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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/4/11


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Brady: Hey, excuse me. Kiriakis, party of three. Could you make sure we have fresh coffee at the table, and, if you don't mind, I'd like to have our food order rushed. I don't want to spend too much time at this meeting, if you know what I mean.

Madison: Not real fond of your breakfast companions, I see.

Brady: Oh, no, no, no. I'm very fond of my grandfather, but there's a woman that's dining with us that I'm not too sure about, so...

Madison: Oh, that bad, huh?

Brady: Well, I haven't met her, but word on the street is she's a real, you know, bitch.

Madison: Oh, how do you really feel?

Brady: That was kind of harsh, wasn't it? I'm sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet either. If it's not too much trouble.

Madison: Okay, well, why don't we just get you to your table and get you that fresh coffee.

Brady: Thank you. Thank you.

Madison: Mm-hmm. Oh. Menus. [Chuckles]

Brady: Thank you.

Kate: Countess Wilhelmina is going to bury Mad World Cosmetics and Madison James.

EJ: Read all about it!

Kate: Huh?

EJ: The front page. Every single local newspaper, even got a write-up in the New York Times.

Kate: Ohh, that is impressive. You're all over the blogosphere as well.

EJ: Hmm. Who knew DiMera running for mayor would garner so much attention?

Kate: You did. You did. Announcing your candidacy at that block party last night was absolutely brilliant. The only other person who got any kind of attention was John Black because his arrest was a showstopper.

EJ: Uh-huh. Oh, here we are-- "Man in Wheelchair Walks Straight to Jail." [Laughs]

Kate: Okay, well, we'll feed off the misfortune of others later. I have a very busy day.

EJ: Oh, yes, you have the relaunch of Countess Wilhelmina.

Kate: I have so much to do. I have so much to do while I keep an eye on the competition. Let me tell you. If anyone could scrub the launch of Countess Wilhelmina, it's Madison James. All right, you.

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Enjoy your first day as a candidate. And don't forget the little people.

EJ: The little people, my dear. Trick is to make sure you stay in the little people's minds. I have good press today, but the trick is to get it every single day until I win this election by a landslide.

Kate: Oh, well, I have a good P.R. firm for that. I mean, if they can keep the wannabes and the has-been in the news, I'm sure they could help you, my dear.

EJ: That's very sweet of you, I think, but, actually no, I already have somebody in mind.

Kate: Nicole?

Nicole: I still have my key. So I let myself in. But since I won't be needing it anymore, you can have it back.

Kate: The pawn has fallen, just like John Black.

Marlena: Good morning, darling.

John: Well, I've had better.

Marlena: Mm. I was hoping you could get some sleep last night. You know, today's your arraignment, and you really should look your best in court.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: Oh, my God. John, what happened?

John: Easy, Doc. It's not as bad as it looks.

Marlena: Tell me what happened. Did your legs give out? Did you fall?

John: Exactly.

Marlena: No. Who did this to you?

John: Some of my fellow guests didn't like my looks, so they took turns changing them.

Marlena: Well, how did they get into your cell? You were meant to be by yourself until the arraignment.

John: Oh, there was a surprise exercise break in the middle of the night, and I was herded out in the general population with everyone else.

Marlena: Why didn't the guards stop it?

John: [Laughs] What guards? Not a single cop showed up until it was all over.

Hope: John Black was to be kept in his holding cell until this morning until his arraignment.

Bo: Why the hell was he put where the other inmates could get at him?

Mistakes happen.

Bo: Yeah. Who made these particular mistakes?

Hope: Who ordered him to be sent to the yard with the other inmates?

Well, I took him, if that's what you mean. Look, if I screwed up, then, you know, oops, I screwed up. It's not like John Black was... [Laughs] killed or anything.

Hope: You are a disgrace to that uniform.

According to you. That's your opinion. Look, you want to write me up so I can get out of here already?

Bo: I'll do more than write you up. I'll make sure you're suspended without pay.

No, you won't. The union'll block it. In fact, I may even get a bonus because of what happened to John Black. Now how about that write-up?

Kate: Well, Nicole, if your infestation of our happy home is now over and you've come here merely to drop off a key, however clumsily, you may now leave.

EJ: Actually, Kate, Nicole is here at my invitation.

Kate: Oh. Are you now lobbying for the vote of the tawdry and tacky?

Nicole: Shouldn't you be sunning yourself on a rock somewhere?

EJ: Kate actually has a meeting that she needs to go to, don't you?

Kate: EJ, why is she here?

EJ: Kate, please, you're going to be late.

Kate: Okay. Fine, my love.

EJ: Thank you.

Nicole: Not that I'm a big fan of Kate's...

EJ: Well, not that many people are.

Nicole: But she does bring up a good question. Why am I here, EJ? What do you want from me?

Brady: Grandfather, good morning.

Victor: It is indeed.

Brady: Oh, you're very cheery this morning. Does that mean Maggie accepted your proposal?

Victor: She did, and I couldn't be happier.

Brady: Well, I mean this, congratulations to you.

Victor: Thank you. I am a very happy man. And I will be elated when we acquire Mad World Cosmetics from Madison James.

Brady: Mm-hmm. Amen to that. By the way, she's late. Typical prima donna businesswoman, right?

Victor: Oh, she'll be here pretty soon. That was quite the affair we had here yesterday, wasn't it?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, especially when my father was hauled off by the FBI in handcuffs.

Victor: That was regrettable. Did you talk to John today?

Brady: No.

Victor: Brady, he's your father.

Brady: You know, where is this Madison woman anyway?

Victor: Listen, her business is well worth waiting for.

Madison: Is that fresh coffee? I'd love some.

Victor: Madison, what a pleasure to finally meet you.

Madison: How do you do?

Victor: Please, sit down.

Madison: Thank you.

Victor: My grandson Brady Black.

Madison: Pleasure.

Brady: My pleasure.

Victor: Thank you for coming all the way to Salem to meet with us.

Madison: Well, I do enjoy doing business face to face. So who's hungry?

Brady: I'm starving.

Victor: Well, then, why don't we order? And then we can talk a little business before we eat.

Madison: Victor, before we start, there's something I have to tell you. On the way in, I spoke to the hostess. I asked her to make sure the kitchen didn't rush our order. You know, I want to take our time here at this first meeting. 'Cause first impressions are so important. Don't you think?

Nicole: Actually, let me ask you a question. Why are you running against Abe? He has done a great job as mayor. He deserves to be reelected.

EJ: Well, obviously I disagree. Otherwise, I wouldn't have thrown my hat in the ring.

Nicole: You're gonna lose. Big. Everyone loves Abe.

EJ: Oh, I see. Everybody hates me?

Nicole: Pretty much, yeah.

EJ: Uh-huh, right. You're very cheery for so early in the morning.

Nicole: Come on, you know it's true. But what I for the life of me do not get is why you want to run for mayor. Unless, of course, you're more of a glutton for punishment than I am. Or you're just so arrogant that you actually believe that you're gonna win because of your good looks and your deep pockets.

EJ: Well, I don't seem to remember good looks and deep pockets doing Jack Kennedy any harm.

Nicole: Okay. So what do you want me to do? Hmm? You want me to canvass nursing homes and say, "hey, vote for Elvis"?

EJ: That's a good idea, right? If we get some of those old ladies thinking they're pulling the lever for the king. ??????

Nicole: Don't waste my time.

EJ: Okay, Nic, all right, Nicole, I'm sor--look. I'm sorry. Okay? Bad joke. [Sighs] I... I need somebody who can put a positive spin on the family name.

Nicole: Mm. Well, that'll take an army of miracle workers. The DiMera name is right down there with Stalin.

EJ: Agreed. However... what would you do to fix it? I mean, you know, if you were my publicist.

Nicole: [Scoffs] You can't be serious.

EJ: Look, Nicki, I need someone. Someone who can convince the good people of Salem, okay, that the DiMera name has been vilified by the liberal media, that the wealth and the reputation that we have doesn't make us any different from anybody else in the world. See, now I have good press now,???? but I need good press every single day. I need everybody in this town-- I need everybody in this country to know that a DiMera is worthy of elected office.

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait. Back up a second. Why do you want national recognition? You're only running for mayor.

EJ: Baby steps. Baby steps.

Hope: I can't believe Lauritano completely disobeyed the order to keep John separate from the other inmates.

Bo: He wanted payback, and he got it.

Hope: I understand that people are angry at John, but, I mean, his reputation is impeccable. He's done a lot for this town.

Bo: His reputation doesn't mean anything to the people who invested with him and lost big. I mean, we're talking city, unions, rank-and-file citizens that bet their lives on Basic Black, and it's--it's gone. People trusted John with their money because they thought it was in safe, secure hands. They had faith in him, both personally and professionally. Now that that's gone, all they're left with is fear and anger.

Hope: A lot of growth funds had losses the last few years. But I never heard any complaints about Basic Black.

Bo: Well, John's investment division was able to make money when other companies were going under. The investors thought John was golden. So they poured more money into Basic Black, thinking they'd get a bigger return.

Hope: Until the money disappeared.

Bo: Yeah. And we're talking billions over night just gone-- pension plans, 401s, life savings, you name it, it's... it's gone. Ours included.

Hope: We'll get it back. Brady, we're gonna get it back, as soon as we figure out who's really behind this. John will be proven innocent. Brady, anyone who knows him knows he would never steal a cent from anyone. And just think of how insane this is. It's not like he needs the money. He's rich in his own right.

Bo: Not according to the feds. They think he needed this money to shore up Basic Black, that it was floundering in the rough economy.

Hope: You don't honestly think that--

Bo: Hey, the f-- I read the FBI file. What they have against him... he looks guilty as hell.

Marlena: Oh, John. They should have taken you to the hospital. You've only been walking a short time. An injury to your brain--

John: Just some cuts and bruises. I've done worse shaving.

Marlena: Please don't make light of it. You know how fragile your recovery is. The arrest on top of everything could--

John: I'll be okay, just as long as I have you.

Marlena: Always. You always have me. The arraignment's today. You'll be out on bail. I will get you home where you belong.

Roman: Maybe. Maybe not.

Marlena: You know something we don't know?

Roman: I just don't want you to get your hopes up, Doc. You either, John.

Madison: Victor, you flatter me.

Victor: Oh, but it's true, my dear. You built Mad World Cosmetics from the ground up, took a boutique brand and turned it into a name respected by women all over the world. That takes more than business savvy. That takes a commitment. Passion.

Madison: Thank you, Victor. Not everyone gets that. You know, not everyone gets me.

Victor: We do. That's why we want you and Mad World Cosmetics to come to Titan. Don't we, Brady?

Brady: Yes, we do. It would be very, very good for business.

Madison: Well, Mad World isn't just a business to me. I need you to understand that this company is part of me. I want what's best for it more than what I want what's best for myself.

Victor: So eloquent. All the more reason why you should be at Titan. We understand where you're coming from, and we respect it.

Madison: And I'm sure Mad World's bottom line doesn't hurt.

Victor: Profits matter. But people matter more. I promise you, you bring your company to Titan...

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: I'm sorry. I thought I turned that ringer off. My fiancée. If you'll excuse me.

Madison: Oh, of course, Victor. Congratulations. You know what, your fiancée is a very lucky woman.

Victor: Thank you.

Madison: Hmm, he is quite the charmer, your grandfather. Ah. A lot of women won't admit that they like to be treated like women. I'm not like that.

Brady: Some men may be intimidated by your success.

Madison: Or maybe all the negative publicity I've received lately.

Brady: Look, if you're referring to the way I acted earlier...

Madison: I have always run my company my way. With no interference from anyone.

Brady: Good. I like that. All the more reason why you should merge with Titan. Because like you, Madison, we are in charge. We tell our employees what to do. If they don't do it, they're gone. That's how we roll.

Madison: Okay, well, if you think for a minute that I would give up control of Mad World, you couldn't be more wrong.

Marlena: Do you think there's some reason John will not be allowed out on bail? Especially after what happened last night?

Roman: John, I'm sorry about that. It's been taken care of. I guarantee you that will not happen again.

Marlena: That's why he needs to be out on bail, 'cause he's not safe here.

Roman: Under normal circumstances, he might get bail, but the charges against John are staggering.

Marlena: Carrie told us that in cases like John's the judge will often allow bail. And considering John's health... John, you would agree to house arrest, wouldn't you?

Roman: Doc, you know what, I think you're a little too close to this situation to see it for what it is. John and his investment firm are high-profile. They think they brought down another Bernie Madoff. Their plan is to skin John alive. And from what I'm hearing, they have the evidence to do it.

Marlena: Why don't you sit down and rest your legs for a second and let me talk to Roman? Don't tell me for a second you think he's guilty.

Hope: I--

Bo: [Clears throat]

Hope: Read the FBI's file on John too. Twice. And, yes, the feds have more than enough evidence to put John away for the rest of his life. That is, if the evidence is legit.

Bo: Oh, is this the start of your conspiracy theory?

Hope: Well, what is it that Judge Judy always says? If it doesn't make sense, then it's usually not true.

Bo: I'm not arguing with you. But we both read the FBI file, and it has conviction written all over it.

Hope: Maybe that's it.

Bo: What?

Hope: Maybe it's too airtight.

Bo: The feds aren't that easily duped.

Hope: But it's possible. Brady, everyone knows that John would never steal a cent from them. So if billions of dollars have been embezzled from the Basic Black investment division, someone else did it.

Bo: Yeah, well, we're just... we're gonna have to figure out who it is.

Hope: Then you--you agree that John's innocent?

Bo: Yeah, I never doubted it.

Hope: Thank God, because, for a second there, I wasn't sure.

Bo: No, look, John and Marlena, they could have stayed in Europe and fought extradition if it came to that, but they came here to be part of our celebration, even though they knew John could be arrested. Guilty people don't do that.

Hope: Well, as bleak as everything looks right now, the truth comes out.

Bo: It always does.

Hope: John's gonna be proven innocent.

Bo: Look, you and I know that he's innocent, but those people who've lost their pensions, lost their life savings, they're out for blood. John's blood.

Brady: My grandfather and I want to buy your company, Madison, but we want you to run it. You would remain CEO, and you'd have complete, complete autonomy to run things the way in which you'd want to.

Madison: Okay. I'm listening.

Brady: You'd make a fortune off the sale itself, you'd earn an obscene salary, and you'd also get annual bonuses.

Madison: No T-shirt?

Brady: You want a T-shirt?

Madison: Tell Victor I'm refusing your offer.

Brady: Nothing would change. You'd be running your company.

Madison: Except Mad World's profits wouldn't go to me. They'd go to Titan.

Brady: Good point. So I'm prepared to sweeten the pot with profit participation. What do you think?

Madison: I think I almost forgot. Isn't this yours?

Brady: [Laughs] Listen, I owe you a lot more than this. If my grandfather found out that I mistook you for a hostess, he would have freaked out.

Madison: I was standing behind the hostess stand.

Brady: Yeah, you were, but for me to assume that you were a woman that--

Madison: What, a woman who works for a living? I do, Brady. I'm not different from most women these days.

Brady: Trust me, you are. Um, I had a lot on my mind this morning, I had a lot to do, and I...

Madison: Didn't want to waste time with a corporate bitch, I know, I got it.

Brady: I said bitch, didn't I? I used that word?

Madison: Mm-hmm.

Brady: I should have gotten a picture of you before this meeting. Instead I acted like a jerk.

Madison: Pompous jerk.

Brady: Pompous. Madison, I'm sorry. Really.

Madison: Since you're a good tipper, I accept your apology.

Brady: Thank you. [Laughs]

Madison: You know what we should do? I'm thinking I should keep this in case I decide I want to tell Victor what really happened, but I won't, because then it might look like I was doing business with Titan.

Brady: Look, before you decline the offer, I want you to think about this, okay, give it some time.

Madison: You know what you should do, you should take this here money, and you should buy your lady love a single long-stemmed rose. I've always thought that was such a romantic gesture.

Brady: It is a very romantic gesture, but...

Victor: Sorry for the interruption.

Madison: No apologies needed, Victor. It was your fiancée.

Victor: Well, have you decided to accept our most generous offer?

Madison: Not exactly.

Brady: She turned us down flat.

Victor: Well, a shrewd woman like Miss James knows better than to accept a first offer. What can we do to sweeten the pot?

Brady: Oh, I sweetened it already, and she still isn't biting. The thing I don't know, Madison, is, why would you take this meeting if you had no intention of making a deal whatsoever?

Madison: That's my counter offer. This is what I'm gonna need in order to sell you Mad World Cosmetics.

Brady: [Laughs]

Madison: So? What do you say, Titans? We have a deal?

Nicole: You are running for mayor as a first step towards national office, and you want me to do your P.R.?

EJ: Precisely.

Nicole: Why? I mean, come on, I'm hardly qualified to do P.R., and I am certainly not your number one fan. You could have any high-powered, big name firm you want.

EJ: Right, totally. But, you see, the thing about a high-powered, big-name firm is they don't know me. You know me. Okay, you know how to spin my strengths.

Nicole: Yeah. Hide your weaknesses.

EJ: Exactly. Exactly. Nicole, in my entire life, the only person I've ever trusted myself to be myself around is you.

Nicole: What is this really about, EJ?

Marlena: Okay, Roman, just go ahead and say it. Tell me you think John is guilty.

Roman: No, I don't.

Marlena: I'm glad to hear you say that.

Roman: Besides, he's a very wealthy man. He doesn't need other people's money.

Marlena: Yeah, well, as long as we're being open with each other, that's not entirely true. John still has his wealth, but he doesn't have the kind of money that he used to.

Roman: Who does these days?

Marlena: Yeah. See, Basic Black took a big hit with the recession, and John's income is tied to company profits.

Roman: Okay, I get the picture.

Marlena: Anyway, my point in saying that is that John's wealth then and his wealth now are very different things, and I think the authorities have tried to use that information to make it appear that John had a motive for embezzlement.

Roman: All right. Well, looking guilty and being guilty are two entirely different things, so try not to worry, okay? It may take some time, but I guarantee you, John will be proven innocent. Okay? Doc... hang tough, all right? You have made it through worse than this, and so has John.

Marlena: Roman, I had a dream that, when we came back to Salem, all the hard times would be behind us. That was such a nice dream.

Bo: A lot of folks are demanding we go medieval with John for taking all their money.

Hope: I've been listening to my messages. Most people were just venting, but I'm not so sure about this guy. Listen.

John Black is scum. I trusted him with my family's future, and he kicked us to the damn gutter. I wanted to die when I heard. Die for what trusting that bastard cost my wife and kids. Then I had a better idea. John Black should die.

Hope: What do you think? Should we trace the call, arrest him? That was a death threat.

Bo: It was close, but not quite.

Hope: It sounded awfully ominous.

Bo: Yeah. A lot of folks out there just like him.

Hope: What is it?

Bo: We're gonna have to put more guards on John when we take him over to the courthouse.

Hope: That's a good idea, Brady. Listen, what if there's trouble? What if the guards assigned to him look the other way? Like Lauritano did last night.

Bo: I'll choose those guards myself. People I can trust. We got to keep John safe.

Marlena: Did something happen that I don't know about?

I should stab him in the back like he did all us little people. I hope John Black burns in hell.

Bo: Sorry you had to hear that. But we needed you to understand the level of anger out there.

Hope: So many people lost every... last cent they had. Unions, companies. Even the city of Salem had their pension funds wiped out. And they all blame John.

Marlena: I understand people's anger. But to threaten his life?

Bo: Yeah, it is--it is getting ugly.

Marlena: Whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty? Hmm? John is innocent. He didn't do those terrible things.

Hope: We know that. Because we know John.

Bo: And the truth will come out. John will be exonerated. But right now people can't see past the fact that they've been wiped out. They're full of fear and anger. They need to focus their upset on someone.

Hope: And unfortunately that someone is John.

Bo: So for that reason, we're gonna assign more guards to protect him on the way to the courthouse.

Hope: We'll do everything we can to keep him safe.

Marlena: Like you did last night? I feel so much better now.

Madison: So do we have a deal or not?

Victor: Well, I think I'll let Brady break the news to you.

Brady: Madison James, welcome to Titan.

Madison: Well, thank you very, very much.

Victor: You drive a hard bargain.

Madison: When I'm not driving my Bentley, sir.

Victor: Further testament to your well-deserved success. You're a very savvy businesswoman. Tough, shrewd, and driven. Just kind of the mogul we like to do business with.

Madison: Well, thank you. I am so glad that you didn't believe any of the negative press I seem to be getting lately.

Victor: Never heard any.

Madison: Oh, really? I'm surprised.

Victor: I'm sure any unflattering remarks came from people who were jealous of you and your success. Don't pay any attention to that nonsense.

Madison: I don't. I know exactly who I am when I'm good and when I'm bad.

Victor: Well, we should probably have a little toast to our new alliance. Due to the hour, I think maybe we should do it with coffee.

Madison: Oh, you know what? I'm out. I drank all of mine. Brady, would you mind asking the hostess to bring some fresh coffee?

Brady: I'll do you better than that. I'll get it myself.

Victor: Oh, and some sweetener.


Madison: Oh, you make quite a team, you and Brady. I'm impressed. Very impressed.

EJ: You think I have an ulterior motive in offering you a job?

Nicole: Can you blame me?

EJ: Okay. Nicole, look, given our history, no. Just for me, just put your suspicions to one side and hear what I have to say.

Nicole: Okay, EJ. Give it your best shot.

EJ: I need somebody who's unfettered by the old rules of engagement. See, these ad agencies, they-- they have an attitude. They want to do things their way, which is the same way that they do things for everybody. What I need is somebody who's brazen. I need somebody who's unafraid. I need somebody who can help me win this election in a landslide.

Nicole: No pressure there.

EJ: I need somebody who can convince the people of this town that the DiMeras are doing things a new way, a better way, by being better themselves.

Nicole: Oh, are you saying you're going to be good again?

EJ: Oh, good God, no. No, no, no, no. That's what I want people to think, darling, okay? And you have to convince them for me.

Nicole: So this new-and-improved EJ, it's just for show. You are still a dirty, rotten scoundrel.

EJ: No, darling, I'm a dirty, charming scoundrel.

Nicole: You know what, I know that I should be running out that door right now, but I just can't seem to tear myself away from this train wreck.

EJ: I pay very well.

Nicole: Well, you should to be a miracle worker.

EJ: So you accept my offer? Good.

Nicole: Hey, wait a minute. All right, how about this? What about my past? What if it comes back to haunt me and that hurts you, hmm?

EJ: I thought about that. I thought about it. And this is how I'm gonna spin it, okay? You turned your life around. You reinvented yourself, right? And that's what you're doing for me.

Nicole: I haven't accepted the job.

EJ: Okay, no, no, but, listen, this is easy, okay. It's a simple story. Besides which, everybody loves a comeback story. Everybody loves to believe in the power of redemption. Right? See, this is not as tough a job as you think.

Nicole: [Stammers] I can't believe--this is ridiculous. I can't believe I'm listening to this. No. Look, EJ, I told you last night. I don't want to be with anyone, not you, not Brady, no one.

EJ: So that's a yes, is it?

Nicole: Oh!

Madison: Cheers.

Brady: Hear, hear.

Victor: Well, I suppose the first order of business should be to move Mad World's headquarters here to Salem.

Brady: Yes, and you'll need showroom space as well.

Madison: Well, what about right here in the square? I get the sense that this is the place to be. You know, it's new, it's fresh, and it has all the charm of a downtown.

Brady: Yes, it does. Everything you're saying is true.

Victor: Do you know Kate DiMera?

Madison: We've met on several occasions. I know that she plans on relaunching her cosmetics firm, Countess Wilhelmina.

Victor: Her company would be direct competition to Mad World.

Madison: Until I put her out of business.

Brady: Well, the thing is, Kate is planning on opening up a showroom and an office in this square as well. It might be better if you--

Madison: Settle for a strip mall?

Brady: Oh, I didn't say that. Of course not.

Madison: If Kate DiMera plans on opening her showroom here in the square, then you can be damned sure that's where I'm gonna be too.

Hope: Marlena, we are just as upset over what happened to John.

Bo: The guard responsible is being punished. If I have my way, he'll be fired for what he did.

Marlena: John had just gotten back the use of his legs. He could have been paralyzed again.

Hope: We know. I'm sorry. I promise you, it will not happen again.

Marlena: All right, I'm sorry I snapped.

Bo: It's okay. We understand. You're upset.

Marlena: I was with him the whole time, you know. I was at his side day and night as he fought to try to walk again. There were no mysterious emails or faxes. There were no hushed conversations with people from Basic Black. Just John! Torturing himself, trying to get back on his feet.

Kate: Madison?

Madison: Kate.

Kate: Well, I guess that was you I saw in the photo from the town celebration.

Madison: Photographers following me everywhere. You know how it is.

Kate: Yeah, I do. It's the bane of my existence. So what brought you to Salem?

Madison: Oh, I'm here on business actually.

Brady: Are you ready?

Madison: Yeah.

Kate: Well, I don't know what's going on, but I do know I don't like it.

Nicole: You are so arrogant. If I take this job, it is all business, you understand me? All business.

EJ: Of course.

Nicole: Good.

EJ: Good. So am I looking at my new P.R. genius?

Nicole: I'll think about it and get back to you.

John: Oh, come on, come on, guys. Don't you think you're going over a little overboard here?

Bo: Sorry.

John: It's a short distance to the courthouse. Nothing's gonna happen.

Hope: We're not taking any more chances.

Marlena: John, there have been death threats. People are very upset.

John: Okay, I'll quit grousing about the vest.

Hope: Once you're cleared of charges, life goes back to normal.

Bo: We're on your side, man. We know you didn't do what they said you did.

Hope: Actually, Marlena was just telling us how it was physically impossible for you to embezzle the money during the time the feds say you did.

John: I'm not sure I follow.

Marlena: I told Bo and Hope that you weren't doing any work at the time you were trying to walk again. Darling, are you all right?

John: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Kate: And these two? They mistake cleavage for a little business plan.

Madison: I'm gonna kick your little butt right out of the square.

Kate: This is no longer business. It's personal.

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