Days Transcript Tuesday 9/6/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/6/11 - Canada; Wednesday 9/7/11 - U.S.A.


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Kate: Mmm. My chemist has outdone herself with these scents.

[Phone ringing]

Kate: [Chuckles] Hello, my darling. Yes! How are you? I'm fine, and I have some incredible news, Stefano. Yes. Yes, that is my news. Well, no, I'm just sorry that EJ told you about the venture before I had a chance to.

Nicole: Brady, I know you didn't wanna leave the hospital, but Chloe wouldn't want us standing around wringing our hands.

Brady: I just-- I don't believe it.

Nicole: Which part?

Brady: Both. Chloe's in a coma from a beating. She was turning tricks to pay her rent, Nicole.

Nicole: We have to get our stories straight. We have to keep this under wraps, okay?

Brady: Why did she believe that that was her only option?

Nicole: Look, we've all done things in our lives that we're not proud of that we'd rather no one ever knew about.

EJ: Hmm. Well, isn't that the truth, huh?

[Door rattling open]

Sami: Whoo! Hi.

Rafe: Hey! See, uh, the kids are at Grandma's.

Sami: Yeah?

Rafe: Yeah. They're making cupcakes, with strict instructions to bring-- bring home lots of them.

Sami: Oh, sounds good. What about you?

Rafe: Just trolling the internet.

Sami: Really? What were you trolling?

Rafe: The news, sports, the-- this cop, he's got this blog going, and all the guys were reading it, and it was good.

Sami: And you had to take notes?

Rafe: Yeah. Some good stuff in there.

Sami: Really? Can I see?

Rafe: Eh, nothing to see... really.

Sami: Well, then why are you hiding it?

Rafe: I'm not.

Sami: Okay. Then let me look.

Rafe: Come on.

Sami: Seriously?

Rafe: What?

Sami: Just let me see!

Rafe: There's nothing to see.

Sami: Oh, my god. Lexie called with the test results? I have cancer.

Gabi: Oh, I am so sorry I am late.

Abigail: Oh, don't worry about it. I just got here a couple of minutes ago. So tell me, how's school going?

Gabi: Impossible. It's been a week, and I still get lost on campus.

Abigail: Aw, it'll get better.

Gabi: I hope so. I mean, I look like a dork standing around looking for my building to see which class it's in.

Abigail: Well, can't will show you around? Guys love proving that they know how to get places without asking for directions.

Gabi: Yeah, if I ever saw him.

Abigail: I thought you said you guys had a lot of the same classes together?

Gabi: We do.

Abigail: And?

Gabi: And he's, um-- he's just spending a lot of time with his friends. That's all.

Abigail: Uh-huh. G-Gabi, is something wrong? Are you and will having problems?

Chad: You know, I thought we'd get more help at the library with the website research.

Sonny: Maybe we're just not looking in the right place.

Chad: [Sighs]

Sonny: You know, we need that big idea. That thing that hasn't been done yet... something to fill a need on campus that no one else has ever thought of.

Will: Okay, it's-- I think I have something.

EJ: You know, seeing the two of you cozy, comfy, fraught with worry can really only mean one thing.

Nicole: Don't you have some mom-and-pop shop that you wanna gobble up and ruin?

Brady: Seriously, EJ, why don't you back off, all right?

EJ: Well, I'm worried. You know, your, uh, brand-spanking new romance looks like it's on the rocks.

Nicole: What do you care? You made it abundantly clear that there is nothing between us anymore.

EJ: If memory serves, you have a tendency to default back to Brady, till somebody or someone richer comes along and presents himself. Now, I'm not a betting man, but if I were a betting man, then I'd start a pool to see if I could guess how long--

Brady: All right, shut up. I mean it. Shut up.

Sami: How could you not tell me this? Oh, my god, I mean, what'd you think--you could keep it a secret? Did you think there was a better way to tell me that I have cancer?

Rafe: Sami, just hold on.

Sami: No, I am not gonna hold on. We keep telling each other that we're gonna go through this together. How could you keep this from me?

Will: Okay, so, um, I was searching the web, 'cause I wanted to buy some used ski gear, and I was linked this website that rates secondhand sporting good stores.

Chad: Okay, and?

Will: And I was thinking, like, if we did it indirectly through a third-party platform at the university, like, why rate stuff? Why not rate professors and T.A.'S?

Sonny: And the courses themselves and, like, how well they apply to the major.

Will: Yeah, exactly.

Chad: Kind of like it.

Sonny: Me too. I mean, there are sites like that--what you're talking about--but not as comprehensive, and there's nothing like that at Salem U.

Will: Oh, crap.

Chad: What?

Will: I told Gabi-- I forgot I was supposed to have lunch with Gabi.

Chad: Well, uh, did you forget where too, because she's sitting right there.

Gabi: I mean, there's no trouble exactly.

Abigail: Then what is there exactly?

Gabi: Just regular relationship stuff. Okay. I'm a lousy liar, aren't I?

Abigail: Kind of, yeah. Hey, do you wanna talk about it, Gabi?

Gabi: Look, I don't even know what to do anymore. I mean, I keep telling myself that this kind of thing happens all the time, but I don't know what to say.

Abigail: Okay, wait. What kind of thing? What's going on?

Gabi: Nothing.

Abigail: You're losing me, Gabi. Just a second ago you said that something was happening--

Gabi: Okay, I mean nothing is going on between us-- not one thing. After the first time we slept together, we haven't had sex since--ever.

Will: Hey. What are you guys talking about?

Kate: Yes, I--I thought about going to outside investors, but, um, well, EJ convinced me that it was better to keep it in the family. You know, he is like you in that way. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

Brady: You do not wanna cross the line with me today.

EJ: Really? Are you gonna beat me up again?

Brady: I don't know, but just back off, okay?

EJ: Let's not forget-- I can still bring you up on charges.

Nicole: Go away, EJ. Brady, thank you for standing up for me, but EJ can't hurt me any more than he already has.

EJ: Why do you defend her? She dumped you, yeah? I mean, she humiliates you, and then she leaves you. Why are you waiting for this to happen again? Look, it's not exactly a secret, I don't think. Is it? Called an opportunist, Brady. As long as she gets what she needs, right? Money, sex--in that order, yeah?

Nicole: You arrogant, mean-spirited bastard.

Sami: I know you think that you are protecting me, but you can't protect me from this, okay? It is my body. It's my illness--

Rafe: Sami, would you stop? I didn't hear anything about the test results. Okay? Nothing.

Sami: What?

Rafe: I haven't heard anything, and I would not keep any information from you about your health.

Sami: Oh. I'm sorry.

Rafe: No, it's okay.

Sami: Just seeing you reading about it on the internet made me think that you were keeping something from me.

Rafe: No, I just--I wanted to find out some information, but I didn't want you to know, because I didn't want you to be upset, and... you can see how well that turned out.

Sami: This is getting to me, obviously.

Rafe: I know. Sami, it's getting to me too. That's why I wanted to do some reading, so I-- so I can feel less out of control.

Sami: Is it helping? I mean, you're the one who said that the internet is bad for my health.

Rafe: Yeah, it is. Should've taken my own advice. When you read some of this crap, you think everything is wrong with you.

Sami: You think I have it, don't you?

Rafe: No. I don't know. The doctors, they don't even know.

Sami: But if I do--

Rafe: If you do, we're prepared to fight. Am I right? Right? Prepared?

Sami: Right.

Rafe: Yes, honey. Is it here?

Abigail: Come on, will. Since when do girls ever tell guys what they're talking about?

Chad: She does have a point. Uh, you know what, by the way, you look sexy in that dress. Just saying. Just throwing it out there.

Abigail: Aw, thank you, baby.

Chad: You're welcome.

Will: Oh, I--I just got your text. Sorry.

Gabi: It's okay.

Abigail: Looks like someone needs to be paying more attention, cousin dear.

Will: I know. I just got distracted.

Gabi: You were with your friends. It's fine.

Will: No, no. Actually, I just met these guys here. The reason I was late was because there is a lottery on campus for the 50-yard-line seats for the first home football game of the season, and I got in, so... [Sighs] We can share a stadium blanket.

Gabi: Awesome.

Abigail: That was very sweet of you, William.

Sonny: This is more than sweet. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Chad: Dude.

Sonny: Dude, this is it.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: Okay, did we miss something here?

Gabi: Right?

Chad: We'll have to show you right here.

EJ: No, nothing. It was a good hit, though.

Nicole: Thank you. You want me to try it again?

EJ: So many memories.

Nicole: Oh, you know what?

Brady: No, you--

Nicole: Okay, wait, wait. Brady, Brady, look, I know you're pissed. I'm pissed. But take it from me-- he's not worth it.

Brady: You know what, Nicole? I don't care. I want--

Nicole: Can you just let me have a word with him alone?

Brady: No. No, that's crazy--

Nicole: Nothing's gonna happen, okay? I need to deal with this.

Brady: He shouldn't get to do this to you.

Nicole: Just wait for me outside, please.

Brady: Okay.

Nicole: You just had to do it, right? You just had to be an S.O.B. Why? Because you're bored?

EJ: I don't think the "why" is really important. Do you?

Nicole: Uh, yeah, 'cause I used to matter to you. So what, are you jealous?

EJ: Jealous?

Nicole: Yeah, of me and Brady being back together?

EJ: I don't--why would I be--

Nicole: Considering it was so easy for you to cheat on me with my sister. So the question is, why the hell do you care?

Sami: Could you explain to me what made you decide to look this stuff up online right now?

Rafe: I'm a facts man. You know that. Which means I like to have a plan of action, which means I need to find out every possible fact, every piece of information I can about every single scenario.

Sami: Well, I don't like facts. I never have, especially not these facts. And you have convinced me more than ever that I don't wanna know.

Rafe: And I think that's very healthy.

Sami: Look, for the record, if I do have cancer, I am gonna fight it head on.

Rafe: I know.

Sami: But I don't appreciate you looking this stuff up online behind my back. And I don't like the fact that you have all these facts about this disease running around in your head right now.

Rafe: You're very upset.

Sami: Yes, I am upset, because it's my body and it's my life, and you should've just left it the hell alone! Have I got a surprise for you!

Rafe: Come sit with me.

Sami: [Sighs] I'm sorry.

Rafe: Don't be.

Sami: No, I am. I shouldn't have jumped all over you like that.

Rafe: No, I understand. You're freaked out. So am I. Just...we deal with it differently.

Sami: [Laughs] Yeah, that's for sure. I mean, I know we've been through a lot. A lot. But this just feels so... out of control, you know? Like, I--I don't have a plan. I don't have anything I can do that will make this better. And if I have cancer, I... I don't even know how to finish that sentence.

Rafe: Well, maybe you're not supposed to know unless you do.

Sami: I think that's what I was trying to say... before I bit your head off.

Rafe: Eh.

Sami: I wish I had a job. I wish I had that job at the police station. Just something, anything, to take my mind off the horrible waiting.

Rafe: Well, for the record, it doesn't make that much of a difference.

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: It doesn't.

Sami: Well, when I'm with the kids, you know, and they're fighting in the bathtub, or wanting 16 stories to go to sleep--all those, you know, annoying mom moments... they're all so precious to me. It wasn't like this with Johnny. When Johnny was sick, I had a plan. I knew exactly what I was gonna do. I knew how to get the right specialist. I knew everything, because I was going to make sure that he didn't get sick. I was gonna do everything to make sure he was okay. End of story.

Rafe: And you did. You did everything, Sami.

Sami: We both did.

Rafe: Well...

Sami: If me being sick makes sure that he's healthy...

Rafe: Sami, it doesn't work that way.

Sami: We don't know that. What I do know is that I don't need the internet to tell me that having ovarian cancer is not a good prognosis.

Chad: All right, look at this right here--the Salem u sports and athletic tab on the homepage.

Sonny: Wow. This sucks.

Chad: Right?

Will: There aren't any video links?

Chad: And it's nothing interactive.

Sonny: No, they don't even have the schedule up, and these standings are from 2009.

Abigail: You guys, nobody even looks at that site anyway.

Chad: Nobody looks at it, because it hasn't been updated in two years.

Sonny: Why would anyone bother?

Will: What if there was a ticket-selling option?

Chad: That would actually work.

Will: Because I waited in this effing line today, but if people could buy tickets from their dorm room.

Chad: And they could do real-time game updates.

Sonny: Video highlights.

Will: Stream, like, an interview show.

Sonny: Dude, that-- oh, my god. I love that idea.

Abigail: And they could do player profiles with pictures. And also stats and things.

Abigail: What? I'd look.

Gabi: Also, you can get sponsors to pay for the ads.

Chad: Okay, hold on. Yes, yes, and yes. That sounds great.

Will: If this works, like, if this takes off, then--

Sonny: We can target other campuses locally.

Chad: And then spread out from there.

Sonny: This could be amazing.

Chad: Actually, this could be huge, all right, but it's probably gonna take a huge amount of time...

Sonny: I'm in. I'll make it work.

Will: Me too. I mean, if you want something, you make room for it. Whoo.

EJ: Let's just get one thing perfectly clear between the two of us, shall we?

Nicole: Oh, yes, like how our relationship has always been--clear.

EJ: I'm not jealous of you and Brady.

Nicole: No? Then why won't you leave us alone?

EJ: [Sighs] The inevitability of the implosion, it fascinates me.

Nicole: Again, why? For your information, we are not imploding, and the last time that happened was because of you. Well, guess what? You're not a factor anymore.

EJ: Sure about that? Why are you being such a colossal jerk? I am trying to move forward with Brady, and I am trying not to make the same mistakes. Do you have a problem with that? Is that okay with you?

EJ: Tsk, not really.

Nicole: You know what? If I could kill you and not go to prison, I would, EJ. I would.

Brady: Okay, okay. I think that's enough time. What do you think?

EJ: Sure.

Nicole: Definitely. I think this is where you go. Leave.

EJ: It was a pleasure.

Nicole: Thank you for not making a scene.

Brady: It's only because you hit him first. That's a hell of a right hook you got, by the way.

Nicole: I'm sorry about that.

Brady: It's not your fault. You all right?

Nicole: Yeah, I am now.

Sami: It's just the idea of missing Sydney's first day of kindergarten, or Allie's first communion, or Johnny making his first million... just kills me. I have quite a way with words, don't I?

Rafe: Yeah. I love you so much.

Sami: You really are a saint, you know that?

Rafe: That's me--saint Rafe.

Sami: [Laughs] You have to make sure that I don't become a downer through all this, okay?

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: I'm counting on you, because I am a very bad patient. I hate being sick. I never get sick. There was this one time when I was like six years old, and I had the chicken pox, and my twin brother Eric made me a plaque that said "world's worst patient."

Rafe: Great.

Sami: And then I gave him the chicken pox, and then we both made John's life miserable. I'm just worried that when I go through all of this you're just gonna get sick of my crap.

Rafe: 'Cause that's never happened. What? You said don't let you get down. Am I wrong? Sami. You're my world. You mean everything to me. And there's nothing-- there is nothing that is gonna get in the way of that. Not now, not ever. We're in this together, you and me. That's a promise...forever. Hey!

Sonny: Okay, we need a business plan to present to the athletic department.

Chad: Without calling them out as lame.

Will: Good point.

Abigail: You guys can't forget about women's sports also. There's lacrosse and soccer. Basketball.

Gabi: Gymnastics.

Sonny: They're right.

Will: Yeah.

Abigail: Did you seriously not think of this until I just said that?

Chad: You know what? You guys should help.

Abigail: Oh, wow, I think we have to. Clearly you guys are lost without us.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Will: You know, if you work on the website with me, we can spend more time together.

Gabi: I'd like that.

Will: [Chuckles]

Gabi: I always wanna be with you.

EJ: These numbers are good.

Kate: Uh, they're brilliant.

EJ: Brilliant, my dear, we will save for the profit report.

Kate: Wow. This company is going to take off like a rocket. Everyone's onboard. They're getting the vision. They're working to give countess Wilhelmina a memorable debut.

EJ: You're excited.

Kate: Mm, because I believe in the product.

EJ: Good. You need a spokesperson. You know that, right?

Kate: Yes. I have people working on the options.

EJ: Okay. A model, celebrity, somebody with a famous face?

Kate: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's my thought.

EJ: Good. And, uh, as per our agreement, I'm not interfering too much with your company.

Kate: Well...I thought that, until Stefano called me and he was already aware of our plans.

EJ: You wanted to tell him yourself?

Kate: You know very well I did.

EJ: Well, I talk to father every day about business, and it just came up.

Kate: Well, I'm gonna let it go. I'm going to let it go, because my focus is on the company and that's it.

EJ: You know this, uh, this passion of yours rather reminds me of a woman that I once knew.

Kate: Who?

EJ: Dare I say the old Kate Roberts has returned?

Kate: Ah! Well, I have to say I missed that fire. And frankly, your drive reminds me of the old EJ. So perhaps we're even.

EJ: Perhaps.

Kate: You were distracted, EJ. You were distracted by Sami, your troubles with the children, Nicole, Taylor... you were lost.

EJ: I was distracted. I wasn't lost.

Kate: Well, whatever you wanna call it, I prefer this version. It's more efficient.

EJ: I'm glad you think so. This, uh, business of yours, if it's successful, it fits right into my plans.

Kate: Excuse me?

EJ: Your success is my success. Understand I approve this funding because it'll help me open other doors for the company.

[Pen writing on paper]

Kate: Okay, you need to listen to me very, very carefully. If you try to corrupt my plans, mold them to fit your needs, I will take my product, and I will be out of here faster-- faster than you can even ask how it happened. Do I make that clear?

Nicole: [Sighs] EJ is an idiot. What does he get out of goading us?

Brady: I think it makes him feel superior.

Nicole: No, no. EJ is not like that, Brady. He's a machine in his work, in his relationships... he doesn't get caught up in feelings and resentment.

Brady: People change.

Nicole: He's being juvenile.

Brady: To me he just seems hurt.

Nicole: Excuse me?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: He married me and took up with my sister in like five minutes.

Brady: After you kind of did the same thing to him, if you recall.

Nicole: Are you defending him?

Brady: Well, you have to admit, I mean, you have a pattern with guys, Nicole. You love 'em, you snag 'em, you leave 'em.

Nicole: I don't believe I'm hearing this. Your grandfather has really gotten to you.

Brady: No. Listen, EJ is an ass. That is obvious, okay, but you can't sit there and act like you don't know what's going on and what this is all about. Okay? I mean, Nicole, you've hurt him, and you've hurt me. You went back to him. You came back to me. It's kind of like groundhog day.

Nicole: I truly don't believe this. You're taking his side.

Brady: I'm not taking his side. I don't care about EJ. I don't wanna talk about EJ. I do care about you.

Nicole: Do you?

Brady: I really do. But I'll be honest with you. Every minute I'm with you, I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, and I'm wondering when I'm gonna hear the clunk of that other shoe falling.

Sami: You really are the perfect guy, Rafe.

Rafe: [Chuckles]

Sami: How did I get so lucky?

Rafe: Oh, please. I ask myself the same thing about you every day. Sorry about earlier.

Sami: Don't be. I mean, it's not your fault. I jumped down your throat because... because I'm scared.

Rafe: Yeah. I am too.

Sami: Tell me what you're scared of.

Rafe: Scared of seeing you in pain... seeing you be scared... being helpless... not being able to help make you better.

Sami: You always make it better.

Rafe: Yeah? You know what I wanna do?

Sami: What?

Rafe: I wanna tell you that everything's gonna be okay, that we're gonna live these long, healthy, happy lives, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

Sami: Can't do that.

Rafe: Yeah, I can. I can. Coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to.

Abigail: That went well, right?

Gabi: Yeah, I guess.

Abigail: What do you mean you guess? Will wants you to help with that website project. I mean, he said so himself-- so that he could spend more time with you.

Gabi: Abigail, I love spending time with will, but working on this website is gonna be exactly what we do together now, which is just hang out as friends.

Abigail: Okay, so is the problem that it's just hard for the two of you to find time to be alone together?

Gabi: I mean, how hard can it be? We hang out, and then he wants to play video games, or he forgets he has a test to study for.

Abigail: God, that is just so strange.

Gabi: No. No, it's not. You know what's funny? I know exactly the reason why.

Abigail: You do?

Gabi: Yeah, I did something wrong.

Abigail: Wait, what do you mean?

Gabi: I did something wrong the first time we had sex.

Abigail: Oh, come on, Gabi. There is no way.

Gabi: It has to be. I mean, what guy doesn't wanna be with his girlfriend after the first time they've done it? A guy who isn't into his girlfriend because he didn't like the sex the first time. That's who.

Will: I'm glad you guys like this idea.

Sonny: Dude, it's genius.

Chad: Also was getting Abigail and Gabi onboard.

Will: Yeah, they'll be awesome.

Chad: And bonus, because they won't hate us for spending all of our spare time holed up in a computer lab.

Will: I mean, I hope not.

Chad: You guys okay?

Will: What, me and gab? Yeah, sure. Never better.

Nicole: Are you serious? You sit around waiting for me to hurt you?

Brady: No. But would I be surprised if history repeated itself? Not really.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Okay, Brady, I know you're upset about Chloe, about EJ, but I just have to say that I would--I would die before I could hurt you again. I--I hope you know that.

Brady: [Sighs] I know. I believe that, actually, but, uh, you're just a very complicated person, you know that?

Nicole: Well, so are you. And I prefer "passionate," if you don't mind.

Brady: I know. I prefer passionate as well, but passionate and complicated women don't sit still for very long.

Nicole: I'm committed to you, Brady. And after everything that's happened today, I hope you see that. I'm serious about this, about-- about us. I didn't know what I wanted before, and now I do.

Brady: What do you want?

Nicole: I want you.

EJ: But nothing about our business arrangement has changed. We still have our agreement.

Kate: Mm. Well, after what you just said, that's a little hard to believe.

EJ: Really?

Kate: Mm.

EJ: That the success of your company is beneficial to me.

Kate: You know exactly what I'm talking about.

EJ: Kate, I don't know how much more clear I could be.

Kate: [Sighs]

EJ: You're in charge of countess Wilhelmina. You make 100 percent of the day-to-day decisions. I have no interest in the minutiae.

Kate: Just the rewards?

EJ: Right, but I thought we understood that.

Kate: No, I do, I do. I'm just checking.

EJ: Look, if this company is successful, it shines a light on the family name globally.

Kate: That's more important to you than the bottom line?

EJ: That is the bottom line, Kate. Your company and all of our other holdings, their legitimacy, their strength, that's our success.

Kate: Wow. That's a lot of pressure for my little cosmetics firm.

EJ: Well, I think you can handle it, and you've never thought small.

Kate: Well, no, no. I mean, I am flattered that you think my cosmetics business could legitimatize the DiMera name. It's just a tall order.

EJ: It's all about appearances, really, isn't it?

Kate: Really?

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Do you believe that?

EJ: I do, and more to the point, I know that you do too.

Sami: You are my hero... every day.

Rafe: I wanna be.

Sami: But that doesn't mean you have to be strong every single minute, you know.

Rafe: Well, I'm not. I just-- I pretend to be.

Sami: You don't have to. You are strong for me, and you help me be strong. You have to let me help you. And even if I am sick... I know I have you.

Rafe: You have me. Always.

Chad: So I got bottle service at the club last night--

Abigail: Okay, first of all, do not ever think you did something wrong.

Gabi: Abigail, will and I had sex once, and never again. He's just not interested in me, okay? I think he cares about me and he wants to be close to me, but he's just not into me, and that's what this is all about.

Abigail: But why wouldn't he be into you? Why wouldn't he want you? Okay, Gabi, can I ask you something a little bit personal?

Gabi: [Sighs] I think we're beyond this point.

Abigail: All right, all right, all right. So when you and will are alone together, do you always just wait for him to initiate things?

Gabi: Well, um--

Abigail: I mean really, really initiate.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do.

Abigail: Okay. Well, maybe you should do something about that.

Gabi: You think?

Abigail: Yeah, I do. I mean, why not?

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, maybe you're right.

Chad: All right, fellas, I'm gonna have to bounce if I'm gonna make it back to my urban studies class on time. Uh, hey, Abigail. Do you wanna, um, walk me back to class?

Abigail: Yeah, I do. Definitely.

Gabi: I have to go too.

Will: Okay.

Gabi: Uh, I'll miss you. See you later?

Will: Yeah, sure.

Gabi: Good. I can't wait.

Chad: [Clears throat] Uh, Gabi? Come on. Let's go. And guys, more later.

Sonny: All right, take it easy.

Gabi: Text me after class.

Chad: Um, so what do you think about, like a-- doing, like, a weekly ticket raffle?

Sonny: Will, are you okay?

Will: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I just, um-- I'm gonna get a burger.

Kate: I mean, my company is going to deliver, but with all of the press the family has had lately--I mean especially lately--do think a successful company is really enough to upgrade the DiMera name?

EJ: Don't underestimate me, Kate.

Kate: Oh, no, heaven forbid.

EJ: [Laughs] Have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Kate: [Chuckles] You know, I think you need a little more than that.

EJ: What?

Kate: Me.

EJ: In what capacity?

Kate: Well, I mean, not me exactly. Someone--someone like me. A Kate. A devoted wife. Someone who can smile prettily for the cameras just at the right moment to deflect attention away from you.

EJ: Oh, you mean a trophy wife?

Kate: No, no. I mean a real wife. A devoted wife, like I am to your father. Unflinchingly devoted. That's exactly what you need.

EJ: I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.

Kate: I'm serious, EJ. You need someone who is going to accept you for exactly what you are and put family first... always.

Brady: [Chuckles] You remember that conversation we had earlier today?

Nicole: Uh, before we got the phone call about Chloe? Whether you changed your mind about kicking me out of the mansion.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, that one. Um, I didn't change my mind. But I also--I don't wanna put any pressure on our relationship.

Nicole: Meaning...

Brady: Meaning I think we should take things lighter this time. Just try it. We'll-- you know, no strings, no commitments. We'll just take it very...easy. Sound good?

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: You gotta trust me on this one. You're not too happy about it, are you?

Nicole: Well, did you think I would be?

Brady: I wanna take it one step at a time with you this time. Easy. Tell me you can deal with that. Hey babe, thanks for going shopping.

Lexie: Sami, it's Lexie. Your test results are in.

Sami: Yes! Where am I? Sami... wait a minute. Oh, my god.

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