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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/4/11 - Canada; Tuesday 7/5/11 - U.S.A.


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Taylor: Oh, my god, EJ.

EJ: Taylor. Will you marry me? Taylor? This is the part where you say...yes.

Stefano: [Muttering] Oh, sweetheart. I'm sorry, I'm on my way out. I don't have time to talk.

Lexie: We're talking. Taylor told me that Rafe killed her mother. Is that true?

Bo: Hey. How's it going?

Rafe: Uh, same old same old.

Javier: [Muffled yelling]

Rafe: I'll say this for that dude. He's not passive.

Bo: Well, we're ready to heat things up with the DiMeras. Can't do it without you.

Quinn: Hey, ma.

Vivian: God. Please don't call me that.

Quinn: Oh, if you really didn't want me to call you that, your face wouldn't light up when I do.

Vivian: Look, I'm--I'm really not a morning person.

Quinn: Yeah, see, that's why I came here to Salem. To find out those telling little details about you. Not a morning person. Likes to bury people alive. Portrait of a mum.

Vivian: You did come for revenge, didn't you? Only you're not going to kill me, you're just going to torture me with this charade of family life.

Quinn: It's not a charade. I firmly believe that a boy's best friend is his mother.

Vivian: I knew I should have ordered room service.

Quinn: You know, I've been thinking. We've spent a lot of our time discussing why I came here to Salem. But I realized, I have no idea why you came back here.

Daniel: Okay, okay. You see that spike right there? I-I don't really like that.

Carly: Oh, okay. Do you want me to um, uh, readjust the medicine?

Daniel: You know what I want? Just reorder some tests. Will you do that?

Carly: Okay, look, I'll set that up, then.

Daniel: Okay, great.

Carly: Excuse me.

Daniel: Oh, you know, hold on one second. Oh, wait, I got a phone call. All right...

Carly: Oh!

Jennifer: You. Hi.

Carly: Hi.

Jennifer: What's wrong? Is everything okay?

EJ: Well, say something, please. You're starting to worry me.

Taylor: EJ, the ring, it's-- it''s beautiful, and... it means the world that you want to marry me, but... I can't. I just can't.

Stefano: [Sighs] I don't know that Rafael killed Fay.

Lexie: Taylor said she heard him say that he pushed or threw her down those stairs.

Stefano: She did not die here, you know that.

Lexie: Don't split hairs with me, father. She wouldn't have been in that damn hospital, she wouldn't have had that heart attack, if she hadn't been assaulted.

Stefano: What the hell are you angry at me for?

Lexie: Why the hell was Rafe in this house? Why did he attack Fay?

Stefano: [Sighs] He is not in his right mind. Even Samantha has said, ever since that accident, he has not been himself.

Lexie: Mm-mm. Thousands of people are in accidents far worse than that. They don't go around attacking people.

Stefano: [Stutters] He was in an accident, and he lives with Samantha. Good god knows what that would do to any man.

Lexie: Oh, would you stop it? You--you keep making these jokes, but I know--I know you're worried, father. There is twice the normal security around this house. You're worried about Rafe, aren't you? Is that why you were in such a hurry to leave?

Stefano: No. I am going to talk Elvis out of the biggest mistake of his life.

EJ: Saying no?

Taylor: I know that you are not used to hearing it, but... I'm saying no.

EJ: I see.

Taylor: EJ, sweetheart, come here. Just sit here. Come on.

EJ: Are you sure you don't want to think about this? We love each other. Please, we would be so happy together.

Taylor: Sweetheart, you-- you--you hold those words together, love and happiness, like--like it's--it's night that follows day. It's--they are two completely separate and different things.

EJ: But they don't have to be. I mean, I don't... maybe you're just being nice. Maybe you, uh... maybe you don't want to tell me that you don't love me anymore.

Taylor: Oh. That would be so much simpler right now if that were true. EJ, did you think about this?

EJ: Did I think about it? I'm asking you to marry me, Taylor. I...I gave it some thought.

Taylor: But I just found out that my mother was murdered, and the man that did it, he is at large. You were just out of the hospital. You--your father has banned me from his house. And...oh, yeah. You're married to my sister. It's not exactly the ideal circumstance for a proposal.

EJ: I didn't expect this.

Taylor: I know.

EJ: No. I mean, I didn't think... that after a woman had turned down my proposal of marriage, and then points out to me what an insensitive idiot I was to even ask in the first place... I didn't think I would love her even more for it.

Taylor: [Laughs] Oh, you're good. You're good.

EJ: I'm evidently not that good. You haven't got the ring on your finger. Just--just tell me I didn't screw things up between us. I don't think I could bear that.

Taylor: Will you tell me... tell me what it is you think we have.

Bo: We need you to lay low for a while, hoping that EJ and Stefano unspool.

Rafe: Well, actually, they could have already and we just don't know about it. I gotta tell you, it would've been really nice if that bug that Sami planted had just worked.

Bo: Yeah. Can't seem to catch any luck.

Hope: Let me talk to Rafe.

Bo: Hey, man, I'm gonna put you on speaker.

Hope: Rafe, I know it's frustrating, but it's gotta be hell for the DiMeras not knowing where their guy is. I think they could crack under the pressure.

Bo: Especially if we ramp things up a bit.

Rafe: Meaning?

Bo: Meaning I'm going to ask you to do something pretty dangerous.

Rafe: Well, you don't have to sell me on it, Bo. Just tell me when and where.

Melanie: Hey. Mind if I join you?

Abigail: Hey. Yeah, have a seat.

Melanie: You okay? You look, like, frustrated.

Abigail: Yeah, this is just, uh...this is how I look after dealing with Chad. Correction, this is how I look after dealing with Chad DiMera.

Melanie: Ooh. Well, that is a very potent last name.

Abigail: See, uh, it's--it's weird. I think that he's totally convinced that he can handle it. You know, being a DiMera. And I...I like him, Melanie. I really like him. But it's like when he talks about Stefano, he thinks that he's cool or something, you know, and not a thug. And I get that he really--that Chad, I get that he really wants a dad in his life. But... uh, that was coherent.

Melanie: No, uh, I think I got--I mean, well, look. My last name was Kiriakis for a while, so I kind of understand what you're talking about.

Abigail: You know what I think? I think that we should raise boys in laboratories with no influence from their families until they are old enough for us to date them.

Melanie: I like that idea. And then I think that we should--we should train them.

Abigail: Oh, genius. Yes. Oh, god.

Melanie: Are you sure that's all that's bothering you?

Abigail: Yeah, you want there to be something more?

Melanie: No, no. I just, um, I was--maybe-- I was just thinking, now--now that our parents are--are getting serious... how do you feel about my dad dating your mom?

Carly: Yeah, you just startled me, that's all.

Jennifer: Really? The way you were rushing out, it just seemed like something bad had happened.

Carly: I'm--I'm pressed for time. I have appointments coming up, and I left my phone at home, so I just have enough time to go there and come back. I'll see you later, okay?

Daniel: Hey, there you are.

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: I was looking for you. I have a very serious question for you. So, what do you think?

Jennifer: What? Um, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, what did you say?

Daniel: I'm flattered. I asked if you were busy this weekend--kind of rakishly, I might add--and I brought you to stunned silence.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sorry. I, um--okay, I am not busy this weekend. And, uh, I didn't know that was rakishness. I thought it was your onion bagel that disagreed with you.

Daniel: Tell me why I like you again?

Jennifer: Um, I'm adorable?

Daniel: Yeah...

Jennifer: Daniel, I gotta go. I gotta go right now.

Daniel: All right. Another P.R. Emergency, I guess. [Exhales] Wow.

Bo: Our guy watching the house says that EJ isn't there but Stefano is. He's, uh, talking to Lexie.

Hope: I'm starting to think he's never going to leave the house.

Bo: Eh. If I know Stefano, he'll want to be in on the hunt for Rafe. Probably insist on killing him himself.

Hope: I agree. Which is exactly why we need to get to them before they get to Rafe.

Bo: Yeah.

Stefano: And now his great idea is to ask Taylor to marry him.

Lexie: And you object and are thinking of interfering. How new and unusual. How out of character.

Stefano: [Sighs] I have never found sarcasm attractive.

Lexie: Father. We're talking about EJ. If there is anyone on this earth more stubborn than you, it's him. I mean, what--what outcome do you see coming from barging in on this very personal, private moment?

Stefano: It gives me the right to say "I told you so" when it all blows up in his face.

Lexie: [Laughs] You are unbelievable!

Stefano: Eh.

Lexie: Well, at least you're honest.

Stefano: Eh.

Lexie: [Short laugh]

Stefano: [Groaning] Women. Wives. Always been Elvis's Achilles heel. But this is different. I we have Samantha. She's an ambitious schemer, eh? Nicole is a money-grubbing slut. And, uh...Taylor... she's a decent, moral woman. Hmm. She is the most dangerous of them all.

EJ: What do we have? Taylor, what do we have? [Scoffs] We love one another. And we--we want--we need to be together. That hasn't changed for me.

Taylor: Okay, okay. That's the love part, but... come on, did it ever make us happy?

EJ: When we were alone together? Absolutely.

Taylor: Okay, but you didn't ask me to be alone with you. You asked me to marry you. You asked me to spend a life with you. And honestly, sweetheart, you are never alone. You are totally and completely ensnared with--by your family. And--and that--that house.

EJ: Is that what this is about?

Taylor: I-I don't know. I don't know, okay? I don't know what this is about. I don't know exactly what it is I am feeling right now. Or--it's-- this is no time to make this decision.

EJ: So what, you just--you just want to wait until all of these things are settled?

Taylor: Or at least settled down. Yeah. And then we can talk.

EJ: Talk. Oh, talk? No, I disagree, Taylor. I think that we should make a decision when these things are up in the air. When they're mixed up. When--when it would be illogical or irrational or impulsive or romantic. I think we should just agree to get married. And if we're not going to get married, I think we should call it a day.

Quinn: So you still haven't answered my question. Why did you come back here to Salem?

Vivian: You mean you don't already know that? It's not exactly classified information.

Quinn: You don't think I've been checking up on you, do you?

Vivian: Oh, I most certainly do.

Quinn: I did find out you married Victor Kiriakis while you were here. I guess my invitation must've got lost in the mail.

Vivian: Now, that was a lovely day. All the people I despise the most in one little room.

Quinn: The marriage didn't last, did it?

Vivian: Well, you know. Sometimes a great love and a great passion are a conflagration instead of a slow-burning fire.

Quinn: And he got ticked off you put his girlfriend in a coffin.

Vivian: Oh, you have been checking up.

Quinn: So why don't you just level with me? All right? Come on, ma, open up. Let--let's start building that bridge.

Vivian: I hate it when you do that.

Quinn: I know. Okay, here's what I think. I think you came back here for the same reason you think I did. Revenge. You came back to get Carly manning... and failed miserably.

Carly: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Did you find your phone?

Carly: What? No, I just--I got--I just got here. I...what... what are you doing here?

Jennifer: Well, I guess for lack of a better term, you would call this an intervention, Carly.

Lexie: [Sighs] I'm sure I'm wasting my breath telling you not to interfere. Since when do you listen to my advice?

Stefano: Since...never. [Chuckles] Now, look. You don't really believe I could lose him because of this, huh?

Lexie: Well, I mean, you said yourself that Taylor might just be the most dangerous woman he's ever been involved with.

Stefano: Well...marriage is not for these two. I mean, she doesn't want this life.

Lexie: Maybe he'll give it up for her.

Stefano: I'm afraid it's too late for that.

Taylor: Okay, maybe you haven't noticed this about me, but I really--I really don't like ultimatums.

EJ: I-I know that.

Taylor: Okay, and if you think that you're going to scare me into saying yes to something as important as getting married, you're sorely mistaken.

EJ: This is not a ploy. It's not, all right? I understand ploys don't work with you.

Taylor: Okay, so let me be clear about this. You're saying that if I won't marry you, then we should call the whole thing off.

EJ: Bottom line is that the way things are is the way that things are going to stay. Things aren't going to calm down. These issues are not going to resolve themselves. But we love each other because we're compatible. We love each other in spite of everything.

Taylor: Uh... so you're just asking me to take a leap of faith?

EJ: Yes! Yes.

Taylor: [Stuttering]

EJ: Yes.

Taylor: Okay, okay. Listen to me, all right? Just... but are you saying that if--if-- I can't commit, make some big commitment, then we need to call it quits?

EJ: I'm saying... if you have doubts about us, then I don't think that we have a chance.

Abigail: I keep telling you, I have no problem with your dad dating my mom.

Melanie: Well, no. I just--I feel like there's a-a "but" there somewhere.

Abigail: Possibly, but I, uh, I don't like talking about things that are stupid.

Melanie: Yeah, well, nobody does. [Chuckles]

Abigail: You know, I think that I have a pretty objective eye on, uh, my father and the things that he does and--and doesn't do. And I think that my mom is moving on in a very strong, empowering way.

Melanie: So you want your parents to get back together?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, like I said, it's stupid.

Melanie: Well, I'm stupid too then, I guess, because I want the same thing for my parents.

Carly: I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.

Jennifer: Carly, do you know what I love best about you? It is that you talk truth, so there is no point in dancing around this right now.

Carly: You know, I am way behind schedule.

Jennifer: You are an addict. And--and I'm not guessing. I know you are.

Carly: No. You're overreacting. Yeah, I've been a little stressed out--

Jennifer: Carly, the white powder that you told me was aspirin, I had it analyzed. You are doing drugs and you are lying about it. And I am not going to let you keep on doing that.

Bo: [Shushing]

Taylor: So it's not about whether we love each other or not? No?

EJ: No, no.

Taylor: It's about...whether I have faith in you?

EJ: Yes. And I'm afraid there is not a single actuarial formula that you can apply to help you figure this one out.

Taylor: I don't need one. Look, I love you. And I do have faith in you. So... [Laughs]

EJ: Uh-huh?

Taylor: Yes...

EJ: Yes, what?

Taylor: [Laughing] Yes.

EJ: Yes, what?

Taylor: I will marry you.

EJ: Say--say it again?

Taylor: I will marry you.

[Doorbell rings]

Rafe: [Whooshing noises]

Mary: Oh, my.

Rafe: [Laughs] I hope you don't mind. I picked up Johnny from school.

Quinn: I've hurt your feelings, haven't I? I didn't think that was possible.

Vivian: Carly manning murdered my sweet Lawrence in cold blood. And as a result, your cousin Nicholas is totally traumatized. And she--she put a bullet through her daughter, and she walked away scot-free. And yes, I want her to pay for it. And yes, I failed miserably. And it torments me. And you fling it in my face and are surprised that it hurts my feelings?

Quinn: So you've just given up?

Vivian: Excuse me?

Quinn: It seems to me that you've just thrown in the towel.

Vivian: You don't know who this woman is. She's made of Teflon. Carly manning will do anything to anyone, and no one has the guts to stop her.

Carly: Wow. You broke into my room?

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm way out of line, Carly. You're writing prescriptions for Katerina von Leuschner? Do you realize you could lose your license for doing that?

Carly: You can't prove that.

Jennifer: That--that's what you're concerned about? Whether or not I can prove that? You're lying to Daniel. You're lying to your daughter. You're lying to me. You're risking the lives of your patients--

Carly: No, no, that never happened. I was always in control. You saw me with Daniel. I helped save EJ's life.

Jennifer: Okay, so you're admitting that you're high, but you have it all under control, right? Isn't that what all addicts say, Carly? "Oh, I've got it under control. I've got it all under control."

Carly: Stop calling me that!

Jennifer: Stop being that! What is wrong with you that you do not see the seriousness of this? What--what--what would have happened if someone besides me found this out, Carly?

Carly: Okay. All right. Look,'s over. I made a mistake. I made a big mistake. It won't happen again, and I am fine.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, you're fine. I can see that. Life gets so hard that you turn to drugs in order to function, but now everything's different. Everything's just fine. I'm fine now. Right, Carly? Is that what you're telling me? I'm just fine--

Carly: Just stop that! Just stop yelling at me, okay?

Jennifer: I would rather strangle you right now, but I'm not going to.

Carly: Mm.

Jennifer: I-I love you. I look up to you. I want my daughter to be like you. I am so mad at you that you are doing this to yourself. But look at me, right now. I am going to do whatever it takes to help you through this.

Taylor: Wait, wait, wait.

EJ: No.

Taylor: No what?

EJ: No, we're missing something.

Taylor: Oh... [Laughs] [Clears throat]

EJ: Taylor.

Taylor: Yes?

EJ: Will you marry me?

Taylor: Yes. Yes, I will marry you. [Giggles]

EJ: What? Oh, god. Would you just go away? Please?

Stefano: Go away? No. No, no, no, no. It seems that there are congratulations in order here. Taylor, welcome to the family. Elvis is a lucky man. Uh...would you excuse us for just a moment?

EJ: No.

Taylor: [Stammering] EJ. EJ? We just took a leap of faith. Right?

EJ: Right.

Taylor: So if your father needs to speak to you... doesn't change anything between the two of us. Oh. Thank you.

EJ: I know what you're going to say, and I don't want to hear it.

Stefano: No, you don't. I'm not here to rain on your parade, all right? I'm here to tell you that we have some terrible problems.

Rafe: [Airplane noises] [Laughs] You know, it had been a long time since I'd seen Johnny, so I figured I'd surprise him and pick him up at school. It was a good surprise, wasn't it, my man?

Mary: Let me just find Mr. DiMera and tell him you're here.

Rafe: Yeah, no need to do that. The DiMeras are not here right now. Hey, listen. Buddy. Will you give them a message for me, since I missed them? 'Cause I care about them so much? Just tell 'em next time they come down those stairs, I want them to be really, really careful. Okay.

Stefano: She's a lovely girl.

EJ: [Sighs]

Stefano: I wonder if her sister is going to give her a bridal shower.

EJ: Mm. You're boring me, father.

Stefano: Oh, my goodness gracious, we must never do that. Uh-huh. First, let me say that I certainly want you to be happy. And I also know that there is nothing I could say or do to change your mind when it comes to this marriage.

EJ: Thank you. Can I get back to my life now, please?

Stefano: There is one more thing I have to tell you.

EJ: What's that?

Stefano: And that thing could change everything.

Carly: Okay. Listen, we don't have anything to talk about. I had a problem, and it's over.

Jennifer: And...and I accept that... because you say so.

Carly: [Scoffs] You think I'm lying?

Jennifer: No, I don't think that you are facing reality, Carly.

Carly: I don't face reality? I don't face reality? The reality of my life is that I lost Bo. I lost a patient. I lost my son. I lost... [Sighs] I was overwhelmed, okay, and I screwed up. I'm not overwhelmed anymore. I've faced reality.

Jennifer: You have been the one stealing the drugs from the hospital, haven't you?

Carly: And I know how you feel about that. That's betrayal of trust.

Jennifer: No, you know how I feel? I feel that the Carly that I know... to know that you were driven to that, things must have been really, really bad.

Carly: They were. They were bad. Then. Not now.

Jennifer: You are so adamant about this, Carly--

Carly: Listen, Jennifer, oh, my gosh. I know. I know how much you want to help me, and I know that you love me. But quitting wasn't easy. Okay? And you watching over me and second-guessing everything I do doesn't make it any easier for me.

Jennifer: All right. Just look at me and listen to me, okay? I-I am so worried about you. I am worried that--that you have not talked to anybody about this, and I want you to tell me. I want you to tell me everything. I'm not going to judge you, I swear.

Carly: I know you won't. I know you won't. Because you love me. There's nothing to talk about.

Jennifer: That's not true.

Carly: That's not your call.

Jennifer: Carly--

Carly: Listen to me, please? I need some alone time here, because I have to go back to the hospital, and this has been really upsetting. Please.

Jennifer: Okay. That's fine. I-I want you to tell me what is going on if you need to. Please.

Carly: I will. I will. Thank you so much for caring about me.

Jennifer: Okay. I'll see you later, then.

Carly: Okay.

Jennifer: All right, Carly. You know what, if you are not going to fix things on your own, I will.

Taylor: Hey, Lex. Hey.

Lexie: Hi.

Taylor: You have a second?

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Taylor: Um, I have some news. And I thought that you're probably the only person who would pretend to be happy.

Lexie: [Gasps] Oh. You said yes.

Taylor: I mean, it's close. But this is really--you could pretend to be happy, just a little bit more.

Lexie: I'm sorry. I'm sor--oh, girl, you know I am so happy for you. You know I truly am. I mean, I-I know how much my brother loves you.

Taylor: Yeah...

Lexie: Yeah.

Taylor: You know, he kind of, um, pushed the issue. I wasn't really certain this was the right time with everything going on. But, you know, he said if we waited, then, for everything to be right, it'd never happen. So... you know, when you get engaged, you think about calling your mother.

Lexie: I know.

Taylor: I can't.

Lexie: I know.

Taylor: And the man who killed her is out there, free. Free to kill again.

Javier: [Muffled yelling] Hope, huh?

[Muffled yell]

Hope: He's unconscious.

Bo: Got the DiMera frequency.

Walter: Ted, ted, this is Walter. I need you to check in. What the hell is going on here?

Rafe: Okay, I've recorded enough. Give me five minutes.

Hope: You sure that voice transformation system's going to work?

Rafe: [Laughs] When I'm done, Bo could call Walter's significant other and fool him. Five minutes till showtime.

Stefano: We have heard from our friend again. He sent us a note.

EJ: A note.

Stefano: Uh-huh.

EJ: Didn't know he could write.

Stefano: Well, he's trying to taunt us, you see. Saying that he is in charge of everything. [Sighs] If it hadn't been for you, we could have gotten rid of him at the right time.

EJ: No good deed goes unpunished.

Stefano: Uh-huh.

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Yes, Mary?

Mary: I thought you should know, sir. Mr. Hernandez brought Johnny home from school today.

EJ: What?

Abigail: So I guess the fact is, what we think simply doesn't matter.

Melanie: Sure. I mean, I suppose at a certain age, parents just stop listening.

Abigail: And we have to give them the chance to make their own decisions.

Melanie: Question is, are they ready for that?

Abigail: [Blows out]

[Both laugh]

Daniel: Oh, jeez, there you are. Hey, guess what.

Jennifer: Oh!

Daniel: Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. I've been busy. And I want to know what you'd like to say about a weekend in san Francisco. Right? Friday, Lexie told me about this great restaurant in Nob hill. And then we can do Saturday brunch on the fisherman's wharf.

Jennifer: I am worried that-- that you have not talked to anybody about this, and I want you to tell me. I want you to tell me everything. I'm not going to judge you, I swear.

Carly: I know you won't. I know you won't. Because you love me. There's nothing to talk about.

Jennifer: That's not true.

Carly: That's not your call.

Jennifer: [Sighs] I am so sorry. But I can't. I-I can't go.

Quinn: I had this mate in boarding school. Had a very rocky relationship with his father. Then one summer, they decided to sail the great barrier reef. Close as can be ever since.

Vivian: How Australian.

Quinn: My point is, they really got to know each other by sharing an adventure. Now, I have absolutely no interest in sailing.

Vivian: I like yachts.

Quinn: But I am quite keen on revenge. What if we teamed up to pay Carly manning back? What if it was our own little family project?

Vivian: You mean...make her really, really pay?

Quinn: Make her wish she'd never been born.

Vivian: I feel very close to you at this moment.

Quinn: So it's a deal?

Vivian: How do we start?

Quinn: First things first. We find out her weakness and exploit it.

Carly: [Deep breaths]

Lawrence: I know what you're thinking. You think you can beat this thing. But you can't. And you never will.

Rafe: I'm sure Mary's called EJ by now. God, I wish I could have seen the look on his face when she told him the news.

Hope: Yeah, things seem to be going according to plan.

Rafe: Yeah.

Bo: Brady. Are you serious? No, no, no. Just hang tight. I'll--I'll take care of this. We've got one hell of a problem.

Stefano: He picked up Giovanni at school.

EJ: Yeah, he's still listed as his stepfather, so--

Stefano: You're supposed to take care of that. But instead, you are out looking for a ring for your insipid little bookkeeper.

EJ: Enough, please, father.

Stefano: This has to be done now. We do not have a choice, all right? We have to eliminate Rafael. My cut hurt!

Sami: It's working, Rafe. He's about to blow.

Stefano: That woman is going to make you miserable.

Taylor: EJ asked me to marry him. And I said yes.

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