Days Transcript Friday 9/2/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/2/11 - Canada; Monday 9/6/11 - U.S.A.


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Melanie: Hi. Sorry I'm late--traffic. Have you seen Mom yet?

Nicholas: No.

Melanie: Well, let's go. Look, we're doing this for Mom, okay? Please don't back out on me now.

Nicholas: I didn't say I was backing out, okay? I agree with you. I just need a second.

Melanie: Look, I know it's hard, okay? But it's gonna be worth it in the end--I promise. Come on.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hi. Dr. Norman, am I late for my appointment?

Dr. Norman: No, no, um, I just thought maybe we'd try something different today-- talk here where you feel comfortable.

Melanie: Hey, Mom--oh, I'm sorry.

Nicholas: Oh, we can come back later.

Melanie: Yeah.

Dr. Norman: No, no. Actually, um, I'd like for you both to stay, participate in your mother's session today.

Nicholas: No offense, but that didn't work out so well last time. I mean, I don't understand what else there is to talk about. We've already been over how I feel about what happened to my father.

Dr. Norman: Yeah, I agree. I agree. That's why today, Melanie, I'd like to focus on your relationship with your mother.

[Telephone rings]

Taylor: Salem P.D.

Roman: Yeah, Taylor--Roman. I need you to pull those mug shots, get them over to the hospital as soon as you can.

Taylor: Is it about the stalker case?

Roman: Yeah, I want that animal caught before another woman becomes a victim.

Vivian: Oh, Quinn, your sense of humor is so Australian-- so dry, so antiauthoritarian, just like me. [Laughs]

Quinn: Well, if you can't mock the wowser, what's the point?

Vivian: Exactly. [Laughs]

Gus: Madame.

Vivian: Hmm?

Gus: I have a surprise for you--the latest novel from your favorite Scandinavian writer. It's so bleak--nothing short of a masterpiece. And best of all... it's not even been released yet. You'll have the only copy in town.

Vivian: Uh, the only one? I don't think so.

Gus: But how?

Vivian: Well, Quinn called in a couple of favors, and voila! It's even signed by the author. Isn't he amazing?

Gus: Yes, amazing.

Daniel: You sure you're up for going through these mug shots now?

Mandy: I want to find the man who attacked me... get him off the streets.

Bo: Good, good. Books will be here very soon. Best thing for you to do is just relax. That'll make this guy happy.

Hope: We don't want you to put any unnecessary pressure on yourself, okay?

Bo: Excuse me. I hope she's able to find the guy who attacked her in those books, if he's even in them.

Hope: Yeah, well, she came through for us once. God, we need a break. We've got to find this guy before he strikes again.

Brady: I need help here!

Maxine: Oh, Lord.

Brady: She's been attacked.

Maxine: Take her in there!

Brady: Where do I--in there?

Maxine: Yes. Tell me it wasn't that monster.

Brady: Just get a doctor!

Nicole: Call a doctor! Oh, God.

Brady: Chloe? Honey? Honey, honey? Say something to me. Chloe, you stay with me, okay? Help's coming. You're gonna be fine. Honey, open your eyes.

Melanie: Mom and I are okay, you know? We've already--we've already talked about everything that's happened, and we're in a good place now, right?

Dr. Norman: Your mother's talked a lot about the guilt she feels.

Carly: How I hurt you, Nicholas... taking your father away from you. And, baby, I know I've hurt you, too... giving you up when you were born and all the things that Trent did--

Melanie: I don't want to talk about that.

Carly: I kept you from knowing your father, and when I see the way he loves you, I think that, you know, if I had just been stronger and stood up to Lawrence, then you would have had a very different life.

Dr. Norman: I think you two have a lot to talk about.

Daniel: All right, everything looks good. Just don't overdo it.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Oh, hey.

Taylor: Roman said you were waiting on these?

Bo: Yeah, thank you.

Daniel: Okay, cell number for me, Lexie's on call. But if Mandy overdoes it, you stop. She's been through enough already. I don't want a repeat of last time.

Hope: Believe me, neither do we.

Daniel: Okay.

Hope: Don't worry. We're gonna take good care of her. She's not just a witness to me.

Daniel: Good to hear. Here you go.

Hope: Have fun with Jennifer tonight. Tell her I said hi. All right, Mandy... you ready to get started? Okay. All right, this--here we go.

Maxine: Pulse is very weak.

Brady: Why isn't she waking up?

Maxine: Pupils are already going dilated.

Lexie: Oh, Chloe. Order a head C.T. What happened?

Brady: Someone left her in the alley like this, Lexie.

Lexie: Okay, I'll need X-rays, CBC, pelvic exam.

Brady: Can you--are you--is she gonna wake up? Is she gonna--tell me if she's gonna wake--

Lexie: Brady--

Brady: Lexie, I need to know if she's gonna be all right, okay?

Lexie: Maxine, please.

Maxine: Hey, listen, step outside and let Lexie do her job, okay?

Brady: Well, can you tell me if she's gonna make it? Just tell me she'll make it.

Maxine: When we know, you'll know.

Brady: Thank you. "When we know, you'll know," that's not an answer! [Pounds door] [Sighs]

Vivian: What is it that you don't understand? My son has given me a lovely gift.

Gus: But they weren't giving away advanced copies to anyone. I had to pull strings in places where no strings should be pulled.

Vivian: What can I say? He's not anyone. He's a man who can do the impossible.

Gus: I guess that's something we have in common.

Vivian: Well, I don't see our waitress anywhere, and, uh, Quinn could use some more, and I definitely need a refill. Could you do something about that before--oops.

Melanie: Okay, I mean, I'm not gonna lie to you. My mom knows it hurt me when I found out what she did. And it took some time to get over it, but I did.

Dr. Norman: So it's all ancient history?

Melanie: Yeah. Yeah, I know my mom gave me up because she had to. And I can't even imagine what you must have been going through, and back then I didn't want to, I guess, because it's just easier to be angry than, you know, caring and compassionate.

Dr. Norman: It usually is.

Melanie: But she didn't give up on me... you know, not until she made me realize why she did what she did. And I know she loves me... just like she loves Nicholas. And that's why we're here, because we forgive her.

Nicholas: It's true, Mother.

Carly: Nicky, you said yesterday that I--

Nicholas: That I didn't think I could ever get over what you'd done to my father. I know. Like Melanie said, it's easier to be angry than compassionate. Okay, but I came back because... because I know how much you love us... that everything you did, you did because you love us.

Melanie: What?

Dr. Norman: So all of that anger and resentment you felt... it's behind you now?

Melanie: You don't believe me?

Dr. Norman: I'm not sure your mother believes you.

Mandy: I don't recognize any of these guys.

Hope: It's okay. It's just the first book. There's no rush. Just take your time. We're all here for you. Just take your time and look at each one.

Roman: Bo.

Bo: When the hell did this happen?

Roman: It looks like last night.

Bo: Ah, damn it!

Roman: Yeah, I'm gonna go back over, check things out. I'll let you know.

Bo: Okay, thanks. [Sighs]

Taylor: Bo?

Bo: Hey, uh, there was another attack.

Taylor: Oh, my God. W-what happened? Is she okay?

Bo: No, no, she was unconscious when they brought her in. Damn it.

Jennifer: Hey. I got your message. What's going on?

Daniel: Well, Bo and Hope are with Mandy.

Jennifer: What, again?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, she's looking through mug shots, and maybe if she can identify this lunatic, they'll lock him up.

Jennifer: Do you think she can handle that, if she's able to recognize him?

Daniel: You know what? I really don't know, which is why I have this, just in case she needs me.

Jennifer: You are an amazing doctor, you know that?

Daniel: Well, you know, trauma I can handle. Violence... I'm just really not that good at, which is why... I just needed to see you, just to make sure you're okay.

Jennifer: I am very okay. I'm good.

Daniel: Yeah?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Well, I just needed to see for myself--that's all.

Brady: What the hell was she thinking, huh?

Kinsey: I told you.

Brady: Yeah, I know. I just need to--I need a couple minutes to process the fact that my ex-wife was hooking in the streets.

Kinsey: It's not like that. Chloe didn't become a hooker because she wanted to, okay? She needed the money so that she could get custody of Parker.

Brady: Yeah, I know, I know. You told me all that, okay? But God forbid she came to somebody for help. She should have come to me for help, all right? She knew a psycho was out there. She made herself a target.

Nicole: All right, stop. Stop. Just calm down, okay? This isn't helping Chloe.

Brady: Nicole, what am I supposed to do when the cops start asking questions? What am I gonna say--"It was an accident"?

Kinsey: No, no! Brady, you cannot tell anyone what I told you, okay? Promise me.

Brady: Do you think you're protecting her? Is that it?

Kinsey: I'm trying to. Okay, this gets out, Chloe's gonna lose any chance of getting her son back, and that will kill her.

Melanie: Look, don't tell me how I feel when it comes to my mom, please.

Dr. Norman: No, nobody can tell us how you feel but you, Melanie. But if your mom's goal here is to truly heal herself, which I believe that it is... all of these old wounds need to be addressed.

Melanie: Okay. I understand that. I just--I don't know what else you want me to say.

Carly: [Sighs] I love you both so much. But I know the hurt I've caused you and the pain I've inflicted, and that's affected your entire life, okay? So you can't sit here and tell me that it doesn't matter. Dr. Norman's right. If we can't be honest with each other, it's not gonna work.

Melanie: Okay, um, I guess in my head, I understand why you did what you did. [Sniffles] But like Nicholas said... [Voice breaking] I'm always gonna have to live with the fact that you gave me away, and that'll probably always hurt.

Vivian: [Laughs] Oh, no!

Quinn: Yeah, yeah, I couldn't believe it.

Vivian: Are you serious?

Quinn: [Laughs] Yes.

Vivian: Oh, my... [Laughs] [Laughter echoing] Hey, Gus.

Gus: Ma'am?

Vivian: Are you listening to me? What's the matter with you? I told you, he's got to leave.

Gus: So soon? What a pity.

Quinn: Can't sit around all day. Got things to do, Russ.

Gus: It's Gus.

Vivian: Oh, don't be so persnickety. It's not very becoming. Besides, what's really in a name?

Gus: Recognition.

Vivian: Oh... darling, thank you so much for the gift.

Quinn: Oh... my pleasure, Mum. I hope it lives up to expectations.

Vivian: How could it not?

Quinn: Bye.

Vivian: Bye.

Gus: Wait!

Vivian: Hey! Stop that! What's the matter with you?

Gus: He had something on his jacket. It's gone now.

Quinn: Yeah, thanks.

Vivian: I think I'll start reading this. Such a thoughtful gift.

[Siren wailing]

Taylor: Anything?

Bo: No, nothing yet. I just sent the task force to the waterfront.

Taylor: Can I do anything? I'd like to help.

Bo: [Sighs] Thanks, but... well, you could pray that she I.D.'s the guy who attacked her.

Taylor: You know, I probably should go, 'cause I don't really want to distract her.

Bo: Okay, I'll call you if I need you.

Taylor: Okay.

Bo: Thanks. So... how's it going?

Mandy: [Sighs] I'm sorry. He's not in here.

Brady: Roman, hey.

Roman: Brady, what are you doing here?

Brady: Aren't you here to see Chloe?

Roman: Chloe? What are you talking about? Are you telling me Chloe is the woman that was attacked?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I was the one that found her.

Roman: [Sighs] Well, I'm gonna need you to tell me everything you know.

Nicole: Kinsey.

Kinsey: I'm sorry. I'm just--I'm afraid to talk to the police. I-I really--I don't want to mess up and say something that I shouldn't.

Nicole: You and Chloe... you're close, right?

Kinsey: Sort of. I mean, not as close as Brady is, obviously. God, I hope she knows that he's here right now.

Nicole: Why would you say that?

Kinsey: Well, the way she talks about him. She really counts on him.

Nicole: She talks about him?

Kinsey: Yeah--I mean, I know that things have been over between them for a long time now, but she says there's still this connection between them. I guess when you fall in love with someone, that never really goes away.

Brady: I found her in an alley south of Broad Street.

Roman: Well, do you have any idea how long she might have been there?

Brady: No. Lexie, Lexie, I want to--I want to see her.

Lexie: Not now, Brady.

Brady: Why not now?

Lexie: Because right now Chloe is just lucky to be alive. She suffered massive head injury, and there's internal bleeding.

Roman: Lexie, I'm gonna need to talk to her at some point.

Lexie: I understand that, Roman, but right now you'll have to wait until she regains consciousness.

Roman: This doesn't make sense. She doesn't fit the profile. Why in the hell would this guy do this to Chloe?

Jennifer: [Sighs] No news is good news, right?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry. Sorry.

Jennifer: No, no, don't apologize for being concerned, really. Your dedication--that is one of the many things I love about you.

Daniel: Cool.

Jennifer: I don't know. Maybe I'm just really jealous.

Daniel: Jealous?

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, you have this incredibly important job. I don't even have a job right now.

Daniel: What, you miss working at the hospital?

Jennifer: I miss working with you.

Daniel: Super cool.

[Both laugh]

Jennifer: No, I mean, as much as I enjoy volunteering and I've loved this extra time with Abigail, I'm just--I'm getting restless.

Daniel: Are you? Well, you know, they haven't, uh, rehired anyone to take your place yet.

Jennifer: Mm. I'm a tough act to follow.

Daniel: Yes, you are.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Daniel: But if you miss work, you know, who's to say that you couldn't just march on in there and get your old job back?

Jennifer: Me?

Hope: I don't want you to give up, okay? It's one book. Look, we still have all of these to go through.

Mandy: Do you really think this is gonna work?

Hope: I do. Just take your time. No pressure. [Sighs] I'm gonna start her on the next one.

Bo: Okay. Task force just got down to the waterfront.

Hope: [Sighs] I want to nail this guy. I want him to pay for what he's done.

Bo: Yeah. How do you think she's doing?

Hope: I still think she's our best shot at closing this case. But if she finds out there's been another attack... I'm afraid she's gonna shut down. This has got to end.

Roman: Brady, you got to help me out here. You got to fill in some blanks.

Brady: Yeah.

Roman: Okay? Chloe is a very smart girl. Why would she put herself in a situation like that where she's so vulnerable?

Brady: Roman, I don't know. Y-you know what? I got a question for you, too. I mean, Chloe's not the first person to be attacked by this guy. Why hasn't your department caught him, hmm? I'm sorry. I'm--I'm sorry.

Roman: It's okay. I understand your frustration. I feel it, too.

Maxine: Dr. Carver?

Lexie: Hmm?

Maxine: You better get in here.

Lexie: Oh.

Brady: Lex--Lexie...

Lexie: Not now, Brady.

Brady: Lexie, come on! Please...

Roman: You know what? I'm gonna have my, uh, guys canvass that alley. Maybe we'll get lucky.

Kinsey: Okay, you didn't tell him what Chloe was doing last night, did you?

Brady: No. Listen, look, he's not stupid, all right? He's got questions. He's gonna want them answered.

Roman: All right. So you two were with Brady when he found Chloe?

Nicole: Yes, we were.

Roman: All right. That alley that you found her at--I mean, it's not, uh, exactly the nicest place in town. So you guys want to tell me what you three were doing down there? Let's start with you.

Brady: Roman, listen, she was just the one that realized that Chloe was missing--that's all.

Roman: Really? How?

Brady: She was supposed to meet Chloe at the pub, and Chloe didn't show up. And then she called me.

Roman: And your first thought was to look down there?

Brady: No, it wasn't my first thought. If it had been, we would have gotten to her a lot sooner.

Nicole: We were looking everywhere, Roman.

Roman: Okay. All right. Tell me this, all right? So, then, as far as you know, Chloe had absolutely no reason to be in that alley last night?

Brady: No, none at all.

Melanie: I'm sorry. I know what I said hurts you.

Carly: No. No. Listen to me. You told me the truth. That's what I wanted, okay? And you feel the same way?

Nicholas: I understand the position you were put in. Okay, that your situation dictated your actions, but... I also believe that you acted out of love... for the both of us.

Carly: And that makes a difference?

Nicholas: It doesn't erase the pain... but it makes something I can live with.

Carly: [Cries]

Dr. Norman: Carly?

Carly: Look, I get it. They--they understand why I did what I did. But this is what I know. I know how hard it was for you. Nicky, you had to pull your life together without a father because of me. And you--you had to live with the feeling of being rejected by your own mother. I have lived with this pain every day for my entire life. And I've had to try to find ways to live with it. But the worst part in all this is that so have you. And I just... I...

Melanie: You just what?

Carly: I can't do this anymore.

[Door closes]

Daniel: Wow. That was a pretty strong reaction. You really have no interest in going back to work at the hospital?

Jennifer: Sorry.

Daniel: No, that's okay. I just work there. I don't run the joint. But if I did... I would try to impress upon you how great it would be to see you in the hallways, maybe have some coffee breaks together, you know, sneak into a supply closet.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Daniel!

Daniel: What? No, what? Oh, no, I hear that happens in the hosp--I heard.

Jennifer: Okay, listen to me. As--as great as that all sounds...

Daniel: Yeah?

Jennifer: And it does.

Daniel: The supply closet?

Jennifer: I have made up my mind.

Daniel: Hmm.

Jennifer: I don't know. I-I just--I need to feel challenged, and I don't know what that looks like right now, but I-I know there's something out there for me.

Daniel: Yeah? Well, I thought you liked your job.

Jennifer: I did. I did, but I feel like I just fell into hospital P.R., you know? It's not really the career of my dreams.

Daniel: Hmm. And I know what the career of your dreams was, and you don't want to go back there because...

Jennifer: You know why I don't want to go back there-- because of Jack.

Daniel: I was really hoping we couldn't say his name, but, um, yeah. Yeah, that whole working-together experience--

Jennifer: It didn't-- it didn't work.

Daniel: You know, somehow all roads seem to lead back to Jack, don't they?

Brady: So, um, is there anything else you need to ask us?

Roman: No, unfortunately the only one who can answer the rest of my questions is Chloe.

Nicole: And she might not remember anything.

Roman: Well, Nicole, let's hope to hell that's not the case... because before now, this guy has only attacked prostitutes, but by going after Chloe, it seems that maybe he's widening his focus. Excuse me.

Nicole: God, this is a nightmare.

Brady: I know.

Nicole: Brady, look, are you--are you sure about this? Do we really want to be lying to the police?

Brady: Yeah, I'm sure.

Bo: How's Mandy holding up?

Hope: She's moved on to the next set of mug shots. Something's got to give soon.

Bo: Hey, had a little bit of a setback here, but we'll make it through.

Hope: I just want to see that animal in shackles.

Bo: So do I. And once we do, we'll have something else to celebrate. I heard you and Roman talking on the phone this morning about the party. What the--?

Hope: My gosh, seriously, what was I thinking? I mean, what were we thinking-- planning something like that in the middle of an investigation? Completely insane.

Bo: When has that ever stopped us?

Hope: I don't want to make any mistakes with this case. It's too important.

Bo: Yeah, I know. But something tells me that by the time we get down to the nitty-gritty details of planning this party, this case will be solved.

Hope: I'm holding you to that.

Bo: Yeah, just hold me.

Hope: Okay. Mm. [Sighs]

Quinn: What are you doing here? It's not safe.

Taylor: You're here.

Quinn: Well, this maniac isn't attacking men, is he? He's too much of a coward.

Taylor: Yeah, and so are you. You promised you would put an end to this, but you're feeding this monster.

Quinn: What are you talking about?

Taylor: Another girl was attacked last night.

Quinn: Is she all right? What--

Taylor: What do you think, Quinn? She was one of your girls, wasn't she? And she was out there on the street because you told her that's where she should be.

Quinn: No!

Taylor: You saw an opportunity to make a buck, so you took it, right? You thought, "One more time, just put her out there." Well, guess what. Now she is in the hospital fighting for her life.

Gus: You brought a computer to a bar?

Vivian: Well, yes, I did, didn't I?

Gus: Why?

Vivian: Free Wi-Fi. Not that it makes it any easier to surf on the web, because if you push the wrong button, you get chaos. Look at this.

Gus: You might want to close that window.

Vivian: I can't. I'm trying to find a perfect vacation, and I'm thinking about the Amalfi coast. Oh, you know what? You do it for me. You're so good at this. I want you to find me a very decent place to stay, and by "decent." I mean on the water, and by "on the water," I mean a five-star hotel, and by "five-star hotel," I mean I don't want to spend too much.

Gus: I remember the last time we went to Amalfi. It was beautiful.

Vivian: Oh, yes, Italy is beautiful. Oh, don't forget--two rooms.

Gus: Of course. And don't worry. I can be ready to go at a moment's notice.

Vivian: Where are you going?

Gus: With you. You said "two rooms."

Vivian: [Scoffs] By "two rooms," I meant--

Gus: Don't say it.

Vivian: I'm bringing my son.

Gus: But we always travel together.

Vivian: Oh, Gus, try to understand. Quinn is available, and I have just a bit of time to make up for him all those years.

Gus: Couldn't you just send him a postcard?

Vivian: A postcard? Please. Just worry about what's in front of you and finish that itinerary by the time I get back from the loo.

Taylor: You lied to me, hmm? When you said that you were shutting down your business because you were worried about your girls' safety, and I believed you. That's what you were counting on, wasn't it, hmm? Would you answer me, please?

Quinn: Oh, so now it's my turn to speak? I'm actually allowed to say something?

Taylor: Please do.

Quinn: You're wrong about me, Taylor.

Taylor: Oh, the hell I am.

Quinn: I took my girls off the street. My business is in total lockdown. Whoever this girl is, she's not connected to me.

Taylor: Oh, yeah, and why am I supposed to believe you?

Quinn: Why would I lie about this?

Taylor: To cover your ass. It is what you do, Quinn, to keep yourself clean. You have always been like this, and I've never, ever been able to trust you. And you keep proving to me why I can't.

Quinn: This isn't really about what happened to that girl, is it? This is about us.

Bo: Oh, here's Roman.

Hope: Hey. Do you know who our victim is? Does she have any prior arrests for prostitution?

Roman: That's just it. It's Chloe Lane.

Bo: No.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Roman: Yeah, Brady along with Nicole and this girl Kinsey are the ones who found her.

Hope: Oh, my God, Bo.

Bo: What the hell?

Roman: Whoever this guy is, he's expanding his pool of potential victims. He's not just targeting call girls anymore. I don't think we have a choice. I think we have to put out another statement--warn the public about this.

Hope: What, you want to cause a panic?

Roman: No, it will be a very carefully worded statement, but we can't protect a whole city of women on our own.

Bo: Has Chloe given you anything to go on here?

Roman: No, she was still unconscious, but I'm gonna go back over there, see if she's awake. How are things going with Mandy?

Bo: We got nothing so far.

Hope: We're not giving up. We're gonna keep going.

Jennifer: Hey...

Daniel: Hmm?

Jennifer: Listen to me. I... I mean, you don't feel...

Daniel: What--threatened, insecure? No, no, no. No, of course not. I don't. No, I mean, I know who you're with and, uh, you know, who you're not with.

Jennifer: That's right. Yeah. So do I. And believe me, I am very happy.

Daniel: Yeah? Are you? Okay, well, I'm happy. I mean, it's just... well, look, you got to admit-- this guy, wherever he is, um... he casts a pretty long shadow.

Jennifer: You know what? Jack... Jack was a part of my life for a really long time... and we have a very complicated history.

Daniel: Oh.

Jennifer: But look at me. What--what I shared with him is--

Daniel: Is over? Yeah. No, I, uh--I know that. I do.

Jennifer: Really?

Daniel: And I know--

Jennifer: Do you know that?

Daniel: Yeah. No, I think I do, yeah.

Jennifer: 'Cause I want to say something to you, and I want you to look at me when I'm saying it. I really want you to hear me.

Daniel: You're trusting me to listen?

Jennifer: I'm going out on a limb here.

Daniel: All right. I got your hand--here we go. Shake it, don't break it, baby. Come on.

Jennifer: All right. [Laughs] I have a feeling...

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: That the guy that I'm looking at right now... I think that he's going to be an even bigger part of my life.

Daniel: Well, lady, you know what I think?

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: I think you...

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Need to meet me here right in the middle of this table...

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: For a kiss.

Jennifer: Okay.

Carly: [Sighs] I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Melanie: No.

Nicholas: You haven't.

Carly: I just--I feel stuck. I just feel stuck. I-I have no other way to put it.

Dr. Norman: I think you've been pretty clear about how you feel, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, and a lot of good that's been.

Dr. Norman: Well, I've had a thought about that. You've talked a lot about how much you sacrificed for your children-- staying with Lawrence, removing yourself from their lives all for their own good. Your actions weren't selfish or malevolent, and that's a testament to how much you love them. And yet... the guilt you feel over their pain is still there. Even though they've been able to put it behind them... you're still trapped in this emotional prison. And there's only one person who can set you free.

Taylor: You're damn right. This is about us, because I know you better than anyone else in Salem and what you do to people.

Quinn: What do I do?

Taylor: You destroy lives.

Quinn: Aw, come on!

Taylor: Oh, come on, you were gonna put me on the street, and under different circumstances, that could have been me in the hospital.

Quinn: Yes, but it wasn't, was it, huh? All right, yeah, I set you up with a job, okay? But you didn't go through with it, Taylor. Nothing happened to you. You moved on--that's fine. It's all in the past. Leave it there!

Taylor: No, it's not in the past--it isn't for me.

Quinn: Why can't you just let it go, forget about it?

Taylor: Because I can't forget about it! I can't forget about you!

Carly: [Sighs] Who--who is this person who is supposed to...

Dr. Norman: Forgive you?

Carly: Yeah, for lack of better words.

Dr. Norman: Well, it's not Nicholas or Melanie. They already have. They've told you as much. But you weren't hearing them, you weren't receptive to it.

Carly: Oh, is that just another flaw?

Dr. Norman: Uh, no. Carly, the only person who can forgive you is you. And until you do that... until you allow that to happen... there's no moving on.

Hope: Mandy... there's, uh--there's something we need to tell you, and it's about to become public knowledge.

Mandy: What is it?

Hope: There was another attack last night.

Mandy: Oh, my God. Is she gonna be all right?

Bo: She's here at the hospital. The doctors are treating her.

Hope: That's why what you're doing, going through these mug shots, is so important.

Mandy: When you two were gone, I-I went through this last one twice. I went through every single picture. I didn't see him. He's not in here. He's not in any of these books. What does that mean?

Hope: It means he may not have a record.

Mandy: I'm sorry.

Bo: No, no, no, it's not your fault.

Hope: Wait a second, Brady. What if we got a sketch artist down here? Mandy, do you think you could remember enough to help us come up with a composite?

Mandy: I'll try.

Hope: Brady?

Bo: Yeah, I'm on it.

Hope: Okay.

Kinsey: Thank you. Thank you so much for not telling the police what Chloe was doing last night.

Brady: Don't worry about it, all right? I'm gonna do whatever I can to protect Chloe. She's been through enough. Lexie...

[Door closes]

Lexie: [Sighs]

Roman: Lexie, how's Chloe? Can I see her?

Lexie: No, Roman, you can't.

Brady: Why not? What's going on?

Lexie: Brady, I'm--I'm sorry. Chloe slipped into a coma. I don't know when or if she'll come out of it.

[Door opens]

[Monitor beeping]

Nicole: Oh, my God. [Crying] Oh, my God. [Sobbing]

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

EJ: Nicole's an opportunist, Brady, as long as she gets what she needs, right? Why do you defend her? She dumped you.

Brady: Every night I'm with you, I'm wondering when I'm gonna hear that other shoe falling.

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