Days Transcript Friday 8/26/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/26/11 - Canada; Monday 8/29/11 - U.S.A.


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Roman: All right, Doctor. Bo and I appreciate you being in there when we question the girl.

Daniel: Well, anything I can do to help. What's the word on Sami?

Roman: Well, they took her up to surgery this morning. I'll be meeting with Rafe as soon as we get the statement.

Daniel: Well, I hope everything turns out all right.

Bo: So do we. Anything we should know about Mandy?

Daniel: Uh, well, you just need to go easy on her. She's physically pretty weak. Um, lost a lot of blood and had a splenectomy.

Bo: Hope says she's very uncomfortable with cops, so she's trying to convince her to let us know who did this to her.

Daniel: No, I understand that, but if she gets agitated and it starts to affect her condition, I will stop the interview.

Roman: Sure.

Bo: Okay, we'll go easy on her. But she is our only lead.

Daniel: I don't care.

Hope: Hi. How are you feeling?

Mandy: Like I've been... worked over with a nightstick. Can we get this over with?

Hope: Soon. I'm just waiting for a couple of other detectives to get here.

Mandy: Cops? Why?

Hope: It's standard procedure.

Mandy: I thought it was gonna be just you. Are you guys gonna gang up on me?

Hope: Mandy, no, of course not--we're here to protect you.

Mandy: What kind of stuff are you gonna be asking me?

Hope: I'm just gonna ask you about what happened the night you were attacked. And we're gonna put you on videotape.

Mandy: You didn't tell me that, either.

Hope: We have to have an exact record of what you said.

Mandy: It sounds like you expect me to say something pretty big.

Hope: You're gonna be fine. I'm gonna be right beside you.

Chloe: Hi!

Justin: Hey! Thanks for coming over on such short notice.

Chloe: Yeah, sorry I'm late. I just got your message. Is something wrong? Is it about parker?

Justin: Yes, but nothing's wrong.

Adrienne: You're gonna be glad you came over.

Chloe: I am?

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Justin: Grab a seat. Got a surprise for you. Right over there.

Chloe: Okay.

Justin: Look at that.

Chloe: Uh, a computer. Thank you, I guess?

Justin: Just keep watching the computer. Oh, my god. Uhh! It's parker. It's my baby.

Adrienne: He can see you. And hear you too.

Chloe: Wow, whose idea was this?

Justin: Philip's.

Adrienne: With a little nudging from Justin.

Chloe: Oh, thank you. Parker, hi. It's me, it's mommy.

[Parker cooing]

[Approaching footsteps]

Vivian: I got your message.

Gus: Ah, there's something I need to say to you. It's very important.

Vivian: Well, it'll have to wait.

Gus: Excuse me?

Vivian: There's something very urgent that you have to do.

Gus: I do?

Vivian: Gus, mark this day. It could be the most important day of my life.

Quinn: We're in this together. You don't want the cops to find out about me any more than I do.

Taylor: Took you long enough.

Quinn: Message from you saying you wanted to see me. I was too stunned to move.

Taylor: Oh, well, I have a problem. And I wanted to tell you as soon as possible, since it may mean you have a problem too.

Rafe: How do you feel?

Sami: Stoned.


Lexie: Well, love that pre-op shot, huh?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: So where you gonna be while I'm in surgery?

Rafe: Right here. Waiting for you.

Sami: You promise?

Rafe: Oh, yeah. I promise.

Lexie: It's time.

Rafe: Okay, they're gonna put you to sleep. And they're gonna take care of everything and...when you wake up, I'll be--I'll be right there, right beside you. Okay?

Sami: It's no big deal. Right? I mean, it's nothin', right?

Rafe: Piece of cake. All right. See you. Drive safe.

Sami: [Laughing]

Rafe: Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah.

Rafe: That lady there... she's my whole life. You take good care of her.

Lexie: I will.

Gus: The most important day of your life?

Vivian: Oh...Augustine, my dear man, I have been such a fool.

Gus: Not you, Madame.

Vivian: Oh, please, pur-- pursuing a hateful son... who rescued Carly and betrayed me? No fool would continue doing that.

Gus: Does this mean...

Vivian: I've come to my senses. I mean, what is mere biology compared to utter and sheer devotion?

Gus: You mean...

Vivian: There is no other man in my life, Augustine. You're it.

Gus: Oh, Madame, you don't know how long I've waited to hear those magic words.

Vivian: Um...who--who are the flowers for?

Gus: Who do you think?

Vivian: Ohh!

Gus: I called you this morning because I wanted you to know that you're the most important person in my life. I love you.

Vivian: And I love you, Gus. What's with the flowers? You look like you just won the Kentucky derby.

[Needle scratching on record]

Gus: I'm sorry, Madame, I was...

Vivian: Wha-what? Spit it out. What's the matter with you? Have you had a stroke?

Quinn: What happened?

Taylor: Well, I had to take some case notes over to Bo at the hospital, and hope told me that Mandy is ready to talk.

Quinn: She is? Does that mean she's gonna be okay?

Taylor: I hope so. It's nice of you to seem like you care.

Quinn: Of course I care.

Taylor: Okay, you're missing the bigger picture here.

Quinn: What are you going on about?

Taylor: All right, they are going to push Mandy to tell them who her pimp is. And since you are her pimp, maybe you should leave Salem before they arrest you.

[Knock on door]

Mandy: What are you doing here, doc?

Daniel: I just want to make sure your condition doesn't change while they interview you. If this is too much for you, you just let me know.

Hope: You can do this.

Mandy: Okay. Get your camera rolling. I'll do whatever I can do to help you find the bastard that did this to me. My recipe for French toast?

Chloe: Is Philip there?

Justin: No, parker's nanny's with him.

Chloe: Hi, little man. Oh, you're my big man now. You must be crawling by now. Pretty soon, you'll be getting into everything, huh? Mommy misses you so much. Yeah. I used to hold you and feed you and rub your little feet and sing to you. You remember that, right?

Adrienne: It's so great that you got Philip to agree to this.

Justin: It wasn't that hard.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm your mommy. And I always will be, and I love you so much. Wait, are you talking? Are you talking to me?

[Parker cooing]

Chloe: Oh, wow. You remember.

Gus: There's nothing the matter with me; in fact--

Vivian: Uh, no, I don't need to hear the details. We have too much to do. And you have to be sharp as a tack.

Gus: C-can I just say--

Vivian: No, no. Just toss those flowers for-- whoever they're for, they'll have to wait. Because I need for you to find Quinn...the sooner the better.

Gus: Quinn? But I thought--

Vivian: I need to see him.

Gus: Lowering the boom in person, are we?

Vivian: Oh ho ho, no. I'm going to tell him everything's forgiven, and that I want him back in my life.

Quinn: [Chuckling] And you're coming to me because you don't want to see me get arrested. Boy, I didn't know you cared.

Taylor: I don't.

Quinn: Oh, so you're just eager for me to leave Salem. Is that right?

Taylor: Yeah, actually, it is.

Quinn: Yeah, but then who would you talk to? What would you do with all your spare time without me here?

Taylor: You know, I think I'd manage and figure out something. What is keeping you here anyway, Quinn, huh? Is pimping so profitable that you just can't bring yourself to leave?

Quinn: Oh, there's a lot of stuff keeping me here.

Taylor: So are you saying that you're not gonna go?

Quinn: That's exactly what I'm saying. You disappointed?

Taylor: Quite.

Quinn: Well, I'm sorry, but Mandy's just not gonna give me up. I am not worried, and you shouldn't be, either.

Taylor: Well, you seem so sure of yourself.

Quinn: Well, I-I'm not the one who beat her up, Taylor.

Taylor: Okay, heh, all right, well, I am working at the police station and, because as you keep reminding me, if you go down, so do I. So you told me to keep my eyes and my ears open, right? This is what I heard. When a hooker gets attacked, they usually want to know who she's working for, and the pimp is the prime suspect.

Quinn: Would you just calm down? You're always overreacting. What the--

Taylor: You're not listening to anything--

Quinn: I am listening to you! I am listening to you. I'm just not worried about Mandy talking.

Taylor: Why not? Tell me why. Because I think that's insane.

Quinn: Because I'm the one constant in her life. She's not gonna double-cross me.

Taylor: Well, I told you, I overheard her whisper your name in the hospital.

Quinn: Oh, god, she was unconscious.

Taylor: So she's conscious now...right now. And roman and hope and Brady are in there taking her statement.

Quinn: And I don't care. No good call girl will ever give up her talent manager.

Taylor: [Laughs]

Quinn: Oh, come on, Taylor. Yeah, you should know that better than anyone.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

[Romantic music]



kissing you so softly


loving you so gently

I've never seen


more clearly

you are

everything I've hoped for

everything I've longed for

everything and more

everything and more

Roman: Hey. How you doin'?

Rafe: [Chuckles] All right. Just... honestly, I thought my watch stopped. It's times like this just... time stands still.

Roman: Yeah. No word at all?

Rafe: No, Lexie just took her up. She said she'd call me as soon as Sami's in the recovery room.

Roman: Okay. Were you there with her when they took her? How was she?

Rafe: She was... she was acting brave. Scared as hell.

Roman: Yeah. Well... we all are.

Roman: Yeah, listen. Sami was really insistent that her mother not know about this. What do you think?

Roman: I think that nobody would be better support for Sami right now than Marlena, except you. I'm glad you're here, Rafe.

Rafe: Well, you too. And I know Sami didn't want anyone to find out about this, but I'm glad you did.

Roman: So am I.

Rafe: Yeah. So why doesn't she want her mother to know?

Roman: [Sighs] Sami and Marlena have always had a complicated relationship. Pretty good now, though.

Rafe: Well...I hope I get to meet her someday.

Roman: Hopefully, that will happen. And I do appreciate you wanting the best for Sami. the end of the day, this is Sami's call.

Rafe: [Snorts] I know. [Chuckles] Oh, she just feels like everything of control right now, I wouldn't go behind her back, you know?

Roman: Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I feel the same way. I'm just hoping that, when everything is said and done, there won't be anything to tell.

Rafe: Right. Can't be cancer. Can't be. I don't even know what to do with myself, man.

Roman: [Sighs] Do you think that, uh... you could concentrate on work?

Rafe: [Snorts] I'm not leaving here.

Roman: You wouldn't have to. Mandy pierce is able to talk. Bo and hope are about to take her statement. You've been on this case since the get-go. How about we sit in? You'll be close by if there's any word about Sami.

Rafe: Yeah, I don't know if I could concentrate. Besides, I told Sami I'll be right there, right at her bedside, as soon as she wakes up.

Roman: You will be, all right? She's gonna be right down the hall. Lexie's got your cell phone number, right?

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: Okay, you could be with Sami in 30 seconds. And you won't be wearing out the floor around here.

Rafe: What, you really think I've got something to add?

Roman: Yes, I do. You have a way with witnesses. Mandy's afraid of cops. She doesn't trust 'em at all. But she does know that you're the one that brought her in. Saved her life. So, yeah, I think you sittin' in could make a big difference in whether she helps us or not.

Rafe: Okay, I'll do it. But if I get a call, I'm out of there.

Roman: All right, you got it.

Rafe: All right.

Roman: Oh, Sami. Sami. Come on, come on. You gotta be okay.

Daniel: Pulse is a little rapid, but that's to be expected under these circumstances. How do you feel?

Mandy: As good as I can with a roomful of cops.

Hope: We're all here for you.

Rafe: Hey, Mandy. It's good to see you again.

Mandy: Is it?

Rafe: Mm-hmm. So you need anything before we get started? Something to drink? Well, if that's okay with you, doc.

Mandy: No, I'm good.

Rafe: All right.

Hope: You ready to begin? Let's do it. Excuse me, Rafe.

Chloe: Did you hear that? He called me mama.

Adrienne: I heard him.

Chloe: That's right, you said mama.

Roman: He sure did.

Chloe: Oh, my gosh, he knows who I am, even though I hardly spend any time with him. He still remembers. That's right. Mama. Is that your first word, baby? Is mama your first word? That's right, mommy's here, and I love you so much.

[Baby cooing]

Roman: What's that for?

Adrienne: Because you're the best man the world. I love you.

Vivian: [Coughs] Oh, god, this coffee is anemic. How is this supposed to sharpen our wits for the task ahead?

Gus: What task's that, Madame?

Vivian: What do you think? Finding Quinn. He won't answer my phone calls.

Gus: Well, that's because he loathes you. Which is why he gave aid and comfort to Carly manning. Finally, you get your revenge on dr. Manning after years of trying, and your son undoes it for you.

Vivian: I don't want to think about that.

Gus: Well, maybe the best way to avoid thinking about it would be to avoid contact with Quinn.

Vivian: I have tried that. It doesn't work. He is my own son. He is my flesh and blood, he's--

Gus: Enough. I get it!

Vivian: Look, Lawrence was taken away from me. Philip is out of touch. And Nicholas insists on living far away from Carly, so...

Gus: Quinn becomes the proverbial bird in the hand.

Vivian: He's all I have. Without him, I have nothing. I'm alone.

Gus: Oh, bollocks! You have me!

Vivian: Ohh.

Taylor: How dare you?

Quinn: I'm sorry, I--

Taylor: No, you're not sorry. That's what you do. I like how you throw the past in my face when you know I have a point.

Quinn: I wasn't throwing anything at you.

Quinn: Did you know--do you have any idea what it took for me to put that time behind me? And, once I did, I wanted to come here to remind myself who I used to be.

Quinn: You were shagging your sister's husband. Don't make yourself out to be Joan of arc.

Taylor: You know, I thought that was the worst of it. Then I find out you're in Salem too.

Quinn: Oh, lighten up. You and I were good together back then, and you know it.

Taylor: Are you kidding me? Meeting you was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and if I hadn't been so broke and desperate, I never would have given you the time of day.

Quinn: So you gave me more than the time of day.

Taylor: You know I did, and you took it, and you ran with it.

Quinn: All right. If we're gonna do this little death march down memory lane, you could at least be accurate. I seem to recall taking you in and helping you.

Taylor: Help me? You helped me? Okay, you know what? You did help me. You helped me if that means destroy.

Quinn: Ah, come on.

Taylor: Is that what you do...with all of your girls? Do you get them to... to trust you and open up to you and feel like they owe you, and then--and then you suggest the dandy little way that they can repay you for the kindness?

Quinn: It wasn't just a ploy.

Taylor: You were turning me out!

Quinn: Taylor, it was more than that between us, and you know it.

Hope: This is detective hope Brady of the Salem P.D. The date is Monday, august 29th, 2011. Others present are dr. Daniel Jonas, detective Bo Brady, commissioner roman Brady, and Rafe Hernandez. Please state your name, your full name for the record.

Mandy: Amanda Raye pierce.

Hope: Mandy, what do you do for a living?

Mandy: [Sighs] I'm, um... a professional escort.

Hope: Tell me what happened the night you were attacked.

Mandy: I was, um, hanging out down on the pier.

Hope: What were you doing there?

Hope: I was just waiting for, um... for a friend.

Hope: And did your friend show up?

Mandy: No.

Hope: What happened next?

Mandy: Um...I was just standing there thinking. And...I-I thought I heard something. Then this guy appears out of nowhere, holding some kind of stick. And he started hitting me with it. And then I blacked out.

Hope: Before you blacked out, did you see who was doing this to you? Mandy, what is it? What are you afraid of?

Chloe: He's sleepy, so I sang to him to try to calm him down.

Justin: You know, Chloe, I'm sorry to say it's...time to go.

Chloe: It's okay. [Crying] Bye-bye, sweetheart. Mommy loves you and... I-I hope to see you again soon. [Kiss] [Sighs] Whatever you did to make that happen, thank you so much.

Justin: You're welcome.

Chloe: I just--I want to be his mommy again.

Justin: Of course you do. And you're getting closer all the time.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm getting there. I've got an apartment. It's kind of expensive, but it's kid-friendly. There are no steps, there's window guards on the windows and... parker has his own room.

Justin: So are you gonna be able to afford the apartment?

Chloe: Well, I just signed up three new students, and the good thing is, I actually have a steady gig now.

Justin: Really? Where you singing?

Chloe: Uh, remember that club in Brookville? They booked me for another two weeks.

Justin: Well, that's fantastic. You're on your way.

Chloe: Yeah. You know, for the first time since Daniel and I split, I finally feel like I'm starting to get my life back. Thank you again for today.

Roman: My pleasure.

Chloe: Excuse me.

Randy: Hey, look who's here. Must be my lucky day.

Chloe: Hi, randy. Um, I was just leaving.

Randy: Oh, come on, babe. I got an hour to kill. I would love to kill it with you.

Chloe: I can't.

Randy: Oh, uh... I'll pay double, hmm? What do you say? Hmm?

Vivian: [Laughing] You? I have you? Well, that's hilarious.

Gus: I don't find it amusing.

Vivian: Oh, I'm--I didn't meant to say that. I'm sorry. I was thinking more of family and, well, not devoted employees. And god knows you are a devoted employee.

Gus: I thought I meant more to you than that.

Vivian: Well, you do. Of course you do. I would be nothing without you. You are the only one I trust.

Gus: Really?

Vivian: Yes. And that's why I need you to help me with something.

Gus: You want me to locate Quinn?

Vivian: Well...before that. I need...a perfect gift for him. Something wonderfully personal that'll let him know how much he means to me.

Gus: Yeah, well, let me know when you found it.

Vivian: Found what?

Gus: The gift.

Vivian: Oh! I hate shopping. You take my gold card and the sky's the limit.

Gus: You want me to buy the personal gift that wins you back your estranged son?

Vivian: Yes, and I want it to be perfectly tasteful. Well...what are you waiting for? Gus! Tempus fugit.

Taylor: What was it that we had?

Quinn: You think I didn't care for you.

Taylor: I did, at first. Until you asked me to start turning tricks for you.

Quinn: I never did that.

Taylor: Okay. Okay, we obviously do have two different memories of our time together. You remember the high roller party? You remember buying me a designer dress?

Quinn: I definitely remember how you looked in it.

Taylor: Okay, what about telling me that there were gonna be all kinds of major players at the party and it would be okay if I went home with one of them?

Quinn: What's wrong with an open relationship?

Taylor: It was a little suspicious when you negotiated a fee.

Quinn: I knew you needed the money.

Taylor: Oh, right, that's you...always looking out for others.

Quinn: What--what--what are you going on about? You got to the party and you said you couldn't go through with it, and what did I say? Huh? What did I say? I said, "go home. Don't worry about it. I'll see you there later."

Taylor: Right...right, and before I could leave, the police came and they raided the party! And all of the Johns, including you, got sent home. And all of the girls, including me, got booked for prostitution. And because there were a couple of joints in an ashtray, they added on possession of marijuana as well.

Quinn: I got you a lawyer.

Taylor: Right...who got me off with a fine, but the charges still stood.

Quinn: You didn't spend one night in jail.

Taylor: Oh, my god, am I supposed to be grateful for that?

Quinn: Yes!

Taylor: Really? Because I have a record now! And I know you remember that because you throw it in my face every chance you get! I did nothing wrong that night. It is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life.

Hope: How are you doing?

Mandy: I don't know.

Daniel: Your BP's up a little bit.

Hope: Can you go on?

Mandy: I just--I don't like talking about that night. Everything fell apart for me.

Hope: Mandy... Mandy, any little thing you remember can help us. His height, his build. Even his shoes--anything. Anything you can think of.

Mandy: No! Leave me alone! No!

Daniel: Okay, Mandy, everything's okay. Everything's okay--look at me. You're okay. Look at me. All right, it's gonna be all right.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Lexie: Hi. How you feeling?

Sami: Okay. How'd it go?

Lexie: It went well. We removed the cysts and sent them to be biopsied.

Sami: When will we know if I'M...okay?

Lexie: I'll go find out. In the meantime, close your eyes again, okay? Sleep off the sedation. I'll call Rafe.

[Rapid beeping]

Sami: [Gagging] [Grunting]

Lexie: Okay, okay. It's okay. I'm right here, I'm right here. It's okay.

Sami: [Gagging]

Lexie: It's okay. Relax. Relax.

Adrienne: You know, I don't see why Philip doesn't just help her out financially. God knows he can afford it.

Justin: Well, he said he'd do it, except Chloe wants to make it on her own.

Adrienne: Is that it? Or is she afraid of what will happen if Victor finds out?

Justin: Yeah, this is a tough one to negotiate.

Adrienne: Yeah, honey, I know, I know. [Sighs]

Justin: She wants to be independent.

Adrienne: I just hope she makes it.

Chloe: I can't talk to you right now, okay?

Randy: Is one of them a cop?

Chloe: Just act like you don't know me, please.

Randy: Sure, baby. Whatever you say.

Quinn: You said you had a problem and that it was mine too.

Taylor: Right. My sister, the human barracuda, did some investigating, and she found my mug shot. She is threatening to go to my boss with it, who is commissioner roman Brady.

Quinn: Does she know the truth?

Taylor: I lied to her. I told her that--that I was arrested for protesting at a demonstration.

Quinn: Has she bought that?

Taylor: For now. Look, it goes with her picture of me, right? I am the self-righteous, high-minded crusader.

Quinn: Is she at all suspicious?

Taylor: Well, for your sake and mine, let's hope not. Okay, because if Nicole finds out the truth she is gonna make sure everyone in Salem knows about both of us.

Quinn: Look, I know I'm not your idea of a model citizen...

Taylor: Oh, really? You got that?

Quinn: Yeah, but if something does blow up in my face, no matter what it is, I will protect you.

Taylor: Why would you do that?

Quinn: Because you're still one of my girls. And, despite what you think, you're still very important to me.

Taylor: I don't need your protection. And I was of your girls.

Mandy: I can't talk about that night. I can't.

Daniel: No, no, that's okay. It's okay, all right? You don't have to. Don't have to. All right, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to ask you all to leave, um...

Roman: All right.

Daniel: This interview is over.

Roman: Absolutely.

Mandy: I'm sorry.

Hope: Me too. Get some rest.

[Rapid beeping]

Lexie: Okay, it's okay, it's's okay. The nurse is coming. It'll be fine. It'll be fine.

We've got sinus tach. Get me ten mgs of atenolol.

I just checked her. She was fine.

Lexie: Well, she's not fine now--if we don't get her heart rate down, she'll stroke out. Go! Oh, it's okay. It's okay, sweetie. Sami? Sami! Can you hear me? Sami, can you hear me?

[Monitor flatlines]

Lexie: Sami! Sami!

Vivian: Oh! Finally. Oh, Quinn...

Quinn: What do you want?

Vivian: I haven't been able to stop thinking about what I said when I found out you were taking care of Carly.

Quinn: Don't worry about it. I'm not.

Vivian: But I realized there's more to life than just revenge.

Quinn: Really?

Vivian: You don't have to trust me, but I'm not lying when I say, I haven't been able to eat or sleep since we had that terrible falling out.

Quinn: I'm sorry, but I find that hard to believe, given your reaction when I first came here to Salem.

Vivian: You took me by surprise.

Quinn: Yeah, not the good kind.

Vivian: Well, I realized that I've been giving my--my love to Philip and--and Nicholas and Lawrence when I--

Quinn: Look, we don't have to go over all this again, all right?

Vivian: You... you came into my life, and I threw the opportunity away. And I just want another chance.

Quinn: You're actually admitting you were wrong?

Vivian: Yes! I admit it. I'm human. Well, I'd be lying if I said I might not make another mistake.

Quinn: What do you want from me?

Vivian: I just want you to be in my life. I just want us to be okay. Is that possible?

Justin: So, Chloe, my wife says I shouldn't have told you that I plan to tell Philip just how well the visit went and how well you're doing and...

Chloe: Really?

Justin: Yeah, and I'm gonna tell him about the new apartment and your new gig. And I think it's gonna make a difference.

Adrienne: Definitely. We are on your side, honey. All the way.

Chloe: Thank you. You guys are the best. I can't tell you what it was like to see parker again. It's so hard to say good-bye.

Adrienne: just keep thinking about that day you don't have to, okay?

Chloe: Yeah...being parker's mommy, even if it's just part of the time, that's what keeps me going.

Vivian: I can be a very powerful ally, my darling, if you should need one.

Quinn: I have to say, you do make life interesting.

Vivian: Well, does-- does that mean--

Quinn: All is forgiven.

Vivian: [Gasps]

Quinn: Nice to have you back, mom.

Vivian: My darling! Mwah! Ohh...oh, I'm so happy. Oh...I brought you a "pressie."

Quinn: Why?

Vivian: Well, because I thought we could celebrate if everything went well. And it is absolutely gorgeous. It's an antique wine goblet from, oh, I don't know, the Victorian era or something like that. Anyway, we could both drink out of it and toast our rapprochement. Give it to him, Gus.

Gus: Certainly.

[Glass shatters in box]

Gus: Whoops.

Vivian: Oh, my god. Uhh!

Rafe: Excuse me. Excuse me. Listen, I just heard that my wife is out of surgery and she's awake, and now they won't let me talk to her. What the hell's going on?

You'll have to wait for the doctor.

Rafe: Wait for the doc-- Lexie, what is going on? Sami, is she okay?

Lexie: We'll have to wait and see.

Rafe: Wait and see for-- what do you mean, wait and see? You said the surgery went fine.

Lexie: Yeah, it--it did. But she had complications. We've given her medication to address the situation. Now, we wait. And let the meds do their work. Hey, look, I wish I had more information for you right now, but I don't. I have to get back to Sami.

Vivian: You stupid oaf. You're going to pay for every dollar I spent on that goblet.

Quinn: Uh, come on, mom. Give him a break. Accidents happen. Right?

Gus: Right.

Vivian: [Crying] I just... wanted everything to go perfectly.

Quinn: We can still have that toast at chez rouge. Champagne's on me.

Vivian: Really?

Quinn: Really.

Vivian: All right.

Quinn: Shall we?

Vivian: Oh, Quinn, we have so much to catch up on. I don't know where to start. I know, we'll go chronologically. I want to hear everything you've ever done in your entire life, morning, noon, and night, every single day, from the time you were born. I want to hear everything.

Hope: I was too businesslike with her. I should have worked harder to make her comfortable.

Bo: No, no, no, you-- you didn't do anything wrong. We were hoping she was up to reliving that night, and obviously she's not. She's--she's traumatized.

Hope: This guy, he didn't attack her from behind. He came at her from the front. He wanted her to see exactly what he was gonna do to her.

Bo: Mm-hmm. He wanted to see the look in her eyes.

Hope: Oh, yeah. She had to have seen something. Right?

Bo: Hey, how's she doing?

Daniel: Ah, we had to sedate her.

Hope: We can't go back in?

Daniel: Uh, not for a while. Sorry.

Roman: So I'll call Philip and the social worker this afternoon, and hopefully I'll-- I'll let you know if there's any news.

Chloe: Great, I'll be waiting for your call.

Adrienne: We're so proud of you, honey.

Chloe: Thank you.

Adrienne: So do you think she has a shot at partial custody?

Justin: Um, as long as she keeps doing what she's doing, I think she has a good shot.

Adrienne: Good.

Randy: Ah. Next time, honey.

Roman: What's going on? The procedure was supposed to be routine. They said waiting for the test results was the hard part.

Rafe: All Lexie told me is that there was some sort of complication after Sami got out of surgery.

Roman: That's it?

Rafe: Well, she gave her some meds--that's all Lexie said. I don't know. Hey. How is Sami? What happened to her?

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Dr. Norman: Nicholas, I was hoping maybe you'd stay.

Nicholas: What?

Carly: I thought this was a private session?

Carly: I know I--

Nicholas: No, you don't!

Carly: I don't want to face-- Let me be. He can't forgive me for killing his father.

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