Days Transcript Monday 10/24/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/24/11


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Rafe: So let me get this straight. You want to stay with us, at our place... after getting me fired? [Scoffs] You got to be kidding me. I mean...

Austin: Do you really think-- really think that I was the one that leaked your little secret to the feds, that I told them that you were helping Carrie?

Rafe: You tell me.

Austin: [Sighs] I mean, we've been over this. Sami, you know what? This is my fault. I never should have accepted your very generous offer in the first place.

Sami: Austin...

Austin: No, no, no, no, because if I hadn't, I would still have my room. And then I wouldn't have to worry about the fact that every hotel in town is booked with reporters covering John's case.

Sami: So maybe something's opened up.

Austin: No, I just checked. The closest available room is in some fleabag 40 miles from here.

Sami: He's Carrie's husband.

Rafe: We are really his only option?

Sami: My grandma said that it's gonna take a couple weeks to renovate the rooms upstairs here.

Rafe: Why don't you stay at your mom's place, hmm? Does that work for you?

Austin: At the DiMera mansion?

Rafe: Yeah.

Austin: No. No, no, it doesn't.

Rafe: Why not?

Lexie: Ahh. This is nice, hmm? A little time just for us.

Abe: Well, you know, I'm gonna remind you that you said that at midnight when you talk about how much you miss Theo.

Lexie: No, I just called and checked on him. He's doing great. He's been dying to stay over at Kevin's for, like, a month now, so...

Abe: Did you explain to Kevin's mom about the special diet?

Lexie: I left a ten-page list. Cheryl was a nurse, anyway. She knows exactly what to do if Theo has a tantrum or--

Abe: I'm being overprotective.

Lexie: No, just a wonderful daddy.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Lexie: And an amazing, amazing man. Oh, listen, um, about tomorrow night...

Abe: Uh, w--uh, trick-or-treating--way ahead of you. Got the route all planned out.

Lexie: Oh, like I said, amazing. Um, but, um, I was hoping that we could also have dinner, you know. I mean, Theo saw this wonderful new Italian restaurant he'd like to go to, and I was--

Abe: I wish I could.

Lexie: Campaign stuff?

Abe: You know, I still need to follow up with John.

Lexie: Hmm, still no lead on who threw the brick through the window?

Abe: Not yet, not yet. I'm just hoping that his televised statement has "aleved" the anger of all those people who lost their pension funds. Never underestimate the power of P.R.

Lexie: [Sighs] Okay, let's not let him ruin our evening, okay?

Abe: [Chuckles] I'm not giving him a second thought.

Lexie: Good.

Abe: Look, Lex, I'm not afraid to go head-to-head against your brother. In fact, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Lexie: Oh, yeah?

Abe: Mm.

Lexie: Care to share?

Abe: If I weren't already late for a meeting. Mwah. I will see you later, hmm?

Lexie: Ooh, can't wait.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Lexie: [Sighs]

EJ: Lexie. Really? It's come to this? My own sister won't even talk to me.

Lexie: I wonder why.

EJ: Lexie, just because you and I don't agree on who should run this town... look, you're my sister. I love you. Can we at least please talk about this?

Chad: You see what I'm talking about, right?

Sonny: Yeah, I see it.

Chad: Unbelievable. [Sighs]

Sonny: You know, if you're right about this, we are gonna have some big problems.

Chad: Yeah, no kidding.

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: Hey. Uh, before you say anything more--um, I know technically it's Jack's day to be, you know, with you, and, uh--but I was just in the neighborhood, really, and this--all these things right here, well, they were on your doorstep, and this is--this is--this is not safe at all, 'cause, you know, people could think maybe you're just home alone, and that's--

Jennifer: Right. That's bad. So y-you're protecting me from a possible crime.

Daniel: That, and I miss you.

Jennifer: I miss you. Do you want to come in?

Daniel: Well, I don't always play fair... but, um, I do want to honor this agreement we all have-- you know, the ground rules. But if Jack honed in on my time with you, I, uh... I don't know what I'd do.

Jennifer: It's okay. My date with Jack is over. I think it would be okay if--if we spent some time together.

Daniel: Over over? I'm just kidding. Okay. You sure?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.

Daniel: All right.

Jennifer: Uh, I am actually glad that you stopped by...

Daniel: Yeah?

Jennifer: Even if it was only to protect me from being burglarized.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I'm tough like that.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Daniel: So how--how'd your date go with Jack? What did I--what? Scratch that. I don't even know where that came from--what was that?

Jennifer: I don't know.

Daniel: I... wow, mm.

Jennifer: Oh, um...

Daniel: Yeah. Oh.

Jennifer: We don't n-need to talk about that, really...

Daniel: No, we don't.

Jennifer: You know.

Daniel: We don't. Um, I'm sorry. I'm just--I'm a bit, uh...

Jennifer: What? A bit what?

Daniel: I'm at loose ends. I'm a little frayed here. I-I mean, because before Jack showed up, you and I--we would spend so much time together, and I... I miss that.

Jennifer: Yeah, I do, too.

Daniel: You know, the small things, the spontaneous things we used to do--just hiking and cooking, um, just coffee, just having coffee.

Jennifer: I know. I miss that. I miss that, too.

Daniel: Right? And, honestly, I miss it more than I really imagined I would, and this situation--to me, it's--it's-- oh, it's hard, and it's very foreign to me, 'cause I don't know how you feel. I mean, I'm not trying to pressure you.

Jennifer: No, I know, and I don't even know what to say.

Daniel: I don't know where I stand.

Jennifer: Really, I-I don't know. That's why I agreed to be a part of this double-date experiment and--

Daniel: No, I understand, that's cool. It was my idea, for God's sake-- I mean, not that it was a great one. It's not making it any easier, but, uh... look, um, after I asked you to move in with me, before Jack literally fell into our lives, uh, I never really got an answer--yes or no. And I just am not sleeping at all.

Jennifer: Daniel, I--

Daniel: No, maybe if you could tell me--you know, if Jack didn't come back... what would your answer be?

EJ: Just join me, please.

Lexie: EJ, you know, no, no. I'm not sure I have the stomach for you right now.

EJ: Look, I miss talking to you, okay? Just because we don't agree on who should be mayor...

Lexie: Oh, do you really think that's all we disagree on?

EJ: We can still have a conversation, right? We can still enjoy one another's company.

Lexie: Ah! And exactly what is there about your company to enjoy?

EJ: I'm your brother.

Lexie: Oh, do not play the family card with me, EJ.

EJ: I'm not playing a family card with you, Lexie. The truth of the matter is, I need some of your advice.

Lexie: Do you?

EJ: I do, yes. You are the most extraordinary mother that I know. I need some advice about Johnny and Sydney. Look, I made enough mistakes with the two of them in the past. I need to make sure I'm not making any more.

Lexie: All right.

Austin: There's no way I'm staying under the same roof as Stefano DiMera. And I'm not asking Carrie, too, either.

Sami: Of course not.

Austin: If Rafe doesn't get that, there's no worries. I'll see what else I can find, and it's...

Sami: Austin, wait. Let me just talk to Rafe for a second, please. You know, just give us a minute.

Austin: Yeah, take your time. I have some--some calls to make.

Rafe: [Scoffs] You want him to stay. I get it. I'm sorry if I'm having a problem being okay with a guy who got me fired staying at our place. Is that wrong?

Sami: No! And if he really were the one who got you fired, I would totally agree with you.

Rafe: Oh, come on. I mean--

Sami: He swore that he didn't do it.

Rafe: And what? You believe him.

Sami: Yes.

Rafe: Mm.

Sami: I do. I've known him since I was 16 years old. And I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. He's Carrie's husband... which makes him family. And we agree that family's the most important thing, right?

Jennifer: I-I don't know what to say.

Daniel: Well, uh, I do... 'cause instead of being in this--this date-off, uh... a huge part of me thinks that you should be right here in my arms, and I should be waking up with you and looking at you and hanging out with you all day long... together.

Jennifer: Yeah. And then Jack came back. And we just can't live in this world of what-ifs, you know?

Daniel: No, no, I know. I get it.

Jennifer: Because then I would have to think, "okay, well, what if Jack never went on assignment and got kidnapped?"

Daniel: Hmm. Well, I guess we would have never fallen in love in that scenario.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Right?

Jennifer: Right.

Daniel: But the only problem is I'm in love with you now. And I can't stand the thought of losing you.

[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I'm gonna--I'm gonna go get that. Just don't move. Stay right here.

Jennifer: Abe, hey.

Abe: Hey. Mind if I, uh...?

Jennifer: No, come on in.

Abe: Well, thank you. Thank you.

Jennifer: Please, come right in.

Abe: Look, I--oh, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Jennifer: No.

Abe: There's just something I wanted to talk to you about-- something important.

Jennifer: Oh, o-okay.

EJ: These were taken actually here, the night of the dedication.

Lexie: Mm, a night I'd rather forget. You look happy.

EJ: Oh, come on, they were happy. They are happy. Look at them. You know, Sydney came up to me, and she gave me this incredible hug. Johnny needs a little bit more persuading, but, uh... Alexandra, I can tell they miss me.

Lexie: Oh, I'm sure they do. But you gave up custody, EJ.

EJ: Well, I did that because I--you know, I wanted what was best for them. And there was a time when I thought that my presence in their lives was not in their best interests.

Lexie: Hmm.

EJ: I realize now that was a mistake. Lexie, they need me.

Lexie: I'm sure they do. Um, Johnny's starting to look like you.

EJ: Yeah.

Lexie: Mm.

EJ: He's a good-looking kid. [Laughs] She looks beautiful, doesn't she--Sydney?

Lexie: Yeah.

EJ: I love them more than anything. Everything that I do, I'm doing it for them.

Chad: Okay, so he's definitely posting odds. I mean, what else could it be?

Sonny: Yeah, but there's nothing illegal about that.

Chad: Yeah, but what if he takes it a step further and figures out a way to start betting on our site.

Sonny: We would lose everything.

Chad: In a heartbeat.

Sonny: Or we'd make tons of money.

Chad: Wow. You're not serious. Sonny, bro, business partner, whatever--betting on a school website is against the law, in case you needed a reminder.

Sonny: Relax, no one's crossing any lines here.

Chad: Yet.

Sonny: I know what you mean. Let's just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get any further.

Chad: Yeah, okay, that sounds like a good idea.

Sonny: You hungry?

Chad: Yeah, I could eat.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm kind of starving.

Chad: Yeah, me too. Let's go. Let's get out of here.

Lexie: Don't ask me why, but, yes, I do believe you...

EJ: Thank you.

Lexie: No matter how misguided your intentions might be.

EJ: Look, all I want to do is change the way that people regard the DiMera name.

Lexie: Mm, good luck with that one.

EJ: Well, it's possible. Look, no, it has to be possible, because I'm not having my children growing up embarrassed by where they came from.

Lexie: So is that what you wanted my advice on? How it's affected Theo... and how we've dealt with it? [Sighs] I'm not gonna lie to you, EJ--it's a challenge, okay? But... [Sighs] we've dealt with it as a family.

EJ: I certainly admire you for that.

Lexie: Is that all?

EJ: Oh, yeah. [Clears throat] My other question just seems sort of silly right now.

Lexie: No, no, when it comes to your children, nothing is silly.

EJ: Okay, um... I was wondering... whether or not it would be unwise of me to invite Johnny and Sydney over to the mansion to go trick-or-treating.

Lexie: Oh... my honest opinion?

EJ: Please.

Lexie: I think it would be too much for them, you know? I mean, not that they wouldn't enjoy themselves, but I mean, it's a long day, you know? Parties at school, friends. But listen, um, what you could do is you could ask Sami if there's something you can do for the kids, like maybe buy them their Halloween costumes or a special bag for their treats.

EJ: Perfect.

Lexie: Mm.

EJ: That's, uh... that's great. T-thank you. I'm really glad that I asked you. I knew I could count on you. So I'm... [Clears throat] assuming you have something exciting planned for tomorrow.

Lexie: Hmm, more like, um, several detailed itineraries.

Rafe: I just don't understand why you offered to let him crash with us.

Sami: He's lonely. He misses Carrie like crazy.

Rafe: Well, she'll be back soon.

Sami: Well, he doesn't know that. Carrie won't talk to him. And obviously you know what's going on with her, but you won't tell him either.

Rafe: He doesn't have anyone else he can hang out with?

Sami: I just thought it would work out for everyone if he stayed with us.

Rafe: Yeah, everyone.

Sami: [Scoffs] No good deed goes unpunished, huh? I thought I was doing something nice, and now you're both pissed.

Rafe: Well, we wouldn't be having this problem if you would've just run it by me first.

Sami: Oh, please, like I ever run anything by you first.

Rafe: Exactly. I rest my case. You're lucky I'm head over heels in love with you, you know.

Sami: Wait. Now I'm confused.

Rafe: You made your point.

Sami: I did? You're gonna let him stay?

Rafe: I am not gonna say it.

Sami: So maybe you'll just say you're crazy about me?

Rafe: I am.

Sami: See? That's not so hard, right?

Rafe: Come on, come on.

Sami: [Smooching wildly]

Sami: Austin, make yourself at home. There's plenty of room. I will set you up in the guest bedroom.

Austin: No, no, no, actually, I'd rather just stay on the couch. That way, I get out of here in the morning, and you won't even know I'm here.

Sami: No! No way.

Rafe: Sami, why don't you just let him stay where he wants, all right? He's just gonna be here to crash, and he's not gonna be here that often, anyway, 'cause he's working... on the case.

Austin: But I wouldn't mind seeing the kids. Maybe read them a bedtime story.

Sami: They would love that.

Austin: Good, good. Okay, well, um, I'll have a visit and then, um, hit the showers. And thanks a lot. It really means a lot.

Sami: You could at least pretend to be happy about this.

Rafe: What? Oh, okay, I got to be filled with joy, too? It's not enough that I'm letting him stay here?

Sami: You're right. You're right. It is enough.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: And I appreciate it. And maybe with all of this, we can find a way to get past this tension between the two of you, you know? Find a way to get along?

Rafe: Well, that's not all that's bothering me, you know.

Sami: I know. I know. I'm so sorry about your job. But you have to believe that Austin didn't have anything to do with it.

Rafe: Well, then I don't know what happened.

Sami: Neither do I.

Rafe: I feel like I let you down.

Sami: What? You can't--you can't even say something like that, okay? Don't think it.

Rafe: Well, money's been tight, right? I want Sydney to be able to go to ballet class and Johnny to be able to go to his karate and...

Sami: Oh, come on. I wasn't too keen on him doing those karate chops in the house, anyway, right?

Rafe: [Scoffs] It's not just the things they're not gonna be able to do. They were proud that their dad's a cop. [Sighs] What am I gonna tell them now?

Daniel: Uh, you know what? Maybe I should just give you guys some privacy--

Abe: No, no, no, no, no. That's not gonna be necessary. Look, I-it's common knowledge that my reelection campaign's gotten more difficult since EJ decided to run. Now, EJ's already trying to undermine my campaign with this class-action lawsuit. They're using my friendship with John Black to his advantage.

Jennifer: Yeah, but voters are smart. They're gonna see right through that, Abe.

Abe: Well, that having been said, it dawns on me that EJ has Nicole doing his P.R. for him, and I need somebody to manage my P.R. for me--somebody with good contacts in the media, and I immediately thought of you.

Jennifer: Wha--what, me?

Abe: Well, Lexie and I have been talking about it. You're no longer working at the hospital, so I thought I'd give it a shot. So what do you say?

Jennifer: Oh, Abe, I'm--I'm flattered.

Abe: Then that's a yes?

Jennifer: I don't know. I-I don't know what that is. I've never worked in politics before.

Abe: Well, you covered the political beat at The Spectator for years. Say yes, Jennifer. Please, I need your help.

[EJ and Lexie laughing]

Lexie: And last Halloween, I mean, you should have seen Theo. I swear, EJ, he came back to the house with--I kid you not--it must have been 10,000 candies.

EJ: [Laughs]

Lexie: I mean, he had to have set a world record.

EJ: He takes his job very seriously.

Lexie: Oh, goodness. Sometimes it feels like that's all we have.

EJ: How do you mean?

Lexie: [Sighs] The special memories we make together as a family. [Chuckles]

EJ: It's good to see you like this, Alexandra-- so happy. You know, the truth of the matter is that the fact that Abe is able to represent himself as a family man gives him quite an advantage.

Lexie: Mm.

EJ: You know, I was, um, actually discussing the, uh, debate schedule with Nicole earlier.

Lexie: Okay, here we go.

EJ: What?

Lexie: We agreed-- no politics.

EJ: Okay, Alexandra, will you just--stop, stop, stop. My dear, I just noticed that one of the debates happens to fall on your wedding anniversary--that's it, okay? I was just gonna ask you if you would talk to Abe about rescheduling... so you can go out and celebrate.

Lexie: Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?

EJ: Look, I told you, my reasons for getting involved in this campaign are not personal. I don't want to hurt you. I want to win, but not at the expense of my relationship with you.

Lexie: Well, if you really mean that, there's one way you can prove it.

EJ: How?

Lexie: Drop out of the race.

Abe: If you have any questions... if you want to talk salary, we can--

Jennifer: Oh, no, no, it's not that. It's just, um, since I left my position at the hospital, I've been thinking about a new career. I was thinking maybe start a business or coach people for job interviews--you know, things like that.

Daniel: Which you would be terrific at--I'm just sayin'.

Jennifer: But your offer just sounds intriguing. I mean, it sounds exciting to do P.R. for a political campaign.

Abe: You know, knowing how poised and hardworking you are, I-I believe you'd be a huge, huge asset to my campaign.

Daniel: Of course she would.

Abe: So how about it? Will you come on board?

Sami: I'm sorry about what happened. It's incredibly unfair, but it's the Salem P.D.'s loss, because you are a great cop.

Rafe: Was.

Sami: But that job doesn't define who you are, right? I mean, you're not gonna let it. Remember when you left the FBI? Look what happened. It worked out great.

Rafe: Sami, I'm a detective. Yeah, that's pretty much what I've done for my whole life. There's not a lot of use for serial-killer profiling on the assembly line.

Sami: Well, you could start a detective agency. My--my uncle Bo, my aunt Hope-- they did that once.

Rafe: Really? With what money? What money? I mean, it's not like we're gonna move to Chicago, and the... job market here sucks.

Sami: Okay, okay, look at me. What if I had listened to you when you said that to me, huh? Look how it worked out for me.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah, look at you--my wife the mogul.

Sami: [Scoffs] Not really. Maybe mogul-in-training. And come on, you are twice as qualified as I am. I mean, you have so much job experience.

Rafe: All right, stop, stop. I'm gonna look on the bright side. At least we've got someone who's bringing home the bacon, right?

Sami: There's that. You don't have to worry. And, look, we don't have to tell the kids anything until you have a plan, okay? They're not gonna notice any different. They'll just think you're in between assignments and that you just have more time to be with them.

Rafe: Yeah, that's--that's the silver lining... more time with the kids.

Sami: We're family. We're gonna get through this together. We're gonna be fine.

Rafe: No, we're gonna be better than fine. You know that? We'll be better.

Sami: Yes.

Rafe: Yes.

Sami: I do know that, 'cause you know what?

Rafe: What?

Sami: It's all gonna work out.

Rafe: I love you. You are the best. I do not know what I would do without you. Probably go crazy.

Sami: Oh, really?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Well, I was hoping you could drive me a little crazy tonight.

Rafe: Oh, yeah? Mm.

Austin: Ow!

Sami: [Clears throat]

Austin: Oh, sorry.

Rafe: It's all right. We were just going to bed.

Austin: Yeah.

Sami: Oh, I could make up the sofa for you, if you want.

Austin: Oh, no, no, no, you guys go ahead. I'll take--I'll take care of it.

Sami: Okay, well, here's the remote control. Um, help yourself to anything in the kitchen. We have sodas or beer or--

Austin: Don't worry about me. You guys have done enough already, so...

Sami: Oh.

Austin: Go ahead.

Sami: Okay, so, um, good night.

Austin: Good night.

Rafe: Yeah, good night.

Austin: Sleep tight. [Sighs]

EJ: You want me to drop out of the race?

Lexie: Yes.

EJ: Well, I'm sorry, Lexie. I can't do that, no matter how much you might want me to do that, okay?

Lexie: EJ!

EJ: Would you go to anybody else that Abe was running against and just ask them to drop out, hmm? I would never ask your husband to drop out of the race. What, you think--you're afraid that he can't win on his own?

Lexie: No, of course not. Abe's been an excellent mayor.

EJ: Okay, well, if that's what people think, then he'll get a second term.

Lexie: He deserves a second term.

EJ: And he'll get one, my dear, if that's what the people think, okay? And if not, I will get my first term--that's how it works. It's fair.

Lexie: No, it's been anything but fair, EJ. You have been playing dirty since day one. Admit it!

EJ: What the hell do you mean by that?

Lexie: Wha--are you freakin' kidding me? On the night that Abe planned to announce, you crashed the party, stole the spotlight, and then you exploited his relationship with John Black.

EJ: No, no, no, no, I simply pointed out an observable fact.

Lexie: John did not steal that money.

EJ: Oh, oh, that's quite a leap of faith on your part.

Lexie: He was framed, and you know it.

EJ: Really?

Lexie: Probably by our father.

EJ: How dare you?

Lexie: With help from you, no doubt.

EJ: How dare you accuse me?

Lexie: Hey, it's more than possible that you had a hand in setting John up...

EJ: Oh, fantastic.

Lexie: Which is why your running for mayor is such a freakin' joke.

EJ: A joke?

Lexie: Yes!

EJ: Thank you. I really appreciate being able to count on the support of my sister.

Chad: Wow. And you wonder why I don't want to be part of this family.

Lexie: Sorry you had to see that.

Chad: Oh, no, no, no, I'm glad I saw it.

Lexie: Chad...

Chad: You know what? That's all you guys do. You're just constantly at each other's throats. It's exhausting.

Lexie: Okay, look, we disagree, okay? It's no big deal, all right? I mean, really, there's no excuse for arguing in public.

EJ: Alexandra is absolutely right, so... I'm sorry. Sorry. Anyway, it's--it's really good to see you, Chad.

Chad: How did this even happen, anyways-- you two hanging out? Shouldn't you guys be planning smear campaigns or something?

Lexie: Well, trust me, I'm just as shocked as you are.

Chad: Oh, I'm not shocked, just confused.

Lexie: Well, no matter how crazy this one makes me, he's still my brother. We're family. He reached out to me. And for me not to make an effort, I mean, it just--it just wouldn't feel right, you know? So, I mean, I-I feel the same way about you, you know. And so does EJ. Why don't the two of you join us?

Chad: Uh, you know, we'd love to, but we'll have to pass. We're actually just grabbing a bite to eat right now, so...

Sonny: We're gonna get back to working on our website, too. But we really appreciate the offer, though.

EJ: So I hear the website's going well.

Chad: And how would you know that?

Sonny: Well, it's not, you know, a big secret or anything.

EJ: Chad, you're my brother. I intend for you to do well, so I keep an eye on what you're doing.

Chad: Oh, yeah?

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Chad: And how far would you go to make sure I didn't fail or embarrass the DiMera name during the middle of your stupid campaign? How far, EJ?

Jennifer: Abe, thank you for thinking of me. It is really such an incredible proposition. And I just--I can't really give you an answer yet until I talk it over with some, uh--some people in my life.

Abe: Of course. Well, let me know as soon as you can, all right?

Jennifer: I promise. I won't make you wait long.

Abe: I'm gonna hold you to that, okay? Take care, Daniel. See you later. Stay there. I'll see myself out, all right?

Jennifer: Oh, Abe, thank you.

Abe: Okay.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, did that just happen?

Daniel: Yeah, I think it just did.

Jennifer: I cannot believe it--P.R. for a political campaign? It's unbelievable.

Daniel: What I can't believe is you're so surprised that he offered you the job, 'cause the way I see it, who wouldn't want to be on your team?

Austin: I just hope everything is going okay. [Sighs] I miss you like crazy, Carrie. Love you. [Sighs] Oh! Pfft.

Sami: Austin, I--oh! Oh, my God.

EJ: I am not sure I understand. I'm proud of what you've done with the website. Is--is that a problem?

Chad: Just answer the question. Have you done something to our website or not?

EJ: "Done"? Chad, the only thing I did-- well, offered to do for your website was give you the money to get it started.

Chad: Still.

EJ: If you have a problem, Chad, you can just come to me and ask me, you know that, right?

Chad: You still haven't answered the question.

EJ: Look, I only want what is best for you. That's why I keep an eye on things.

Chad: Okay, so that's a no, right?

EJ: I recognize that you have some issues with this family, Chad, but I... we hope that you will come back into the family fold.

Lexie: It would be nice for all of us to be close, Chad. That's all we want.

Chad: Let's get out of here, Sonny.

Sonny: See you guys later.

Lexie: Okay, bye.

EJ: Take care.

Lexie: [Sighs] What was that all about?

Daniel: You know, I was just thinking about our conversation-- uh, you know, the one about what you want to do with your life. Listen, um... I mean, this is a position where you're allowed to use all your strengths.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know. I mean, it feels like a good fit, right?

Daniel: Everything except the 24-7 part, yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, I know. It would be so demanding. There's no doubt about it. And Jack has always said that being in politics... I'm sorry.

Daniel: No, no, no, don't be, no, uh, what does Jack think?

Jennifer: He just said, you know, it's--it's not a way to live your life. But that was his family, you know. This is Abe. Abe understands the meaning of family. He--he gets it, you know. And Abigail--she's--she's on her own pretty much, right? And I don't know, but...

Daniel: JJ.

Jennifer: Yeah. You know, JJ talks about coming home. And if he comes home, then what does that mean? I don't want to not be here. I don't want to be so busy that I can't be here for him. I don't want to be unavailable, you know?

Daniel: No, I know. You are an amazing mom. You really are. But do you think you can juggle the family and work? I mean, I don't--

Jennifer: I think I can. I mean, I've done it before. I have. And, you know, with Jack being back, he can help. You know, he can step it up now.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: But I don't know. I mean, I've never had a job like this, and with what the kids have been through already, maybe...

Daniel: Hey... I'm here for you... for all of you.

Jennifer: You're wonderful. You are really, really wonderful.

Lexie: Why would Chad be suspicious of you?

EJ: No idea.

Lexie: Obviously something happened to his website.

EJ: It's sad, really, when you think about it. I mean, because of our family, he sees manipulation even when there isn't any.

Lexie: [Scoffs] Can you blame him?

EJ: I don't want to hurt my brother, Lexie, in the same way that I don't wish to hurt you.

Lexie: [Sighs]

EJ: Tonight wasn't so bad, was it?

Lexie: Mostly no, but EJ--

EJ: We even had a few nice moments, did we not?

Lexie: A few.

EJ: A few. Okay. I'd like to share a few more with you. Even if Abe and I are running against one another... I want you to be close to me. I need that. How about a truce?

Sami: Uh, here, here, take that.

Austin: Oh.

Sami: [Clears throat]

Austin: Sorry, I, uh... [Chuckles] spilled some water.

Sami: Oh! Uh, okay. Well, look, I'll, um--I'll clean it up, and, uh... and you can go get changed or whatever.

Austin: Yeah. Ooh! Oh!

Sami: Aah!

Jennifer: You know what? I am feeling really, really celebratory right now.

Daniel: I can see that.

Jennifer: If that's a word, "celebratory."

Daniel: [Laughs]

Jennifer: I am going to get two glasses of wine. How's that sound?

Daniel: I'll go with you.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: How does that sound?

Jennifer: It sounds great. [Giggles]

[Doorbell rings]

Daniel: Oh, it must be Abe. Why don't I get it?

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Whoo.

Jennifer: Hey, I didn't hear anyone. What is that?

Daniel: I don't know. It's a box with...

Jennifer: Oh, that's, uh... that's funny.

Daniel: It's funny? But I don't see a card.

Jennifer: No, it's definitely from Jack. On our date... I'm sorry. We agreed not to talk about that.

Daniel: No, it's okay, you know. How'd it go?

Jennifer: Um, it wasn't what I, uh--what I expected, actually. I thought that he would use our history to try to sway me... but he didn't do that. Yeah, and we went to the Brady pub, and we decorated cookies for the children at the hospital, and we brought them to them. He had met some children in Afghanistan, and it just touched his life, and he just felt like he wanted to... I'm not saying anymore. I'm sorry.

Daniel: No, keep talking, I like to watch you talk. It's okay. Look, you had a great day, obviously. It's okay.

Lexie: [Sighs] Truce. But don't make me regret this, EJ.

Sami: [Laughs] It's okay. God! My hair, ow!

Rafe: What the hell is this?

Maggie: So everything we need to know is in that computer. You did find something?

Hope: I did.

Maggie: Nothing is gonna stand in my way from finding my child!

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