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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/21/11 - Canada; Friday 7/22/11 - U.S.A.


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[Doorbell ringing]

[Ominous music]

Dario: Here youO.

Brady: Thank you.

Taylor: Thanks.

Brady: I'llave another one after this too. Will you please join me in something a little stronger than that?

Taylor: No, I'm good. Thanks. So...

[Continues indistinct]

Melanie: Hi, taylor.

Taylor: Hi.

Melanie: Brady, how's it going?

Brady: Good, good. We're just, uh, we're just working very hard.

Melanie: Oh. Well, don't work too hard.

Brady: I won'T.

Melanie: Hi, sorry. I came here as fast as I could. At's up?

Dario: Um, excellent. Come over here. Ld

Taylor: Is it me, or does she not like me?

Brady: She just has a lot on her mind.

Taylor: Yeah, well, who doesn't?

Brady: Yeah.

Taylor: So...

Brady: How does that feel, anyway?

Taylor: How's what feel?

Brady: Well, how does it feel? I mean, are you glad, are you happy that ej isn't gonna go toprison for the rest of his life?

Melanie: Is this about those two hanging out? Is that why you wanted to talk to me?

Dario: No. It's about this. Open it.

Melanie: Oh, my gosh.

Jennifer: Surprise.

Maggie: Hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Maggie: So what do I owe the pleasure?

Jennifer: Well, friday night, ice cream and movie night. I just inaugurated it.

Maggie: I accept. Come in.

Jennifer: Good. Of course if you're free.

Maggie: As a bird. M but why are you? Daniel on call tonight?

Jennifer: Um, I wouldn't know.


Jennifer: Well, daniel and I, uh, we're ryt dating anymore.

>>Aggie: What? Did something haen?

Melanie: No. No, nothing happened. Truly. Daniel is great.

Maggie: Well, I know he is. And--and you are...

Jennifer: We are not meanto be together. Onward. One scoop or two?

Maggie: Cut the bologna, jennifer rose. What in heaven's name is going on?If

Jennifer: Promise me that you will not tell her that we had this conversation. It is so important that she doesn't know that we talked, okay? Promise me.

Daniel: [Sighs] Damn it.

Nicole: That's right. The staff is off. Let me see. Ha. Voila.

Ej: [Groans]

Nicole: Oh, my god. Ej.

Ej: [Groans]

Nicole: Ej.

Ej: [Groans] Nicole. Help me.

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[Soft orchestration]

Melanie: How did you even know?

Dario: You only blast green day and erykah badu all day long. How could I not know?

Melanie: Oh, right. I wanted to go to this concert so bad. I just didn't think I could ever get tickets.:

Dario: Well, now you have 'em.

Melanie: I don't think I'll get off work on time.

Dario: Actually, I had a little talk with maxine about that.

Melanie: Shut up.

Dario: Yeah, she was super nice about it, and so was adrienne for me here, so, well, I hope you're okay with it. Will you come to chicago with me to see the concert?

Taylor: I think ej should pay for what he did.

Brady: Yeah, but you didn't really answer my question. Now that he doesn't have to pay for what he did, how do you feel?

Taylor: I feel--I feel, um, outraged. I feel angry, just like a lot of people do, okay?Ee not to mention the fact that it's gonna be hard to stay in this town and not run into him.He

Brady: You're staying in salem?

Taylor: I made a promise to my mother that I would be with my sister, so I'm gonna keep my promise.

Ej: [Moaning] Nicole, please. Oh, my go-- aah! Help.

[Ominous music]

Nicole: Givne good reason why I should.

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Jennifer: What part of daniel and I aren't together do you think is bologna?

Mgie: The part where you pretend it makes sense.

Jennifer: You know what, aunt maggie, we, uh, we went on a couple of dates, and it just started to get very serious very quickly.

Maggie: Okay. Now we're getting somewhere. Are you getting cold feet? Or is it too close to the end of your marriage? Abigail told me that Jack wrote to you.

Jennifer: Yes, he did, in a very Jack-like way, aunt maggie.

Maggie: So it made you feel what? Guilty because you want to start up something with daniel?

Jennifer: In a way. Maybe.

Maggie: Jennifer, when a relationship comes to an end, even--even if it's supposed to, it's hard to take the risk with someone new. I mean, I had this very same discussion with abigail a few days aso.

Jennifer: Oh, you mean about chad? Don't even get me started on that, aunt maggie. Please.

Maggie: Okay, I won'T. Let's stay on track.

Jennifer: Okay.

Maggie: Why are you giving up on daniel before the two of you ever got started?

Jennifer: You know why? Because it's complicated. That is exactly what I told him.

Maggie: It isn'T. It's very simple.Ta jennifer, you're still in love with Jack.


Lexie: Oh, I thought you signed out for the night?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, but I want to keep busy, so you can put me back on the schedule, okay?

Lexie: Sure. Listen, um, I feel like I owe you an apology.

Carly: Why?

Lexie: I've been distracted. I've had a lot going on. I--I shouldn't have put you on that surgical case with daniel.

Carly: No, no, listen to me, we--we work well together. But thanksor being sensitive to it. Appreciate that.

Lexie: Okay. Well, I'll let the floor nurse know you're on duty tonight, okay?

Carly: Thanks. I can do this. I'm fine.

Melanie: Um... chicago, like, overnight? With the two of us?

Dario: I got two rooms.

Melanie: Oh. Uh... well, you didn't have to do that. Th. 'S awfully expensive.

Dario: I wanted to. For you. What? Too far?

Melanie: Um, no. No, that's--no, that's great.R? Thank--I would--I would love to go with you.

Detective: Mr. Hernandez, glad I found you. Got a minute?

Brady: So you're staying in salem for nicole's sake, huh?

Taylor: For mine too. Look, I've got good friends here. And I have a nice job. But, yeah, I'm mostly staying for nicole. I'm not gonna run out on her now. She needs me. I need her. We need each other.

Ej: [Groans]

Nicole: Uh, uh. Uh, uh, uh, uh.

Ej: [Yells][Groaning]

Nicole: If I were, uh, poetic, which we both know I'm not, I'd wonder if you're writhing in agony beuse lightning finally struck.

Ej: Nicole, just help me, please.

Nicol I can see you need help, ej. I can see that. But for a man who never pays for his sins... I don't know. This is actually... deserved.

Ej: [Groans] I've been... for what I've done. You must like... you must like this. Ah.

Nicole: No. Ej, I don't like this. You would think that I would, with all the misery that you put me and my family through. Having the upper hand, watching you in pain doesn't change anything. It doesn't bring my mother back.

Ej: I'm sorry for all of it, all right?

Nicole: You know, ej, I was the one who let the double out of his little pen. I found him there. Thought it was rafe.

Ej: You did?

Nicole: Thought I would let him go and let him take care of you the legal way. But he fooled me. It seems that I am easily fooled.

Ej: Just...justtop it, please. Op. All right? Just--just stop, okay? Dot say that kind of thing.

Nicole: What?

Ej: Look... you didn't deserve any of this, all right? I'm sorry for the pain that i caused you. Ah. I don't blame you for not helping me. Oh, my... I mean... why would you?

Jennifer: You know, aunt maggie, I--I loved Jack with all of my heart, and i stuck by him through thick and thin, right? Anthing--things changed. We changed. I am not in love with Jack anymore. I mean that.

Maggie: Okay, I hear you.

Jennifer: Okay? Jack is not the reason that daniel and I don't work.Gi

Maggie: I hear that too. So what is? Th

Jennifer: It's just--it's a feeling. All right? It's--it's situational. We jusr:-We're not meant to be.

Maggie: It's a crock.

>>Ennifer: Why are you doing this?

Maggie: Okay, here's a reason. Victor and I, hmm, we can come up with about two dozen reasons each why the two of us can't be together on any given day, a you can't even come up with one thing about why you and danielan aren't gonna be together. Other thith ust "it's a feeling."

Jennifer: Is that not enough?

Maggie: Well, far be it for me to judge.

Jennifer: Aunt maggie...

Maggie: But I will tell you this.

Jennifer: What?

Maggie: Jennifer, if you end this relationship with daniel for no good reason other than you're scared or you're guilty,is or somrandom feeling about, "oh, it can't work," then you're never gonna know what you could have had if you gave it a try.U

Daniel: I'm, uh, I'm sorry about tonight. Uh, that you couldn't make it.

Carly: Well, I--I thoughtto at I couldn't make it.

Daniel: But...

Carlykethe patient that I was treatings t--he wasn't as

Bd off as I thought, so i actually did go down to theuband saw you and jeiferwasnbaof there.Ht

Daniedo what, so you ju, w yoiferft?

Carly: Well, I didn't want toclear my toat d interrupt you guys, so...

Daniel: Yeah, no, I had no idea that you were there.

Carly: I got that.

Carly: So you and jennifer. You're back together. That's great.

Daniel: Well, actually, um,ly no.Enge

Carly: What?

Daniel: Things just not really working out.

Carly: I'm--I'm sorry, daniel.

Daniel: Are you?Ryda

Dario: You want to speak with me, detective?

Detective: You've heard about the afterhours burglaries all up and down the waterfront?

Melanie: Okay, why aryou-- why are you doing this to him?

Detectid : Everyone with a wrap sheet is being look at for this.

Dario: Look, all of the robberies were done after midnight. I work three hours later than that.

Detective: And you don't mind if I talk to your boss about th?

Melanie: Really? Seriously?

Dar: It's okay. It's okay.Ti you can ask mrs. Kiriakis whatever you want. Anouif I hr anything, I'll call you. Okay?

Detec ive: Nice of you. Thanks.

Brady: Got some problems?

Dario: Uh, nope. Nope. Everything good here.

Melanie: Um, brady, n's not really a good time.

Brady: No, it's always a good me for a job offer.

Melanie: I'm sorry. What?

Brady: Yeah. Sounds to me like you have a newOne. I happen to have one available. Do you want it? O ve

Nole: Are you apologizing to me because you need me tohelp you?

Ej: I'm A..po I'm apogizing to you bause I should.

Nicole: Well, I won't argue with that.

Ej: Nicole, please don'T... god! Will you just... you don't want to do this.

Nicole: Watch you die? No, thatoulde messy. , We had everything. We had everything, you stupid fool. Everything. Yes, we got--we got married so. I could help you with your kids, but then we lly realiz that we wereood together, atacted to eh other, andhe k ess wh ? HaY. Th gto,atteotr, but u never feel like what youesat have is enough, ej. U see my sister on the street, d you lost ivefor her.Ouve, you told me u wanted a die rce.T, you asked her to marry yout hefore could even thk aboutit my god, you gave her aing!Ke er you want to know the worst part, ej? The worst part is I still wantedwahe you.Thrted s still le with you. E ythe fool that I am, keptfohaI ke your damn secret. Because I thought you would finally see how good I was for you. But, no, you just went ahead with your plan to torture sami, and while that blew up in your face... my mother, an incent bystander in all of this, she is dead because of it! So seeing you like this, ej... begging for my help...

Ej: Please.

Nicole: It is not what i want. It is not wh I want. I wanted you. And I wanted yir kids. And now ve got nothing and you've got edsrything.

Ej: I have nothing. I have nothi! Nothing!

Nicole: What do you mean?

Ej: All right. I gave them up.

Nicole: Come on. This is just another one of your--

Ej: Gave...them...up! Gave them up. All right? I'm paying! Do I really have to die? Just to pay you back?

Melanie: You're offering dario a job?

Brady: Yes.

Dario: Why?

Brady: Why, well, because you and I, we got off to a really bad start, and, uh, for no good reason, you helped melanie cover my ass when things went down with ej, and I appreciate it.

Dario: Is that what this is about?

Brady: Yeahwi I owe you one. And I don't think you should be targeted.

Dario: And what's the job?

Brady: It's entry-level. But there's potential for advancement. I think you' aware of the economy, dario. I don't think you want to sneeze at this. Listen, call this number. On monday. Are you interested?

Dario: Yeah. Interested.

Brady: All right. Taylor here's gonna speed u through H.R., Okay? She'll get all your tax forms, everything you need. What is it?

Dario: What about the concert?

Melanie: There'lle others. You know, you're a pretty nice guy when you want to be.

Brady: Nah, not me. Don't say that. Why are you looking at me like that?

Taylor: Well, I don't know. That was, um, that was a nice thing you just did. And you--you are a great guy and all, but you want to tell me why you just offered dario a job at titan?

Carly: What--what--what is that supposed to mean? You don't think I'm upset that my--my friends aren't together anymore?

Daniel: That--that just came out wrong.

Carly: I know it just came out. I want to know why it just came out.

Daniel: It was a mistake. I'm sorry. Jen--promised--I...

Carly: What did you promise jennif... wh--you two are my best friends, and you've been seeing each other for weeks, and you seemed really happy. Why would you think that I-- wow. Wow.

Daniel: Wow, wow, wow what? I--

Carly: You don't think much of me, do you?

Daniel: What are you talking-- what are you talking about?

Carly: Think I'm some horrible person who doesn't want my two best friends to be happy together?

Danie no, actually I think you're a wonderful person, who according to jen has feelings for me.

Taylor: So, um, just race dario through H.R. On monday, hmm?

Brady: Yeah, I appreciate that. Um, I want you to put him with, uh, smithers.

Taylor: Smithers?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: That guy eats new employees for breakfast.

Brady: Ah.Mm

Taylor: He logs the most O.T. In the whole company. Dario's gonna have no life. That's what you're doing, huh? You're keeping him away from melanie with work?

Brady: Melanie's been a very loyal friend to me, all right? She's vulnerable right now. I don't need that guy dario messing around with her head. I'm looking out r her.

Taylor: That's one way of describing it.

Brady: How would you descbe it?

Taylor: Oh, come on. You don't want melanie with dario or anyone else. You want her for yourself. Or

Ej: [Groaning]

Nicole: Okay. I can't believe I'm doing this. Help. Someone. Please.

Lexie: Ej, what happened? What happened? Did you do something to him?

Nicole: Okay, look, I wish i could take credit for this, okay? But, alas, I found him this way, on the floor in stefano's living room.

Lexie: Ej, what happened? Huh? Did you fall?

Ej: I--I...

Lexie: Ej.

Nicole: Whais it?

Ej: Lexie. I rem--I remember...

Lexieej, to me.

Ts ppenedat'dt

>>Ie: , Me. Feelike?Icole:Eah,ant nowhhis enwh i at comg ba to m. Fe? Nicol yh, it tono

>>J:Mumbng]Wh cin t the...the... emung nighof the... on theier. A woman was there. P

Lexie: A woman?

Ej: Yeah. I--after I'd been beaten, I waien? In and o of consciousness., SnS. At first I thought it wa.. was you. Fst

Nicole: Come onif you thought that, I'd be dead by awa contract hit right now, and u know it.

Ej: Even if it was you...d nowT. You suffered enough.J:

Nicole: Yeah, well, I wasn't thnoe, ej. But you were nearly killed that wtth night. So, um, whatever there feelingsllso he's having, are--are thsreted the head injuries from the bting?

Lexie: That's what I'm goingey to find out. Lateto come on. We're taking you for some tests. Niatle, would you get the wheelcir, please?

Nicole: Sur

Lexie: Come oe S.

Adrienne: Really hawo to be losing you here, dario, but iolie understand working at titan is adrieea tan amazing opportunity.Io

Dario: Thks. You guys have beis great to me.

Adrienne: Oh, youe sweet. Thank you.P

Dario: I'just gonna go do some stuff tn the back.

Aienne: Okay, thanks. Appreciate it.I' great.Ck another good empnnyee bites the dust.

Jennifer: Sorrybo tha

Adrienne: Ugh.Go mp whae d you do tonight?StJennifer: Welni I went toutT. Aunt maggis, and, uhwe wer t'gonna watch a htmaic comedy,but we never got>>Round to it.L,ntag

>>, Drienne: What? Not in the moogoa c

Jennifer: Yeah, you could say that. T d?U know, she,m, she asked me if I was stilln love with Jack.He

adrienne: Why? Where did at ce from?Ve

Jennifer: I don't know. I mean, I think thathe is really worried that am.Om but, you know, I told her thatW.I in she's wrong.Or

>>Drienne: Does she believe


Jenfer: Yeah. Onah, I thinso. Listen, can du, uh...lievCan yo, not mek ion the emai that your bru, ur sent to me that was 1n characters or less,ai please?He t

Adrienne: Of coursewouldn'T.That 1 but can I ask why?

Jsenifer: You know what? Iadrienne, I just--I don't ntwo people to know that it's come tobu this, okay?Rie so have--have isu oken this movi

adriee: Um, yeah, actuallI ha, and, uso h think I know now what this is all about.S [Cone rings]Bra: So, listen, for the fifth,onixth time, I think, I'm not into melanie, all right?

Taylor: Oh, really?

Brady: Really.H,e, iI'

taylor:Eally. Okay, well, I think you're a liar. Who's the xt from?

Brady: It's no one importanllth - n

Nicole: You're t gonna happyou ignored me when ej rememberyou beat the crap out of him, bra oh. Well?

>>Exie: There's swelling in the brain.

Nicol what does that mean?

Lexie: Well, he's been given steroi to counteit. He'll be staying here tonight on an I.V. To mak bsuregit's under to control.E

Nicole are you still in pain, ej?

Ej: Some.

Lexie: He needs res first and foremost

Nicole: Oka um,an I have a minute with him alone? And then--then I'll go?

>>Exie: Okay. But just one minute. All right. Let's, uh, let's: Et you into bed, oy? This locks, okay?

Ej: I can do it. Ok

Lexie: All righhere, lll b: Backrin a lile while. But, uh, I meant what I sa.E li id

Nicole: Wl, youster's gonna take great care of y.

Ej: Yeah. I know.>>'S.

Nicole: Ej...

[Dramac music] I just wanted to say that...ol when you told me youere sorry,I ay you did se sincere aut it,me because you needede to get y here. EdEj: That's wh you think, is it?

Nicole: I thinkhat I know about you.Is and while I know you wouldI change the outcome if you could, I also think that you don't regret anything you've done. Ever. And if that's true, which I'm pretty sure it is, why do you care that yohurt me?S,o ca

Ej: Care very much. I know that I hurt you terribly and I deeply regret it.D I ow how much it affected urfamily.It a and I know that you st... everlohing. Because of what I did.Hi ha m sorry.

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Adrie sweetheart, I hat

s it, butou're about as tranarenas the plot of thi movie.E toyoaythink that if daniel thinksspt at there's even a chance with ja that he'll get ouraged, stop pursuing you, and go straight to carly,n ho he hasn'tha had the sligest romantic terestn, oh, what is it?Ur several decades?Rarlha

jennifer: You know at?

Is so not te.Test i

A iienne: Okay,et me put it to youhis way. Y k dani'snto you and carly'sdr into dy,iel. Now, you're s ts about diel, buel's ire playing the martyr. Ththreof you a abjectlyto miserable. You know what aat is? Box pfice poiso me thofsebl iceso

Carly: Jennifer td th, um... wow.C:

Daniel: Yeah, well, no, she asked not to say anything. It not like she sought me ouW. To tell me this, by the way.IeelCarlyit's not true.

Daniel:Ytt's not true. U're sure about that?

Carly: No. Yeah, uh-h

Danieecause, jennifer, she's just pthying reallrd to get. D like, I cat ev-- are you just saying is?Ar

Carly: I'm not just sayingifthis.S I don't knowy hard she got tt

gidea.Li daniel.Ar I don't have feelings for you. Like that. I'm sorrt I... looks I'm still gettg over mykeha last relatiohip, and I'm just trying to focus on my work here.Oh, my gosh, you're my greatp, nd, and I--I love the wry we are together with our dahter, yane it brings me comfort, butwa jenniferunderstood.Itrifo

>>Aniel: I don't think she did.Od

Carly: Sorry? S

Daniel: I don think you reize how much youn to me,

crry?Rly. And I want you to.Nkche,d icole: Okay. I did whatou said. I leftim alone to rest.Icwh yD.

Lexie: Thank you.Nefogetting him here in ti. :

Nicole: In time?R n

lexie: Ift d go untreated, he cod have...e:I'-I'm just gl we ow w>>Tex: I d,ul we're ing with. M- w

Nicole:Efore when he saidg he srted to rember somethi from the night of bs beating,e id lexie,n time, do you thinkrt shi 'll remember me? Os be

Lexieohyeah.Le i yeah.But, u we'll have to watch him very closely, you know?, S recovery's delicate.Ahh,e'

Nicole:Ell,aye'llry come out of this with a newE. PersonalY.Silv lining, right?Ayll menewpeal

Lexie: Hi. Are you comfortable?Or I called fathe but he isn't answering.Edis

Ej: He doesn't care, leE.

Lexie: Ej, you knowhat' not tr.CaknEj: Iueeallwouldn't be so su about that.

Lexie: Ishere anyone elsee so you'd like mto call? T

Ej: There's no one. Heo there's none, lexie. En it come getting myily eatreakst,could useall e he ian get come to gke nngellamy a deli eous rezelnut sprd

Daniel: I just want to be honest with you.

Carly: I'd appreciate that.

Daniel: Because I consider you a remarkable, remarkable friend.

Carly: I feel the same way.

Daniel: Good. Good. Because our friendship, I mean, it means the world to me. It always has, always will. And I'm sorry that I came down so aggssively about what jennifer said... you having feeling for me or whatever.

Carly: Look, I--I--it's okay. If she's pulling away from you and she thinks... doesn't matter what she thinks, 'cause ikas not true, right?

Daniel: That's right. I mean, and what a relief, right? Yeah, because jennifer and I, i really care for her. And now that we've cleared this up, , that k atah she wawrong feelings or whatever, I mean, iarhiI think atere's still hope that she and I s wrd, um, I D..'tkn, work things ouatevl

Jennife'mling you, if I never came back toalem, i rely believe that daniel and carly niuld have found their way back to eame otherton their own. I mean that.Adrienne: O yeah, 'cause daniel wd just so happy after terei chloe gave birth to philip's baby, od carly was complely okay with bo going after hope.You know w t, hloey?Veph youarwoing really hard not to be happy.Er look, myartender quit today,ly anI've g to go help someone.

Jennifer: Yeah, I understand. It's okat

adrienne: Thinks through.D vep r: That's all I'm saying.Y.Just think it rough. Tplease?Inth

taylor: Hey, lex. Y.

Lexie: Hi, taor.>>Ayr: Hi, I'm sorry to bother y here, but I thoht

hat I would say yes to eY.Hioffer from you and abe.

Lexie: The offer?

Taylor: To stay wh you rou. A while again?Lexie: Is that why you' here?R:St

Taylor: Is it not okay? I'm sorry. I ought thie--that it would be ay.

>>Exie: No, no, no, it's fine.It it's just, um, I thought you thth heard abouej.

Taylor: Heard wha>>No, ,

Lexie: He was admitted. Hehis head injury is much worsehat? Than we thought.

Taylor: What dodmouteean?

Lexiehewell, nicole foundwoiman semi-cscio he washoible pain.R: Y he was lwake, wet , 'scoleepougscusw.HeI--I don't know. I k it's more an just a asreacti, to th'shead iinury, taylor.I meanit's like hew.On't talk I th me.Ite anus you know? It's lE... I , it lhe wit's like he'siven up.E.

L..Taylo I--I n't undershend.IvP.Lex: I dot inthat he feels likee has an ot-dersanythingfight fothkehar fi

>>Icol I'vbeen tex youfor,ike, an ho.

>>Radymy phone is off. Ole: That was smart. Ej's in the enspital. Y

Bradyne I, no. Wh, does he have a tummyche, nha s --? Ej's isp

>>Icole: His brain is li.Nowh?From beati? Delayed reactionng

brady: Oh, thatense. I beat him up pretty good. Th m

Nice: Hi starting topretoo remember what happenedo him that night.Ole' not so smunow, are we?Reen

Brady: What's he remembering? NoNicole: He remembered a N.>>: Yeah. A woman.E which means he could fig e outn. That melanie was thene who saved M. And dario was helping melanies keep it quiet, and daniel wa helping everyone, and without too much additional math, he could figure out that melanie hewas covering for you, you jackass.Firemeou

Brady: Nobody's gonna take the fall for what I did. Nobody.

NIcole: But, brady, if he remembers, he will come after you.

Bra: Yeah, and ife dies, b y,I'm not gonna have to woy at all,afill I?

>>Se: How is he?

Melan: Gon be fine. El gna ejcan you hear me? 'S gonna be okay. I'm gonna take care of you, okay? Na

Vivian: Carly is abouto break.

Daniel: Jennifer, I need to see you. It's important.

Stefano: We need to have a talk about elvis.

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