Days Transcript Thursday 10/6/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/6/11


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Austin: Carrie, I just want you to be prepared.

Carrie: Prepared for what, to see John go to prison for something he never would have done?

Austin: I've seen the evidence, you haven't.

Carrie: What are you trying to say?

Austin: I'm just trying to tell you what I told you before. The state has a very strong case against John.

Carrie: Oh, my God, Austin, you really think John is guilty, don't you?

Abe: You know, this space is perfect for campaign headquarters. It's right in the middle of the square.

Lexie: Mm-hmm. You'll be in the middle of everything, accessible to the people

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, I tell you, this parental space seemed extravagant when I was running unopposed, but now, uh...

Lexie: Honey, I'm sorry.

Abe: EJ wants to announce for mayor, he picked the perfect time.

Lexie: Yeah. And upstaged my husband.

Abe: It was smart.

Lexie: It was dirty. And since we're talking about my family, I'm afraid it's only the beginning.

EJ: It's EJ DiMera for Patrick, please. Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Hey. Harold let me in.

EJ: Have you seen this article in the Salem Spectator? Have you seen that?

Nicole: Yep, I have.

EJ: I thought that was a good newspaper, not some partisan rag. I'm gonna sue those guys.

Nicole: Well, I think John Black has more problems to worry about.

EJ: I'm not talking about the article about John Black. I'm talking about the article about me. That part.

Nicole: Oh, you don't like being called nefarious and pompous?

EJ: Nicole, what are we gonna do about this?

Nicole: I'm sorry, "we"?

EJ: We! We! I need a campaign publicist, and I need one now. Did you make up your mind?

Nicole: Yeah, I made up my mind.

EJ: Good. Yes. One second. Nicole, for the love of God, will you just tell me? Are you going to help me or not?

Carrie: I cannot believe you. How could you think that John could be guilty?

Austin: I didn't say that I thought that.

Carrie: You keep saying that the evidence...

Austin: Makes him look guilty. Do you understand? There's a big difference, Carrie.

Carrie: Don't get all clinical on me. John is like my dad. He practically raised me, Austin.

Austin: I know.

Carrie: I don't want your opinion as a forensic accountant. I want your personal opinion as my husband.

Hope: Hey, guys.

Carrie: Hi.

Austin: Hi.

Carrie: The arraignment's over already?

Hope: Yeah, John and Marlena are on their way back from the courthouse as we speak.

Austin: How did it go?

Carrie: I can't believe John didn't want any of us there.

Bo: Yeah, well, it was a madhouse out there. He was right to keep friends and family away.

Hope: Yeah, it was pretty ugly. My God, half of Salem was there screaming at John, blaming him for their pensions and savings being gone.

Bo: We tried to shelter him from most of it, but there's only so much you can do.

[Angry mob shouting outside]

Roman: All right, go, go, go! Get back! Get back!

Hope: God, what the hell happened?

Roman: Somebody threw an egg at him.

John: Just wanted to have breakfast with me.

Carrie: John, didn't the judge set bail? How soon can we take you home?

Nicole: Before I give you my answer, I need to make sure you're clear on a few ground rules here, okay? This is not an arrangement. If I work for you and you win the election, I am your employee, okay? No fringe benefits.

EJ: You really think you're all that, don't you?

Nicole: You used to think so, EJ, at one time.

EJ: Yeah, well, not anymore. Hey, EJ DiMera...

Nicole: Good, then we're cl-- are we clear? Hello?

EJ: Yes! We're clear. We have a deal?

Nicole: Yes.

EJ: Go ahead.

Nicole: Here's what I need, though, EJ. I need at least a six-figure salary, closer to seven.

EJ: Sure, no problem.

Nicole: Benefits.

EJ: Benefits. Got it. Yes...

Nicole: Maybe a private jet with a Jacuzzi in it at my disposal.

EJ: Know your limits.

Nicole: Know yours.

EJ: You know, Barry, let me call you back in two minutes. We have a deal, right?

Nicole: I just said yes. What do we do now?

EJ: We do what all good businesspeople do when they have a deal--we shake on it.

Nicole: Is that binding?

EJ: Like a steel trap.

Marlena: The judge set bail

John: I can't make it.

Carrie: What do you mean?

John: All of our assets have been frozen. We can't post bail.

Roman: John has to stay here in police custody.

Carrie: How could this be happening, and what is this?

Marlena: John was attacked here last night.

Carrie: Attacked?

Austin: John, are you okay?

John: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Carrie: Well, who did this to him?

Bo: Inmates. And the guards let it happen.

Carrie: What?

Roman: They're blaming John for the loss of their pensions. Or at least some of them. The ones responsible have been severely disciplined, but uh...

Carrie: But you can't guarantee his safety, correct?

Roman: We're doing everything we can, Carrie. We're not gonna stand by and let John get hurt, believe me.

Carrie: Well, we have to come up with another plan, then. Some other way to get you released, John.

Marlena: We've already talked to John's attorneys.

Bo: We'll figure something out.

John: Carrie, so your dad and Bo and Hope, they've already got the FBI to agree to let me stay here instead of federal custody. Everybody's doing their best.

[Cell phone ringing]

Roman: Okay, it's Abe.

Hope: John, I'm just so sorry that it's come to this. You've done so much over the years for so many people of this city.

John: Hey, people think I've stolen their money. Billions of it. They're angry. They're gotta blame somebody.

Carrie: But they're blaming the wrong man.

John: And I'm gonna prove that. And once I do, I'm gonna get all their money back, and yours.

Bo: We're not worried about it.

Marlena: You're such a good and honest man. I will not rest until the whole town knows that.

Abe: Well, they granted John bail, but his assets are frozen. He can't pay it.

Lexie: [Sighs] That's horrible. You think we should go see him and Marlena?

Abe: I asked Roman that, and he says now's not the time. He's afraid that if word gets out that I want to support John, it would hurt the campaign.

Lexie: Yeah, well, he's got a point.

Abe: I'm not gonna pretend that John isn't my friend.

Lexie: I know.

Abe: I-I just hate this, Lex.

Lexie: Me too. What do you think's going on?

Abe: I have no idea. But I know John's innocent. I just have to prove it.

Nicole: We have a lot of work to do.

EJ: Wonderful. That's the spirit.

Nicole: Yeah, you're gonna--

EJ: Coffee?

Nicole: Yes, I'll have coffee. And you're gonna need a lot more than spirit to rehabilitate your image.

EJ: Well, that's why I hired you.

Nicole: You do realize you're a scandal magnet, right?

EJ: Uh-huh. I'm a politician, sweetheart. We all are.

Nicole: [Chuckles] God, EJ, you've been a politician for, like, five and a half minutes. Seriously, we have to give you a new persona.

EJ: Attitude, right? That's what it's about. Attitude is everything.

Nicole: Yeah. Speaking of which, you better not give me any, okay? You have to follow-- you have to follow the rules, EJ. I know that is not your best event.

EJ: Okay, if you've finished talking, do you want to give me some concrete ideas, please?

Nicole: I have concrete ideas.

EJ: Good.

Nicole: Okay, we're gonna play to your strengths. You are extremely successful financially, and this town is in a fiscal catastrophe. So lucky for you, we will try to portray you as the best hope for that.

EJ: I like it.

Nicole: Good. Because Abe Carter has already cornered the market of family values, et cetera, et cetera, and so forth.

EJ: Uh-huh. That and the fact that we need to exploit that he is an incredibly dull individual.

Nicole: That he is. But you know, I think people will actually connect with your style and excitement. And somehow we will continue to try to humanize you.


Nicole: Yeah.

EJ: Somehow?

Nicole: Well, EJ, you don't have custody of your kids.

EJ: [Sighs]

Nicole: I know you miss them. I do too.

EJ: You were always wonderful around both of them.

Nicole: I know you want them to be proud of you.

EJ: It's the reason I'm doing this.

Nicole: I know.

EJ: Look... I talk a big game. None of what I say really matters if I don't have the love and the respect of my children. I want them to be proud of who I am. I want them to be proud of where they come from. You know?

Nicole: I do want that for you, and for Johnny and Sydney. And I will help you make that happen. I promise.

Nicole: Okay, I think we need to do a lot more work and a lot less talking.

EJ: Yeah.

Nicole: Okay, since the prevailing opinion in Salem is that you're corrupt-- which, how could it not be? I think we need to show your philanthropic side.

EJ: What? What are you gonna do, make me the next Robin Hood?

Nicole: No, he's not clean enough. Look, EJ, remember, you're running against Abe Carver. We need to turn you into a virtual saint.

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: "Virtual" being the operative word here. Okay?

EJ: Mm-hmm. Okay, so how do you suggest we do that?

Nicole: I think you need to throw a fundraiser... for a very...worthy... unimpeachable cause that is near and dear to your nonexistent heart.

EJ: Mm-hmm. I like it.

Nicole: Good.

EJ: Vet something for me, will you?

Nicole: I will.

EJ: Great. Oh, gosh, you know, I'm feeling a little bit claustrophobic in here. Why don't we go and grab a little bit of lunch?

Nicole: What? I just got here. We have a lot of work to do.

EJ: Well, we'll make it a working lunch then, won't we?

Nicole: What--but-- mmm. Fine, EJ. But this is a working lunch. Nothing else. Nothing.

EJ: Oh, Nicole, for the last time, I do not want to have sex with you in the Brady Pub! All right? I get it. It was the bottom line for you accepting your job, and it's the bottom line for me maintaining my sanity. Come on, let's go. Would you grab your...

Lexie: Honey, you know you didn't have to buy me a new dress. Although I must say I'm touched that you did.

Abe: Well, you look beautiful in it.

Lexie: Aw, thank you, sweetheart. I like this. Buying something new, and not having to wonder about how it'll look under my lab coat. [Chuckles]

Abe: Are you okay with cutting back on your hours at the hospital?

Lexie: Honey, for the 100th time, yes, okay? I want to support you during your campaign. Especially now.

Abe: Lex, look, I know you're angry with EJ, but... he is your brother.

Lexie: Yeah, well, he's on the fast track to being disowned. But let's not talk about him, okay? I'm having too much fun to-- [Scoffs] I can't-- I can't believe this. I can't take this! God, I real--unh! Ugh!

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: In a day full of bad news, I think I finally just got the opposite.

Bo: Well, lay it on me. I could use a shot of good.

Hope: Well, I think I'm a lot closer to figuring out what Gran's secret bank account was all about.

Bo: Oh, yeah, what happened?

Hope: Well, I finally got someone at the bank overseas to at least give me the name of the broker who's handling the account here in Salem.

Bo: Yeah, how'd you manage that?

Hope: How many years have you been married to me?

Bo: Right. You didn't leave 'em alone. You kept hammering away at 'em.

Hope: Exactly. And it worked. Although, you know what, I have to say I think it's a little weird-- a lot weird that I didn't even know about this person when I was talking to the lawyers about Gran's will.

Bo: Yeah, you were the executor. You should have been told.

Hope: I'm gonna call now.

Bo: Uh, before you do that, can I just say one little thing?

Hope: Yeah, sure. What?

Bo: You sure you want to hear what this person has to say about your grandma's account?

Hope: What? Yeah. Brady, of course, I do. Why would you ask me that?

Bo: Well, Mrs. H obviously went to an awful lot of trouble to keep this account a secret. So she probably had a very, very good reason for doing that.

Carrie: Okay, so I'm here. What do you want to talk about?

Austin: I want us to be on the same page.

Carrie: [Sighs] I feel horrible for John. He's not guilty, but he's being attacked by strangers on the street. I can't be on the same page with you, Austin, if you don't believe in him. He needs everyone rallying around him right now. Everyone.

Austin: No, no, no, I want to clear the air with us. I don't want to talk about what's true or isn't true about John right now.

Carrie: I can't have an us talk in the middle of all this, Austin.

Austin: Why not?

Carrie: Because the more I hear you talk, the angrier I get. You've already made up your mind because some numbers in a column don't add up. You've already made up your mind that John is guilty.

Austin: That just isn't true, Carrie. In all honesty... I'm torn.

Carrie: You see, that's the problem. You shouldn't be. You know John. In high school, I cheated on a Chemistry quiz once-- it was worth ten points-- and he grounded me for a month.

Austin: You cheated on a quiz?

Carrie: Austin, I'm serious.

Austin: Carrie, I know you're serious.

Carrie: My point is John is the most honest person I've ever known.

Austin: And you are the most honest person I know.

Carrie: Okay. So much of what I am and who I am is because of him.

Austin: Sweetheart, if you'd seen what I've seen, you would feel just as torn as I do right now.

Carrie: No.

Austin: Yes.

Carrie: No, you're wrong. I would know that it was a mistake or a setup or something. Anything that would explain the evidence. That's how much I believe in John. And I know him probably better than I know practically anyone. I believe in him, Austin, and it kills me that you don't.

Austin: I--I-- I just don't know what-- I don't know what to tell you, Carrie, I don't.

Carrie: Tell me what you're going to say in your SEC report. Oh, my God. You're gonna say John's guilty, aren't you?

Roman: All right, John, you will have this jail cell all to yourself as long as we have to keep you here. If and when we have to move you to the general population, I will make sure you have a private guard by your side at all times.

Marlena: Will that be enough to keep him safe?

Roman: I'll make sure it is. Now, Marlena, you can stay down here as long as you want to.

Marlena: Thank you.

Roman: John, hang in there. The minute I hear anything, I'll come down myself and let you know.

John: Thank you.

Roman: Marlena?

Marlena: Yeah.

John: It's okay.

Roman: John, I am so sorry about this. I really am.

John: [Groans] [Breathing erratically]

Marlena: I hate this.

John: It's all right. We're gonna figure this out. Just hang in there with me. By God I'm gonna need you! Hang in there.

Marlena: I'm right here. I'm right here. Right here.

Lexie: I'm sorry I lost it before.

Abe: Well, if that's losing it, I think you're okay.

Lexie: Uhh, I just let it get to me when I saw that campaign poster of EJ, you know? I can't do that. I need in control. I have to remind myself there is no way this town is going to elect a DiMera.

Abe: I'm inclined to agree with you, but we do have to take his run seriously.

Lexie: [Scoffs] I'm sorry my family's such a liability.

Abe: You know, family involves you... and I don't know what I'd do without you.

Lexie: Well, you don't have to worry about that because I'm not going anywhere.

Abe: But we do have to focus on running a good, smart, clean campaign--

EJ: Afternoon. Abraham, Lexie. Lovely to see you both. How are things going on this fine day?

Hope: Bo, I've thought about this a lot, and the answer is yes, I do-- I want to know the answers. More for Gran than for myself.

Bo: What do you mean?

Hope: Well, I-- I think that I found those statements for a reason. Okay, just hear me out. Don't think I'm nuts, all right, but I feel like Gran's guiding me to the answers because she wants me to know, she needs me to know this.

Bo: Okay, if she needed you to know, why didn't she tell you when she was alive?

Hope: Well, maybe it's like we were speculating. Maybe she had no choice while she was alive. Maybe someone really was blackmailing her.

Bo: Or maybe the threat was against someone she cared about, and she didn't feel like she had a choice.

Hope: Well, if that's true... if someone made her feel threatened, took her money, caused her to live in fear for even one second, so help me God, I will find that person and make them pay. I'm getting to the bottom of this.

Austin: You know what, I can't even believe that you would ask me that, Carrie. I mean, you know damn well that I can't tell you what I'm gonna disclose in my SEC report.

Carrie: This is making me crazy.

Austin: Yeah, I know you're upset. And I can't tell you how upset that's making me.

Carrie: How did this happen? We're on completely opposite sides here.

Austin: We're not on opposite sides. We're not on opposite sides ever. I promised to love, honor, and respect you until the day I die. Your family is my family. That hasn't changed. That'll never change.

Carrie: God, I don't want it to, Austin.

Austin: We've been married almost five years, Carrie. When we talked about coming home, I couldn't stop thinking about how special it would be to celebrate our anniversary here. I mean, the place that we met, the place that we fell in love, the place that we were married.

Carrie: Me too.

Austin: I keep thinking about the day that we left... all the plans we had.

Carrie: Oh, yeah. We were gonna be corporate moguls. And what, we would have two or three kids by now. Life kinda got in the way, didn't it?

Austin: Life kinda got in the way, but in the best of ways. I mean, come on, we've had Rome, we've had Paris. We had a week in that chalet in... where was that?

Carrie: I don't remember.

Austin: What the hell was the name of that town?

Carrie: I don't know. I don't know, but we didn't see much of it, did we?

Austin: No, we didn't. And then, look, we went back to school, we figured out what we wanted to do with our lives. And I've gotta say, I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out.

Carrie: Me too. Aside from all the 90-hour work weeks. [Sighs] Thank you for supporting my going back to school. For everything.

Austin: And as for having kids, I was kind of looking forward to working on that while we were here.

Carrie: Hmm. I was thinking the same thing. That would be a nice anniversary present, wouldn't it? But I don't want our kids to grow up without their grandparents. And if John's in jail...

Austin: I know.

Carrie: I'm sorry.

Austin: You're sorry? You're sorry for what?

Carrie: I feel like my family is always coming between us.

Austin: What did I just tell you?

Carrie: My family's your family.

Austin: That's right. And it's not like mine is so perfect. I mean, lucky you. Your in-laws are Kate and Stefano DiMera.

Carrie: I don't care. I hate fighting with you.

Austin: Then let's not fight. Okay?

Carrie: Okay. We come first. We always come first. I know that.

Austin: All right. And I don't care how crazy things have been since we've been back. I mean, all the familiar faces.

Carrie: Mm-hmm.

Carrie: Buddy's Burger Palace and Salem Place. Only this time I'm looking through the eyes of a married man. The luckiest married person on the planet.

Carrie: Nope, that would be me.

Austin: Yeah?

Carrie: Mm-hmm.

Austin: You wanna fight with me about that?

Carrie: Put 'em up.

Austin: Come here. I feel closer to you than I ever have, Carrie, and I didn't even think that that was possible. I'm so in love with you.

Carrie: I love you too.

Austin: Come here.

John: So how's Sami?

Marlena: She was insisting upon coming over. I said she had to lay low for a while.

John: That's good. I think the entire family should keep their distance from me while I'm in here.

Marlena: I know you feel that way, I just wish things were different. By the way, no sign of Brady.

John: That's good too.

Marlena: It's good? John, he could post bail for you.

John: Absolutely not. Anybody who helps me will have to deal with the entire wrath of the town. I'm not gonna do that to Brady. He's got enough problems right now just being my son. So promise me-- Doc, you promise me that you will not include him.

Marlena: Okay, I promise. I wish this nightmare were over.

John: I'm sorry for all this.

Marlena: Maybe we shouldn't have come here at all.

John: No, I need to face this head-on. I can't prove I'm innocent from a chalet in Gstaad.

Marlena: I know, but we could have been all alone, away from this craziness.

John: Come on, Doc, stop it. You didn't want to run from this any more than I did.

Marlena: I know.

John: So we've just gotta prove that I'm innocent, and then we will move on with our lives.

Marlena: I wish we could retrace what happened. Try to figure out where the FBI is getting this so-called evidence against you.

John: I would give almost anything to know that myself.

Hope: Uh, that was Gran's financial advisor. The name's Chauffman. He agreed to meet with me this afternoon.

Bo: Oh, cool. I'll come with you.

Hope: Really?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I was hoping you'd say that. Okay, his office is close by, so we won't have to leave the station for long.

Bo: Yeah. With luck, he'll have some answers for us.

Hope: I hope so.

Bo: Yeah. Oh...

Hope: Hi.

Carrie: Hi.

Hope: Everything okay?

Austin: Yeah.

Hope: You look better. You're smiling.

Austin: Yeah, we're good. I'm good. I keep trying to reach John's lawyers, and no one ever seems to be free to take my calls.

Bo: Hey, Roman. What's up?

Roman: I have some bad news.

Lexie: Oh--uh-- you know what, you're just the man I wanted to give a piece of my mind to.

EJ: Lexie, please, come on. You gave me a piece of your mind last night. If I could just say one thing... I would like this campaign to be conducted with some civility and some respect. Okay? So may the best man win.

Lexie: Oh, he will.

EJ: Well, we'll let the voters decide, you know? That is how it works, right? And, Abraham, I thought you'd appreciate a little bit of good competition. Maybe you can explain to your wife exactly how this whole system irons it's way out.

Abe: No, Lexie's never needed me to explain anything to her. And no one could explain your behavior.

EJ: You're taking this personally. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I--I'm-- this is just politics.

Lexie: I want to talk to you in private.

Nicole: Okay, okay. Um, as your publicist, I really...

Lexie: Wait, your what? Your what?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Yep.

Lexie: She's working for you?

EJ: Yeah.

Nicole: We actually just sealed the deal. A pretty sweet one.

Lexie: Okay, okay, okay, she was just blackmailing you a couple months ago, and now she's on your payroll?

EJ: I have to tell you, Lexie, honestly, I highly recommend her, and she is fantastic. If I didn't, then you should have, but--

Lexie: Okay, okay. You, outside, now!

Nicole: Seriously, I really don't think that's right--

Lexie: Nicole, I don't give a damn what you think!

Abe: Lex, it's okay. It's okay.

EJ: It's fine. We can...

Lexie: Outside.

EJ: Absolutely.

Marlena: John, it doesn't make any sense. The FBI, the SEC think they have proof? From where? Proof of what? You never did the things you've been accused of doing.

John: Well, someone worked very hard to make me look like it.

Marlena: But you never touched the money in those funds. You wouldn't do such a thing.

John: Well, someone or... lots of someones think otherwise.

Marlena: John, you were working 24/7 just to get back on your feet. You were never doing business with-- I'm sorry. I'm just so upset that you're being...held here under false pretenses. And that anybody would ever believe that you would swindle from innocent people.

John: I think you just hit the nail on the head, Doc.

Marlena: What do you mean?

John: I was so focused on my recovery, I stopped paying attention to my company.

Marlena: Are you about to blame yourself?

John: It's my company.

Marlena: Stop that. I won't hear of it. I won't have you talking like that. You never could have seen this coming.

John: What I'm saying is that if--perha-- maybe I could have stopped what was going on if I had been paying a bit more attention to my company.

Marlena: No. You know what I don't get? We know that this kind of thing happens. But where in the world does all that money go?

[Door shuts]

Roman: I told you I would let you know as soon as I heard anything new about your case.

Marlena: All right.

John: My lawyers arrange bail after all?

Roman: Your lawyers quit, John.

EJ: Lexie, I understand that you're angry.

Lexie: Oh, this goes way past anger, EJ.

EJ: I understand that you're shocked, but you have to understand that from my-

Lexie: You hurt me. What, this is the first time you've even considered that possibility? You were so busy enjoying the moment that you didn't notice? Or maybe you just don't care.

EJ: Of course, I care.

Lexie: When everyone turned against you-- when our own father couldn't even look at you-- I stood by you. And this is how you repay me. You knew this would hurt me, EJ, and you did it anyway. You know, if you-- if you wanted to run for mayor-- if you were even thinking about it, you should have come to me first out of obligation. Out of loyalty to family. But you know what, you just love the drama, don't you? You love the spectacle. Your arrogance supercedes everything.

EJ: Lexie, I did this for family. I did this to give some meaning to the DiMera name. To be somebody who my children could read about in the newspaper doing good things, gaining respect.

Lexie: EJ, even if that's true-- especially if that's true-- you went about getting there in the most underhanded way possible. And when Johnny and Sydney are old enough to understand, this little grandstand play of yours will backfire.

EJ: Lexie, I'm sorry if the way in which I engaged the situation offended either you or Abraham.

Lexie: No, it's not just about me and Abe. What about your nephew? What about Theo? Hmm?

EJ: Look...

Lexie: No, you--you--you-- you're so focused on making a name for yourself, you know, to help out your kids. But what about my kid, EJ? You're doing this for family? We're family, damn it! Or, like I said, maybe you just don't care.

EJ: That's just not true. Of course, I care.

Lexie: If you-- if you hurt Abe or Theo again, I will never forgive you. I don't know if I can now, EJ, but you will be out of my life. Do you understand?

EJ: Yeah.

Lexie: You know what hurts me the most? I was so happy when I found out I had a brother. When I really thought you and I had something special, EJ. You know, I mean, when the rest of our family can go years without talking to each other, you and I seem to always be there for each other. And no matter how many people you hurt or betrayed, I never-- I never for a second thought that you would turn on me. It breaks my heart that you did.

Marlena: Do you mean that John's entire legal team has quit the case? Why?

Roman: All I know so far is they asked to be removed, and the judge agreed.

John: Without talking to me first?

Marlena: That's outrageous!

Roman: It is.

Marlena: What are we going to do?  

Hope: I don't get it. I don't understand what the hell John's lawyers are doing.

Bo: Defense attorneys get nervous when public opinion is in play. Or maybe they got pressure from their partners.

Carrie: Yeah, but John's legal team has been with him for years. It's awful that they would just walk out on him like this.

Hope: He's got a lot at stake here. All right, so what's the plan? What's the plan?

Bo: We could help him get new counsel.

Austin: And we're gonna have to do that fast. After what happened to him in jail last night, John can't stay here.

Nicole: So... I guess that went well.

EJ: You know, it really pains me to see my sister so angry with me.

Nicole: Enough to reconsider your run for mayor?

EJ: No. No, I knew what I was getting into. I'm going to be the next mayor of Salem, Nicole. Nobody's gonna stop me.

Nicole: Okay, so I worked out your interview with the radio station. I really want to get you on camera, though, because I think that-- hi.

EJ: Uh, hey.

Nicole: Did you hear me?

EJ: Yeah.

Nicole: Let me try that again. Did you hear me? What are you thinking about?

EJ: Nothing.

Nicole: Nothing. Really?

EJ: Nothing. Just... what were you saying?

Nicole: Why don't you try that again, EJ, okay?

EJ: Okay, no-- Nicole, would you just please-- oh, come on. Nicole, we're in a public place. Put your laptop back on the table and we're fine. Okay?

Nicole: What are you thinking about?

EJ: I was thinking about fundraising ideas. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay... all right, I was thinking about John Black.

Nicole: What? That certainly wasn't the answer I was expecting.

EJ: Well, I think that he could be a very important part of this campaign.

Nicole: I--I'm confused.

EJ: John Black doesn't know it yet, but he's going to help me win this election.

Bo: I'll make sure John is safe while he's in custody. We will not have a repeat of last night.

Austin: Our best bet is to get him out of here ASAP. I just-- I don't know how to do it.

Carrie: I do.

John: Well, I'll just have to hire a new legal team. Better ones this time.

Marlena: How in the world did this thing happen?

Roman: I don't know. It was quick. Both the request and the approval. Fast. Out of nowhere.

John: Too fast.

Roman: What are you thinking?

John: Someone's pulling the strings.

Marlena: Someone powerful enough to do it.

John: DiMera. It has to be. Stefano's gotta be behind all of this.

Marlena: You need a new attorney.

Carrie: You're looking at her.

John: Carrie?

Carrie: Just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse.

John: It's too dangerous.

Carrie: I know what I'm doing, John.  

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