Days Transcript Monday 7/18/11

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/18/11 - Canada; Tuesday 7/19/11 - U.S.A.


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EJ: [Grunts]

Nicole: The nurse told me that you got mugged. Too bad they didn't finish the job.

Sami: You put our lives into this horror show!

Taylor: My mother is dead because of you.

Johnny: I'm not your son anymore.

EJ: [Sighs]

Taylor: Brady.

Brady: Hi.

Taylor: Hi. Um, listen. I think you should know that EJ figured out that it wasn't Rafe who beat him up on the pier. Maybe you should be prepared for what that means.

Brady: What does that mean?

Taylor: EJ could figure out it was you.

Brady: [Scoffs] Well...the guy's probably gonna be in jail before he remembers anything anyway.

Bo: Oh, man. This is working out so well I almost don't trust it.

Hope: Well, I just hope we can get a stenographer on-call so we can get a statement as soon as he signs off on that preliminary paperwork.

Bo: Awesome. Lopez.

Lopez: Yes, sir?

Bo: Get on the horn to the D.E.A. Tell him we need that plea deal after all.

Lopez: On it.

Bo: So this--it's a first.

Hope: I know.

Bo: I mean, we've never had such a solid case. A witness to testify against the DiMeras, it's...

Hope: It's been a long time coming. A long time.

Bo: Yeah.

EJ: What is it?

Stefano: [Sighs] Our man at the jailhouse is off the case. He could not get to our imposter, and I have no way of knowing whether he said anything or not.

EJ: Okay, look. We need to keep our heads about us, so let's just calm down. All right?

Stefano: Really? Should I? I should just wait and see what fate has in store for us?

EJ: Well, you have a plan?

Stefano: I always have a plan.

Abe: I don't want to I think your father and your brother are going to be in prison for a very long time.

Lexie: Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Um... look, I know that you're just doing your job, okay? I'm just sorry my family's put you in this position.

Abe: I'm sorry for you. I know this is very painful for you.

Lexie: Yeah, well... look, thanks for coming here and telling me in person.

Abe: You know, I'm gonna have to get back. If I hear anything else, I'll call you, I promise.

Lexie: Okay. Thanks.

Abe: I love you, sweetheart.

Lexie: I love you too, honey.

[Phone ringing]

Lexie: [Sighs] Hello?

Stefano: Alexandra, it's your father.

Lexie: Yes?

Stefano: Uh-huh. I can tell by the sound of your voice that you've already talked to your husband. But would you answer me one question?

Lexie: What is it?

Stefano: Do your brother and I have to leave Salem?

Lexie: [Sighs]

Dario: I can't believe this.

Rafe: Well, neither could we, bro.

Dario: The other one. The other you, I should've known.

Sami: None of us knew, Dario.

Dario: I'm just glad you're back.

Sami: [Chuckles] That is the understatement of the year.

Rafe: Oh.


Sami: Oh!

Rafe: I'll get it.

Sami: Okay.

Rafe: Hey.

Sophia: Hi.

Rafe: Please tell me that smile means what I think it means.

Sophia: [Speaking Spanish]

Rafe: Aye! Quieres maravillosa! Gosh. Linda.

Sophia: Si. [Giggles]

Rafe: Wow. I can't believe you did it!

Sophia: Oh, ye, of little faith.

Rafe: Never. You look incredible, by the way.

Sophia: You too. Considering what you've been through.

Dario: And what, I don't get a hello, right?

Sophia: Dios mio!

Dario! What, look at you! When did this happen?

Dario: You know, overnight.

Both: [Laughing]

Sophia: Oh. [Giggles]

Sami: Uh, I'm Rafe's wife, Sami. And you are?

Stefano: Alexandra... please say something.

Lexie: Father, I wish I could answer your question.

Stefano: Alexandra, listen to me. No matter what differences that we have, I will always love you. They're coming to arrest us. We have to get out of town... now.

Rafe: Ah, Sami, Sami, honey, honey, I am so sorry. Sophia, this is Sami, my wife. Sophia.

Sophia: Nice to meet you.

Sami: Nice to meet you. So obviously, you two know each other. You go way back if Dario knows you too. So what's the backstory?

Rafe: Sophia was my partner for a while when I was at the bureau.

Sami: Oh. So you're in the FBI?

Sophia: I am. Does that surprise you?

Sami: No, no. Not really, since I don't really know anything about you. The fact that you were Rafe's partner and that he never mentioned you, that-that surprises me a lot.

Sophia: Mm, nice, Rafa, huh? That's how much I matter? You don't mention me?

Rafe: Okay, this is great. Now I've ticked you both off.

Sami: No. No, not at all. But I would love to know what she did to put such a big smile on your face.

Rafe: Well, Sophia has been moonlighting.

Sami: As...?

Sophia: Actually, I spent an hour in a jail cell with your husband's double. Trying to make him think that I was his ticket out of town.

Rafe: And apparently, it worked.

Sophia: He is the scum of the earth, by the way.

Rafe: Yeah, tell me about it.

Sophia: I'm sorry you had to spend so much time with him and didn't know.

Sami: It's a bit more complicated than that.

Sophia: Well, I can't imagine.

Dario: He had us all fooled, Sophia.

Sophia: No, I get it. But I think he's singing like a canary right about now. So hopefully this nightmare's over for all of you.

D.A. Woods: Unless she's bringing you dinner, I sure don't-- the hell is this?

Bo: Governor ford expunged her record. Officially reinstated detective Brady. I's dotted, T's crossed.

D.A. Woods: This is unreal.

Bo: Ah, what it is is lucky. She just helped us crack the case of a lifetime.

Brady: I'm just saying that the word is that EJ and his pops are on the hairy edge. Of being arrested, is what it means.

Taylor: I know what it means, Brady, I was talking about what if other people find out besides EJ that you beat him up on the pier.

Brady: Is EJ harassing you?

Taylor: No.

Brady: Is that what's going--

Taylor: That's not what happened, look. I ran into him, and I was--

Nicole: Okay, that's not gonna happen anymore, right? The random bump-ins?

Taylor: No, of course not.

Abe: Hey.

Taylor: Hey.

Abe: Listen, I'm so glad you're here to meet me. Nicole, I'm really glad that you're here too.

Taylor: Yeah, I got your message that you wanted us to speak in person, what's up?

Abe: I didn't want you to hear this on the news or something, it's... my god. You know, if there's anyway for everyone who's culpable in this tragedy to--

Nicole: This is about our mother. Right? How she died?

Abe: Yeah. The man who killed your mother, is going to be set free tonight.

Taylor: What?

Nicole: Set free?

Abe: He got a deal.

Nicole: What are you talking about? What deal?

Abe: Look, the o-- the only way for the people behind all this insanity to pay was for us to get this guy to flip. And since he's about to do it, Stefano and EJ are gonna go to prison for a very long time. But... the man who actually killed your mother with his own hands... isn't.

EJ: Did Lexie say there was going to be an indictment against us?

Stefano: She didn't have to, I heard it in her voice. There's no time to waste.

EJ: I can't believe I thought that idiot wouldn't-- who are you calling?

Stefano: My pilot. Luka... [Sighs] I want the plane fueled and ready for departure within the hour. What did you say?

EJ: We're not going anywhere. Are we?

Sami: Wow, so how long has this plan been in motion, you know, for Sophia to work with your double?

Rafe: A bit.

Sami: You didn't say anything.

Rafe: Sami, it was a huge risk. The fact that we were able to get Sophia in there, and to convince that dirtbag to cave, it was beyond delicate. I didn't even know if it was gonna work.

Sami: So how did it go? What'd you do?

Sophia: Oh, I was strategically placed in his cell, and I made him think that I could get him relocated and protected in Columbia.

Sami: Wait a second, wait a second, you were in his cell and he didn't think that was weird?

Sophia: They claimed overcrowding. So I played hard-to-get. And by the end of my time with him, he was singing.

Rafe: Hey, that's muy buena, Sophia.

Sophia: [Giggles] Es verdad, querido. I am good. [Giggles]

Public attorney: Okay, my client signed the initial paperwork, covering the broad terms of his plea deal.

Bo: Great, then we're set.

Public attorney: Almost. There's one thing. Actually a few things. It's his addendum to incorporate a few additional details to the deal.

Bo: D-- this is a joke, right? Time served in amnesty, that's not enough?

Hope: And he wants a huge stipend?

Bo: Will he back down?

Public attorney: I honestly don't know. I do know that if he doesn't, you have nothing on the DiMeras. And isn't that the point of this entire thing? To get to them through my client?

Stefano: Have the police grounded my plane? Fine! I'll be damned if they think they can keep me here. Let's go, Elvis! What now?

EJ: What exactly do you propose that we do, father?

Stefano: [Sighs] Elvis... what is left here for you, huh? You've lost your children, you've lost Taylor. Tomorrow... this place is gonna be a dream.

Abe: I, um... I hate it. That your mother's killer gets to walk free. But it's the only way we could get to the source. And when this guy, when he tells all, you have the answers that you both have been desperate to get about how Fay died.

Brady: How Fay was killed, is what you mean.

Abe: Yeah. Yeah. I wish this had worked out differently. But it was the best deal we could get.

Nicole: Thank you... Abe, for telling us. I don't believe this.

Taylor: I don't get it. Our mother's killer gets to go free?

Nicole: I hate this, Taylor, I really do. But the truth is, I do want EJ to go to prison for what he's done, don't you?

Arnold: Did you get my list?

Bo: Yeah, Arnold. Is it okay if I call you Arnie? 'Cause you seem to think you have some rights. Has it slipped your mind that you're a murderer? We know who you are, Arnie. We have your priors. And with that happy piece of information, we can send you to prison for life. Oh, come on, man, don't be an idiot. Don't pass this up. Tell us the truth, and we give you time served and amnesty.

Bank robber 1: Get your dirty, stinking hands off me. I'll kill you.

Chan: Yeah, I know.

Bank robber 2: She for us?

Chan: Come on.

Hope: Did you see how close they were getting to me?

Arnold: Mm.

Hope: If you don't do exactly what we say, on our terms... that's the closest you're ever gonna get to another woman again, too.

Sophia: [Speaking Spanish]

Dario: [Speaking Spanish]

Rafe: [Speaking Spanish]

Sami: [Clears throat] [Speaking Spanish]

Sophia: Si, what is it, Sami?

Sami: [Speaking Spanish]

Rafe: [Chuckles] Sami...

Sami: What? What did I say?

Dario: Something about a worm?

Sophia: Mm.

Sami: Oh! [Giggles] Sorry, I guess that's just my high school Spanish. Worm. [Giggles] That's funny, a worm.

Rafe: Mucho gusto. I think that's what you meant to say, isn't it?

Sami: Oh, right, sorry. [Speaking Spanish]

Sophia: [Speaking Spanish]

Sami: Oh.

Sophia: But we shouldn't speak Spanish in front of you, it's not polite.

Sami: You know, that's okay. I was actually thinking that maybe I should take a class or something. [Sighs]

Dario: Yeah, uh, listen, Sophia, I have to bolt.

Sophia: Oh, so there is a girlfriend.

Dario: Just one? Are you kidding me? More than you can count, querida.

Sophia: Yeah... why am I not surprised? [Giggles]

Dario: So glad to see you.

Sophia: Mm.

Dario: And thanks for helping out my hermano here.

Sophia: Of course. I'm glad it all worked out.

Dario: So see you soon, I hope, okay? And tell the kids hey for me. I'm glad Allie's back. I can't wait to meet her.

Sami: Oh, yeah. And I definitely have plans for you to come for dinner on Sunday night, right?

Dario: Yeah, yeah, I'll be here. Bye, everybody.

Sophia: [Giggles]

Sophia: Kids, plural?

Rafe: Yeah, four, actually.

Sophia: You've gotta be kidding.

Rafe: Mm, no.

Sami: Why would he be kidding?

Sophia: Oh, you know, it's just hard to wrap my head around. You, a father of four.

Rafe: Yeah. [Chuckles]

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What about you? Wait, what about Kate? What about Chad? You're just gonna leave? Without saying a word? Is that how much your family means to you?

Stefano: Don't be ridiculous. Once we are settled safely someplace, I will send for the family.

EJ: Oh! I'm sure they'll be just thrilled about that! And then what do we do until then, huh? Go to some tent-pole south American country and hide out like a couple of Eichmanns? Let me remind you, that didn't work out very well for him.

Stefano: What the hell is the matter with you? Hm? Do you think that Taylor is gonna do a--just a turn-around and come back to you? Is that what you're hoping for?

EJ: [Sighs]

Stefano: Elvis... you say you love her. If that is true, then let her go on with her life. Let her go.

[Pounding, doorbell rings]

Stefano: What the hell is that?

[More pounding]

Marco: I don't care what you think you're doing, you need to get off the property right now.

Stefano: Marco.

Marco: These men are trespassing, sir.

EJ: Trespassing, Marco. They're police officers.

Stefano: What are you doing here?

Deputy 1: We have our orders to stand outside.

Stefano: Stand outside?

Deputy 1: To make sure no one leaves the house.

Marco: They do not have a warrant, sir.

EJ: Marco, put the gun away.

Marco: But, sir.

EJ: Now. Thank you.

Stefano: [Sighs] Now what?

EJ: Where are your manners, father? Gentlemen...please, come inside.

Arnold: Well, you're my lawyer... what do you think I should do?

Public attorney: I think you should take the original deal. And consider yourself born under a lucky star.

Arnold: Really? Well, I think I need to read it over.

Bo: Go for it, Arnold. Hey, Lopez... take him back down to his cell, make sure he's by himself so he has time to think and concentrate. But don't take too long there, Arnie. This does have an expiration date.

D.A. Woods: Think he'll take it?

Bo: Are you kidding me? That jerk thinks he's gonna get outta here, fly down Columbia, and be with this sexy little girlfriend Sophia.

Hope: Looks like we've got ourselves a deal.

Sami: That's interesting.

Sophia: What is?

Sami: Oh, I don't know, the way you just said that made it seem like you never thought Rafe would settle down and have a family.

Sophia: Oh, no, I didn't mean it that way.

Sami: Well, that's how it came out.

Rafe: Look, you're hearing someone has four kids after you haven't seen them in a long time, it's... I was really young when I knew Sophia.

Sophia: Young and reckless.

Rafe: Come on.

Sami: Reckless? In what way?

Rafe: She's exaggerating.

Sophia: Oh, come on, Rafe. You don't remember our talks? I used to tell you you'd make a wonderful husband and a great father one day. And you used to laugh.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Sami: He laughed at that.

Rafe: No, I did not laugh. I was--no, it-- Sami, it was a long time ago and that was... I was young. I was a hotshot agent at the bureau, and... I just didn't see myself as a family man.

Sophia: Well, look at you now, baby. You've come a long way.

Rafe: Yeah, I have. I really have. And all thanks to Sami. Right, huh? She's the best. I love her and those four kids. They mean everything to me.

Sophia: It does my heart a lot of good to see you so happy, Rafael. I mean that. Best of luck, Sami.

Sami: Thanks. Yeah, you too.

Rafe: Sophia, thank you. Thank you so much for everything that you've done for us.

Sophia: What are friends for, right?

Rafe: This. Yeah, hey...

Both: Mwah.

Sami: [Scoffs] So...

Rafe: Yeah. How about that, huh? I mean, she really came through for us. Incredible.

Sami: Yeah, yeah. You know what's incredible to me, though, is... that you didn't tell me about any of it.

Rafe: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Stefano: Have you lost your mind, Elvis?

EJ: What do you want me to do, huh? Let Marco shoot them?

Stefano: You know, I just don't know what's going on with you. What are you trying to do, huh? Atone for your past sins, for goodness sake? Is that it, huh? You think that she's gonna come back to you no matter what happens? I mean, if you do something honorable in your life. What is this?

Taylor: I don't think EJ knew that that man was going to hurt mom.

Nicole: You are unbelievable.

Taylor: What?

Nicole: You're buying it. You're buying the whole "I didn't kill myself so I'm not responsible" act from EJ.

Taylor: Okay, I did not say that.

Nicole: Then what did you say, please?

Taylor: Look, what I'm having an issue with, what I'm reacting to right now, Nic, is that the man who did kill mom isn't going to go to prison. I'm not saying EJ is blameless. I'm not saying it's okay what he did.

Nicole: Okay, fine. But that man pretended to be Rafe and did god only knows what to Sami all that time, on EJ's orders. So EJ doesn't have to pay for that?

Brady: Not to mention EJ let his kids be in that apartment with that creep the whole time.

Nicole: EJ betrayed me. He betrayed you. And he put I don't know how many lives at stake before mom got in the way and lost hers. So EJ doesn't deserve to be punished because he didn't have his hand on mom's back on the top of the stairs when she was pushed down?

Taylor: I am not saying that. Okay, I just don't think it's right that that imposter gets to go free.

Nicole: No. You're having second thoughts about giving up the love of your life. Listen to me. That imposter will probably cut a deal with the cops. And if he does, then EJ and Stefano go to jail for good. And that's suddenly making you feel some kind of forgetful.

Brady: Ladies... not that anybody asked me, but all this bickering and sniping you're doing isn't gonna make any difference.

Rafe: Sami, come on. Come on. Really, Sophia was undercover, that's why I didn't tell you about it. And when she wasn't undercover anymore, I told you. And... uh, listen, I know that her personality is a little bit outgoing.

Sami: [Scoffs] You think?

Rafe: Well, that's just the way she is. What?

Sami: I would've described her more as being obnoxiously flirtatious, but that's just because she was flirting with my husband right in front of me.

Rafe: She wasn't flirting with me, she's just... she was happy to see me, Sami. I mean, she was the same way with Dario.

Sami: Yeah, yeah. Right. Mucho gusto, Rafa.

Rafe: Sami.

Sami: Rafa.

Rafe: Sa--would you-- okay, listen. We were co-workers and we were friends. That's it.

Sami: Okay. Okay, so at what point in the friendship did she think it was appropriate to talk to you about what kind of husband and father you would make?

Rafe: I don't even remember that conversation.

Sami: She sure does.

Rafe: Well, obviously it meant more to her than it does to me.

Sami: Okay, well then why did you act like you remembered it?

Rafe: Because. What was I supposed to say? Huh? "Sophia, I don't remember that," or "you're making that up." Come on. Sami.

Sami: Well, I mean, I think she also remembered your reaction, right? Doesn't she remember that you laughed when she said that?

Rafe: Okay, whatever... my reaction was, whatever I said to her or didn't say, I don't know. It was a long time ago, all right?

Sami: Rafe, she obviously had a major thing for you.

Rafe: Okay, maybe she did. Maybe she didn't. I don't know. It doesn't matter. But like I said before, we were friends and that's it. All right? You don't believe me.

Sami: No, I do.

Rafe: No, you don't. Look at you, look at-- the look on your face, I can tell you don't believe me. Sami, come on. It was a long time ago. Nothing happened. And even-- it didn't, but even if it did, would it matter? I mean, I didn't even know you then. But I'm telling you we were just friends, that's it.

Sami: Okay. Okay, you were just friends. Look, I get it, okay. I see why she's interested in you. Look at you, you're b-- you're you. And obviously, I don't blame her. I mean, I just can't help but be suspicious that she's gonna try to steal you from me because that's what I would do if I were her.

Rafe: Oh, my god. Look at you. You...are the cutest thing in the whole world, you know that? I love you so much. I love you more than anything, and everything. And nothing is ever gonna change that. I promise. Okay? Hmm? All right?

Abe: Now I give a statement to the press.

Lexie: Are you sure you're ready for the inevitable conflict of interest questions?

Abe: I'm an old hand at it by now.

Lexie: [Sighs] Good luck. Ah. Mr. District attorney.

D.A. Woods: Interesting day for you, isn't it?

Lexie: I am not gonna get into that with you.

D.A. Woods: This is not gonna go away after the rest are made, you know?

Lexie: Sorry?

D.A. Woods: The fact that your husband is putting his brother-in-law and father-in-law in prison could prove tricky come next election day.

Lexie: [Scoffs, sigh] You wanna know what I'm thinking?

D.A. Woods: Sure, why not?

Lexie: I'm thinking... that the boy you raised is about to lose his father and his brother. Chad's already lost his mother. So maybe just once you could show him a little decency and be there for him.

D.A. Woods: Go to hell.

Stefano: You're working on your legal defense.

EJ: Hmm? Yeah, no, sorry. I might finally put that law degree to some good use.

Stefano: You have a plan. All right. You know, if those two cops out there had anything on us, we would not be standing here. And our former employee has not confessed, and perhaps... he never will.

Nicole: Taylor, what are you gonna do?

Taylor: Whatever I can. Look, I am going to go down to the station and I am going to protest their decision to set our mother's killer free.

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait, if you do that, if you try to stop what the cops are doing, then EJ and Stefano will get away with murder.

Taylor: Devil's bargain. Right?

Nicole: Taylor, don't. Stop, don't you!

Taylor: No, no, no, no, no.

Brady: Let her go. Let her go. My doctor told me calcium

Brady: Sorry.

Nicole: She came to me. This morning, after she found out the truth about EJ. And she said she hated him. [Chuckles]

Brady: Sit. Well, Nic, you know about that thin line between love and hate.

Nicole: Yes. Brady, I do.

Brady: Mm.

Nicole: But she wanted him to pay. She even blamed him for our mother's death. But now she's all fired up about the double being in jail, knowing full well that if he stays in there then EJ and Stefano will be free again.

Brady: Listen, Taylor can't change what's already been set in motion, Nicole. EJ can't change it, I can't, you can't... what's done is done. Go ahead, let your sister raise holy hell, it's not gonna make one damn bit of difference.

Rafe: Well, Sami, there are reams of paperwork going back and forth between the D.A.'S office, and the public defender's office, and Bo's desk. And trust me, it takes time. And I'm sure when it's all done, one of them's gonna call.

Sami: So that's Arnold whatever? That's his wrap sheet?

Rafe: Yeah, yeah.

Sami: Can I look at it?

Rafe: You sure?

Sami: [Sighs]

Rafe: That okay?

Sami: Yeah. It's just... it's just I can't believe he... [Clears throat] I can't believe what he did to me and to you. And I can't believe that EJ was behind it. [Laughs]

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Hey, so... I'm sorry about the whole Sophia thing. I mean, I'm not that sorry. But you have to know that I would rather think about us, and I'd rather fight with you than think about this crap. Rafa.

Rafe: [Chuckles] All right. Hey...I get it.

Sami: God! I just--I want EJ and Stefano to go to prison, I do. I just don't want that guy to get away with it, you know? I mean, it just kind of-- it's upsetting to think about.

Rafe: He's not gonna get away with it. And he's never gonna come near you, or the kids, or me, or anyone else for that matter, ever again. All right?

Public attorney: Well.

Hope: Well?

Public attorney: I got it.

Hope: He took the deal?

Bo: He signed it? Let me look at that. Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hope: Thank god.

Bo: Lopez, get a stenographer down to Arnold's cell right now. Yeah. All right!

Public attorney: [Chuckles]

Bo: We did it. Whew!

Stefano: [Quiet whisper]

Deputy 2: Showtime.

Stefano: Ho, ho?

Deputy 1: You're under arrest.

Arnold: Bank craze gone wrong?

Bank robber 1: Shut the hell up.

Arnold: Figures. Bunch of losers.

Bank robber 3: What'd you say?

Arnold: What? Nothing, man.

[Chuckles] Have fun in the fed, that's all.

Bank robber 1: I get convicted, this is my third strike.

Arnold: Ouch. That's gotta hurt. [Chuckles] What? What are you lookin' at? Huh?

Bank robber 1: I know you.

Arnold: Yeah? Doubt it. [Chuckles] I ain't local. And I'm about to go international.

Bank robber 1: No, no, I know who you are.

Arnold: No. No.

Bank robber 1: Guys, this is agent Hernandez, FBI.

Arnold: No, no, no, no, no. Listen. I ain't that dude, I'm telling you.

Bank robber 1: This is the one that busted me for strike two.

Arnold: No, no, listen. Guys, I can explain.

Bank robber 1: Look, I never forget the face of someone that screwed me.

Arnold: I'm not that guy.

Brady: What's your next move, walker? What are you gonna do?

Nicole: I don't know. Anything that's an improvement of the last six months, that would be great.

Brady: Yeah, it's bound to be that, right?

Nicole: You know, I thought I was so happy with EJ, before all this happened. And of course... I realized the only time that I've ever been truly happy is with you. I wish I could go back there. To that feeling again.

EJ: Taylor.

Taylor: Am I too late? The man who killed my mother walks and you go to prison?

EJ: Isn't that what you want?

Taylor: It's what a lot of people want.

EJ: But not you.

Taylor: No.

[Phone ringing]

Sami: Ooh. Hello?

Abe: Hey, Sami, it's Abe.

Sami: Abe. Hey, Abe. So what's up?

Abe: EJ and Stefano have been arrested. I wanted you and Rafe to know.

Sami: Well, thank you very much for calling they're arrested. EJ and Stefano are on their way to jail, and they are finally gonna get what they deserve.

Rafe: Oh, my--oh, god. [Chuckles]

Sami: [Laughing]

Lopez: Chan, those four you booked on bank robbery?

Chan: Yeah.

Lopez: Where'd you put them after booking?

Chan: They're with that perp, the Hernandez look-a-like.

Abe: He's supposed to be in solitary.

Chan: Wait, what?

Abe: He's a witness protection candidate.

Lopez: Chan, what is wrong with you?

Chan: Hold on, hold on! I vetted them. They have no ties to the DiMeras. What's the big flippin' deal?

Abe: [Sighs]

Bo: What the hell? Get this thing open. Back up, you guys! What the hell? Who put you in here?

Hope: Bo, be careful.

Bo: Damn it! Oh, my-- damn! He's dead.

Hope: [Sighs]

Bo: [Sighs]

Abe: Something's happened, and it may change everything.

Gus: What do we do?

Vivian: We will turn a problem into an opportunity.

Jennifer: Why are you here?

Daniel: I was just about to ask you the same question.

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