.

Jennifer: You were in Salem.

Jack: No.

Jennifer: Yes. You were following me and Daniel around the whole night at the town square party, Jack.

Jack: Impossible!

Jennifer: I saw you! You were wearing this stupid mask, and even when I confronted you, you didn't even have the guts to talk to me.

Jack: Wait a minute, wha-- just a moment here. By your own admission, you never saw my face. You never heard my voice, and yet you're convinced that this person following you around in some mask on Halloween night was me!

Jennifer: Yes, Jack.

Jack: No. I spent Halloween night in London with our son. I spent the entire flight back looking forward to spending the whole day here with you!

Jennifer: Oh, really? Can you prove it?

Jack: Prove--prove that I was looking forward to spending the day with you? Yes! Here I am!

Jennifer: Prove that you were in London. Can you prove that?

Jack: Jennifer, why would I lie about something like that?

Jennifer: Because you're crazy. You're crazy...and you're jealous of me and Daniel. That's why.

Jack: [Sighs] Can I say one thing?

Jennifer: What?

Jack: [Sighs] I am...trying to win you... the love of my life, back. After spending a year in an afghan cave. And knowing that, to win you back, I would have to change myself. Do you really think that I would blow it all by following you around, you and dr. Blondielocks around, in some funny mask? Do you really think that? [Sighs] Okay. I know I probably don't deserve your trust. Correct that. I really don't deserve your trust--I understand that. But I do believe I am being convicted with some pretty flimsy evidence.

Jennifer: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I don't-- who else would follow me around in a stupid mask and not even talk to me, except for you, Jack?

Jack: I'm talking to you right now, a

Jennifer: Okay, well, it just seemed like...

Jack: Like... something that I would do.

Jennifer: Yes. The old you, anyways.

Roman: Look, I just wanted to make sure that you both knew this wasn't an official visit.

John: Okay, so what can we do for you?

Roman: I'm just concerned how you two are holding up with all this pressure.

Marlena: Well, we have our good days...and we have our bad days, which is... not unexpected.

John: How about a nice cup of coffee, roman?

Roman: Well, actually, John, I, uh...well, all right. Thank you.

Marlena: Whew.

Roman: Are you sure I didn't come at a bad time?

Marlena: [Chuckles] John can get a little stir crazy...but he appreciates anybody coming by to visit.

Roman: Are you getting a lot of visitors?

Marlena: Wouldn't call it a lot, no.

Roman: So Brady is keeping his distance?

Marlena: Brady's not the only one.

Roman: Yeah, I know. I talked to Sami about getting over here more.

Marlena: She told me about that. Maybe it's just as well she doesn't come. She would have a hard time masking her feelings, and she is not persuaded that John is innocent, and I don't know for the life of me how to talk her out of that.

John: People are gonna have their opinions about this situation and me. It's something we expected, nothing we can change. The only thing that really matters now is the truth.

Carrie: Look... I love you, Sami.

Sami: I love you.

Carrie: And you offering Austin--us--a place to stay, it was an awesome thing to do. But...

Sami: What?

Carrie: We don't want to cause trouble between you and Rafe. Maybe thinking that the past is just the past and that we can just ignore it. Right now, we're all getting along.

Sami: Mostly.

Carrie: Wouldn't it be nice to keep it that way? I mean, don't you agree?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Really?

Carrie: I'm just trying to be practical, that's all. S Carrie. That's you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Carrie: Sorry, I have a meeting downtown.

Austin: I'll give you a ride. Gotta get to work, anyway.

Carrie: Great. Great.

Sami: So, really, that's the end of this discussion?

Carrie: Well, we can talk about it some more, but it's not like this was ever a permanent arrangement.

Sami: Good luck finding a place to stay. I hope you guys find somewhere great.

Austin: All right. Ready?

Carrie: See you at John and Marlena's later?

Rafe: Yeah. I'll be there.

Austin: I'm sorry. You two are meeting up later?

Carrie: I'll explain on the way.

Sami: How 'bout you explain to me now why you're meeting up with my sister at my mom's.

Rafe: 'Cause I got a job.

Sami: Really? Doing what?

Rafe: I'm gonna be working with Carrie. She hired me as the lead investigator on John's case.

Jack: So what else did I miss while I was in London? I know that you were considering this opportunity of working with Abe's campaign.

Jennifer: Uh, I'm not considering it anymore.

Jack: You said yes?

Jennifer: I did.

Jack: Well, that's great! That's wonderful! I know you were on the fence about it, so what changed your mind?

Jennifer: Uh...Daniel did.

Jack: Oh, I see. Um... well--well, what did he do?

Jennifer: Oh, Jack, you don't wanna hear about this.

Jack: No, I do--this was an amazing opportunity for you, and I'm really excited about it. So, yes, I do want to hear what he did.

Jennifer: Okay, um, he set up this meeting with this amazing political consultant, who just, you know, gave me tips on what my responsibilities would be, and it was great, because I realized this could be a good job. It could be a job that I could be good at.

Jack: That doesn't surprise me. I mean, you're good at anything you put your mind to. And it's really good that he helped you get the opportunity. I mean, he's a--he's a hell of a guy.

Jennifer: Don't oversell it, Jack.

Jack: I'm not. Really. I mean, I think that it's great...that he would help you with this, and--and maybe the old me would be really petty about it and would try to point out that he was using this opportunity to make points with you.

Jennifer: Right, but this is the new you talking.

Jack: Yes.

Jennifer: And the new you thinks that Daniel is a hell of a guy?

Jack: That's right.

Jennifer: We better leave before I change my mind.

Jack: Yes. Your chariot in snow awaits.

Carrie: I hope we can use the loft tonight and have dinner, just the two of us.

Austin: Yeah. Yeah, me too. Depending on when you get done with Rafe. Do I even want to ask why you're meeting him at John and Marlena's?

Jennifer: I hired him to be my investigator on the case.

Austin: You did what? Uh, isn't that something that you think you might have wanted to run by me?

Jennifer: You're working for the prosecution, so no. I didn't.

Austin: I also happen to be your husband, Carrie.

Carrie: Hey, this just happened yesterday. It's not like I was planning on keeping it from you forever.

Austin: Wow. Really?

Jennifer: Austin, it's win-win, okay? John gets an experienced investigator on his side, Rafe gets a job. Which is what he needs, since he force.

Austin: Yeah, and he would still have a job if the guy learned how to follow the chain of command.

Carrie: And not come to me about the investigation. Is that what you mean?

Austin: Well, I don't know what you want me to say about that.

Carrie: [Scoffs] I can't argue with you. I can't argue every little detail about this case with you.

Austin: Yeah, because it would be better if you saved your "best of" for the courtroom. [Sigh] I'm sorry. That was a really bad joke.

Carrie: Yeah.

Austin: Heh. But I'll tell you what. I'm not the only one who's gonna have an opinion about this.

Carrie: [Chuckles] You mean Sami? Yeah, well, you know, the way I see it, her husband has a job, so she should be very happy about that.

Sami: So let me get this straight--you got a job offer and chose not to tell me about it.

Rafe: Yeah, that's not what happened.

Sami: And then took the job and let me find out about it from Carrie.

Rafe: Okay, so let me get this straight: You're getting mad at me for doing the exact, same thing that you did, except for my job offer wasn't from some anonymous post on the net?

Sami: you did it out of spite?

Rafe: No, I did it because I believe in what Carrie is doing, I think that I have the skills to do the job well, and I don't know if you remember this or not, but we have four kids and need the money.

Sami: Okay. But you remember, right, that Carrie is doing this job pro-bono?

Rafe: Which was why her law firm has agreed to pay me separately.

Jennifer: Whew, I cannot believe it's snowing already.

Jack: Oh, wow, it's gonna be great. Gonna be great skiing out there today.

Carrie: Yeah, I can't wait. Jack: Uh-huh. Hey, Caroline! How are you?

Caroline: Oh, look at you two.

[Overlapping chatter]

Jack: Good to see you. Mwah.

Caroline: Hi, good to see you.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: I-I know you called in your order, so it's almost ready. Jack, I want to thank you for baking those cookies for the kids at Halloween. They were such a hit.

Jennifer: Yeah, he's just it. He's it. Hell of a guy, isn't he?

Jack: That's me. Hey, look who's here.

Jennifer: Oh, Sami, hey. Excuse me, Caroline. Hello there. How are you? How are you?

Sami: Hey!

Jack: How are you, sweetie?

Sami: Hi, nice to see you. Hey, congratulations on Abe's campaign. That's so awesome that you're gonna be working with him.

Jennifer: I'm so excited.

Rafe: Yes, congratulations. By the way, if you need any help doing anything like licking envelopes, going door to door, we're ready 'cause--

Sami: We'll do anything.

Jennifer: I might take you up on that, thank you. I wanna hear about your new job at the fantastic cosmetics company.

Sami: Oh, I love it. It's awesome. It's such a great job. I'm so happy to be working there. And, um, you know what? We would love to have you as a customer. Do you want some free samples?

Jennifer: Free samples? Yes, I would love some. Thank you.

Sami: Then come with me. And, you know what? I have to thank you. You got me this job. I mean, I would never... I would never...

Rafe: Have a seat.

Jack: Thanks. Ahh.

Rafe: How you doin'?

Jack: Good. Good. I mean, you know what they say. Home sweet home. Never been sweeter.

Rafe: Amen to that. I heard about your adventures in Afghanistan. I had a similar experience myself in south America.

Jack: Yeah, well, good times all around.

Rafe: Well, I assume the counseling is probably helping you reacclimate.

Jack: Counseling? What, for me? Why would I need something like that?

Roman: John, I know it's tough right now. Bu people in your corner.

Marlena: Thanks, roman. And I am so sorry for both you and me that I had to let Rafe go from the force.

John: No, we understand. We know that everybody's just doing their job.

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: Will you take it easy? Hang in there, all right?

John: You too.

Roman: Okay.

John: [Sighs]

Austin: I mean, you can't just dismiss Sami's feelings, Carrie.

Carrie: I'm not doing that.

Austin: Well, you're not actually taking them into consideration, either.

Carrie: Because I have a job to do, Austin. And now, so does Rafe.

As just it, you see. It's not just any job. Not to Sammy, it's not.

Carrie: Right. We're trying to make sure the terrific man who raised us doesn't go to prison for the rest of his life for something I know he didn't do. It's hard to understand why that wouldn't be important to Sami.

Austin: Well...Rafe's already lost one job helping you, so...

Carrie: Wow!

Austin: Yeah, and it's not like this one has a lot of long-term potential. You understand what I'm saying? I mean, the guy could be out there pounding the pavement, looking for something permanent to support his family. That's what he should be doing.

Carrie: He is trying to help John because he is family. Rafe has believed that he is innocent from the beginning. Now, he has a chance to prove that.

Austin: Well, you know... we've kind of gone through the same situation. Rafe believes John's innocent. Sami's not so sure.

Carrie: But she'll change her mind once I make my case in court.

Austin: And if she doesn't?

Carrie: Come on, Austin, it's not like she wants John to be found guilty.

Rafe: Sorry...I just assumed that you...

Jack: Need to get my head examined, yes.

Rafe: No... no. No, no, no, no, no. That's not what I said.

Jack: What, I don't seem like a well-adjusted citizen to you? Minus the snow suit, of course.

Rafe: You know, when I was with the F.B.I., I had to debrief a number of former hostages. Talk to them about what they went through.

Jack: Am I being debriefed now?

Rafe: No. No. You know, the thing is, they all handled their reentry differently, but they all suffered some sort of long-term effect from that experience. [Pouring liquid ] I include myself in that group.

Jack: You seem fine to me.

Rafe: Yeah. Now. You know, but the thing is, just because you are free from being a hostage or being tortured, just because that door is flung wide open, that doesn't mean you are free.

Jack: Oh, I know that. I do, I do. I just, uh... I'd like to put the past behind me, if you know what I mean. Just kind of like really just focus on the future.

Rafe: Yeah. Okay.

Jennifer: You ready? Ready to hit the road?

Jack: Ready, very ready. Thank you.

Caroline: Oh, I heard the radio, the weather report, it's gonna be terrific. The conditions perfect.

Sami: I'm so jealous. Have so much fun.

Jack: We will, we intend to.

Jennifer: Thanks. Bye. We're gonna hit the road.

Sami: Yep. Get out of here.

Jack: Okay, we'll see you.

Rafe: Excuse me a second.

Sami: Mm-hmm, no problem.

Jennifer: What were, uh, you and Rafe talking about?

Jack: Oh, nothing, just... shootin' the breeze.

Sami: What are you looking at?

Rafe: I was just thinking.

Sami: About what?

Rafe: Uh, probably overreacting. Been a lot of that going on lately. What are you doing? Ah, come on, seriously? We haven't even eaten anything yet--sit down.

Sami: Doesn't matter. I wanna go.

Rafe: Why?

Sami: Well, because I have a lot more I wanna say to you. And I'm not gonna fight with you in front of my grandmother.

Rafe: Come...

Austin: We can't do this. You realize that, right? We can't fight about Sami and Rafe too.

Carrie: Why do you think I want to move out of their loft?

Austin: I'm with you. I want to get out of there as soon as we can.

Carrie: Well...look at that. Something we agree on.

Austin: I hate this. And I know I've said it before, but... [Sighs] Fighting with you is the last thing that I want.

Carrie: Feels like the longer this case goes on, the harder it is to avoid that.

Austin: Yeah. And there is something else that I forgot to tell you. I'm glad you're back. God, I have missed the hell out of you. Carrie: I missed you too.

Austin: Can we just make a promise...not to talk about this case anymore?

Roman: That might be the smartest suggestion I've heard all day.

Marlena: John.... please... please let me help you.

John: And what if you can't?

Marlena: Then let me try and help you.

John: Samantha's reasons for thinking I could commit all these crimes... I mean, it makes sense. You and I both know that. Just because I can't remember doesn't mean it didn't happen. That's part of my life, isn't it? If there are still things I don't remember now after all this time, I think it's safe to assume that I'm not fully healed. Now, I'm not just talking about my arms and my legs.

Marlena: I know that.

John: Even after Stefano tore my life apart and dissolved all the one constant through all that hell was you. Your faith in me never wavered.

Marlena: It never will.

John: But there will always be sections of my life that will stay a mystery to me. Times when I could do just about anything. Roman Brady, check. Forrest Alamain, check. Art thief, priest, soldier for hire--check, check, check. I could be just about anyone. Except me. You know, I kind of think that I've known that all along. I know for a fact that you have known that all along, so if I'm not fully sure of who I am can I be so damn positive that I'm innocent?

Jack: [Shivering]

Jennifer: It is a mess out there.

Jack: What does that weatherman mean? He said intermittent snow! I mean, not a blizzard!

Jennifer: It was like a sea of white--it's a good thing we got off the road when we did.

Jack: You know, this place is so tiny. You think anybody actually lives here?

Jennifer: I don't know. There's a lot of coats on that rack. But it doesn't look like anyone's here now.

Jack: That explains, uh... no electricity.

Jennifer: Shoot. Well, you know what? It's all right--it's better to ride out the storm right here instead of in the car, okay? It's probably covered by snow by now anyway. Oh, look, Jack! There's candles! There's matches.

Jack: I see a radio. There's a radio right here. Wait a minute.

Jennifer: Does it work?

Jack: I don't know! It's the crank-up kind. Let me--I think it's--wait.

[Radio static]

Announcer: A weather advisory has been issued for all counties in the broadcast area. Several roads have already been closed, including those leading in and out of Callahan valley. Our reporters are standing by.

Jennifer: You're kidding me. That's right where we are. Oh, this is bad, Jack. This is really bad. We're gonna be here for a long time.

Roman: Good to have you back.

Carrie: [Sighs] Good to be back.

Roman: I'll be you're happy too.

Austin: Oh...very.

Roman: was the trip?

Carrie: It was good.

Roman: That's all I get?

Carrie: Considering where we are and... yeah, what the trip was about, I think it's best that way.

Roman: Understood.

Carrie: Okay...anyway, I should get going. I told John and Marlena that I would come over there this morning to talk about the case.

Roman: Okay, good. I just came from there. They'll be glad to see you and hear any good news you might have for them.

Carrie: Good. Mwah! Call you later?

Austin: Yeah. I'll be here.

Carrie: Okay.

Roman: Well, I hope you and Carrie can stick to your game plan...keep this case out of your personal lives.

Austin: [Chuckles]

Roman: Can't imagine it's gonna be easy for you two to do that.

Austin: Yeah. We're not the only ones.

Sami: This place is so cool, isn't it? It's like the Metrodome-- you know, snowing outside, but we're all protected in here. It's so cool they did such a great job of the new Horton town square.

Rafe: Yeah, all right. So whatever this is, can we just settle it now? I don't think you're mad at me because I took a job without telling you, because you did that to me. But I think you're mad because I took this job with Carrie to prove John's innocence. I need you to tell me why. Why are you feeling this way?

Marlena: Why do you insist upon blaming yourself for things you've never done wrong?

John: [Scoffs] You don't know that, doc.

Marlena: I do. You have gaps in your memory. I don't have those same gaps.

John: That won't matter to the jury.

Marlena: It matters to me! It's important to me. I was there every step of your recovery. Your rehabilitation. I saw how determined you were to get your old life back.

John: And what, you think that--that proves that I'm innocent?

Marlena: It proves you were the man I've always known. You are the man that I've always loved, and you are the man that I will always, always defend.

John: And your love has always given me the strength when I've needed it the most. But after you hear what I'm about to tell you, I'm afraid that love of yours is not gonna save me this time.

[Knock on door]

Marlena: Ignore it.

John: I can't do that.

Marlena: John...

Carrie: John, Marlena, it's Carrie.

John: Come right in.

Carrie: Good morning. Trial is just around the corner, and I thought that we could concentrate... you all right?

John: As my lawyer, I think that you may be very interested in what I have to say.

Jennifer: Ah, there's no food in here, Jack. Oh, , y didn't I think to bring the bag in from the car? There's so much food in the car. All right, well, you know what? We're trapped, so we just have to think of it as--as a little adventure that we're on, 'cause we are not getting out of here anytime soon.

[Jack groaning]

Jennifer: Jack. You okay?

Jack: Oh, yeah. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. [Sniffs] I'm good. Yeah. [Grunting]

Austin: Carrie's focused on proving that this photograph of John at the cafe is doctored somehow and it's--

Roman: Okay, all right.

Austin: Wait a minute. Y-you don't believe it either? That John could be guilty.

Roman: No, I don't. And to be honest with you, I don't think you want to believe it, either.

Austin: Are you kidding me? My life would be a whole hell of a lot easier. What choice do I have? This is my job. I look at the evidence in front of me, and, uh, I evaluate it objectively. And that's what I've been trained to do.

Roman: So wait a minute. What you're telling me here is that your training is telling you John is guilty.

Austin: No, I'm telling you that the evidence is telling me that, because the numbers add up, but the story doesn't. And, roman, if you think that I enjoy saying that--

Roman: No, no, no. No. I get that you don't enjoy that.

Austin: Carrie and I, I mean, we're fighting. I hate it. And if there was one thread that I could pull on that would somehow make John look innocent, I would pull on it until the whole thing unraveled. But there's nothing. There is nothing but accounts and documents and photographs that tell me otherwise.

Roman: You know what the problem is here, Austin?

Austin: That I'm trapped in a lousy profession?

Roman: No, that you're trapped in the one thing that you have come to count on the most--your own logic. And I think, in this case, I think you need to lean on something else that could help you out here.

Austin: What's that?

Roman: It's your heart, man. Your heart.

John: You two have shown a lot of faith in me, in my innocence, ever since this whole thing started.

Marlena: That's never going to change.

John: You can't ignore this, doc.

Carrie: Ignore what? What is going on?

John: The photo...hat cafe in paris.

Carrie: You weren't there, John--we have a witness that can testify you were at the Swiss clinic at the exact moment that photo was taken. It was doctored. It has to be.

John: And what if it wasn't?

Carrie: [Sighs] Where's this coming from?

John: Last night, I was telling Marlena... I told her that when I first saw that photo, there was something about it. Just...just had this feeling. Couldn't really explain it. It was like A... like déja vu.

Carrie: What was?

John: All of it. Cafe...table...tablecloth. On the table. All of it was familiar.

Marlena: Because it's been hammered into you, even though you know it's not true. John, the power of suggestion is very, very strong, and the medication you're on can create déja vu feelings.

John: No, it's more than that. What I was trying to tell you last night is that these memories...these, um, these visions, images, whatever the hell you wanna call 'em, that pertains to the cafe in paris, I was having them before that photo surfaced.

Carrie: What?

John: When you showed me that photo...all you were showing me was a time and place of something that I had already remembered on my own. The details I had in my head were the exact, same details in that photo, so let me ask you this: If I wasn't there, if I wasn't captured on film using my phone to steal and transfer those funds, why the hell do I remember it so vividly?

Roman: I'll tell you what. I have been a cop for a long time, and if all I ever did was look at the evidence on the page, I wouldn't have lasted as long as I have.

Austin: You have a hell of a clearance rate, though.

Roman: [Laughs] Yeah, maybe. But any good cop--in fact, any good professional, will tell you there are times when you just have to forget the facts and trust your gut. Look at the person involved-- who is that person as an individual? And if something's telling you that person didn't do it... even if you can't explain it yet, odds are you're on to something.

Austin: Yeah, but even when everything I have been taught is telling me something different?

Roman: Austin...your wife is a very smart woman, and she is every bit as good a lawyer as you are an accountant. And she has come to the opposite conclusion.

Austin: Come on, roman, do you think that I could forget what John means to Carrie? I haven't.

Roman: No, no. But Carrie believes in John. And it's not just sentiment. It's for a reason. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's using her heart, guarantee you that. But she's also using her head.

Austin: You're right. She' at... mixing the two.

Roman: Yeah. Well, maybe it's time you figured out now to do that. I'll catch you later.

Austin: Thanks.

John: If I did this, how do I make it right? I've ruined so many people's lives, but I can't give them their money back. I don't know where it is.

Carrie: You can't give them the money back because you don't know where it is. You're not the one that took it!

John: But what if I was? See, no one wants to talk about that, but it's a real possibility.

Marlena: All right, fine. Let's talk about it. What if you did take it? You're still not responsible for it.

John: How can you say that?

Marlena: Because Stefano is responsible. He's controlled your mind for so many years.

John: No, no, we're not gonna blame Stefano for this. He's been out of our lives for over 2 1/2 years. Besides, he would not have had the access to me that he would have needed to control me.

Carrie: You can't be sure of that, John. I mean, look at who we're talking about here. Stefano, he could have bought his way into any of those clinics that you've been to, any of those doctor's who've treated you. We've seen it before. We can't discount that maybe you were actually under his influence.

John: Damn it, what are you saying here--that I just can't break away from that bastard?

Marlena: That's it! This is getting us nowhere.

Carrie: What are we gonna do?

Marlena: you believe those memories are real?

John: What else can it be?

Marlena: Then let's find out for sure.

John: And how you gonna do that?

Marlena: Let me hypnotize you.

John: No!

Marlena: I know it won't be easy after all you've been through, but I think we have to. Give me access to your subconscious. We will find out the truth.

Sami: It's just a big mess. You know, this whole thing. People are taking sides, and it's--it's just getting ugly. And...I'm just glad you don't work at the Salem P.D. Anymore, so that you're not in the middle of it.

Rafe: Well, I want to be in the middle of it.

Sami: Why?

Rafe: Because I believe that John is innocent, that's why. Okay, obviously you don't, but the bottom line is, he is family. If I can find something that proves his innocence, then isn't that a good thing?

Sami: I don't wanna fight with you about this. Look, I get it. You are working for Carrie's firm, and that's great, because we need the money. So...okay.

Rafe: Okay?

Sami: Isn't that what you want me to say?

Rafe: Sami, something is tearing you up inside. Just tell me what it is.

Sami: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing, it was just stupid, you know? I was just caught off guard. But I'm fine, and it's great. And, um, you know, if I keep talking about this--if we keep talking, I'll totally be late for work, which, obviously, neither of us wants to be. So, um... I love you. Bye. Have a good day, and I'll talk to you later.

Rafe: Sam. Sa--

Jennifer: Jack...look what I found. I found some peaches. Do you think they're any good?

[Electricity sizzling]

[Jack groaning]

Jennifer: Well, what do you think? Do you think they're still good? Jack, are you okay?

[Jack grunting]

Jennifer: Jack? [Speaking foreign language]

Brady: The storm is really bad, and you might wanna get while the gettin's good.

Nicole: This is all a set-up. Now you think you have me exactly where you want me.

Jennifer: Tell me where you think you are.

Jack: [Indistinct]

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