Days Transcript Monday 9/12/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/12/11


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[Soft piano music]

Kate: Is this chair taken?

EJ: Not really in the mood for company, Kate.

Kate: Oh, don't worry about that. I'm used to it. Anyway... even dining with you is better than sitting at that enormous table at home and not seeing your father across from me.

EJ: I'm sure my father will be back to meet you in no time. If there's a god.

Kate: So... oh! The salmon special. Is it farmed or wild?

EJ: I don't know, my dear, because I'm working.

Kate: [Gasps] Oh, that's right. Oh, your top secret little project. The project that's going to legitimize the DiMera name. Now, how is that going for you?

EJ: You could have said that a little bit louder. I'm quite sure they heard you in the kitchen.

Kate: Oh, honey, come on. Come on. Whatever it is, you know I'm gonna find out about it. So why don't you just stop being an idiot and let me help you?

Nicole: Hey. Should we go back in and sit with her?

Brady: Yeah, I-I just hope she knows that we're here. You know?

Nicole: Yeah. I just--I can't believe this. Chloe's life was circling the drain and she didn't even tell us about it.

Brady: You think we should call her parents?

Nicole: Not until Chloe wakes up and says that's what she wants. I don't know, maybe... maybe we should go home. Come back tomorrow and hope for good news.

Brady: Maybe. You know what, though, I-- I wanna--I wanna go and-- one more time and check on her. I'm gonna let her know that we'll be back, okay?

[Phone beeping]

Nicole: Okay, I'll be here. Oh, my god.

Brady: What is it?

Roman: Yeah, get back to me.

Bo: Hey, man. How's it going?

Roman: Ah, forensics is gonna comb the area one more time. How'd that sketch work out?

Hope: Mandy came up with everything she could think of, but she only saw the guy for a couple of seconds.

Bo: Yeah, while he was beating the daylights out of her.

Hope: So the sketch is pretty generic--here, I brought you a copy.

Roman: All right. Huh. Well, this could be wishful thinking, but there's something about this face that looks familiar to me.

Bo: Hmm. He sees the same thing we do.

Roman: So...we're all thinking that maybe we saw this guy before?

Hope: Yeah, but the question is, where?

Quinn: Bye.

Vivian: Bye.

Gus: Wait.

Vivian: Hey! Stop that! What's the matter with you?

Quinn: So, Russ...

Gus: It's Gus.

Quinn: Right. Seems like you've got a bit of explaining to do, mate.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Chloe: [Gasps] [Whispering] Gus.

Lexie: Chloe? Did you say something?

EJ: You helped me?

Kate: Yes. Well, I think my success rate is a little bit better than yours, especially these last couple of years, wouldn't you say? So why don't you fill me in?

EJ: Because you already know plenty, Kate. Think I've had just about enough of your advice to last me for one day.

Kate: Yeah, well, obviously, you blew it off. Otherwise, you wouldn't be sitting here all by yourself.

EJ: No, I listened to everything you said. I just decided that you were wrong. I don't see any value in bringing another woman on board as a partner.

Kate: Oh, boy.

EJ: What?

Kate: Here we go again.

Nicole: I-it's--it's my brother...Brandon. He said there's a situation at work, and he thinks he might lose his job.

Brady: I thought it was something bigger than that, even. "Oh, my god." That was just because your--

Nicole: I know, I just feel bad for him, okay? And I don't--I don't want him to come asking me for money. So I should probably call him, okay? Will you just tell Chloe I love her?

Brady: I will. Okay.

Nicole: Okay. Hi, this is Nicole DiMera. I got your email. What do you know about my sister?

[Heart monitor beeping]

Brady: How is she?

Lexie: She just tried to say something.

Brady: That--that's good, right?

Lexie: Yeah, I want to do a complete examination, but, yeah. Yeah, she could be coming out of the coma.

EJ: Here we go again.

Kate: You're going to blow this too.

EJ: Because I didn't take your advice, I'm sure. Look, Kate, I understand that all of your weak and ineffective sons have left town. Please don't think you can draft me into that position. Here's an idea. Why don't you run along to the hospital, put a big smile on your face, and enjoy the fact that Chloe then is in a coma. And for once, as far as I can tell, you had nothing to do with it.

Kate: [Chuckles] I hardly think you're in a position to fling accusations like that at me. Although I have to say, not exactly depressed about Chloe's situation.

[Both laugh]

EJ: No, I didn't think you would be.

Kate: No. Actually, maybe that little tramp will finally be out of Philip and parker's life once and for all.

EJ: That's what matters, right?

Kate: Yes. Yes. When it comes to my family, I can be ruthless. And because you're my husband's son...I'm offering to be ruthless on your behalf. Think about that.

Gus: I thought you were going to the after hours club with your mum.

Quinn: We were about to leave, and then mum realized you disappeared from chez rouge without a word.

Gus: And that's what you want me to explain? [Laughing] I assume the two of you will be fine without me. Probably wouldn't even notice I was gone. Where is she, anyway? How could she tear herself from your side?

Quinn: Yeah, we went out for a while. But then mum got tired, so... I took her home. Anyway... make sure you check in with her. I, uh, I don't want her to think that something bad happened to you.

Gus: I don't take orders from you.

Quinn: Is that right? [Chuckles]

Taylor: Quinn.

Quinn: Taylor.

Taylor: Think we should talk, and I guess now is as good a time as any.

Quinn: Talk about what?

Taylor: That kiss that never should have happened.

Quinn: It did happen.

Taylor: To my everlasting regret.

Quinn: [Whistles]

Nicole: Well, well, well. I showed up in the nick of time. What do you regret now, Taylor?

Bo: You know, it could be we've seen this guy at the cop shop.

Roman: True. But at least it's a start.

Hope: Think we should release it to the press?

Roman: No, I don't think so. Not yet. We don't know how accurate it is. We could wind up with a lot of false I.D.S.

Bo: Yeah, and there's still a chance we'll come up with something here.

Roman: Yeah, so far, all the DNA has been Chloe's.

Hope: That guy is definitely fastidious.

Hope: Gonna take another look around, okay?

Roman: Okay, help yourself. Let me know what you come up with.

Bo: Thanks. Later, man.

Taylor: I think my major regret, Nicole, is that you can't seem to mind your own business.

Nicole: But, Taylor, aren't sisters supposed to know everything about each other? That's what makes it so special. I mean, for instance, I was looking for you. And I knew that this godforsaken dive is your favorite hangout.

Taylor: Nicole, please, I am not in the mood for this.

Nicole: No?

Taylor: No.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, am I interrupting something? Hi, I'm Nicole. And you are...

Quinn: Quinn.

Nicole: Nice to meet you. So, uh, how did you meet darling Taylor?

Quinn: Actually, I think that's none of your damn business.

Kate: [Clears throat]

EJ: You really seem to think I have something of an image problem.

Kate: Oh, no, I don't think that, I know it.

EJ: I've never been convicted of a crime, Kate.

Kate: In the justice system, you haven't, but in the public eye, you are guilty as charged. And now you want people to do business with you? How you gonna work that out? What are you gonna do, join the Kiwanis club?

EJ: Makes about as much sense as what you're suggesting.

Kate: EJ, you need a wife to soften your image.

EJ: I have a wife. Remember?

Kate: I said a wife, not a tarantula. When--I thought the two of you were getting divorced.

EJ: It's in the works.

Kate: Good. That's good. Then we can find you someone suitable.

EJ: Suitable? Really? You mean, like a marriage of convenience, Kate? I had a marriage of convenience--it turned out not to be particularly convenient.

Kate: Because you didn't choose the right woman.

EJ: [Laughs] Maybe I should do what my father did, you know? Maybe I should blackmail a woman into marrying me. How about that, huh?

Kate: [Laughing] Okay, all right, all right. Yes, your father and I, we had a very unconventional start. But we learned to love each other after we were married because we are of the same mind.

EJ: You know what? I'm not really interested in what you and my father have, Kate. I'm looking to meet somebody of the same mind, all right? Please either change the subject or shut up.

Kate: [Laughing] I mean... you have to be kidding me.

EJ: What?

Kate: You really--you really expect, you really want to fall in love again, don't you? Oh, my god. Look at you. It--it's hopeless. [Laughing] My god.

Nicole: Well, you two must be a swell date, being so friendly and everything.

Taylor: We don't date.

Nicole: No? Well, what exactly is it that you

Quinn: You know, where I come from, if someone says, "that's none of your business," it generally means it's the end of the conversation.

Nicole: Okay, you don't have to be rude.

Quinn: Well, my sense it that, with you, I have to be blunt.

Nicole: You don't know me.

Quinn: But I know your type. So why don't you just move on?

Nicole: Yeah, okay. Um, mm, excuse me. It doesn't--it doesn't bother you that he's so defensive and elusive?

Taylor: No.

Nicole: No? Well, it bothers me, because I don't think you know him as well as you think you do.

Quinn: She doesn't know me at all. We just met.

Nicole: [Laughs and snorts] Sorry. Why don't I believe that?

Quinn: Maybe because you're a bitter, cynical woman, who thinks that everybody has something to hide. Just like you do.

Nicole: Well, actually, uh... compared to my sister here... I'm an open book. She has secrets, big secrets.

Taylor: Nicole, please. Don' this.

Nicole: And I'm beginning to think that you're one of them.

Bo: I didn't find anything new over there.

Roman: Hey. Any news about Chloe?

Bo: Uh, not since we left the hospital.

Hope: Still wanna know what the heck she was doing down here.

Bo: We haven't spoken to her much since Philip took the baby and left town.

Hope: No, no, actually, I spoke to her a couple times. She said she was giving singing lessons, trying to pull her life back together. Oh, and she said that Justin was gonna help her petition for shared custody.

Roman: And now she's lying there in a coma.

Bo: She had the misfortunate of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Roman: Has anybody talked to Philip?

Hope: He's in Europe on business.

Bo: We can't seem to catch a break in this case.

Hope: Just pray that Chloe comes out of this coma. And when she does, maybe she can tell us... why this guy looks so familiar in the sketch.

Lexie: Chloe. Chloe, it's Lexie. Brady's here too. He's really worried about you. He wants to talk to you. Can you say something?

Chloe: [Grunts]

Lexie: Her EEG showed more brain activity, but I'm not sure if it's significant. If...we're going to see a change, it should be soon.

Chloe: [Grunts] Aah!

Brady: You saw that, right? Did you see that?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah. Her heart rate systolated too.

Brady: So what does that mean? What's going on?

Lexie: I'm not sure yet.

Kate: [Laughing] Oh, god. Ohh.

[Laughing] Well, what?

EJ: Finish it--no, keep going, don't mind me.

Kate: All I can say is it's a good thing that I wasn't chewing; otherwise, you would have had to hum with me.

EJ: Ohh, the opportunities we miss.

Kate: [Chuckles]

EJ: You know, Kate, you may be one of the most cynical people that I've ever met.

Kate: Oh, EJ DiMera, that is quite a competition. So, tell me, how did you come out so sentimental, EJ?

EJ: We all like to be loved, Kate. Even you.

Kate: Aww. But you have to admit that you, uh, have been looking for it in all the wrong places. I mean, really, having a go at it with Sami? I mean, just the thought of that is, just...well, frankly, it makes me not hungry. And--and then Nicole, well, maybe you would have had a chance there. I mean, rattlesnakes do mate for life, don't they? But her sister--really? An MBA with a moral streak. You know, you are just delusional.

EJ: [Clears throat]

Kate: Ah, perhaps I go too far?

EJ: I go too far. Thank you.

Kate: But I am your... I am your step-mommy, right? I mean, what good is that if not for telling truths?

EJ: You're actually my stepmother, Kate. You're that shiny little thing that caught my father's little latter life tension.

Kate: [Laughing] You see, that is exactly what I'm talking about. That's a fine example. You're witty, you're erudite, you're--you have a very attractive accent. And you're handsome. You're very wealthy. You're everything a woman should want...except human.

EJ: [Laughing] You make it sound like that's a drawback.

Kate: It is. It is. You know what your problem is? You are a complete bastard.

Taylor: Back it off, Nicole. Leave it...alone.

Nicole: Maybe I should. I mean, really, what kind of sister would I be if interfered in your relationship with another man? I mean, there's rules about that, right?

Taylor: Okay. I see. So this is, um, payback?

Nicole: For playing mattress tag with my husband, lying about it, and keeping it a secret? No. No. This is sisterly concern. I mean, I am worried. What if I--what if I log on to, and I type in Quinn whatever, and I find a nefarious past?

Quinn: Go for your life.

Nicole: No, or better yet, what if I find a previous connection to you?

Taylor: Okay, Nicole... you want to know the truth? Fine. Quinn and I, we were in a relationship when I was in Europe.

Nicole: And you...found each other again? How romantic.

Taylor: No, it's not romantic, Nicole. It actually ended very badly and I haven't seen him in years. His being in Salem is a coincidence.

Nicole: Of all the gin joints in all the world, you had to walk into this one, huh?

Quinn: Yeah, something like that.

Nicole: You know, Taylor, I mean... maybe Quinny here couldn't get you out of his thought, his heart, and maybe he tracked you here to Salem, and he pretended to see you across a crowded room and made you think that it was fate, kismet.


Really wanted to do everything he could to--

Taylor: Just knock it off, nick, please. All right, it was--

[Laughs] It wasn't romantic. It was just... it was awkward. Okay? And you, of course, have made things worse again.

Nicole: you're not running off to Vegas to become Mrs. Quinn Hudson?

Quinn: How did you--

Nicole: How did I know your name?

Quinn: Yeah.

Nicole: I'm a veritable fount of information. I already knew about you two and what happened in Europe.

Bo: This is so...

Hope: Frustrating.

Bo: I stare and stare at this sketch.

Hope: And I know that, you know, there's something so familiar about this guy.

Bo: Nothing's coming back.

Roman: You know, I forgot what it was like watching you two work together. You complete each other's sentences like it's one train of thought.

Bo: I almost forgot what it was like too. It's good to be partners again.

Hope: I liked working with McCarthy. She baked me cookies.

[Cell phone ringing]

Bo: Well, that's not gonna happen here.

Hope: [Laughing] I know.

Roman: Yeah, Brady here. Okay. All right. Let's go, Thompson thinks he found something over there.

Hope: Let's go.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Brady: Chloe? I'm gonna tell you a little story. Do you, uh, remember when we went to Italy? I know you do. Because you were so tired of touring that you slept through the entire vacation. Remember that? I do, 'cause I--I sat there, and I watched you sleep, and I just waited for you to open your eyes so I could go out and see the sights. And what do you know, here I am again. And I want you to open your eyes again. But it's for a really different reason this time. I want you to wake up. need to get better. We need to know what happened to you.

[Rapid beeping]

Brady: What--what's happened? What is that? What--look at her. What is happening to her?!

Lexie: It's okay, it's okay. Chloe!


Chloe, can you hear me?

Lexie: Hey, Chloe.

Brady: I was--I should have stopped; I was talking to her about the attack.

Lexie: Yeah, I know. Inject it into her iv. Okay...okay... calm down. Calm down.

Brady: What are you giving her, a sedative? She had a head injury. Are you sure she should have a sedative?

Lexie: Brady, I know what I'm doing. Okay...okay, that's better. That's better. I want to examine her. Need you to wait outside.

Brady: Well, is she gonna...

Lexie: Please wait outside.

Brady: All right.

Roman: Damn. Thompson thought that footprint might give us somewhere to go.

Hope: Another dead end.

Bo: You know what? Since we're not getting anywhere with forensics, we should start to profile this guy.

Hope: Hello.

Roman: What is it?

Hope: Brady, pass me some of that evidence tape, please. Here, hold this. Thanks.

Bo: Got it?

Hope: Yeah. What do you know? Looks like human hair.

Bo: Yep. And it's too short to be Chloe's.

Roman: What do you know? Maybe we finally got the break we need.

EJ: You're calling me a bastard? I think the pot is talking to the kettle, dear.

Kate: Oh, don't get your knickers in a twist. I know I'm no saint. That is what made me such a good match for your father. But women like me don't come around very often.

EJ: Thank goodness for that.

Kate: [Chuckles] You see, I find a man like your father very, very attractive. But most women are waiting for the white knight, which, for you means that finding real love is not going to come easy. I mean, mostly, you'll be running into gold diggers like Nicole.

EJ: "Gold diggers."

Kate: Mm-hmm. Or you'll be hiding two thirds of your life from women like Taylor. Oh, and you know when you say that little thing about, "you make me want to be a better man"--don't use that. 'Cause you can't sell that, EJ.

EJ: Kate, the only reason that I'm enduring this little monologue of yours is because I don't wish to make a scene in a public place.

Kate: Honey, I just want to see you happy and successful, because it makes my life so much easier. So I am telling you that this plan of yours will not succeed if you insist on waiting around for love.

EJ: Okay. Oh, wise one... what do you suggest I do? Trophy wife?

Kate: Yeah.

EJ: Yeah?

Kate: Yeah, that wouldn't be so bad. You might even fall in love with her.

EJ: Yeah. Okay. I think I'm gonna pass on that one, if you don't mind. Kate, I know what has to happen. I also know the order in which it has to happen.

Kate: So is that what you were working on on your little tablet here?

EJ: That's what I was working on my tablet. Trust me, everything is going to fall into place.

Kate: All right. So let's just say that that does happen. From the little that I know about what you're doing, there is a possibility that a lot of people are going to be very unhappy. And that Salem might actually fall on its ear. So tell me...are you prepared to deal with all that fallout?

EJ: Absolutely.

Taylor: Okay... Nicole, enough. Enough. Because whatever you think you know...

Nicole: Oh, I don't think I know. I know--I got it straight from the source.

Quinn: What source? You're making all of this up.

Nicole: Really? Can I make up a mug shot? All right, look, you know, usually, when a woman wants to keep a memento from an old boyfriend, she keeps like a concert ticket stub or a dried flower or something. But a mug shot? Kind of led me to believe that maybe there's something more than just a simple affair going on.

Taylor: And none of which is any of your business.

Nicole: So I put my investigative skills to the test and I contacted the arresting officer.

Taylor: You contacted the police in Europe?

Nicole: Yeah. The internet. The world is a small village now.

Taylor: What is wrong with you?

Nicole: I don't know. Guess I just care too much about people.

Nicole: Honest, I can't believe you did this. What--

Quinn: Okay, it's time for your exit. I'm gonna give you a chance to leave voluntarily.

Nicole: Well, thank you. But I'm not leaving until I tell you what the euro cop said about the both of you. Mm-hmm. Come on, fess up, Taylor. You know you're dying to know.

Quinn: Leave now. Or I'll find you when we're not in a public place.

Nicole: Wai-wait. Wait, I wanna hear what she has to say.

Nicole: Yeah, she wants to hear.

Taylor: All right, so what did you find out, huh?

Nicole: Well, um, the cop said--don't you love the suspense?

Taylor: Nicole, damn it, don't do this.

Nicole: Okay, all right. All right. [Sigh] He said you were telling the truth. That you and the Aussie bum here were arrested at a human rights demonstration.

Quinn: Well, I hope that makes you happy. You just brought up a very painful part of your sister's life, and...made it out to be a party game.

Nicole: Well, I didn't want her life to go from bad to worse, thank you.

Taylor: Nicole, read my lips. My life is no longer your concern. So leave me alone.

Nicole: I was worried about you. I still am.

Taylor: Don't you see how out of line you are? Why I didn't want to go into this?

Nicole: No. I-I-- I don't. So--so what? You got arrested at a human rights demonstration. Who cares? It's awesome. I mean, that mug shot, it-- it's like a badge of honor.

Taylor: Yeah, and it also happens to bring up very painful memories from the past. About him, okay?

Nicole: Okay, so... he really did break your heart, then.

Taylor: Yeah, he did.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Brady: Lexie... is she okay?

Lexie: Yeah, well, she's quieted down.

Brady: Well, what--what happened in there?

Lexie: Well... I've ruled out that the episode was the result of a physical problem.

Brady: That's good. That's good.

Lexie: Yeah, which leads me to believe that it was a matter of her becoming emotionally agitated, even though she's still unconscious.

Brady: When I was talking to her, I was telling her that she needed to wake up so we can get the guy that did this to her.

Lexie: Mm.

Brady: I think maybe she heard me?

Lexie: I think that might be it.

Brady: Then...what do I do? What do I do now?

Lexie: Keep doing what you've been doing. Stay with her, talk to her. Okay, um, don't talk about the attack. That seems to make her agitated. This... this might indicate that she's coming back, Brady. So it would be good for her to know that you're there. To hear your voice. Okay?

Brady: I think I have a better idea. I'll be back.

Hope: How many times have we been over this crime scene? Doesn't it seem a little strange that no one saw this?

Bo: Yeah, it could be one of ours.

Hope: Well, we'll find out, won't we?

Roman: Yeah, and, I mean, possibly we just missed it.

Bo: Yeah, awful lot of traffic down here. Yeah, it might be anybody's.

Roman: Yeah, it might be our attacker's. Law of averages says something has to go our way sometime.

Both: Yeah.

Bo: Here.

Roman: Yeah, Wilson. Okay, get down here to the pier. We've got a hair sample. I need you to get it to the lab A.S.A.P.

Nicole: Well, this turned out to be disappointing.

Taylor: Nic, why don't you just just go bother someone else?

Nicole: Okay. Well... he's cute, I guess. Hope it works out. Or I don't. Doesn't really matter.

Quinn: [Scoffs] God, you really are a bitch, aren't you? You don't even give a damn about your own sister.

Nicole: Actually, I do. It's none of your business, but we just... have a few issues. Hope you have fun. If you're capable of it.

Quinn: [Groans] I'm sorry.

Taylor: It's... what that officer told Nicole. I assume that was your doing?

Quinn: I-I told you I'd do what's right. Protect you. So I had some connections here, so I called in a favor.

Taylor: You didn't have to do anything.

Quinn: Yeah, I did. Look I'm the one that got you into that mess. I put you in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Taylor: So what are you doing here? You trying to assuage your guilt?

Quinn: Yeah, that. And I really do care for you. I told you.

Taylor: You care for me? You care for me. Why then did you, heh heh... why did you want to turn me into one of your hookers? Please don't tell me that you're trying to help me.

Quinn: I was young and stupid then. I was just--just fooling myself. I've regretted that day ever since.

Taylor: Wow, that almost sounded sincere. But I still don't trust you.

Quinn: I covered for you. I-I changed your record. No one's ever gonna know why you were really arrested. If I didn't care for you, why would I do all that?

Waiter: Can I interest anyone in dessert?

EJ: No, thank you. My companion was just leaving.

Waiter: Very good, sir.

Kate: Yes, well, I guess I do have to tear myself away, now, don't I? But this was so much fun. I always enjoy these little talks of ours.

EJ: Good night, Kate. Sleep well.

Kate: Oh, no sleep for the wicked, no. I have to get to work if I'm going to get countess Wilhelmina up and running, now, don't I? Do you need a ride?

EJ: No, thank you. I've got some work to do.

Kate: Well, it was lovely running into you. Thank you for dinner.

EJ: I didn't say I was paying for your dinner.

Kate: You didn't have to.

EJ: Ahem. Hey, it's me. Just calling for an update. [Chuckles] She's headed where? Really? That is convenient. Thank you.

Waiter: Yes, Mr. DiMera.

EJ: Ahem, a bottle of your finest champagne, please. And, uh, two glasses.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Brady: Hear that?

[Woman singing opera] That would be the aria that you played for parker when you were pregnant with him. You said he kicked when he heard it. You said that you were gonna take him to the opera and make him love it as much as you do when you got older. You also said you picked this piece because it soothed your soul. And you hoped it would do the same for him.

Chloe, I remember you singing this...backstage, right before you went on. It was probably the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard. Honey, I wanna hear you sing again, okay? It's been too long. You need to come back to... to your friends. You need to be parker's mom. And you need to come back to me. Chloe lane... don't you give up. Don't you do it.

Quinn: You can trust me, Taylor.

Taylor: You know, um... I'm beginning to think I can.

Quinn: Are you gonna regret this?

Taylor: Probably.

Waiter: You did say two glasses, sir?

EJ: Yes, thank you. I'm expecting somebody to join me. She's not quite aware of that yet.

[Door closes]

EJ: There she is now.

Bo: Your eyes are as sharp as they are beautiful.

Hope: I, um... I don't believe this behavior is appropriate in the workplace.

Bo: Well, why don't we wrap things up here and go someplace where we can be really inappropriate?

Hope: Really inappropriate?

Bo: Really. Thank you. You're staring to make mistakes, pal. Gonna find ya.

Roman: Yeah, that hair we found on the pier did match our victim's description of her assailant. So I want you to fan out, check that alley, see if you can find any more. Also, this guy might have tried to dispose of his weapon somewhere around there. So look hard, keep your eyes wide open.

Nicole: What the hell is it that you want?

Brady: Why didn't I realize what was happening to you?

EJ: You are the most wonderful, devious, underhanded...

Nicole: Thank you.

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