Days Transcript Monday 10/31/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/31/11


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Sami: I can think for myself.

Rafe: I didn't say you couldn't.

Sami: I don't need you or Austin or anyone to tell me what to think about John's case.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: I am looking at the evidence.

Rafe: So am I.

Sami: Then how can you not think that he's guilty?

Rafe: Uh...

Brady: This should be an interesting evening, I'll tell you that.

Madison: Well, thank you for inviting me. I mean, I've been work hard lately, I've forgotten how to have fun.

Brady: Well, you certainly haven't forgotten how to dress up, I'll give you that.

Madison: Do you like it?

Brady: Very much. You look good.

Madison: Thank you. You look good too.

Brady: Thank you.

Nicole: Hey, Brady!

Brady: Hey. Hi.

Nicole: Oh, I--I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Daniel: You okay?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: You seem like you're someplace else. You're thinking about Jack.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Melanie: I just can't believe this is actually happening. I mean, I have so many questions to ask you, I don't even know where to start.

Maggie: I know, I feel the same way.

Melanie: I mean, I always knew that we had this connection, but I just never figured out that this was the reason why.

Maggie: Me neither. But I always felt it was something special. I mean, even though you kind of drove me crazy when we first met.


Hope: All of us.


Maggie: But I grew to love you like you're part of my family. And here we are.

Melanie: Actually family.

Maggie: Oh...

Melanie: It's like fate brought us together.

Maggie: Yeah.

Hope: Fate, and a little help from Gran.

Marlena: Oh, EJ's getting up, John. He's coming over here. You have to go.

John: It's okay. He'll just see a guy in a mask and assume I'm one of your many admirers.

Marlena: I'm not kidding about this. You'll go back to jail, you might never get out. John, I can't lose you again.

EJ: Good evening, Marlena.

Marlena: Oh...EJ. It was a good evening, till now.

EJ: I'm sorry, is this a bad time?

Marlena: It really is a bad time. Thanks for noticing.

EJ: Well, please, I just would like a quick word.

Marlena: Then, as you said, it's just a bad time.

EJ: Are you sure you don't wish to talk about John?

Brady: Uh, Nicole DiMera, Madison James.

Nicole: Madison James as in Mad World cosmetics?

Madison: That's right. Do you use our stuff?

Nicole: Yeah. All the time.

Madison: Oh.

Nicole: How do you two know each other?

Brady: Titan recently acquired Madison's company.

Nicole: Wait, you bought Mad World cosmetics?

Brady: I did.

Nicole: So you two are working together.

Brady: Yes, we are.

Nicole: [Chuckles] How's that going?

Brady: So far so good, Nicole.

Madison: I mean, Brady's a sweetheart, and I think it's gonna be a great partnership.

Nicole: Yeah? Really?

Melanie: This is so crazy. Do I call you Grandma or just Gran? Or do I just keep calling you Maggie?

Maggie: Oh, gosh, I don't know. I haven't even thought about it. Thank you. Thank you both so very much.

Hope: Oh, no, no, no. It was absolutely our pleasure.

Bo: Come here. Welcome to the family.


Hope: Welcome to the family, Melanie.

Maggie: Victor. Victor!

Victor: I hope I didn't miss all the fun.

Maggie: You're home! Oh, my goodness.

Victor: I came straight from the airport. Are you okay?

Maggie: Oh, I'm--I'm better. I'm so better than okay. It seems like we found my child.

Victor: You did?

Maggie: I have a son. A grown son. And a granddaughter. And they're here. They live in Salem. And we know them. In fact, you know my son better than I do.

Victor: Well, how's that possible?

Maggie: It's Daniel. Daniel's my son.

Daniel: You are thinking about Jack because... you miss him.

Jennifer: No, no. I'm thinking about Jack because I'm having such a great time with you tonight.

Daniel: Okay, that's confusing.

Jennifer: No, no, it's not confusing, because you know what, Jack is dramatic, and he always has to put on some kind of show. And you know what, you don't do that. You're not like that.

Daniel: Oh, in other words I'm boring.

Jennifer: No, you are great, and you are perfect, and you are fun and easy going, and I love it.

Daniel: Well, I am easy. I mean, I'm not that easy.

Jennifer: But that's the whole thing. You don't have to do all these stunts and these tricks. And Jack, he can never just be. You know, he can never just be in the moment, and that drives me completely insane.

Daniel: Well, have you ever told him that?

Jennifer: Yes, I've told him that, and he said that he's changed. Or he's trying to change. And you know what, I believe he's trying. I don't think he really can.

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: This-- this is unbelievable. I'll be right back. No, I think I see someone I know. I'll be right back.

Daniel: [Exasperated scoff]

Marlena: The only thing I'd like to hear you say, EJ, is that you're going to drop this lawsuit against John.

EJ: I can't do that.

Marlena: Well, then, there's nothing left for us to talk about, is there?

EJ: Look, I think it's important that you and I just have a few words, all right? We need to clear this air. In private, if you don't mind.

Marlena: Mr. Whitmore, would you excuse us for a minute, please?

EJ: Thank you.

Marlena: Sure. What did you want to say to me, so that I can move on with my evening?

EJ: We need to discuss this class-action lawsuit.

Marlena: Okay, what about it?

EJ: It is important for you to know that this is not something that is personal.

Marlena: This is extremely personal. This is even vindictive.

EJ: Marlena, I'm not going to debate the merits of the case with you. But I'm extremely concerned as to how this could affect our family if we don't keep things in perspective.

Marlena: Our family?

EJ: Our family. Johnny and Sydney. My children, your grandchildren. I don't want them getting caught up in the middle of this.

Marlena: Yes, I completely understand what you're saying now.

EJ: Do you? Okay, they're very young, you understand? They wouldn't appreciate what is going on. So I feel that you and I can step in...okay? We can make sure that everything remains peaceful and calm and civilized enough.

Marlena: You can stop it right there. Your concern for the children is a bit late in coming. And your attitude is decidedly condescending. So you can take your peace offering and go straight... to Graceland.

Jennifer: Jack! Jack! Is that you? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in London with JJ. What are you doing here? Do you think I like chasing you around this whole square? When are you gonna grow up and start acting like an adult? Say something!

Abe: Hey, Jennifer. Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey, Abe, hi.

Abe: Hey, you got a minute? It's about the campaign. I had an idea I wanted to run by you.

Jennifer: Yes. I just, um-- I just have to say something. One second.

Sami: Okay, look, John and I have a history.

Rafe: Is that what this is about? Huh?

Sami: No, no, it's not. Because we've gotten past it, okay-- I have. I realized a long time ago that he is a good guy. He is an upstanding citizen, and he's great with my mom-- all of those things. But Stefano did something to him.

Rafe: Yes, they messed with his mind as well.

Sami: I know. It was terrible. And you weren't there. You didn't see how he changed, how he became this cold, unfeeling guy. It was awful.

Rafe: Yeah, but--

Sami: It was worse for my mom.

Rafe: Okay, I get that. But you said he was better by the time they went to Switzerland.

Sami: He was. We thought he was. But who's to say? I mean, maybe there's still a part of him that's like that. Maybe that's who's responsible for this.

Rafe: Well, sorry if I'm having a hard time believing that.

Sami: Why? Why can you not even think it's a possibility, because he seems fine? Okay, fine. Fine. I guess we're just on opposite sides.

Victor: There must be some mistake. Honey, I've been Daniel's Godfather since before he was born. I mean, his parents and I were friends for years.

Hope: What were their names?

Victor: Lillian and George Jonas.

Bo: We got our hands on the medical records of the woman who used Maggie's eggs without her permission.

Victor: And?

Bo: Her name was Lillian Parker.

Victor: Lillian's maiden name. A common name.

Hope: Believe me, we know that.

Bo: Lillian gave birth to a son the same day Daniel was born, nine months after she was implanted with Maggie's egg. That's a bit more than just a coincidence.

Victor: Well, have you done any DNA testing?

Bo: No, not yet.

Hope: But given the evidence...the names, the dates. There's very little question in my mind that Daniel is Maggie's son.

Victor: This is unbelievable.

Maggie: I know. I'm finding it hard to process myself.

Melanie: My dad doesn't know. We should tell him. We should tell him. Do you know where he is?

Maggie: Oh, he's over there with Jennifer.

Melanie: Talk to him.

Maggie: I don't know to say. I don't know how to tell him. Would you come with me? I think it'll help if you both explain everything.

Hope: Of course.

Bo: Yeah, sure.

Maggie: Okay... let's go tell your father... that it looks like-- looks like I'm his mother.

Marlena: Oh, don't use your children as leverage over me.

EJ: I'm doing nothing of the sort.

Marlena: And don't use this lawsuit to try to sell your silly self to people.

EJ: Oh, you're attacking my character, are you?

Marlena: No, you don't have any character. You're just a thug in a nice suit, and not even tonight.

EJ: I'll tell you what, we'll wait until the next election cycle, see what the people of Salem think about that.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, you think they're gonna vote for you?

EJ: Oh, yeah.

Marlena: EJ, they're real people, you know. And they're honest people. And they've lost everything. And you want to use them to leverage your own private interest?

EJ: I find it, uh... fascinating that you would lecture me about real people. Honest people. People who've been victimized by your husband, not me. He's the one who stole their money.

Marlena: John didn't steal money. And John isn't a criminal.

EJ: No, no, he's not, but I'm a criminal, right? Because I stand up for what's right.

Marlena: You want to stand up for what's right? Drop the lawsuit before it goes any farther.

Madison: I think I'm gonna go get something to drink. Would either of you like anything?

Brady: No, thank you.

Nicole: I'm good. Thanks.

Madison: Okay. I'll be back.

Brady: Okay. So you're not-- you're not drinking, huh?

Nicole: Neither are you.

Brady: Well, I'm with an employee, so that would be inappropriate.

Nicole: Oh, is that what you're calling her?

Brady: Excuse me?

Nicole: Come on, Brady... I see the way you look at her.

Brady: Uh-uh. Madison and I are friends, Nicole, that's it.

Nicole: Yeah, we were friends too. With benefits.

Brady: Yeah, I recall, but it's not like that with Madison and I.

Nicole: Yet.

Brady: Oh, come on, Nicole, what? You just met her. You gonna hate her already?

Nicole: No, no. Well, not right off the bat, no. But seriously, what is there to dislike about her?

Brady: I don't know. Why don't you tell me.

Nicole: Well, she's smart, she's confident, beautiful.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: So sad that you're looking for someone just like me, and I'm standing right here.

Brady: Ah.

Nicole: Ah!

Brady: Yeah, but you have some other traits, like, you know, you're insane and you're egotistical.

Nicole: And Madison isn't? Well, she's hardly a worthy replacement.

Brady: Yeah, well, no one's perfect.

Nicole: I'm-- I'm glad we can still do this. You know, laugh and... I'm glad we're friends, Brady.

Brady: Minus those benefits.

Nicole: I really like being friends with you.

Brady: Me too. Speaking of which, I actually have a friendly question to ask you.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: I hear you're working for EJ.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm his campaign publicist. Why do you ask?

Brady: Well, my friendly question is why the hell you would do something so stupid.

EJ: I stand by my convictions. I stand by the people. No matter what the personal cost, I don't let somebody... get away with such an egregious crime.

Marlena: You speak as though you're above reproach. And we both know that's not true.

EJ: Oh! And yet, I'm not the one under house arrest. It's funny that, don't you think?

Marlena: Funny that. Because you belong behind bars for what you've done to my daughter. Sami's lucky to have left you with her sanity intact.

EJ: Right, yes, we mustn't forget Saint Samantha, must we? She put a bullet in my head. I suppose you probably condone that kind of behavior too, do you?

Marlena: How is that different from you shooting my husband? Hmm? Funny that. Well, nothing more to say. We really are kinda done here.

EJ: We certainly are. Don't forget that I came to you this olive branch, and that you decided not to accept it.

Marlena: Let me share something with you too, EJ.

EJ: Please.

Marlena: I'm home. I'm not leaving. I'm gonna be right here. Let me tell you one more thing. You keep taking on my family, I will consider that a threat, and I will fight you. And you will find that I am a very powerful enemy. You can just ask your daddy about that. He'll tell you.

Melanie: Okay, uh, something happened.

Daniel: You okay? What's going on?

Melanie: Yeah, no, I'm fine. I'm good. I'm great, actually. This is a good thing. A good thing happened.

Jennifer: What--what is going on? Why is everyone staring at us?

Daniel: I don't know. You need to start talking. What? What's so...

Melanie: Uh, you know what, I think, I think Maggie should be the one to tell you.

Maggie: Um...this may sound strange-- I don't know, maybe not-- but I recently found out that I have a child. A grown child that I didn't know about.

Jennifer: What?

Maggie: Yeah, it's a long story how it happened. But Bo and Hope have been incredible.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, you knew about this?

Maggie: Yeah, they did. And now, because of them... well, it seems like I've found my son.

Daniel: That's-- I mean, that's great. That real--that's fantastic. Really, I am so-- I'm happy for you.

Maggie: No, no, um, you don't understand, Daniel. The reason that I'm telling you this is because I have reason to believe that... that you...are my child. That I'm your mother.

Rafe: Sam...Sami, come on. I am on your side. I am always on your side. Hey. Okay, why don't you believe me?

Sami: Because that's the way it always is. My mom would always choose John's side no matter what. And, look, she was right most of the time. I mean, I get it. I did horrible things to them.

Rafe: You were a kid back then. You were just a little... I mean, things are different now. You're different.

Sami: I just wish you wouldn't blindly choose him every single time.

Rafe: I thought your relationship with your mother was better now.

Sami: I thought so too. I mean, it is, mostly. Because I get it. Because I know how she feels. I would take your side no matter what. I would defend you to anyone. And I guess I just-- I want you to be on my side, no matter what.

Rafe: I am on your side. There's no other side. There's your side, that's it. I'm right here.

Sami: Maybe I'm just being a little over-sensitive.

Rafe: No. Hey, I love you. You know that. Hmm?

Sami: I do.

Rafe: Okay. Hey... I don't want this to come between us. This case, no. I do not want us to be like Carrie and the house guest.

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: Okay?

Sami: Me neither. I definitely don't want that. So what do we do?

Rafe: Maybe for now we can just agree to disagree, and know that it does not change the way we feel about one another. Deal?

Sami: Deal.

Rafe: No.

Sami: [Giggles]

Nicole: Don't call me stupid.

Brady: I didn't call you stupid.

Nicole: Look, I happen to love my job. I happen to be good at my job.

Brady: You have no P.R. experience whatsoever. Why do you think he hired you?

Nicole: I don't know. Maybe because he believes in me. Is that so difficult to imagine?

Brady: Please, please, please wake up, okay? He's using you again.

Nicole: Brady... could you just stop, please? I know what I'm doing.

Brady: How many times have I heard that?

Nicole: All right, I'm gonna go get a drink.

Brady: How many times have you had to pick up the pieces after EJ has blindsided you, Nicole?

Nicole: Please. Okay, you don't have to worry. It's not gonna happen.

Brady: Tell me why this time is gonna be different from every other time.

Nicole: Because it's strictly business.

Brady: Is it?

Nicole: Yes. And you want to know why it's strictly business? Because that's what I want. There is no romance in this situation.

Brady: All right, well, there better not be because I swear to God, if that guy hurts you again, I will break that son of a bitch in half.

EJ: Ahem, Nicole.

Nicole: Have a good night.

Brady: Have a good night.

EJ: Evening, Brutus.

Brady: See ya, Elvis.

John: [Hisses]

Marlena: Oh, my gosh!

John: You okay?

Marlena: Yeah, yeah. You?

John: I'm fine.

Marlena: Good.

John: How'd it go with Junior?

Marlena: Well, no surprises there. John, you should go before somebody spots you here. Will you?

John: Okay, let's go.

Abe: that you?

Daniel: What is this, some kind of Halloween prank here?

Melanie: No. That would be so inappropriate. [Clears throat] No, it's true.

Daniel: No, it's not true.

Melanie: Yeah.

Daniel: No, sweetheart-- sweetheart, it's not true. My mother-- my mother is dead. And she died in a car accident with my father.

Bo: We have evidence that strongly supports the fact that Lillian Parker Jonas was not your biological mother. That she used Maggie's eggs to conceive.

Daniel: Okay, stop. Stop. Just stop. Just stop. You say you have evidence, but do you really have actual proof that this is true?

Hope: From everything we've learned, we all firmly believe that Maggie is your biological mother.

Bo: A DNA test will rule out any doubt.

Jennifer: You okay? Listen to me, Bo and hope would never jump to any conclusions without concrete evidence, okay?

Melanie: I mean, it makes sense, right, Dad? I mean, Maggie and I, we've always had, you know, like we're connected or something. Now we know why. It's because she's my grandma.

Daniel: Okay, well, we don't know that. Sweetheart, we really don't. We don't. Look, I'm sorry. I know why you want that to be true. I really do, but I am not gonna let you go through-- I mean, we're--no. Okay, listen, I am sorry. Really, I am. I'm really sorry. I know you all have the best of intentions here, but there is-- there really is some kind of mistake here. You...are not my mother.

John: [Clears throat]

Marlena: Abe, this is so silly. That wasn't John. John is at home watching...

John: Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc... come on, there's no foolin' the sheriff here.

Abe: Oh, man, are you out of your mind? What the hell are you doing here?

John: I just wanted to spend a little time with my wife.

Abe: Well, then, spend time with her at home.

John: I'm sorry.

Marlena: I'm sorry too, Abe.

John: She didn't know I was gonna be here.

Abe: Where's your ankle monitor? And the guard?

John: Uh, I got him on trick or treat detail. Look, Partner, I'm sorry about putting you in this tough spot here. That's the last thing I wanted.

Abe: Then go home, and stay there.

Marlena: And you won't say anything to anybody?

Abe: Not if you leave right now.

John: Let's go. Thanks, Partner.

Abe: Hey... do not let anybody else see you.

Daniel: I had a very open, loving relationship with my parents. We...never kept things from each other. And certainly nothing-- nothing like this.

Maggie: Daniel, you have to admit that this wouldn't be exactly something that would be easy to talk about, no matter how open a relationship you would have had.

Daniel: Victor, you and my parents were really, really good friends, yes?

Victor: Yes. Yes, we were. We were very, very close.

Daniel: Okay, well, if they were having any problems conceiving or considering in vitro, they would have shared that with you.

Victor: I'm just as shocked about all this as you are.

Daniel: See--see, there you go. All right, there you go. He was really good friends with my parents, and he-- he doesn't-- he doesn't think this is true.

Hope: Daniel... that's not what Victor said.

Bo: Infertility in vitro, like Maggie said, was not discussed openly at that time, even with the best of friends. So this was obviously something very, very personal to them.

Hope: Which was probably why Lillian used her maiden name on her medical forms.

Maggie: Daniel, I know that we don't have any irrefutable proof. Not at this time, anyway. [Voice breaking] But I believe in my heart that you're my son. I just feel it right now, holding your hand, that you are my son.

Daniel: Okay, Victor, I am gonna ask you this, and you gotta be-- you gotta be honest with me. I mean, is this true?

Victor: From what I've heard here tonight, Daniel, yes, I believe Maggie is your mother.

Marlena: That was a pretty risky thing you did, trying to sneak out tonight.

John: All I was looking for was a night where we could just go out on the town like two normal people.

Marlena: I know. It was so romantic and thoughtful. Don't do it again.

John: Come on, you gotta admit, though, sneaking around like that really gets the blood flowing, doesn't it?

Marlena: Oh, yeah, it did.

John: Then maybe we ought to do something about that, huh?

Marlena: Yeah?

John: Hmm? What do you think?

Marlena: I think you're onto something, baby. [Giggles]

Nicole: Well, here is to a successful outing. You made quite the impression tonight. With the photographers, all right--they couldn't get enough of you in this costume.

EJ: They couldn't get enough of you either.

Nicole: Well, I am just a well-dressed accessory, thank you. What? What?

EJ: I was just thinking... about the, uh... you know, the kiss.

Nicole: Yeah, well... you're gonna get plenty of coverage with the press. That's most important. Look, I'm gonna go, okay? I have an early morning, so...

EJ: Uh, sure. I'll get you a limo.

Nicole: No, I will get a cab. Thanks.

EJ: Are you sure?

Nicole: Yeah. I could use a write-off.

EJ: Okay.

Nicole: You did good tonight, EJ. I'll see you in the morning. God.

Maggie: I know you must be in shock, Daniel. And it's very frustrating to not have all the answers that you want.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, uh... I'd like to set up a DNA test.

Maggie: Of course. But I really do believe that you're my son. And after finding you after all these years, and not knowing you were out there, it's a miracle. Daniel, you're my miracle.

Madison: I had fun tonight.

Brady: I did too. You know, I was thinking...

Madison: Oh, no! I'm just kidding. What were you thinking?

Brady: I was thinking about you and me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: I was wondering something.

Madison: Hold on one second. Sorry, it's work. Gotta take it. This is Madison. Yes. The packaging for the wrinkle cream has been approved. The warehouse is expecting the shipment first thing in the morning. Okay, great. Thank you. Sorry, what were you saying?

Brady: Wait, the packing on the wrinkle cream has been approved?

Madison: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Brady: I thought we, uh-- I thought we agreed that that product wasn't ready for urban markets yet.

Madison: No, no, that was you. You agreed that it wasn't ready for urban markets. I knew that it was fine, so I gave the approval.

Brady: Well, that's kind of something you should run by your boss, don't you think?

Madison: I don't have to run packaging decisions by you, and you're not my boss, Brady.

Brady: Madison, I kind of own your company.

Madison: Right, which we both agreed I would be running without any interference.

Brady: Absolutely. But that doesn't mean that you can just ignore me all together.

Madison: Actually, that's exactly what it means. I think I'm gonna call it a night.

Brady: Wait...what are you-- Madison, hold on. Madison!


Rafe: Oh, my God.

Sami: I am so glad that we're not fighting anymore.

Rafe: Me too, but you're just glad because I found you this candy corn.

Rafe: No. Yeah. It's so good, the candy corn, it's like-- every one is like a little piece of magic.

Sami: Stop it.

Rafe: And it's also a special night for us because tonight is our anniversary. And I got you this.

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: Three years ago tonight I showed up at the safe house to check up on you and Hilda.

Sami: Aww, that's right. And I thought you were there to kill me.

Rafe: No.

Sami: No. But you protected me. And you've protected me ever since.

Rafe: It's not always easy to do, you know.

Sami: But I'm cute?

Rafe: Yes, you are.

Sami: And you love me?

Rafe: I do. Oh, do I.

Daniel: Sorry about being so quiet on the way over.

Jennifer: It's okay. You just had your whole life turned upside down.

Daniel: Maggie's a wonderful person, and she means the world to me, she does. But I don't know. You know, you have this vision, this ideal of your parents. I don't know, maybe that happens when you lose them. I don't know. I don't know, but-- I don't know.

Jennifer: It's okay. It's all right, I know. I can't even imagine what you're going through right now. If there's anything I can do...

Daniel: What can you do?

Jennifer: I can do this.

Maggie: Maybe I shouldn't have told Daniel now.

Victor: But you did what you thought was best.

Maggie: But if I'd just waited till we had some actual proof, maybe he would have responded differently.

Victor: Once the shock wears off, Daniel's going to come around.

Melanie: Yeah, he's just-- he's gonna love you. Come on, he already does love you.

Victor: Listen, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to call the house and tell 'em I'm back.

Maggie: Okay. I can't believe that everything is happening here.

Melanie: This is so crazy. I've never had a grandma before. I'm so excited. And for that grandma to be you, I just--I'm so lucky.

Maggie: Oh, sweetheart, I'm the lucky one here.

Melanie: Come up here. Give me some cheer. I need a hug. I love you so much, Grandma.

Maggie: I love you too, kiddo.

Hope: [Laughs]

Bo: Whoa.

Hope: What?

Bo: Do you know how proud of you I am?

Hope: Proud of me? Why? What did I do, besides a really good job on those, huh?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Hope: Let me get your mascara, it's--

Bo: You never gave up. No matter what we came across, you were determined to solve this mystery.

Hope: It's what Gran wanted. And you know how impossible it it so say no to her.

Bo: A quality her granddaughter inherited.

Hope: I knew you were gonna say that, Brady. But honestly, really, I believe that Gran guided us through this whole thing.

Bo: You're right. And it's a good thing all her hard work paid off, huh?

Hope: Almost.

Bo: What do you mean by that?

Hope: Who was receiving those monthly payments from Gran's bank account? Hmm?

Bo: Mrs. H obviously had something else going on in her life that we didn't know about.

Hope: Exactly. And we need to figure out what it was. Brady, wait. This is an adventure.

Bo: Yeah. An adventure you and I are gonna share. Come here, you.

Nicole: Quinn Hudson, what the hell are you doing here?

Quinn: Aren't the two of you going to welcome me back to Salem?

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EJ: So I give you my assistance, and you keep your mouth shut.

Quinn: Of course.

Nicole: The bastard is blackmailing you, isn't he?

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