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Rafe: Oh, Sami, don't worry about it. We're fine. Take your time.

Will: Well, I'm outta here.

Rafe: All right, have a good time. No, I was talking to will. Dude... your wallet.

Will: Thanks.

Rafe: What the...?

Jennifer: Hey.

Melanie: What happened? What's wrong?

Jennifer: No, nothing's wrong. Surgery just started, so it's gonna be a while before we know anything.

Melanie: Right, I knew that, I'm just freaking out.

Jennifer: It's all right, don't freak out. You know, your dad, he's the best. You saw that for yourself.

Melanie: I know. Just wish my mom was in there with him. Uh, my mom the way she used to be.

Jennifer: Yeah. You have really been through the wringer, haven't you?

Melanie: Mm. You know what I keep thinking?

Jennifer: What?

Melanie: That if when I found my mom and dad...

Jennifer: What, tell me?

Melanie: Um... [Giggles] If I didn't have that time with Maggie before, I could've really blown it with them. You know, because I didn't know what a family was like until--

Jennifer: You know what, listen to me. She is not gonna give up. I am gonna tell you something about my Aunt Maggie--she is a fighter. And she will fight her way back to you. Back to everyone that she loves. Okay?

Daniel: Damn it, I don't see it. Oh, where is that freakin' bleeder? Call suction.

Sam: I think I've got it.

Daniel: That's it, here we go, here we go. Call the clamp, clamp. No, no, no, I need a curved pot, curved. Good work, Sam. Why the hell is she still bleeding? Come on, Maggie. I can do this, I can do this, come on.

EJ: Why, huh? Why couldn't you just leave it alone?

Stefano: It was an accident.

EJ: It was a what? The whole thing was completely premeditated, all right? The only accident is that Maggie Horton got shot, and not your intended victim Victor. Who's fine, by the way! And now that sweet lady's lying in hospital. Do you understand she might die?

Stefano: Back off, you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

EJ: Right, I should back off, just like you do to me when I've screwed everything up.

Chad: Leave him alone.

EJ: Why, because he's pathetic, huh? Because he can't take any more? Maybe he's right. Maybe--maybe you are past your prime. Or maybe you shouldn't order a hit on somebody if you can't actually hit your intended target.

Chad: Wait a minute, you were gonna have Victor Kiriakis killed? I mean, are you serious?

Stefano: No. Not at all. Kiriakis called me and wanted to meet me on the pier. He wanted to talk about peace. Then he went for his gun. Now Kiriakis almost just killed my son. Was I supposed to do nothing?

EJ: Yes. That is exactly what you were supposed to do. Why the hell do you think I didn't tell you that I thought it was Brady who beat me up, huh? So this wouldn't happen!

Stefano: You were protecting a man who tried to kill you.

EJ: I was protecting my family!

Connie: Her heart rate is dropping.

Daniel: We need to find that other bleeder now... or we're gonna lose her.

Stefano: It was her. It was that woman.

EJ: Don't go there with me, all right?

Stefano: Oh, don't go there? She's the one who made you weak. She's the one who made you forget that you were a DiMera.

EJ: Weak? Weak?

Stefano: Mm-hmm.

EJ: I should be strong like you, should I? Hey, why don't you find me a nice little lady. I'll put a bullet in her back. Be a big man like you, huh?

Stefano: You did nothing. Brady Black beat you to a pulp. He left you there to die. You did nothing. Naturally...the Kiriakises think that you are weak. Which means, of course, that our whole family is weak. I had to fix it.

EJ: Fix it? have started a war nobody will ever win.

Melanie: No, Brady, I don't wanna be around you right now. Okay, I don't even wanna-- I can't--

Dario: Melanie, Melanie, how about we get some air, huh?

Melanie: I don't wanna do that.

Dario: Then let's take a walk. Yeah, we'll just take a walk. Come with me. Calm down a little, okay?

Melanie: Fine.

Brady: Melanie thinks this is my fault. Probably for good reason.

Nicole: Hey, thank you for-- for calling me. So how is Maggie?

Brady: Uh, she's still in surgery. You know what, I know what I did was wrong. But EJ came to me and he said he wanted peace. And he lied. He lied so he could get the drop on us. I hate that son of a bitch, Nicole, I hate him so much.

Nicole: Okay, okay. Well, how about this? How about we just calm down... and wait to see how Maggie is? Now you know better than anyone, I am no spiritual gal, but this is so the wrong energy right now.

Brady: Why don't you ask your friend EJ what the right energy is?

Hope: How's Maggie?

Victor: She's still in surgery.

Bo: You were there?

Victor: Yeah.

Bo: I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need to ask you some questions.

Victor: Oh, God, Bo, not now.

Hope: We need to find out who did this, Victor.

Brady: Oh, excuse me. I can answer that. It was the DiMeras.

Lexie: What? [Scoffs] I-- I just came out to tell you all that in the last hour since word got out that Maggie is going into surgery, we have had over 100 people sign up to donate blood.

Bo: Wow.

Lexie: Yeah, the entire staff at Chez Rouge. And about 30 people on the volunteer staff here at the hospital. In just one hour. But don't let me stop you from spewing hatred and allegations. First things first, right, Brady?

Jennifer: Lexie, Lexie. Just come with me for a moment.

Lexie: Did you hear what he said?

Jennifer: Yes, I did.

Melanie: Brady, how about you go home? Okay, or just go away.

Brady: No, I'm not going home, okay, I love Maggie too. That's why I'm here.

Melanie: Sure, well, how about you shut your mouth? How is she?

Lexie: It's too soon to tell. I'm going to scrub up and see if I can help.

Victor: Help to make sure Maggie can't testify against your father!

Jennifer: Victor, that is enough, please.

Victor: You seriously can't consider letting a DiMera in that operating room.

Jennifer: Do you know what you have to say in this situation? Nothing, nothing at all.

Victor: I'm looking out for Maggie.

Hope: Jennifer and I are next-of-kin. We make the decisions, Victor. Lexie... thank you.

Jennifer: Thank you very much.

Lexie: All right, well. Let's just pray that I come out with good news.

Victor: Sentimental fools.

Melanie: Good job, Victor. Maggie would be so proud of you right now.

Stefano: I swear... I don't know who you are.

EJ: I am your son.

Stefano: [Chuckles] I wonder about that.

EJ: I am your son... who has finally begun to see past all of your bravura.

Stefano: You protected a man that attacked you.

EJ: I nearly averted a war! But you took care of that, didn't you? And now there isn't hope for anybody. Brady's not gonna think that I was talking to him about peace. He thinks that I was meeting with him to set up some kind of ambush.

Stefano: Maybe that's what you should've done.

EJ: How do you think this is going to end? Huh?

Stefano: Another Kiriakis victim.

EJ: Right. So tell me something. What happens when the next bullet goes astray? What happens if it hits...Chad? Or me? Kate? Or Lexie? Or Theo? Or Sydney, or Giovanni? All acceptable risks to you, right?

Chad: He's right.

Stefano: Stay out of this.

Chad: St-stay out of this? You dragged me into this family, this war, and now you're telling me to stay out of it?

Stefano: Just calm down. I will protect you, I will protect the whole family. No one will get hurt. But we are never... we are not gonna bend our knees for the Kiriakises. Oh. And you, Elvis. Son... maybe you ought to forget about all this fancy language, and start to come up with some kind of an idea how we can win this war.

[Door closes]

Rafe: I'll catch you later. [Sighs] Seriously?

Will: Okay... okay, you know, I don't like playing this card, uh, but you're not my dad. So this really doesn't have anything to do with you.

Rafe: I'm Gabriela's brother. So how far have you two gone?

Will: Okay, even as her brother, that's none of your business.

Rafe: I'm all she has.

Will: No, you're not.

Rafe: Oh, so you think that you're what she needs?

Will: Okay, what I'm saying is you're not all that she has. Okay, she has her own life to live how she wants to live it.

Rafe: Huh. Well, doesn't that work out well for you?

Will: Okay, look, this is none of your business, okay? But I'm gonna tell you so you don't go ballistic and ruin things with Gabi, okay? No, we have not had sex.

Rafe: Hmm, so that's just in case you get lucky?

Will: Okay, s-- don't talk about her like that, okay? I don't know what's gonna happen. Okay, it's completely up to her. And if she says yes, then I'm gonna make sure what happened to Mia does not happen to her. Okay, and if she says no... that doesn't matter. Okay, I still love her. No matter what.

Lexie: How is she?

Daniel: Not good, the bullet punctured the lung with massive internal bleeding.

Lexie: Hang in there, Maggie.

Daniel: Well, we can't find that last--or what we hope is the last bleeder.

Connie: Pressure's still dropping.

Daniel: Or the bullet. Okay. I need six units of blood, two units of fresh frozen plasma.

Sam: Got it! Oh, damn.

Daniel: What, what?

Sam: I got the bullet. But it cut my finger.

Lexie: You need to have that looked at. You go, I'll take over.

Daniel: All right, nice work, Sam. Lexie?

Lexie: The bullet. It's hollow-point. That's why he got cut.

Daniel: A hollow-point? Must've been a professional shooter.

Lexie: Damn.

Daniel: Oh, I've found it, Lexie, all right, give me-- Lexie! Lexie! Can you do this? Because if you cannot do this, I need someone in here who can, or she will die. Lexie! Lexie!

Rafe: Okay, so you can do whatever you want because you love her, hmm?

Will: Why are you making this such a big deal?

Rafe: I'm trying to keep my sister from getting hurt.

Will: I am not going to hurt her.

Rafe: Oh, again because you love her, right? Right?

Will: I don't believe this. Yes.

Rafe: You don't even know what love is, Will. You have no idea what--

Will: Do you hear yourself right now?


Gabi: Hey, Will, I thought you were gonna meet me downstairs.

Will: I'll be right there. Okay, listen, if you talk to Gabi like you just talked to me, she's not gonna respond well.

Rafe: Huh.

Will: She's not a little girl, and she's not a pushover. Hey, come on in.

Gabi: Hey, everything okay?

Will: Yeah.

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: I have to take this. Hernandez?

Roman: Yeah, Rafe, I'm at the pier and Chandler Street. I need you down here right away.

Rafe: What's up?

Roman: I'll tell you when you get here.

Rafe: I have to go. So you two are going to the movies, right?

Will: Right.

Rafe: I'll see you later.

Gabi: We're going to the movies? I didn't know that.

Will: Yeah, he just wants to know where we are, that's all.

Gabi: What--will, what's going on? You two seemed really ticked off or something.

Will: [Chuckles] Oh, it's just...

Gabi: It's about me, isn't it?

Will: Yeah. He's a little protective of you.

Gabi: With you? Why?

Will: Uh, maybe... well, maybe it's because, uh, I told him that I love you.

Chad: He said the shooting was an accident, you know.

EJ: Yeah. I'm sure in his mind it was.

Chad: It's kind of splitting a pretty fine hair, don't you think? Ethically speaking.

EJ: He doesn't speak ethically, Chad. He speaks DiMera.

Chad: Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I'm not fluent yet. I mean, you were really in his face tonight.

EJ: [Scoffs] Yeah, you saw how much good that did.

Chad: You think what he did was wrong?

EJ: I don't really think I'm in much of a position to judge people morally right now. Do you?

Chad: Why don't you leave? I mean, if he won't listen to you, if he's just gonna keep on doing what he's doing? Why don't you just walk out?

EJ: It's too late for me. Question is... is it too late for you?

Abigail: Mom? Hey.

Hope: Hey, I'll be right back, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: Melanie said you'd be in here.

Jennifer: Yeah, we... we ran away. We had calls to make, which we did, but we just needed to get away.

Abigail: Yeah, it's pretty tense out there.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Abigail: Should I go?

Jennifer: No, no, I don't want you to go.

Abigail: You sure?

Jennifer: Yeah. Listen, even if I wanna be alone, I always want you around.

Abigail: Makes sense if you don't think about it.

Hope: [Sighs] That wasn't fun. Maybe I shouldn't have told them.

Jennifer: She called Doug and Julie.

Hope: What good did it do? Now they're all upset, there's nothing they can do... [Sighs] They're on one of their cruises.

Jennifer: Oh. You know, I did the same with Melissa and Nathan in Japan. I called them, but I didn't even leave a message. 'Cause you know they're gonna call back, and I think that we'll just have good news for them.

Abigail: Yeah.

Jennifer: 'Cause you know Aunt Maggie, she's not gonna wanna just be laying in this hospital bed. She's gonna wanna be running this hospital, she-- [Crying] I'm sorry. I should be supporting you right now, I'm sorry.

Hope: No, no. [Sighs]

Abigail: Mom...

Jennifer: I'm sorry.

Hope: We all need to support each other.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Bo: Yeah, I know. I'll talk to him as soon as he has a minute. If the mood around here is any indication, there's a good possibility things will get worse. Yeah, he's here now. Later.

Victor: Anything new?

Bo: No, nothing new, I'm sorry. I do have to talk to you about what happened.

Victor: Here's all you need to know, Bo. It was all my fault.

Daniel: Lexie, Le-- page Dr. Kirk, get him in here. All right, Connie, I need suction.

Lexie: No, I have it, Connie.

Daniel: Suction. Come on, come on. Leave that right there. Yes, right there. It looks like the bullet nicked the pulmonary--there you go. That's it, right there.

Connie: Blood pressure's crashing.

Daniel: No, no, no, keep it going, keep it going. Spin it, please. Got it.

Lexie: [Sighs] Thank God.

Daniel: Yeah.

[Alarm rapidly beeping]

Lexie: Paddles!

Daniel: Come on, paddles! We're losing her! Damn it, come on. Come on, come on, come on!

Will: [Chuckles] Uh, what're you looking at?

Gabi: A guy that just told my brother that he loved me before he ever told me.

Will: Pretty lame, right?

Gabi: Yeah, well, you'd think so, but... I think it's kinda great. Yeah, I should probably find Allie.

Will: Why?

Gabi: So that I can tell your sister... that I love you too.

Will: That's kinda neat how that works out. Um... you know, I-- there's something I need to tell you. I think I just blew it with Rafe.

Gabi: Why?

Will: Because, uh... well, the reason I told him I love that he found out that I know. The protection.

Gabi: Oh.

Will: Yeah, yeah. Uh, I'm so sorry. This should be--this should be private, and--

Gabi: No, no, it is, it is. This is between me and you.

Will: And I don't want you to think that I'm pressuring you into anything. Okay, I just thought, you know, you should know about Rafe knowing.

Gabi: Well, let's not talk about Rafe.

Will: Okay. Okay. I'm not--I'm not trying to pressure you. Again, like I said. And this is not how I wanted to tell you, but, uh...uh... I wanna be with you, you know? And I got a room for us tonight. But you know, if you don't wanna, we could--we'll do whatever you want. It's up to you, so.

Gabi: What I'd like to do very much is... is just be with you. Like I said...I love you.

Chad: You think I can't leave? [Chuckles]

EJ: I don't know if the drug has a hold of you yet.

Chad: Yeah, I don't do drugs.

EJ: I'm talking about Father. He's a drug, Chad. A very powerful one. The three of us... you, and I, and Alexandra... we've seen firsthand the violence, the ruthlessness, the darkness in him. You know, I think...people on the outside of this, they think we're fools, you know? Fooled by his civilized exterior. But it's really not that at all.

Chad: Then what is it then?

EJ: It's the absolute, unshakeable knowledge... if somebody was to pick up a gun and point it over at any of us, our children... he'd step in front, and he'd take that bullet. That's how much he loves us. That's powerful.

Chad: He barely knows me.

EJ: You're his son. Chad... get out of here. While you can. That little speech I gave you about bullets...not just a metaphor. They'll be flying around here very soon.

[Phone ringing]

EJ: Abigail? So what happens to her if you stay?

Chad: [Over voice mail] Hi, it's Chad, leave a message and I'll get back to you.


Abigail: Hey, it's me. I'm at the hospital with my mom. Call me, please. He didn't pick up.

Jennifer: Well, you know, sweetie, maybe he doesn't have his phone.

Hope: Or maybe Stefano told him not to answer.

Abigail: Look, I know Chad didn't have anything to do with what happened to Maggie.

Hope: I hope you're right.

Jennifer: No, Chad-- Chad is not like EJ. Not at all.

Hope: Oh, yes, he is. Oh, yes he is. He is, honey, in one really big way. He's Stefano's son.

Bo: You gotta tell me what happened. Let's start with why you were there in the first place. [Sighs] You were trying to clean up Brady's mess, weren't you?

Daniel: All right, charge 200. Bolus, 100 milligrams of Lidocaine.

Connie: I'll charge it.

Daniel: Clear!

Lexie: No sinus rhythm.

Connie: Paddle charged.

Daniel: Clear. [Sighs]

Gabi: Oh, wow, Will, these are beautiful.

Will: Yeah, I wanted it to be nice.

Gabi: It is nice. You know, I really just wanted to be with you. Um...

Will: Is something wrong?

Gabi: [Sighs]

Rafe: Maggie Horton?

Roman: Yeah, she was standing right alongside Victor Kiriakis.

Rafe: You got anything?

Roman: My gut tells me it was a professional job.

Rafe: Well, who the hell would do that?

Roman: Don't know. Well, look, I know I've confined you to doing desk work for a while, but I thought just maybe you might be interested in working on this case.

Rafe: Yeah, try and stop me.

[Phone rings]

EJ: I think you should've taken that.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'll call her back.

EJ: I'm sure.

Chad: Now what were you telling me?

EJ: Doesn't matter.

Chad: No. No, no, no, no. No. Is that why you gave up custody of Johnny and Sydney?

EJ: Let's not bond. I don't really feel like sharing. I'm giving you a heads up, that's all. Do yourself a favor, Chad, go and talk to Lexie. Ask her why Tony's not here. Ask her what happened to him.

Stefano: Don't use Antony's memory as an excuse to turn my son against me.

Abigail: You know what I think we should do? I think we should go to Aunt Maggie's house and get all of those...those little framed pictures she has on that hall table, and the one of Uncle Mickey. And that way we can--we can put it up so that it'll be here in this room when she gets back.

Jennifer: That's sweet. I raised a smart kid.

Hope: Yeah, you did. I'll call you as soon as there's any news, okay?

Jennifer: Okay, yeah, let's-- let's head out.

Hope: Yeah, deep breath. Here, sweetie.

Nicole: Hey, let's get outta here.

Brady: No.

Nicole: Brady, there's nothing you can do right now. Wouldn't it be better if you got yourself together before Maggie wakes up? She's gonna need you.

Brady: You're probably right. It'd be better for Melanie too.

Bo: I don't want you talking to anyone about this. I'm gonna go check on the investigations.

Hope: I'll go with you.

Victor: Hope, I--

Hope: I know. I know, Victor.

Sonny: Hey. When's the last time you had anything to eat?

Victor: I'm not hungry.

Sonny: That wasn't my question. Don't want you passing out on me.

Victor: What? What happened? Don't tell me we lost her.

Gabi: Um, Will, I just-- I really don't wanna hurt your feelings.

Will: Okay. Uh, Gabi, if you don't wanna do this...

Gabi: No, it's not what you think it's about. It's just... [Sighs] This... seems a little bit, uh...

Will: Uh, premeditated?

Gabi: And a little middle-aged.

Will: Oh.

Gabi: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--I didn't mean to--

Will: No, no. Uh, it is, it is, kind of.

Gabi: It's just, this doesn't--this doesn't feel like us.

Will: [Sighs] Well, we can go make out in the car.

Gabi: [Giggles] Actually, I think I have a better idea.

Nicole: Brady, I don't think you should blame yourself for what happened to Maggie.

Brady: You know, just because I'm not solely to blame doesn't mean I'm not partially to blame.

Nicole: All right, can we just table this conversation for a minute? You cannot go after EJ and Stefano. You will just end up in prison with them.

Brady: Well, they-- they have to be alive in order to go to prison, right?

Nicole: Brady, no. Do not make things worse than they already are.

Roman: Find anything?

Rafe: This dirt here doesn't match anything from around here. Could've come from the gunman's shoes.

Roman: We're checkin' on it.

Rafe: Yep.

[Phone ringing]

Roman: Yeah, Brady here.

Dario: Uh, Rafe.

Rafe: What're you doing here?

Dario: Melanie just wanted me to see what's going on.

Rafe: All right. Any word on Maggie?

Dario: No, no, not yet. She was still in surgery when I left. What about you guys? Are you getting anywhere?

Rafe: Not yet. Still early, though.

Dario: What?

Rafe: Hold on.

Dario: Did you find something?

Melanie: They were shocking her with paddles.

Victor: Do you think she's gonna be okay?

Melanie: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't-- [Sniffs]

Sonny: You okay?

Victor: No. And I won't be, not until Maggie is.

[Steady beep]

Connie: It's been four minutes, Doctor.

Daniel: I know.

Lexie: Daniel.

Daniel: Come on, Maggie.

Lexie: You did everything--

Daniel: Come on!

Lexie: You could.

Daniel: No, I can do more.

Lexie: Daniel, Daniel!

Daniel: No, no. Come on, Maggie.

Lexie: Daniel, stop it! Stop.

Daniel: Mark the time of death.

Will: Okay. One thing that does not suck about middle age is the mini bar.

Gabi: Yeah, I love paying $12 for 16 mini pretzels.

Will: You are such a "glass is half-empty" kinda person.

Gabi: I'm actually more of a "tap water is free so why buy designer water?" Kind of person.

Will: [Chuckles]

Gabi: Oh, my God!

Will: What? I thought you said scary movies didn't get to you.

Gabi: I lied. Take it off, take it off.

Will: [Chuckles] You know what I like about you?

Gabi: What?

Will: That you get scared by movies, but not for real. Well, that and... the fact that you're beautiful.

Gabi: Will.

Will: [Chuckles] What?

Gabi: It feels like us again.

EJ: You don't think the fact that my brother, your son, died in the last war with the Kiriakis family is relevant?

Stefano: And his death was never avenged.

EJ: Shooting Philip at point-blank range? That wasn't enough?

Chad: Wait, what?

Stefano: Stop it. Stop it. This is what happened. The Kiriakises killed my son, and they got away with it. They don't believe in anything but killing. Trying to make peace with them does not work.

EJ: Right! Because they're not rational or restrained like we are.

Stefano: This is not funny.

EJ: No, you're right, it's not funny. Are you hearing him? I mean, are you really hearing him, Chad? He's not going to stop. You understand me? Don't--don't think that you can somehow fix this from the inside. Don't think that you can temper this or you can mitigate it. Trust me, I've tried. It doesn't work. Listen to me. I'm telling you now, run. Run away from this house as fast as you can.

Roman: Okay, let me know.

Rafe: Roman.

Roman: What have you got?

Rafe: Some fibers. I followed the trajectory of the shot... could be from the shooter.

Roman: All right, good work. Bag it.

[Monitor steadily beeps]

Connie: Should I shut it down?

Daniel: Yeah, we're done. [Sighs]

Victor: Listen, you've been a great help, but right now I need to be alone.

Sonny: I'll see if I can get an update.

Victor: I deserve this. But Maggie doesn't. And her family doesn't. [Sighs] It should've been me.

[Monitor steadily beeps]

Connie: Time of death, 8:47 pm.

Lexie: [Sighs]

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Chad: Oh, my God. EJ, there's no pulse.

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