Days Transcript Thursday 7/28/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/28/11 - Canada; Friday 7/29/11 - U.S.A.


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Hope: I can't believe this. Not from Carly.

Bo: I know.

Hope: She just never seemed like the type of person who...

Bo: Who'd be strung out on drugs.

Hope: Right. But then again I never saw myself as having a drug problem.

Bo: Whoa, hey, hey, stop. It's totally different. Those drugs were prescribed to you by a doctor. You had a bad reaction. You weren't dependent.

Hope: Still. It really messed up our lives, didn't it? You think it was photoshopped? Vivian's still in town.

Bo: Yeah, I know. Carly, what are you doing here?

Carly: I heard about Ciara and Theo. It's terrible. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Bo: Well, we just got a lead on her whereabouts.

Carly: I couldn't stop thinking about you. I just couldn't stop. You were always so strong, taking care of other people. You must be so worried and feeling helpless.

Bo: We might have caught a break here.

Carly: I will do whatever I can. Let me help. I'll do anything.

Bo: Some mail came for you by the house. It looked like some important stuff.

Carly: It's junk mail. Kind of wasted a trip. Whoops.

Bo: Um, something's going on with you that you're not telling me?

Carly: I'm telling you I want you to leave me alone.

Bo: The last few times I saw Carly, there was definitely something wrong. I should have seen this coming. She's in trouble. Big trouble.

Hope: Then you and I are gonna help her.

Jennifer: Roman.

Roman: Jennifer, what's wrong?

Jennifer: I need to report a missing person.

Daniel: Carly manning.

Vivian: How many hits? Isn't that what they're called? Hits?

Gus: Well, let's put it this way. Dr. Manning as now as infamous as the girl who did the Friday song.

Vivian: Oh. Quinn's work is absolute genius.

Gus: That was my idea. I put the picture online.

Vivian: Yes, but if Quinn hadn't made sure that Carly had the drugs, there would be no photographs to take. Carly's probably under a bed or in a closet somewhere hoping she'll vanish.

Gus: Actually she's managed it.

Vivian: What?

Gus: Melanie and her friends are looking everywhere for her to no avail.

Vivian: Well, I saw her at the pier, and she wasn't in very good shape. Oh, god, I hope wherever she is she stays there.

Quinn: So you're Carly manning? The woman my mother is so eager to destroy.

Carly: Where am I?

Quinn: My hotel room.

Carly: How did I get here?

Quinn: You don't remember?

Carly: What do you want from me?

Brady: Taylor tells me that EJ remembered seeing Melanie on the pier the night I beat him up, which means it's only going to be a matter of time before he remembers everything.

Nicole: Are you sure that's what he said? You know EJ's not gonna let this go.

Brady: Oh, I know. I assumed that when I beat him up.

Nicole: I saw Stefano, and he is chomping at the bit to get even. All he needs is a name.

Brady: There's plenty of names. Okay, there's Carly, there's Daniel, there's Melanie, there's even Jennifer Deveraux, all right?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Brady: These are people that covered for me. It's my turn to look out for them now.

Nicole: That's admirable, and I love that about you. But this is EJ we're talking about, and I know how he operates better than you. He is not going to go after Melanie or the others. He is going to go after you, and, in EJ's world, "go after" is a euphemism for kill.

EJ: Melanie. Don't insult my intelligence. I know that you were there that night. I know that you came to my aid at the pier. And I know that you were doing it to cover for Brady.

Melanie: I don't know what you're talking about.

EJ: Don't lie to me. I'm not guessing, Melanie. I remember.

Brady: Didn't you both tell me that EJ had grown a conscience, huh?

Nicole: I don't know. Maybe. Maybe for the women he's screwed over, like me... and you. But for someone who put him in the hospital? Trust me, he's still kicking it old school. So he's after you, and I've managed to burn the few bridges I have built in this town. We should hit the road together. You will stay in one piece, and the Kiriakis family and the DiMera family war will be called off.

Taylor: Okay, does it matter that I think this is the worst idea ever?

Melanie: You're bluffing. You are. I mean, let's be honest. If you really knew who beat you up, you wouldn't be doing a little dance with me, EJ. You'd be out of bed searching for revenge. Am I right?

EJ: I know that you were there.

Melanie: Okay. I'm gonna get you another nurse, okay?

EJ: I think I'm quite happy with the one that I have.

Bo: Yes, Carly needs help.

Hope: Whoever put that photograph online is trying to destroy her, Bo.

Bo: I don't think you and I are the ones to help her.

Hope: I--

Roman: I'm not sure about that.

Hope: Why, what happened?

Roman: Daniel Jonas and Jennifer just arrived to report that Carly's been missing several hours.

Jennifer: Roman just probably wants us to be here, you know, so--if we have to give a statement or something.

Daniel: What are you doing? What happened?

Jennifer: Just wiping some dirt off from digging in the dumpster. You don't have to move away from me. I had gloves on. You're fine.

Daniel: What were you doing in the dumpster?

Jennifer: Well, I was out behind Salem inn, and I thought, if they'd already emptied Carly's trash, maybe there would be a clue. If I found something, I could find where she is, you know.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: I mean, it's just an old reporter trick.

Daniel: Yeah, well, plenty of your colleagues are on it right now, so... I'm sure it's fine.

Jennifer: Yeah, you know, I was upset about that at first, but maybe it's good. Maybe they can find something that will lead us to her, you know.

Daniel: Well, I went door-to-door a few blocks from the inn. Nobody remembered anything.

Jennifer: It's all my fault. Okay. You were right. This is all my fault, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, maybe I was too hard--

Jennifer: No, you weren't too hard on me. I couldn't tell you that Carly was doing drugs because then you would have to report her, right? So I didn't want her to lose her career. But now look what she's lost. Maybe she's lost more than that.

Daniel: Okay, it isn't important who did what. But what is important is that we find Carly.

Quinn: Found you in the alley behind the inn. You were out of it. And there was a drunk who was trying to take advantage. That's why our clothes are dirty. It's--do you remember any of that?

Carly: I-I don't--I don't know.

Quinn: I'll find you something else to put on.

Carly: I can just go.

Quinn: Whoa. Here.

Carly: I can make it.

Quinn: Lie back down. I don't bite, you know.

Carly: That's a relief, I guess.

Quinn: My name's Quinn. Yours?

Carly: Carly.

Quinn: Nice to meet you, Carly.

Nicole: Why do you get a vote on what Brady and I do?

Taylor: Because I saw EJ, and I know where his head is.

Brady: I know where his head is too, but I'm not gonna say it with ladies present.

Taylor: I still believe he's changed.

Nicole: And you still believe in the tooth fairy idea too, I assume.

Taylor: Okay, what if he hasn't? Do the two of you really want to spend the rest of your lives running from the DiMera family?

Brady: No. I'm not going to. And that's why I'm staying put. That's why I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna find Melanie, and I'm gonna warn her.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Excuse me. That's Dario, and he's gonna help me find out where she is. Did you find her?

Nicole: All right, um... I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but since you seem to be the one who makes EJ want to be a better man, you're the one who's gonna have to tell him not to kill Brady.

Melanie: EJ, let go of my arm.

EJ: We've dealt with each other before, Melanie. You'd do well to remember you're a little bit out of your league. I know that you were there that night. I know that you helped me. You may have even saved my life. Do you really want to continue to lie for a man who left you to clean up his mess?

Melanie: I don't know who saved you. And your chart says you have a pretty severe concussion, so this Florence nightingale you've created is probably something you made up when you were knocked out cold, because to me, you're a lowlife criminal who drew a get-out-of-jail-free card and is lucky to be alive.

EJ: So are you, my dear. So are you.

Melanie: Let me go, or I'll scream. [Screams]

Dario: Let her go, or you'll be screaming.

Jennifer: And it just took me a while to figure out what was wrong with Carly, and then I finally did, and then it took me a while to confront her with it, but when I got up the nerve, she said that it was true. And then I just--I kept it to myself.

Hope: Why?

Jennifer: I don't know why. Because she told me that she was okay and she had a handle on it, and I believed her. You know how disciplined Carly is. And I know that she was having some personal problems, so I thought, okay, if she solves those, then she's not gonna want to do the drugs anymore, right?

Hope: Mind telling us what those personal problems were?

Jennifer: She was falling in love with Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, look, I had no idea.

Jennifer: And I didn't tell him. My mistake was I was trying to force the two of them together, and that's why I broke up with Daniel, so I told him about Carly's feelings for him, but I didn't tell him about the drugs.

Daniel: And I went to Carly, and I told her that there was no chance for us, and I was pretty straightforward, and that was right before the pictures were taken.

Jennifer: Anyway, she overdosed on pills last night.

Bo: My god.

Jennifer: Someone took a picture of her.

Daniel: Put it online.

Jennifer: And that's when I found her this morning.

Daniel: Well, you saved her life.

Jennifer: And she saw these pictures, and then she thought about everyone else that had probably seen these pictures.

Daniel: Including Melanie.

Jennifer: She was just humiliated. So she snuck out of the hotel room. We haven't seen her since.

Roman: Well, we can't launch a missing person investigation till the person's been missing for 24 hours.

Bo: Roman--

Roman: I'm not done yet. But what I was gonna say is that picture on the internet changes all that. So, Bo, hope, you two head up the investigation. Whatever you need--manpower, court orders--you got it. You and Carly saved my grandson's eyesight. We owe you big time. We'll find her.

Daniel: [Softly] Thank you.

Vivian: Fate is so...

Gus: Fickle?

Vivian: Quinn managed to destroy Carly and avenge Lawrence, something I failed to do. I mean, it's amazing.

Gus: Mind-boggling.

Vivian: Mm. What's even more amazing is that Quinn didn't even know Lawrence. He resented him because I brought Lawrence up as my son and made Quinn have to deal with his father.

Gus: I know, Madame. You've told me several times.

Vivian: Well, you know, I made a choice, I didn't want to interfere with Lawrence's happiness. Quinn's father didn't exactly give me a choice.

Gus: And Lawrence was happy, wasn't he? Right up until the moment his wife stuck a knife in him.

Vivian: Yeah. I never understood Quinn's... jealousy, but you know what? It was because he truly cared, and now I know that. That--that thing with his father, it was just a dalliance. I mean, he meant nothing to me. I'll never understand it. How did he bring up such a fine son without any help from me?

Gus: Good question. Why don't you think about that?

Quinn: Do you want something to eat?

Carly: No, I couldn't.

Quinn: Just some tea and dry toast. It might absorb the alcohol.

Carly: I don't even remember getting drunk. Why do I reek of beer?

Quinn: What's the last thing you do remember?

Carly: Feeling like my life was spinning out of control and I just had to make it stop.

Quinn: Would it help to talk about it?

Carly: You don't even know me.

Quinn: Sometimes it's easier to tell your story to a total stranger.

Dario: I said let her go before I pull you out of that bed.

EJ: Whoever you are, I really don't think you want to give threats to me.

Dario: Who I am? I'm Rafe Hernandez's brother.

EJ: Another one. Great. You know, I've had so much fun with your family.

Dario: And after what you did to him and Sami, I'd say you got off easy. You know, we should have never--

Melanie: Look, just forget it. Come on.

EJ: I am going to remember, Melanie. And not just your part in it.

Melanie: You're bluffing.

Dario: Yeah, good luck with that one. You'll have an easier job of making a list of the people that don't want you dead.

[Door slams]

EJ: [Clicking his tongue]

Taylor: I don't want Brady getting hurt, but EJ doesn't listen to me anymore.

Nicole: Okay. So since my plan is so crazy, do you have another one? I didn't think so.

Taylor: So is Melanie okay?

Brady: Dario says he's gonna take care of her, but this one's on me.

Nicole: What does that mean?

Brady: It means I started this. So it means I'm gonna finish it. I paid the bar bill.

Nicole: I'm going with you.

Brady: Look at me. Look at me. You are not going with me. Is that clear? Is it clear?

Nicole: Yeah, I guess. I guess.

Brady: Good. Good.

Taylor: Brady. Brady. Please, please do not make this any worse.

Brady: I won't.

Nicole: Oh, my god. Do you buy that? 'Cause I sure as hell don't.

[Door slams]

Melanie: EJ, can you hear me? It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna take care of you, okay?

EJ: Nice try, Melanie. But I saw the look on your face. I'm right.

Bo: So you guys and Melanie were the only ones in Carly's room, and Carly said she needed a minute?

Jennifer: Yeah, and that's when she went into the bathroom.

Daniel: Then it turned out to be more than a minute, and then Melanie went to go check on her.

Jennifer: The window was open, Carly was gone, and we just assumed she went down the fire escape.

Bo: Right. You think she went to make a drug buy?

Jennifer: No, Bo, she knew, at this point, that she needed help. She was ready to go to rehab. And then that picture showed up, and she was humiliated. But what I'm trying to say is, is that what she's doing? Do you think she's out trying to buy more drugs?

Hope: Hello.

Jennifer: What?

Bo: What?

Hope: Here. Take a look. This is the Salem inn surveillance footage from this afternoon. It doesn't cover the whole area outside the inn, but what it does show is one of the frequent fliers in the area.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Right about the time Carly disappeared.

Daniel: Wait, what's a frequent flier?

Bo: An individual who gets picked up often enough to have their own cot at county lockup. Lewis.

Jennifer: Wait, what does that mean? What kind of frequent flier is he?

Bo: Drugs and alcohol mostly, but we'll be able to find him.

Daniel: Well, is he the kind of guy who gets violent?

Bo: You know what, we'll go pick him up and find out what he has to say, okay?

Carly: You don't want to hear my story.

Quinn: Why not?

Carly: This is all my fault.

Quinn: What is?

Carly: Would you believe I'm a doctor? A surgeon. You wouldn't want me cutting on you right now, would you?

Quinn: What happened?

Carly: A long time ago, I married the wrong guy.

Quinn: What was his name?

Carly: Lawrence. Lawrence was a little weird. But I didn't find that out until it was too late.

Quinn: How was he weird?

Carly: He liked to keep me locked up.

Quinn: Come on, you can't stop now.

Carly: What?

Quinn: How did you get away from Lawrence?

Carly: I waited until my son grew up. Did I tell you I have a son?

Quinn: No.

Carly: Nicholas. Oh, my precious boy. From the moment he was born, he had this sweetness about him. Oh, and he had a smile that would light up the room. I mean, everyone who meets him...

Quinn: Everyone who meets him...

Carly: Oh, my baby Nicholas, you sweet boy.

Quinn: You're very proud of him, aren't you?

Carly: Always. Always.

Quinn: Where is he now?

Carly: Mm. Now with... doesn't matter.

Quinn: Oh, it must matter to you.

Carly: It would if...

Quinn: If what?

Carly: If I could see him. If I could put my arms around him, tell him... I want to tell him so much... my baby. Oh, he's got a smile. I can see it in my mind's eye. It just lights up a room.

Quinn: So you said.

Carly: Oh, I'm repeating myself. I'm sorry.

Quinn: But can you do that? See your son? Hold him in your arms?

Carly: No, I can't. I can't even talk to him.

Quinn: And why is that?

Carly: He doesn't speak to me.

Quinn: Why not?

Carly: I killed his father.

Quinn: But you're not in prison.

Carly: It was self-defense. So I was finally free. But I lost my son. You see what I mean? It's all my fault.

Vivian: You know, I always imagined Quinn would grow up to be as ineffectual as his father, but, in fact, I see more and more of myself in him.

Gus: So do I.

Vivian: Hmm. He single-handedly destroyed Carly.

Gus: She was rather ripe for the plucking, don't you think?

Vivian: What does that mean?

Gus: She almost witnessed the murder of her beloved daughter. Remember the comb I got you? The one that was laced with the poison? The one you were supposed to give Melanie on her wedding day but didn't because you decided to try and push her off the roof of the Kiriakis mansion instead?

Vivian: That was a long time ago.

Gus: And there was the plan to have Chloe lane murder Carly manning.

Vivian: I don't want to dwell on negativity.

Gus: I wonder why.

Vivian: Those plans were too complicated. Quinn's was simple and direct. Revenge--it is a wonderful thing to share with people you love.

Gus: You know what, why don't you do just that?

Vivian: Gus. Oh... he'll be all right.

Chad: Ah. You're still awake.

EJ: What are you doing here so late?

Chad: Can't a guy just visit his own brother?

EJ: Oh, come on, Chad. Father sent you. Right?

Chad: No. But I did hear him tell Kate that you think the attack on you was an attack on the entire family.

EJ: Didn't mean to frighten you.

Chad: I'm concerned about Stefano. So is it true?

EJ: It was just a feeling really.

Chad: Yeah, well, what kind of feeling?

EJ: I don't know. I mean, I thought it would become clearer, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have.

Chad: So you haven't remembered anything else?

EJ: No. You know, I'm not really sure that I ever will.

Hope: Oh, Lewis, my friend, how are you?

Bo: Oh. Hey, man. [Claps Lewis's back] Long time no see.

Lewis: What do you guys want with me?

Bo: Beautiful night. Isn't it just...[Inhales] Beautiful? Don't you love how the moon glints off the edge of that dumpster?

Hope: Oh, yeah. That's enough to make a person's thoughts turn to romance.

Lewis: I didn't do nothing. Okay?

Hope: Seen this woman today, Lewis?

Bo: Come on, man. You help us out, next time you're a guest of the county, I'll throw in turndown service.

Lewis: Never seen this lady in my life.

Hope: Really? That's funny. Because she went missing right here. And the surveillance tape of the area only had one guy on it. And guess who it was, Lewis?

Bo: I hate to do this to you. Looks like we're gonna have to haul him in.

Hope: Oh, I just hope he's not carrying anything of a suspicious nature on him.

Bo: Yeah, 'cause that would make him a three-time dummy, and, the last time I checked, the state pen does not have the amenities that county does.

Lewis: Okay, look, I saw her. All right? But I didn't do nothing to her.

Bo: Well, do you know where she might be?

Lewis: Yeah, I got an idea.

Jennifer: Don't you think you should just keep trying to call Melanie?

Daniel: No, her phone's off. I mean, I don't know why.

Jennifer: My gosh, what is taking so long?

Daniel: You know that saying "no news is good news"? I think that's true in this case.

Roman: Bo and hope just called in.

Jennifer: Hey, what's going on?

Roman: They found their man. He says he might know where Carly is.

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Daniel: Oh, that's great.

Roman: Okay, I'll let you know what we find out.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Oh, my god. That is--

Jennifer: Thank god. Thank god.

Carly: You should really get me out of here.

Quinn: Why?

Carly: Well, 'cause I smell like a brewery and I ruin everything.

Quinn: What does that mean?

Carly: Every man that I ever loved never ended up loving me back.

Quinn: Well, maybe you should stop taking up with the wrong men.

Carly: My head's killing me.

Quinn: Will you at least let me get you some aspirin?

Carly: No, I don't like to take pills. Anymore.

Quinn: Even if you can get rid of the headache?

Carly: You're right.

Quinn: All right, don't go anywhere.

Carly: Couldn't if I tried.

Nicole: Oh, my god, I can't just sit here. I'm going after Brady whether he likes it or not.

Taylor: Okay, wait, he just told you not to follow him.

Nicole: So?

Taylor: So for once in your life, will you please listen to somebody else?

Nicole: The pot calling the kettle black much? Did you listen to me when I told you I was in love with EJ? And you know how I feel about Brady. I thought you were clear on that. And for someone who says she's all about family, you have a funny way of showing it. You have some serious problems, Taylor.

Taylor: Yeah, you're right. I do.

Chad: So this morning you tell father there's a plot against the entire DiMera family. Now you say it's just a feeling and you don't remember anything, so...

EJ: You seem suspicious.

Chad: Well, still think father sent me over here to pump you for information?

EJ: I can't think of any possible reason why I would hold out on father.

Chad: Well, I don't know. He was ranting about you taking the so-called high road and surrendering your own children because of Taylor. He also said that you're trying to win the love of a woman who refuses to give you the time of day. But it doesn't matter what you tell me. You and I both know that our father will not give up until he finds out who tried to kill his son.

[Door bell rings]

Brady: I'm so glad to see you.

Both: Hi.

Brady: Hi. Come in. Come in. Dario, thank you.

Dario: Yeah, no problem.

Brady: Any word on your mom? I'm sorry.

Melanie: EJ remembers that I was there that night. He's not making that up.

Brady: What did you say?

Melanie: I told him he had a head injury and he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Brady: Mm, that's my girl.

Melanie: Okay. Whether he has proof or not, he wants it to be you.

Brady: Yeah. Well, don't you worry about that.

Melanie: Why? What are you gonna do? Ooo whatcha got there?

Jennifer: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I got carried away. I'm sorry.

Daniel: No, it's a big relief when you get that kind of news. Good news.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: And that was good news.

Jennifer: It's just this guy who knows where Carly is...

Daniel: Yeah, might know.

Jennifer: Do you think he's this frequent flier that Bo and hope were talking about?

Daniel: I don't know. Maybe. You think he's reliable?

Jennifer: I don't know. I mean, I just pray that he is telling the truth and that we're gonna find Carly.

Daniel: And that she's okay.

Lewis: The lady in that picture, she passed out right over there.

Bo: And what'd you do to her?

Lewis: I just went to go see if she was okay.

Bo: Ha. You're a regular good Samaritan.

Lewis: Yeah. Then some dude came along. I split.

Hope: Describe the guy.

Lewis: Medium height, big shoulders, brown hair. You know, white guy.

Bo: Pretty vague. You're gonna have to do better than that.

Hope: A hell of a lot better than that. That woman's a surgeon.

Bo: And if she turns up dead and people find out that you could have done something to help her out, you're screwed.

Lewis: Okay, I'll do my best.

Bo: Good boy. Come on.

Carly: Where's my purse and phone? Oh, good. Thank god. [Mutters]

Vivian: Oh, Quinn.

Quinn: Hello, ma.

Vivian: Oh, don't call me that. Have you heard the news? I'm so glad I ran into you.

Quinn: Depends on what it is.

Vivian: Carly has disappeared. Her friends and family are absolutely frantic. Of course she'll probably be found, but what if she isn't?

Quinn: Your dream come true, right?

Vivian: I owe it all to you.

Melanie: And that's it? Okay, well, call--right, call me if you...okay. Love you too. All right, dad and Jennifer are at the police station, and they think they have a lead.

Dario: Well, that's great.

Melanie: Mm-hmm. I just hope it pans out.

Brady: You should probably go wait with your dad.

Melanie: Are you trying to get rid of us?

Brady: [Scoffs] No. Promise I won't do anything stupid.

Melanie: I'm holding you to that.

Nicole: What is your problem, Taylor?

Taylor: Forget it.

Nicole: No, tell me.

Taylor: It's my sister. Maybe you've heard of her.

Nicole: Oh, come on, you got to be kidding me.

Taylor: You know, I keep telling you that EJ and I are through and there is nothing, nothing going on between me and Brady, but you won't listen.

Nicole: Nothing going on? When I walked in here, Brady had his tongue halfway down your throat, and then you left here to go hold EJ's hand in the hospital. Do you see where I'm going with this? It is hard for me to say the past is the past.

Taylor: Yeah, you're right, Nicole, because, as much as we may want it to... the past has a way of not staying where it belongs.

Bo: Our guy worked with a police artist, came up with that sketch. Now all we have to do is I.D. It.

Jennifer: So you still don't know where Carly is then?

Hope: No. Not yet.

Daniel: All right, well, what now?

Hope: [Sighs] Go home. Try to get some rest. Every squad car has a copy of the sketch now, and we'll call as soon as we know anything.

Daniel: Thank you.

Bo: All right.

Daniel: So this going home and waiting, you're not really gonna do that, are you?

Jennifer: No, how am I supposed to pass time--curl up with a book, wondering if Carly is dead or alive?

Daniel: Okay, you know, Bo and hope, they have this under control. You don't need to take on everything yourself.

Jennifer: No, I'm going back out. Do you want to go with me? We'll go together.

Daniel: Okay. All right. Well, if we're lucky enough to find Carly and she's in bad shape and she sees us together, what exactly do you think that's gonna do to her?

Hope: You think Lewis sold us a bill of goods?

Bo: I wouldn't put it past him.

Hope: I don't know. Something about this face looks awfully familiar.

Vivian: Actually, I'm quite surprised to see you out and about.

Quinn: Why?

Vivian: Well, the last time I stopped by, you were in the middle of an assignation. What's the matter? Did she bore you?

Quinn: Actually, I found her quite interesting.

Carly: Oh, okay, I must have dialed the wrong number. I'm sorry to have bothered you. [Sighs] Okay, think. Focus. Yes, could you connect me to university hospital. Um, would you put me through to the fifth floor nurses' station, please?

[Telephone ringing]

Elise: Five west.

Carly: This is dr. Manning. Who is this?

Elise: Oh, hi, dr. Manning. It's Elise.

Carly: I need to get a message to the person who's scheduling the O.R. Next few days. I'm gonna have to reassign or reschedule my patients. I need to take some time off.

Elise: Okay. Sure. I'll call him right away.

Nicole: Believe it or not, Taylor, I am actually capable of forgiveness. I've forgiven you for ruining my marriage to EJ, even though there wasn't much of a marriage. And I can't forgive you for being attracted to Brady, because, my god, you have eyes. But if anything, anything happens to him because you convinced him to stay in Salem, 'cause it's a good idea, I will make you wish that you were never born.

EJ: Alexandra tells me that forcing myself to remember is probably not the best way to go about it.

Chad: Yeah, well, she probably knows best.

EJ: I'm gonna get some rest. All right? [Sighs] Who knows? It may just come back to me.

Chad: You know, it might be better for everyone if you don't remember. Night, bro.

EJ: Good night... bro. Sorry, Chad, but we are going to do this my way.

Elise: Do you want something, Mr. DiMera?

EJ: Nope.

Elise: It's time for your pain meds if you need them.

EJ: No, thank you. I'm feeling much better. In fact, I think I'm going to go home.

Brady: Keep me posted about your mom, okay?

Melanie: I will. Keep your promise.

Brady: Okay. Dario. Take care of her, okay?

Maggie: You want to leave Salem?

Victor: Damn straight.

Taylor: Take off with Nicole. And don't ever come back.

Nicole: Go to hell, EJ. <

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