Days Transcript Wednesday 8/31/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/31/11 - Canada; Thursday 9/1/11 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: Hey.

Sami: How was work?

Rafe: Um, well, I didn't get anything done. I was just thinkin' about you all afternoon.

Sami: You were not thinking about me. You were worrying about me. Look, I'm good, okay?

Rafe: Yeah?

Sami: Well, I'm glad to be home, right? At least Lexie let me check out.

Rafe: Yeah? How'd it go with grandma?

Sami: Good. The kids are good, and they obviously knew something was up, but she didn't let them question me.

Rafe: Shocking. She didn't mind keeping them for a little while longer?

Sami: Of course not. Are you kidding me?

Rafe: Awesome. Time with grandma--always good.

Sami: I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to keep this from her.

Rafe: Yeah, well, hopefully, you won't have to. We'll get the news back from the lab, it'll be good, and then it'll be moot.

Sami: I like the way you think.

Rafe: Yeah. I know, waiting is the hardest part.

Sami: I'm trying to be strong.

Rafe: Hey, you're the strongest person I know.

Kate: EJ.

EJ: Kate.

Kate: I will be out of your way in a moment.

EJ: I don't think there's any rush. How was your meeting with Victor Kiriakis?

Kate: How on earth did you know about that?

Brady: [Clears throat] Okay, you win.

Victor: Well, I'm glad we agree.

Brady: So that's why you turned Kate down, right?

Victor: Much better deal, right?

Brady: It's an amazingly better deal.

Victor: I'm glad we both agree. And now you can apologize for ever doubting me.

Brady: Oh, okay. I apologize for doubting you, granddad.

Victor: As much as I appreciate Kate's olive branch, I will be more than pleased to put countess Wilhelmina personal care out of business before they even begin.

Nicole: [Clears throat]

[Rock music playing]

Taylor: Do you mind?

Quinn: You know, in some cultures, if you sink the 8 ball off the break, it's an automatic loss.

Taylor: Well, it doesn't really matter when you're playing by yourself.

Quinn: Then don't play alone.

Taylor: Okay, Quinn, I came here to detox from you. So, if you don't mind, go away. Okay, for the love of-- what do you want?

Quinn: I have something important to tell you, and you'll definitely want to hear it.

Chloe: Where the hell is he already?

Sami: I just keep thinking that if it were good news, we would have heard it already.

Rafe: What makes you think that?

Sami: The fact that I used to work at the hospital, and I know that it always takes longer if something's wrong.

Rafe: Oh, my--yeah, exactly. You used to work at the hospital. You know the people who work there. Now, come on. You know that lab. It's chronically backed up.

Sami: This is true.

Rafe: Yeah. Know what we need right now?

Sami: What?

Rafe: Distraction.

Sami: Okay. What did you have in mind?

Rafe: Well, got to eat, right?

Sami: Eat?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Are you kidding me? What about that 12-scoop sundae you brought to the hospital? That's dinner for a week.

Rafe: You had, like, two bites of that, for the record, okay? Listen, hey, come on. How often is it that we're here, the kids aren't here, and Sydney's not spilling milk all over you, Johnny's not begging you to play tic-tac-toe, like, a thousand times?

Sami: What if Lexie calls?

Rafe: She'll call your cell or mine. Oh, by the way, that Italian joint--it finally opened up at Salem place.

Sami: How did I miss that?

Rafe: I don't know, but I'm in good with the owner.

Sami: What?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, I told him my beautiful wife's favorite thing in the whole wide world-- homemade gnocchi, which by the way, for the record, is not easy to come by in these parts.

Sami: No, no, it's not.

Rafe: And he was so impressed with your impeccable taste, he said if we come by there, first meal's on him. I'd say we've earned it.

Sami: Wow. Look at you-- agent distracter.

Rafe: On the case.

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: Come on, let's go. We'll do it. We'll celebrate... 'cause I know when Lexie calls, it's gonna be good news.

Sami: I love you. I love you so much. I'll go get my purse.

Rafe: All right.

Sami: [Giggles]

Lexie: [Sighs]

[Knock at door]

Lexie: Come in.

Abe: Oh, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

Lexie: Oh. That I'd still be here?

Abe: Yeah, and looking like you need that.

Lexie: Thanks, sweetheart.

Abe: [Groans]

Lexie: Are you workin' late tonight, too?

Abe: Oh, we have this case with this guy who's attacking streetwalkers. It's 24-7.

Lexie: Has the P.D. gotten any leads?

Abe: Not enough to get this bastard, no. I just hope we come up with something that can stop him before he hurts anyone else.

Kate: I can't believe it. This is what it's come to. You have me followed to find out my business.

EJ: Answer my question. How did your meeting go?

Kate: If you want to know so badly, you should have, well, come with me.

EJ: I already know that he turned you down flat.

Kate: You see, you know all the answers, so why even ask me the questions? We don't even need to be speaking, do we?

EJ: Uh, Kate? Aren't you just a little bit curious, hmm?

Kate: He's a stubborn old man, and he has no vision.

EJ: [Sighs] You sure about that?

Kate: What's your point?

EJ: Why do you think... that this family has such a fierce and direct conflict with the Kiriakises... hmm? Victor has this incredible ability to be able to spot a moneymaking deal. Now, you go to him with your business plan for countess Wilhelmina cosmetics. Now that we've worked out some of the numbers, it's first-rate.

Kate: Well, thank you.

EJ: So... clearly Victor is withholding his support for a reason that we have yet to uncover.

Kate: "We"?

EJ: Kate, he's your ex. You must have some idea of what he has up his sleeve.

Victor: I don't know what barn you were raised in, but in this house, we knock before entering a room and interrupting a private conversation.

Nicole: Well, I was getting ready for bed, and I realized I wasn't tired. So I thought I'd come down for a little... chamomile tea. Or maybe you could bring some up for me, you know, once you're finished talking about whatever it is I'm not supposed to hear.

Brady: I'll see what they have in the kitchen.

Nicole: Thank you. Good night, Victor.

Victor: You know, where I come from, we have a name for women like that.

Brady: Granddad, before you even start--

Victor: I want her out of my house... now, tonight.

Taylor: You have something to say, say it.

Quinn: I'm shutting down my business. The women who work for me are at risk out there with this lunatic running around. I'm making sure they're protected.

Taylor: Well, good. It's about time.

Quinn: I thought you'd be pleased.

Taylor: Oh, I am. So when are you leaving town?

Chloe: Oh, my god, you scared me to death.

Eliot: You were about to call me, right?

Chloe: Yes.

Eliot: Got about halfway here and remembered I left my phone in my suit pocket. Didn't want it to ring and have my wife answer it.

Chloe: Ah, good thinking. You know, Eliot, uh, I was about to leave if you had me waiting any longer.

Eliot: Well, I'm glad you didn't.

Chloe: Me too.

Eliot: I know Quinn is closing up shop for a while. I'm really glad you're doing this on your own.

Chloe: Yeah. I'm gonna make you as glad as possible.

Eliot: You always do, Lola.

Chloe: Yeah. Um, let's go.

Abe: Can I talk you into a quick dinner? The babysitter checked in. Theo--[Laughs] Theo's wiped out. He's already tucked into bed with a book.

Lexie: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I-I'd love to, but I'm swamped.

Abe: Well, can't somebody cover for you for an hour?

Lexie: Um... no. I have a consultation tonight. I'm sorry.

Abe: Isn't that unusual?

Lexie: Yeah, but, uh, I don't want to keep this patient waiting until the morning. This is the kind of news I really, really wish I never had to give.

Abe: I'm sorry.

Lexie: Yeah. I hate this part of my job. You know, I mean, I became a doctor because I wanted to help people. Oh! Still, after all these years... I will never get used to this feeling. You know, I-I can't.

Abe: Oh, sweetheart, come here. Come here. Ohh.

Rafe: Hey. No messages?

Sami: No, nothin' yet.

Rafe: All right, well, Lexie may not call tonight.

Sami: I know.

Rafe: So let's go. Our date awaits.

Sami: [Laughs] I can't wait.

[Telephone ringing]

Rafe: I'll get it. Hello?

Lexie: Rafe, hi. It's Lexie.

Rafe: Oh, hi, Lexie. Why don't I put you on with Sami? You can tell her the good news yourself.

Lexie: No, wait. I'd rather you both come in, so I can speak to you in person.

Taylor: Is it such a hard question? When are you leaving?

Quinn: I'm shutting down operations. I'm not going anywhere.

Taylor: [Mutters] Then I will go.

Quinn: I need you to hear me out.

Taylor: About what?

Quinn: I want you to know I'm truly sorry for pulling you in the way I did all those years ago. You didn't do anything wrong, and you ended up with a criminal record nonetheless. And I understand why you're furious with me.

Taylor: Yeah. So... are we through?

Quinn: No. Look, I should have protected you back then. And maybe it's too late to make it up to you now, but... but I'm gonna protect the women who trusted me enough to work for me.

Taylor: Oh. [Laughs] You're being a noble pimp. How nice. So... are you saying that you're protecting the girls because of me?

Quinn: Yeah, maybe that's part of it. But what matters is that I'm doing what's right.

Kate: I don't know what Victor's up to. As a matter of fact, I didn't think he was up to anything, other than saying no to me. But since you're the all-seeing, all-knowing one in this room, perhaps you should enlighten me.

EJ: Oh, all in good time, Kate.

Kate: [Laughs] Oh, you really are enjoying this.

EJ: Oh, I really am.

Kate: Mm.

EJ: Yeah, I really am. Anyway, look, I think it's up to you and I to stay one step ahead of Victor.

Kate: No. I never asked for your help.

EJ: But, you see, you did, which was very wise of you, because you need it. Here... why don't you do yourself a big favor... and call corporate?

Kate: Oh, for the love of god.

EJ: Call corporate. Call them. Tell them I approved funding for the countess Wilhelmina transaction.

Brady: Well, here we go again. Look, I know you don't approve of Nicole and me, all right? But I'm not kicking her out of this house. For one thing, she has nowhere else to go.

Victor: She got a hefty divorce settlement.

Brady: Well, that divorce isn't exactly finalized yet.

Victor: And she's still married... even better. You want her here because she's gotten under your skin.

Brady: I kind of like her under my skin, actually. I guess so.

Victor: That's what leeches do.

Brady: Look, don't--don't-- don't start.

Victor: Have you learned nothing? Even if you want to ignore your disastrous history with her, think of her track record. There's EJ, there's--

Brady: And there's you. Is that what this is about? Is this about your wounded pride? You still haven't gotten over that, have you?

Victor: I have moved on and done quite well, thank you very much. And you would do well to do the same thing.

Brady: I'm really tired of having this conversation.

Victor: For god's sake, then do something about it!

Lexie: And how are the kids? Are they okay?

Sami: Yeah, they're, uh-- they're with my grandma.

Lexie: Good.

Rafe: Lexie, what's goin' on?

Lexie: Why don't you both have a seat?

Sami: I don't want to sit. I just want you to tell me what's wrong with me. If it was good news, you would have said so on the phone.

Lexie: We got your test results back. The biopsy showed some abnormalities.

Rafe: Meaning?

Lexie: We're not completely sure yet.

Sami: I thought I was ready to hear you say that... but, actually, hearing it is, uh...

Rafe: Can you run the tests again? I know these labs--they make mistakes all the time.

Lexie: Yeah, we ran the test twice to be certain before I called you.

Sami: I knew it.

Rafe: Okay, well, uh... you said the tests are inconclusive. So we really--we don't know anything yet, honey.

Sami: Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Look at her. Lexie, just say it. I have cancer, don't I?

Eliot: Some extra.

Chloe: Why?

Eliot: Somethin' about you. You're special.

Chloe: Thanks.

Eliot: You're nice. You're smart. And the other stuff, well, look at you.

Chloe: I appreciate it.

Eliot: Can I ask you somethin'?

Chloe: Okay.

Eliot: How'd you wind up here?

Chloe: Um, I... I guess I just wanted what everyone does-- a good job, a family, love.

Eliot: What happened?

Chloe: I screwed up everything.

Eliot: [Sighs] I'm sorry if I'm asking you too many personal questions.

Chloe: No, I-I-it's okay. You know, um, I was a singer. I actually toured with an opera company in Europe for a while.

Eliot: An opera singer?

Chloe: Yeah, hard to believe, huh? And I was married, too... not long ago.

Eliot: Really?

Chloe: Yeah. An amazing guy, a doctor. He has no idea what I'm doing, and he won't. He--he can't find out. No one can.

Eliot: Listen, I-I did not mean to upset you.

Chloe: No, it's okay. I'm sorry. I-I just really hate this.

Eliot: Why do you do it?

Chloe: I have a son... and this is the only way that he can be in my life.

Taylor: So you want to do the right thing... and you want me to know about it. What is your angle?

Quinn: Look at me.

Taylor: Oh...

Quinn: No, Taylor, look at me. Look me in the eye and tell me I'm not 100% sincere.

Taylor: No, I'm not doing this again. I'm--

Quinn: You used to believe in me.

Taylor: I don't know why.

Quinn: I do. And you weren't wrong.

Taylor: You came to Salem, and you picked up right where you left off. You haven't changed. And you are not getting out of the business to protect those girls. You're getting out of it because you are a coward and you are afraid of getting caught.

Quinn: That's not true. You know deep down who I am. And I know--and I know-- I know who you are, too.

Taylor: Bye.

Quinn: Taylor?

Taylor: Mm-mm. Ouch.

Abe: Hey, Taylor.

Taylor: Hi.

Abe: Everything okay?

Lexie: The lab report showed some abnormal cell formations on the cyst we removed. We haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what they are yet.

Sami: When will we know?

Lexie: We'll have to run further tests.

Sami: More surgery.

Lexie: No, no. No more surgery, at least not for now. We should be able to do the tests from the samples we already have.

Rafe: And you think you're gonna be able to figure out what we're dealing with, for sure?

Lexie: I've called in a specialist, so we should have a lot more information moving forward.

Rafe: Okay, what kind of specialist?

Lexie: An oncologist.

Sami: An onco-- so it is cancer.

Rafe: Lexie, you must have some sort of idea of what-- what's goin' on here. Is that what you think?

Kate: So it wasn't a ploy.

EJ: I don't do ploys.

Kate: You approved the funding of my company through corporate?

EJ: Yep. A toast to our new partnership. You don't do toasts.

Kate: I'm going to tell you the same thing that I told Victor. I want this company to be all mine, and if I take that financing, then it won't be.

EJ: Victor turned you down. So, if you don't take my money... you don't have the company.

Kate: [Scoffs] No offense, EJ, but you and Victor aren't the only game in town. I own hearth and home. I have a proven track record. The investors that I'll be courting--they know I'm a safe bet.

EJ: "Safe bet." Let me ask you something. What could be safer than family money?

Kate: My autonomy. And if I take this financing, I don't have that.

EJ: When you hatched this little idea, you came to me begging for money.

Kate: Well, my plans have changed, EJ.

EJ: Times, Kate, have changed. If you think that some stranger's money is worth more than family equity, you're mistaken. Just think about this. It's a win-win situation. You get to run your little company, and we get to share the profits. So how can you possibly lose?

Nicole: [Chuckles] I was kidding about the tea, but thank you.

Brady: Mm.

Nicole: Uh, so should I pack my bags?

Brady: Pack your bags? Why would you do that? Excuse me.

Nicole: Well, you don't think I know what's going on behind open doors here? Victor wants me out.

Brady: Well, he's got some pretty good reasons not to trust you, you know?

Nicole: So do you.

Brady: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. But do they outweigh the reward?

Brady: Hmm.

Taylor: [Chuckles] Thanks for asking, Abe. I'm okay.

Abe: I'm glad to hear it. Are you sure?

Taylor: Yeah, you know, I just--you'd think I'd get used to feeling this way after I have a fight with my sister.

Abe: I am sorry things are so tough between the two of you.

Taylor: Yeah, you know, we're just two very different people.

Abe: Yeah, I understand. You know, I was on my way through here, just a little shortcut on the way to the car. You need a lift?

Taylor: Oh, no, I'm good. Thanks.

Abe: You know, Lexie is working late tonight, but I'm-- I'm around if you need anything.

Taylor: I appreciate it.

Abe: All right, well, you take care of yourself, all right?

Taylor: Mm. You don't have to worry about me, okay? I'm okay.

Abe: Ah, yeah. Well, somebody does have to worry about you. Nicole is not the only family you have in Salem. Lexie and I are always there for you.

Taylor: I know. And it means a lot to me.

Abe: All right. See you at home.

Taylor: Okay.

Quinn: Taylor, d-- don't go. Please.

Sami: Lexie, my mother is a doctor, okay? So I know what an oncologist does. He's a specialist in cancer. Why else would you call in for a consult unless that's what you think I have?

Lexie: Okay, Sami, I am telling you as much as I know. That's why I'm calling in someone with more expertise in this area than I have. Can it be cancer? Yes. Can it be something else? Yes.

Sami: Like what?

Lexie: I don't want to play guessing games right now. Look, I know... I know that waiting is the worst part, okay? I understand. I mean, this is--is a highly stressful, anxiety-provoking situation.

Rafe: No kidding.

Lexie: I want you both armed with whatever information I can give you, but I don't want any of us jumping to premature conclusions.

Rafe: Okay. We can get a second opinion. Even after the specialist looks at the cells, we can get a second opinion, right?

Lexie: Yes, and a third and a fourth, whatever it takes for you to get the best medical care possible. What are you thinking?

Sami: I'm thinking about my kids. I'm thinking that I can't have cancer, because my kids need me.

Rafe: Sami, Sami. Even if this is the worst-case scenario, w-we can beat this. Sami, we can beat this, right? Am I right? We can beat this. The odds are in our favor.

Chloe: And after that happened, uh, his father got full custody and left town with him.

Eliot: I'm sorry.

Chloe: Me too. Well, um, I have a friend, an attorney, who's helping me, and he said as long as I can establish residency and show a certain income and be able to prove to child welfare that I'm fit, then we start with visitations and eventually move to joint custody.

Eliot: Well, you just be careful out there. This guy, this one who's attacking the prostitutes, he-- I am so sorry.

Chloe: Don't be. It's what I am.

Eliot: No. No. You're not. You're just a mother who's trying to help her kid. Uh, thank you. And, Lola...

Chloe: Yeah?

Eliot: What's your kid's name?

Chloe: Parker.

Eliot: Good luck with parker.

Taylor: Why are we still talking, Quinn? There's nothing more to say.

Quinn: You used to make me feel better about myself.

Taylor: Well, I wished I hadn't.

Quinn: Don't, Taylor. Don't shut down on me. Look, I'm trying to tell you that you are one of the only people I have ever known that made a difference in my life.

Taylor: Really? Because I'd be hard-pressed to tell.

Quinn: I stuck my neck out to get you out of trouble at considerable cost to myself and my business.

Taylor: Oh, right, yeah. And I went and I messed it all up for you, right?

Quinn: No, you didn't!

Taylor: You know what? Quinn, let's just--let's pretend that we never had the bad luck of meeting each other in the first place, okay?

Quinn: I cared about you back then very much. And I still do, Taylor. I do.

Lexie: Rafe, Sami, I... I can't even... I can't even begin to give you odds until we know what we're dealing with. But I can tell you this-- there's always hope.

Sami: I know that. You are looking at a person who never gives up.

Rafe: Two of them.

Lexie: Good. Good. Well, I'll get on top of those tests and make sure we get the results as soon as possible.

Rafe: Well, what more can you tell us about the doctor-- this specialist?

Lexie: Well, he practices out of the university of Chicago. He's one of the top doctors in his field.

Rafe: Okay. Thank you for... bringing in the best for Sami.

Lexie: You're welcome. Now... um, I've got to get to the E.R. Um... are you gonna be okay?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Yeah, okay.

Lexie: Um... listen, um... if you have any questions... or concerns... don't hesitate to call me.

Sami: Thank you, Lexie. Um... [Clears throat] You've been a good friend through this.

Lexie: Well, um, as your friend, Sami, there's something I-I just have to say.

Sami: What?

Lexie: I know you don't want to worry your family until you know what you're dealing with, but as you said, you are a doctor's daughter. And if Marlena knew that you were going through this without her, you know how upset she'd be. Honey, I know you feel like you're protecting her, but do you really think that's what she'd want? All right, I've got to go. You try to get some rest, okay? Both of you.

Rafe: Thank you.

Lexie: Okay.

Sami: I mean, why is this happening? I mean, we just got the kids back, and we're finally together, and we're happy together, and now it's just not fair! It's not fair!

Rafe: Listen to me. We're still together. We still have the kids. We're happy.

Sami: And I probably have cancer.

Rafe: No, you probably don't have cancer. You don't.

Sami: You really think that?

Rafe: Yes. Yes.

Sami: God, I want to be like you. I want to have that attitude. I want to have grace under fire. I just can't--

Rafe: Listen, what about when Johnny--when Johnny was sick, did you ever think that he wasn't gonna make it?

Sami: No.

Rafe: No, you didn't. No, you did not, because you would never let anything hurt him.

Sami: Not if I could help it.

Rafe: No, and I'm not gonna let this hurt you. You hear me? No matter what happens, we're gonna get through this, and we are gonna beat this... together. All right?

EJ: You're very lucky that I know you, Kate.

Kate: Really?

EJ: Really. 'Cause I would not tolerate that kind of reticence from anybody who is not my father's wife.

Kate: [Scoffs] You do realize that this offer came totally out of left field.

EJ: I appreciate that, but it is genuine. You know, my father taught me that a handshake... is binding. So...

Kate: A few things first.

EJ: Such as?

Kate: If I do accept this financing, I still retain control of the company. That means day-to-day business operations are entirely my responsibility.

EJ: I can assure you that I-I really have no interest in the day-to-day runnings of a cosmetics company. Just show me quarterly profits, I'm happy.

Kate: Well, just as long as we're clear here-- this doesn't only mean you. It means anyone who works for you or with you or under you. You and your cohorts will not be telling me what to do, ever.

EJ: Got it. You have my word, Kate.

Kate: Such as it is.

EJ: This is business, Kate. I don't take it lightly. So... I won't offer it a third time. I'm pleased.

Kate: I'm concerned.

EJ: [Laughing] Don't be. A pact with me is, um--

Kate: Is like a pact with the devil.

EJ: Well... the devil won't help you as much as I will.

Kate: Hmm. Well, and as much as I enjoyed your little talk about how binding your handshake is, I'm sure you won't mind if I call my lawyers and have them secure this little transaction with paperwork, now, will you?

EJ: No, not at all.

Kate: Good.

EJ: Hey, it's me. So, um, go ahead and put through that transaction we talked about earlier. Do me a favor. Watch her closely. Watch every single penny she spends. And make sure she has no idea.

Nicole: Well, you are doin' a whole lot of lookin' and not a whole lot of talkin'.

Brady: Well, there's a whole lot to look at.

Nicole: Well, I have to say, you're not acting like you're gonna toss me out on the streets.

Brady: That's 'cause I'm not gonna.

Nicole: Really? You talked Victor out of it?

Brady: Honey, I'M... I'm in charge.

Nicole: Yeah, but this is Victor's house.

Brady: Not anymore.

Nicole: I can't believe this.

Brady: Mm, you better believe it.

Nicole: Do you have any idea how hot that is, Brady black?

Brady: I was hoping you'd say that.

Nicole: Yeah. Hmm.

Taylor: See... this is what you do.

Quinn: You think I'm lying about how I feel?

Taylor: I think you will do or say whatever it is you need to to get what you want.

Quinn: No. That's been true in the past, but it's not now.

Taylor: Really? So then why are you blackmailing me if you say that you care about me?

Quinn: I was protecting myself. I'm not blackmailing you.

Taylor: Okay, well, that's an interesting perspective. Look, I will continue to do whatever it is I need to to protect you, because I know that if I don't, you will screw me over. But do not pretend that it's about anything more, some deeper meaning or feeling that you have for me, because it wasn't when we first met, and it isn't now.

Quinn: Why were you able to believe me so much more easily before?

Taylor: Because I was a scared little girl then. That Taylor doesn't exist now. All right, so I will do your bidding for you at the police station, because self-preservation is all I have left. But don't go after my heart, and don't go after my pride. You owe me that much... you son of a bitch.

Chloe: Hi, Kinsey. Yeah, I'm sorry, too. Sure, you want to meet for coffee? Uh, okay, the Brady pub in ten minutes is fine. Great. Okay, I'll see you soon. Bye. [Gasps] Aah!

Brady: You know Chloe. She probably fine.

Kinsey: Brady, she could be in serious trouble.

Nicole: Should we split up?

Brady: You two circle back to the pub--I'm gonna check the alleys, and be careful.

Chloe: Brady.

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