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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/25/11 - Canada; Tuesday 7/26/11 - U.S.A.


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Nicole: Oh...

Kate: Great. Great! Before I've had my morning coffee or vodka?

Nicole: Don't worry, I won't be long. I just left my sweater here. Oh, and why did I forget it? That's right, because I saved EJ's life. So could you spare me the attitude?

Kate: Okay. Now, you realize that I've never really liked you.

Nicole: What? You don't like me?

Kate: [Sarcastic chuckle] But until this moment, I never thought you were stupid.

Victor: Oh, Maggie, how lovely. You came to pay me a visit.

Maggie: [Laughs] Well, actually, you're the last person I wanted to see.

Will: Okay, there you go. And with your employee discount, that will be nothing.

Gabi: Thanks.

Will: You're welcome. Oh, and if you're calculating the tip, 20% of nothing is nothing.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Sonny: Hey, will, and Gabi.

Gabi: Sonny! Hey.

Will: What's up?

Sonny: Not much.

Gabi: What's up?

Sonny: Oh, were you looking at the "cats who look like Hitler" web site again?

Will: Yeah, what were you looking at so intently?

Gabi: Actually, I have the pictures from the lake, so I can actually show you while you're here.

Tad: You. You--

Sonny: I'm sorry, only my close friends can call me "you."

Tad: Why didn't you tell me you were gay?

Gus: Madam.

Vivian: Oh... oh, Gus, I thought this was gonna be such a wonderful morning. Banner headlines reading "revered surgeon revealed as drug-addled slut." Carly manning on life-support, brains fried... her bloody life ruined.

Gus: Madam, contain yourself and listen.

Vivian: Oh, God! [Crying] I failed you again, Lawrence.

Gus: I said listen. Actually, this could be the morning you were dreaming of.

Melanie: Are you still mad at me?

Daniel: I'm not mad at you.

Melanie: Are you sure? Because you didn't say good-bye after dinner.

Daniel: No, I waved to you, but you were talking to the fuzz.

Melanie: Pbbbt! I'm gonna tell hope you called her "the fuzz."

Daniel: Okay, what is it? What is it?

Melanie: Like five-O. Look, whatever.

Melanie: How are you and Jennifer?

Daniel: Okay, sweetheart, how can I communicate to you that I don't want to talk about my personal life?

Melanie: You did communicate that to me. I just don't care 'cause you're my dad.

Daniel: Yay for me. Okay, it was terrific, great, wonderful. We spent a blissful 45 seconds together until she walked out mad. Oh, yeah, yeah, I got a way with the ladies, huh?

Melanie: Oh, you do. I mean, it'll all work out.

Daniel: Okay--

Melanie: Or I can help you.

Daniel: Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Honey, do not do...

Both: Anything.

Melanie: Don't worry, I won't. Unless I have to. You know what's weird?

Daniel: Yeah, you.

Melanie: I ran into Abigail, and she was acting like there's something wrong with my mom. Like it's my mom that has the problem, and not hers.

Jennifer: Hey, Carly, will you call me right away when you get this, please? Why aren't you picking up?

Daniel: Son of a--

Maxine: You seem to be thinking some dark thoughts.

Melanie: Um...has anyone ever said something stupid to you?

Maxine: Of course. I've talked to you.

Melanie: You're just-- you're hysterical. I'm not joking.

Maxine: That wasn't a joke. All right, all right, I'm sorry. What's up?

Melanie: All right, Abigail said something about my mom that I know isn't true, but I can't shake it.

Maxine: You're worried about your mom?

Melanie: Yeah. Well, she didn't pick up her phone. I know it's her day off, so hopefully she's sleeping in and her phone is off, which is great. I just--

Maxine: Why don't you go check on her.

Melanie: I'm on duty.

Maxine: It's early. I'm here. Go.

Melanie: You mean it?

Maxine: Mm-hmm. I mean it.

Melanie: Thank you. She's gonna be fine, though. I know nothing's wrong. I'm just being-- just being weird.

Gus: So while I had a very busy very early morning, I think it will have turned out to be extremely productive.

Vivian: I think it's wonderful that you've taken initiative, Gus.

Gus: Well, I was worried about stepping on toes. I mean, if the much-vaunted Quinn had some plan, I wouldn't want to overreach.

Vivian: Gus...

Gus: But that doesn't seem to be the case. It does seem that after a very short period of time, he's gone home to put up his feet, as it were.

Vivian: I am not going to have this internecine squabbling. It is not about you, it is not about Quinn. It's not even about me.

Gus: Madam?

Vivian: It is about Lawrence. Now, it's taken a long time, but he's going to be avenged.

Nicole: I have to pull myself together. You don't like me and you think I'm stupid? Your high opinions mean so much to me.

Kate: You really screwed things up, Nicole.

Nicole: I screwed things up?

Kate: Yeah. You didn't see what was going on between EJ and Taylor. She swooned at your wedding. He was by her side faster than you can down a martini. And you didn't know what was going on.

Nicole: What do you care? Even if I could see it, what could I do about it?

Kate: Did you ever hear of poison?

Nicole: [Chuckles] You think I should have killed my sister?

Kate: Well, I think you should have done something because she ruined everything.

Nicole: You didn't think I was stupid... I didn't think you were delusional. My mother was killed by a DiMera thug who was made to look like Sami's husband. And Taylor did not ruin everything. And may I remind you you're the one who's shackin' up with a dude who ruined everything.

Kate: No! No. You're not gonna do that. You're not gonna say one word against Stefano in his own house, all right? He's at the hospital right now with EJ... who without one thought about his father's feelings gave up rights to his children. You know how Stefano feels about that? [Scoffs] He-- he didn't sleep all last night. And I'm scared.

Nicole: Wow.

Victor: Not to be pedantic about this, but if you didn't want to see me, perhaps you shouldn't have rung my doorbell.

Maggie: Um, I came here to see Brady. Henderson said you were out of town on business today.

Victor: Ah, well, you see what happens when you believe what Henderson tells you?

Maggie: Did you tell Henderson to lie to me?

Victor: [Chuckles] You think this is a big conspiracy to lure you into my parlor, eh?

Maggie: Oh, no, Victor. You would never stoop to manipulation to get what you want. So I won't waste any more of your time.

Victor: Wait. Just...please. As long as you're here, why don't you just stay for some tea?

[Cell phone ringing]

Maggie: Oh. Excuse me. Oh...all right. Brady has postponed our meeting.

Victor: Well, then, we can linger over our tea.

Maggie: [Sighs] Why would we do that?

Victor: 'Cause we're friends?

Maggie: Hmm. Well, Victor, I think it's best if I just be on my way.

Victor: Uh, have a nice day.

Tad: Why didn't you tell me you were gay?

Will: Okay, t, let's take a walk, all right?

Sonny: No, hey. Hey, hey. It's good, man. I can handle this. Is there some Salem law where I have to identify my sexuality to people I barely know?

Tad: Do you think this is funny?

Sonny: I mean, no, I really don't think this is funny.

Will: Okay, let me buy you a soda, all right?

Gabi: I think I know...

Tad: You lied to me! What the hell is the matter with you?

Jennifer: I am not leaving another message. Carly, what are you up to? Ow. Oh, hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Um, I just wanted to tell you I was just leaving.

Daniel: Oh, not quite yet you're not.

Jennifer: You know, I feel like we went over everything last night. We really--

Daniel: This isn't about last night. This is about this morning. Oh, you know what it's about, it's about this.

Jennifer: Oh.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. You know, so out of the blue, Carly and I are gonna be given a commendation. You know what the big surprise is? You. You're the one who nominated us. See that right there?

Jennifer: Yes. It's an honor, Daniel.

Daniel: Yeah, maybe it is, but it's also playing games, and I won't let it happen.

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Vivian: Housekeeping.

Melanie: Hi.

Dario: Hey.

Melanie: I didn't think that you'd be here.

Dario: I'm just delivering some papers for the board from titan.

Melanie: Oh. So you're busy.

Dario: Well, I've got about an hour till my next appointment.

Melanie: Yeah?

Dario: You want to take a walk or something?

Melanie: Well, I was supposed to go visit my mom.

Dario: Oh, okay. So what time, then?

Melanie: No, it's okay. I can just see her later. I'm sure she's fine. Let's go for a walk.

Dario: Yeah?

Kate: Okay, you have your sweater. Why don't you go.

Nicole: You really are hurt, aren't you?

Kate: I had a momentary lapse.

Nicole: Yeah, but it was almost-- almost human.

Kate: You don't know-- you can't imagine how much I don't want to share with you right now.

Nicole: So Stefano's in bad shape, isn't he?

Kate: What do you think? You know as well as I do that EJ means the world to him.

Nicole: But EJ's gonna be fine...isn't he?

Kate: Okay, have you heard anything that I've said here? EJ gave up all rights to his kids. And I don't know how the hell she did it, but your sister managed to almost destroy him.

Nicole: Okay, you are so right. Maybe she did bring EJ to his knees. But he deserves it, after the way he treated me. But what do you care? It's not like your life's gonna change. I mean, maybe the house will be a little quieter.

Kate: I care because it's killing Stefano, because of the anxiety and the worry and the concern.

Nicole: Oh, my. You have a prenup. If Stefano kicks it, you get nada.

Kate: Oh, just shut up. Don't even talk like that.

Nicole: Son of a gun... you really love him, don't you?

Tad: So no, there's no law that you have to tell people you barely know you're gay. But I think if you're gonna start posing for pictures, especially with your shirt off, knowing damn well they're gonna be posted on the internet--

Sonny: Dude, you're the one who asked me to take that picture. All right? As I recall.

Tad: Because I didn't know the truth.

Sonny: Oh...right. 'Cause if you would have, what would you have said? Huh? "Oh, please, no photos with sonny, 'cause then I'll be gay by association"? "My life will be ruined"? "I'll be ridiculed and scorned-- a social outcast"? Come on.

Tad: I don't want people thinking I'm gay. Is that so hard to understand?

Sonny: No, I guess not. 'Cause I don't want people thinking I'm straight. 'Cause that's not who I am. So yeah, I do get it.

Tad: Then why'd you let Kinsey take pictures of me and you with our shirts off?

Sonny: I repeat, I did not ask for that picture to be taken. Nor do I have any desire for people to think that you're gay. You know, 'cause I don't care either way. You know why? I don't find you interesting enough to care what you are, who you are, what matters to you in this life.

Tad: Yeah. Well, I'm not gay, for your information. Not even close!

Sonny: Well, bully for you. You know, imagine the shame and horror of being, what, like me?

Tad: You asked me to a ball game.

Sonny: Okay, you're not gay. But do you know what overreacting means?

Tad: I'm not overreacting. That picture's on the internet. People are gonna think I'm some kind of perv, like you. You're disgusting.

Victor: No, he's not. You are.

Jennifer: Daniel, I'm not playing games, I'm--

Daniel: No, no, you know what, setting up dinners at chez rouge is one thing. But this is our work.

This is off limits.

Jennifer: This is good publicity for the hospital.

Daniel: Oh, is it really? You know, why don't you just focus your energy on the return of Jack, and leave me and Carly the hell alone.

Jennifer: Consider it done. And if you'll excuse me, I was on my way out. I'm so very, very sorry for recommending you for anything. And it'll never happen again.

Daniel: [Grunts]

Melanie: You're being kind of quiet.

Dario: I've just been thinking.

Melanie: Oh, well, I never do that.

Dario: You--you know those papers I had to deliver to the hospital board? They're about your parents. They're--they're getting commendations as outstanding surgeons.

Melanie: Seriously?

Dario: Yeah. Yeah, it's a big deal. They're gonna get awards at this fancy dinner, and the media's gonna be there.

Melanie: That's awesome. And you're bummed out because you don't think they deserve it?

Dario: No, no. They deserve it. They deserve it, it's just...

Melanie: What's bothering you?

Dario: With parents like that, I don't know what you're doing with an idiot like me.

Vivian: Seven... eight... that should do it. Good. Okay, you... drink this up, okay? This is for Lawrence. May you rot in hell for what you did to him. Drink it down. Come on, keep drinking. Keep drinking, keep drinking.

Nicole: Aww, I'm right, aren't I? You're in love with him. When did that happen?

Kate: How the hell should I know?

Nicole: Well, I'm assuming you were there.

Kate: Okay, it just happened, all right?

Nicole: Look, I know it's scary. When I was with EJ, I had to keep my wits about me and be very, very careful. But then I fell in love with him, and I never had the upper hand again.

Kate: Women never have the upper hand with DiMeras. Ever.

Nicole: Isn't that part of the appeal, though? Can't lead 'em around like other men.

Kate: Ugh. Although your sister, I have to say... your sister managed it with EJ.

Nicole: Okay, can you stop bringing her up, please? I think I've been rather nice this morning. Sensitive, even.

Kate: You know, I would never think I would hear myself say this, but I would prefer to have you back with EJ-- have you under this roof... instead of all this sadness. I hate seeing Stefano sad.

Nicole: And I hate the thought of EJ without those kids. What the hell happened to him?

Victor: I don't know who you are, but you need to be a hell of a lot more careful. Nobody talks to a Kiriakis that way. Especially not a little twerp like you.

Sonny: Hey, it's okay. Really.

Victor: No, it's not okay. Not on any level. Stupid and ignorant are two different things, but you managed to incorporate them both. You said hurtful things to my nephew where I could hear you. Stupid. And if you think there's anything wrong with being gay, then you're ignorant. Evolution isn't working fast enough if we have to hold on to people like you.

Will: You might want to go, man, so you can get better.

Sonny: Tad. Look, I'm sorry about the postings.

Victor: Don't apologize to him.

Sonny: Don't tell me what to do. Look, man...hey... I feel sorry for you. All right? Being prejudiced against someone who's not like you... it's not gonna serve you well. I hope you can change at some point. Become enlightened.

Victor: Well said, sonny. That was very generous of you to give the guy another chance.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you know, he's ignorant. Like you said. Maybe he can learn.

Victor: Well, let's hope so. I've gotta go.

Sonny: Wait. Not yet. I just wanted to thank you.

Jennifer: Carly? Carly. Oh, God! Oh, God! Carly. Carly! Look at me. Carly, look at me. Look at me! Carly, what are you doing? Look at me. Can you hear me? Carly! Oh, God. Oh, God. What are you trying-- what are you trying to do? Oh, God, I'm not gonna let you die. What are you doing?

[Cork pops]

Vivian: Oh... [Chuckles] Me of little faith. Oh, my God, she was worse... worse...worse after I left. Of course, I was afraid that she might wake up, so I gave her the drugs that I was going to plant all over the room. I said to myself, "Vivian, if she has decided to take the journey into the light, shouldn't you be helping her along?" It was, I don't know, spiritual. I actually felt that Lawrence was with me in the room.

Gus: I'm so happy that I could do that for you.

Vivian: Mm. Just one more little thing I need you to do for me.

Nicole: You know how mad you are at Taylor?

Kate: Mm. She was like an opportunistic infection in this house.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Well, that's how mad I was at EJ yesterday when I found him in here and he looked dead. I almost left him here.

Kate: But you didn't.

Nicole: No, because I knew what would happen if Stefano ever found out.

Kate: Yeah, right. I think that he batted his great big brown eyes at you, and your resolve melted like a snowball in hell.

Nicole: It was self-preservation.

Kate: [Laughs] No, no. I know exactly what it was. It was l-o-v-E.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Gabi: Okay, I hope that your uncle is never mad at me.

Sonny: He can be a little intimidating.

Gabi: Yeah, but you stood up to him. You told him not to tell you what to do.

Sonny: Yes, but as soon as those words were coming out of my mouth, I'm kinda like, uhh... this is gonna be a mistake.

Gabi: You were also great with T. Even though he said all those awful things to you, it was like you left the door open, you know?

Sonny: Yeah, I just-- you know, I feel that if I shut him out completely, how's he gonna learn to be accepting of who I am if he doesn't get to know me?

Gabi: I don't think he deserves to know you.

Sonny: Now, that's true. Because only very special people deserve my friendship.

Gabi: I'm serious. He was such a jerk to you, sonny.

Sonny: He was. You know, and if he continues to be a jerk, then it's all over, obviously. But let's hope he starts to get it.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I'm not holding my breath, okay? Hey, Kinsey, what's up?

Kinsey: Gabi, hey. Um, I wish I could stay and chat, but I am just-- I'm gonna grab a coffee and fly. Bye.

Sonny: She saw tad's page, didn't she? Does she hate me too?

Gabi: No, sonny, it's kinda the opposite.

Victor: Well, Maggie. You still not want to see me, or did you come over to tell me off some more?

Maggie: Uh, the tea that you offered... I'd like that and a side of crow.

Victor: [Chuckles] Anything your little heart desires.

Maggie: You know, when I saw you at the Brady pub, I think it was wonderful when you stood by your nephew like that. I had you all wrong.

Victor: Perhaps that's because you don't listen to me. I told you that I wasn't prejudiced. But you insist on believing the worst about me. And 98% of the time, you're right.

Jennifer: Come on, Carly.

[Carly groaning]

Carly: [Gasps]

Jennifer: Get your face in it! Carly, get your face-- Carly... turn over. Get on your side. Carly-- oh, God, what did you do? Carly... Carly, listen to me! Get up here.

Carly: [Gagging]

Jennifer: No!

[Carly vomiting]

Jennifer: Carly. Carly!

Melanie: Do you know how stupid you sound calling yourself an idiot? That didn't come out right. I didn't--

Dario: Come on. I mean, look at my stats. A thief, a short-term bartender. Now I'm a messenger boy.

Melanie: Mm-hmm. So you're finding yourself-- what's the big deal?

Dario: Your husband was mega-rich, your parents are these brilliant surgeons, and you've got an amazing job.

Melanie: And your point is?

Dario: That I'm a mess. And your family's damn near perfect. What?

Maxine: I need some initials here.

Daniel: Well, you need to find someone who's not busy.

Maxine: Listen, be mad at miss Deveraux, I don't care. But don't take it out on me.

Daniel: I don't know what you're talking about.

Maxine: Don't lie to me. Fix things with miss Deveraux, and fix them with dr. Manning.

Jennifer: Come on. Lay down.

Carly: No. No. No. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, I can't go to the hospital. Please. Melanie can't know. Jennifer, please. Please.

Jennifer: Melanie's feelings are not as important as your life right now. Do you hear me?

Carly: Please help me.

Jennifer: I am helping you! But I am not going to enable you for one more second. Do you hear me?

Carly: You want to ruin my life, my career? You want Daniel so badly you're gonna ruin my life?

Jennifer: Are you crazy? I broke up with Daniel because of you!

Carly: And it only made him want you more!

Jennifer: Really? You know what, I don't care. I don't care about you right now, I don't care what you think of me, I don't care if you think the worst about me. I am done taking care of you.

Kate: Come on. Nicole, you care just as much about EJ. You're just as worried about him as I am about Stefano. Well, at least it proves that Stefano was wrong about one thing.

Nicole: What?

Kate: Well, he had you on a list of suspects. He thought perhaps you paid someone to beat up EJ. And, well, I'm gonna tell him to cross you off the list.

Nicole: Thank you. So who else is on that list?

Kate: You know, the usual suspects. Uh, but trust me, when he finds out who the person is who did this to EJ, he's gonna make sure their life isn't worth living.

Nicole: Hmm.

Maggie: Here we go again. Victor, I can't tell whether we're moving two steps forward or one step back or the other way around.

Victor: Heh. You'd think we'd get better at this romance malarkey at our age.

Maggie: I don't know about that. Because we know-- I mean, we really know how much it would hurt if things don't work out.

Victor: Is that it? Or is it something else?

Sonny: The service here sucks, doesn't it? It's nepotism.

Will: Yeah, I know how the Kiriakises hate nepotism.

Kinsey: So, uh, see ya.

Sonny: Hey, wait, Kins. Kins, Kins, Kins. I just want you to know that I like you.

Kinsey: Well, everyone does.

Sonny: And, no-- I want to be friends with you. All right? But if you can't manage it, it's cool.

Kinsey: Sonny, I don't know how to deal with boys who don't want me...that way. It screws up the whole power balance.

Sonny: Well, that's honest.

Kinsey: I mean, without the whole sexual thing, how can I get you to do whatever I want you to?

Sonny: Okay, here, let me put it this way. If I were straight, you'd be the girl who'd bring me to my knees. All right? You could walk all over me. I would be the laughingstock of straight men.

Kinsey: What a really, really, really sweet thing to say. Okay.

Will: All right, I am clocked out. Want to go to the beach?

Gabi: Sounds good to me.

Will: Sweet.

Gabi: Let's go. He's got her smiling.

Will: Yeah, everybody likes him... except for the people who hate him.

Gabi: Hey, uh, what do you think about sonny? Does it bother you that he's gay?

Carly: I didn't need you to take care of me.

Jennifer: Yeah, you were doing such a fine job on your own, Carly.

Carly: What I needed you to do was to shut your mouth! But no, you went running to Daniel. I was mortified sitting there next to him, knowing that you

betrayed me, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Don't you dare. Don't you dare! This is not about Daniel. This is not about betrayal. That is the crap that you hang this on, Carly.

Carly: I've lost everything.

Jennifer: You've lost everything? No, you haven't lost everything, Carly. You have thrown everything away. All you care about are these stupid pills. They are the most important thing in your life right now. Do you know that? Did you hear what you said earlier? You said you didn't want Melanie to find out about you. Do you--do you realize how sick that is? You don't want her to share your secret. You don't want to change. You just don't want anyone to find out about it.

Carly: No.

Jennifer: You know what you should want? You know what you should want? You should want your daughter to have a mother that functions. And you know what she has? She has a drug addict mother, and that is what you are. You are a drug addict, Carly.

Carly: No.

Jennifer: Yes, you are!

Carly: No.

Jennifer: That is exactly what you are. And you know what, I am your enabler. I made the classic mistake, because I thought if I got you what you wanted, you wouldn't want the pills anymore. But the pills are all you want. Your job means nothing to you. Nothing. Your friends mean nothing to you. Daniel means nothing. Melanie means nothing, Carly. Those pills are the most important thing in your life.

Carly: No, that's not true.

Jennifer: Oh, yes, they are. It is true. And you know what, look. Look, Carly. Look. There's more. There's more. Why don't you take them? Go on, take 'em. I don't really care. 'Cause you know what, I'm leaving here. And the next person that's gonna find you here is gonna be your daughter. That's gonna be quite a sight. Won't it, Carly? But you know what, that's just life. She's gonna have to learn to deal with it, isn't she? But you just know-- you know that one day very soon she is going to see that these are more important to you than she is.

Carly: Get out! I hate you! I hate you! [Sobbing] Please... please. Please. Oh...please. Oh, God, I'm an addict. I'm an addict. Please.

Will: Well, finding out that sonny was gay was kind of a shock.

Gabi: A bad shock? A t-like shock?

Will: I was disappointed... in myself. I mean, I was surprised, and I thought, you know, sonny doesn't seem gay. And I thought, what a stupid thing to think. You know, like there's one way that straight guys are. Anyway, I mean, sonny's just sonny. Just like he's always been. What was that for?

Gabi: For you being will... just like you've always been.

Maggie: See, what I don't understand is...oh.

Victor: What?

Maggie: [Exhales] Why is it so scary? Why does it feel, when I'm with you, like I'm on the edge of a cliff?

Victor: And there's a strong wind blowing.

Maggie: Well, then, you know what I mean. So why do you think it's scary?

Victor: Because I think we both suspect that this is the real thing.

[Maggie giggles]

Gus: It's all set. All we have to do is press this little button here.

Vivian: And Carly manning is toast. May I do the honors?

Gus: Of course.

Vivian: Oh...

Jennifer: Carly. Carly, listen to me. Listen to me. You need help, okay? And I'm gonna take you somewhere. I'm gonna take you to a great rehab clinic, and they're gonna help you, okay?

Carly: I can't, Jennifer. I can't. I can't. I can't.

Jennifer: Nice knowing you then, Carly.

Carly: No. No. Please, please, please! Please, I'm not making excuses. I swear. I swear. I know I need help, but if the hospital finds out--

Jennifer: No one-- no one will find out. Okay, we'll find a discreet place. You've never even taken a vacation day at work. All right, I'll tell them that you're off somewhere, and you left your cell phone behind. Okay?

Carly: Okay. I'll go. I'll go. [Crying]

Jennifer: Carly, come here. Look at me. Look at me. I love you. Okay? And I promise you it's gonna be okay. No--no one's gonna find out, I promise you. I promise you.

Melanie: Feel better?

Dario: Um, I don't know. Try that again.

[Cell phone ringing]

Melanie: I'm sorry. That's probably Maxine wondering where I am. Oh, my God.

Maxine: Dr. Jonas.

Daniel: Huh?

Maxine: You need to take a look at this.

Nicole: Did you come to Salem to ruin my life?

Vivian: I think it's the end of her. [Laughs]

Carly: I can't stand all of you looking at me!

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