Days Transcript Wednesday 10/5/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/5/11


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Victor: Well, Kate, I see you've met our old friend Madison James.

Kate: Old friend? So what's that supposed to mean, Victor? What are you doing here? What are you talking to them about? And what the hell are you doing with files and folders...

Victor: Kate, Kate, Kate, are you okay? That little vein in your temple is throbbing the way it does when you get really, really mad. Kate and I go way back. Actually she's one of my favorite ex-wives.

Brady: That bar is really low, though.

Victor: I think the sixth time is going to prove to be the charm.

Kate: So I see... Victor was the one who invited you to the party?

Madison: Oh, yeah. That was really fun, wasn't it? It was a great party, and... this is a beautiful venue. I think it's going wonderfully, the renovation. It's gonna be a very, very hot venue.

Victor: Madison is in the cosmetic business. Didn't you used to do something like that when you were young?

Kate: I do it now. Present tense. And you know that very well. She's my direct competition.

Madison: Oh, Victor, I hope this isn't gonna be awkward for you. You know, Victor and Brady are my new business partners.

Melanie: You don't look good, Dad.

Daniel: Ah, thank you, honey. You're a real pick-me-up.

Melanie: Sorry. Is this about Jack?

Daniel: Yeah. I couldn't stand him before I met him, but now... he's an idiot.

Melanie: I know. Please don't let him get to you. Okay? I mean, not like this.

Abigail: Why didn't he tell me any of this when he saw me?

Jennifer: Sweetie, in fairness, I think we let him know that we weren't interested in what he was saying. And then I think he felt like he needed to speak to me first. Okay?

Abigail: Right. After diving into the cake to break the ice.

Jennifer: Abigail, please.

Abigail: You know what I was just thinking, Mom? A normal person-- a normal person would have said they were coming, would have called first. But that's just it--he's not normal.

Jennifer: Okay, what you need to do right now is just calm down so I can talk to you.

Abigail: ...This crazy story about being held hostage in Afghanistan.

Jennifer: I don't believe that it is just a story-- I don't.

Abigail: No, you believe him. Of course. Because it's just so freaking plausible.

Jennifer: No, I believe him. I believe him because in this past year, underneath everything, I do not believe that he would voluntarily want to hurt you and your brother. I know that.

Abigail: Right.

Jennifer: I know that he would never turn his back on you. He loves the two of you, I know that.

Abigail: No, Mom, it's the same old thing. And right when we finally get our lives back together... when you finally find a man who can make you really happy? Oh, here he is. There's Dad, he's back.

Jennifer: Look, I, uh... I know. I know this is so much for you to take in.

Abigail: Maybe this time, Mom, maybe it's too much.

Jennifer: Look at me. I had a hard time believing it at first too. I did.

Abigail: Okay Mom, even if this is true...he went undercover in Afghanistan to infiltrate a drug ring. He thought that would work out just fine. He'd go to Afghanistan, get his story, prance on in the front door--"Hi, honey, I'm home." He took a huge risk and didn't tell you. Mom, you had the right to know.

Jennifer: I know that. I do.

Abigail: I don't ever even want to see him again.

Jennifer: That's not fair. That is not fair. You need to give your father a chance. You need to hear him out.

Abigail: What are you saying, Mom? That you're actually gonna forgive him for this?

Jack: I sure hope so.

Sami: There must be something wrong with my phone. It's not working.

Will: Is that why it rang when you had me call it a minute ago?

Rafe: Sami, they said they were gonna call you today. Still a lot of today left.

Sami: I just think they're thinking of a nice way to tell me that I didn't get the job.

Rafe: Or maybe-- maybe they're redecorating the corner office, getting it ready for you. Listen, why don't you just enjoy this free time while you still have it, okay?

Gabi: Will, this is such a cool interview. I mean, he's a terrific quarterback, but he's not much of a talker. You really got him to open up.

Will: We got him to open up. He couldn't take his eyes off of Gabi.

Sami: Ooh, he's cute.

Rafe: Hey!

Sami: I'm just saying. It looks like a really insightful and informative interview. Great-looking web site you got there.

Will: Uh, thanks. You know, you wouldn't believe how many hits we've gotten already. I mean, not just from the university, but from all over.

Sami: Cool.

[Alarm buzzes]

Will: Oh, sorry.

Sami: No, no, no. It's about John. He's being arraigned today.

Will: Shouldn't we be there?

Kate: Wow. Obviously, Victor, your personal vindication has trumped your business sense. I guess you didn't get over me leaving you for Stefano.

Victor: Actually, my dear, I was over that before you finished packing your suitcase. And as far as Madison opening a shop here in Horton Square, I don't see how that can be anything but a good idea.

Kate: Because it was my idea. Because I came to you in good faith with my plans, my visions, and my dreams...

Brady: Granddad, are you okay--you don't look so good.

Victor: She said "good faith." Kate Roberts said "good faith" like she really meant it. Oh--oh, this is gonna be fun.

Kate: There's nothing funny about this. Do you remember when your grandson stuffed a live woman into a sarcophagus, and I stood by you?

Madison: You did?

Brady: Yes, I did.

Madison: I like it here.

Victor: You didn't stand by me, you blackmailed me!

Kate: No. No, we had a deal, and I lived up to it. And now, if I find out you have shared even one iota of my business plan with her, I will sue you so quickly. You will be in court so fast, your decrepit Greek head will spin.

Madison: Kate, Kate. I will not use any of your ideas. I want to make money.

Victor: And just to keep the record straight, our deal with Miss James was well in the works before we met with you.

Kate: No. No, it wasn't. You met with me so you could steal my business plan and my product ideas and you could bail out her crappy ideas with my plans.

Brady: Actually, Kate, we took that meeting with you because we wanted to give you a second chance. You see, we are business people, just like you are.

Victor: Yeah, actually, we're successful business people.

Brady: Sorry. Correction-- we're successful business people, and we wanted to give ourselves the best opportunity as well.

Madison: And while it was just a preliminary meeting, I think I've proven quite clearly that I'm gonna kick your little butt right out of the square.

Kate: No, you're not. And you're not gonna look so smug and self-congratulatory when I sue your asses and win!

Sami: Hey, Will, it means a lot to me that you want to be at the arraignment.

Will: Okay. Um... grandma Marlena should know, though, that we have her back and John's.

Sami: Yeah, you're right. I understand that. But she's actually the one who doesn't want us to go. She called me. She said it's a really volatile situation, and she doesn't want the whole family, the kids exposed to the press and stuff.

Rafe: We don't want the whole family to be dragged into this.

Will: Well, I don't want anyone to think that we don't believe in them, or that we're staying away because--

Sami: Of course not. Of course not. My mom and John, they both know that we believe in them and that we're on their side. Hey, look, okay... you can send your grandma a text. It'll make her feel like you're right there with her.

Will: Hmm. No, it won't. But okay.

Sami: Glad the arraignment's today.

Rafe: Why?

Sami: Well, Stefano held John prisoner for a long time, and he's a little bit claustrophobic from it. I'm sure that jail was like being in hell.

Rafe: Well, if it makes you feel any better, he didn't seem that way when I checked on him earlier.

Sami: Well, thank you for checking on him. But of course, he didn't give it away. He's just like you. He keeps his feelings close to the vest. Rafe, why is this happening?

Melanie: Look, I know you're upset that Abigail's dad is back in town, but drinking isn't really the answer.

Daniel: Honey, I wasn't drinking.

Melanie: No?

Daniel: No. The strongest thing I had last night was, ugh, sprinkles on a banana split.

Melanie: Then why do you look like that?

Daniel: Okay, whenever you want to stop saying things like that would be good.

Melanie: Sorry. I'm sorry.

Daniel: Thank you. No, baby, I'm just tired. I mean, last night I went to the police station. Hope wanted me to check on John Black.

Melanie: You didn't go to bed?

Daniel: No, I did not. Didn't go to bed, didn't sleep. I just... see, I asked Jennifer if she would move in with me.

Melanie: What did she say?

Daniel: Well, she was a little distracted by her husband's nosedive into a seven-layer cake.

Melanie: Yeah. Sure. Seems like this Jack guy hasn't really made a very good first impression.

Daniel: It's not how he arrived, but he's back. And it changes everything.

Melanie: No. No, it doesn't.

Daniel: It does. It does.

Melanie: No, it doesn't. No, Dad, it doesn't change the way you feel about her.

Jack: The door was unlocked.

Abigail: As if that would have stopped you.

Jennifer: You should have told her you were there--

Jack: [Laughs] You're right, I...should have told you I was there.

Abigail: So you shaved. Is this you trying to clean up your act, Daddy?

Jack: Your mother told me she didn't like it.

Abigail: No, I don't think she liked you going to Afghanistan too much either. But that didn't stop you. Is that why you didn't tell her? Because you always do what she wants, right? Her wish is your command? She doesn't like the beard-- poof! It's gone.

Jennifer: Abigail, please.

Abigail: But now, walking out on your family to risk your life in a war zone? God, now, that might not exactly thrill her. So what do you do? Just don't tell her. Right, Daddy? Problem solved.

Jack: I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Abigail: Do you know how sick and tired I am of hearing you say that stuff to me?

Jack: What stuff?

Abigail: You don't care about anyone but yourself. You don't give a damn about us. Any of us.

Victor: You're gonna sue us? How fun! And what's your case going to be? "They were mean to me? They liked another girl better than me"?

Brady: Translation, Kate: You got no case.

Madison: But you could actually make yourself look really bad and like you're afraid the competition.

Kate: Wow, you three are really having the time of your lives, aren't you? It's nice. But let me tell you a little something that I've learned in life.

Madison: Oh, can't wait to hear this.

Kate: Yeah. It's really, really easy to talk a good game. And these two--they'd mistake cleavage for a little business plan. So go ahead, bat your eyes, wiggle your butt. Keep talkin' big.

Madison: Why? Because it worked so well for you? Actually, Kate, I have a business plan and a proven track record--that is why Victor and Brady hired me. And so you should just pack up your little pity party and be on your merry little way.

Kate: Mm, no. No. I'm not gonna be going anywhere. And in a couple of months, we'll find out who throws whom out of the square.

Melanie: All right, look, the important thing is for you to stay strong, you know? Stay in there with Jennifer and...stopping looking, you know, like that.

Daniel: Like this? You are such a comfort to me. Thank you.

Maggie: Oh, I thought I saw you two in here.

Melanie: Hi, Maggie.

Maggie: Hello.

Daniel: Hey.

Maggie: How's it going?

Daniel: It's going.

Maggie: I heard that Jack has come back. I'm sure that's not something you wanted to have happen.

Daniel: Not my call.

Maggie: That is so like Jack to just pop up like that. Simply can't imagine what Jennifer and Abigail are going through.

Melanie: Well, I saw Abigail last night. She's not doing very good.

Maggie: Poor Abigail. How does Jack...possibly make up for what he's done to her?

Jack: I've made huge...huge-- my life. But I've always loved you and your brother and your mother.

Abigail: Just not as much as your job.

Jack: I didn't choose the job over you.

Abigail: Then what would you call it? 'Cause I'm pretty sure none of us wanted you to go to Afghanistan and not tell us about it.

Jennifer: Your dad didn't tell us for a reason.

Abigail: Okay, what I really don't need, Mom, is you sticking up for him.

Jack: Don't talk to your mother like that.

Abigail: Are you seriously... gonna tell me how to treat her? Really, Dad?

Jack: No.

Jennifer: Listen to me. Your dad didn't tell us where he was because he was trying to protect that--

Abigail: Yeah, says him! He lied, Mom. Lying is always selfish. You taught me that!

Jennifer: Abigail, don't do this right now--don't!

Abigail: He was just trying to, one, do whatever he wanted, and two, cover his own ass.

Jennifer: Stop that!

Jack: I didn't want you to worry!

Abigail: Not worry? Not worry? Are you kidding me with that, Dad? We didn't know anything for months! You disappeared. You didn't tell us where you were, what you were doing. We didn't even know if you existed! And you think that we wouldn't worry? Are you really that stupid, Dad? We thought you were never coming back. How could you do this to us, Daddy? How?

Rafe: You really think that this guy's gonna be able to start as quarterback?

Gabi: Of course. I mean, he's the best.

Rafe: What about his knee?

Will: He had surgery in the off-season.

[Telephone rings]

Will: It's not a problem. He's done with rehab.

Sami: This is it!

Rafe: Okay. Hey, good luck.


Sami: Hey, hey, act natural, okay? Everybody just calm down. This is fine. Just talk normal, okay? 'Cause I'm already nervous enough. Like just be cool, okay?

Rafe: Right.

Will: Okay. Easy. Be cool.

Rafe: Be cool.

Sami: Yeah, hi!

Gabi: Watch this video again. It's perfect--he's the best.

Rafe: Yeah, I--look. Look at that. He's hesitating when he pivots right there.

Gabi: So what?

Rafe: What do you mean, so what--so the defense is gonna key in on him, they're gonna be able to see that, and they're gonna close it in.

Sami: Aah!

Rafe: Okay. That did not sound good.

Sami: [Laughing] I got the job! I got the job! [Laughing]

Rafe: I guess it's good news then, huh?

[Sami laughing]

Rafe: Okay. Wow. You should get a little more excited about this.

Sami: I can't believe this! I can't believe I'm employed!

Rafe: Yeah, uh, congratulations! any chance in the course of the call, did these people happen to tell you who it is that you're gonna be working for? 'Cause I tried to do some digging and--

Sami: Yeah, yeah, they did, and they also told me what my job was gonna be.

Rafe: Wow. How forthcoming of them.

Sami: All right. So guess what. You are looking at the new... wait for it. Junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics!

Gabi: Madison? Oh, my God! Oh, my God, I love their stuff. They have the hottest line.

Sami: I know, and guess what. You're totally getting free samples from me, because I have a job. I'm working there--whoo-hoo!

Gabi: Whoo hoo hoo!

Madison: Would you stop with the empty threats? Victor and Brady and I have agreed on a deal. We're moving forward with our business. Maybe you should just do the same.

Kate: You know, you don't know it yet, but you are making such a huge mistake. You see, because I'm familiar with her product and her company, and I'm not impressed with either.

Madison: That's part of the problem--you don't recognize quality or innovation.

Kate: Mm. You're such fools. You know nothing about this business.

Victor: I know nothing about mascara. But I know a good profit margin when I see one.

Kate: Yeah, well, you just wait...because her market share is gonna dry up like raindrops in the desert as soon as Countess Wilhelmina products hit the stores, because my product line is not only better... it's cheaper.

Madison: Cheaper, maybe. I'll give you that. But that might just be a reflection on the company's CEO.

Daniel: So he shows up at her house and he says, "No, I can explain, I can explain everything." Like there's a way to explain turning your back on your family like that.

Melanie: Yeah, well, she should have slammed the door in his face.

Maggie: Mm... well, they have children together and a very long and complicated history.

Daniel: No, I get that, Maggie, I get it, but she--I mean, Jenny's in--in pain. She's in real pain. I mean, part of me wants to go back there and pound knots on his head just for hurting her.

Maggie: [Laughs] Yeah, but you didn't. You left them alone. And that was the right thing to do.

Daniel: I don't know about that, Maggie. I don't--I mean--how can he do that? How could--how could he do that? I mean, I would give anything to have my time back with Melanie--anything. But that was out of my hands. Jack left by choice, and that... I will not understand.

Jennifer: Listen to me. Look at me. I understand how you are feeling, believe me. But I want you to calm down. And I want you to listen to what your father has to say.

Abigail: What could he possibly say, Mom, that would change anything? He walked out on us...again. And now he wants to explain himself? Again.

Jack: I never thought I would be gone so long!

Abigail: Yeah, Dad, you never thought at all...Dad! You just walked out and did whatever you wanted without even considering what it would do to us, and it's not the first time or the second.

Jennifer: Honey, please, will you calm down?

Abigail: You are just as selfish as you have always been. We don't matter to you at all. I'm your daughter... and I just don't matter to you.

Kate: Well, like I said before, big talk doesn't prove anything. We'll let the market decide.

Madison: I know.

Kate: You know, it's kind of funny, because when I decided to resurrect Countess Wilhelmina, I just wanted majority market share. I mean, I wanted the product line to be admired and respected. But now I want something else.

Victor: I sense a gauntlet is about to be thrown.

Kate: I'm going to make Countess Wilhelmina so successful that it will completely bury you. I'm not really gonna rest until I'm standing in the ashes of your company.


Kate: Oh, I will. You two have made a very, very bad decision. Because this is no longer business. It's personal. And I'm gonna employ everything--and I mean everything--to bring you down.

Daniel: Oh, I know. Maybe you're right, Maggie. I knew last night that I had to leave Jen alone with him last night, and ugh...I can't even think straight. But see, what I did is I left her alone. I gave her her space, so...

Melanie: It's killing you, though.

Daniel: Oh...oh, I hate doing nothing. I hate it.

Maggie: Daniel, I have watched Jennifer these past couple of months, and she's happier than I've seen her in a long, long time. Now, you have got to have faith that what you have together is gonna be strong enough to ride this out.

Daniel: Look, Maggie, I-- look, it's really not about me or faith. I'm just worried that Jack's gonna hurt her again...even more than before. And I will not let that happen.

Jack: You have to know that you and your brother and your mother are the most important people in the world to me.

Abigail: Yeah, a real father doesn't walk out on his kids. And that is exactly what you have done... over and over and over again.

Jennifer: [Whispering] Come here, sweetie.

[Abigail sobbing]

Jack: You're right. You're right. You're absolutely right. I have not been a father at all. I've let you down...both of you. And for that, I am sorry. I haven't been the kind of father or husband... that both of you need and deserve.

Will: Oh, Mom, um...if you get a chance, check out Mad World's website, because it's very classy and very cutting-edge, and I think you'll like it.

Sami: Cool. I will.

Rafe: Well, all right, then. So, uh, everyone fits in, huh? Okay, so...I want to propose a toast. Wait for it. It's gonna be good. Will...

Sami: I can't believe you're doing this. This is so sweet.

Rafe: Okay. All right. A toast to Samantha Brady Hernandez...working woman.

Will: Hear, hear.

Rafe: Yes.

Sami: I want you all to know how much it means to me that you're supporting me like this. Thank you.

Will: Mom, there are badly made up women out there...and we have to do what we can to help.


Sami: This is awesome. You guys are the best. And you know what? I have a lot of confidence that this year is gonna be way better than last.

Will: Hear, hear.

Rafe: All right.

Sami: Drink to that, right?

Maggie: So you want some advice?

Daniel: Oh, I do, I do, I do. I'll take all the help I can get. What do you got?

Maggie: I understand that you're angry at Jack. I love him. I'm angry too, though. But, um...don't let Jennifer see it too much.

Daniel: Yeah? Little poker face? Ah, well, ain't gonna be easy, but I will try.

Melanie: Go to the gym, you know, take it out on the punching bag.

Daniel: Okay, I'm gonna take it out on you in a minute.

Maggie: Well, I know that Jennifer's under a lot of pressure right now. You don't wanna add to it.

Daniel: No, I don't. Here's an idea.

Maggie: Yes?

Daniel: Let's not talk about him. Let's talk about, oh... you and Victor?

Melanie: [Gasps] That's right. Congratulations! Let me see that! I want to see the--oh, my God, it's pink, it's pink! I'm assuming you said yes.

Maggie: I did say yes.

[Both laughing]

Melanie: You're gonna be such a beautiful bride.

Maggie: Oh, I don't know about that, but I might be the happiest.

Madison: Standing in the ashes of my company? Really, Kate? Could you grow up?

Kate: Grow up. [Laughs] You know, of course, that you've made a deal with the devil...because neither of your business partners can be trusted.

Madison: Is that why you went crawling on your hands and knees, begging for an investment from them, because you don't trust them? Really? Because if you did, you know, it makes you look really desperate.

Victor: Let's wrap it up, shall we? We do have a certain amount of work to do.

Kate: Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. Just know that it's not over, because my company, my product line's gonna-- it's gonna blow you both out of the water.

Madison: What, am I supposed to be scared or something? Because I'm not. I know that I have a superior product and a superior line. It's just a shame, you know, that you don't feel the same way, that you don't have that confidence in your own product line...that you gotta make this personal.

Kate: Oh, no. No, you see, I'm not the one who did that. They did.

Madison: Okay. Whatever. Whatever the case may be, mm, I'm just really gonna enjoy watching you self-destruct. Shall we go look at some potential office spaces, gentlemen? Oh, Kate, um, I'm gonna send you a free sample from Mad World. I have this fantastic anti-aging cream that you could really use.

Kate: You do that.

Jack: Abigail...

[Abigail sobbing]

Jack: Do you think you're telling me anything I don't already know? Things that I haven't said to myself... day out... for the last year? I used to tell myself that this assignment was gonna be good for the family. It was gonna help my career and help me give you opportunities--

Abigail: What opportunities!

Jack: But all it did was rob you... precious time. I have missed you so much. You have no idea how much.

Jennifer: I think that we do. I think we do.

Jack: Jennifer, I have hurt you so much. And you too, Abigail. But like you said... it's happened over and over and over again. All I can say is I'm sorry. I'm so very, very sorry.

Rafe: Forgot how much I can't stand that stuff.

Sami: Oh, it's pretty, festive.

Rafe: Yeah. Listen, I think we should talk about what happened last night.

Sami: You mean about me overreacting? Look, I'm sorry. I know you're just doing your job and that you didn't want to arrest John.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, here's the thing. Um...I wanna be honest with you. And the FBI, they asked me to act as a liaison between them and Salem PD to head up the investigation against John, and I said that I'm uniquely qualified to help them in that position.

Sami: Wow.

Rafe: Well, if I head up the investigation, I can make sure that it's fair and not a witch hunt.

Sami: I get that.

Sami: And I think that John's innocent. I want to make sure that he gets a fair deal.

Sami: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: But what if he's guilty?

Melanie: Look, Dad, it's pink.

Maggie: So it just seems like being the sixth wife-- sixth wife! Okay. Of an irascible, mature man with a criminal streak is just-- it--it's a very sensible move.

Melanie: [Laughing] I can see in your eyes how happy you are.

Maggie: Mm...

Melanie: So when's the wedding?

Maggie: Mm...I don't know.

Melanie: Well, I can't wait!

Maggie: Neither can I.

Daniel: Well, you know what this means, don't you? It means that you now are going to be my...step-Godmother.

Maggie: Oh, you know what Godmothers do. You better watch your Ps and Qs.

Daniel: Oh, boy. Well, if you're happy... I'm happy.

[Maggie giggling]

Daniel: Come here.

Maggie: Oh, and I just want you and Jennifer to be as happy as Victor and I are.

Daniel: Well, so do I. But the jury's still out on that.

Victor: The contractor never knew what hit him.

Madison: What does he think, because I'm wearing a skirt, I can't read a cost projection?

Brady: He doesn't anymore, that's for sure.

Madison: So I think that the new office space is just gorgeous. It's gonna work out beautifully. I have a designer coming in from L.A. He is gonna make it stunning.

Brady: Okay. That sounds lovely, but you do understand, Madison, that a swanky new office for the CEO is not our top priority.

Madison: Brady... I could and would run this company from my car. But in my business, I'm... I'm selling perception, you know? My ladies, they're not so much buying cosmetics as they're buying a very specific fantasy and...they have to see me living it.

Brady: And that works out very well for you, doesn't it?

Madison: Most things do.

Victor: Well, all in all, I'd say we had a very productive day. Now, if you'll excuse me, my fiancée and I have a wedding to plan.

Madison: One more thing, before you go.

Victor: Yes.

Madison: I am, by nature, very suspicious, and I am particularly suspicious of coincidences. So call me crazy, but I have this feeling that my squaring off with Kate DiMera...wasn't an accident.

Victor: Really?

Madison: Really. And I don't like being used as a pawn, Mr. Kiriakis.

Brady: Look, Madison, that is not...not what this is about, trust me.

Madison: Okay. I'm not stupid. And I'm not naive. I know how you guys operate... and I'm not gonna put up with it.

Victor: Does that mean that you're reconsidering our deal?

Jack: When I was kidnapped, I would have--I would have given anything to be able to...come back. See you. But I... I thought I was not gonna get out, I thought I was... [Sighs] I was so scared. But worse than that... much worse than that was the feeling that I wouldn't be able to see you again and tell you one more time how much I loved you. But that was all my stupid fault. I'm not asking you to forgive me.

Abigail: Good.

Jack: What I did was unforgivable.

Jennifer: [Whispers] Jack...

Jack: No. When I was captured, that was, uh...that was my punishment for making a bad decision. But what's happening right here I know is my punishment for hurting my family. I know that. But I want you to know...that I am being as honest as I know how to be. When I was in that cell, day after day... and I couldn't see you... I began to realize how important every single day is. I wish I had known it before, but I didn't. But now... now I'm gonna be different. I'm gonna be a different man. Different father. And a different husband. I swear.

Gabi: Are you kidding me?

Rafe: Well, if it turns out that John is guilty--and I don't think that it will...

Sami: Neither do I.

Rafe: Then, uh...if it does, though, I'm gonna have to do my job.

Sami: I know.

Rafe: And you're okay with that.

Sami: Rafe...I support you the way that you support me.

Rafe: Well, okay. I'm glad we worked that out.

Gabi: Oh! What? Oh!

Will: Hey, uh, sorry to interrupt but I think Gabi needs an intervention.

Rafe: Yeah?

Will: Yeah, uh, some guy was trashing the Salem U team, and now she's just all over the message boards. So far, she's questioned his intellect, his sanity...

[Sami giggles]

Will: And his mastery of the English language.

Sami: Whoa!

Rafe: Yeah. Nobody better talk smack about her team!

[Sami laughing]

Rafe: Sis, what's going on? You gonna challenge this guy to a duel, or what?

Gabi: Rafe--

Will: Oh, you know what else is good about your new job?

Sami: What's that?

Will: That you have something good to tell grandma Marlena. 'Cause I think she could use some happy news right now.

Sami: You know what? You're right. I think things are really turning around for this family.

[Both laughing]

Rafe: That's a good one.

Gabi: Oh, God! Stop it, Rafe!

Rafe: Oh, my God!

Daniel: What are you doing?

Melanie: I'm just seeing if there's an app for reserving the Westminster Cathedral. William and Kate, that's all right, but you and Victor to die for

Maggie: [Laughs] I don't think that's exactly what we had in mind.

Melanie: Oh. Well, what do you want--tell me. I'll make sure all of it comes true, everything to the exact detail.

Daniel: Ah, she's a force of nature, this one.

Melanie: I--we--I mean, ah. You want cake, you have cake. You want pew bows? Pew? Is that pew bows?

Daniel: I don't even know what that is.

Melanie: Pew bows--do you want those?

Maggie: You know what I want is you there... as my maid of honor.

Melanie: Oh, no.

Daniel: Oh, jeez. Look what you've done. She doesn't like to cry in public like this.

Maggie: Well, is that a yes?

Melanie: Of course. I love you so much!

Maggie: [Laughing] Oh, I love you too. And having you there... it's just gonna be a perfect, perfect day.

Abigail: Words, Daddy. Nice words. But still... it's just words.

Jack: You're right. Till I follow up those words with action.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Jack: I'm staying here in Salem. I'm gonna prove to you I can be a good father and a good husband. I don't care if it takes me the rest of my life.

Madison: No. Of course, I'm not... reconsidering our deal. I just want you both to know you didn't pull one over on me. Okay?

Brady: You are a suspicious woman.

Madison: I am. But in the long run, it doesn't really matter to me why you came after me or my company. This is a fantastic opportunity, and I promise you I am gonna make the very best of it.

Victor: I have every confidence that you will.

Madison: And...if you are using me to get back at Kate for something, I have to tell ya. I enjoy a good fight. But despite what I said to her face, she's gonna be a worthy opponent.

Victor: She is indefatigable.

Madison: That she is. But I think she may just have met her match.

Kate: You just find me something. And I mean anything. Yes, anything. Anything that I can use to destroy her and her company, and make it fast.

EJ: Nicole, for the love of God, are you going to help me or not? This is just politics.

Lexie: Okay. You. Outside. Now.

Nicole: Is that binding?

EJ: Like a steel trap.

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